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Season One:

Episode One:  Time to Make Our Way 


The Story is:  (John is his name.  He doesn’t even know if he has a middle or last name.  John is the son of his slave mother who got pregnant with another Black slave she loved before she was sold to another plantation.  John is nearly two times ten now and he has something planned.  The year is 1843.  A year that will not be like all the rest of his years.  You see John is fair skinned which has afforded him many advantages.  The master’s son and daughter liked him so much they began to see something they lacked under their father and subservient mother.  It was defiance.  A defiance that was laced with strength.  Cleavur (pronounced ‘Cleavor’) and Lissqui (pronounced ‘Lis qu’) Munornado.  Their father thought it would distinguish his family from all the run of the mill families slaughtering their slaves.

John, Cleavur and Lissqui played together.  They began to understand what it meant to need another person.  This led the master’s children to teach John how to read, write and add things up if he needed.  John would share some of the things he learned.  Things only a slave understood.  John showed Cleavur and Lissqui how to manipulate others.  Not that stupid technique of thinking you got something from somebody they were already going to give to you.  John taught them to read a person and think beyond what’s in front of you to see the outcome before you open your mouth.  This would serve all three of them well on their new adventure.

John didn’t have a choice.  He needed help from somebody if he was going to make it to the starting line of his quest to go West.  John wasn’t just a strong back and formidable presence to see to it that his master’s product was duly protected, cared and paid for.  John also listened as the slave owners discussed what news was going around town about areas of America that were being opened to anyone willing to settle the land there.  That’s where the idea was first born.  John has spent many days and every moment he could laying on grass and filthy rags about the new Western frontier.

John was going to one day bend to his knees.  Place both of his hands on the ground.  On land that belonged to him.).

——————————The Introduction——————————

(This introduction is vital to the understanding of what these three people from two different ‘stations’ must discover about the world beyond what they have consumed so far.  A pact must be entered into for their very survival depends on it.  In the darkest times they surely know are coming, it means life or death.  John cannot live with the ‘white mans name’ anymore.  His mother whispered stories to him about the lands their ancestors walked upon in kinship to life.  Lands that provided their food and housed their people.

His mother said they walked amongst lions without fear because they respected the contributions the lions must make to control other animals.  So John couldn’t keep that name even if it meant an easier passage through to a prosperous future.  John knew he had to do just honor to his ancestors to show his face to them upon giving up the ‘ghost’.  ‘Dashurai Havein Hunavaelor’ pronounced ‘Da’sure’i Hav’Vien Hun’a’valor’.  Yes his name means something now like it should or once did before his people were stolen.  He will no longer use the name ‘John’ unless it was served in bringing forth ‘a means to an end’.

Dashurai knew a little something about ‘name calling’.  It did make slaves angry and defensive which served the slave master only.  ‘Go figure it out’ he told himself constantly.  It served him well to include schooling him on how to build alliances.  Friends he thought offered next to nothing when unsavory decisions had to be made.  Alliances offered resources and rewards and Dashurai steadily made himself into the man he knew he must become.  Physical strength was a resource to be deployed beyond intimidation.  Intelligence was a resource that must be kept in the most sensitive manner possible.

Cleavur and Lissqui were his allies now.  Allies were essential if this ‘ancestral’ bargain had any chance of paying off for all the parties to it.  Dashurai, Cleavur, Lissqui.  Let’s see how they navigated the obstacles that were boldly laid out before them to stay alive and achieve their desires.).

Dashurai:  I don’t see any other way this is going to start for us.

Cleavur:  By buying passage on a wagon train from here in Dumbassity Central, Kentucky to where now?  Oh, to ‘Indian’ country full of land grabbing unwashed shit kickers.

Lissqui:  Don’t you just love my brother Dashurai?  I mean the names he comes up with ought to entertain us straight through to what area we heard it was again?  ‘Shoshone’ country I heard.

Dashurai:  I already hired on as a ‘wagon man’.  It gives me cover to stay with you two.  If there are other plans available I want to hear them?

Cleavur:  Okay.  I see it’s time to test out my skills.  Sister we’re definitely not riding out West looking across at country bumpkins in front of us.  Let’s ascertain which wagons the wealthy are riding shall we.

——————-The trail not so cleared——————-

(Well getting underway requires the expenditure of energy.  That energy didn’t just come from the horses.  It had to come from the men.  Clearing the brush that covered a worn path was a constant chore.  The wagon train traveled a few miles a day where it was possible.  The markings on paper, a crude map, that supposed to resemble the area they had to travel was barely readable.  The loosely followed rules used to apply to land boundaries and property markers were wholly useless for the journey that faced them.

Cleavur knew something about land and how to tell where ownership began and ended.  He presented himself as studied in how to claim it, mark it and keep it.  Cleavur plotted his importance to the wealthy amongst the travelers looking to capture a part of this new land for profit and longevity.  He now felt fortunate that he, his sister and Dashurai consumed knowledge just like they consumed the air.  Part of the pact they made was to share between each other everything they learned no matter if they thought what they learned was stupid.

‘Put it up’ knowledge, that’s the phrase they would say to each other.  Boy they sure didn’t know then the crucial nature of teamwork times three.  All three of them held each other to task.  Nobody would be discarded no matter how serious the times would get.  Three would succeed.  That’s all they said.  Three would succeed.  Little did they truly understand about the power of ‘not failing the other two’ meant until they started facing difficult task after difficult task.  That’s what cutting a trail through the obstacles meant.  Small units mean large power and their mental power tells their legend.  Here’s how it happened…..).

Cleavur:  Mr. & Mrs. Vaterborne, this is an eventful start shall I say to a time that hopefully holds good promise of fortune for you.  I signed onto this journey after hearing travelers such as yourselves were going out West.  Skills I possess as a land surveyor with knowledge about how to settle boundaries should be valuable.

Mr. Vaterborne:  My good man I trust you know things may not start so quickly.  Making a name for yourself is the easy part.  Making money is the tricky part and that may take longer than planned for if the proper components aren’t already in place.

Cleavur:  I wouldn’t dare assume they are.  Components I guess would be the ability to buy, sell or trade with others that have things of value available?

Mr. Vaterborne:  Precisely my good man.  You have a useful skill which means settlers will eventually seek out your services, but what are you going to do in the meantime?  Town offices probably aren’t there where we’re going yet.  Nobody to record land titles.  What else you got?

Cleavur:  Quite right.  I already have connections with traders in built up areas close to the lands our new country is looking to open up for settlements.  People are going to need things.  Things not readily available.  That’s the service I’m going to offer.  I already have security personnel hired on for the jobs.

Mr. Vaterborne:  Good.  What’s your last name sir?

Cleavur: (That’s how you do it.  Keep your cool though Cleavur, but that’s how you do it.  Respect through legitimate commerce by legitimate means to make it happen.).  Munornado.  Mr. Cleavur Munornado.

——————–Get Onboard that Wagon Train—————–

(The communication between the 3 has to be naturally occurring.  The words between Dashurai, Cleavur, and Lissqui must have combination properties that herald specific actions.  Short words like ‘settle’ means settle for the answer or progress made and prepare for the next encounter whatever that may be.  ‘Break’ means to table whatever is being worked on what’s being processed and hold fast where you left it.  ‘Slave’ means that an encounter with someone from a ‘dumbassity central’ Southern State is showing his ‘intelligence’.

More to follow.  As we go we learn is the name of this game.  Cleavur recalls him and his sister tag teaming their father about a life away from home long before the Sun broke the sky on this day.  How he spoke of being his own man and nurtured the thought through his father’s head.  Cleavur, he said to himself.  ‘Don’t forget in this day and age the father is the strongest and most respected man on the plantation’.  Speak glowingly of his stewardship of his business, but speak of the day when his son must leave home.

Lissqui took a different track with her father.  She told him she was a caregiver.  She believed that she was somebody born to shepherd young girls to be proper ladies.  Education she told her father is what she most desired from him.  She needed to learn things that she could help her husband should she choose to be married someday.  Fortunately Lissqui had a father that admired and fed his daughter’s inquisitive tenacity.

Dashurai had to learn most of what he would have to know on the fly.  Wherever he could listen in or around meetings the slave master had him there for protection.  He knew Cleavur and Lissqui could bring the book smarts to him, but that’s only part of what he needed.  To prepare for the life he had to create not just for himself, but for slaves coming behind him he had to be wise in the ways of survival.  He had to control himself.  Emotions like anger or weakness were mankillers.  He had to make his way somehow.  The funny thing about what he was about to do was that he was about to do it with two young white folk.  Go figure he would chuckle to himself.).

Lissqui:  Well is he an asset or an enemy?

Cleavur:  Vaterborne?  Lissqui, everybody starts out in the adversarial column.  Listen, we’re just branching out or making a way for ourselves.  Nothing can be set in stone right now.  Matter of fact, I’d say we have months and years of our own development not to mention making a name for ourselves.

Lissqui:  Got it.  Nobody is who they say they are until we render a judgment.  Are you ready to go and are we riding with Mr. Vaterborne?

Cleavur:  Yes we are and Dashurai is a hired hand.  He is on security which includes animal feeding and care. 

Lissqui:  Our money?

Cleavur:  It is being moved to the most secure bank in the territories right now.

Lissqui:  Okay so it stays with father then?

Cleavur:  They just had a panic in the banking system sister.  Please don’t start trusting in a system that frankly is as young and naïve as we were about the world peering out from under the dress of our mother.

Lissqui: (Laughing again at her brother’s analogy).  Keep it coming brother.  So we’ve got to depend on ourselves.  Nobody has a lock on how things should be done and thinking that way would only stall this trip into the wilderness.

Cleavur:  Now I’m not saying we’ll have to invent the wheel again, but we’ll probably have to invent the gears to keep it moving in any direction.  I’m not saying we’re starting out blind, but I’m not setting myself up to believe that there are people along this trip we’re about to take that has everything in place we need to be successful either.

Lissqui:  That’s what I wanted to know.  We’re not kids running to the man selling treats from town to town because we heard his horn.  This is serious business and all three of us better resign ourselves to that fact right now.

Cleavur:  This is what we’ll do with the money.  Most of it will stay with father.  You secure some and I’ll secure some.  We’ll let Dashurai hold a portion just for the unexpected that may happen and add to it as we barter and trade along the trail.

Lissqui:  Keep our wits about ourselves.  Right now let’s wait until we can discuss what we’ve learned when the time is right.  It may not be for several days at a time sometimes you know.

Cleavur:  I already realized that.  We’ll have to eat together at meal times and breaks along the way when the horses are made to rest.  Repairs are done if any.  Are you ready to shoot your rifle when we run into trouble?

Lissqui:  Boy, you’re so sure of a lot of hardships are going to meet us along the way.

Cleavur:  Just putting you in the right mind sister let’s not forget this is still a young country with the natives still pissed off at us.  Dashurai may be able to slip pass them day or night, but our pale faces better be able to see in the dark.

Lissqui:  I think a ‘strap’ would hold more things on my body under my dress.

Cleavur:  Well let’s get you strapped.  Probably something leather that could loop through some holes in your dress shash.

Lissqui:  Right.  See there you go.  Everything hasn’t been invented yet.  Things that would come in handy right now we must invent on the fly.  I’ll keep a written record for sure.  I’ll add to it what I think would make the going a little easier.

Cleavur:  Then if that’s all let’s grab our baggage and get onboard.

Lissqui:  The three of us.  My my we’re on our way.  All the steps we’ve taken to get to this day.  It seems too easy to leave our home.

Cleavur:  Lissqui, I told you before.  I love our father and mother, but that home belongs to them.  We were renting space there.  Remember your spirituality now.  We got to establish our own home physically in a difference place.  Doesn’t mean we can’t go back to our ‘childhood’ home, but keep it in the proper place of order.

Lissqui:  I know.  I learned so much there. (She sees her brother about to speak again and she cuts him off before he opens his mouth.).  I am keeping it proper.  I will always pay homage to where I came from and that is final.  What wagon are we in and is it in the middle or the rear end?

Cleavur:  Neither of those places sister.  We’re up front.  This I’ve got to see coming.

Lissqui:  So everything won’t be explained to us anymore.  Somebody else figuring it out first is no longer a given.  Everything about life we’ve ever learned was seen first by our elders and then passed to us.  No hollered calls sailing upon the air to come to the table to eat anymore. (She looks at Cleavur and waves him off.).  I’m just packing my mind for the journey.  Don’t want to forget anything I need for the road.

Cleavur:  Good because we all agreed to do this. 


(Time is the factor that finishes a purpose.  An idea.  A mandate.  Time is a necessity that is bemoaned as a requirement because it is essential for anything worthwhile to become reality.  Our three travelers are away from the only depiction of life they have ever known.  Now they will have to decide for themselves what kind of life they wish to create for in the years to come.  If they are told the only way they can live is a certain way, they will resist it with possessions that cannot be compared to weapons.  

Strength is not beholden to a restrictive caste system reserved for those with wealth and means.  Strength of mind builds your life before you ever walk into it.  Dashurai, Cleavur, and Lissqui will have to prove that ‘declarative’ true. 

Time is earned because it is not in abundance at the start of anything worth doing.  Once they earn more time will they wield it to their advantage for more of it?  The way is known.  Time makes or breaks success.  Respect time and it will give you more.  Everything they ever heard or ever believed they now will prove them true or false.  More importantly though, they now possess the power to make a life for themselves.  Good or bad.  Prosperous or lean.  The one thing that they have going for them. 

A three-fold cord is not quickly broken.).


America Must Suffer Her Penance

I’ve a different take on President Biden’s and President Trump’s document cases.  President Obama’s Administration was run like a fortress heading off and anticipating any mistakes involving sensitive topics like classification of acquired secrets.  Of course no administration is perfect, but President Biden’s classified documents seems all too convenient to be human error.  I believe President Biden is sullying a bit of his 60 plus years of dedicated service, and willfully allowing a chink in his reputation in order to restore the full dignity and might of the office of the Presidency of the United States.  This is why I say this.

I’m an old school guy.  As a Black man I’ve lived through injustices committed against my people.  I’ve been discriminated against and denied opportunities, but what I’ve known below the Heavens there was a chance things could change.  The office of the President of the United States has a history by no means perfect morally, but the Presidency has brought about great change in America to save America from itself!  Presidents have supported voting rights.  Presidents have integrated Americas’ armed forces.  Presidents have spoken to other nations to tear down walls.  Presidents have received cries for help from oppressed people of freedom loving nations and answered, ‘We will help you’.  That’s what I want restored to the Presidency!

America has erred.  America elected a most vile, morally bankrupt, racist misogynistic man in Donald Trump to hold that office.  The times are no more where the fastest you could get letter mail was 20 or more days.  Everything is done out in the open.  Technology is such all is known in an instant.  Americans looked at Donald Trump and accepted all his evil ways.  Did all of us really believe the Presidency would remain that powerful office with that revered history? 

I know there are millions of Americans longing for the nostalgia (including me) of the United States President.  How the President just by speaking would silence financial earthquakes.  America wants her President back to the prestige it held.  This document fiasco is a set up to make a lot of noise to cancel both President Trump’s and President Biden’s situations out.  I am going to say this very clearly.  President Trump was my President as well even though I never voted for him.  If I have to take ‘egg’ on my face to see President Trump go scott free then so be it. 

President Biden is giving America back her Presidency.  Now any fool out there can say all the dumbassity crap they want about President Biden’s vast achievements in just 2 years in the office.  Scream about his accomplishments as nothing until you lose your voice.  I respect the Hell out of President Biden for what he’s doing if my hypothesis is correct.  He can take the heat, but I got his back as we all should. 

America has to accept responsibility for putting a man like Donald Trump in the chair of the greatest seat of power ever known to civilized world.  The office of the President of the United States should never again allow carnival barkers, liars, buffoons and hateful idiots a chance at that power.  The Presidency in my opinion was created to tell the evil among us that they don’t have a voice.  There isn’t a level of evil that can be tolerated to have peace in the land.  Are you crazy?!  Read Revelation 12:9 when God caste out Satan.  There isn’t a middle ground agreement where good and evil can leave each other be.  One or the other has to go period!

A President cannot play footsie like that.  All the times when the United States compromised her unifying principles in the name of reconciliation was a gross mistake.  For example, losing the Civil War shouldn’t have put the South in a stronger position.  That’s crazy.  As I’ve said before in pronouncements on this site that only a complete lunatic would think enslaving people could go on forever.  We did this to ourselves.  Opened the airways to every person that is full of mischief to get airtime over every media outlet because they do it to stir up shit.  We know there are stupid people in America up to no good.  Just because they now have a focal point in former President Trump still doesn’t elevate any of them to any reputable status we should care about.

It’s not all on President Biden to try to restore the office of the Presidency of the United States to the glory it held.  The penance needs to be a blot on all our names at the last when we’re judged.  We are all responsible for the foolishness engulfing America now.  It’s time we understand that the leaders we choose bring to us the country we deserve.  Accept the penance America and get us back to doing everything in decency and in order.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley



Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time

Season 2:  Episode 13:  The True Cost of Time?


(Who makes that determination?  What value is assigned to goods and services that are marketed to potential customers?  What is the actual price?  I submit that calculation isn’t the true cost of what we possess whether it is alive or inanimate.  There is a greater consideration that is to be made to a family, community, state or nation as a whole.  Does the cost of any item for sale promote the welfare of the family, the community, state or nation as a whole. 

We will now continue to explain the big picture for those that believed in the continued bondage of people in America.  That slavery could generate value for the welfare of the family, the community, the state or the nation as a whole.  That millions of slaves under the authority of their slave owners benefited the United States then and into the future.  The simple answer is no it didn’t benefit America then and would have been destructive on a massive scale if it had been allowed to continue.

How?  Well setting aside the intelligence level of a typical slave owner’s ability to see the big picture let’s focus on three areas that would be of concern to every human being.  Their health along with their education and their responsibility to be a contributing member of society.  Ask yourself, would you really want slave owners that couldn’t add 2 + 2 to come up with the right answer putting all of us at risk for terrible diseases?  Do you really think a city, state or nation could survive without revenue from every citizen’s workday?

Here in this episode we will explore mindsets and reach conclusions as to why a continued system of slavery would’ve shattered the very concept of what the word ‘society’ really meant.).

Mother Sayer:  (Mother is going over applications of many promising candidates on her various creative teams.  She is excited for all of them and what they may accomplish.).  We have some good candidates to bolster our teams.  I know a piece of paper isn’t a true picture of a person, but I’m excited nonetheless to do true honor to all of them walking through our doors.

Sarah W. Certainty:  We will certainly find out one way or another that’s for sure.  I’m especially buoyed by the fact there are more women than men in our ‘IGBO LANDING’ room.

Mother Sayer:  The room is named rightly for all the suffering and the redemption that humanity is capable of achieving.  It would be an injustice to singularly focus on financial success while ignoring the history of cruelty this country has eagerly inflicted on enslaved human beings.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes Mother it is that willingness to show respect for those Black people that have had their voices silenced.  I have always been an inquisitive girl quick to stop and hear the stories that seemed to me were purposefully omitted from the history books.  You know me, my mother and father are Italians.  Saying they lived a bland run of the mill ‘anything of a life’ would be close to blasphemous.

Mother Sayer:  How fortunate you were to have that.  Mr. Sayer, my Father raised me the same way.  He knew enough to expose me to the history of our people.  The kind of history that you have to do a little research to discover.  Things that give a clearer picture of what actually happened in the formative years of America.  Things that offer an understanding as to why the South couldn’t visualize that the institution of slavery was righteously unsustainable.

Sarah W. Certainty:  The cost in terms of how it began to lose its shiny new object status on the world stage?

Mother Sayer:  The cost to the beliefs of ‘soft’ Christians in Europe because many countries there had started to sour on the merits of slavery.

Sarah W. Certainty:  The fall of the house of slavery was inevitable?

Mother Sayer:  Yes, but there are always those that will seek to prolong evil in any of its manifestations in this country.  The South during the Civil War knew they were wrong to fight to keep the legacy of atrocities alive in the institution of slavery.  How do I know this?  I see it in the idiotic retooling of history about the Civil War by today’s supporters to call it a fight for States rights.

Sarah W. Certainty:  It is a State right to steal from a human being.  It is a State right to steal from a local community.  It is a State right to steal from a city council.  A parish.  It is a State right to deprive the Federal government of citizens to defend the United States of America.

Mother Sayer:  Are you trying to take my job from me Sarah?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Ha ha.  Not at all Mother.  I’m just being who you expect me to be.  A reasonable person would conclude that any society needs a tax base along with a good idea of who is alive or dead for purposes of maintaining a country secure from enemy threats.

Mother Sayer:  You are right about that.  The soldier in me would question any society not being allowed to know exactly how healthy it is in a variety of areas.  As you mentioned to defend a nation from attack if ever one comes.  The necessity of having citizens that contribute to a nations’ well-being is ‘self-evident’. 

——————1st Interlude——————-

(At that moment the door to her office suite opens and the Arc Angel strides over to Mother and holds out the challis.  The challis for the Council Session will begin.  The ritual Mother has created is a homage to the quilt makers of old.  It is more visual.  A quilt, although its’ intent is to keep those underneath it warm; the thickness of the fabric itself has several meanings.  Whether prosperity was abundant and spreading within the ARC.  It also is representative of the timeline that will tell different pieces of the historical record of the ARC Incorporated.).

Mother Sayer:  (Mother enters the door to the special chamber she long ago established for her counseling sessions.).  I have come in response to your summons.  (Mother gives the challis to D. D. O. per the ritual because she does not speak.  The challis will be sown into the quilt at the conclusion of this session.).

Frank Inquisitor:  What do we need to talk about?  Oh, I know.  Why do you think it is in your authority to rock the boat of American history?  Is it not enough that some of America’s history stays adrift in the eye of a storm?

Mother Sayer:  The love affair some descendants of the losers of the Civil War I’m sure is what you’re getting at right?

Frank Inquisitor:  Isn’t it enough that they are the subject of scorn and disgust?  Why give them the very air for their lungs at the same time America is trying to stop their breathing?

Mother Sayer:  Ignoring them is solution?  I don’t believe that.  As a matter of fact ignoring these ‘tares’ these Confederate losers is how they were able to spring up next to the ‘wheat’.

Arc Angel:  How do you know that?  What information do you possess that slavery was a flawed institution that should be abolished?

Mother Sayer:  Good you asked.  Let me try to put my explanation into as many small words as possible.  During the great World Wars there was much debate amongst White people if Blacks should be enlisted to grow the ranks of the able bodied to fight.  They were allowed to serve and performed magnificently everywhere they were assigned.

Arc Angel:  You lost me Mother.  How is serving America in a war relevant to the fact that slavery came to be scorned by half the country?

Mother Sayer:  Okay jumping to the end because you’re not intelligent enough to follow.  Eliminate every Black soldier from World Wars I and II and the outcome may or may not be a victory for the allies.  Wait.  Contemplate this.  What if America needed the efforts of all people of adult age able to fight?  What if America had to ask every hillbilly 2nd grade educated farmer for permission to use their slaves to save the country?  The world for that matter.  How would that work?

Frank Inquisitor:  America as a nation would enter into hundreds if not thousands of agreements for the use of those slaves.  Problem solved.

Mother Sayer:  What if there weren’t any birth, health or property records of how those slaves came to be in the possession of each slave owner?  What if none of the slaves the nation needed to be say 50 percent ready for the training they must endure?

Frank Inquisitor:  The nation would have to educate, medicate and train them to the standard they needed for the war effort.

Mother Sayer:  What if America didn’t have that kind of time to set aside to train thousands if not millions of illiterate people?  What solution could you draw up to solve that conundrum?

Arc Angel:  That’s not what happened Mother.

Mother Sayer:  You asked why was slavery put on the chopping block of ‘discardable’ portions.

Arc Angel:  I’m still waiting for the point.

Mother Sayer:  Here’s everything I know about why slavery had to go.  American law did not supersede property law.  If the nation had to take land per se it had to seize it through eminent domain while human beings were considered personal property the nation had no right to come into a home to take the homeowner’s possessions.

Arc Angel:  Right the government couldn’t take possessions from citizens without due process.

Mother Sayer:  Imagine now what the government couldn’t gain access to with human beings classified as personal property.  No tax revenues.  No right of the enslaved to be educated.  All the while city, state and Federal resources are being consumed.  No government could locate outbreaks of infectious diseases in time to stop their spread.

Arc Angel:  Got it.  It’s not like the enslaved population would grow beyond the confines of a plantation.

Mother Sayer:  Are you serious?  Do you know the danger inherent into cross breeding of relatives?  No matter if ‘Mass Sa’ is the father of 5 generations down the same slave blood line?

Arc Angel:  That’s disgusting. 

Mother Sayer:  Oh it gets more sickening.  Imagine if open heart surgery went undiscovered.  George Washington Carver many uses of the peanut.  The stop light wasn’t invented.  Do you really believe a country could reach her full potential if millions of her people went uneducated?

Arc Angel:  It would be difficult albeit the slave owners had plans to make all what you mentioned possible.  Maybe the slave owners just needed the government out of their business long enough for them to figure out how to do it.

Mother Sayer:  A slave master thinking about America and the big picture?  That’s laughable.

Frank Inquisitor:  Maybe it’s laughable to you, but the South in the Civil War didn’t need to think or act on the interest of a united country.  Maybe all they needed to do was mind their own business and fight like hell against anyone trying to make them see there were larger stakes at play.

Mother Sayer:  You’ve made my point for me Inquisitor.  I was wondering when you would stop and be critical of selfish motivations.

Frank Inquisitor:  So what America would exist as a society above many sub-societies.  Stupidity, diseases, plundering of resources, an unreachable tax base, no uniform identification of anybody.  No united effort to fend off or deter enemies from attacking the nation.  So what the South wanted to do their own ‘thang’.  All those issues could be the burden of the North while the South would enjoy ‘States rights’.

Mother Sayer:  Obviously the North wasn’t going to let that happen.  Maybe the North didn’t explain it in terms of ‘big picture’, but there had to be some of the leaders in the North that understood that the alternative was untenable long term.

