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Mother Se’May Sayer: The ARC of Time

Season Two:  Episode Two:  May I Present, The Timer


(The days are longer now with everything I must maintain.  Doy and Justice righteously need my teachings and parenting.  There is also the home I provide for everyone needs to be kept up.  Fortunately I have dedicated staff that takes care that everything concerning a home is consistently handled.  The ARC is operating efficiently and turning a profit.  All key positions in the company are filled with competent and creative women and men.  I can’t shake the thoughts I’m having of late that deals with the origin of this country.  How did America become what it is today?

Why did it establish the systems then that’s left a legacy of unbalance in many parts of human existence.  Economics, the economics of slavery, laws, and a defacto male caste system that denied liberty to the powerless.  More clearly to the point is that power only resided with European men of Caucasian descent.  Okay I got that part, but how did they create these systems in the early formation of America that still today underpins how America values, views, and vilify Black people?

Maybe it’s Black peoples’ punishment for allowing ourselves to be enslaved for hundreds of years creating vast treasure troves of stolen wealth that still line the pockets of slave owners descendants.  Dreams invoke in me the need to interpret them.  I hope an expansion of knowledge is headed my way.).

Mother Sayer: (Mother is on her way home on a Friday.  It has been a stressful week.  Overseeing the software development of ‘SAFE ROAD’ which has created so many ideas and analysis of can it be effective not just on roads in America but roads in every country.).  I’ve got to look these files over this weekend and give the creative development teams my decisions on Monday.  Sarah, can you make sure I have the files I need ready for me before I leave?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes of course Mother.  I’ve just about finished with them.  The last proposal was just dropped off a few minutes ago and I’m entering the data into our network.

Mother Sayer:  Good.  Can you put the one about road safety on top?  That one I’m getting a good feeling about because so many drivers are unskilled, old, young, and inexperienced.  

Sarah W. Certainty:  The ‘SAFE ROAD’ file is on top along with the six files that need your approval also.  By the way, have you decided where you’ll volunteer your nursing services in order to stay skilled and current?

Mother Sayer:  I have three places in mind.  One is a drug treatment clinic.  One is a free medical clinic.  The last one is one I’ve yet to lock down because I will practice my nursing license in a impoverished neighborhood of color.

——————-1st Interlude——————-

(Mother arrives home safety and finds her children deep in study.  A snack was provided and dinner will be at 7:30 pm.  She places the files down in her office and turns to go upstairs to her room to change, shower and get dressed for dinner.  

As she goes about placing the memories of her day in proper context for recall later, she thinks again about her country.  How did America survive all the contradictions and still prosper into what historians would call one of the greatest nations to ever be formed upon it?  How could a system of slavery last hundreds of years and produce such stunning and consistent growth?  Did my people, Black people, make America what it is today?

How did they do it?  I mean how did it start.  There must be a record of how it was done somewhere.  There has to be.  How did a loose collection of indebted men and women set sail from Europe in search of a life where they could purge their old sins and create a fresh start.  What was the plan after they got here?  Ah, oh well, maybe it’s in some history book somewhere stuck in a corner of a library at an old church on the east coast.).

Mother Sayer:  N’tare, I’m going to my office to review some paperwork.  Call me if you need me to do anything.

N’tare Boulder:  Very well, Mother Sayer.  I’m straighten up the kitchen and the house with the staff members and prepare for breakfast tomorrow.

Mother Sayer:  Alright then, will see you then and goodnight.

N’tare Boulder:  Goodnight.

——————-2nd Interlude——————-

(Mother has completely her review of the files and knows where she will give her okay to move forward on Monday.  She is about to call it a night when she feels an authoritative presence come over the room.  This isn’t normal.  What is going on here.  If there is something I’m supposed to see then show it to me.  She utters the words speak to me or leave.).

Timer:  You want to know things that most people want to keep hidden.

Mother Sayer:  First things first.  Who are you and what are you here to tell me?

Timer:  My position in the Father’s House is to keep a record of what was done on Earth and where and when it happened.

Mother Sayer:  Your name is?

Timer:  My name is Timer.

Mother Sayer:  Yes Timer, I do have some curiosity as to how the early colonialists got a country up and running when they didn’t by all accounts have the money to do it.

Timer: (Without another word Mother Sayer feels as if she has just gained 3000 pounds and her joints would shatter if she moved.).  We’ll start here at the place whereas men would say today that I didn’t have anything to do with enslaving Black people.  I wasn’t there is the sentence often used to absolve themselves of the crimes of their ancestors. 

Mother Sayer:  I heard it spoken many times, but it often serves to squash the conversation because there’s no documentation on how the system of slavery really began.  You can’t answer the why until you know how.

Timer: (Could she be one?  Not now Timer.  Just test her.  Time will indeed tell.).  Follow along if you can.  

Mother Sayer: (She smells air so thick with greenery, shrubbery and crisp as a sparkling bubbly that she’s almost intoxicated as it overwhelms her sense of smell.  Her eyes seems to see in the distance more sharply than she thought possible.  Hold it together she murmurs to herself.).  This place can’t be done justice by simply speaking of its’ beauty.

Timer:  It is the time before man remakes the world in his image.

Mother Sayer:  Understood.  Please proceed.

Timer:  Beginning where the news broke of cheap labor on the east coast of America, for the record I’ll show you the period mid 16th Century.  Let’s round it up to 1650.  Many landowners were struggling to find labor for their fields.  Make an honest go it.  That sort of thing.  Never fear though.  There’s always strength in numbers.  I’ll come back around to that if we have time.

Now, let me ask you.  If you have 100 acres and no labor to clear it off, no horses to break the ground, and no way to keep hold of it from thieves.  Very little money to buy seeds and for that matter I really don’t know what would grow out here.  What would you do?

Mother Sayer:  I’d realize I’ve bitten off more than I can chew that’s what I’d conclude.

Timer:  Ah, women.  More concerned with decency and honor the lot of you.  I’ll ask the question in a different way.  What do you think a man would do when faced with those realities?

Mother Sayer:  I’d hope he would try to figure it out righteously seeing I’ve read they were quite the religious sort of the time in question.

Timer:  Alright, let’s follow man’s reasoning then.  Take a look and understanding we’re pressed for time I’ll forward the decision making process with that fact in mind.

——————-3rd Interlude——————-

(Mother witnesses one landowner contemplating his situation.  Rising to his feet as he stepped  and straddling his horse and heading into town to inquire at the local gathering place if what he’s heard is true.  He can go in with other landowners to finance a ship and men capable of capturing other men and women and spiriting them away for transport back to America as free labor. 

He takes little if no time to make his decision to join in this alliance. The Timer sees and ignores Mother Sayer’s petition to enquire about the conscience of the men she’s viewing.  The landowners have made their pact.  Now after a few ships have docked and everybody that has wagered and financed the cargo have received some of their return on investment; the landowners are now beginning to feel that this might just work out.

Mind you, there is still no intention to pay these newly acquired laborers.  As far as the landowners are concerned they are property entitled to be viewed and dealt with as such.  Mother Sayer presses the pause and forces the Timer to listen to her.).

Mother Sayer:  So that’s how it begins.  That’s how year after year and time after time right and wrong seems to be more of a guidance than a spiritual mandate than defines behavior.

Timer:  Meaning what exactly?

Mother Sayer:  We like to say our laws are written and blindly applicable to all equally.  Our system of appointed guardians to include the police, prosecutors, judges and elected officials are sworn to ensure a just society by holding everyone accountable to the same law as ordinary citizens.

Timer:  Before a country can truly achieve such a high bar to which America has never achieved.  Let me remind you that what comes out of a man’s heart is what defiles him.  I’ll give you one instance of that happening.  Picture a balance beam with 50 right points and 50 wrong points at each corner.  A man will show you by his behavior that he flaunts the law.  He writes into law that says a human being is worth 3/5 of another human being.  Which side do you think would gain the most points?

Mother Sayer:  The side of wrong.  It would probably gain close to all the points on the scale.

Timer: (Is she a truth seeker?  Could she be one of those?  One that asks WHY?).  That’s just the way things are with human beings.  Humans only relish in what they perceive as a just conclusion to a work in progress.  The embellishment takes place in the form of revising how you got there.

Mother Sayer:  Oh, the change of heart to end slavery wasn’t born out of righteousness?  It wasn’t decided that it was inherently wrong to enslave people for the enrichment of the owners or the noble cause of making America great.

Timer:  Now we’re getting somewhere.  Now let’s quickly review if you want to know more.  America was built by an extraordinary race of people from Africa.  They were enslaved.  The leaders and landowners at the time devised schemes to make it happen.  Money was loaned and the dye was cast.  These unholy alliances formed to make the founders rich and not the slaves.  It was a brilliant and bold idea that worked for hundreds of years because it was backed by the government.  

The fact that a landowner saw no other way to survive tells you everything you need to know about how slavery was solidified in America.  Can’t take something away from somebody that was taught down through the generations how things worked can you?  

Mother Sayer:  Either fail or caste your lot in with mine so we can make a home for ourselves here in America.  Dam these people.  Oh, right they aren’t people, they’re property.  I do understand more now, but I still need more information.  How did it last for hundreds of years?  You can’t tell me a gentleman’s agreement and a few shoddy country hick laws were enforceable that long.  Were they?

Timer:  We shall speak again. (With that, the Timer was gone and Mother was back in her home office.).


(Mother dismisses all thoughts of piety.  This is a chance for me to find out some things about how this country was formed and why it behaves the way it does.  Is it so embarrassing to admit the crimes against humanity?  Why the pious pompous façade that can only be thrown back in our faces by countries doing the same thing.  No wonder we choose to ignore the obvious indiscretions of people we suppose to hold to a higher standard.  

Do all these so called Christians not understand the meaning of repentance?  How can they follow a man like President Trump that shows disdain for our laws and the entire country.  That’s why I’ve got to know more about how the citizens that have ancestors in America can say with a straight face that stealing the wages of African Americans for over 400 years is irrelevant and old news.  There wouldn’t be an America today if African Americans labor and bodies weren’t exploited for wealth and social position.

Mother is shaking now as she knows there is now a chance she will have the answers she’s always sought.  The Timer she thinks.  What an appropriate designation.).


TUESDAYS TO GO:             6

In 6 glorious weeks the day of our delivery will be at hand.  On November 3, 2020 we as a nation will go to vote for President of the United States.  This post will focus on that office.  Right now the occupant of that scared office has deemed himself a Pharaoh.  Pharaoh Trump has demonstrated his hatred for the needs of these United States of America to pursue the goal of its’ founding.  To seek that nation of Native American brothers and sisters, white brothers and sisters, black and brown brothers and sisters to have justice and sanctity for life as free people.

As the Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart against letting his people go, the children of Israel; the Lord has hardened Pharaoh Trump’s heart to the suffering and pain of Americans peacefully protesting brutal injustice by the police and whoever enables them.  For those who still believe there is honor in remembering a break away nation, the Confederacy, that fought to keep human being in bondage as part of what America stands for you’re delusional.  I will remark that to this day there aren’t any Israelis celebrating or advocating that their people return to slavery in Egypt.

Now is the time for Americans to prepare for the day we will come out of our homes, places of residence, businesses and our closed minds.  Tuesday November the 3rd, 2020 we will part the Red Sea by a strong east wind and vote at the polls and break the wheels of Pharaoh Trump’s chariots.  The Lord by strength of hand will bring you out.  The Lord has set the way and he has separated good and evil.  There isn’t a question of whether all is subject to God’s law.  Why is there a question of whether those we charge with responsibility of adjudicating the law believe they are above it.  That goes for Prosecutors, Police and Judges.