Frank Inquisitor:  That’s why you stressed diversity within the ranks right from the outset?

Mother Sayer:  How in the hell can anyone operate in the dark successfully?  How do you make such a process work?  Don’t know anything about some of the people working at your company, but they suppose to help the company grow and prosper.  No clue to their skills and abilities and even if they are healthy enough to be around you.

Arc Angel:  Relax we thought we’d trip you up.  Make you begin to doubt your own philosophy.  Turn your certainty into hesitation.  Slavery and all the manifestations of it was never a long term economic strategy.

Mother Sayer:  Slavery was always a mortal masquerading as an immortal. 

Arc Angel:  By that I’m sure you meant ‘its’ legs would give out long before it seen the finish line through a collapsed visual spectrum in the distance’.

Frank Inquisitor:  Until our next session Mother.  We are in recess.

———————-2nd Interlude———————

(Mother feels it not just in her head and her heart.  She feels it like a coating of unknown fabric.  A fabric that brings the comfort and cooling sensation of increased awareness.  This fabric slowly spread upon her over time.  Mother thinks the closest analogy she could use to explain her new understanding is the skills of a big game hunter.  That cunningly adept hunter waits for the prey to enter the hunters’ trap.  The prey just strolling along down a familiar path.  The predator positioned opposite the direction the wind blows.  The predator, allowing the prey to believe that danger is nowhere to be found.  Death is not even close by.  The predator springing every part of the trap so the prey will be an easy kill.

Maybe a startle, a sudden rustle in the bushes, or a flicker of dust carried by the wind falling over the prey would get it moving in the direction of the kill.  This choreography must untwirl like a symphony orchestra that cues each instrument to join at a specific point along the audio waves.  Pushing the prey to act, but not so erratically that it avoids the predators trap.  Ah, Mother thinks she has qualified for the course, but achieving a grade of excellence is but a wish for now.

It is a key difference for those unlearned in the ways of life as to why some may say can you not teach it in a classroom environment.  Skills aren’t taught in classrooms.  For instance, say the subject is rifle marksmanship.  While the course material is identical for each student; who excels in it stamps that person with abilities written not on paper but in the mind.  That person has the ability to change the knowledge into something else.  Something unique beyond awareness and understanding.  This is the gift of enlightenment.  Many wise people call it such.

Everybody can’t contain, hold or cradle it in their bosom.  They may attempt to grab ‘it’ floating through the air because they see it with more than their eyes, but it is not enough to see it and know that it is there.  Another simple analogy for it is if a person eats something that doesn’t agree with their stomach, and it is spewed up out from the point it came in.  Mastering skills require more that a desire to acquire them.  It comes down to whether you are worthy enough for those skills to find you to be a suitable home.).

—————-Continuing this episode————–

Mother Sayer:  (Mother knows she must now temper her awareness that she has transcended a learning plateau.  A place where many reach a ‘most high’ summit, but fall from grace because they celebrate their success in ways that weaken the ground beneath them.).  Sarah, where were we before today’s counsel session?

Sarah W. Certainty:  I have some thoughts about what moves the Confederacy made against the North that weren’t taken into account when the Civil War started.  (Mother looks at Sarah with an eye to signify continue.).  A prey is aware of the presence of the predator, but the hierarchical nature of the predator makes it more likely than not the prey will yield the contest.

Mother Sayer:  Quite insightful Sarah tell me more.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I’ve watched your mannerisms as well as listening to your words and correct me if I’m wrong I noted a synergy of the two.  (Sarah waits for an answer and she gets a nonverbal one, so she continues).  Is it because time is also an asset that should be properly deployed to enhance the bottom line?

Mother Sayer:  Absolutely yes.  The Army teaches something called ‘implied task’ that is just as essential to combat tactics as making sure your equipment is ready for battle.  It’s like story telling.  A good story draws you into the area where it occurs without you realizing you’re a witness while it unfolds.  The cost of reading it means your imagination receives a benefit.  It grows.  That’s part of the price you pay for reading a book.  Now you’ve added value to your life that can’t be measured.

Sarah W. Certainty:  The North in its haste to reconcile the South into the Union once again capitulated too quickly.  The North wrongly agreed to the conditions the South demanded for reentry into the Union.  The predator in that instance reversed roles. 

Mother Sayer:  Yes.  The North became the prey by desiring so greatly to make the nation whole again it errored.  That’s why we have ‘confusion’ running so rampart in our society in some parts of America.  The Daughters of the Confederacy?  Really?  How about ‘The Daughters of the Third Reich’.  Doesn’t’ sound good at all right?

Sarah W. Certainty:  It would never have been allowed and will never be.  The true cost I’m beginning to see the United States is still paying for the Civil War.

Mother Sayer:  This life piles up so much wasted time.

Sarah W. Certainty:  How so?

Mother Sayer:  America is a patient with bipolar disorder.  It’s like any human being ignoring their problems day after day week after week and so on.  When the problems ‘the pile’ get so high and spreads too wide in their path they wonder why’s that pile in my way?  The ‘pile’ is the problems you’ve been ignoring fool!  Problems don’t go away if you ignore them.  They just ‘pile’ up.

Sarah W. Certainty: (Sarah laughs as she visualizes Mothers’ analogy.).  From Federal to State to Local Governments there are enough good people that know if positive control isn’t maintained this effort would go to shit.  Luckily there are good people covering just enough of the right areas that the country doesn’t display to the rest of the world that it’s manic.

Mother Sayer:  Yeah to the untrained or naïve amongst us they can see an elected official darting about from place to place spouting incoherent gibberish and say they’re doing a good job for their citizens.  We called it busy work in the Army.  Work that’s necessary but untimely they fail to consider more pressing matters need their attention.

Sarah W. Certainty:  The ARC stays afloat but listening to your expressed thoughts I sense that you’re frustrated that more aren’t being brought forward.

Mother Sayer:  You are right Sarah.  My sweet Sarah I couldn’t ask for more fortune.  Having a woman as wise as you by my side.  I just believe there are areas of the ARC that aren’t creative enough.  Restraint seems to be coursing through the halls here.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Okay.  Let’s take a look at Plans and Management.  Also let’s look at CREATOR ROTATE.  I understand you got that idea from General Tholodious.  He mentioned something about a creator on his team that thought things up on his feet to contend with any known or perceived unknown variable in any given situation.

Mother Sayer:  Tholodious was extraordinary.  I still have some getting used to calling him by his first name instead of his rank.  His women and men were impressive.  I want you to understand and put emphasis on the word ‘impressive’.  I revisit those memories from time to time just to glean more ways and means to handle adversity.

Sarah W. Certainty:  You told me he got an earful about Black people and Jewish people working together for thousands of years. 

Mother Sayer:  Yes.  I reminded him that King Solomon was Black or of mixed blood as King David was his father.  King Solomon ruled Israel.  The wisest man who ever lived according to the Holy Bible.

Sarah W. Certainty:  That part of the heritage of Black people is why you make sound judgments and decisions.

Mother Sayer:  More than that it is getting back to the ancient meanings of ‘meditation’.  Meditation in the purest form means to alter, to bring about the person that is capable of understanding.  It means to bring forth the state of a person he or she is intended to present to themselves and the world.

Sarah W. Certainty:  The concern you have is that there aren’t enough people striving for greater achievements at the ARC to bring those ‘trials’ that could bring about an altered humanity for the better.

Mother Sayer: (This child Mother has to give special recognition to.  Her Mother raised this girl with fiery wisdom.  Mother silently thanks God that she resisted those human impulses of resistance to assistance if she had not she would not be counseled by such a force of a woman.). I am frustrated I don’t have more people bringing their fire and tenacity to my halls daily.

—————-Continuing this episode————–

(Mother somehow senses that the ARC Council wants another go at it today.  She goes to the floor just to ascertain what if anything that wasn’t covered in the session today.  Then it happens albeit a little late in her estimation.).

Frank Inquisitor:  We do have something we want to run by you.

Mother Sayer:  Okay what is it?

Frank Inquisitor:  The problem with spam calls it takes away the users’ ability to have their service available on their terms. 

Arc Angel:  This problem shouldn’t be hard to solve.  We need just a quick once over only your skills can give and we’ll go from there.

Mother Sayer:  Okay I’ll have to give it some though.  A few days and I’ll have some ideas for you.

Arc Angel:  Not trying to rush you, but I just told you I need some answers right now as the project’s been held up long enough.

Mother Sayer:  Excuse me?  So you want some ideas off the top of my head?

Frank Inquisitor:  We’re asking for some ideas before you leave this room.  Can you give us something right now?

Mother Sayer:  The table where you daily grab your plate.  The plate you want me to fill belongs to me.  The plate I load with insight or good ‘food’ which by the way you’re still eating from with your fingers void of any traditional blessings by the way.  Stop for a moment and wonder why that’s the case?

Arc Angel:  Are you upset?  If you are we didn’t mean to make it sound like a demand.  We are trying to do the one thing which I’m sure you’re about to say to us.

Mother Sayer:  What’s that?

Arc Angel:  Start forging for your own food.  Isn’t that what you mean.  The disdain is in your voice.

Mother Sayer:  Am I disappointed that the level of creativity has not risen at the ARC in the last few weeks and months?  Yes I am.  The blame game I never learned to play.  My father Mr. Ableman Sayer didn’t dumb down his daughter.  I thought every system every procedure every protocol I instilled signaled that independent thought was the most valuable skill needed to work here.

Frank Inquisitor:  We got that, but getting stuck does happen.  We wouldn’t have come to you if we knew we’d get the third degree.

Mother Sayer:  I should treat you with kid gloves is that it?  Maybe I should just feel some sort of superiority over you because you can’t do it without me is that it?  Are you machines that need to be loaded by external assistance?

Arc Angel:  Figure it out ourselves or wait until you give us an answer?  Is that it?

Mother Sayer:  That’s right!  Now we’re getting somewhere.  I’m going to talk now.  You just listen.  Self-discovery isn’t, it doesn’t just cover the human body.  Believe that the mind extends beyond your flesh.  That’s why my father put it on me growing up.  He honestly didn’t care if I could handle all the stimulus he kept pushing my way.  The awkwardness of scolding family even where business entanglements were present.

Speaking up when everyone around you knows there is a better way, but they keep silent in order to not anger the boss.  Solutions don’t necessarily run on a timetable so be prepared to sort them out.  Be ready with answers because you’ve studied.  Lean into your education your wisdom and your instincts when all else fails.

Frank Inquisitor:  Such glowing words.  Words of enlightenment which unfortunately do not apply to everyone.

Mother Sayer:  Are you sure about that or is that what you were taught to believe?

Arc Angel:  I don’t need to try to pass through this life unnoticed.  Unnoticed to the point where my progress and achievements are not impeded by stupid motherfuckers scared of the power of my intelligence.

Frank Inquisitor:  As a Black man underneath this shroud speaking truthfully.  It gives me a certain freedom that allows my inner strength to flow with awesome force manifesting the success I always knew I could achieve.  When I take it off I am engulfed, bombarded again in the conflict which target many forms of hatred towards me.  This hatred I didn’t trigger.  It was not of my own creation.  It was born out of slavery, and it is still practiced by many white people in this country.

Mother Sayer: (Suddenly Mother feels the upswell of a favorite gospel hymn.  ‘I’ll take you take’.  ‘I know a place ya’ll.  Ain’t nobody crying no no.  Ain’t nobody worried.  Ain’t no smillin faces.  Ly’in to the ray’ces.’).  My ARC Council.  This is a day I’ve longingly asked to come.  Spiritually I’ve always known I would be successful in business, but business achievement is nothing compared to human growth. 

Let me ask a question and any one of you may answer me.  Would you believe me when I say my father wasn’t concerned if I met my goal of creating a successful business on my own?

Arc Angel:  What?  Do you want us to sing your praises?  Yes, you’re an outstanding business leader.  The associates at your company enter and leave your halls with more smiles on their faces than anywhere I’ve ever been employed.  Big fucking congratulations!

Frank Inquisitor:  Arc Angel?  Lay off a minute.  Just absorb what Mother is confessing.  Your words should tell it all.  Where would you go and cuss out the boss and still have a job?  Where?

Mother Sayer:  Nowhere and thanks for pointing that out.  That’s not the point Frank.  I want people to thrive here and long for independence at their own shop.  Hardly anyone is taking advantage of the ‘SEED’ program I’ve installed for those that want to achieve what I’ve achieved.  PROCREATION!

Arc Angel:  A legacy?  C’mon Mother, just be selfish like all those other rich people.  That’s not what you want?  Being lauded by the ‘media outlets’ for your wealth isn’t your ‘Holy Grail’?

Mother Sayer:  I believe this day has been fruitful.  Until our next encounter.


(Asking for a seat at the table?  The table of what?  Mother picked up on her lessons quickly as her Father rolled them out with breathtaking speed so by their landing in cascade succession she could collapse time frames.  This served to strengthen her mental agility.  Petitioning for an invitation to a gathering where even the ones that now own the table don’t even know how it is furnished just sounds trifling to Mother.

Mother was drilled a long time ago long before the United States Army instilled in her that repetition brings about completion.  Her Father never locked her mind on a dream that a job is the best representation of all the power inside her.  That’s the best gratitude she can show to her maker that this is all she could achieve.  It starts with the training of the mind.  The Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible.  Proverbs 22:6…’Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it’.

What do you fear?  Being out of a job?  Being scolded for creativity?  Somebody give an ‘Amen’ or I’m going to say something I will regret.  I’m telling everybody it is time for the ‘EXPANSION’ to come. 

If you are viewing ‘OFF LIMITS SIGNS’ that nobody but you placed in from of you I need you to take them down.  Mother Sayer knows there are enough obstacles erected without you putting ones up yourself.  Mother also knows she won’t be able to do anything about the ‘news media’ celebrating billionaires, so she will establish an ‘underappreciated floor’ at The ARC.  This isn’t a place where her associates will go to get a ‘good job pat on the back’.

It will be known as the floor that makes everything else ‘POSSIBLE’.  The true cost of time is ‘lost time’.  Everything America needs to solve every problem imaginable is already in the ‘realm of ideas’.  Recycling shouldn’t have limitations.  Somebody else couldn’t be creative enough and decided for everybody else that’s all that was possible. 

I challenge all Americans.  If you have ideas inside you without limits please hold onto them.  Keep that hand of yours that mind of yours holding on to that idea for dear life.  We ‘all’ need you to.  Don’t look at what’s already here.  Look at what’s not here and ask can I go pull it into the realm of possible.  Mother Sayer is ready to help you.

Mother thinks that second session although short better be sown into the ARC quilt.  The record must be complete.).

This latest episode of Season II of Mother S. Sayer The ARC of Time is written by:  Victor E. Moseley

I trust it has been entertaining.  Season III is coming soon.



Give Me That Ole Time What?

Declaration of Humanity 4.0…This founding statement is different.  This one is being written in clarification of an ongoing threat of fear that ‘evil’ seems to offer more rewards than ‘good’ ever will, and more overtly the verbal Christians are flocking more openly to evils’ promise of fortune.  While this trend is alarming I must counter with this fact.  Evil has never gone out of season in America.  Good is more than a match for evil, but the righteousness of good can only be activated from a straight line.  What is that straight line you ask?  It is the center of every human beings’ known universe.  If it is straight it is a ‘Heartline’.  A heartline from the heart to the soul because when our heart stops our deeds will be called into account.  The ‘JUDGE’ will know what you did and not what you meant to do…

ISSUE 7:  Ascension Protocols are now in Effect

Tell me something.  When did the polarities reverse when describing the traits of good and evil?  Honestly it is difficult at times to counter all the stupidity that the big media conglomerates produce at a rapid pace.  Like the last minute bulletins ‘out of whole cloth’ (using their words) that independents and women were breaking towards the Republicans 2 or 3 days before election day.  Oh, this is a better one.  That President Biden laying out the stakes that ‘Democracy’ itself was on the ballot was a losing strategy.  One more for good measure and it’s so good.  A ‘red wave’ is coming to sweep the Democrats out of power! 

Weren’t all those pronouncements lies?  What was truthful about them if you strongly disagree?  I am thankful that my wife and I have deep, thoughtful and consequential discussions about any topic.  Right and wrong is often fraught with opinions and distortions which includes the time and place these crucial lessons are taught.  Like this scenario.  Cleaning up behind a spouse, children or guests may leave some to react you didn’t give them a chance to clean up their own mess.  What if the only motivation in the mind of the housekeeper is to maintain the home in good standing and quality?

Here’s a more dire example.  What if a young boy sees his father physically harm his mother?  Would it then be excusable for the son who’s now an adult to physically abuse a woman?  Learning to drive from a person who believes traffic laws are a guideline.  Would the police be expected to excuse such a driver because that’s how the driver learned to evaluate and then supersede the law with personal judgment?

‘Why’ is the greatest question in the universe.  It is also necessary for understanding and knowledge to flourish.  My own upbringing was filled with rebellious anger and strong resentment because the punishments I received I wasn’t made aware of what they were for.  If I disrespected my mother I can handle being punished for it.  I couldn’t abide being punished or beaten when I was shown my error and I corrected myself.  Those instances caused a swell of defiance against any and all correction.  Stop right there with me.

Some of the correction was just.  As I got older I ‘scene edited’ large swaths of my childhood.  Why?  Because a lot of the lessons were muddled with cruelty leading me to have a distorted acceptance of my faults and infractions.  Yes, I am a unique individual.  My life has always been an examination of my human experience.  Just living, working, loving, existing and believing in a supreme (deity) purpose is nothing if I don’t understand why I should do all those things.  

That’s where the problem lies for most human beings.  When there aren’t clear and precise lessons outlining what is right and what is wrong; the resulting understanding ultimately ends up in confusion (we know who authors confusion right?).  Oh, no doubt the teacher is critical in these lessons.  Like the examples above it means life and death to the individual if the teacher is severely flawed.  The Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible.  Proverbs 8:14…Counsel is mine, and sound wisdom, I am understanding, I have strength.

I come to understand that a lot of my lessons were taught in cruel and deceitful ways, but the right things were intentionally hidden in the midst of the delivery method.  Furthermore I would caution anyone to ‘not’ be fooled into a rebellious nature against common decency.  The person or person responsible for your misaligned mindset achieved their purpose.  Now their deception must be discovered and rejected if you do not want your legacy to be a notch in their win column.

Yes I believe in America.  America unlike many nations ‘must’ continue to acknowledge the blood on its hands.  Good citizens proved that we will not stand for ‘THE DECEIVERS’ ruling over us.  Right is still right.  Wrong is still wrong.  Like the ‘Good Book’ says, you gotta gird yourself with the right tools.  Wisdom, understanding and counsel can’t be in short supply if you want to fight and defend your body and soul.  That is strength!  Not a political party.  Not an ignorant orange-haired buffoon wanna be demagogue that clearly has a ton of fools falling on their swords for him. 

A citizen is responsible for their country as well as their leaders are.  By the way, the ancient meaning of ‘citizen’ is …’one that is part of the whole, a contributor to the good of all’.  Ascend to the heights where prayers are heard.  Yeah, way above our heads.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley




The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 26:  The Time Has Come

I must share an event that has been a long time coming.  It is personal.  About the growth that comes through the willingness to be vulnerable to life itself.  The disappointments and the triumphs are dotted throughout the timeline of all that exists.  I’ve shared with my loyal readers that have come with me on this journey one event that set me on this path of learning.  It was a question I asked my brothers and sisters when I was a boy around the age of 11 or 12 whether me and my cousin could be boyfriend and girlfriend.  Of course my parents were told and I caught a beatdown from them.  I still needed an answer to my question?

The fact that I couldn’t get one was irrelevant.  That denial of an answer let me know then that all questions needed to be answered no matter the subject matter period.  In order for morality, character, right and wrong, love and loss or any good thing to grow inside a person we need to be told in straightforward terms how life should be lived.  Now my answer when I became an adult to that little boy would’ve been, ‘Victor no you can’t be boyfriend and girlfriend with your cousin and here’s why’.  ‘It is forbidden because you both are related by family and family cannot marry or have intimate relations with one another.’  Yeah, at 11 or 12 I knew where children came from and how.

This next revelation I want to share is that I’ve finally achieved a sense of clarity.  Clarity of character, morality, integrity about what’s right and what’s wrong.  When it happened and where was while I performed my duties in behavioral health.  A young boy did not like being admonished for cursing me out in front of female staff.  He decided that he would become violent and I put a stop to it.  For the first time I didn’t feel my heart racing nor any sense that my actions were not right in the moment.  I did restrain myself from laying hands on him in ways not authorized, but I did let him know his behavior would not be tolerated.

Discussing it with my wife I began to understand fully what God said in this verse of scripture.  The Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible Revelation 3:16…So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spue thee out of my mouth.  Absolutely it is about right or wrong.  It is absolutely about good or evil.  There are only two choices.  There isn’t any compromise in the face of people’s actions that affect other people.  Whether an elected official tries to play a proverbial mealy-mouthed ‘ahh it wasn’t that bad axiom’ that former U.S. Presidents that break the law should be off limits; that formal official should be disgraced. 

We know all human beings have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but when you commit crimes that affect more than just yourself then you have to answer for them.  I applaud the normal discharge of their duties any official that simply does what they are supposed to do.  There shouldn’t be a ticker-tape parade for holding someone accountable.  No pat on the back should be forthwith.  If any person commits a crime with foreknowledge of its detrimental effects on a society, then that person must be made to answer for it.

This is my belief and why I do what I do.  Like the United States Army taught me if you allow standards to be degraded then you have set a new standard.  Everyone better believe there will always be the worst kinds of people elected to office because the good people become complacent.  Society is akin to fragility.  Why?  Because if the rules aren’t followed then sooner or later the ‘society’ becomes unrecognizable. 

If you know right from wrong when it comes to the body politic, then say so.  It doesn’t mean I have the right to inject my personal beliefs onto everyone else.  Again I believe that’s why all those ‘WHITE MEN’ founding fathers of America on purpose left ‘RELIGION’ out of the adjudication of things pertaining to the laws of the land.  Laws are for everyone.  Leave your Bible thumping hypocrisy on the steps of your door.

Time will come for all of us regardless of whether we stop to acknowledge that ultimate truth.  There are only two choices in life.  Pick one.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley





There are women and men bestowed with the gift to answer the ultimate question. That question is ‘WHY’. They are charged with rendering an answer that can be understood by the most contrary element of our society. Those that foment, spread and traffic in hate. Our Brothers are in need of guidance and this journal will bring forth a multitude of remedies to address the male illness of unawareness. The answer to the ultimate unknowns of behavior and responsibility.

Those of us given this perception and understanding to interpret the unknown and apply the information to the known is the essence of our charge. Thereafter decode the messages for the people who oppose themselves. This decryption is then presented to the people as the explanation of events past, present and future so they may keep updated to the frenetic changes occurring today and those that will arrive soon.

Brothers, this journal is a call to all of you to obtain the knowledge that you lack in every part of your lives. As sons. As brothers. As fathers. As grandfathers. As uncles. As cousins. Ignorance will no longer be tolerated, encouraged or celebrated. As the ‘First Father’ has said in his Holy Bible “let everything be done decently and in order”. Honor and truth will not be perverted anymore. Why? Because as a Black Man I will impart all I have learned and gathered for over 56 years of life in America and around the world to the young coming behind me and my elders above me. Why? Things that now appear as they do will begin to appear as they should be according to what is right? Help me see to it as this mandate has been divinely ordered.

Issue 8:  The Spirit of Truth!

All the news the last few days around ‘suicide’ being front and center requires that the record be set straight.  Mr. Stephen Laurel ‘tWitch’ Boss died by suicide which in itself should be left as is, but the reason I’m writing this post is how he is described as being ‘inspirational’ ‘a light’ and bringing ‘joy’.  This cannot be reconciled or squared with the way he chose to end his life.  As tragic as suicide is to the memory of the person’s name; it is more tragic and mentally destructive to the family he leaves behind.

The Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible 1 John 4:6…We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us.  Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.  Mr. Stephen did something that will affect his family for the rest of their lives.  It is alright for them to mourn, but it doesn’t eliminate the power of the act he committed and the everlasting effects it has bought upon them.  The rest of us being society at large and those he worked with cannot reduce the weight of that truth in any meaningful way.  Trust me as I work in mental health and speaking of what happened in truth is the only way to place it properly in the timeline of their lives.

The Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible Ecclesiastes 10:1…Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour: so doth a little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom and honour.  Every act we do on this planet is a record kept under our name.  We can decide what we will be remembered for whether it is good or evil.  Disputed or undisputed.  Selfish or unselfish.  Uncharacteristic or spot on about our behavior.  Our name is all we have at the end of day.  God doesn’t want us to lose out on a lifetime of truth, honor or decency with an act judged as misguided.  God wants us to have the legacy of our choosing.

Do us all a favor and stop saying things like he or she lights up a room.  Brings down the house with joy for all.  The words this person used are great words of inspiration.  They are, but are they appropriate to describe a life so unceremoniously ended by their own hand?  My focus is on those that shared the love of the life that ended unnaturally.  Children do not yet possess the depth of understanding or even the slightest ability to overcome the finality of life.  Do not create a facade around what happened for them.  The truth is ‘ALWAYS’ better than a fantastical ‘LIE’.

In mental health we know by years of schooling aligned with years of training in observation that what’s below the surface is what we need to see.  Eagles train their young to fly which is great, but the greatest skill they pass on is the skill to see below the surface of the water.  Watch a video of an eagle swooping down to snatch a fish out of the water and tell me that’s not impressive as ‘F’!  Why?  Look at the act closely as the eagle contorts, adjusts wing span, waits to fully extend the claws, and lastly grabs the fish from the water.

What if one day the children that are left behind say they are going to live with the parent that committed suicide?  Everybody lauding praise on my parent why won’t they say the same thing about me if I kill myself?  Make it clear that what the parent did was wrong.  It is okay to say just that!  Listen to me.  All those that are capable of love listen to me now.  If you want to save the ones you love including yourself, learn certain skills or get your people to a professional right away. 