On November 3rd, 2020 vote out these Republicans sycophants from office and tell them you will not be subject to their race baiting disgraceful tactics anymore.  Vote as if you’re passing through the Red Sea on dry land.  Stop. Wait a minute.  Let’s go back.  Dry land and on both sides a massive wall of water.  Tons of water just pristinely standing on each side with massive whales, sharks and all manner of life not penetrating it at all.  Is that possible?  I’m getting goosebumps just imagining it if my fleshly mind could I mean.  Wow!  Frankly, I would probably be frozen unable to walk because I’d be just staring in disbelief until someone knocked me over the head with their hand and said keep moving.

All of Pharaoh’s hosts the Republicans need to be voted out.  These problems have been allowed to fester and boil under the very skin of our nation because we, voters, have allowed it.  No more.  Brutal injustice ends on November 3rd, 2020.  Chose Joe Biden as our next President.  Vote for Joe Biden.  Break the wheels of Pharaoh Trump’s Republican chariots and allow them to be washed away by the walls of that Red Sea coming down upon them.  “The honour shall be the Lord’s.”

TUESDAYS TO GO:             6


What are we doing here?  Are we still talking about who won the The American Civil War?  The Confederacy lost.  The Israelites were freed from bondage in Egypt by the Hand of God.  Is that fact in dispute as well?  Is Satan still roaming the pristine halls of Heaven.  I’m sure there is a statue of him with both middle fingers raised standing in front of the throne.  Right!  Ever heard of good vs. evil?  Why are we still celebrating the people who stool for bondage and got their asses kicked?  Let me answer this one last thing.  When you fight for a side of a conflict that means you agree with their cause. 

There were none and there are none that were good on the side of the Confederacy, and if your relatives fought for them they were not innocent of the reasons they sought to destroy our Union period.  By the way, ask the angels that were on the side of Satan against God.  Oh, you can’t ask them because they chose a side and lost with Satan.


Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time

Season Two:  Episode One:  The Wheat and the Tares


(“The question whether you can determine the good or the bad in others ignores a certain truth.  The actions of others after the fact is the only way that question can be answered.  No one knows whether a person is good or bad at the time they’re born.  No one knows the goodness in their heart when you’re present in their company.  How then can a person do business?  How can a person choose a mate?  How can a person protect their goodness when the true nature of a person is revealed to them?

Mother encountered these questions long ago.  She knows her record on the subject matter sits somewhere below .500.  Is she concerned this part of her character or as they say instinctual nature stands as a deficiency.  No she thinks to herself.  Never in a day will she process that truth in no way but this.  I’m below .500 in reading people prior to their acts, but I’m hovering in the high .850 range how I turn the discovery of who means me harm or good to my advantage.  Why is that the case you ask?  The old Bible story of the wheat and the tares she says.  Ah well, you require an explanation.  Okay.

The unknown factor is always present in every part of life.  Even when mischievous persons came under the cover of night and sowed weeds (tares) among the wheat in a farmer’s field; the farmer had to judge whether he could uproot the right sprouting’s based on his knowledge and experience.  The only choice left was to allow both the seeds he planted and the tares the mischievous ones laid beside them to grow to harvest.  Only then can one determine what is good and what is bad.  Time is the only variable that offers answers.  Some crops grow quicker than others while still others you can plant a second season if you’re adept enough at farming.  The key again here when choosing a crop is timing.  The same principle correlates well to human beings.  Human beings have to mature and produce the kind of feedback (crop) that is edible to the needs of other human beings.  Only when you receive them into your circle of needs will you learn if they are the wheat or the tares.”)

“Six months has passed since the General saved my daughter:”

Mother Sayer: (Today is the last day of school before the Christmas break begins.  Doyenne hasn’t shown any signs of her recent ordeal.  Perhaps I should let it be she thinks.).  N’tare, how’s the menu this morning?

N’tare Bolder:  Freshness all around Mother.  I took the liberty of bartering with a vegetable stand to keep us supplied for the distant future.  I’ve tasted the fruits and they are quite sweet.  I trust you will enjoy them as well.

Mother Sayer:  Hmm, thank you N’tare.  I can’t wait to try them.  Where are the children?

N’tare Bolder:  They should already be at the table.  I’ll send a servant up to fetch them straight away.

Mother Sayer:  No, I’ll do it.  I should do it anyway more often than I do.  (Mother goes upstairs to her son’s room and pokes her head in the door.  Justus, breakfast is ready.  Come down to eat before it gets cold.

Justus I. Order:  Coming.

Mother Sayer: (Mother turns and strolls to the end of the hall and knocks on her daughters’ door and says.).  Doy, breakfast is ready.  What are you doing in there?

Daughter Doyenne:  Nothing Mother, just thinking about being in my room and making sure I remember it if I’m taken from it again.

Mother Sayer: (So, I was right to wonder if what she presented to my face was a façade meant to mask the aftereffects of her ordeal.).  You are right Doy.  Being scared is a natural mental reaction to what you went through.  I can’t erase the ordeal you went through nor will I ever try.  All I can say is we both can learn from it.  Do you understand?

Daughter Doyenne:  Learn from it Mother?

Mother Sayer:  Yes Doy.  I often wondered myself why do people do things to other people when they know it will hurt them.  You know what I found out?

Daughter Doyenne:  No?

Mother Sayer:  It is that very pain they seek to cause in order to make a person turn fearful about living their life.

Daughter Doyenne:  Fearful?

Mother Sayer:  Fearful is like not playing sports because the other kids will laugh or talk bad about you if you do.  Fearful is believing the person who kidnapped you telling you your Mother doesn’t love you.

Daughter Doyenne:  He never told me you didn’t love me Momma.  I would never believe him if he did.

Mother Sayer: (Her daughter starts to cry and Mother knows she’s still parentally attached to her Mother, but she knows there is still work to do.).  I know baby.  Crying is a good thing.  You just know I would split a mountain in two if you were on the other side.  You are my child and know that I will always love you.

Daughter Doyenne:  Yes Mother.

Mother Sayer:  Now let’s go down to the table and eat.  Breakfast is getting cold alright.

(Breakfast is energizing and finalizing. Mother knows this experience of her family being violated cannot slip into virtual reality. It was real and my daughter just made a decision I’ve been contemplating all the more justified. I will prepare my children for life as I know it. All the danger. All the foolishness. Every pit of vipers out there I will make them aware of as best I can. I will not falter in my duty because of their ability or inability to consume the knowledge I will bestow upon them.

There will be no more hiding the world from my children. I will make them strong and alert. They will learn what I want them to learn whether they want to or not. If something like this happens again it won’t be because I failed to instruct my children on how to take care of themselves.).

Mother Sayer: (Arriving at the office the last couple of months seems to have some bit of normalcy returning to it. Mother smiles as she remembers all the tears of joy and looks of relief quite frankly on the faces of all her people. Business has returned and ideas are flowing once again. Moves are being made and people are reaching beyond their grasps. This is what its’ all about.).  Sarah, good morning.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Good morning Mother.  I trust enough time has passed so we can get back to the pace of activities we had before this interruption.

Mother Sayer:  (That’s what I’m talking about!  A value can’t be placed on this woman.  Hell I may as well say my oldest daughter that’s what she’s become.).  Right.  Let’s get her fired up again.  I do have some thoughts on where to venture our creativity.  How about Medicine and Media?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Keep going.  Carve me out a direction and I’ll drive a truck through it.

Mother Sayer:  Absolutely my child.  Pointing our fingers won’t get us nowhere but noticed.  Tearing things asunder will clear us a path.  I want to create a team to look at ways we can use electricity or a new category of it to sterilize operating rooms.  Find the bookworms, mathematicians, staff with medical training and put them together.  I want ground broken in two weeks.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Very well.  Now the Media idea.  What did you have in mind with that?

Mother Sayer:  Have you noticed that the entertainment that’s offered of late skims the surface of what life is really like for all humans.  I mean, take a look at comedies on television.  Do they really prize the spontaneity of comedy or is it just thrown in our faces and it’s up to us to figure out why it’s funny?

Sarah W. Certainty:  I don’t know really.  I suppose what they’re trying to do is bring some form of relief from the troubles people are facing.

Mother Sayer:  Yeah, the benefit of the doubt seems a bit of a stretch here.  I believe laughter springs from acceptance. Acceptance of what’s happened to you.  Acceptance of the mistakes you’ve made.  Acceptance that life or people will never live up to your expectations.  Only then can people feel the gift of a hardy belly laugh.  I mean a laugh that sprains the abdomen long after its’ over.

Sarah W. Certainty:  That’s sounds like it would take talent to achieve that’s for certain.  To make someone laugh that hard.

Mother Sayer:  That’s exactly my point.  I’m not in business just to make a dollar.  I want to leave everlasting monuments.  Create dialogue driven shows and reading materials that push the mind to new heights.  For this I must build in some conditioning, ‘a check on learning’ as the military would call it to keep myself in line and growing mentally as well.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Well, let the record reflect that you are submitting yourself to the crucible of accountability.

Mother Sayer:  That’s very good Sarah.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I told you I learned many things as a child that a lot of people would crawl into a hole to avoid having the memory linger in their mind.  My dad taught me through observation that when you take the job you better act like it at all times.  Wavering and uncertainty.  It will cost you your life.

Mother Sayer:  So, if I do this I have to submit to it 100 percent every time I’m called.  I want to call my crucible the ARC Council.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Appropriate as the name of your company is the ARC Incorporated.  Will this council be able to question you on anything they choose?

Mother Sayer:  I was thinking to give them unrestricted access yes.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Power.

Mother Sayer:  Power?

Sarah W. Certainty:  With power comes responsibility.  Every act in the name of it will forever be enshrined in the record. Meaning don’t water down your legend by unleashing things like you didn’t know what would happen if you set it loose.  I’m more in tune to your idea of this council now.

Mother Sayer:  Well I’m glad you are seeing that I’m the one who’ll be facing them.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Oh, a little fight every now and then keeps the reflexes sharp don’t they?

Mother Sayer:  That’s show right.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Good.  You’re covering all the bases and that’s what leadership does.  Preparing to keep yourself strong at all times foresees good tidings for your people and your company.  Just to let you know if I haven’t mentioned it before.  I do love my job and I don’t want to work for nobody else.

Mother Sayer: (Mother laughs.).  I’ll make sure to stay afloat or in the black.  Now what’s this I hear about some squabbles going on in the ranks?

Sarah W. Certainty:  You’ve got some scrappy fighters working for you.  A lot of let’s say talent without the silver spoon spewing garbled speech.

Mother Sayer:  Ah, just my type.  Nothing like hungry associates ready to throw it back in the faces of their ‘daddy will give me a job’ friends.

Sarah W. Certainty:  These are the kind of people you grew up with right Mother?

Mother Sayer:  They’re awaiting their assignments and more importantly where their time here will lead them.  Tell them when you pass down my department positions that growth here is baked into the system.  I’m sure you’ll pass on my expectations.  Growth personally and professionally.  Ability to show leadership and team build.  The last tenet will be known by the ‘who’s standing with you’ at the end.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Whether or not you accomplished the task with guidance or submission.

Mother Sayer:  You are kicking dirt on my heels.  Nice to see my expectations are being met.  You are the daughter of the Don and Sparklett Stone.  Now you have become your own woman.  They would know you have done them good by your maturity and the wisdom you’re manifesting.

Sarah W. Certainty:  That’s not something people say to me.

Mother Sayer:  Then I’m glad I’ve taught you something else.  In the Army we promote those soldiers with demonstrated ability and responsibility.  You’re coming along on the right paths.  Keep strengthening your mind and learning new things and you’ll be taking my place someday.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I would be a great stand in, but I’m not cut out for long term command.  I’m more of a solid right hand.

Mother Sayer: (Mother doesn’t argue with Sarah as she knows you need support staff and the right people in the right places to be successful.  It’s good she knows herself).  Quite right Sarah and I couldn’t hold it down without you.  Okay let’s get those assignments done and out to the departments.

Sarah W. Certainty:  By the way, how will you handle the inevitable conflicts and in-fighting that’s bound to happen.

Mother Sayer:  There is something I’ve been contemplating over the years.  When my father confronted his brother-in-law about stealing his customers it laid a scenario on my mind, but it didn’t produce all the information at that time.  Do you mind if I continue talking over lunch?