I’d rather hear from the person thinking of committing suicide first hand than listen to false or empty platitudes after the fact from the very people that supposedly knew him the most.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley



Ground Water Sky

Founding Statement:  There comes a precious moment in time that all life drops the ignorance of superiority.  When the ground realizes it needs the water to survive.  The tree realizes it needs the ground to hold it in place.  The air realizes it needs the tree to replenish the oxygen it desperately needs to create the weather patterns that climatizes the Earth.  Responsibilities are intertwined because a living planet depends on every element to function according to its purpose.

Mammals pretend that they’re more sophisticated than any living breathing planet, and thus conclude that liberties can be taken with all three essential elements.  The ignorance of mammals I’m afraid is a contradiction of their celebrated intelligence.  Intelligence that informs mammals they aren’t required to be simple creatures that fulfill their purpose, but creatures that can take actions harmful to the elements that are dedicated to their stated purpose.  Mammals believe such devotion constrains their freedom to live as they please.

This revelation and the antagonistic approach mammals have decided upon against the elements will be simplified in this digital periodical.  All the talk of unity will be broken down into useful parts that will be easy to understand and implement.  Know this my fellow mammals, all forms of life owe it to each other to care for one another.  It’s just that mammals have enjoyed the echo chamber of approval from other mammals because the elements never raised their voice.  We now know for certain the elements do have a voice, and they have registered their collective disapproval of the selfish nature of mammals…

Issue 08:  Self-Awareness?

In the modern era it seems that knowing who and what you are has fallen from the list of character traits.  Losing grip with personal thoughts of importance seems to have been stamped out with the disdain of humility.  For instance, the more I sift through the attainment of power and the altered perception of the gifts it brings; I begin to wonder if so-called modern men and women realize how corrupting the effects of power can be.  Restraint seems unnecessary in comparison to the change that can come about by wielding such enormous power.

Take a seat on the United States Supreme Court and feel the unbridled power one chair holds.  Now feel the euphoria starting in your brain as it begins to make your heart beat faster.  The blood coursing through each vein as if breathing floods oxygen at a rate ordinary citizens could never experience.  I am a U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice and I hold America in the palm of my hands!  My thoughts on religion I will inject into the very Constitution that serves as the blueprint for everything America believes and achieves. 

What do you think that means for America itself?  I shared Issue 7 with a few of the men and women that are my council.  They told me that I needed to go deeper in my explanation of how 6 conservative Associate justices of the U.S. Supreme Court could destroy America.  The advice was spot on as usual.  What if a business owner fasts 1 meal a day?  What if that same business owner requires each customer to do the same?  Will the U.S. Supreme Court rule in his favor?  What if I do not believe in pre-marital sex?  Every customer of my shop must adhere to my religious rule or they are refused service at my lunch counter. 

What if I mandate that all females in my home only wear dresses?  Each woman that enters my business must wear attire I deem fit in line with my religion.  Would the U.S. Supreme Court find that is a religious demand I can force upon every woman I serve?  What if I’m a vegetarian and as a waiter I will not wait on a customer that orders a T-bone steak?  Would the U.S. Supreme Court give me right to say what my customer can eat in a restaurant where I wait tables?  How about pork?  Would the U.S. Supreme Court give me the right to tell my customer I will not serve them pork if they order it?

Me personally I don’t like men with long hair.  I believe it is against my religion.  If I bring a case to the U.S. Supreme Court they would give me the right to force my beliefs on all men?  That’s what I’m talking about when I say there’s a difference between book sense and common sense.  There’s a difference between fleshly wisdom and spiritual wisdom.  Oh right I’ll define the difference.  Spiritual wisdom knows that I shouldn’t be a ‘busybody in other men’s matters’.  Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible 1 Peter 4:15.

As I stated last issue, the founding fathers of America either knew they were extremely flawed or downright evil by not even coming close to installing religion as the ‘barometer to judge matters of law’.  Why then are there 6 conservative U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justices ‘HELL’ bent on using their ‘false ludicrous version of piety’ as the standard we all should follow and live under?

Let me give our U.S. Supreme Court an urgent newsflash.  The time of the ‘COURTS’ is upon us.  Show us that you will fulfill your role in America’s system of ‘CHECKS AND BALANCES’ that keep us all safe.  U.S. Supreme Court justices I only have one other thing to say to you.  If you rule for the legislature of North Carolina wouldn’t you be making yourselves irrelevant? 

I don’t know.  I’m just a guy with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy from the University of Louisville in Kentucky.  What do I know?

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley



Ground Water Sky

Founding Statement:  There comes a precious moment in time that all life drops the ignorance of superiority.  When the ground realizes it needs the water to survive.  The tree realizes it needs the ground to hold it in place.  The air realizes it needs the tree to replenish the oxygen it desperately needs to create the weather patterns that climatizes the Earth.  Responsibilities are intertwined because a living planet depends on every element to function according to its purpose.

Mammals pretend that they’re more sophisticated than any living breathing planet, and thus conclude that liberties can be taken with all three essential elements.  The ignorance of mammals I’m afraid is a contradiction of their celebrated intelligence.  Intelligence that informs mammals they aren’t required to be simple creatures that fulfill their purpose, but creatures that can take actions harmful to the elements that are dedicated to their stated purpose.  Mammals believe such devotion constrains their freedom to live as they please.

This revelation and the antagonistic approach mammals have decided upon against the elements will be simplified in this digital periodical.  All the talk of unity will be broken down into useful parts that will be easy to understand and implement.  Know this my fellow mammals, all forms of life owe it to each other to care for one another.  It’s just that mammals have enjoyed the echo chamber of approval from other mammals because the elements never raised their voice.  We now know for certain the elements do have a voice, and they have registered their collective disapproval of the selfish nature of mammals…

Issue 07:  Damage Assessment

I’ve got to start right out the gate with a thousand plus year old verse from the Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible.  This involves the timely passing of information, the Army calls it communication, that’s needed to win battles, avert disasters and prevent the ruination of plans.  Romans 3:8…And not rather, (as we be slanderously reported, and as some affirm that we say,) Let us do evil, that good may come? whose damnation is just.  Do you know why those that seek to tell us that the Laws of God applies to everyone yet these same folks try to write footnotes to his wisdom?

It’s because they know the application of God’s Laws are uneven (in their fleshly wisdom) from person to person.  The work around they so ingeniously pat themselves on the back for their revelation is to underwrite God’s Laws to selectively apply to some of the sins they feel they themselves have overcome.  In other words, what God forbids man (old white men) must underwrite to punish those that commit such sins.  The United States Supreme Court will underwrite God’s Laws to apply their interpretation to his word.  Why is that an example of the ‘arrogance of ignorance’?  Answer me.

The ’Court’ will legalize a business owner that caters to the entire public her right to discriminate against a fellow citizen because the business owner disagrees with the way the customer lives her private life.  Sounds like Plessy vs. Ferguson to me.  What do I know?  It’s like we (human beings) are ignorant of the past while possessing an ‘arrogance’ of creating a new future that mirrors the injustices of the past.  It makes no dam sense whatsoever!  Now who still wonders why countries with little to no freedom to choose their leaders smirk at our systems of governance?

These authoritarian regimes that brutalize their people have one thing going in their favor.  Is it consistency?  They oppress their people with violence.  American media uplifts the mythological order regarding everything else about their societal issues that comes with oppression.  No?  How about the American media newspaper articles and announcements on their networks about the Republicans gaining more support from women and independents in the waning days of the 2022 elections.  Was it true?

Now the ‘Court’ wants to destroy America itself because ‘White people’ fear not being in power anymore.  Tell me again why authoritarian dictators smirk?  Do you really believe that these leaders don’t listen to their most gifted minds in the mental disciplines?  Dictators just go around making decisions willy nilly?  Really?  They know that evil strikes more fear in their subjects because every human being has flaws.  It’s not because people fear death.  People lead lives of their own choosing, and sometimes life allows you to lower the priority of the things that really matter like love, freedom and political justice.

The U.S. Supreme Court is seated by 9 flawed individuals.  The key factors that dictators and evil regimes count on is their beliefs that they are superior human beings mandated to show the subjects below them how to live.  Even if it means I will impose a religious doctrine upon them that I gave myself in spite of God’s incomplete messaging.  I will do evil so that the American citizenry can have the good.  Right?  At least when the founding fathers of this country wrote the U.S. Constitution they knew they were extremely flawed or downright evil and by that they excluded a religious doctrine from the law.

Now we have so-called religious judges hell bent on imposing their religious beliefs in the name of their God.  Here’s a hint.  Their God is not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Their God is a false God and he goes by the name of Satan.  The founding fathers installed a system of checks and balances.  The U.S. Supreme Court will dismantle that and with it shatter the balance of power in Governance bringing the whole system crashing down.  If a stool stands with three legs how then can it stand with two?

The damage will be enormous!  I don’t see one conservative justice on our U.S. Supreme Court displaying common sense.  Six will decide the fate of us all!  Six imbeciles believing they can underwrite God’s laws.  Six imbeciles attending their so-called churches that spew only fleshly wisdom.  So smart they can’t understand the system they are a part of upholding.  Yeah, the smartest most religious people in America right?  Uh-huh.

James 2:4…are you not then partial in yourselves, and are become judges of evil thoughts?  That’s why the law must apply to everyone equally.  If these U.S. Supreme Court Justices want to impose their religious laws somewhere why don’t they apply it in their homes and judge the rest of us like they should.  Maybe they should fake out their own minds while lauding over themselves in a mirror at home.

That’s why authoritarian dictators keep it simple while democratic governments consider that their decisions must apply to all regardless of their personal beliefs.  Always remember this, governments don’t fall in the dark.  They fall in the daylight.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley




FOUNDING STATEMENT:  It is a noble spirit that wants to protect the innocent.  The righteous spirit knows that is not enough to vanquish the darkness in humanity that feeds the evil forces waiting to engulf us.  Therefore it is the righteous spirit that understands there must be an indomitable will ready to risk harm to stand against evil.  That righteous will present only in the righteous ‘steps off’ the ready line when the need arises no matter the risk.

The everlasting will we call upon to face the dark forces marshaling against America does not rest in the bosom of us all.  Evil will not let America rest from this battle now or at an appointed day far from now.  All Americans have a say, but all Americans do not possess the capability to be leaders.  Truth, honor, devotion to duty, commitment to the principles of human decency aren’t malleable concepts but tenets to live by.

If dark thoughts or dark people easily blot out the light within you, then you have willingly given dominion to the darkness to snuff out your light.  America’s future does not need to be in your hands.  Therefore it is the responsibility of those of righteous spirit ready to lead us at great risk to themselves and their families.  Civilian leaders, civilians and soldiers of this great nation it is your duty to see that America is everlasting.  The innocent are counting on you.

Issue 01:  Answer the Righteous Call

I’ve sought wisdom and knowledge throughout my entire life.  Knowledge that sometimes makes me realize knowing it is difficult.  Answers that would make those unable or less endowed with the formidable reasoning skill of ‘why’ would flee the receipt of that knowledge in terror.  Before I go on, take in a little bit of this chapter of Psalm in the authorized King James version of the Holy Bible. 

Psalm Chapter 1:3-4…And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.  4…The ungodly are not so:  but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away.  This goes to all the people I’ve heard in the American media lately speaking about President Joe Biden in insulting conclusions.  One conclusion is President Biden shouldn’t run for reelection.  My readers please let me tell it.  I know you’re pulling all my prior digital posts together and telling people what I’m about to say.  Just let me tell it.

Being close to a water source means being able to draw from a consistent supply of a life sustaining element the body(tree) needs.  Therefore the farthest extremity of the body(tree) is nourished.  The body(tree) is assured of life going on.  When you feel that the body(tree) doesn’t need a necessary element of life, then the body(tree) will eventually whither and die.  Thus your efforts are unsupported which means nothing survives without the thing it needs.

Now let me clue the young, youth in among us elders.  That wisdom explains to you first that thinking you’re ready for leadership without it’s necessary accessories reeks of folly on your part.  How do you think what needs to happen get done huh?  You think ‘the times’ we live in now has space for you (the young) to learn as you go?  That ‘TREE’ standing by the rivers of waters and waiting on the harvest to bloom in due season did what I ask?  I’m waiting for an answer!

That ‘TREE’ stood close enough to the banks of the river to draw in that life sustaining element.  Therefore it sustained the ground it stood upon.  It drank from the river(knowledge) what it needed which allowed the (leaves)knowledge time to set in place what it needed to be forever strong.  I’m often taken aback when I hear people define what ‘meditate’ means.  Moving on, ‘meditate’ means in its’ ancient instruction ‘to allow that which must be learned time to move within our hearts, to alter the perception of in ways unknown before the heart embarks on a journey of growth and clarity, to emerge visibly changed in mind, spirit and body’.

Young people.  You cannot achieve growth from what you think you need to know.  You must grow from that which is required of you to learn.  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has my admiration because she has demonstrated the ability to wield the responsibilities of the office she possesses.  Quite enormously successfully I’d say!  Has this world gone mad?  President Joe Biden accomplished what few Presidents have since the dawn of America.  This is the man that the ‘media’ asks a trifling question to the stupid in America?  Are we still wondering why the American public is turning on the media?  Are you serious?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden should remain in leadership.  I’m right at 20 years’ the President’s junior.  If President Biden decides to run again he will have my vote again period!  Speaker Pelosi clearly puts her life on the line for America daily.  Only the scumbags among us and the evil politicians that goads them on wish her and her family harm.  These are the people Republicans trample over each other for their votes.

External and internal dark thoughts do not have the ultimate power over the internal light within you.  I hope we all make the right choice and accept the judgment of the ‘everlasting’ if we do not.  Out last us all America.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley




This digital periodical will question the ridiculous nature of those in power constantly trying to convince us they have our best interests at heart.  Thinking the worse about those you govern won’t endear them to you.  Being fawned over by those with paid access is not flattery Senators and Congress members.  Manipulating the haters and the willfully ignorant among the citizenry to trouble people who’ve done them no harm blots your soul.  I have witnessed God’s word in truth as he seeth that everybody’s day will come…

Article 7:  Didn’t See That Coming?  Really?

Let’s explore that ‘Venn Diagram’ before the ‘news media’ narrative is added to the history books as the de facto explanation for what just occurred in the United States midterm elections.  Follow me back to 2016 and the death of U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia.  Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of my state of residence Kentucky decided to hold the seat vacant until the Presidential election of 2016 was decided.  Mitch McConnell’s guy won and a Republican Associate Justice was added to the court.  Those that know me know where I’m going with this, but of course I’ll lay it out for newcomers to my site.

Senator McConnell got his justice and something he entirely didn’t calculate in his foolhardy equation.  The picture of cheaters mocking the process.  Know something, a lot of Americans play to win, but the point McConnell waved off is that Americans love to win within the rules of the game!  Now I don’t have a problem with the Amy Coney Barrett seat because U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died while President Trump still had time on his term. 

Funny how decisions are made by so-called ‘smart’ politicians and none seem to envision all possible outcomes.  Nobody likes a cheater.  Who cares that McConnell stole a U.S. Supreme Court seat?  Apparently a lot of people did.  This resulted in the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.  Popular decision anyone?  I believe this one thing which applies to all situations.  ‘People in power think they are untouchable.  Even if you’re insulated like the U.S. Supreme Court from considering the impact of their rulings.  Voters of America across diverse states sent them a message that what they do with their bodies and pregnancy is not for the Supreme Court to decide’.

‘Spot a cheater hide your water’.  Republicans started actually going after children.  Republicans started believing that lecturing Black people about slavery and the lasting effects of it was right for them to redefine.  Critical Race Theory anyone?  Republicans started attacking the LGBTQ community.  Republicans started sending their buffoons into council, library and college meetings to ban books.  Oh, Republicans vote against raising the minimum wage every chance they get.  Yeah that’s a good look.  First you force women to have children then you artificially keep wages low so they are never able to support them properly.

A Venn Diagram simply shows the relationship among seemingly different things.  An eighth grade American Government class project could’ve foreseen the outcomes of the 2022 midterm elections with all the negative things Republicans believe should be forced upon Americans.  The great Republican Senatorial Leader Mitch McConnell didn’t see that coming?  I find that comforting.  Why?  Because his vaunted ‘win’ is the only motivation in his bag of tricks should make Democrats put up a picture of him on the wall in their national headquarters!  I would.

I got you.  I’ll elaborate.  When a child wants what he or she wants with allowance money most parents just allow it to happen.  Usually after the child buys it other desires inevitably take space in their minds.  Most parents teach their children that needs and wants are two vastly different things.  Wants aren’t judged very deeply because the instant gratification to possess it usually wins out.  Needs though are considered more carefully as this category demands it as scarce  resources must be allocated correctly to address specific situations that enhance life.

Take it to mean what you will as my observation is this.  Those obsessed with the acquisition of power after attaining it always seem to complain the heavy weight of it causes their feet to drag and their shoulders to droop. 

Democrats I am pleased that your political party has the right approach to governing.  Lose the ‘mimic’ stick.  Don’t do the same crap like the Republicans.  Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible Proverbs 3:31…Envy thou not the oppressor, and choose none of his ways.  Knock off the gerrymandering stupidity.  Set up the game fairly for everybody.  Remember Americans don’t like cheaters. 

Didn’t see that coming Republicans?  I know you didn’t.

Let’s pray the Republicans continue avoiding American Government as if it’s an elective.  It is.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley




Preamble:  The Creator’s Diversity

The ones who hold the power tell the story.  The quote went something like that.  Make peace with that truth and let’s move on to how power can wreck a weak mind.  When the King eats from the same soil and drinks from the same pond how then did humankind conclude that denying these basic truths could unify us all?  How the realization of what power brings to those that possess it can influence human beings that are weak of spirit.  When their spirit is enticed to commit acts of evil when those in power that are evil hearted require it of them.  The Creator gifted his diverse creation carefully.  The care he intended has been perverted by one race intent on maintaining their power instead of sharing it as we share the land, water and the air.  America is that experiment.  May I say it has never reached its full potential because she (Motherly pronoun) has never loved all her children.

Issue 10:  The Whirlwind

Do you ever wonder why an assessment of damage is made after the tornado the hurricane has finished?  There is a simple answer.  In the midst of the storm it is in our nature to seek shelter.  Self-preservation is highest in those moments, so as a result the mind is distracted to one thought.  Survival.  I shall restrain myself to the economic portion of destruction caused by natural events, but rest easy and be faithful that I will cover the mental destruction caused by people and trust me I will demonstrate it is as sweeping as a powerful storm.

Our economic times are being addressed in the way they should’ve been addressed by President Carter.  The American economy is going through a first ever economic expansion that every race, color, sex, and creed are participants.  The Federal Government has a woman of color as the number two.  Decisions are now being made at companies that think twice before exploiting  White fear because profits are at risk.  Republicans are ducking and covering when asked about higher wages and you still wonder why?

President Biden came in after the storm of destruction started in 2016 and not only has he repaired some of the damage, but he has hit the aftermath like a freight train.  Americans, are you seriously perplexed as to why unemployment is low.  Wages are now at a base of $15 dollars an hour from $7.25 an hour may I remind you all.  The economy is on the cusp of booming times in spite of supply chains still sputtering along.  Workers are now on the verge of being parallel to employers seeking their services.  Wow!  Still Americans refuse to believe in the greater good for all.  I wonder why?

Life is always easier when you are first in the serving line.  As long as food is on your plate why should you worry if everyone will be fed.  Now the times we’re now in doesn’t register on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale and if it did it would probably be a .0001 event.  High gas prices are the fault of the American consumer.  When Democrats wanted higher miles per gallon (MPG) standards the people, yes you American consumers, didn’t press Republicans to allow it to happen.  If you were getting 50 miles a gallon none of you sluggards would be complaining right now about the price of gasoline.

I know we’re not having this discussion on higher grocery prices!  I’m 56 years old and I still remember the price of a combo back in the late 80’s and 90’s.  It was $5 dollars for a Big Mac combo and it was hot with two slices of cheese.  Stop allowing the media to make fools of you!  I know it doesn’t take a college degree to figure out that the price of goods and services has a direct correlation to the wages of the people that cater to you. 

So duck and cover all you want for a fake storm or false hurricane forecast.  There is no whirlwind!  Now I want to speak to the voters that consider wisely the entire country when they cast their vote.  Not just thinking about themselves, but considering what effect their vote will have on their neighbors.  From the Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible…Isaiah 56:11…Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter.

Inflation is necessary and part of the equation for expansion to happen.  Higher prices are necessary so workers can earn more money.  More participation opens the minds of creative people that have gifts from God to introduce new and good things into the economy.  I was nineteen when AOL was founded.  GPS was started in 1973 by the DOD.  President Eisenhower signed the Interstate Highway Act in 1956.  Satellite internet was started in September 2003.  I could go on and on even though I hope I made my point.

Stop complaining and dry those crocodile tears!  Republicans as you may recall have always worked to sabotage government.  Their hero President Reagan said it himself.  “Government is not the solution to our problem.  Government is the problem”.  Give the Republicans power and you know what they will do.  Blame everybody else.  It’s not so easy anymore to play to White prejudice because people of color have platforms to call it what it is instantly.  The media can’t play the ‘I’m just reporting what I saw and heard’ game anymore.  The media is responsible for the current climate of foolishness alongside all the evil people looking to destroy America.

It must be sad for the media that they can’t glamorize their ‘STRONGMEN’ around the world and get away with it now.  The whirlwind is fake!  Don’t believe me?  Has there been a storm and has it passed?  If so assess the damage yourself.  Do you see destruction as far as the scope of your vision will allow?  No?  Get your butt up and vote.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley


Ground Water Sky

Founding Statement:  There comes a precious moment in time that all life drops the ignorance of superiority.  When the ground realizes it needs the water to survive.  The tree realizes it needs the ground to hold it in place.  The air realizes it needs the tree to replenish the oxygen it desperately needs to create the weather patterns that climatizes the Earth. Responsibilities are intertwined because a living planet depends on every element to function according to its purpose.

Mammals pretend that they’re more sophisticated than any living breathing planet, and thus conclude that liberties can be taken with all three essential elements.  The ignorance of mammals I’m afraid is a contradiction of their celebrated intelligence.  Intelligence that informs mammals they aren’t required to be simple creatures that fulfill their purpose, but creatures that can take actions harmful to the elements that are dedicated to their stated purpose.  Mammals believe such devotion constrains their freedom to live as they please.

This revelation and the antagonistic approach mammals have decided upon against the elements will be simplified in this digital periodical.  All the talk of unity will be broken down into useful parts that will be easy to understand and implement.  Know this my fellow mammals, all forms of life owe it to each other to care for one another.  It’s just that mammals have enjoyed the echo chamber of approval from other mammals because the elements never raised their voice.  We now know for certain the elements do have a voice, and they have registered their collective disapproval of the selfish nature of mammals…

Issue 06:  Infliction

Explain to me why I should care about Russian President Vladimir Putin being humiliated?  Is it because the media that created this illusion of a ‘strongman’ that they now cannot abandon it?  I still hear ‘media’ types on television and read them in print maintaining their fidelity to this maniac.  President Putin.  This edition is to the people of the Russian Federation.  Russians,  cheering this man who is causing, causing untold suffering to children.  When the Sun sets in the evening after a long day of enjoying yourselves skinning and grinning at a man that is now poised to inflict hunger on children.  Hunger on children.  Let that sink into your thick skulls Russian citizens.  In the year of our Lord two thousand twenty-two, the world is witnessing a buffoon sky dive Russia straight down the exploding eruption of an active volcano.

This ‘strongman’ called such by the same mentality present in all the world that causes people to look up to those they perceive as ‘Conquerors’.  Let’s look at recent history of ‘Conquerors’ and how they turned out.  It is said that Napoleon led France to have most of Europe under his thumb, but loss power when he pushed his army in Russia.  Napoleon didn’t conquer Russia which probably led to the current phraseology used in America of his men saying ‘Man I’m tired of this guy’.

Adolf Hitler we all know expanded beyond the limits of warfare never before believed possible in modern times.  I’m sure you remember also that Hitler had folks thinking that same phraseology with a slight tweak.  It probably went something like, ‘Master race my ass!  Why am I getting sunburns still?  Moral Law will get us too someday’.

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republic.  Wow, that’s a long name with a less than generous record of conquest.  What was it I learned about history?  If someone saves your ass Russian people why don’t you remind your would be leaders about it?  I do believe allied forces inflicted enormous losses on Germany that made it necessary to redeploy forces away from the borders of the Soviet Union.  This respite was how Russia owes its’ very existence to America.

Isn’t this an all too familiar story humanity?  If this man, President Putin, is a great conqueror in the mode of the ‘admired’ conquerors in history.  Then tell me if anyone can reasonably expect what would be the same conclusion to this present version of a ‘mighty conqueror’?  None of the legacies of those ‘men’ are even in evidence today.

So Russian citizens I’m speaking to you.  Your President, President Putin cries when his ‘genius’ plan so-called by other ‘geniuses’ particularly the former President Trump of America is going so poorly.  Now we shouldn’t say bad things about his awful screw up?  We should be careful not to bruise his ego?  Being absolutely clear as I can be now.  Are you saying that the world should buy the ‘façade’ of a man desperate to be called ‘strong’ no matter the ‘inflated’ price tag that labels his ego?  Really?

Everybody listen now because the next string of words are harsh.  Just as the so-called churches in the South knew speaking against hatred would send their parishioners to other churches so they kept quiet.  The same goes for every Russian that stands there smiling and ‘yakking’ it up with each other.  The same verdict will be pronounced for your lives.  Responsibility lies with all when evil is given a wink and a nod of support even to preserve your own life.  Don’t spit in God’s face and tell him it’s water in the air.  I couldn’t stop President Putin and his band of ‘lackies’ is not an excuse.

All those children looking up in the dark of night in Ukraine hoping it is the face of their mothers before they close their eyes to sleep are thankful for the strength the view offers them.  Their stomachs though need the Russian people to assure them that they will have a good breakfast to eat when they hear their mothers announce their meal is ready.  Please Russian people.  Everybody is ‘tired of your guy’.




There are women and men bestowed with the gift to answer the ultimate question. That question is ‘WHY’. They are charged with rendering an answer that can be understood by the most contrary element of our society. Those that foment, spread and traffic in hate. Our Brothers are in need of guidance and this journal will bring forth a multitude of remedies to address the male illness of unawareness. The answer to the ultimate unknowns of behavior and responsibility.

Those of us given this perception and understanding to interpret the unknown and apply the information to the known is the essence of our charge. Thereafter decode the messages for the people who oppose themselves. This decryption is then presented to the people as the explanation of events past, present and future so they may keep updated to the frenetic changes occurring today and those that will arrive soon.

Brothers, this journal is a call to all of you to obtain the knowledge that you lack in every part of your lives. As sons. As brothers. As fathers. As grandfathers. As uncles. As cousins. Ignorance will no longer be tolerated, encouraged or celebrated. As the ‘First Father’ has said in his Holy Bible “let everything be done decently and in order”. Honor and truth will not be perverted anymore. Why? Because as a Black Man I will impart all I have learned and gathered for over 56 years of life in America and around the world to the young coming behind me and my elders above me. Why? Things that now appear as they do will begin to appear as they should be according to what is right? Help me see to it as this mandate has been divinely ordered.

Issue 7:  Will Power?

Question?  If someone crafts a deceptive narrative that covers a miniscule part of a pressing human issue.  Sells it as the be all cause for assorted things that face the majority of adults.  Ties it emotionally to why you can’t get ahead in life.  Then assigns blame to a political party so you feel good about voting for your own destruction.  I’d say that scenario should be played over and over again until somebody realizes they’re getting played.  Wouldn’t you agree?

That can be said about tax policy.  That can be said about inflation.  That can be said about abortion.  That can be said about Social Security (even though you pay for that out of your paycheck).  By the way you ask most people about Social Security they will tell you it’s an unfunded government program.  Really.  That’s no joke.

I’ll provide an alternative take on the historical record regarding economic expansion through the decades.  Minimum wage was created because like everything human there is an element of evil as God has informed us thousands of years ago.  Read Malachi 3:5 (You probably should read it for yourself).  Then as America’s economic system of capitalism expanded came the need for affluence for the creators of things.  The engineers not unlike the ‘stone carvers’ of ancient Egypt demanded a premium for their skill set.  This set off an expansion of the economy.  Wages had to follow suit to the higher cost of the goods that were created or they wouldn’t be made right?

Take America circa 2012 or maybe a year or two later give or take.  Wage increase movements started to grow.  With wage growth the money has to come from somewhere right?  I see your hand over there.  You’re a smart woman.  Correct.  The price of the goods sold must go up in order to pay the higher cost of labor right?  Why then do millions of people still fall for the ‘arrogance of ignorance’ trap?

My advice to President Biden and his administration is to keep hitting the American economy like a freight train!  Don’t even worry about people not understanding how much better their lives are.  Democrats give them the health care without the specter of bankruptcy which they rightfully deserve and people still vote them out!  Democratic movements (show me a Republican marching for higher wages I dare you) are responsible for wage hikes that are now locked in place.  Democrats get voted out of office! 

Democrats in the White House literally save the worlds, not only America’s, but the world economy and they get voted out!  Democrats have lost their voices screaming through bullhorns about the onslaught against women and all their rights being in jeopardy and they get voted out of office!  Oh by the way, Democrats were spot on about the U.S. Supreme Court coming for women.  Didn’t matter.

Now I’m a champion for everything that’s good and right first for our planet, and then all of humanity.  Human beings and their money wouldn’t matter anyway if there isn’t a planet to live on.  Democrats still get voted out for being against destroying the planet.  I’m not making this up!  Republicans take their marching orders from the rich.  Let me ask this question which anyone that has the answer please do not shout it out.  I want to call on a Republican voter for an answer.

What rich person offered wage hikes before a union, a strike, or a shortage of skilled labor made them do it kicking and screaming?  Give me a name please.  Crickets.  Then why are you falling for the same trick over and over again?  I work as a mental health technician making about $40 thousand a year.  I am at 90% percent VA disability.  My income is over $60 thousand a year.  I’ve just gotten married to a nurse which would probably kick our combined income over $130 thousand a year.  I could care less about the cost of anything because I only buy what I eat.  I combine trips to the grocery store with other errands.  My wife does the same.

Do me a favor people please.  Don’t cry them crocodile tears and go vote Republican.  The old saying goes ‘never make a quick decision when you’re angry’.  Well it should say ‘never make a bad decision when you’re emotional’.  If I were the deceivers playing you like a worn out Arthur Catton Lancaster violin, I’d tune up ‘Nearer, My God, to Thee’ for you idiots as well.

The pandemic stimulus package was the sole cause of inflation?  Yeah right!  Now every billionaire or rich person chiming in crying about that I bet you were steaming mad when ordinary working folks got $1400 that the Republicans could’ve given to them.  Tell those billionaires something for me will ya.  Tell them to go back to laying on a bed of their money like ‘Scrooge McDuck’ and let people of good conscience fight for everyone else.

Oh, and by the way that violin was played by Wallace Hartley as the Titanic sank.  Yeah, let the people,  the Democrats, that have steered the ‘Ship of State’ through the roughest of times man the helm.  The economy has not crashed in my lifetime.  Let me end with something else the Democrats have more than Republicans ever will.  The Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible.  Proverbs 24:10…If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.

Being strong is sticking with your convictions to do the right thing no matter the naysayer.  Being weak is running into the house that is built on sand by the Republicans even after they’ve sold you deceptively on sand being the stronger foundation.

Just make sure the storm doesn’t sweep you out to sea.  In the meantime, I’m going to invest in companies that make life jackets.  I’m looking up their balance sheets right now.




I thought this digital periodical should be the opposite of the ‘political theater’ version gracing my website.  The focus here will be what America can accomplish with a political system pushing her to do better on behalf of all her citizens.  In that spirit I will make this version an upbeat idea filled publication for the ages…

Issue 5:  Twice?

What?  Attempt at deception twice if unsuccessful is the responsibility of the ‘target’ of the deception.  Wow.  That is what I said as I watched the ‘news media’ say the upcoming Federal elections are polling in favor of the Republicans.  My answer to all the people who’ve been busting their asses fighting for their rights.  Don’t fall for it!  I don’t know who the ‘media’ polled to get their results favoring the very people responsible for taking your rights, but I suspect that ‘newsflash’ was timed to scare you.

Despair is a tool of deception those with power press down to increase the uncertainty many people think is real.  Inflation or more descriptive terminology, the price of goods and services directly relates to the wages of the people that are employed to make them profitable.  Now what I don’t get is why this ‘herd mentality’ is being bought hook, line and sinker by people that know better?  If you don’t know me by now on ‘inflation’ I’ll tell you.  I don’t care if prices rise because I want my fellow citizens to earn wages worthy enough for their contribution to the economic engine of America.  So don’t show me your crocodile tears because you’re the most gullible people on the planet.

Now that being said, people, get back to work and stay focused.  What did you think?  Did you really believe that the ‘media’ isn’t doing the bidding of those with the money and power?  Did you really think that they wouldn’t try to derail the ‘freight train’ of women, minorities, immigrants and good hearted White Americans ready to vote Republicans out of office for the rights they’ve taken already, and they still aren’t finished?  Don’t fall for it. 

Just understand that it is going to be the biggest ‘air to air’ battle in the history of this country!  Some of your friends are going to vote against you.  Expect that to happen.  When you’re parachuting back to the ground call base and tell them to get another plane ready at the same time retrieval is on the way.  Get back up in that sky with guns blazing because your opponents have the backing of ‘old money’.  They won’t hesitate to darken the sky with every deceptive ‘plane’ in their hanger.

Stay in the fight.  Just like you keep getting up every day working for a better life for yourself and hopefully those coming of age behind you.  This fight is for all of us.  Keep fighting until the buzzer sounds because your opponent ‘the media and the power behind it’ will fight you beyond the sound of the buzzer as the scoreboard is blaring in the background.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 25:  Who Really Wields the Power?

I want to start this edition by making a confession.  My father was a cruel sadistic man when it came to punishing his children.  Extension cords and broom sticks were not excluded as instruments of discipline.  Now the important part of this revelation being made is the fact that the hatred it spawned in my life toward him.  For decades and yes even after his death the hatred for what he did to me lingered.  Now the only saving grace for me was the counsel of my third wife Lisa that solved my false pious arrogance.  What did she ‘help’ me to realize?

This is what she helped me with.  My hatred for my father for his injuries I had carried internally and externally only harmed me!  I couldn’t wield ‘HATRED’ no more than I could stop air from being all around me.  Hatred was never a force that I could only project outward towards those that have wronged me.  Hatred is an evil essence that encompasses you like a second skin.  Once hatred is invited in it invites more treacherous relatives to your party.  Relatives like lying, stealing, empty thoughts that call upon you to physically harm yourself or others, cruelty and a total lack of empathy or hospitality.

When I see all these so-called Christians, which they are not, piling into these so-called demon houses but you may call them churches.  I see a total disregard for every tenet that Jesus Christ taught his Father’s creation to seek after.  A football coach that owes his wealth to the young Black men that believed his lies of love.  Mr. Tommy Tuberville only had hatred in his heart for them.  The Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis taking money that’s not his and meddling in the affairs of desperate people fleeing hardship seeking a better life.  I guess Mary Mother of God would’ve been put on a camel to a sanctuary city as well.  Her son, Jesus Christ, separated from her to boot.  

A football player’s only claim of validation is the Heisman Trophy he was awarded makes him worthy to lead people through the trials of some of the darkest times in human history.  A pastor in Reverend Senator Warnock is not the kind of man that these so-called Christians admire?  Oh I get it.  Pastor Warnock believes that a woman has the right to choose whether see wants to carry a pregnancy.  The Authorized King James version Holy Bible…1 Peter 4:15 But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as an evildoer, or as a busybody in other men’s matters.

I guess the Holy Bible for so-called Bible thumping ‘EVANDEVICALS’ only applies as a stick to beat others over the head with.  Pastor Warnock is not God and his convictions do not overrule the personal choices of the members of his church or citizens of Georgia writ large.  Of course, Herschel Walker can claim ‘holiness’ because his sins aren’t relevant when so-called Christians are seeking power.  Tell me again why no one respects the ‘church’? 

These are the people we chose to be our leaders and future leaders?  These Republicans are hanging a millstone around a lot of fools necks, and all of those people that buy their hatred still wonder why their lives are subject to so much evil.  I am in an interracial marriage and I talk openly to my wife about the kind of Black people that would sell their souls for ’30 pieces of silver’ in a second.  What do I mean by that?

I’ll tell you.  Often I see Black men and women that have achieved a level of financial success suddenly look down upon Black people that have not.  Don’t even try it.  I’m well on my way to being blessed with abundance, but I’ll never believe that a Republican wouldn’t ‘LYSOL’ his or her furniture when I exited their home.  Achievement for some Black people means acceptance into a White America that has always talked out the side of their neck.  What?  Did you really believe that Senator Tommy Tuberville actually respected Black people?  I work in mental health if you did.  Do you really think that Republicans respect the 10% of Black people that vote for them?

Republicans have never done anything for anybody because it was the right thing to do.  Republicans only did it because it was a calculated political move they knew would provide the illusion that they care to naïve Black people.  Do you really think that Republicans are joking about challenging legitimate election results if they don’t win?  Do you think Republicans are joking when they say they are going to roll back every single right women and Black folks have so help them ‘false god’!  Vote anyone?  Abortion Rights anyone?  Keep thinking that in the face of all the evidence to the contrary.

I’ve been freed from decades of self-torture because I thought I was justified and righteous in my hatred of my father.  It turned out I was the ‘butt of the joke’.  My meaning of this old synonym is the ‘cruel nature and vile disgust directed toward the object of such ridicule means to make that person or a race of people irrelevant to the point they exist as anything but a human being or a race of people’.  Hatred knocked me around for decades.  When I finally released it, a recent occurrence I’ll add, it was like the barrier between me and life was knocked down.  A darkness I’ll never invite in again!

As I stated earlier here I’m well on my way to abundance, but I’m nowhere near and never will be a naïve Black person who believes that money will make me acceptable to someone with hatred in their heart.  I suggest reading Proverbs 23 in its entirety if you choose not to believe me.  Some of the people with vast wealth will bust a hole in ‘HELL’ when they fall through that lake of fire.  For those Black people with their ‘GOLDEN TICKET’ better check the paper it’s printed on.  I’m telling them it’s ‘fake’.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley


Give Me That Ole Time What?

Declaration of Humanity 4.0…This founding statement is different.  This one is being written in clarification of an ongoing threat of fear that ‘evil’ seems to offer more rewards than ‘good’ ever will, and more overtly the verbal Christians are flocking more openly to evils’ promise of fortune.  While this trend is alarming I must counter with this fact.  Evil has never gone out of season in America.  Good is more than a match for evil, but the righteousness of good can only be activated from a straight line.  What is that straight line you ask?  It is the center of every human beings’ known universe.  If it is straight it is a ‘Heartline’.  A heartline from the heart to the soul because when our heart stops our deeds will be called into account.  The ‘JUDGE’ will know what you did and not what you meant to do…

ISSUE 5:  Right Time, First Time

What do we tell our children when they are young?  We should tell them that telling the truth is the easiest and quickest way to get a wrong behind you because the correction is softer while the punishment is laced with profound wisdom.  All that visit my site know that I despise Holy Bible thumping ‘EVANDEVICALS’ play acting Christians.  All their history of pouring out of White churches lynching innocent Black men for ‘shits and giggles’ all the while thinking blasphemously they’re doing God’s work.  I’ll tell you a secret pet peeve of mine close on par with that.  How can a Black person assume the devilish ways of the White oppressor.

In the Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible in Proverbs 3:31…’Envy thou not the oppressor, and choose none of his ways’.  When I hear these Republicans tell that assclown Senate candidate Herschel Walker to be more like that buffoon former President Trump; I want to scream obscenities at that Black man.  Choose the ways of Donald Trump that refused to rent to Black people.  He ridicules the crippled.  He insults women as quickly as he breaths air.  He’s put America on the edge of a cliff for our enemies to push us into an abyss.  Herschel Walker chose to go full blown oppressor Republican.  As I’ve stated before many times on this website you’ve been shown by Republicans who they are.  

The picture I’ve chosen for this edition is full of irony.  Republicans and voters that vote for them are all crippled by the unknowns in front of them.  I’d rather have Democratic leaders that ‘make decisions’ aware of what’s seen and unseen.  Don’t let Republicans sell you on the merits that being paralyzed and immobile while staring into the unknown is an economic strategy.  That’s insane!  By the way, that turtle has more sense than all Republicans combined.

I’d rather have a leader, male or female that doesn’t retreat to tired, old lame economic gimmicks when the Earth (the economy) could open up beneath their feet spiraling down into utter darkness.  Tax breaks for the wealthy in the midst of an 8.5 economic earthquake?  British Prime Minister Truss blew her one chance to rally England behind her.  That’s what you do when you’re fighting hundred mile per hour winds from the leading edge of the hurricane?  Insulting trickle down economic malarkey?  Wrong move!  Prime Minister Truss should’ve looked at what President Biden has done and hit British problems and issues like a freight train!  Oh well, I guess when you don’t want to take risks that’s what you do. You settle into a soft chair and let it cradle your ass.

Listen to me now.  Pressure is a downward force.  I’ll dive deeper into the meaning in my stories and future editions of my periodicals.  Inflation is the cause of all the crocodile tears in America?  How do you think we’ve got to a standard $15 dollars an hour wage?  I still don’t understand why Democrats don’t respond with say, ‘Well you like your wages now don’t you?’  That is what it takes to move the ‘needle’ morons.  Stop patronizing voters and tell them to get on board the train, or tell them to stand in the road staring in the grass waiting on somebody to cut it down so they can walk through the field. 

Republicans have fought everything I’ve just said for decades.  Democrats have done all the work fighting like hell to get America to a better place and Republicans come in and get all the glory for not lifting a finger to help?  Are you serious right now?  Republicans dumb down citizens, destroy the U. S. Capital, kill and maim police officers, sabotage elections, co-opt White Supremist groups to intimidate voters and these are the officials Americans want in charge of this country?  Have at I’d say.

Let me say something else about President Biden.  Everyone can attempt to knock this man’s leadership all they want.  I admire while taking note of his astute ability to guide current events, near term planning and long term challenges to ensure America remains on top of the world.  ‘True Elder’ which he is one of has demonstrated the mental and physical fortitude to aggressively face the problems before him.  President Biden has pushed valiantly ideas, laws, policies and more importantly the ‘vision’ that is evident aforementioned for the cause of America!  Pressure is a downward force!  We can listen to the young all we want and we should, but President Biden has decades of wisdom, life experience, tenacity and the ‘grit’ to move America’s friends and enemies in the direction he wants.

Show me a young leader equipped to do the same right now?  Give me a name?  Somebody tell me something?  Okay give me the name of an ‘Elder’ statesman on par with President Biden?  No one?  Really?  That’s what I thought.  Start being thankful to God and thank President Biden for doing what he’s doing.

Moving on now.  Let’s talk about Capitalism and put it to the test.  Capitalism stifles innovation.  Let’s discuss the oil and automobile industries.  If everybody agrees or not let’s assume oil will dry up some day.  Why then does auto manufacturers as a group soft peddle alternate methods of propulsion?  Electric vehicles are far from perfected wouldn’t you agree?  If the day is approaching that ‘oil’ will dry up then why not fully develop other forms of energy to propel our transportation requirements?

Capitalism is not a form of government.  Capitalism is an economic system.  Governments are responsible to foresee the future.  Capitalist companies don’t collaborate in the big things like the transportation industry.  The cell phone industry for uniform power cables.  Electric vehicle technology.  All capitalists do is take their patents and bask in the exclusivity of their product while the world roles the dice on a finite (oil) commodity.

Now about the oil industry playing with a marked deck of cards.  Gas prices are subject to the whims of those dealing the cards.  Stop falling for the distraction gas consumers.  Spectating from the sidelines every time the oil industry plays you like a flute.  Dry up them tears before you slip and fall.  Wondering why the ‘house’ always wins.  Ever wonder what the old saying ‘Don’t bite off more than you can chew’?  Well it means the ‘mouth is a bigger opening than the throat is which means what you’re eating is harder to swallow than you thought it would be’.

Pretty much all emotions to include the evil ones have no color, race, creed, sex, gender or nationality.  The one I’ll expose here is the one many of us are vexed by.  Hatred.  I thought hatred was a force I could allow in and project outward.  I was wrong.  Hatred when allowed in sets upon you like a cloud and try as we might we know we can’t slap, fan, or blow away a cloud.  That’s correct!  The saying we all have heard.  You cannot wield it!  Hatred destroys everybody and everything!  Get that through your thick skulls.  I’m glad my new wife has taught me that.

In closing I will always say you get what you asked for.  Women if you want to have all your rights taken away keep voting Republican.  Black Americans if you still can’t see how far you’ve come in rights and justice has been by God and the Democratic Party.  Americans that want to love who they will by their own choice.  Or not.  Please vote your conscience and if it’s Republican I’m fine with it.  Don’t shed them fake crocodile to me anymore.

To the Democratic Party.  I hope that every one of you that still works for the survival of America don’t give in to cynicism because people can’t recognize who’s actually helped them.  Let them.  Every voter that cries their crocodile tears vote Republican.  Let them.  Let them get what’s coming to them as the scripture says.  ‘What they sow let them reap it’.

Be well America.



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 24:  Even a Pastor Can’t Perform His Divine Service

I wonder what we will see next from the police.  A Black person helping an old lady to cross the street being shot dead as kindness is a crime?  A Black person helping an old white lady put a 50 lb bag of sod into her trunk being wrestled to the ground in a carotid hold?  Oh, I got one, how about a Black person watering the flowers of a neighbor that asked him to do it and then the Black person gets arrested.  Oh, don’t forget this part.  The Black person is a pastor no less.  You cannot make this stuff up if you asked God himself to bless you with the premise.

For example, 1 Peter 5:2…feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind.  Oh course I’m going to explain this verse for the unlearned and the ‘evangelicals’ among us.  If you’re asked by a neighbor for help you shouldn’t ask for money (filthy lucre).  Not by constraint means no one should interfere with the duty of helping a neighbor willingly because you’re looking out for them as promised.  Now being of a ready mind means to do something for someone else because it’s the right thing to do.

Watering a neighbors grass and caring for their property is covered in the decree given by God to feed his flock.  Now whether the police officers in Childersburg, Alabama ever learned that doesn’t come as a surprise to me.  Being ‘FIXATED’ on finding crime in even the most mundane of chores is part and parcel of being unprofessional in conducting police work.  Now a normal person riding by and seeing somebody water flowers would simply wave at them and keep going.  Not the police!  I mean I can think of untoward acts involving watering flowers that would immediately require a call to SWAT.

In all candor what the pastor did is covered under the ‘decree’ of feeding the flock of God.  When I was growing up I always heard about the pastor of the church going to give a small service to ‘the sick and shut-ins’ that physically couldn’t come to church.  How the grass was cut.  The house cleaned.  Food prepped and well wishes left for recovery and good health.  I’m going to continue to shout this from the pages of my website forever!  It’s not the job of citizens to excuse ‘klondike kops’ behavior.  It’s the job of the police to police their own ranks with the appropriate civilian oversight.  Police always want the praise but they get pissed when you point out their wrongs.  What’s the old saying, ‘You can’t have it both ways’.

Now for this last nugget of information relating to former President Trump and the idiots that promoted hydroxychloroquine.  Does anyone remember the television show starring Anthony Michael Hall?  The Dead Zone, Season 2 Episode 14, ‘Plague’ will tell you where they came up with the cure for Covid 19.

As all my loyal readers know I work in the field of mental health.  Tell me something great fans of this website.  The elders and experienced so-called ‘professionals’ in every field of discipline that has translated their skills into jobs explain this to me.  Why education, life experience, what works and doesn’t work.  Why all of this wisdom and knowledge being reviewed by all sorts of people capable of discernment consistently leaves us all dispirited?  Why can’t we marvel with joy at the ‘just’ adjudication of authority in America?

Why do we have to see the leaders of one political party (The Democrats) correct the unlawful intentional bad acts of another political party (The Republicans).  Not only that but the Democrats have to fight the Republicans on laws both parties passed in Congress.  Laws, rules, regulations and judicial rulings both political parties have sworn to follow.  As I said in one of my other digital periodicals ‘America: The Reroute’ hem and hawing over the security of America as if one man is above the law defies madness. 

As I said before, ‘SECRETS’ are soft targets.  Ask Russia if having more firepower than Ukraine foretells Russia’s inevitable victory.  Troop movements, combat strategy, application of ‘The Art of War’ principles is what leads a country to victory.  Again I don’t care if all the ‘Evandevicals’ in America make former President Trump their God with an idol of him on their nightstand staring at them while they sleep.  Ex-President Trump is an evil man who will never repent.  Get that through your thick skulls ‘EvanDevicals’!

America is the point.  Therefore God’s mercy is upon America because enough ‘Christians’, spiritual beings along those that believe and practice whatever religion they desire ask for God’s mercy upon us constantly.  All those power hungry ‘assclowns’ don’t have the ear or presence of God.  Are you kidding me?  These fools believe God is vindictive and petty?  That God wanted White people to deface and disgrace the capital city of our nation?  That God chose even one of those hundreds of people to be a leader of any level of our government Federal or State?  Are you sick?

Fight for America.  That means rewarding authority to the Democratic political party that has shown what side they’re on.  Give Democrats the authority and they will continue to do their jobs for America.  Democrats I’ve come to understand why they avoided fights as fighting over clearly what’s right is ludicrous to them.  Consequentially the Democratic Party now understands that America itself is on the ballot.  This fight is forever now.  Democrats know this now.  Help Democrats preserve America for hundreds of years to come.  America is the point!

Vote Democrat.  Please.  Thank you.

Written by:

Victor E. Moseley, Philosopher




Preamble:  The Creator’s Diversity

The ones who hold the power tell the story.  The quote went something like that.  Make peace with that truth and let’s move on to how power can wreck a weak mind.  When the King eats from the same soil and drinks from the same pond how then did humankind conclude that denying these basic truths could unify us all?  How the realization of what power brings to those that possess it can influence human beings that are weak of spirit.  When their spirit is enticed to commit acts of evil when those in power that are evil hearted require it of them.  The Creator gifted his diverse creation carefully. The care he intended has been perverted by one race intent on maintaining their power instead of sharing it as we share the land, water and the air.  America is that experiment.  May I say it has never reached its full potential because she (Motherly pronoun) has never loved all her children.


Man, some wonderful things can happen if you just wait awhile and let life play out and run its’ course.  Republicans have shown you who they are as clear as FUCK.  Back the Blue?  Republicans don’t give a shit about police officers as you see and hear with both eyes and ears.  Don’t believe me ask the FBI.  Republicans don’t give a rats ass about the court system.  Don’t believe me ask any Federal and State judges.  Republicans don’t give a ‘DAM’ about women and their rights.  Ask Roe vs. Wade and the denial of rights will keep on coming!  Voting rights?  Republicans mean you as well and don’t look at your bank account.  It doesn’t have enough zeros behind the number you’re staring at you imbecile.

Republicans wouldn’t give two wooden nickels for the poor.  Ask them about their opposition to collecting fair taxes from the wealthy?  Republicans don’t give a dam about ‘gas’, food or the cost of anything.  Ask them why they don’t tell you that wages are connected to the cost of everything?  Republicans don’t give a dam about women’s health care.  Ask a woman how many hoops she will now jump through to fulfill her rights?  Republicans aren’t going to offer one solution to solve one problem everyone can agree on like money, medical leave after birth of children or child care for women and men choosing to return to the work force.

Every idiot (I hope you get mad at the right one cause that’s what you are) that votes Republican are just like those ‘EvanDevicals’ I call them.  Those Holy Bible thumpers that either can’t read or won’t open that book to fulfill even their ‘two-factor authentication’ like it says in the ‘good book’.  So-called Christians you’re not off the hook for doing evil.  Nobody is going to be by your side at your judgment when you say ‘I thought he was telling me the truth’.  Listen knuckleheads “you don’t get to bring an ‘empty plate’ to the table and say serve me whatever you want and I’ll eat it”.