(Mother has set the table in her office as she’s had lunch brought up to her and Sarah.  She wants to teach her the way she’s going to proceed with the associates of her company and whether they will add value or deplete her bottom line.).

Mother Sayer:  Sarah.  There is a Bible reading that I’ve meditated on for many years of my life.  It’s found in Matthew Chapter 30.  Basically it says that a field was sown with wheat, but an enemy sowed tares (weeds) in the midst of the wheat.  I bet you’re wondering who among my associates aren’t what they seem.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Are you saying you’re not going to trust your people?

Mother Sayer:  On the contrary.  I’m going to trust everyone to do their assignments.  That’s why it’s complicated!

Sarah W. Certainty:  Oh, I jumped the gun didn’t I?

Mother Sayer:  Right.  You forgot that anything you plant must first grow before it can be harvested.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes.  Ah, once they reach some level of familiarity here at the ARC you’ll know if they mean you good or not.

Mother Sayer:  Yes my dear.  That is correct.  Precisely the point I wanted to make.  There’s no way you can look at somebody and tell who’s who.  Just like the look of wheat and weeds are the same when they’re buds.  Now do I expect there are people here looking to sabotage my efforts.  Maybe is all I can reasonably say.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Because you’d be a pessimist if you allowed yourself to be swayed any further than that.

Mother Sayer:  Right.  Only when my associates grow to harvest, or show they’ve fully bought into what the ARC is trying to do and support our efforts.  If not, then I will know who to gather up and purge from our roles.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I’m glad I’ve proven myself here.

Mother Sayer:  You and me both after what I’ve been through.  You’ve been there for me and besides, I’m been authorized to spank you if you disappoint me.

Sarah W. Certainty:  What!

Mother Sayer: (Laughs).  I’m kidding Sarah.  You should see your face.

Sarah W. Certainty:  That’s not funny.  I don’t know when the last time my Mother spanked me.  I hope I’ve shown you respect at all times.

Mother Sayer:  Of course you have Sarah.  So much so that you have two Mothers now.  I’m honored to have your trust and admiration.  I plan to honor your Mother and Father with that trust until the day I die.

Sarah W. Certainty: (Sarah walks over to Mother and embraces her.).  I love you too Mother.

Mother Sayer:  I love you Sarah.  Goodness, so you see why we have to allow our associates to grow until the harvest and then reveal themselves to us.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes Mother.

Mother Sayer:  Let’s work on a few more ideas and close early today.  What do you say to that?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Good.  

Mother Sayer:  Oh, by the way.  Is there someone you want me to meet?  I notice you keep your personal life compartmentalized.  Closed off to sight seeing.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Mother.  Ladies keep the heat under a pot of stew simmering.  Just a saying I learned.  I’ll explain it in memory of an old Italian saying concerning the courting ritual.  It’s a little rough so I’ll apologize before I begin.  

Mother Sayer:  Please.

Sarah W. Certainty:  “When a dog has a bone he’ll growl and stare another dog away while gnawing on it.  When that dog’s attention is distracted another dog will steal that bone and gnaw on it and may bury it for later.  A third dog may come dig it up and gnaw on that bone until it’s flavor is gone.  Do you think the dog that had that bone first wants it back?”

Mother Sayer:  No

Sarah W. Certainty:  My Mother always taught me to first, “never to be a bone, and if I’m going to be a treat make sure you’re the only one in the bag and it’s purchased by one buyer.”

Mother Sayer:  Goodness.  Do you mind if I steal that for my daughter?

Sarah W. Certainty:  You like it?

Mother Sayer:  I sure do.  It reminds me of my counselor on campus when I was studying to be a nurse.  He told me that when he was a boy he was so hungry that he vowed to himself that if he married; he would make sure to provide for his wife and children.  He said it was the first step he took in becoming a man.  Mind you, he had some trouble in his marriage meaning his wife didn’t understand that was a critical part of him because of the way he grew up.  Ultimately he gave up on the notion that she would understand how to stabilize a family unit.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Is he still with her?

Mother Sayer:  No.  He moved on.  I’ll tell you what I took from that encounter that day.  I knew I needed to look for the character trait of responsibility in a man because from him I understood he took it as a no failure clause of his marriage.  I’ll tell you that’s a quality in a man that’s invaluable when times are hard.  I know this. 

Sarah W. Certainty:  Did I say how glad I am to have another woman that gives a shit about me?

Mother Sayer:  Many times Sarah. (Mother laughs.).


(Mother believes there is a need that is going unmet in the health care industry.  Patients with memory loss and cognitive fractures need to know who they once were.  Providing some video history to them when they are feeling distressed could calm them.  Also physical therapy should be a directed activity and not something on a checklist.  How can she make that cost effective?  

Ideas are flowing and Mother is excited.  The main thing she feels is the growth and safety of her children.  She is their teacher and she has to keep the memory of their father alive in them as well.  It will be done she thinks.

Some of these folks that say to trust people because you see the evil side of them aren’t true observers of humanity.  They are the kinds of people who’s had their paths cleared for them so they don’t know how to tell who is a friend or foe.  Their readings of the situation is peripheral at best.  By skimming the edges of the outcomes that are possible with this person they only perceive little damage or little harm from an evil person.

What do you hear most from people in long term relationships?  Families that love each other forever.  Marriages that last a lifetime.  It is known that a snapshot (a moment in time) can be framed and placed in a setting of remembrance, but nobody lives through a memory.  Everybody grows, learns and changes over time.  The hope is that the good is padded more than the bad.  Therefore it stands to reason that if a person is presenting more bad than good; it means they’re more likely to defer to the evil in them than the good.

The Question Is?

Can They Both Be True? At The Same Time?

One nation under God with liberty and justice for all.  Well I say that Nation and God are a dichotomy.  Liberty and Justice for all are as well opposed to one another.  To think it took a pandemic to stop the entire world from going about their lives worrying about every care imaginable to witnessing a black man being murdered in front of their eyes to finally believe that ‘absolute power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’.  My council told me that this cruelty was presented in full color so that no one would be able to lie to themselves anymore without getting a blot.  

Can both these statements be true?  The police are empowered to administer the law equally to all citizens by the authority of the people.  The police are exempt from that same law authorized by the people for all the people.  Yes, these two statements can be true and are now true.  Can these two statements be true at the same time?  No!  That is the dichotomy that has existed in our system of justice in America.  Oh, we’ve winked and nodded when it only affected a certain segment of the population, but now just like Saul on the road to Damascus was struck blind.  Black people are finally being heard.  Saul too had a zealous nature about him as he went about persecuting Christians.  As Jesus said unto him “Saul Saul why persecutes thou me” in Acts 9:4.

I received the above wisdom from an older Black woman.  A very good friend of mine who’s helped me out of some trying times.  A council that doesn’t deal in BS and she would never tell me my ‘shat’ don’t stank.  It would be a giddy and joyous time if the stakes weren’t so high. Far too long have White people excused the police of their atrocities.  Did it somehow move America toward that more perfect union?  No it did not.  If there are Christians or Evangelicals still out there that believe that sin should be punished on the street, they should crack open that Bible their leader held up in front of that church.  Turn it to John 8:7 “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”.

Can those two things be true at the same?  I can see your hesitation so I’ll answer for you.  No they cannot both be true at the same time.  No, the police can’t administer the law and be the judge and executioner!  White people, get that out yo thick head!  No!  You can’t kill somebody because you, the police, pull any excuse for doing so from yo ass and white people accept it.  Okay!  Stop it!  I’m going to give you more scripture Evangelicals to read.  What you just read pertains to serving two masters.  Yeah.  That’s what you’re doing when you don’t stick to the law.  Matt 6:24 “Ye cannot serve God and mammon”.  Can I get an Evangelical to say amen?  I don’t think the Devil likes it much either when you can’t make a choice although I do think he gets a kick out of you twisting yourself in knots over not knowing what’s right and what’s wrong.

Lastly, I want to commend my retired military leaders for reminding the rank and file of the tradition, honor, glory and valor they currently hold in their hands.  Their duty is to uphold the Constitution of America.  The chance for America to make good on its promise of reaching that more perfect union.  I’ve never followed an illegal order in my life when I served in the Army on active duty.  I’ve told my command what couldn’t be done several times and I let them know that if they overrode me I wouldn’t lie to any investigator if something bad happened with their unlawful order.  Oh, let me answer your question because it’s a good one.  As far as I know there is no way to rewind a decision once it’s made.  Your integrity is akin to an ancient landmark.  Once it’s destroyed; the writing about it in history continues except the landmark, (pause) it is gone forever.

Black Lives Matter.  This one death in my opinion shocked the soul of America because our humanity was now in question.  Forget the looters and the opportunists that acted on their worst impulses.  Those people that did that will reap what they sow before they leave this Earth I promise you that.  No it won’t be somebody taking the law into their own hands to give them what they deserve.  Stay focused now.  A life was taken in front of our eyes.  Dismiss any life as meaningless means to dismiss all life and should we do that we do it at our peril America.

Decency and Order

That Decency and Order Thing.  What of It?

First I apologize for the delay in bringing my thoughts forward on a quicker periodic basis.  Nevertheless, this writing will be heavy on metaphors and spirituality laced with warnings of mental anguish if the points are disregarded.  Now, the moment the majority in this country heard out loud what is deep in the hearts of their people.  I know the first impulse that arose in their hearts was dismissal.  I will call the police on you and say a Black Man is harassing and threatening me in the park.  Flee, flee from the anguish that would cause me.  I don’t want to let it linger in my mind.  Well white people, it was already there because most of you weaponize it when your hatred brews inside your mind.  For those that don’t understand I’ll use a metaphor to describe what it feels like in your head when you ignore this truth.

The truth you know about what she said to that Black Man in that New York park was fact.  Trying to return your mind to where it was before you heard it will cause a mental ‘abscess’ in your mind.  That ‘pus’ will drain into your mind with its’ yellowish color and rotting smell and it will balloon in your brain.  Sooner or later it will burst and splash it’s infection to the remaining areas of your thoughts and then you’re screwed.  Yes, that’s what happens when you deny the truth and actually think it worked!

What good are you now?  Just another white person walking around thinking that decency and order is achieved by malice and cruelty.  I read somewhere that when ‘judgment and justice are perverted in a province to not marvel at it’ (Ecclesiastes 5:8 AKJ).  I still can’t believe that the US Supreme Court had to outlaw shooting people in the back.  Really?  Oh, it was okay to shoot fleeing citizens if it obtained decency and order.  I’m curious.  If the prosecutors work for the police?  Who works for the people?  The truth will set you free!

By the way a little on my background.  I served in the Army on active, national guard and reserve status and now I’m retired.  Just so you know, what happened to Mr. Floyd is called a blood choke and yes it is more deadlier than compressing the windpipe.  I’ll leave that there.  I’ve been confronted by the police and I too would never run from them.  You don’t run from evil.  When the shoe fits wear it is what I was raised on.  ‘If the spirit of the ruler rise up against thee, do not yield because it pacifieth great offences’ (Ecclesiastes 10:4 AKJ).  Meaning if you’ve done no wrong, don’t run from evil.

Tell me the meaning of the word ‘façade’. ‘A sour exterior meant to hide a sinister interior is my definition’.  I am an independent leaning Democrat.  In all my voting years I’ve seen Republican and Democratic U.S. Presidents that felt genuine mental distress when they were criticized over their lack of regard for the citizens of America.  You could see it in their faces.  It hurt them when things were said about them.  The one thing I saw the most that hurt them was it was said they didn’t care about people like me.  The elder President Bush, his son, President Clinton and President Obama. Does anyone think that the man in the White House now cares about anybody but himself?  Careful, you don’t want to form another mental abscess.