The Holy Bible Authorized King James version Proverbs 4:19…’The way of the wicked is as darkness: they know not at what they stumble’.  Translation?  ‘It means when following the wrong people willingly their evil will never light your pathway’.

Now let’s talk again about the ‘Liberal Media’ clutching their pearls as if they had nothing to do with creating ‘Fox News’ or their clones.  Take for instance I saw again on television 21 August 2022 a survey question.  An ‘arrogance of ignorance’ survey question at that.  ‘Do you believe America’s best days are behind it’.  I thought how in the world can someone actually believe they know the future.  How in the world can someone ask such an asinine question when America has never fully embraced and deployed all her talents!  Hint every other race, nationality and creed while White people keep thinking only they’ve contributed to the small success America has produced so far.

Just like I told my doctor when he diagnosed me with prostate cancer giving me 3 options of treatment as removal (mutilation), radiation, and desecration (chemotherapy) to which I told him I’m not falling out of my chair impressed by those three choices.  I’ll continue saying this until the day I die.  If anyone has achieved all they have then turn the lights out and shut the fucking door!  Wrong track for the country?  How could anyone know that when every good thing is opposed?  

Republicans are the ‘BIG LIE’!  Who in the world tasked with addressing pressing problems like climate change with evidence all over the country doesn’t vote in the affirmative!  Republicans will save us when we give them power again?  Are you insane?  All of them didn’t vote for the CHIPS ACT.  I’m not going to tell you what the Chips Act addresses because I don’t want America’s enemies to sabotage it.  Think on this one point.  What if every critical system from commercial to defense is fried and we need to replace them quickly?  Yep, this is what Republicans voted against.

It shouldn’t take Democrats to scream loudly what they are doing in scrambling to shore up America before somebody tries us.  Secrets are soft targets people.  Do you think our enemies are itching to go head to head with our military might?  If you do you need to check into a mental hospital right now.  Soft targets have the highest probability of success and produce the most significant damage to our force capability.  I don’t care what you think about me, but I don’t care if we elected an orange man to be ‘GOD’ himself.  If that orange man could cost me the country itself I’ll put him in the darkest prison I can find for America to live on I promise you that.

America listen to me.  If you are eligible to vote I ask that you consider America itself and vote for the Democrats.  Democratic candidates are shoring up our country.  All the nonsense laced with lamebrained discombobulated word salad the Republicans are throwing at you is so you can clutch your pearls happily unaware of what’s at stake.  Democrats much to my frustration aren’t very good at explaining what they’re doing.  I understand them completely which is why I am talking to everyone else this way.

The Republicans are telling you what they’re doing, and showing you at the same time they are dead serious.  How much more proof do you need to wake up before they strip you of everything you believe is important?

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley


Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time

Season 2:  Episode 12:  When Thoughts Are Altered What Happens Next?


(I wish the dialogue in this episode wouldn’t be necessary, but in order to counteract evil intentions and distorted mythological creations of the reality we all have been facing it must be done.  Forgive me as I must write this for the record.  Let me start with Heaven itself and the Almighty First Father’s Kingdom.  As no one on Earth has lived in Heaven and saw what lines its streets or the structures that populate his house; we can only assume that there aren’t any monuments to Satan staring back at God as he strolls his streets.  Accepting that truth then it is reasonable to conclude that when evil was defeated in Heaven it wasn’t allowed a place of glory.  Evil wasn’t allowed to erect monuments to make all the ‘HOST’ of Heaven behold what Satan tried to accomplish.  Losers are an afterthought never to be forethought again.  Hold that thought.

Reconciliation is not required to make evil part of the family again.  You see when you go against the good the majority is striving to achieve you don’t get to have a say about what comes after your ill intent.  As I had to caste out Terence Dohey from the ‘PLAYBOY’ development team run by Nicole it was meant to convey the serious nature of how an organization must be run.  There can’t be mistakes reasoned away like children being reared as their behaviors are expected as the world is unknown to them.  Once an adult becomes a full member that is trusted to keep the greater good top of mind mistakes are inexcusable.  

America was never a great country.  How can anyone start right out of the gate in greatness?  That pronouncement never made any sense.  What America’s promise is that one thing that all those White men surely didn’t realize they included in the Constitution.  They made the Constitution ‘AMENDABLE’.  That and only that has allowed ‘GOD’ to show mercy on America.  This isn’t a holy country.  How can a country be holy and commit acts so unspeakable against human beings that White men still pretend never happened?  That is this mythological fabrication of how life was thought of in America by White men that controlled all the levels of information.  That is why there aren’t ‘Honorable Mentions’ of ARC members who’ve betrayed the mission of this company.  Betrayers, Haters, Losers and their ilk aren’t celebrated at the ARC.).

Mother Sayer: (The ‘PLAYBOY’ has been an enormous success for the ARC’s bottom line.  Mother is currently making the rounds to the team that developed it 2 years ago.).  Nicole I’ve had many project leads in my years here, but you’ve shown an adept ability to keep the energy of your team surging.  How do you do it?

Nicole:  I must say the reason is a big dose of it goes to you believing in me.  Yes yes I know I came to the table with skills of my own, but I listened to you.  Respecting everyone’s contribution and hearing what they have to say did dawn on me like a spiritual awakening.  I’ve never had an experience like that ever and not just at a job but nowhere in my life.

Mother Sayer:  Okay okay Nicole I know I’ve helped you view people as people and not as a means to conclude a project.

Nicole:  Don’t do that.  I’m not going to let you do that.

Mother Sayer:  Do what?

Nicole:  I know this is what you do to your staff.  You downplay your role and see if they will completely erase or minimize what you do for them.  I’m not going to do that.  I see things in the world now differently.  Do you really think I’m not shaking with gratitude?  I wouldn’t go back to the way I thought before about things in life if you strapped me to a table and tortured me.

Mother Sayer:  (Mother chuckles and motions Nicole to relax.). I’m just doing a check on learning.  I should really try to develop a new approach so my staff can’t read me like a book.  In all seriousness I’ve also been the beneficiary of someone who didn’t stop at giving a dam about me, but he wanted me to actually know what it’s like to feel helpful to people.

Nicole:  (Nicole motions to Mother could we please sit down.).  Do you have some time to talk to me?  I just want to get a few things out in the open about what being a part of something life changing means to me.  Not just earning a paycheck that ties into a mundane life; I’m talking about something that puts a smile on my face even when I’m sleeping.

Mother Sayer:  I did my part Nicole.  A main part of my philosophy is to pick up those willing to reach up to me with a helping hand.

Nicole:  If you would’ve met me just 2 and a half years ago I would’ve slap your hand away with all the disdain for you assuming I can’t pick myself up off the ground.

Mother Sayer:  (Mother thinks to herself her instincts were right, but don’t get it twisted she still needed to be sure of Nicole.  That’s why she drops a full load on everybody she thinks highly of because she doesn’t have the time to waste on mental weakness.).  Was that the indignation I saw bristling over every inch of your skin?    

Nicole:  How right you are.  I was one of those workers, a woman working in a world run by men.  Some of them possessing less than a third of the drive in me to do something extraordinary, but where could I have an opportunity to actualize?  When you found me at that moment I had sprung a ‘leak’.  

Mother Sayer:  Ah a ‘leak’.

Nicole:  Don’t, let me tell it in my own way.  Like power lines that keep the power contained and flowing in the direction the source generator intended.  I felt my power my energy generator failing.  It wasn’t feeding my lofty purpose at levels I’ve strived to maintain and expected.  The ‘leak’ manifested itself in the form of ‘doubt’.  ‘Doubt’ began to siphon my energy.  It made me start to think I would never achieve what I knew I could achieve.

Mother Sayer:  Know thyself.

Nichole:  Yes Mother, I never felt despair before, and it scared me.  My expectations were born from my own beliefs.  My abilities I possessed.  My education journey didn’t have a lot of ‘benefit of the doubt’ or ‘she’s trying give her a break’.  I must’ve pulled the murders row of teachers that only awarded grades that you earned.  Those periods of time spent in school taught me this.  ‘Don’t ever go to the altar of life carrying a cup with holes.  When you fill the bag to cross the desert in the baking Sun don’t complain you lost half your water not even a third of the way into the journey’.

Mother Sayer:  I could have you stop there, and you would’ve made this month for me and next month, but I’m not going to stop you.  Go on.

Nicole:  When I connected with you my energy drain was plugged.  It was like my energy levels began to return back to a time where I knew what I had to offer the world.  Now I have an energy source that I could charge my power plant.  Our energy is compatible if I may say so Mother.

Mother Sayer:  You may.

Nicole:  Thank you for believing in me.  Thank you for creating something life giving and I’m not talking about a paycheck.  I’m talking about owning a part of what I helped to create.  That’s fantasy in America.

Mother Sayer:  I’ll tell you why that’s fantasy Nicole.  Capitalism is selectively defined to mean the owners of the company are the only ones that are worthy of its benefits.  Do you know what I’m saying?

Nicole:  I do.  Capitalism as defined in America means that although the owner wouldn’t be nothing without the workers to build the wealth.  Only the owners are celebrated for achieving the wealth and success of a company.

Mother Sayer:  That is correct.  When the workers want to unionize the workforce the owner balks.  Why is that?  Is it because the workers failed to produce any meaningful growth and prosperity for the company?  Shouldn’t the workers who are mainly responsible for the success of the company share in the wealth they produced?

Nicole:  Makes sense to me.  I’ve made more money here than I’ve made in the last ten years in one year.  Not to mention with part ownership of what my team has created I’ve set my family up for wealth for generations to come.

Mother Sayer:  That’s returning to the true meaning of capitalism.  Even if my staff didn’t fork over the seed money to get a product out of the ‘imagination’ realm to reality they still righteously deserve their cut.

Nicole:  Nobody does what you’re doing Mother.  I know only of a few industries that have creative agreements with their creators, but they obfuscate how everyone shares in the success of the products that they often have to go to court to make the capitalist honor the agreement.

Mother Sayer:  Let me say this without equivocation.  The pursuit of money is not a laudable endeavor.  Money has been made out to be a pursuable human quality when it is obtained it gives them honor and prestige.  The resulting truism is ‘the more money you make the more influence you have’.  Money when thought of in this way alters thoughts negatively because money can’t curtail or warn you when your pursuit of it is harmful.  That’s why human beings have redefined capitalism to allow more oppression in the wages of the people that actually create the wealth in this country.

Nicole:  If people are conflicted about money and I’ll add religion to that column as well, most people would be stuck in an endless loop of uncertainty as to what purpose money serves in their lives.

Mother Sayer:  That statement you just made is powerful.  I never seriously thought that someone could understand the subject of money in philosophical terms through its manifestations of why money holds such power over people.  I’ll throw this nugget into the discussion.  Money doesn’t notice and cannot ever notice the unnoticed among us.  The amount of money someone has obtained is not an indicator of their intelligence nor is it a reason for everyone with less money to defer to their opinions.

Nicole:  You are so right.  How much money they have just tells everybody how good they are at withholding it from the workers that actually created it for them.  Point out to me one wealthy person with billions of dollars that cured any form of cancer.  A new surgical technique that stops bleeding.  A vaccine that cures aids, or here’s a good one how about a billionaire started a program that ended hunger decades ago.

Mother Sayer:  Money doesn’t talk someone down from a crisis.  Money can make it possible to hire mental health professionals that have the training to better address the needs of humanity.  Money has the media pursuing only the flamboyant among us cloaked in naked facades.  Every person that doesn’t critically think for themselves is under the spell of the money changers leaning back in chairs with their pot bellies escaping the confines of their clothes.

Nicole:  You are funny, but right as well.  I wouldn’t trade my good fortune for anything the world could offer.  My mind has been altered and reverting back to erase what I know now I would rebel viciously against anything attempting to do that to me.

Mother Sayer:  I know you never will.  I wouldn’t believe that was possible even if it were Nicole.

——————-1st Interlude———————–

(Mother suggests to Nicole that they get some lunch as their conversation is getting into the benignancy of her company as it shouldn’t be of note nor a rarity as a matter of practice.  Kindness shouldn’t be a character trait needing an awards ceremony for people to seek after it.  Enjoying the light that Nicole probably didn’t think was possible she could show to herself or the world.  Being able to do something that makes a difference Nicole knows is often found to be a world changing endeavor when it is put to the test.

Mother knows this is the way her Father must have felt seeing her light up when he was the source of ‘power’ and ‘energy’ that she could feed from until she became one herself.  This is what I wondered about.  This feeling of looking at another human being and knowing that person  knows they are doing something worthwhile.).

Mother Sayer:  How’s the chicken salad Nicole?  The aroma is powerful.  Those Italian breadsticks look extremely soft and tasty.  Are they?

Nicole:  I only eat meals that consist of easily and quickly digestible foods doing the height of the workday.  I don’t like to feel sluggish.  It distracts me and I can’t or better wording I despise the feeling of being out of focus when I’m working.

Mother Sayer:  Eating light and healthy with white meat protein certainly hits all the marks including replenishing your strength.  Along those lines of strength of mind is where I want to continue our discussion.  Why aren’t you jaded?  As many jobs as you’ve had I’m sure the possibility for upward mobility was lined with stiff competition.

Nicole:  Right there is why I’m not jaded.  Believe it or not Mother.  I’ve never had someone so clear and matter of fact with me.  Ever.  The way you talked to me scattered almost all demons in my mind.  I may be saying this wrong, but I also believe in unseen forces of energy from strong willed people only wanting the best for you.  All I did was whip out a string of my energy and once I connected I fed off of you as long as you’d let me.

Mother Sayer:  So you believed me when I said I can only set the conditions for you to succeed.  I can’t and won’t do it for you.  All I can offer is a chance.  Still I have to ask you.  Why did you believe in what I had to offer you?

Nicole:  A leap of faith.  I just felt your words land on me.  The first time in my life I actually believed what was being offered to me.  We are from different races, but I can tell you I’ve never felt in all the White bosses a twang of truth.  In you I observed how you talked to me.  You actually laid out to me what you wanted to do with the ARC.  That’s why my thoughts turned away so quickly from all the ‘dumbassidy’ I had to go through in the workforce.

Mother Sayer:  That is a big part of your story you just told me.  Do you know that?  Not many people can withstand somebody examining their lives.  I’ve always knew my worth from the time my Father took me everywhere with him.  Teaching, admonishing, recognizing, spotting  warning signs, developing every aspect of myself in order so that a whole person can ‘know what part my enemy sees as my weakness’.

Nicole:  My goodness.  That is it.  ‘If I’m to see clearly my vision has to turn inward first’.

Mother Sayer:  I hope you know I’m going to steal what you just said.

Nicole:  It is true then what I’ve heard from my co-workers.  It is only when you commune with like-minded people does growth occur. 

Mother Sayer:  Let me properly praise you Nicole.  I know we’ve had a discussion that probably should occur more frequently.  What I want you to know without a doubt is that the qualities you possess were inside you all along.  I didn’t put those qualities of charity, hospitality, strength of will, humbleness and self-awareness there.  I can only draw upon what you already have.  No one can bestow upon anyone qualities that they do not possess.

Nicole:  I didn’t fold under pressure huh?

Mother Sayer:  That’s right.  You didn’t fold under pressure.  Listen to me now.  That’s the problem we have in America.  Pressure applied at the proper appointed times along the creative process serves to help people ‘realize’ their ‘personal’ talents within.

Nicole:  God knows I’ve seen enough people installed in leadership positions if they were an ant couldn’t lead an army of ants to a picnic table scattered with morsels of food purposefully left there for the taking.

Mother Sayer:  Right and that’s what they display as the example why companies can’t take chances on unproven commodities.  Leaders that are judged on their own success is the main reason why new talent is often swiped away by a competitor.

Nicole:  While America celebrates the ‘CEO’ everybody else is deemed untalented and expendable.

Mother Sayer:  My you’re going to be running your own company soon with thoughts like that.  Everybody lauding over the small successes when their companies have enormous possibilities in their ranks.  My philosophy is to share with my ‘creators’ what they’ve developed.  I know what side my ‘bread browns on’.  It means I know what part of the bread cooks first.  ‘The bottom part’.

Nicole:  It means you know what cooks the bread and where it makes contact with the pan.  You also got to have the ‘heat’ underneath the pan to cook it at the right temperature so it doesn’t get burned.

Mother Sayer:  Do you have some Black in you because I’m beginning to feel you’re a ringer.  How do you know so much about Black folks ‘lore’ and ‘old sayings’.

Nicole:  Well I’ve mixed and mingled with different races all my life.  It would be stupid for me to walk along the road and not notice when the ‘scenery’ changes.  

Mother Sayer:  Well said.  It is my good fortune to have you on my team.

——————2nd Interlude——————–

(Mother arrives home and Ntare greets her with warm pleasantries.  The children are grown now so it doesn’t seem so noisy anymore.  Maybe she should give serious thought to adopting children in need of a good home.  She would certainly need a male and a female nanny.  She would also look into establishing her purpose to raise them in the way she believes God has ordered her to do.

She would have to get that business off the ground quick.  She knows just the people she needs to touch base with and clear it with.  The elders that knew her Father.).

Mother Sayer:  Ntare, I want to one day adopt children.  What do you think of that?

Ntare Bolder:  Well you’d first have to establish your support structure, or should I say your network of adults that have the same suitable mindset as you do.  I’m sure the race of the children will not be an impediment.

Mother Sayer:  Not at all.  All children should be properly raised.  Giving them the opportunity to know their worth and discover their purpose.

Ntare Bolder:  I’m curious to know how then will you share your thoughts on America giving good and evil equal promotion.  Children aren’t valued in this country like they should be.  I’ve seen how their lives are devalued to fit whatever the situation at the moment is which in America usually means their death.

Mother Sayer:  I have felt this conversation was long overdue.  The fact that your wife will now have greater exposure to how Americans actually behave in this country.  How disagreements are handled when the rivals are of different races. (Please sit down Mother motions to Ntare).

Ntare Bolder:  The monuments to some of your history bothers me in spiritual ways.  I have long held that Jesus Christ is an immutable figure.  That the behavior of others when it does not affect another human being wrongfully should be left alone.  Why do so many White people think that Confederate monuments have legitimate historical purposes on public lands?

Mother Sayer:  Truth.  They don’t.  The Confederate States committed the most unforgiveable sin.  They decided to secede from the America experiment because they didn’t want to give up their right to keep human beings under ‘bondage’ for all time.

Ntare Bolder:  If that is true then why did the victors allow them to negotiate favorable terms for their defeat?

Mother Sayer:  Truth.  Because only White men could negotiate the peace which have us in the predicament America is in today.  If Black people or rather all peoples’ races and genders were at the table then that Confederate inbred swine wouldn’t have been allowed to erect ‘Golden Calves’ and worship their idol Gods.

Ntare Bolder:  The people that lost got to write some of the best rules?

Mother Sayer:  Do you know what ‘Altars’ really are Ntare?  An altar is first a focal point.  They are simply a visible sign that churches use to call those needing salvation to approach and be content in its’ presence.  An altar can also be an evil sign.  As a map has locations marked on it so travelers can easily find the place they seek, altars can also be a conduit.

Ntare Bolder:  A conduit?  How is an altar a conduit?  In Africa we have places of worship, and the ‘altar’ is a significant part in the practice of our belief in a supreme spiritual being.

Mother Sayer:  Well Ntare in America the distortion of many things sacred has occurred for hundreds of years without any pushback.  Now a ‘conduit’ in the sense of these erected monuments to losers are that they serve a ‘dual’ purpose.  First these Confederate monuments show that ‘White Supremacy’ still has enormous power that’s given a wink and a nod by White people in general.  Second the Confederate monuments serve as ‘the’ conduit that every ‘hateful’ person whose heart is filled with evil can replenish their evil soul at the base of its ‘altar’.

Ntare Bolder:  In Africa when good people die the village mourns.  When evil people die the village celebrates.  There is now a chance for happiness to return if the spirit would allow it.  There is a chance the village will suffer, and if it does the people know they played a role in the destruction of the good that should have prevented the evil from rising in the first place.

Mother Sayer:  Accountability is important in every part of our lives.  A true statement which sometimes turns into more like an axiom when ‘the people’ are faced with that very choice of good or evil.  It’s like they are without that ability. ‘Like no one can tell whether anything is good or evil anymore’.

Ntare Bolder:  Why?  Aren’t human beings in this country capable of discerning what is ‘good or evil?’.

Mother Sayer:  Being cynical is not my ‘stick’, but I know for certain a political party in this country has long ago abandoned that contrast.  Republicans are all in for power no matter if that power has evil at the head.  Democrats remind me of the ‘crossroads’ those White men must’ve stood on looking down the right path, but instead chose the less adversarial path to keep the country whole in their minds.

Ntare Bolder:  Ah, their calculations were off by a few numbers weren’t they?

Mother Sayer:  Yeah, their equation didn’t solve the problem and quite frankly it made it unsolvable up until this day.

Ntare Bolder:  You have a solution?  You, have a solution to a problem of hatred that has fed the evil heart of White Supremacy for centuries?  Now you’re frightening me.

Mother Sayer:  You know the old sayings about ‘going to the well too much your opponent starts to figure you out?’  Well I suggest we sour the ‘well water’.  These White Supremacists want to keep their altars to their lost Gods on public lands supported with taxpayer funds.  The rest of us and I mean people of good conscience and good will should be allowed to erect our own ‘altar’ that explains what every monument to their ‘lost cause’ means for the ‘well water of hatred to stop being drawn out’.

Ntare Bolder:  You want to erect an information plaque next to these Confederate monuments to explain to the good people everywhere exactly what these ‘Golden Calves’ mean and why they are worshipped by the purveyors of hatred.

Mother Sayer:  Yes it’s that simple.  These White Supremacist wherever they hold their church in whatever City, State or Federal legislatures.  We have to make them fight to keep their ‘symbols’ of hatred pure in the eyes of their followers.

Ntare Bolder:  So that’s how you’re going to tell these White Supremacists to go to Hell?

Mother Sayer:  Ntare let me pose a scenario to you.  Spiritually now, do you believe there has been a second purge of angels that rebelled against God in Heaven?

Ntare Bolder:  I don’t believe there has been, but how could I know something like that?

Mother Sayer:  True.  If we believe the Holy Bible is the best possible record of God accounting for his dealings with mankind, then the record reflects a one-time purge of those angels that sided with Satan against God.

Ntare Bolder:  That is a statement I could attest to that the record is true as written.

Mother Sayer:  I said that to be as simple as possible.  What we have in America now with all the foolishness that still abounds here like ‘the heart of America resembles a cantankerous child’ shows what compromise with evil looks like.  First saying America was founded as a ‘Christian’ nation is blasphemous.  Second a ‘Christian’ nation doesn’t take two hundred and forty plus years and counting to figure out a grave affront against God was and still is being committed against his creation for shits and giggles.  The power mad still can’t accept this one fact that when you commit a wrong it is a ‘wrong’ period!

Ntare Bolder:  That is one of the biggest problems that nations struggle with.  The crimes of their history.  African nations haven’t fared any better.  I wonder will human beings ever just tell the truth and leave it at that.

Mother Sayer:  That’s the despair I’m talking about.  I’m going to expose you to the origins of it in America.  That crossroads I mentioned earlier is pointing in 2 different directions.  The way of redemption or the wide way of compromise soaked in evil.  Both directions aren’t the same.  The way to compromise soaked in evil has an immaculately paved multi-lane road going in multiple directions full of twists and turns.  The way of redemption has only one lane going in one direction.

Ntare Bolder:  You can’t be serious?  This is the same America that the Northern armies totally laid waste to the Confederate Army and frankly their ‘barrel chested’ cities.  On top of all that the North acted as if they had the weaker hand, so they should’ve just dictated the terms and told them where to sign.

Mother Sayer:  It was said that President Lincoln didn’t want to strip the South of all their ability to earn a living.  Of course if you ask me I’d say fuck them.  They wanted to enslave people for all time to build wealth for them.  White men wanted the right to rape little Black girls, Black women, and mutilate Black men.  The North didn’t make them comply with any meaningful terms of surrender.

Ntare Bolder:  Can you make a stronger statement than that?  I know your history and it’s horrific, but didn’t compromise give Black slaves the chance at freedom?

Mother Sayer:  Do you know what an ‘Indian giver’ is?

Ntare Bolder:  No.

Mother Sayer:  We use it a lot in the Black community.  More than just words defined in the dictionary.  The true meaning extends beyond a gift taken back.  To us it means that ‘you will never actually feel as if you have something and it’s truly yours when it’s given or promised to you’.  That’s the way I feel in America right now.  I don’t truly have rights or freedom because if somebody White kills me the ‘media’ in cahoots with the ‘police’ will instantly demonize me.

Ntare Bolder:  No.  Do you really feel that way?  I mean you’re wealthy and you own a company.  What about you would make somebody say you ‘didn’t have a right to go about your daily life while Black?’

Mother Sayer:  You’re funny.  I didn’t know you could use sarcasm so artfully.  Listen Ntare, when you travel any road that doesn’t make it clear to defeated enemies of America foreign or domestic what you’ll have is what we have in America now.  Taxpayer funded ‘graven images’ of defeated traitors in places of prominence across America.

Ntare Bolder:  I’ve been stopped by the police before.  I’ve felt the tension in the air during the interaction.  

Mother Sayer:  You know what is really funny about that and other examples of evil intent?  Our government and any representatives of order act as if they aren’t responsible for stopping the decay in their ranks.  Also the citizens that vote in America act as if they won’t be held accountable when their life is under review after death.  That’s why I’m starting this program to explain every defeated representation of the Confederacy in this country.

Ntare Bolder:  To what end?

Mother Sayer:  To let everybody know that avoiding evil gives it strength.  What’s that saying about the only thing for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing?  It goes for women, the transgender community and all categories of human life.  That last United States President was right.  This carnage will end…


(I can’t say how much it pains me to see a robust spirit slowly lose the energy to do the good that humankind needs done.  It’s not okay to have depictions of traitors lining the streets that Black folks once struggled walking down in chains.  I want to make clear something about contributing to the degradation of a country.  Just as I continue to hold organizations responsible for not policing their ranks; voters are on notice of their responsibility as well.  Republican voters in particular have a complex about party line voting.  Do you know what the Republican Party has set in motion in America?

America was never great.  What country starts right out of the gate in greatness?  That myth is dispelled right now.  America is on a journey to greatness.  America will reach that journey only if she believes in the principles the majority of her citizens chose to uphold.  Church goers let me tell you something.  Do you really believe Jesus Christ needs an AR15 to protect himself?  His Kingdom?  If you do there is no hope for you.

White folks, tell your Confederate loving loser buddies they lost the Civil War.  Tell them right now and close that delusional door forever.  Black folks aren’t going back into slavery nor Black women and little Black girls back to rape property birth machines.  There aren’t good people on both sides of this.  If you believe that then say it to God on the day of your judgement.  Don’t be a tough guy in the flesh and a wimp in the spirit.  Remember White Christian Nationalism is what Jesus Christ agrees with right?  My how much we have altered our thoughts that even what is sacred isn’t truly sacred anymore….).


Give Me That Ole Time What?

Declaration of Humanity 4.0…This founding statement is different.  This one is being written in clarification of an ongoing threat of fear that ‘evil’ seems to offer more rewards than ‘good’ ever will, and more overtly the verbal Christians are flocking more openly to evils promise of fortune.  While this trend is alarming I must counter with this fact.  Evil has never gone out of season in America.  Good is more than a match for evil, but the righteousness of good can only be activated from a straight line.  What is that straight line you ask?  It is the center of every human beings’ known universe.  If it is straight it is a ‘Heartline’.  A heartline from the heart to the soul because when our heart stops our deeds will be called into account.  The ‘JUDGE’ will know what you did and not what you meant to do…

ISSUE 5:  A False Heart for Safety

Not this time fellers.  I’m United States Army retired, and I know that even on the field of combat there is medical care for wounded prisoners of war.  So why do I continually have to hear about United States police officers desecrating dead human bodies because they fear for their safety?  Let me understand clearly so that I’m not calling out the policies of police departments falsely.  Is it the policy of police departments to not render aid or attempt to save life even after self-defense is claimed?  Secondly if no aid is required is it policy to handcuff a dead human body so the cowardly police officers can feel safe?

I just want to be clear here and not call police departments out for their stupidity and disdain for the humanity their duties call upon them.  Professionalism isn’t a requirement for police officers am I hearing that correctly?  Apologies, let me define ‘professionalism’ for those unsure of its meaning.  ‘Professionalism’ means to uphold standards of decency, respect for life, and promote just order in the face of uncertainty, loss, chaos, or tragedy.  A simple definition for the simple minded is being a professional isn’t contingent on me being treated professionally. 

In my duties and responsibilities as a mental health professional I can’t react disrespectfully if vitriol is coming at me none stop.  I’m the professional!  Let that sink in although for some I know it won’t find an opening in their skull.  So don’t excuse me when I call police policies what they are.  The desecration and utter disdain for human life alive or in death.  Let me ask all these so-called Christian Conservatives beating their boney chests about the rule of law.  How did Guantanamo Bay in Cuba fill those prison cells?  You say they were captured on the battlefield?  How were they captured?  Were they shot full of bullet holes and handcuffed before they were brought to Cuba?

Give me a break with all these cowards in police uniforms clacking their knees together peeing in their pants in fear of a dead body hurting them.  Really?  A little advice before your police commanders go on television again.  At least make the effort to lie and say you searched a dead man after rendering aid resulted in no hope of bringing him back to life.  Also say that my officers feared that he was demon possessed and the individual might do a Freddy Krueger on them.  All of those police officers from their commanders to the rank and file are cowards bereft of even a miniscule code of honor.  Pathetic.

It was good for the Paul and Silas, it was good for the Paul and the Silas, it was good for the Paul and the Silas, it’s good enough for me…


Ground Water Sky

Founding Statement:  There comes a precious moment in time that all life drops the ignorance of superiority.  When the ground realizes it needs the water to survive.  The tree realizes it needs the ground to hold it in place.  The air realizes it needs the tree to replenish the oxygen it desperately needs to create the weather patterns that climatizes the Earth. Responsibilities are intertwined because a living planet depends on every element to function according to its purpose.

Mammals pretend that they’re more sophisticated than any living breathing planet, and thus conclude that liberties can be taken with all three essential elements.  The ignorance of mammals I’m afraid is a contradiction of their celebrated intelligence.  Intelligence that informs mammals they aren’t required to be simple creatures that fulfill their purpose, but creatures that can take actions harmful to the elements that are dedicated to their stated purpose.  Mammals believe such devotion constrains their freedom to live as they please.

This revelation and the antagonistic approach mammals have decided upon against the elements will be simplified in this digital periodical.  All the talk of unity will be broken down into useful parts that will be easy to understand and implement.  Know this my fellow mammals, all forms of life owe it to each other to care for one another.  It’s just that mammals have enjoyed the echo chamber of approval from other mammals because the elements never raised their voice.  We now know for certain the elements do have a voice, and they have registered their collective disapproval of the selfish nature of mammals…

Issue 05:  Infallible

Yes this issue of ‘Ground Water Sky’ will probably shatter the illusion many so-called Christians have of their so-called Church.  This belief persists in spite of the ‘First Father’ and the ‘Son Jesus’ scattering throughout the Holy Bible their mistakes.  A couple examples so we can get on with the purpose for this issue.  King David was a man after God’s own heart, but he was found at fault when he slept with the wife of one of his soldiers.  Jesus, the son of the ‘First Father’ chose an apostle that betrayed him.  Shall we move on?

How did humankind come to believe that any living human being today or say for the last thousand years walked the Earth without error?  The obvious apparent answer to the learned was for the attainment of preeminence.  Leaving the simple fact that the establishment of order never gave license to believe that the governed needs to be kept under silenced subjection.  Being governed is the way a society cares for itself.  Where did the change occur that the governed needed to believe that their representatives must be more than Gods? 

When the Apostles said that the church should be presented without spot or blemish it was meant to be an unobtainable goal.  Ephesians 5:27 is an ambition that should be undertaken until the time that all those that believe a supreme spiritual being returns to reclaim the Earth as his kingdom.  Now let me ask those that are wise enough to render me an answer.  Is the ‘church’ as it is presented today an organization that is infallible?  Focus your thoughts on the living ‘church’ of today and not on what may have existed in times past.  If any of you answered in the affirmative you’re sadly mistaken.

Take the United States Secret Service for instance.  Did they just recently make claims of events attributed to former President Donald Trump didn’t happen as claimed by a witness under oath in the very halls of our Federal Government?  That’s correct!  They actually gave proof that stupidity resides in all structures of human undertaking.  Does the United States Secret Service really think that a wise human being would believe that the men and women that stand their ranks are infallible?  They just proved they weren’t by trying to shore up a ridiculous notice of infallibility.  How pathetic that attempt was and golly gee whiz I wish they would swear under oath that nothing ignorant happens in their organization.  Ludicrous is too good a description for the Secret Service because it insults the word ‘ludicrous’ to attribute it to them.

See how my post from a time past about ‘How do you degrade an organization’ is still so relevant?  Read it here on my website.  How many of these ‘ass clowns’ who probably all look alike still bounce the same ‘bullshit’ off each other and truly believe that people that don’t look like them will fall for it?  Now I’m exasperated to still have to cover the same ground when it comes to inflation and higher wages.  I get it why the national media never correlates the two phenomena because they want the foolish in America to continuously believe nothing is connected.  One more time which I’m sure won’t be the last time I cover this.  Inflation and wages are connected.  

Marching orders to all those able and disabled looking for a job.  Don’t accept nothing less than $15 dollars an hour.  Of course some industries are governed by different rules like the restaurant industry, but there shouldn’t be anyone making less than $15 dollars an hour in America period!  Stop your ‘belly aching’ and keep cheering for all of us.  What was happened in the past was the narrative was always slanted by corporate America.  Yes I’m talking about the national media doing the bidding of corporate America.  Hey ‘you got to say it because they paid it’.  Now the scale is balancing itself instead of resting on the ground under some wide ass corporate buffoon!

As ground is to water and water is to sky let the record show that America’s labor force has awakened.  Now this next point is just as critical, so I’ll make it brief because it’s not hard to understand.  Elected officials at every level of government weren’t remotely considered by me to be perfect.  Ascertain whether the person is reasonable and normal.  If you’re a crackpot that thinks somehow a blowhard paper billionaire was a great U.S. President (Trump) then you will not be allowed to destroy this country.

I always chose candidates that show me who they are first, and then I determine whether they are good or evil and frankly I chose the good people.  Good people have the conscience that torments them when they commit errors because they know someday somewhere to someone they must give account of themselves.  Stop with this insanity believing there are ‘infallible’ human beings.  There aren’t any dumbass! 


Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time

Season 2:  Episode 11:  What Eventually Happens to any Entity that Holds Unchallenged Power?  How was that Power acquired and then held?


(First things first about the cloak of power.  It is just that a cloak.  Something that can be put on for a short period of time and then either willingly disrobed or stripped from the arms of the one under its’ protection.  Power fills the bearer with a false sense of invincibility.  See the thing about power is to the unwise and unlearned it prevents the bearer from ever believing it could be loss.  By loss I mean little things start to become unnoticeable.  Things like the man or woman at the top begins to decline rigorous self-training (self care in modern terminology).  Keeping sharp those skills that made it possible for you to rise to power and stay there begin to become tedious exercises since the attainable goal was reached. 

When everyone is constantly lavishing praises upon you (telling you your shit doesn’t stink anymore) the tune starts to play on a loop in your head.  This is the time that erosion begins.  By erosion I mean the keen sense of smell dulls.  The eyes can only see up close where before they could see things coming in the distance.  There’s no longer crispness and certainty in your steps as you survey your kingdom.  Then there’s the cracks in the walls that are only noticeable if you dusted the ‘furniture’ just once a week.  It’s like the ‘dross’ that covers precious metals or things of value which results in the worth of the items being downgraded.

As things that are precious gain in value over time, many of the possessions we hold dear begin to lose our attention.  This is an understanding that is realized after the things we hold precious has been obtained.  What if we skipped the step because we trusted the person schooling us on how to retain riches?  What then are we missing?  Wouldn’t what we didn’t know be important to know?  Maybe just maybe what we weren’t told is crucial to how we retain our possessions.  Our human rights are more valuable than any precious jewel, stone or item of worth we could ever hope to keep in life or death.).

Mother Sayer: (The arrival time at the office today seems different in a sense that Mother feels questions floating in the air urgently asking for answers.).  Good morning Sarah.  The day is certainly filled with promise.  What’s on your mind?

Sarah W. Certainty:  It is a good day Mother, but it is also a day that I have to get some clarity.  Have you been watching the news of late?  What’s been going on with the state of politics in America?

Mother Sayer:  I’ve kept up on current events through the newspapers.  Women are under assault and the minds of the uninformed are being manipulated that’s for sure.  I’d be happy to offer any clarification I can.  Ask me.

Sarah W. Certainty:  First things first is how do you control your people?  They are fulfilling your wishes more or less which I find stunning.  How are you doing it?

Mother Sayer:  Sit down Sarah for me.  I wouldn’t visualize Oakli, Mr. Poff, O’Woh, Joppa, Blinner, or Hekima under anyone’s control.  Now I can’t believe the years you’ve spent with me hasn’t heightened your awareness.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Of course I’m far more advanced in my thought process.  Just seeing if you actually cared.  Everyone you mentioned either has dormant unrefined talent or their abilities are being intentionally restrained for some reason. Maybe they’re jockeying for a better pole position before the race they want to truly run begins.

Mother Sayer:  An excellent and thoughtful analysis of the talent we currently have employed at the ARC.  That’s what I’m talking about.  You’ve no need to ever hold back with me.  I won’t ever ask you to downgrade your intelligence so I won’t feel inferior.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Please tell me then why so many women present themselves as weak in the presence of men?

Mother Sayer:  Sarah I’m going to give it to you deep.  Nothing held back as I’ve come to conclude why women are known as an afterthought in this day and age.  My reasoning will include a spiritual aspect as well so be ready to hear it.  Okay.  Now.  It starts with men needing to destroy the equal nature of the woman in creation.

Sarah W. Certainty:  You are talking about the woman being sourced from the man.  The rib?

Mother Sayer:  Yes that right, but in order for the woman to not be considered of value you have to distort her beginning.  Make it seem like the ‘rib’ taken from the man was something the man didn’t ‘need’ anyway.  Make it seem that the ‘rib’ was something that was inconsequential to the life of the man.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Make it a joke or an afterthought like you said.  Make the taking of it by God to form the woman like God put zero thought or assigned zero important to the ‘rib’.

Mother Sayer:  Exactly!  Men of evil motivations polluted the truth of why God pulled just one ‘rib’ from the man to form the woman.  Sarah let me ask you this.  Where was the location of the rib God took from the man?

Sarah W. Certainty:  The ‘ribcage’ protects the vital organs of the body.  There isn’t any specific mention of where along the ‘ribcage’ God took the ‘rib’ to form the woman.

Mother Sayer:  Well put Sarah.  The ‘rib’ symbolized that God took something from the man’s body that was vital to the proper functioning of the man.  That’s why he called the woman a ‘help meet’.  Now do you know the ‘ancient’ meaning of the word ‘help’?

Sarah W. Certainty:  No but I do know the modern meaning of the word.  It is ‘to offer assistance in completing a needed task’.

Mother Sayer:  Huh.  That definition doesn’t come close to doing the word any justice.  The ‘ancient’ meaning of ‘help’ itself is to offer ‘equal effort or force to conquer and defeat any task and overcome any obstacle’.  What do you think the word ‘meet’ means?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Again I’m sure my answer for the definition of ‘meet’ in the modern sense is ‘to come into the presence of someone’.

Mother Sayer:  The ‘ancient’ meaning of the word ‘meet’ is similar to part of its’ meaning in the modern sense.  ‘Meet’ means ‘to arrive fully prepared to accomplish the righteous task laid out before you by God given assignment’.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I’m getting blown away here.  Slow down for me.  I’ve got to absorb what you just said because I’ve never thought of myself in such powerful terms.  Are you saying no matter if choosing between a man or a woman, it is possible that either choice will produce equal outcomes of effort?

Mother Sayer:  I’m saying exactly that.  Don’t let your mind stray into the childish with examples of muscular strength.  Men and women are different in many ways as internal organs prove that, but just because a hammer can break a rock quicker than water doesn’t mean the results are definably different.  The water may take longer but it will destroy that rock just the same.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I thought so.  We’ve compared ourselves to the strengths of a man instead of equalizing the tasks according to the same abilities we have.

Mother Sayer:  I knew you were just like me.  That spirit of ‘why wisdom’ that flows through this world touches many minds incapable of bonding with it, but when ‘why wisdom’ finds that rare home it blossoms.  Our minds nourish each other because we both are able to digest what it yearns to lay on us.  Women aren’t inferior to men because we bear the young.  Women have been assigned that role as men are assigned the role of breaking rocks and bearing heavier physical strength related burdens.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I’m sure men don’t want to carry babies nine months.

Mother Sayer:  They don’t.  

Sarah W. Certainty:  Why then are women thought of as weak or come to believe we are weak if we were clearly created from a vital protective structure of the man’s body?

Mother Sayer:  Oh my dear that’s not the Holy Grail that has led women to this place.  I’ll save that revelation for a little later on in our discussion.  Now once you destroy the sacred meaning of the words ‘help meet’ then you begin to condition women into internalizing the new meanings.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Please.  It can’t be that simple.  All you have to do is get women to accept the inferior interpretation of ‘words’ and that’s all it takes?

Mother Sayer:  Nice try.  I’ll tell you the Holy Grail of defeating women soon.  Not right now though because I want to get to the conditioning of women.  Women and men are visual creatures that respond to what they feel are qualities about the opposite sex that offers certain assurances.  Safety.  Security.  The ability to give a woman a home with all her needs met or the potential for them to be met.  Women were figured out a long time ago.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Wait a minute.  My mother certainly didn’t care if my father could provide her a roof over her head. She flared out every fang, trait, and strength to my father so he wouldn’t confuse her with some babymaker looking for a warm place to lay her head.  My mother came correct, and my father knew he had an equal right out of the gate.

Mother Sayer:  Good.  That’s good Sarah, but I’m talking about women allowing men to write them out of ‘existence’ in every sense of the word throughout history.  Women didn’t ‘help’ write the United States Constitution.  Women didn’t own property.  Women couldn’t vote.  Women couldn’t hold office.  How easily did women make life for themselves by doing that?  

Sarah W. Certainty:  I wouldn’t call that making life easy for yourself when you don’t have a say in your life, or if you marry not having a say in the direction of your home. 

Mother Sayer:  Wise beyond your years.  Sarah this has gone on for hundreds of years and still persists today.  I’ll reveal the Holy Grail of subjection to you now Sarah.  The ‘Holy Grail’ to keep women in a subservient role is to enlists their help in keeping them there!

Sarah W. Certainty:  To turn women against each other?

Mother Sayer:  No not turn on each other because that would stir some men who have relationships with women to get involved.  No I mean get women to start talking about being subservient to men.  Get women to let men make all the decisions in the home.  Get women to discourage other women from working outside the home.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Oh I know that one.  That’s a classic.

Mother Sayer:  Absolutely it is.  It doesn’t end there though.  Get women to discourage women from holding public office.  The media are full of dupes.  Watch the news and tell me how many powerful women they highlight in prominent roles leading on the edge of growth, change, equality and opportunities for everyone?

Sarah W. Certainty:  If you have one they all pick on her clothes, hair, makeup and who she’s with.  Not that I watch television a lot, but I do see the female media heads not flattering the women they cover very much.

Mother Sayer:  Ha. Ha. Ha.  It’s not funny but it is.  Men in power don’t have to sustain their destructive plan against women.  Women do it for them now!  They’ve achieved the Holy Grail of accomplishment.  If you can get a group of people to act against their best interest you can add to their stupidity whenever you want because they are deep in the throes of it.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Wow.  It all started by destroying the meaning of two words.

Mother Sayer:  Okay listen to me now.  Power succeeds by compliance.  Allowing White men to set the rules for everybody is what America has been living on for far too long.  It is starting to show signs of weakening, but power also knows how to ‘plug them holes’ when it feels a breeze from a direction it wasn’t expecting.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I did pay attention in K-12.  I’ll say it for you about African American  history.  It is rift with examples of betrayal by former slaves and freed slaves that longed to return to the continent of Africa.

Mother Sayer:  That’s right Sarah.  Why invent some new technique when the old ones work just fine.  Women are sadly mistaken and profoundly confused if we believe White men have our best interests at heart.  Surely not all White men are entranced by power, but the ones holding it now sure are calling the plays that still work for them in this world.

Sarah W. Certainty:  So we did this to ourselves?  I can agree on some of the points we both made like women centering themselves solely around childbearing and motherhood.  I dam sure disagree with any woman that thinks childbearing is the best representation of my life.

Mother Sayer:  I would beat your ass if you thought that.

Sarah W. Certainty:  The example I saw every day of my life wasn’t a woman shackled by weakness.  I saw a spreading force capable of fulfilling many efforts no more or less than the spreading force my father presented.  Both of them separately handled anything thrown at them, but together they each gave equal measure to every task laid out before them.

Mother Sayer:  Exactly!  Let me review so there isn’t any misinterpretation of what ‘help meet’ means.  God willing if you believe spiritually from the Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible states that the ‘rib’ he took from the man was a part that protected the vital organs.  He then took that vital ‘rib’ and made the woman.

To put what I’m saying in terms that even the people that fight themselves, harm themselves, and throw themselves to the ground in the hopes the truth will not reach their minds is simple.  “Women are vital to every condition, purpose, task and essential need and are as equally able just as righteously as men are.”

Sarah W. Certainty:  So women don’t have to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger to give equal effort.

Mother Sayer:  Women don’t need to pump iron like Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman either.  

Sarah W. Certainty:  So that’s how it’s done.  I’ve heard of ‘divide and conquer’, but it starts long before that.

Mother Sayer:  Yes Sarah.  I wouldn’t claim what White men have done to many different people in America as genius by no meaning of the word.  Sometimes all it takes to enlist people to participate in their own demise in a few simple steps.  Once you get them believing it is to their benefit then you keep basting it just like roasting a chicken.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I’ll tell you something one of my multi-cultural friends told me that fits the stupidity of believing somebody has your best interests when they’ve shown you otherwise.  She said, “When you let people slide, pretty soon they will be figure skating”.

Mother Sayer:  That’s a good one.  I’m going to have to put that one in my bank for future use.  Now to address what you said about all of the people that contribute to the success of the ARC.  They’ve bought into what I’m doing here Sarah.  All companies out there aren’t looking for longevity.  The majority of them are out there to make as much money as they can while paying the people working for them as little as they can.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Money as you say isn’t what makes them stay.

Mother Sayer:  The chance at accomplishing something does it for some people.  Some people it’s working with people they enjoy being around.  The rest of the people just want to punch in and fulfill a purpose which is absolutely critical as well.  How I make it happen every day don’t ask me.  The only thing I control is laying out the reasons why I wanted to bring the ARC into existence.

Sarah W. Certainty:  You’ve done it very well.  What was it you said your friend told you once about asking questions until you get an answer?

Mother Sayer:  Mr. Victor said just because somebody couldn’t answer his question doesn’t mean he’s not going to eventually get his question answered.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Well a lot of women got their question answered today.  The question now is.  How many more answers women are going to get before they shut down the questioner?

Mother Sayer:  Good question Sarah.  Good question.


(Not all mysteries of life receive such a clear and emphatic response than what women have gotten on abortion rights.  Abortion rights is one right of a package that is being emptied every time women go through the line.  Talk about handing over a way into every right and precious freedom you possess.  Women has been lulled into accepting a distorted version of themselves for hundreds of years.  White men created that ‘caricature’ of the woman long before the tides of change swept righteously many of their evil to Hell.

Now the remnants of those White men have ensnared some Black, Brown and Hispanic men into their den of deception.  Oh what they don’t know about how White men have perfected their craft long before letting them just sit on the lawn furniture.  When you say just the lawn furniture are you implying that they will never sit at the White seat of power or sleep in the master bedroom?  That’s exactly what I’m saying.  Careful multi-cultural men that are now smiling at the table where a stalled ox is decorated in front of you.  It is not so easy for White men to lay aside evil when they know no other way.

Power fills their bellies full and tastes so much better than your drooling mouths can imagine at the anticipation of such a feast.  Remember this one thing when you come late to dinner.  All the best seats at the table are already taken.  I don’t mean to insult a well-known saying, but pulling up a lawn chair still doesn’t provide you a space to eat at the table.  Women I’m going to say this again to make it crystal clear.  You keep promoting the dilution of your power in the hopes of cornering the market as baby factories; I sure hope you have enough women for round the clock shifts with no breaks…).


Give Me That Ole Time What?

Declaration of Humanity 4.0…This founding statement is different.  This one is being written in clarification of an ongoing threat of fear that ‘evil’ seems to offer more rewards than ‘good’ ever will, and more overtly the verbal Christians are flocking more openly to evils promise of fortune.  While this trend is alarming I must counter with this fact.  Evil has never gone out of season in America.  Good is more than a match for evil, but the righteousness of good can only be activated from a straight line.  What is that straight line you ask?  It is the center of every human beings’ known universe.  If it is straight it is a ‘Heartline’.  A heartline from the heart to the soul because when our heart stops our deeds will be called into account.  The ‘JUDGE’ will know what you did and not what you meant to do…

ISSUE 4:  Please Everybody Stop Using Christian to Describe ‘False Christians’

First let me start by saying the insurrectionists, every male, at the United States capital on January 6th, 2020, all were Pastors or Deacons in their so-called churches.  That goes for the males and the females in attendance.  The buffoon in New Mexico saying he has a gut feeling the recent election there was fraudulent.  He’s a focal point in his so-called church.  The White guy harassing the off duty police officer and his son I’m sure he’s probably a so-called apostle in his so-called church.  Are you sensing a pattern here?

Please stop your attempts at denigrating the Holy Father God because it’s not working with Christians that actually heed God’s teachings.  The United States Constitution is not a divinely inspired document!  Give me a break.  Are you saying that God wanted Europeans to genocide Native Americans and enslave Africans?  God wanted White men to rape little Black girls and claim it’s not a crime against humanity because slaves were their property?  Are you saying God wanted White men to ride around communities of color like demons on wings of hellfire lynching Black men for shits and giggles?

For the sake of my sanity and the sanity of all people with common sense I ask that the media stop labeling former Vice-President Mike Pence a hero.  Please stop.  My Philosophy degree informs me that I can’t claim a triumph over an obstacle I’ve actively promoted and received benefits standing cooled by its shade.  This Bible verse works even when evil gives evil a wink and a nod.  Matthew 7:6…’Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.’

Republican politicians claiming piety is a contradiction in terms.  No?  For example, they claim they are for the sanctity of life, but in reality only until the baby parts the matrix.  They claim they love school children, but they fight tooth and nail for killers to have unimpeded access to assault rifles.  Republicans claim they are capitalists, but they stymie economic growth by fighting against the development of new technologies to protect existing ones.  They claim to follow the teachings and walks of Jesus Christ, but they protect their version of King Herod (former President Donald Trump) with the ferocity of a pit bull.

Now let me make sure I don’t leave out these so-called Christians as the media likes to call them.  Describing them as mindless dumbfounded inbred shit kickers is an insult to all I said at the start of this sentence.  The supporters of former President Trump are just what they are.  They are just like Secretary Hillary Clinton described them.  They are deplorables.  They’re not you say?  Tell me this, why do former President Trump supporters believe threatening old ladies is okay?  Why do they so easily break the law when he tells them to?  The former President is activating in them what’s already there.  Demons in Christian clothes is what they are.