Listen to me now.  Everything is riding on this Presidential election in the year of our Lord 2020.  Vice President Joe Biden is prone to gaffes.  Ask yourself why?  Remember when family is upset with each other and the one family member trying to restore peace is doing it at a hectic pace.  Not caring what he says.  He just wants to stop the pain.  That family mediator is trying hard to restore order and love on both sides so that the family can come back together.  That’s what I see in Vice President Biden.  He knows he’s wading into the defining crisis of our Republic.  God help him succeed.  All of us (Jew, White, Brown & Black, Asian, Muslim, Protestant and all Religions) are depending on him?

Leadership is Under Attack

Leadership:  Gender Specific or Gender Neutral?

First and foremost before I begin let me put to rest the doubt and disbelief about leadership.  Leadership is a ‘Pillar’ of God.  A ‘Commandment’ that only God can establish and thus cannot be watered down by a political philosophy.  So, leadership is not something that can be parsed into smaller pieces to suit a person who is unable to carry out the massive requirements embedded in the foundation of the word’s meaning. Thus Jeremiah 32 verse 27 (key words) ‘all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?’  Malachi 3 verse 6 (key words) ‘For I am the Lord, I change not.’  1st John 4 verse 14 (key words) ‘the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world.’ (Holy Bible Authorized King James Version).

I trust those who’re in tuned to the truth have picked up on the theme above.  Of a truth, everyone cannot be a leader.  Let’s establish some facts about the selection process.  No one knows who is capable until they’re placed in the position.  It is similar to a statement about combat being that you never know who’s going to fight or flee until the bullets start flying.  Mary, Mother of God, was a disciplined leader as she kept her mandate and gave birth to Jesus.  If anyone is confused about what it takes to carry a child to full term go read a book on the matter.  Harriet Tubman’s actions doing a sadistic period in America and she still did it.  Rescuing slaves was dangerous business.  Eleanor Roosevelt and her fight for women’s rights before her husband FDR became President of the United States.

Coco Chanel founder of Chanel in France.  Sybill Storz of Karl Storz GmbH a medical device company in Germany.  Shari Arison is an American-Israeli businesswoman.  Oprah Winfrey is an African American businesswoman.  Jeanne Bice an American businesswoman.  Now I can list a few men here as well, but for the sake of making my point let’s say men have garnered more deferential treatment already say we.  I want a very smart person, female or male, to write an algorithm and crunch the numbers with this one purpose.  Which gender throughout our known history has shouldered more of the burden for equality and human rights?  Which gender has helmed a business of any kind and kept it solvent, recovered it from inept leadership, and garnered the highest returned for its’ investors?  Which gender has brought about justice and dignity in politics?  I want to run the numbers for the last two hundred and fifty (250) years.

When the data is compiled; I want to see the regions of the world that has progressed more toward those commandments that God has laid out for his creation.  I want to see within the places these leaders reside the synthesis if there is one where government, business and churches working together to meet the needs of the citizenry.  Lastly, I want to know which gender performs these high minded ideals better.  I have a belief that women perform just as good or better than men when given the chance.  Taking into the account the control that each example would be from the position of leadership, woman and man.

It intrigues me that most of the historical celebrations have placed men in the spotlight.  Let’s see if history would judge that to be the case when a controlled study is presented.  Albeit we should take into account the suppression and oppression of women by men in the study as well.  I wonder even with that error accounted for would men still be seen as the better leaders?  I acknowledge all the studies of known success stories and biographies of women, but let’s get the question answered once and for all.  Are men or are women the better leaders based on the outcomes they’ve produced when put in charge?  When you’re the leader you’re responsible for it all period!  Leadership is the monument established by God.  You and I means you can’t water it down because the one representing your party’s not up to the task.  The CEO is the leader of the company.  All aspects of the company period!  From the lowest paid employee to the most sensitive of product creation and distribution.

Lastly may I say.  Watch yourself.  You keep bouncing back and forth while tweaking the meaning of leadership to suit the moment.  Sooner or later you’re going to forget the fact that you were never authorized to change the meaning in the first place.  Know the truth because it will keep you free.

The Void

The Void 

A 2ndPost in the Vein of: 

A Tear = A Rupture of the Mind

Quote: “It is a peculiar orthodoxy of humankind to desire discipline, structure, love, intelligence and reasoning for a mind that holds no learning key or guide.  Morals, values, equivalencies, and virtues are essential to many who understand what they bring to a person’s name and reputation, but more importantly what they bring to the sanity and serenity of the mind is immeasurable.”  

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Who Do You Go Unto?

I am writing this post in lieu of the many postings I’m behind on because I have to stop and explain the way massive change happens in the world.  Quickly now, look in your Bible, TAKJV, turning to Exodus Chapter 8 verse 1.  Who is the authority to which God send Moses? Continuing, it’s imperative to understand when change needs to happen there is a straight line to the person, place or thing to bring it about.  Would we all agree to that assessment?  In your Bible, the process of changing Pharaoh’s thinking began fiercely (Read: Mother S. Sayer: The Road to Damascus).  If you’re already there to where I’m going, just stay with me anyway.  Evil is not conquered by gathering in a circle chanting we shall overcome.  Nor is evil defeated outside in the hall when it exists in the chambers of power.  Yes, you face it.  You confront it.  You slam good up against evil.  Metaphorically speaking, that’s what takes place.

Now we wish to rewrite history because we’ve stopped the gushing of innocent blood to merely a steady spill.  Listen to me.  There will never be an end to the innocent loss of life.  It is possible to end, but for it to happen there must still be people willing to face evil in all its’ forms.  The oppression of the hireling in his wages.  The discrimination of anyone based on the shield of religion.  Christians bestowing piety onto an evil man or woman no matter the title he or she holds. Weaponizing the rule of law by allowing it to be unchecked in the hands of those who shouldn’t be practicing it. Judges, who are ill suited for the bench making rulings based on a political ideal.  Lawmakers from local to Federal, cloaked in what ails their mind, purposefully keeping us in harm’s way because no one is willing to challenge them on their prejudices. 

God didn’t tell Moses to tell Pharaoh what Moses would do if he didn’t comply.  God told Moses to tell Pharaoh what God would do when he didn’t comply!  I know, that’s gonna shatter millions of Christians glass minds.  Yeah, God made the threat.  Sorry to disappoint you.  That’s what I’m saying.  Many millions of Americans will still vote for Donald Trump for President for various reasons.  Some have achieved a modicum of success (the worst sort of people believing they are better or washed clean from the poverty or messiness of their past).  Some still believe they can prevent others from getting something for free (I’ve never been able to figure that one out in spite of the fact that everyone pays taxes in some form).  Vexing.  Some still believe their race is superior to another.  Some people believe their money inoculates them from all potential threats to their life.  Some people just want to see chaos because they know humanity is flawed and treacherous.

When Vice President Joe Biden speaks to whom he had to confront (his own apprehensions included) to push the right part of humanity forward, let us not attempt to rewrite history or untether the high cost of all races that joined the fight for equally.  Frankly, we needed white men to confront their own kind.  Period.  Period. Period.  Careful, let’s not qualify or quantify historical periods until sufficient time has passed.  We are in 2019.  Be very careful.  Change is happening at a rapid pace.  Don’t derail it by trying to score political points against others who’ve endured great cost to get us this far.  The tablets that Moses brought down from the mountain.  Don’t fret as Moses himself did not.  Those who wish or long for the past back in the bondage of Egypt will get what’s coming to them (Reference my Post:  Where Hatred Lies Leave it There).

There has to thoughtful assessments and wise council if we are to usher in a bright future after President Trump.  Adherence to this course of action must include sound wisdom and complete discretion.  Stick to the plan and do not deviate from it to the left or to the right. All will be well.

Mother Se’May Sayer: The ARC of Time Episode Fourteen: The Road to Damascus Part Two: The Acts of Sayer


(I need help.  Who will help me?  I don’t know anyone who can do the things that I need done to get my daughter back. Mother Sayer wrestles with many thoughts to include thoughts of death to her daughter and herself.  It is always best to contemplate serious matters with a serious train of thought.  I’m a woman, a business owner, a daughter, mother and an Army Major.  What is it about any of those qualities combined that gives me the capability to handle this situation?  I do need help, but where do I find it?  I can’t go to family because this matter has outgrown any help my father or siblings could offer.  God I wish Zar were here.

Keep it together Se’May, she tells herself. Alright.  Keep working and follow through on everything which means don’t fall apart or show signs of stress toward any of my staff at the ARC.  I’ve been trained by my father, the United States Army, and my own protocols to push me to the limits of my mental and physical abilities.  Abandoning these learned competencies right now would be as foolish as applying an emotional response to this affront to my family.  No, I must bring to bear all I’ve learned to find a solution for my dilemma.

I won’t abandon my daughter, myself or my company. I won’t bring disgrace to the Officer’s Corps of the United States Army.  I will emerge victorious as I’ve dealt with Mr. Goone honestly and fairly. That man’s offense this time will be his last against me.  I will outsmart this man and get him out of my life forever.  This means Se’May, oh just say it, you will have to incorporate some hard qualities that men use so thoughtlessly.  These qualities are called for right now.  Doy has to learn from her mother certain skills more quickly than she has up until now.  This situation can’t happen again and unfortunately I have to be a mother and a father now.).

Mother Sayer:  (After opening her eyes at 0600 as she always does every morning, Mother’s mind races through all facets of her dilemma.  She knows her thoughts must return to the days when she commanded a convoy or clip in Iraq.  The sharpness and the certainty of lacing together every step and act throughout her mission each time she went outside the wire.  She rises from bed returning her mind to its’ combat state of readiness.). Well, Mother, let’s go get her done.

Mother arrives at the office at 0800 after dropping off Justus at school.  She takes a moment to scan the area for any signs of trouble.  Someone out of place, something that wasn’t there the day prior. She can’t put her finger on what she’s feelings, but something is different about this morning.  

Sarah W. Certainty:  Good morning Mother, I hope all is going well.  Have you solved your problem with one of my father’s henchmen?

Mother Sayer:  No Sarah, I am contemplating many things, but honestly I’ll need help to execute a lot of them.  That’s where I am right now in deciding my next course of action regarding this matter.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Well, do you know anybody like that?  I mean anybody that’ll undertake such a serious matter like this. I sure hope you do because this Goone is sort of a thug with certain refinements.  He’s not just a looker loving all the ladies.  He can fight.  I’ve seen him fight and I’ve heard of some of his brutality.  He’s no joke.

Mother Sayer:  (That’s what I’m talking about.  Intel.  Now I’m getting somewhere.).  Does he have many friends that would back him in this kind of move.  Taking a child as hostage?  

Sarah W. Certainty:  Oh, yes he does.  Forget what you see in the movies or on television.  My father has men working for him who have no problem taking life or inflicting pain on anyone, men or women.  Don’t go up against them thinking these men have a code of decency of some kind that values women.  They don’t.

Mother Sayer:  How many men do you think he has?

Sarah W. Certainty:  I’d say at least 30.  Mr. Goone ran a part of my father’s territory here in Louisville.  You don’t get that responsibility by being a man who gets squeamish when you need to hurt somebody for not paying up.

Mother Sayer:  Wonderful.  Just what I wanted to hear.  A man with loyal henchmen.  Great.

Sarah W. Certainty:  If I may step out of bounds on this, how did you meet such a man?

Mother Sayer:  Out of greed.  (Brutal honestly is the only place I act from going forward Mother thinks to herself.). I was stringing together a pile of successful moves so fast that I didn’t think to consider the next move. It’s the next link or attachable thread that is the most dangerous when experiencing all the success from everything I touched.  “It’s like being in traffic and the car in front is stopping.  Instead of just stopping behind I change lanes without clearing it on the right.”  I just didn’t practice all I’ve learned and quite frankly I deserve to be stung by this nagging bee.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I can say one thing about you Mother.  You’re consistent.

Mother Sayer:  Consistent?  What do you mean I’m consistent?

Sarah W. Certainty:  I mean you still accept blame and the consequences that arose out of your decisions.  My Father would certainly have hired you if you were a man.  So, how are you going to solve this predicament is the question of the moment?