Stop with all the nonsense about these people were duped.  Duped into what?  Revealing their true natures?  How can you be duped into being who you are every day of your life?  I’m 55 years old and I’ve encountered many evil people in my life from the United States Army to fast food to warehouse work to mental health care.  None of them fooled me because I chose to accept them as they wanted to be known.  (Side note:  telling yourself the truth is also good self-care practice).  

Evangelicals what a croc of horse shit!  I’ll take an atheist any day over a so-called Christian.  The very least I know they won’t be serving two masters.  False Christian is the most accurate description for these so-called Christians spewing, committing and flaunting evil acts across this in-progress great country.  

Go back to a time when America was great indeed is utter nonsense.  America is currently and always has been striving for true greatness.  My loyal readers and I know as with all power it only takes a few good women and men to keep it safe and in check.  There are 4 watches (6 hour shifts) that must be stood to guard every day.  None of us can fail at that duty.  May God keep us all alert and able to withstand for the people of America.



Preamble:  The Creator’s Diversity

The ones who hold the power tell the story.  The quote went something like that.  Make peace with that truth and let’s move on to how power can wreck a weak mind.  When the King eats from the same soil and drinks from the same pond how then did humankind conclude that denying these basic truths could unify us all?  How the realization of what power brings to those that possess it can influence human beings that are weak of spirit.  When their spirit is enticed to commit acts of evil when those in power that are evil hearted require it of them.  The Creator gifted his diverse creation carefully. The care he intended has been perverted by one race intent on maintaining their power instead of sharing it as we share the land, water and the air.  America is that experiment.  May I say it has never reached its full potential because she (Motherly pronoun) has never loved all her children.

Issue 8:  The Court Is Called to Order

Being made aware of a problem is one thing and having the power to solve it is entirely a different animal in and of itself.  Until this flirtation with self-destruction is vanquished America must rely on the ‘COURTS’ to fully assume their role in our democracy.  The legislative and executive branches at every level of government are running afoul of their duties.  No one is putting them in check enough to curtail their wild swings toward legitimizing anarchy.  That is why I sense that the country’s system of courts at every level must have people strong enough to rule on what is right and what is wrong! Their can’t be any doubt or whiff of partisanship favoring a political party in even a single ruling.

If I’m not mistaken the human founders of America with their inherent biases wrote an imperfect constitution that contained injustice as a matter of law.  The United States Constitution was written by White men for White men only because they believed only White men would rule in America continuously long after they were dead and gone.  Now in spite of that truth the document contained some brilliant unproven ideas.  Three branches of government holding co-equal rule actually working as intended I got to say must have required a faith in humanity by those men counting on succeeding generations to maintain fidelity to their construct must’ve seemed as possible as indoor plumbing.

Now we see that in the Year of our Lord 2022 we must call for our courts to assume their role as the founders intended.  If government officials fail to carry out their duties then citizens need to haul their asses into court and drop metaphorically an ‘aircraft carrier’ on their heads.  I don’t care if former President Donald J. Trump cloned buffoons in his likeness from Bangor, Maine to Portland, Oregon and those idiots got elected.  When anybody and I mean any elected official refuses to discharge their duties lawfully all citizens need to drop metaphorically ‘a ton of bricks’ on their asses!  

The ‘COURTS’ at all levels across this great country must respond swiftly to even the most minute inkling of chaos at every level of government!  America’s founding fathers wrote a document called the U.S. Constitution and it was not a perfect document.  It contained injustice but it also contained the way forward to achieve justice.  If the Executive and Legislative Branches of our systems of Government cannot achieve balance and rule lawfully then the ‘COURTS’ must rule!  For the sake of us all let us hope the ‘JUDICIAL BRANCH’ is ready to rule because we all need them right now.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley




Preamble:  The Creator’s Diversity

The ones who hold the power tell the story.  The quote went something like that.  Make peace with that truth and let’s move on to how power can wreck a weak mind.  When the King eats from the same soil and drinks from the same pond how then did humankind conclude that denying these basic truths could unify us all?  How the realization of what power brings to those that possess it can influence human beings that are weak of spirit.  When their spirit is enticed to commit acts of evil when those in power that are evil hearted require it of them.  The Creator gifted his diverse creation carefully. The care he intended has been perverted by one race intent on maintaining their power instead of sharing it as we share the land, water and the air.  America is that experiment.  May I say it has never reached its full potential because she (Motherly pronoun) has never loved all her children.

Issue 7:  America take that ‘Zip Tie’ off the Economy

Well I can tell what the networks, newspapers, digital media and audio offerings won’t let go of.  Inflation.  All my loyal readers that are nourished by the content I gladly share as quickly as I receive it know this about me already.  Inflation must come in order to lock in higher wages.  I’m not going to be upset that the above information outlets shove cameras and microphones in the faces of people that don’t understand the correlations between the two.  I get that.  The media outlets just want to stoke oh whatever man I don’t know.  Is it fear, anxiety, doubt or just plain ole riling people up to blame everyone but themselves for their personal lack of money?

As far as ‘FUEL’ prices are an issue my conclusions are still the same.  If you’re having problems paying high gas prices blame the Republicans that stalled and outright stopped ‘all’ significant progress on innovation in this country.  Don’t put pressure on America’s automotive manufacturers because they got to compete worldwide.  The Republicans promise there will come a day Ford, GM, and Chrysler will compete in ‘miles per gallon’ with Japan.  ‘I bet a lot of Americans wish they had cars that got 50 miles to a gallon today huh?

Please!  Can somebody tell me why in America when we get the economy roaring we want to clamp it down.  Where is this urge to ‘zip tie’ the expansion of our economy coming from?  Every time the American economy starts to in their words grow too fast ‘in someone’s opinion’ we want to shut it down.  This time has to be different.  Americans we have got to allow this time to play out!  Tell your elected officials to just let the economy grow.  Let’s see how big it becomes.  Like I said those $15 an hour plus wages must be solidified into the economy.  Higher wages coincide with higher prices.

Also innovation comes from higher prices.  Citizens if you feel something could be done better than it currently is then take a shot at changing the game.  I know those so-called electric cars sitting on those car lots are the fault of their manufacturers.  Why do companies always stop at monetization of a product?  Electric cars need to be unreliable is your business model?  That is the most ludicrous selling theme I’ve seen in my life!  Make electric vehicle ranges so that they have to be recharged after ‘2’ miles.  Sounds stupid doesn’t it?  

Charging stations dotting the highways is a good idea?  So let me ask some questions.  How many electric vehicles can be charged at once?  How long does it take to fully charge?  What if God forbid you have a line of electric vehicles all need charging then what?  Where are you going to put them?  Is developing a product to its’ viably sustainable conclusion not a business asset anymore or is the business model simply about making money?  We had a saying when I served in the United States Army.  ‘If you’re going to do something half-ass I’d rather you not do it at all’.

When did America start to celebrate everything wrong, bad, stupid, childish and unimaginative wrapped around zero creativity?  I’m not the one to faint at all this hyped up crap on the open market today.  It seems that that’s all the media covers these days.  All the people who skipped ‘World History’ about the fall of great empires are the ones the media puts front and center.  

Listen to me and hear me out.  I work in mental health with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and soon to have a Masters in Addiction Counseling.  It took me years to deprogram years of false teachings from my dad.  My father had 9 children and he was the only person in his household that was fully fed each and every day.  We would complain of our hunger and he would say we weren’t hungry.  If we complained further we received a beating which after awhile we actually thought that he was right in his total fidelity to his needs and his needs alone.  Loyal readers think carefully on what is right and wrong because it is not subject to private interpretation.

Right is right and wrong is wrong.  The truth is not a lie.  I can’t believe I’m even saying something so simple.  Oh by the way when my father died he was the skinniest man in the house.  He weighed a good 300 pounds easily all his life, but on the day of his death he didn’t crack 100 pounds.  It wasn’t anything any family member or his doctors did to him.  He received what he gave.  I’ll put it another way.  Galatians 6:7 from the Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible…Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

All these people you see running around lying about everything and making money off the gullible among us; they’ll get what’s coming to them as well.  Trust me I’ve seen it with my own eyes!  Protect your mental health Americans and all my loyal readers worldwide.  Don’t gamble your self-care on people who would not give you a bottle of water in the desert if they had two.






The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 23:  Child at Robb Elementary School:  ‘My Teacher is Dead’

                  Citizen at Petroleum Pump:  ‘Why Are Gas Prices so High?’

                 Innovation to America:  ‘Why Do You Stop Me at the Point of Monetization?’

Charity must not seek undue attention, boast of its kindness nor cloak itself over the shoulders of whom it will never warm.  Taken from the Authorized King James version Holy Bible:  1 Corinthians 13:12…’For now we see through a glass darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.’  Children know who will drop them down a fire pit.  Children know who will leave them for the lions if given chase.  Children know those that love them by their willingness to sacrifice whatever it takes to protect them.  ‘My Teacher is Dead’ said one of the children that died in Uvalde, Texas.

Tell yourself so-called Christians by God’s word who loves children is it a Democrat or a Republican?  That Bible verse above means that in the time it takes for all of us to see the life in the world clearly we must adjust our view so our eyes may see without distortion.  If a politician keeps telling you that children are secondary to allowing anyone to have a gun and you agree with them, then God have mercy on your soul as well.

Now to Petroleum Prices in America.  Inhabitants of America I need you to dry up those crocodile tears right now!  No?  Walk with me back 3 decades to 1990 when Congress was in the throes of bickering over car fuel efficiency standards.  Democrats were fighting for people to get more miles to the gallon because when you have a forward looking mindset it tells you the good times may stop ‘rolling’.  Sure gas prices were what $1.15 on the average in 1990.  Back up people, I’m doing it again.  For the record the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975 set fuel standards for model year 1978.  The goal was to reach an average of about 28 miles per gallon by the year 1985.

It is now 2022 and the average mile per gallon of fuel is drum roll please…oh what’s the use.  It’s about 28 miles per gallon established by President Trump but you knew that didn’t you.  I don’t care about anybody in America crying over gas prices when we have allowed the standard 28 miles a gallon for 37 going on 38 years now.  Spare me please.  Republicans have employed their playbook for decades.  Talk shit about what the government isn’t able to do and when a crisis happens say ‘baby formula’ shortage they say, ‘see the government can’t do nothing right’.  Americans fall for it every time.  Restrict government agencies from any sort of meaningful regulations and turn around and blame the very government agencies for the screwup.  Classic Republicanism!  

‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’ actually was a rewording of Plato’s famous phrase of ‘Our Need Will Be The Real Creator’.  Tell me something if this is what has propelled America to lead in every category of invention; then why is it we stop at the point of monetization?  For example, an electric vehicle is not something I’m going to fall over dead because it blew my mind.  Nope.  When you tell me I have to charge it again after 300 miles.  I’m sorry but explain to me why Americans always have to recoup their investments so quickly?  Why not ‘flesh’ out the idea to its best possible representation?

I have thought a lot about this mindset over the last few years and you know what I’ve come to realize?  God needed me to gain wisdom, knowledge and understanding which of a truth those competencies do take time to reach fruition.  This 55 year old version of me is the best representation of what I’ve always known I could become, and I’m totally not mad I had to wait for it!  Trust me I get it.  The media lauds praise and lends an ear to those with large bank accounts.  I would’ve responded like President Biden did to Elon Musk the same by asking when is Elon Musk going to the moon?

This is what I’d say to President Biden if I was advising the White House.  Everybody is turning to you to ‘flesh’ out answers.  Pull out the record and give your department heads marching orders to explain the situation why nothing has changed, but untie my hands and I’ll make sure the whole of government brings every possible solution to bear upon the problems and see that they are applied.  That’s what I would do.  I wouldn’t say that’s not my problem, but I would say that our citizens are turning to their government and their government will not let them down.

Kinetic energy is energy in motion.  The electric car industry must develop power standards that charges the vehicle as it is in motion.  Inspections across the entire food industry will be stepped up.  Whatever the Federal government can do with the laws on the books to protect voters will be followed vigorously.  Gun sellers will be inspected for all the paperwork and if found lacking they will be closed until the paperwork abides by the law.  Automobile manufacturers will be held accountable to the fuel standards set by law, or they will be slapped with fines.  Yes, all gloves are off will be my mindset from here on out!

All department heads will be given authority to lead, delegate or get out of the way.  Of course I’m not telling the Democrats to roll over for the Republicans at all.  Keep metaphorically ‘knocking them off their feet’ because they obviously don’t want to see clearly ‘face to face’.  Democrats just need to stand firm and believe in what you’re doing because saving children is always righteous!  

Maybe there will come a day when no child has to see her teacher die in her classroom before her eyes as she says to herself ‘I love you Momma’ before she is murdered.




I thought this digital periodical should be the opposite of the ‘political theater’ version gracing my website.  The focus here will be what America can accomplish with a political system pushing her to do better on behalf of all her citizens.  In that spirit I will make this version an upbeat idea filled publication for the ages…

Issue 4:  Do or Do Not!

Forgiveness before I begin.  Times are changing and I must be on record demanding that children going about being children must have champions in their corner.  Children shouldn’t be exposed to adult considerations.  Children should not dread crossing the outgoing steps of their front porch.  Parents should not say goodbye to their children, watch them go into school and hear from a total stranger that their child has been whisked away by angels into God’s heavenly glory.  The cause of their child’s death being so unbearable that their soul wants to escape their body and cover them with love while denying their child’s death is real.

Forgive me further for saying this.  If a Republican politician, so-called church friend, Republican neighbor and voter is okay with the innocent among us dying to keep them in power; then a Republican is a soul slayer!  Check this out.  I’m currently 4/5 the way through my Master’s in Addiction Counseling.  Were some of the requirements to meet irritating to me, sure.  The good money I’ve spent to achieve the sort of credentials to help even more people suffering mental illness and substance abuse disorders weighing on my ambitions?  Sure they do.  Do I think in the end it will be worth the good I will bring to the world?  Dam skippy it will!

No one wants a layman telling them about their issues and offering solutions if they’ve never studied any mental health discipline.  Why then do Republicans fight tooth and nail to remove all safeties from obtaining weapons with so much power that a bullet from those powerful weapons when they strike a child leaves that child unidentifiable by their parents?  Everybody of age must obtain a permit or a license to operate a motor vehicle, but to buy a weapon that kills only requires money and a handshake.

I say again.  If your spiritual leader is a Republican politician you’re hopelessly lost as I’m not talking to you no more than I’m talking to a doorknob.  I’m speaking to American voters while there is time.  What’s the old saying from Martin Niemoller, “Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me”.  Oh they’re just killing the Black folks.  Oh they’re just killing the Hispanic folks.  Oh the news media keeps saying these dictators are ‘strong’ because they kill old women and old men walking with canes or sitting in wheelchairs.  As long as they’re not killing White children, White women, and White men they’re okay.

Do you want the killings to continue?  Do you want it to stop?  It’s as simple as that.  Frankly I don’t care if Republicans have told White people they are the ‘RULERS OF THE WHOLE WORLD’.  Are you okay with the hatred they are promoting?  Please (drag out that pleaseeee).  If you think for a second you will escape judgment for supporting hatred you are sadly mistaken.  Like we say in the Black neighborhood ‘You better ask somebody?’  There are only two choices and it’s been ‘two’ choices since God established his universe.  You either move toward what’s right or be judged by what’s wrong.

I’m on record.  Killing children is WRONG!  If you vote to keep anybody in office that is okay with children blown apart by high velocity gunfire, then you will answer for it on the day of your judgment with your Republicans.  From the Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible, Luke 17:2…’It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.’  Yes!  You offend children when you allow them to be slaughtered!

As I’ve stated, ‘The Devil is not your Judge.  You are not your Judge.  God is your Judge.’  Think you’re not responsible for continuing this blasphemous outrage against humanity itself.  I hope you accept your judgment when God hands it down.  Master race huh?  White power huh?  The American Civil War was about States right huh?  Tell yourself whatever you want to tell yourself.  Keep saying it when God says he never knew you.  All the skins and grins from your power mad buddies won’t matter then I promise you that.  Laugh then.


Let me first apologize to the United States Army because it is not my intention to reveal secrets and combat tactics.  That young man in Texas had more ammo than what the military calls a basic combat load.  That’s all I will say about that.  Second, when you hear the Republicans say, ‘teachers should be armed it is to dismiss will callous insignificance the lives of anybody harmed by their flooding weapons into our society’.  

The military trains constantly with weapons and without weapons.  Simulators, blanks, tactical exercises and proficiency standards must be met.  Tell me when will teachers spend time for this?  Are the Republicans saying we should have in school gun ranges?  Teachers should have an M4 and ‘combat load’ strapped across their chest?  What?  Tell me what needs to happen Republicans?  All you have Republicans is your jibber-jabber employed to soothe those citizens who never gave a dam about themselves or anyone else.  All those people want is more human suffering.  That’s the sick crowd the Republicans play to.

If I’m wrong show me evidence.  Until then I’ll stand in front of children and take whatever blows the Republicans throw at me.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley






This digital periodical will question the ridiculous nature of those in power constantly trying to convince us they have our best interests at heart.  Thinking the worse about those you govern won’t endear them to you.  Being fawned over by those with paid access is not flattery Senators and Congress members.  Manipulating the haters and the willfully ignorant among the citizenry to trouble people who’ve done them no harm blots your soul.  I have witnessed God’s word in truth as he seeth that everybody’s day will come…

Article 6:  Tell Me What Do I Do Now Senator and Congressman?

Forgive me my loyal readers for what I have to do in this digital edition of Political Theater.  Woefully inadequate, void of the smallest indication of human compassion, a bunker that drowns out the cry and tears of those loved and lost by senseless gun violence.  The Republican Party didn’t get that way without the help of both the Right-Wing and the Left-Leaning Media powerhouses.  The evidence is there in the questions they ask.  

Are you serious?  Asking a politician to comment on a school shooting is like buffalo hunting.  I mean the smallest weapon isn’t going to miss such a massive target.  Duh!  So media, stop with the routine slamming cameras in the face of politicians while asking trifling get out of jail free questions!  Seems to me a reasonable American could deduce that the media is ‘part of the problem’ just as much as politicians are the ‘cause of the problem’ with the flow of guns in America.

Here are some of the questions I would ask and feel free to join in.  ‘So what do I do now Senator.  Go home and wait for my son or daughter to brought to me in a body bag?’  ‘My home is quiet now Senator or Congressman.  What is a good substitute for the laughter, joy, screaming, yelling my child blessed my home with every day?’  ‘What do I say to comfort my child who has just seen a friend grasp for their last breath as blood filled their collapsing lungs?’

‘Senator how do I restore the faith my sons and daughters had in their Mothers and Fathers ability to keep them safe in their innocence?’  ‘Senator how do I tell my child who is now afraid to leave the house that the world is not a bad place?’  ‘Senator tell me what to do now?’  ‘Senator tell me how my child can erase this trauma from their lives?’

Media.  You all are part if not complicit in the creation of this perversion of life for America’s children.  Don’t try that.  Don’t try to act as if you are not in it for the money and money period!  Please don’t do that.  Just like you all (the MEDIA) thought it was funny hyping up ‘strongmen’ in your terminology because they go into nursing homes killing women.  Strongmen going into nursing homes knocking out crippled bedridden old men.  Slaughtering children as they follow their mothers while balling their eyes out.  Oh, media, you have so much to reckon with.  By the way, comparing yourselves to FOX NEWS doesn’t cleanse you of your sins.  No no no.

Americans, you’re part of the problem.  You elected Republicans at every level of government to give you this perversion of the ‘Great Society’.  Keep asking your officials ‘kindergarten’ level questions and this ‘reality’ will continue.  Ask them to explain ‘Why this is my new normal and how do I bring happiness and joy back into my home as your inability to address gun violence has created my new ‘reality’’.

Otherwise, just keep this ‘POLITICAL THEATER’ sanctioned.  Oh, you didn’t know that’s what you were doing each time you elect people who are shielded from the consequences of their actions or should I say ‘inaction’.  What Can I Do Indeed?

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley




Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time

Season 2:  Episode 10:  My Role Is…


(When am I going to stop running from every facet of my life?  Huh?  Tell me when will I embrace all the complex, necessary and ordered parts my training begs me to embrace.  When will I accept the decree laid upon my name?  Mother is struck or presently awash in knowledge after every session with the ARC Council.  This time she feels like the information from multiple sessions held weeks apart have begun to flow in a cascade across her mind.  The intent of it she can only imagine is to speed up her learning.  Make her absorb the information internally at a faster rate.  Mother feels a spiritual presence is unsatisfied with how things are going.

Who is she helping?  Have those interactions resulted in tangible or measurable results that are needed to spread forth a better world.  Mother long ago knew her presence was being looked over.  Like a parent watching the children playing in the yard through the front window of the home.  There would by necessity be a ‘charge’ placed on her life which she knew comes with the wisdom and knowledge she asked to usefully possess.  

All of this wisdom and knowledge doesn’t come with an instruction manual or complete disclosure.  She has long gotten past that truth.  What Mother just recently has begun to understand is she has got to practice with some of this stuff like a team comprised of different position players.  How all members of a team work together so their ‘roles’ externally and internally present a unified sense of purpose.

Mother now understands more of the old phrases like ‘A woman’s heart is full of secrets’.  She releases her guilt and ignorance about this point immediately.  Now I know what I must do she says.  I have to take from the parts of myself I’m not using at that moment to have the energy needed to address current conditions.  I can’t keep my mind on one thing or allow it to wander if the situation doesn’t call for it.  I have to always remain adaptable.  There’s that ‘military training’ rising to the surface again.  Mother thinks ‘man if I could just recognize what I needed to know a little sooner’.  

Mother quickly squashes such ‘would a should a could a’ thinking with joyful relief that she has unlocked some chains from her mind all by herself…).

Mother Sayer:  What do I need to focus on today. (Mother sets her thoughts on what is the most pressing piece of business she will have to address to start off the week).

Sarah W. Certainty:  I believe the mentoring business is starting to show a profit.

Mother Sayer:  Ha Ha that’s funny Sarah.

Sarah W. Certainty:  All jokes delivered I’d say I may have been wrong about a few of your people.  Oakli and O’Woh are still projects for sure, but the way you came at them keeps me coming here daily.

Mother Sayer:  Oh, why?

Sarah W. Certainty:  When you said you weren’t a ‘Colonialist’ that struck my senses.  I’ve never been at a company where the owner didn’t want to exploit the wage earners at the bottom of the ledger. 

Mother Sayer:  The balance sheet mentality is still the top priority at all companies I’m sure.  What about growing the business?  I believe this is the flaw in many companies how they look at growing or expanding their market.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I know a little bit about expanding territory, but the way I’ve seen it done is probably not the way that is in your textbooks.

Mother Sayer:  The way your father did it.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I’m not talking about the crap shown in the movies where killing counts for expanding your grip on the market.  Markets that are already established are markets you don’t need to cultivate.

Mother Sayer:  Persuading the people who control those markets to play ball with you made more sense than killing them right?

Sarah W. Certainty:  I see you’ve had some upbringing around some dark corners in the world.

Mother Sayer:  My father is Ableman Sayer.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Just ‘checking on learning’ is how you say it in the Army right?

Mother Sayer: (Mother nods.).  Go on you have my attention.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Nowadays even the ‘underworld’ relies on market research.  Can’t know if going into business with somebody is worth the effort if the organization being run is slipshod.  Name is everything in that business because it can keep you alive in every way, or it can have you looking at the clock knowing time is not on your side.

Mother Sayer:  Time in what you’re talking about is one of your guys giving you up to the cops.  Keeping the exact details of the organization privy to a select few.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes right, but the most important thing is what you said a while ago.  You’re not a ‘Colonialist’.  In the underworld you have to pay your people well.  That’s why a drug dealer stays in that so-called profession.  He is making money he knows McDonald’s couldn’t come close to paying.  

Mother Sayer:  I know this.  While elite entertainment media types love to demonize drug dealers they always report it in ways that keeps them looking shall I say ‘heroic’ by the way they characterize drug dealers.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Are you looking to mentor someone in the drug trade now?

Mother Sayer:  No, I’ve told myself the truth a long time ago concerning drug dealers and their buyers.  

Sarah W. Certainty:  Can’t help them all can you?

Mother Sayer:  There is help for people struggling with substance use disorders.  The facts are still such that if they are 18 and over they got to seek the help.  Children are a different deal as parents can force them into treatment.  No I don’t spend my time worrying about grown people and the decisions they have the right to make.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Can I get an Amen sister?

Mother Sayer:  Amen sister.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Back to how my father did it was multifaceted I would say.  He used many approaches for many different communities if you get my meaning.

Mother Sayer:  Where Black communities would not allow a White Italian slinging on its’ street corners no more than were the opposite to happen.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Good, so you identify necessarily the strongest physically amongst Black drug dealers to sell your products.  You’d still want to have somebody capable of independent and rational thought.

Mother Sayer:  Self-explanatory I’d suppose, but what about people with violent reps?  I’m sure your father didn’t go into neighborhoods with say Russians and demand they work for him right?

Sarah W. Certainty:  The Europeans required an approach they were familiar with.  Violence.  My father let them know that the difference between them was that he or his men wouldn’t be doing any of the dying.  The Russians would be doing that, and he told them how it was going to go, and he let them decide.

Mother Sayer:  Your father, Don Se’Stone, could play different roles depending on the who was in front of him sort of like ‘situational awareness’ the Army taught me.

Sarah W. Certainty:  That’s what you need to do more of.  You can be tough with the ones here you think need it, but what face are you going to show to suppliers and the like?

Mother Sayer:  My role should not be ‘static’ in the face of complex challenges you say?  It should be kinetic?

Sarah W. Certainty:  I going to say something you might not like.  I know we discussed Laine Goone in the past after you got your daughter back.  The reason you got played was because of that.  You didn’t see him coming because you were unprepared.  He smelled you up over the phone long before sizing you up in front of him.

Mother Sayer:  You’re right Sarah that can’t happen again.  That’s not the reason I’ve been reluctant to pull the trigger on new business alliances.  It is for that reason I didn’t know the ‘lay of the land’ before I began traversing it.  I’ve been putting in more time studying people from all walks of life.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I must give it to you.  Consistency is one of your strong points.  Truth also as lying to yourself won’t score you any points on the field of business as we both know you’re playing to win.