Mother Sayer:  To be honest Sarah, I, right now, I don’t know.

—————- 1stInterlude —————

(The flight through Europe was standard protocol as General Sennfphoru boards the last leg of the trip in Atlanta, Georgia.  Before he disembarks his flight from Europe to Atlanta, the General is told to check in at the airline ticket counter to verify the last leg of his flight.  At the ticket counter, the General is handed, along with his ticket, an update to where the target is in real time in South America.  Mr. Goone is being tracked with all possible destinations on alert for his arrival. ‘Watch for a black adolescent girl and report back immediately.’).

Mother Sayer:  Well Sarah, I’ll be in my office.  I need some time to think.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Okay, I am going to get lunch.  Do you need me to get you anything Mother?

Mother Sayer:  A tuna on wheat would be great, thanks Sarah.

Sarah W. Certainty:  (A call is made to the Truck Shop and Son Skyy gives Sarah the update on when Mother’s old commander is due to arrive in Louisville.).  Good, I’ll walk her down to the lobby at the end of the day with all the employees of the ARC present.

Mother Sayer:  That’s a good tuna fish sandwich Sarah.  I must remember to have it every so often now.

—————- 2ndInterlude —————

(The General has landed.  Son Skyy just knows it.  He somehow knows it.  As wind crackles with steadiness as it’s undeterred in whichever direction it chooses to travel, so does the General move unrebuked in a quest his mind is ordained to fulfill.  The air pressure seems to suddenly compress causing sound waves to buckle or die in flight before reaching a receiver.  This Commander was lauded for his precise adherence to plans and their execution. The men and women he commanded knew his expectations.  They were the most stringent and demanding they’ve ever faced in their Army service. If you were an operator under his command you had better know your tactics, techniques and procedures blindfolded. Those who couldn’t meet his standard were not commanding soldiers in his task force.  Not in Iraq or anywhere for that matter where lives depended on leaders knowing their jobs.).

General Sennfphoru:  (Tholodious walks off the plane with his carryon.  Baggage claim is avoided because that’s bad tradecraft, but it doesn’t mean he’s oblivious to the two men who seem out of place greeting passengers as they clear the arrivals gate as family and friends await their loved ones.  Tholodious signals to his team members at the Louisville Airport to stand down as he knows his entry in country wouldn’t go unnoticed.  It is about 1pm on a sunny day in April that begs for every living soul to get outdoors and enjoy the weather. He walks outside to the vehicle that will take him to his meeting with the Major.).  Pharwalker, report.

Pharwalker: ( Sumori Pharwalker’s presence is just like her name is envisioned.  A beautiful Korean operative trained in all tactics including those that require she blends into her surroundings.).  All is as planned General.  Our contact has seen to it that the Major will be at her office building until 4 pm. She is unaware of your presence. If the Major agrees to come with you, your transport is standing by to take you both to the staging area.

General Sennfphoru:  Where did this Goone finally set up shop?

Pharwalker:  He’s in Colombia.

General Sennfphoru:  Is the team there prepared?

Pharwalker:  All was in place before the target arrived with the girl.

General Sennfphoru:  Tell them to maintain surveillance according to Standard Plan 3. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing the locals would identify as unusual on a day to day basis.

Pharwalker:  Yes General, Standard Plan 3, operations in an austere climate.  Everything brought in slowly and out of sight.

General Sennfphoru:  Make sure they understand that there are more things at stake here than just returning this little girl to her mother.  I will ask something of the Major in return for doing this for her and I don’t want any detail missed or overlooked.  Is that clear?

Pharwalker:  Yes General, very clear.

—————- 3rdInterlude —————

(The General arrives a block away from The ARC Incorporated office building.  He decides to grab a bite to eat at one of the city’s famous restaurants.  After ordering, he notices a waiter standing in the back staring at him as if he’s holding his piss without a place to relieve himself.  The General excuses himself from the table and tells his team to stay put.  He walks to the restroom and there in the hallway is Twelve.  Twelveworks for some U.S. intelligence agency, but he could never get a straight answer from him which one.  Although he finds the moniker a bit obvious, he just shrugs it off as Americans trying to be applicable to the nationality of the contact. 

The General explains to Twelve that his stay isn’t part of anything Mossad or the intelligence agencies are unaware of and he’s just in town to enjoy one of America’s great cities.  Twelve tells him that Se’May Sayer’s daughter is on the radar, but she didn’t qualify for Federal assistance.  The General’s reply is something like good to see you and maybe when I have more time we’ll exchange war stories.).

—————-4thInterlude —————

(The ARC has had many days where uncertainty crept through the slightest of cracks and attempts to dictate actions and behaviors, but Mother Sayer has also learned in 34 years through her Father’s teachings how to blunt and dispel its’ impact.  Now, more than ever her training is being tested in the direr of situations.  A life hangs in the balance.  

This is when the realization hits her.  I can’t count on Zar to take over this situation as the husband should in these types of matters.  My husband is not here for me to lean on, so I have to do something I’ve been avoiding.  I’ve got to harden up.  I’ve got to suppress my tendencies to nurture my children and just tell them what to do. It is time to be more aloof and demanding.  God help me she thinks.  My children will resent me for it, but they will be alive and well.  I can live with that outcome.).

Mother Sayer: (It is getting on into the late afternoon.  She is finished reading about the ongoing projects and one in particular she has spent the bulk of the day familiarizing herself with. It is involving the Medical Division of the ARC Incorporated.  A study has shown some promising results.  It would seem the human mind concerning dementia and other related illnesses respond to historical probing.  Gathering a thorough account of a patient’s history and seeking to make meaningful dialogue around treatment goals could be a breakthrough.  The medical team is researching a theory they call ‘fractures’ which if successful and contact with the patient’s cognitive ability is established; it could signal the inroad long sought after that could revolutionize the field.  She gives the appropriate funding approval and takes a look at the time.

Around 3pm, Mother decides to call it a day, but she will make sure her projects are readily accessible in case she decides to make a move to go for her daughter.).  Sarah, can you assemble everyone in the lobby, I want to make an announcement before I leave for the day.

Sarah W. Certainty: (Did someone jump the gun and tell Mother what we were planning?  The thought races through Sarah’s mind slapping away all attempts at slowing it down.  Wait wait wait, she has finally restored normal traffic in the corridors of her mind. Just ask her when she wants everyone down there.).  Yes, Mother. When would you like your team assembled in the lobby?

Mother Sayer:  Oh, around 4pm would be ideal.  We’ll just play it by ear if something occurs to change that timeline.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Very good Mother.  I will spread the word.

Mother Sayer: (Mother picks up her office phone and dials her residence.  From this hour on this day forward, I’m finally going to play by America’s rules. ‘For Keeps’.).  N’tare.  How is everything?

N’tare:  All is well here Mother.  Is there something wrong?

Mother Sayer:  Yes, there is something wrong.  My daughter is in the hands of a crook.  A well trained and fighting crook I might add.

N’tare:  Is there something I can do?

Mother Sayer:  Yes there is N’tare.  Is Justus home and if he is I want this to start happening right away.  He is to stay at home until I tell him otherwise is that clear?  He goes to school and he stays at home afterwards.

N’tare:  Quite clear Mother.  

Mother Sayer:  Second, I want all of his friends and that school to undergo a thorough background check.  Tell me what you find.  Hire the best and most discrete private detection agency in the city.  Tell them that there will be more work for them in the future if they deliver the goods.

N’tare:  If I may ask Mother, to what end does this action you now undertake foresee of your future?

Mother Sayer: (Mother knows N’tare will do as she asks of him because he trusts her judgment, but she also understands human nature as changes this monumental means something.).  I am preparing fortifications because the war comes to my doorsteps again.  I apologize for asking you to do this over the phone.  This situation has exposed a weakness in my perimeter which allowed this man, Mr. Goone, to cruise right into striking distance.  I can’t allow that to happen again, ever.

N’tare:  I will begin my search of what the city has to offer and get back to you when I’ve completed this task.

Mother Sayer:  Thank you, N’tare.  Your friendship and council is worth more to me than you’ll ever know.

—————-5thInterlude —————

(It is now 3:40pm and all checks have been made on the To-Do-List.  Acts have been decided upon and taken.  One thing though Mother didn’t anticipate.  The ARC Council calling a session right in the middle of this crisis. ).

ARC Council:  Mother Sayer.  It is time for another chat.  Are you prepared to face us?

Mother Sayer: (There is a quick response that nearly broke through her lips.  It would’ve sounded something like, “Are you fucking crazy, do you know what’s happening now?”  Fortunately, Mother Sayer at this point in her development is learned enough to suppress the natural human tendencies present in us all.).  Oh, course.

ARC Council:  Are you having any problems we should know about?

Mother Sayer:  Problems that are inherent to a multi-million dollar company is all.  Can you be more specific about your inquiry? Do you want to know if the toilets are working?  Maybe the weekly menu in the kitchen needs sprucing up?  

ARC Council:  What about your daughter?  Is she in trouble?

Mother Sayer: (Somehow they always know things they shouldn’t.  I guess that’s what I get when I hire ‘Philosophers’.  Yeah, she’s so grounded when she gets home?

ARC Council:  What’s her infraction we might ask?

Mother Sayer:  Oh, she flew off to some faraway place without my permission.

ARC Council:  Where is she right now?

Mother Sayer: (Mother is steaming with indignation over this intrusion into her family’s crisis, but she knows she needs the practice.  This won’t be the first time she thinks to herself that an enemy has penetrated all the way into her life so intimately.  Keep thinking on your feet she recalls.  This is a variation of one of the Army’s tenets.  ‘Shoot, move, communicate.’).  Right now.  I do not know.

ARC Council:  Do you want some help?

Mother Sayer: (The realization hits her like a punch in the gut from George Forman.  I have skills long ago learned resting in the memory corridors of my brain! I have need of them once again. The logistical planning.  The ability to function with intelligent purpose and forethought that indicates focused intent to reach a desired conclusion. My father has taught me well.  The Army has taught me well.  I won’t fall apart now and bring disgrace to the time, care and trust they’ve shown in me to perform under pressure.  Recall the skills, traits, and keen determination that did mark your name for they are needed once again.  Additionally, I’m glad I didn’t fight against the relentless demands of me because if I did; I certainly wouldn’t possess those great skills that this situation calls for.).  What?

Mother Sayer:  I’m sorry, what did you say?

ARC Council: (The Council did take note of her retreat into her thoughts, but they decide to ask the question again.).  Do you need some help?

Mother Sayer:  No.  If you’ll excuse me, I have a meeting that was called ahead of your session.  

—————-6thInterlude —————

(Mother exits the ARC Council session and walks with Sarah to the elevator.  The encounter with the Council increased her awareness of the serious matter she faces even more profoundly.  Nonetheless, she still must bring to bear every resource at her disposal to solve the problem and bring back her daughter.  Alive.).

Mother Sayer:  Sorry about that Sarah.  I did set the parameters to include the right to call a session no matter what situation I was facing.

Sarah W. Certainty:  No need to apologize Mother.  We’ve seen the effects these sessions have had on the bottom line of this company. Working for you doesn’t just fatten our bank accounts.  Working for you stimulates our minds to grow beyond any job I’ve ever heard of or have been told about by my friends.  

Mother Sayer:  I think you mean I’m a weird employer.

Sarah W. Certainty:  No no no Mother.  I’ve grown and matured beyond what I’ve thought a woman could believe was possible, except for save my own Mother.  I’m indebted to you.  What you’ve taught me; I know you “can’t recall what you haven’t learned” and it tells me I should be grateful to the one who spent the time doing it, and of course myself for being ‘willing to be taught.’

Mother Sayer: (Contemplates for a moment while her thoughts coalesce.).  Sarah, I’ve been too slack in my total embracement of you, my staff, and everybody associated with the ARC.  When you have lived as many years as I have, or you may understand immediately what I’m about to say and know what burdens I must bear.

Sarah W. Certainty: (Thinking of her parents, especially her mother.).  As do we all Mother.

Mother Sayer:  “There are systems of parental teaching that’ve been done from grandmothers to mothers and grandfathers to fathers.  Neighbor to neighbor, principal to school teacher and all the systems of discipline that was woven like an attachment of tethers. These systems served as the conduit for which instruction flowed.  Now, I don’t know how they were destroyed and torn asunder, but they’ve been frayed extensively throughout many years.”

Sarah W. Certainty:  You are talking about ‘familial systems’. Systems of caring, discipline and instruction that make up or should make up any sound family life if there must be one.

Mother Sayer:  Yes Sarah.  These familial systems served communities very well.  How do you think Black people survived and even innovated in an America where they were denied the basics?  Education, freedom, safety from tyranny and the ability to start from nothing and still take care of each other. 

Sarah W. Certainty:  I’ve read a little of the history.  Please tell me more.

Mother Sayer:  Defiance was a rallying cry, but accountability I suspect was crucial to getting everyone on the same page to make it work.  People had to trust each other and dare I say, love each other.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Like you love your children?  Like you love us?

Mother Sayer:  Yes Sarah, like I love my children.  I also love my people and always think of us all when I make decisions keeping the doors of this company open.  Cherish your blessing Sarah because ‘you’re being taught in the midst of one of these systems that wasn’t allowed to be frayed or torn asunder.’

Sarah W. Certainty:  Right Mother, as you’ve taught me.  I can only run one or two choices for my life.  It is written somewhere that you gotta be hot or cold because the third option is vomited out.

Mother Sayer: (Mother chuckles.). That’s correct Sarah.  I’ll explain it metaphorically if I may.  When a person is pulled in more than one direction, the effect manifests itself like a shotgun blast.  As a shotgun blast projects out wider as it travels farther, it’s effect on the target is minimal if at all.  

When a person instead chooses a path in life, then their energy is focused and directed toward a definable goal. The blast hits the target. Another way of putting the cost of indecisiveness is like plugging every appliance in your house into one power strip. Each appliance is pulling juice or energy from that wall socket.  Think about it.  Sooner or later that socket would get burned out.  Why?  Because the demands would eventually be more than the outlet can take.

That is the purpose behind a familial system.  The entire community keeps everyone in check.  We used to didn’t complain when a neighbor admonished our children.  We didn’t complain when we got punished at school. Now America as a society wonders who is there to watch and guide our children when the parents aren’t around.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I’ve got to contemplate this knowledge like I do all of your deep sessions with me.

Mother Sayer:  Sessions?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Just like you keeping yourself strong with your council.  I keep myself strong staying put with you and learning all I can from you.

Mother Sayer:  I appreciate that Sarah.  I love you too.  I think though we should start down to the lobby as we’re already late.

—————-7thInterlude —————

(The door to the elevator opens when Mother and Sarah reach the lobby.  Stepping out into the spacious interior of the building always reminds Mother of a parade field.  She needs to address her troops and keep them informed as to what’s happening in her family. She begins.).

Mother Sayer:  Everyone, I have some important news that I need to tell everybody before I do what I have to do.  My daughter has been kidnapped by a man I once did business with.  He is demanding money.  I will be taking a leave of absence in order to straighten this out. In my absence, Sarah will coordinate all your projects.  Please continue your work as if I’m still here.  Thank you.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Mother, thank you for your trust in me.  Respectfully, we want to help you get through this.

Mother Sayer:  What are you talking about?  (In that moment she sees Son Skyy make his way to the front of the employees standing in the lobby.  She is curious he is here as the truck mechanic shop was exempted if customers trucks needed to be completed.).  Son Skyy, is the shop okay?

Son Skyy:  Mother, I.

Mother Sayer:  What is it Skyy?

Son Skyy:  Everybody gather around Mother.  We want to help you.  

Mother Sayer:  You have.  Now I have to go.

Son Skyy:  No Mother, we want to help you.

Mother Sayer:  Move out of my way.  All of you. Right now.

Son Skyy:  No Mother, we want to help you.

Mother Sayer: (The desire to get her daughter back becomes overwhelming and Mother lashes out.).  Move right now!  (Mother is blocked from leaving and she gets pissed).  Move!

Son Skyy:  We’re going to help you and that’s why I’m here.

Mother Sayer:  I told all of you I will handle this myself.  Now get out of my way and let me go get my daughter.

Son Skyy:  No Mother, you’re not going anywhere until you agree to let us help you.

Mother Sayer:  I knew it.  I knew it when I was doing it.  That was the worst mistake of my life.  Giving you women, you men my love.  Now I’ve put you all in danger as well.  (Mother then tries to move people out of her way and get to the door, but Son Skyy says something that makes her pause.).

Son Skyy:  I told everybody about what I had in mind and they agreed that I should do it. I’ve called somebody we both know to help you find your daughter.

Mother Sayer:  What?  Who did you call?  

(At that moment General Sennfphoru says two words).

General Sennfphoru:  Hello Major.

Mother Sayer: (At first Mother thinks she didn’t recognize the voice, but as she’s been taught she lets the voice, then the memory come to the forefront of her mind and she realizes who has just spoken to her.).  Well I’ll be, Colonel Sennfphoru.  How? What are you doing here?

General Sennfphoru:  I came as soon as I got word.  We need to agree quickly as we don’t have time to go down memory lane.  My transport is waiting right now.

Mother Sayer:  Already barking orders are you.  I’m not going anywhere with you until you tell me why you’re here in Louisville.

General Sennfphoru:  I can help you get your daughter back.

Mother Sayer:  Don’t make a claim you can’t fulfill!  I am not in the mood for any of your judgments or critiques right now.  I know I’m at the mercy of my daughter’s captor right now, and I’m a little bit on edge.  Sorry.  Forgive me that outburst.  That was rude of me.  

General Sennfphoru:  No apology is necessary.  I am well aware of your tendencies.  We need to speak and if you’ll agree; I can go get your daughter and bring her back unharmed.

Mother Sayer:  Not without me you’re not!  

General Sennfphoru:  Major, you don’t need to prove anything to me or anyone.  I know you love your daughter.  Please, allow me to do this for you.

Mother Sayer: (Mother pauses and then decides on accepting his help.).  I will go with you.  My daughter will know her Mother came for her.  Discussion over.  Is that clear General?

General Sennfphoru: (The General knows too well the Major’s tenacity for her soldiers, and he knows he can extend that same devotion to her daughter.).  Agreed. 

(The General throws up the universal sign for ‘saddle up and move out’ and Pharwalker immediately alerts all positions to be ready for movement.).


The goodbyes were extended, but not until business was conducted.  Mother Sayer left all department heads in charge of their operations.  She instructed that all ongoing projects that were approved can be picked up from Sarah in her office.  Sarah knows everything and it will continue to be conducted in that manner.  If you run into any issues, you are to bring them to Sarah for consultation and approval. Then, Mother turns to all her people and apologizes.  “I didn’t mean to say I made a mistake in loving all of you.  My father gave me love I didn’t believe existed.  His primordial sperm didn’t join with my Mother’s egg so I could part the matrix, but he gave me everything that mattered.  His love.  I restore my love to you now.

By the way, don’t have too much fun.  I will be back and I expect to see my company not only standing when I do but going gangbusters as well.

…………to be continued.

That Should Put that to Rest?

There shouldn’t be a need for another coach to think and behave as if one mind will always defeat three or more huddled against it. For the life of me it can work in football when you have a quarterback that has refinements borne of fire, pressure and endurance.  Yes, I’m speaking of the Eagles and Patriots in SuperBowl 52.  You can’t as a coach going forward believe calling offensive plays and being the Head Coach is smart.  One job requires your full attention.  Does the other job demand the same?  Exactly, splitting your attention from one to the other is a disservice to your duty required of the position you hold.

Anyone that lives and breathes the game of football at any level should understand there are limits to what the mind can focus on. For example, Operation Overlord, Normandy, France executed on D-Day June 6, 1944.  The Supreme Allied Commander didn’t helm every ship, fly every plane, command every company, platoon or squad.  The authority and responsibility was delegated down to capable men and women from the fighters to the healers.  The mission was a success because the Supreme Commander could adjust and focus on battle support as the reports came to his attention.  Get off this kick about I’m the Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator.  Yeah, you’re the Offensive Coordinator alright because you just stunk up the place!

Oh, and by the way.  If the NFL teams, and I mean all of them, allow the Patriots to win one game this coming season, they all should wear bags over their heads and not helmets.  Ashamed shouldn’t be the word that describes the fear all teams in the NFL have of the Patriots.  The Rams, all NFL teams, need a person trained in the Philosophical and Psychological disciplines on staff.  I didn’t want to begin my worldwide push to elevate these disciplines and how they are critical to strengthening the mind of the players, but that game displayed how despair could set in when everyone’s not on the same page.  Having talent and skill physically pales in comparison to the talent and skill of the mind.  The mind is the key!

A Help Meet? A Guide? The Rib?



I can say honestly I’ve avoided this troublesome topic.  The subject matter is quite distressing.  In truth, I’ve found the discussion about the status of women vexing, as men have manipulated it throughout the ages to the point that women are now believing their standing to be ‘subservient’ to men.  Let me inform my followers of what response I’ve always given when I was in the Army to soldiers who said their company was a piece of crap (in substitution for the other word).  Quote, “I’m in this company too, I can’t agree with that statement because I would be saying I’m also a piece of crap, and I’m definitely not a piece of crap.” Let’s begin.


A Help Meet?  “Genesis, Chapter 2, verse 18…And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.”  Stop. Let’s define the word ‘help’. Help is defined as rendering assistance to, joining in completing a task or continuously aiding another to complete goals or objectives.  That was my own definition, but as you can see a helping hand, so to speak, is critical to accomplishing anything worthwhile.  Would you think of someone multiplying your efforts to reach a goal subservient? Therefore, a help meet is not a tool to help you turn a screw and put away on a shelf to retrieve again when needed is it? Moving on.


A Guide?  “1 Timothy, Chapter 5, verse 14…I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.”  A guide is defined as anything whether it’s a person, place or thing that leads, directs or serves as a roadmap from the place you are to the place you want to find.  “He needed a guide from Cyprus to Haiti, so he hired a ship and crew to speed him there.”  Now, don’t you think a guide is an important resource to possess when searching for something?  If you’re looking to hire a guide, shouldn’t that person know the way to the place you desire to be?  You don’t have to believe the words you’re reading.  Go board a plane destined from Cincinnati to Kuala Lumpur and ask the pilot if he or she knows the route to get there.  When the plane has left the ground, will it be pointed in the right direction.  The right altitude, speed and latest data about the corridor it will pass through to include weather updates.  Storms do arise unexpectedly huh?


The Rib?  “Genesis, Chapter 2, verse 22…And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.” What a surprise and here I was thinking from all the confusion that a woman was made from everything but a man. See, this is what happens when we begin to lower the status of women in relationship to men.  As I’ll stated earlier in this post, if I am part of a company, partner, or a branch on a tree, why on Earth would I downgrade my status as part of a whole?  Women you can stop the foolishness now!  God didn’t make you subservient to the man.  You are not relieved of your awesome responsibility whether you are single or married.  “Well, he’s the husband and all I have to do is stop at the bear children part and I’m home free.”  Alrighty then, to the men and women who didn’t like what you read up top; you should stop reading at this point because it gets ugly from here.


In conclusion.  Get your head out your ‘four points of contact’.  Any woman who’s bought into the thinking that all decisions in the house are to made by the man are as foolish as the man that believes it.  Why would anyone want to be thought of only for bearing children or sexual relief and scorned when the troublesome periods strike the home?  Who always gets the blame at this point?  The woman because she didn’t speak up right?  Here’s the popular refrain, “well you’re the man isn’t that what you said.”  Women, it must be nice to not feel any pressure (if this post applies to you) to insure the ‘guide’ portion of your job is not usurped by the man.  You’re still not off the hook because the success or the failure of your household is shared by the both of you.  Don’t misunderstand me, the head of the household rule is applied if the both of you can’t agree on something and a decision must be made. The man must then bear the brunt of the call, but the woman can do all she can to limit the damage, or better yet, highlight the fortunate turn of events.


Women, if you believe you are inferior to men; then you must also conclude that men are from inferior stock as well because women were grafted from the man and nothing else.  I can’t pluck an orange from the orange tree and turn around and say it tastes good because my hand grabbed it the right way. No.  I took it from the orange tree and it taste good because of the goodness of the orange tree.  Quit separating yourselves from the truth.  Women do you hear me?  Accept your lineage and operate (in a marital setting) as part of one flesh.  Didn’t think I would finish with that crucial point did you?

An Irregular Heartbeat


An Irregular Heartbeat


I’ve waited long enough to speak about two things that’ve been weighting on my heart.  The descent of America into the ‘church of chaos’ and the propagation of Stand Your Ground Laws which seems to lure us away from reaching our eventual state of the ‘goodness’ of humankind.  How did we get here you ask?  Well let’s start with the easy ones.  When humans possess power that’s passed down through generations, they tend to believe that power will always be in the form they recognize.  As the arc of time publishes an impending list of changes, the majority race in power tends to foolishly stand underneath that arc as it races across the sky heading for a ground impact that will shake the entirety of all life.  Yes, believe it or not, some in the majority race will attempt to divert, delay, or blunt that landing.  I laugh about it too, so go ahead.  It’s funny. Change can’t be stopped.


How has change impacted humanity?  We no longer ride horses to work in mass quantities because we ride in motorized transports.  Our water comes out of the tap instead of a bucket drawn from a deep hole in the ground. We can communicate and pass knowledge across vast oceans with devices unimaginable before the invention of the computer.  New industries are pulled from under the forger’s anvil and shaped into life enhancing products on a regular basis.  Tell me then, why do people still believe (falsely) that they have the power to halt that gigantic arc of crackling, electrical change that has never failed to complete its course?


This current ‘church of chaos’ slithering its way across America, like a snake lying in the Sun, will crawl back in their holes soon enough.   Yes, you are right if you saw those Black preachers, one sat there and said this President is a friend to Black people or people that don’t look like him is the height of heresy.  His congregation deserve him if they didn’t scold his butt when he returned to church. News flash, members of the clergy, you don’t get to point to anybody and bestow remission of sins because it’s an individual’s responsibility to repent!  Does anybody remember reading Saul on the ‘Road to Damascus’?  Anybody?


The heart must pump at a normal rhythm or the body becomes distressed.  Listen, I embrace change.  Do you think I want to still be living in the projects at middle age?  I must know my efforts are going to improve my life and by extension the lives of all humanity.  After 400 plus years and 200 plus as a nation, the evidence all points in one direction.  America has set a course for the betterment of humanity.  Anyone that believes we can still go back to the dark days of our birth are delusional along with all those foolish enough to believe that crap.  Who in the hell takes children away from their mothers and calls it deterrence?  Who tells coal miners their jobs will be coming back knowing we need to take better care for the planet?  Who starts a trade war with sovereign countries under the false belief they would capitulate?  Listen to me now, either you take solace and safety in the principles that dictate sound governance of business and civility of discourse, or fall for the ‘snakes sunning themselves’ because sooner or later they are going to crawl back in their holes.


Stand your ground.  Boy, I’ve honestly racked my brain for years compiling all the instances where lives were taken and this law invoked as the reason behind these killings. Back up, first let’s figure out the pressing human need that justified the creation of these laws.  Were there innocent people being killed in significant numbers?  Was it because of a plague of human deterioration these laws needed to address? What did Stand Your Ground laws seek to remedy?  I can’t put my finger on it either.  I’m reluctantly forced to conclude that the catalyst for these laws must lie in the motivations or life experiences of the legislators that put them forward. Assuming these are more than likely males, I wonder, were they abused as children?  Were they bullied on the playground at school?  Could it be they suffer from inadequacies in areas of their lives as men?  Maybe they were always picked last for games that involved playing with balls!


When I was growing up, we settled disagreements with words and if necessary a fistfight.  Now we have authorization to settle disputes with weapons.  Tell me how that gets humanity to its higher form? Okay, let me lay out what most people want from other people in this world.  They want to see the good in people consistently displayed because everybody watches everybody and trust me they know who represents their values. So, figure out what you want to do and follow that path.  I hope it’s the right path as I will always live and die for humanity’s higher aspirations.


P.S.  Forgive my unkindness in that I didn’t track with my readers where this information was gleaned and expounded upon.


:The Holy Bible: King James Version: Proverbs Chapter 28 verse 4.  They that forsake the law praise the wicked: but such as keep the law contend with them. Galatians Chapter 4 verse 16. Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?


Remember these words carefully and your growth will not be stunted.  No one gets a pass because you’re only concerned with the needs of your household. Take a look at an historical map of the world during the time of ‘Roman’ Catholicism.  Know this, did the citizenry under Roman rule feel their leaders govern with integrity or a strict moral code?  Yeah, if they did the Roman empire would be ruling today, but the Caesars didn’t have any written rules to follow.  The Caesars governed by whatever popped into their minds and frankly what came out was decadence spawned power driven insanity laced with enough fools feeding and egging on their madness.


Also, America is not immune to the same fate as the Romans, Ancient Greece, The Persians, and many more great societies that we discuss from what was saved of the history of this world.  Who knows what else existed and how they destroyed themselves?  Just a thought.

Where Hatred Lies, Leave It There

Do you see it? Take a look over the edge. The crevice. My how the walls drop down as the sides close in ever so tightly to seemly join together at the bottom. Hatred lives in the bottom of that crevice along its’ spiked and smooth jagged wall face.


It closes in, the crevice, as you go further down into the darkness. The traversable space shrinks and squeezes around you. At this point, it leaves only those bent on finding hatred to continue on.


*Sidetrack here for a moment* (Hatred lies at the bottom of the heart when and if it is present. Only those who don’t mind how hatred leaves small cuts on the heart will continue to seek it out.)


(Let’s continue with this description and warning about hatred, as hatred is deceptively mischievous.)


Once those seeking hatred make it down to the bottom of that dark crevice; hatred is not so easily captured. As you reach to capture it, it squirms and shifts position, maybe as a warning to those who wish to release it. Hatred is a power that demands a willing host! Hatred does not allow someone to skirt blame or deny using it unknowingly.


Once allowed to reside in the heart of humanity, hatred is a shifty deceiver that won’t allow anyone to tame or direct it to any purpose but sorrow and destruction. Hatred desires to hurt, disrupt and destroy like a wall of water generated by a tsunami sweeping away all in its’ path.


Let me sum this post up for those who don’t follow my blog. Human beings are too ‘stupid’ to handle hatred. I read somewhere that you should ‘love even your enemies!’ I’ll tell you why. Because when hatred is allowed deep into the heart, then released to commit its’ mayhem, and afterwards no human alive knows how to imprison it again.


Maybe the Great Spirit, Allah, God in Trinity, however you refer to the one greater than yourself knew humanity needed natural behavioral boundaries and limits of conscience. Those who believe in a Supreme Being should understand that some things should remain bound in chains until all eternity. Those who seek to fool with such powers as hatred, seek to cause discord among people for personal or political gain.


My admonishment to all if hatred is being sold to you. The price is too high. Seek to solve problems in your life through a hard self-assessment. Seek to solve problems in your community by joining together with neighbors of like minds. Seek to solve problems on the job by using interpersonal skills. As a great chef would say, “ingredients must be mixed to create a great dish”. A diverse nation such as America has a strong advantage over the rest of the world. We just refuse to allow everyone to add to the pot.


In closing, hatred is not a human power from which you want to feed off its’ energy. Hatred will burn you out quicker than a gas fire at a drag race. My advice. Try the stronger human power of love; at least you can be renewed by love’s circular energy.


Redemption? What Must I Do?

Realistically? Most of us miss the chance to do things when the moment is there for it to be done. History, records what transpired on such and such date and time. What is left is the overwhelming yearning to alter that decision that brought on the tremendous doubt and pain of “I should have done this and instead I am left with the result of that”.

Listen, redemption can require only a slight altering of your actions when a similar situation occurs in the future. Redemption can also ask that you expend more time and effort physically or financially to atone for your lapse in acting appropriately for that situation. Lastly, redemption can demand a price so heavy as to require major mental, physical and financial efforts be brought to bear to correct an error of judgment.

Don’t think that humans can grant you this absolution, this discharge, this deliverance or even vindication! Redemption is granted by the Gods and that court, that acquittal is not tainted with biases or spinal weakness! It is an achievement laced with the most precious gift of all. New life and unchallenged glory!

So when an NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL team or any woman, man or child wishes to be heard in the court of redemption. Know this. The Gods do not care for those whose hearts are not certain of what they seek. Come before this court with clarity and understanding of what may be asked of you when redemption must be the final verdict granted in your favor. Otherwise, learn to live with the pain of “what if”.

The Increase

It is a tough dilemma. The facts are that a goal has universal truths attached. In order to obtain this item I must walk the path that leads to that goal. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree from a respected university requires twelve hours a semester to do it in four years. It is implied in that goal that my head will be in books an additional 12 to 20 hours a week studying. A new car is in my future. It is implied in that goal that I have to calculate insurance, gas, maintenance and the value that car will add to my life. If in all these goals a sacrifice is expected, then why not do without a want to augment a need. An increase in one area requires a decrease in other areas.

A very nice lady at work is a good sounding board for me as well as two other close advisors (I don’t have many because most people are not the advising type). We conclude that if you want nice things, then in other areas you must cut back in order to maintain financial balance. A gentleman told me it involves being thankful for small gifts. A good daughter shows her love for family by bringing her mother into her home and taking care of her. Remember all goals have humanity attached. Bring your family with you!

Abundance can be blinding. Take for instance a farmer looking at her field of corn. She can see the money before her eyes, or she can see the millions of families that corn will feed for years (canning is good!). Her perspective determines her success. Failure is intertwined with success and most people are not willing to untie the knots in order to straighten the line that leads to success. Most cooks are not going to whip the batter until all the lumps are out before they bake the cake.

It is not the time you spend in order to reach your goals. It is the learning process that makes you successful. The goal is just the capstone. Sufficient difficulty is attached to all worthwhile goals. No book or religious teachings I’ve ever read stated otherwise! Isn’t that the exciting part about life? When you reach waypoints along your journey, I would ask you to simply look out your window and watch the trees sway in the winds. You can’t see the wind, but you know it’s there.

Make solid, reasonable goals and plans and then diligently work to achieve them. Be patience and wait for the early and latter rain.

A Tear = A Rupture of the Mind

A cut on our body triggers an immediate response. We clean the wound. We apply disinfectant and a bandage to speed the damage to our flesh to heal as quickly as possible. Tell me, why do we allow tears in our mind to go without treatment? The surface and depth of our mind (and heart) is where the issues are raised and adjudicated. I will explain.

Say for instance that a child is having minor trouble grasping the concepts of math. There are two choices here to address the child’s issue and help his or her enlightenment of math. Yes, they are positive and negative. What goes unnoticed here is the tear forming in the child’s mind becoming adversarial toward math (learning). Now a parent can recognize this danger and close the breach before it widens with positive solutions and direct insight. On the other hand, a parent can tell the child I hate math (learning) too and all but rip a small breach into a rupture big enough to drive a truck of doubt through.

Imagine a crack in a vehicle’s windshield going unaddressed. Sooner or later that crack will form a break or a line expanding outward, and eventually produce a windshield that could shatter at any time. If you can get two fingers into any object you are trying to open, the same analogy applies to a mind when doubt short-circuits a worthwhile goal. Pull it apart. That is the idea when doubt inserts its’ fingers into the breach until both hands are widening the hole and exacerbating the tear.

Any disappointment can trigger a tear in your mind. The solution can be quite simple when faced with any minor setback. Let’s leave the large-scale psychological problems to the professionals. Choose a private place, a car, closet or location that offers solitude to think and repair the tear that just occurred. Talk, yes tell yourself the breach will be repaired and sealed. I will not let doubt fester like a sore that if left untreated can trigger more complications.

I did not get the job I applied for recently. The solution. I am still the best candidate available standing ready to help a company be more successful with their customers and their market. My love interest rejected my offer. The solution. I am thankful and secure in what I bring to any relationship that the best person for me is seeking a good and stable opposite.

I cannot express myself verbally in ways that mirror the deep insight of my thoughts. The solution. Read books aloud to yourself and speak a brief review of each chapter to check that you understood what you read. Nobody, not friends or family, comes to talk to me about troubling issues plaguing their lives. The solution. Take an extended look in the mirror and determine whether you are trustworthy. If your self-assessment says you are not, then endeavor to change by being respectful to the troubles of others. Correct your body language by not smirking and maintain eye contact at all times with the speaker. Lastly, don’t spread secrets given in confidence to the entire neighborhood unless asked to do so.

Realize how many people have friends (so called) that act as confidants, but these same friends give in their words little or no help to their lives! Like talking to a brick wall while waiting for that wall to give me the wisdom to solve my problem. A glass is empty until you put a beverage in it, and once the glass is filled you drink it. Stop letting people, who act as your advisor, give you back a glass of emptiness. That will not quench your thirst for answers! Find friends that offer nourishment and you give it back in kind.

This is an area that has been very profitable for me. After I realized that my mind could suffer the death of a thousand cuts, I began to address every issue that troubled me. Some problems I tackled on the spot and some I gathered background information. When I addressed the major problems, I was prepared for all resistance to recovery and I won every fight to repair the tears in my mind.

Basically, the mind is a terrible thing to waste. I am nearly fifty years old and I still must fight to keep my mind and body healthy against all potential threats seeking an opening. It is your duty to know your limitations and your responsibility to fight any attacks against your mind. Whether that is by you developing life skills or by going to see a professional in the field of mental health. Protecting your mind is an individual decision that holds consequences whether those consequences are good or bad.

Listen to me. Every problem doesn’t have a solution. Ignore some of them because they pose no threat to a healthy mind. Paraphrasing scripture here, ‘once you overcome a problem, don’t jump back in the mud because you may not be able to wash it all off next time’.

Repair those ruptures and seal those breaches as quickly as you can. Do not let a problem linger too long. You wouldn’t let a cut go untreated. Why would you let a tear to the mind go unaddressed? Heal it. Fix it. Get back your confidence and move on with life. You had a problem, but you diagnosed it correctly and the prescription healed the wound. Move on!

Follow the Light That’s On

Oh if it were as simply as the topic suggests. How many of us have followed other people knowing their light was no longer burning bright? Maybe the dimming effect has set in and we still hold on hoping it would brighten to full strength sometime soon. Our minds start contemplating the worse scenario. The light is out and it will not shine ever again.

How do these predicaments come about in our lives? It could be because of the old saying. “The grass is greener on the other side.” The silliest reasoning can break up a marriage. The man or woman could fret that something is missing and I don’t want my life to end knowing I lost out. They start looking away from what could be the best home they are entitled to receive. The view could be beautiful and spectacular from a distance, but a close-up could indicate ugliness and destruction.

Would this deter a common sense person reasoning justly when it concerns his or her home? Not all the time it would. Most of the time a person chooses (leaves their marriage and family) outer darkness as they are blinded by the brightness of the rising horizon. Other people shine brightly when they are drawing you away from a stable home. As the saying goes, ‘blinded by the light’.

Yes I realize it is not always another person enticing a spouse away from a home they know is good for him or her. Most of the time it is a friend (masquerading as an enemy) feeding false conclusions that supports unfounded anger in the spouse’s heart. Listen to me; don’t be married to three people! If a situation is breeding conflict in the home, I suggest speaking to a trusted friend that will not tell you what you want to hear.

The light is always on in the distance is a lie. It is an optical illusion set up to support bad reasoning and the poor judgment that occurs when we are angry, hurt and confused. View your marriage and your life in its totality. A good solid stable home is not created by accident.

Follow the light that is on means keep your home burning bright by treating each other right. Judge your home by what you have done for each other and not by outside individuals who caught you in a moment of weakness. Third parties that mean you no good will tell you to break up a stable home! Yes that is what they are telling you. If you are giving each other good for good, a snake in the grass will elevate your anger and cause you to destroy your home!

Everybody is not your friend. A spouse is your spouse first! You are not entitled to take out all your bad decisions in your life on your spouse. Your spouse is not your release for all your stupidity. This last sentence is a huge awakening for both genders. It takes two to tango and two to keep warm. Figure out what that means. Hint, don’t be cold or you just might be cold alone.

False Positive: A Good Time

Man, most people would say in the midst of making six decisions, which results in one favorable outcome; they had a good time and would do it over again if they could. I fondly (false happiness in this case) remember going out to dinner, seeing a movie, and buying a $100 dollar pair of Nikes in the course of a week and not being able to pay my power bill at the end of the month. Yes sir, in the throws of delusional good times; I was residing in a structure of my own making that was steadily crumbling all around me.

The focuses were not on the five other things I had to upkeep and manage to have a chance at a stable life. The focus was on one thing. Pleasure. Whether that meant going to dinner, a movie or pursuing women. Shopping with money I needed to pay bills, or loaning money to a friend instead of paying my own obligations. Yes people, there is pleasure in being thought of as always having money in times of need.

Sacrifices were not made to better my life, but to have fun in part because other people said I needed to enjoy my life. The better part of 10 years was wasted in pursuit of pleasure. Realize this now; you can be blinded to all the critical parts of your life that will bring you contentment because pleasure imprisons your mind. Till your land (your mind, your brain) means to figure out what sort of life will look like success when you train your mind and lay a path to a life worthy of applause.

Don’t believe me? Ignore that nagging voice telling you the car is about to cease functioning. Ignore the voice warning you that a dinner date costing $55 dollars for two meals could have paid for 12 at the grocery store. Ignore the voice telling you to save $50 dollars a month in case of an emergency. Ignore the voice telling you to not have a baby (male and female contributors) because you are barely able to feed and clothe yourselves now!

What have I learned? Laugh at myself often because it is a relief to know I broke free of the bondage of pleasure because I accepted one truth. Never did I win in the pursuit of pleasure! The score for me at the end of that game was: Victor 0, and Pleasure 100. The 5 important things that needed my attention were left to die on the vine because they weren’t getting any water from me. I came out of that life with nothing tangible to show for it! I lost every time while playing that game and I quit before it completely destroyed me.

Don’t do this either. Don’t look back on only the pleasure and ignore all the losses in the midst of your insanity. Don’t do it. If you choose to do it, tell yourself the truth and acknowledge what a life of despair you had. Don’t get washed and return to wallowing in the mire. Call it what it was and be thankful you got out in time.

If you want to have fun or pursue pleasurable activities, I recommend one rule. If you have the money or time to spend without it hurting, then have a good time and afterwards get back to work. If you are faking the funk to impress others or yourself, stop before you embarrass yourself.

Tilling your land will grow your seeds (education, specific skills, character, morality, etc.…) to make a time of harvest (your life) greater than the field that gave it growth.

Blown Past the Stop

2nd Installment


It is peculiar isn’t it how politicians seem to react to tragedy. It is like episodes of the Twilight Zone (which is one of my favorite shows) engulfed in the entire world of make believe you can stomach. These people (politicians) suspend reality so easily when an event so horrific deafens all senses. Why do I say this? Because some of them laughably in their gall, continue to reason out tragedy by choosing to invalidate the very cause of lives being taken. A weapon, a gun, an item designed solely to end a person’s life. It is like saying a Samurai carries a sword into battle to slice cheese and bread.

I watched a Republican on television say guns and a state symbol of hatred did not belong in the mouth of the President or candidates for that office. We are not here to wonder why hatred is allowed to endure are we? Why hatred rears its’ ugly head and a so called leader tells citizens to ignore its’ touch. These politicians act as if you can dodge a rainstorm by not believing you are truly wet.


Which brings me to Ecclesiastes, Chapter 5, and verse 8. It seems the practice has too long been to act as if something terrible is not happening or just marvel at it and shake you head. It will go away soon and the trouble that it brought as well.


African Americans are not asking to be recognized as human beings. The utterance of that sentence would be obvious insanity. We have spent centuries teaching our children ways to maintain their sanity in the midst of government-sanctioned violence against our people. Yes, when injustice happened to Black people; it was simply whitewashed.


America has ‘Blown Past the Stop’. As I stated before when the Malaysian Flight was lost and the government of Malaysia treated the families of the lost with clear contempt. I say to Americans of European decent. Stop shaking your heads and correct your family, friends and neighbors when they perpetuate hatred of anyone who has done them no harm.


When I was working as a stocker in a grocery store in Birmingham, Alabama, I was faced with just such an issue. The two guys with me on the crew didn’t like the fourth guy and wanted me to hate him too. I told them (we were all Black) this man has done me no wrong. I respect you don’t like him, but you will not determine for me who my friends are and that strife ended right there.

Just understand everything is scrutinized

Make up for mistakes?


Ever wonder why the people that you can relate to the most often are the ones who care to make right their mistakes? Secretary Clinton has admitted her mistakes and worked to make them right. I would fight back against lies and false inferences in a heartbeat as well. Wait, let me just say, you ever meet those people that only tell you their greatest hits? You never hear about a single failure in their life? Never heard about anything they’ve done wrong have you?


Maybe I’m wrong to support the imperfect person, but I know from personal experience a burning desire within to correct my faults. Deduce for yourself which candidate you wish to support for President of either party, but I tell you an image problem hovers around perfect candidates. The Republican candidates will never admit mistakes and will fight you tooth and nail trying to make you believe they didn’t say it! Catch a perfect candidate in a lie and he or she will show cracks in their campaign. They will dance like crazy trying to get you to believe you didn’t really hear what you heard!


There has never been a perfect candidate for any office in the land. Everybody has done things they would like to take back. The difference is the people that feel terrible about it (although an email server or a foundation messing up reporting requirements doesn’t reach the level of wrongdoing) give extraordinary effort to prove to you that your faith in them is not misplaced. They will make it right. Let’s not forget the country did pretty well with the last President Clinton.


The UnAddressed Problem!

I was treating the sinus/allergy and cold I had, but I was ignoring the ear infection thinking it didn’t affect the other two. It’s a common state of mind when medicine or doctor visits are not the highlight of one’s life. The issue just brewed and festered until I went to the doctor and was diagnosed and given a shot for my ear infection. Let me back up a little and describe my allergy problem. It literally was as bad as the worst allergy sufferer has experienced. I thought my body was rejecting the Allegra I was prescribed. Needless to say my reasoning was flawed and misguided.

Now back to the ear infection and the after effects it had on my three problems. The ear infection was actually blocking the effective treatment I was prescribed for my allergies and the cold I had. Once I solved the ear problem; my cold disappeared and the allergies are responding to the Allegra!

My body is returning to normal and equilibrium has been restored. Wow, effectively targeting the one problem that was negatively interfering with getting my allergies under control was the solution all along.

Sounds like the negative influence of certain people on our lives results in confusion. This confusion stymies and stops us from addressing what is the real cause of disruption in our lives. Once the source of the problem is found and the right medicine applied; then, the results are undeniable. Our lives seem to get back up on the road and out of the dirt and gravel of the shoulder.

Once again, targeting the problem with the right solution will right the ship (your life) no matter if the problem is a person, place or thing! Don’t be like me. Address the problem that is causing problems for your real problems. The longer you wait to address a situation (no matter what it may be) will determine the moment you want to be free of it!