Mother Sayer:  Ain’t that the truth.  Did your mother help him like give him some pointers?  By the way how is Sparklett?

Sarah W. Certainty:  She is fine as ever, and I do mean beautiful.

Mother Sayer:  She has that alluring presence I show wish I had.  I’d say that’s that Italian blood in her from the homeland.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I do have beautiful parents which I’m also glad to be truly loved.  Even more I appreciate the fact they poured a little of that wisdom, strength and presence in the room over my head.

Mother Sayer:  Parents that are strong don’t transfer that strength in ways that most people think they could.  The child has to open say a path to allow the parents’ energy a way in.  Every child won’t get it Sarah.

Sarah W. Certainty:  So you’re saying I’m old school?  I’d say that’s correct.  I looked at it more or less that way.  I had two powerful forces that created me, and I wanted to get a line installed with the quickness so that I could feed from them until I’m fully charged.

Mother Sayer:  Someday you knew you had to disconnect that direct line and sustain your own energy source.  You. What drives who you are and would it have the capacity for self-sustainment.  The energy within you to produce more energy to pursue new and exciting interests than just living day to day.

Sarah W. Certainty:  What matters right?

Mother Sayer:  I can’t just be thought of as a mother or be put in the category of businesswoman.  That’s just not good enough for me.  That’s why I push everybody to achieve greatness in every facet of their lives.  My role will not be defined by other people.  I will not be restricted in the things that I know I can do.

Sarah W. Certainty:  That’s why you put some of your people in authority just to see them struggle, fail, achieve what?

Mother Sayer:  I thought for the longest my father was crazy.  Crazy in my limited understanding at the time he started instructing me.  Nothing was off limits for me.  I of course was respectful.  He corrected my leanings toward complacency when the pace of instruction was numbing.  He kept me shocked and inspired enough to get me through rough patches.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Like a child discovering sex for the first time.

Mother Sayer:  Right.  He blew through my shock and awe.  One thing he taught me I still shake when I recall it is how grateful I am that he laid it before me.  Sarah he said, “The Devil is not you judge.  You are not your judge.  God is your judge in all three manifestations of what is Holy”.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Sort of like the Catholics use the priests to shield them from their actions.

Mother Sayer:  Yes.  I learned for myself many things beyond his teachings in the area of spirituality.  Most of the people preaching things about God don’t have a clue what they’re saying or affirming.  I’ve come across a lot of people taking as doctrine all what they hear in their so-called church settings.  

Sarah W. Certainty:  I see we’re going to have another one of those long mornings in conversation.

Mother Sayer:  Are they starting to wane for you?  No longer enjoyable?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Absolutely not.  It is time for motherly love and may I make the point I always feel more grounded afterwards.  Our talks bring us closer together as family.

Mother Sayer:  That is so true for me also.

Sarah W. Certainty:  You were saying the error of some people taking as gospel the word of some low grade teachers.

Mother Sayer:  I don’t get it Sarah.  A young fool sitting alone on the internet consuming things totally destructive to their psych is one thing.  The adults are the ones that are peculiar to me no matter how I turn over their blind loyalty to a cause.  They keep coming back for more.  It’s like a stupid soldier lighting a cigarette on a dark battlefield.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Letting the enemy know their position and where to train their firepower.  The heart of the one they’re following they care not to know.  Some people totally ignore the lessons of tragedy.  History shows that the majority of the dangers we face approaches us cloaked in darkness.

Mother Sayer:  That is why I’ve sought out the tough topics for answers all my life.  I was never treated with kid gloves by Mister Sayer.  My father kept pouring it on.  He taught on a level that was age appropriate, but once I got into my teen years he didn’t hold back anything.  I handled it or I didn’t that’s what he said.  So this is who I am and I’m not going to make myself smaller because somebody else can’t handle my strength.  

Sarah W. Certainty:  Come at me Bro?

Mother Sayer:  That’s right.  I live downrange and I will stay there.  Let me tell you something else about me.  I was around my father as he exposed me to many situations that would make a normal person seek shelter for their mind.  I absorbed everything about those circumstances.  You know what changed in me as a result?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Tell me.

Mother Sayer:  The blankets dropped from my head as I lay in bed at night.  I know that look.  Just listen.  All human beings have thoughts pass their minds and we both know some of them look to torment us.  Life is scary if you’re not learning the tools needed to defend yourself.  I don’t like being at a disadvantage to anyone physically, spiritually or mentally!

Sarah W. Certainty:  So you want to be prepared at all times.  That’s why you want to be a mentor so much.  Wait for a second.  Have you ever started to cross a bridge and halfway across you doubted getting to the other end?

Mother Sayer:  Yes of course.  I have you with me now because of one of my failures.  You are the best thing that came from dealing with that knucklehead Mister Goone.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I heard my father and mother talking about you and your dad.  This union has changed my life forever as well.

Mother Sayer:  The Army contributed to much of my presence in ways of command and control.  Dealing with people while part of a team.  Putting everybody in the best position possible commensurate with their skill set.  All the while not letting people escape the difficulties of their jobs because they on purpose shy away from increased levels of responsibility.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I can surely testify to that.  If you work here you won’t be hiding in a corner thinking you’ll go unnoticed.

Mother Sayer:  Status check now Sarah.  All the marbles in the bag.  Life is always 90 plus  percent from the neck up.  I’m going to tell you something else from another source of wisdom and knowledge you know I turn to for clarity.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Victor.  You’re talking about Victor right?

Mother Sayer:  Correct.  In one of the best counseling he gave me was about religion.  He asked me if I sat in a church and a so-called preacher was orating from the pulpit would I believe him or her word for word without question?  I had to say yes because that’s what I was taught to do at the time. 

Sarah W. Certainty:  I suppose it should if you thought it helped you in some way.  You were probably taught to accept it as helpful.

Mother Sayer:  That’s where we all get it so wrong.  Victor said if you’re going to be fed again metaphorically in the spirit which is unseen, then shouldn’t you receive something that you can keep down.  In order words something your body could process so it could become part of you?

Sarah W. Certainty:  So in other words you’re comparing a spiritual message to a good meal that is meant to stay down?

Mother Sayer:  Honestly I blindly followed the message of a lot of preachers because I assumed they knew what they were talking about.  I didn’t put two and two together until I started talking to Victor.  If I couldn’t keep food down for whatever reason I know it’s coming back up or the toilet is about to have a visitor.

Sarah W. Certainty:  You ignored the response to the mental health part of your body which started to show outwardly in trying to live or do good things off bad input.  Feeling like you still had a full belly even though you just threw up the crap that wasn’t sitting well with you.

Mother Sayer:  I am impressed Sarah.  I see you’ve spent a lot of time contemplating the essence of things.  The metaphysical I should say.  It is often the invisible but divisible things that always seem to have a high rate of success against us.  The good we decide to do gets polluted by our inability to tell what is good and evil.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I do believe all of us start with say a basic understanding about life.  Family, obedience, right and wrong are a few things we get early lessons on.  Life starts to get serious before we reach adulthood for sure.

Mother Sayer:  That’s where Victor feels strongly the worst lessons are learned.  He suffered or should I say groped through many dark patches in his younger years.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Parents, teachers and preachers weren’t up to the task for him am I right?

Mother Sayer:  Amen Sister Victor would say, and not because he wishes to condemn their emptiness of knowledge to answer his many inquiries.  He would condemn their apathy in acquiring the knowledge in order to answer his questions.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Isn’t the common refrain given to why parents of his generation didn’t care to answer his questions was that ‘they were born in difficult times’?

Mother Sayer:  Yeah.  Momma or Daddy couldn’t read or write or whatever stupid reason he said they always gave him.  The adults never failed to render an excuse why they couldn’t answer him.  Everybody just seemed to accept the fact nobody had any answers.

Sarah W. Certainty:  That never satisfied your friend did it?

Mother Sayer:  That man is relentless in his quest to always render an answer.  He says if a client comes to him he can very well tell in the first meeting where the problem lies.  When tough questions never receive consumable answers the results are that mental injuries never receive the healing care they deserve.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Being somebody that has consumable answers is very important to you I see.  You know there are people that will choose to be ignorant.  They like being ignorant because it causes disruption and will likely keep them in the spot they feel most comfortable.

Mother Sayer:  Exactly.  I’m in no way making a case to convince them otherwise.  I do have an answer for them when they groan about their lives to me.  That the life you are living is the one you want.  Change it if it’s not.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Some people have lives they had nothing to do in creating as far as the social status they enjoy.  Some people live in poverty, and it is okay with them as well.  Can they receive instruction from you?

Mother Sayer:  Knowledge is always there for those that seek it.  I’m going to include much of what we discussed today into television and movies from the media department.  No I’m not worried if some will reject my philosophical moanings.  I have a feeling there are a lot of people that are yearning for something that makes sense.  Something they can keep down and hopefully can become a part of them.

———————1st Interlude—————-

Sarah W. Certainty:  All of what you said sounds incomplete.  I know there is something else you want to say.

Mother Sayer:  I would be disappointed in you if you didn’t catch that.  Black folks remember the meaning of family.  Family has clear mandates.  Relationships mean you know the people you’re spending your life with.  When they are good and when they aren’t so good.

Sarah W. Certainty:  If family is family then the family should know when family members are struggling with something whether it be physically or mentally.

Mother Sayer:  Self-care is what it’s called.  It’s not called being a busy body or being noisy to be clear.  Knowing yourself first is the only way you will then have the space to know someone else.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I’ve seen it in my parents’ home.  My mother knew who the man was that asked her to marry him.  She was drawn to the only man that could match her energy.  My parents found each other even in the old country with all their arranged marriages.  I could tell you some stories my mother spiritly remembered confounding her father.  We’ll save such entertainment for another time.

Mother Sayer:  I can’t wait.  Self-care can be likened unto a railing that follows along or traces the steps we take.  It is something that stops the panic we feel when we lose our footing on our way to a fall.  It’s there as we grab for something to break the fall.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Because everyone has moments of real doubt about their ability to defend themselves mentally.  The common issues of life receive an amplified boost when our defenses are barely holding their own.

Mother Sayer:  Right.  It sounds simple yet when our need to for instance maintain a certain standard of living or appearances in a specific profession; the chances of harm to our mental health increases without the corresponding defenses there to address the possible outcomes.

Sarah W. Certainty:  That’s what you were saying about Victor.  He spent many years heeding the teachings of idiots until he finally accepted the truth.  The ‘shit they were spewing from their mouths was being rejected by his body’.  Sometimes coming out of ends at the same time.

Mother Sayer:  It sounds impossible that a human being would allow themselves to be deceived for so long, but the conditions are ripe for abuse when that’s the system.  Children have to taught by somebody.  Fortunately as Victor did I hit a ‘crossroad’ which crystallized an opportunity for me to make a violent course correction.

Sarah W. Certainty:  A slow right turn wasn’t going to happen huh?  No hitting the brakes to avoid a rollover for you.  No ma’am I’m going to take this corner.  Either I better stay on the road or I’m going to flip this thing.

Mother Sayer:  Precisely that Sarah.  Everyone has facets of their lives.  All of us have the capacity to change slowly or abruptly.  The facets that have been hiding behind other parts of our lives are now getting shoved to the front.  In America for far too long the mental facet of human nature was fiercely shunned.  What do you think happens as a result? 

Sarah W. Certainty:  Metaphorically it’s like restarting an engine that was gleefully allowed to rust and corrode because it was seen as a drag on the fun side of human nature.

Mother Sayer:  Careful Sarah, I will submit an application to UofL to have you awarded an honorary Doctorate in Philosophy.  Philosophy 101 when a crucial facet of humanity is neglected the ruins are enormous as the destruction lies in the path of us all.  Mental health isn’t something to play with.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I need to hear this.  Please keep going.

Mother Sayer:  I’m about done.  Have you ever noticed this about some of our troubling times?  How odd it is that the heaviest struggles come in the dark of night.  Like all our problems suddenly tap us on the shoulder after we’ve said our prayers at night.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I have felt like that before.

Mother Sayer:  That is the image I have in my head when I’m struck by those attacks to my mind.  Visualize crossing a canyon in the dead of night on a rope bridge.  Now the rope bridge symbolizes the defenses you’ve fortified to withstand the darkest of trials in your life.  What if the rope bridge is constructed of dumbass shit you learned from dumbass idiots?  

Sarah W. Certainty:  I’d say you’re in ‘trouble’.

Mother Sayer:  Let’s say you learned something from somebody that had just enough usefulness that it held up under your feet and you made it to the other side of that ‘void’.  As you were just about to step on solid ground the bridge collapsed leaving you there clinging to the rock face five feet from the top.  I would imagine you’d be kicking yourself for trusting in the advice given with assurances it would not fail you.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Pissed wouldn’t be my response.  I’d say I put myself here for consuming the shit coming out of people’s mouths who didn’t have a clue what they were talking about.

Mother Sayer:  Maybe they knew what they were saying was cow dung.  That is what I concluded long ago.  In the end responsibility lies with the individual paying good time to hear them talk.  I stop blaming other people for my decisions long ago.  Not because I stopped listening to them.  I put the ownage squarely back on me.  I needed to hone my own senses to know who can assist my deliberations when I face the issues of life. 

Sarah W. Certainty:  I wouldn’t expect you to do no less.

Mother Sayer:  Here are some of my techniques I use in those times when my state of mind is tipping precarious over a steep cliff.  I repeat a two or three word phrase like ‘Jesus wept’ or ‘More than a conqueror’.  For the moments when I feel I’m about to be defeated by my mental struggles I force one or two thoughts like that into my mind and replay it like a broken record.

Sarah W. Certainty:  What more would you say to yourself?

Mother Sayer:  I’d say ‘Se’May you cannot be defeated.  No harm will come unto you.  You are more than a conqueror’.  I’ve faced down more demons in my life to count.  For me as you know the stronger character trait I possess is the vow to never lie to myself.  It’s fantasy to think I would prevail in each trial I face just because I say so.  The strongest character trait I possess is knowing when to ask for ‘HELP’.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Know thyself.

Mother Sayer:  Proverbs 18:10…’The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe’.  I’m not delusional.  Do I possess everything I need to walk without fear on this Earth?  No I do not.  So a reasonable person should conclude that others know things they do not.  The trick is finding the ones that possess the knowledge you need for all facets of your life.

Sarah W. Certainty:  That’s why you embrace your ‘Role’.  However you are needed for yourself and others you will endeavor to accomplish it as it is required of you.

Mother Sayer:  Experience has shown me don’t run from mental challenges if you know you must righteously face them.  Run toward them.  Closing the distance shortens the time needed to identify and solve the issue.  Last thing I would say to anyone deep in mental battles.  They don’t go away on their own. 

A broken arm could heal itself, but there is no hiding the distortion effect.


(Mother has had a day today.  She knows the conversation she just had with Sarah she wanted to have with an adequate partner on her level.  Sarah is good to her she thinks.  I hope she knows when she calls me Mother she uplifts me.  She is a good young woman.  Tested in ways many women need to be as well.  Women and men are steered away from conflict of the mind because there are not enough men and women willing to stand in the breach and learn tough knowledge.

Knowledge that can heal.  Knowledge like that requires the student to be vulnerable.  In no way am I saying it is possible for everyone that is looking to learn can learn at such levels.  That’s why I am so thankful for my father and my friendship with Victor.  Both of those men have suffered wrongfully and accepted those affronts and became stronger for them!  Preachers.  Ha, there should be a licensing course for that.  No one should be allowed to spew crap from an altar and not be responsible for its’ effects.

Standing higher up and looking down gives an erroneous impression about their skills and abilities.  I’m glad Victor doesn’t hold back with me.  I can’t imagine living for decades with bad teachings.  He has jokes for days though.  The stuff he heard he said was coming out of both ends of his body and he still didn’t know to stop eating it.  Vomiting and shitting at the same time I know I shouldn’t laugh but that couldn’t have been fun. 

One other thing I took from his talks was that it’s not about respect for the person teaching.  It is about respecting the lesson if it is a good one meant for making more good come from it.  In Colossians 4:6…Let your speech alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.  

That is ‘My Role’ Mother says.  That is my commitment to whatever role is required of me to assume in this world.  I will become it no matter what it takes.)…



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 22:  Under Surveillance – Women?

I’m writing this under great mental restraint because marveling at what’s about to happen to women by men as these proposals will erase all stalking laws across the entire country.  Republicans are now writing and passing laws that will put millions of women under the eye of not just State governments by the worst example of my species, man.  These scumbags will now be right there next to the woman as she sits on the exam table with her legs wide open.  These stalkers will probably be conducting the exam!  You don’t believe me?  Show me the text of these laws, and then tell me it’s not possible for these ‘men’ these stalkers to not be able to perform these medical procedures.

Stalkers will now have the ability to approve or disapprove birth control.  Women now have to get all their healthcare approved by men.  If men don’t have the time or it will intrude on males enjoying their lives, then women will have to wait until men have the time to pay attention to women’s healthcare.  When men have the time for women period!  Women will now have to catch men in a good mood.  Doctors will now post signs outside their offices telling women ‘if you don’t have a signed consent from a man you will not be allowed to seek healthcare’.

In other words, if your stalker, your man or off and on man is unwilling to give a woman consent; then by law a woman will not be seen by a doctor!  I’m writing this post under ‘COLORED PEOPLE’ because women have seen and tasted of the same struggle that colored people in America experienced for centuries.  Women, just because you feel the time isn’t there for you to fight for your rights I strongly suggest sitting down and pull a history book from the shelf.  Scrum quickly through the text and don’t just read the words or scan the pictures.  Imagine what their lives meant.  Imagine not being able to fully realize your purpose.

Women, imagine being seen only as a ‘sack of cells’ neatly joined for the sole purpose of procreation.  Women, imagine not being seen as God said in Genesis 2:18…an help meet?  Women, imagine for a moment if all women stopped diminishing their purpose?  Let me be clear by what God meant in an ‘help meet’.  God is saying in a union of man and woman they both are crucial and equal partners in their shared success!  In the event a woman chooses not to be joined to a man then she is still a formidable force to be reckoned with.  Get that foolishness out of your heads women on a man saying because he has the greater muscle mass his contribution is more important!  Women I’m not saying you can play in the NFL.  Let’s keep it real now.

Now single women or all women in a relationship or not have the same standing as a man in a relationship or not.  Listen to me women.  With or without a man you are powerful and equal in any setting a man as humanly possible.  Women, I’m squarely in your corner, but I can’t do it all for you.  Women must stop cutting each other off at the knees.  Stop getting into inane arguments over the ideal representation of a woman.  Let every woman chose for themselves but let the woman that desires a career be celebrated fully amongst you.  In Ecclesiastes 4:12…’a threefold cord is not quickly broken’.  Got to stick together women!

Women your ‘DAY OF RECKONING’ is upon you!  If you give up the right to seek abortion then you give up all your rights.  A cursory review of history will show you if my words aren’t persuasive enough.  No, men cannot secure your rights.  I’m sorry but that’s not the case and it never was.  Colored people fought for their rights and demanded laws be written to prove them!  Women, stop that.  You know what I’m talking about.  Stop believing that somebody else will make sure you’re protected.

Apologies again.  Recent conflicts to include World War II, Korean Conflict, Vietnam, Afghanistan have the same truth immersed throughout them all.  The people of those nations chose to rebel against tyranny.  The outcomes in all of them were inevitable.  The people of each land accepted their outcomes.  Women you can say war is not happening, but when it comes to women’s rights I’d say you’re missing the big picture.

Women, you had better get suited and booted because when one stronghold falls all of your strongholds are weakened.  Abortion today.  Birth control tomorrow.  Cancer treatment if it harms your ability to get pregnant denied.  Participating in clinical studies if it harms your reproductive system women, you will be barred from participation.  If a woman wants to travel and it is deemed too risky you will be restricted.  Smoking will be outlawed for women.  Consuming alcohol will be outlawed.  

These ‘stalkers’ and these ‘so-called men’ sure are looking out for you aren’t they women?  Keep saying well the right to abortion I’ll let them take it.  They won’t seek to take any more of my rights.  Will they?  I’m sure they won’t.  At least I’m hoping they don’t.  Famous last words.


Give Me That Ole Time What?

Declaration of Humanity 4.0…This founding statement is different.  This one is being written in clarification of an ongoing threat of fear that ‘evil’ seems to offer more rewards than ‘good’ ever will, and more overtly the verbal Christians are flocking more openly to evils promise of fortune.  While this trend is alarming I must counter with this fact.  Evil has never gone out of season in America.  Good is more than a match for evil, but the righteousness of good can only be activated from a straight line.  What is that straight line you ask?  It is the center of every human beings’ known universe.  If it is straight it is a ‘Heartline’.  A heartline from the heart to the soul because when our heart stops our deeds will be called into account.  The ‘JUDGE’ will know what you did and not what you meant to do…

ISSUE 3:  The ‘Acts’ Of Immoral Leaders Fall On Us All…

Sadly these writings demanded of me still affect me in a sense that the repetitive nature of them causes my emotional confidence in all humanity to dip sharply.  Nonetheless I must fulfill the requirements set upon my role.  Luke Chapter 23 starts the first revelations of immoral leadership, and how we all suffer under each decision when it is rendered.  Pilate found no fault, blame, infraction, guilt, wrongdoing known, unknown or witnessed by anyone accusing Jesus.  Pilate wanted to release him as was customary one person convinced of crime at the feast.

The people demanded Barabbas be released who had committed ‘sedition’ (that’s familiar these days) and murder.  Stop right there.  Returning to this point in a minute I will, but first I want to back up to Pontius Pilate sending Jesus to King Herod who was in Jerusalem at the same time.  King Herod met Jesus and tried to speak with Jesus, but Jesus didn’t speak or answer King Herod one word.  Funny thing about that meeting was Jesus knew King Herod slept with Herodias his brother Philip’s wife.  John the Baptist forbid King Herod and told him to stop doing it for it was wrong.

While Jesus was still under arrest, modern term, Governor Pontius Pilate of Jerusalem met with King Herod and made friends.  One leader was moral, and the other was not.  I’ll let you so-called evangelical Christians figure out which one was moral.  Frankly looking lately at President Trump I’ll bet good money so-called evangelical Christians would say King Herod was the moral man.  

Now starting up again with humanity releasing Barabbas back into the world with his demonic acts in tow.  By a show of hands is it important that human beings be certain, I mean those that have the power to judge, to be dam sure if the accused is guilty of a crime?  That’s why some elected officials don’t have a problem with people undermining our country.  Sedition anyone?  That’s why some elected officials are flooding our streets with guns under the guise of gun rights.  Murder anyone?  That’s why some elected officials supported a former President that behaved with disdain toward women.  Adultery anyone?  It’s all a successful campaign pushed by Republicans for decades.  Celebration anyone?

Yes, standing up to King Herod cost John the Baptist his head.  The mob crucified Jesus thus fulfilling his duty to the Father.  All these Jesus name throwers couldn’t care less about right and wrong.  I have said it before on my site and I’ll say it forever.  America was not founded on Christian principles.  America was not founded on God.  That’s an insult to all believers in a spiritual high being.  Christians don’t enslave people and then put it in writing enslaved people are 3/5 of another race.  Christians don’t rape little girls and women and explain it away as property rights.  Christians don’t marry a woman and sleep with other women while saying they have respect for the institution of marriage.

I’ll tell you right now the only reason I believe America endures is by the prayers for mercy from spiritual leaders of all faiths in this country.  Very few people in my beliefs are heard by God.  These few believers are the only thing in my belief that God allows to give account of America.  All these clowns standing up in so-called churches spewing hatred for centuries.  Now they don’t want their history of hate to be known so everyone can see for themselves their legacies.  Stop thinking that just because somebody goes to church God will spare us all.  God is only listening to a very few souls and none of them belong to the so-called religious right.  No?  Well you didn’t read none of the words I’ve written before this sentence.

We know now that the people of this country can’t be trusted in choosing a leader of morals all the time.  President Trump has thrown all that out the window.  If a so-called evangelical Christian tells you Trump was or ever was a moral man you know that person worships at the ‘Church of Power’.  1 John 2:4 says when someone does not speak the truth he is a liar, and the truth was never in him.  Sound familiar ‘EvanDevicals’?

That is why President Vladimir Putin of Russia will answer for his crime against the sovereignty of Ukrainian people and her leader President Zelensky.  I’m not going to embarrass so-called evangelical Christians again by asking them to choose between Zelensky or Putin who is the moral leader.  I already know they would fail that test.  

Give me that ole time what?

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley




Preamble:  The Creator’s Diversity

The ones who hold the power tell the story.  The quote went something like that.  Make peace with that truth and let’s move on to how power can wreck a weak mind.  When the King eats from the same soil and drinks from the same pond how then did humankind conclude that denying these basic truths could unify us all?  How the realization of what power brings to those that possess it can influence human beings that are weak of spirit.  When their spirit is enticed to commit acts of evil when those in power that are evil hearted require it of them.  The Creator gifted his diverse creation carefully. The care he intended has been perverted by one race intent on maintaining their power instead of sharing it as we share the land, water and the air.  America is that experiment.  May I say it has never reached its full potential because she (Motherly pronoun) has never loved all her children.

Issue 6:  Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

My life gets better with each purchase and usage of modern appliances and city services like water, electricity and garbage pickup serves me well.  Every once in awhile though life gets interrupted by inconveniences.  What do I mean by that?  Right now my kitchen sink went kablooey.  Thankfully I don’t get frustrated anymore when that happens.  Tonight as I was running water from my bathtub into a big pot to heat on the stove and pour in the sink for dishwashing I lamented being inconvenienced.  Then something else came across my mind.  I wonder if this is what my ancestors thought about chugging water back from wells to cook, clean and wash themselves.  Maybe they just did what they needed to do every day to live a decent life.

That was all it took for me to let go of my arrogance of why I’m being inconvenienced.  Which reminded me that I should be thankful and not frustrated by this temporary disruption of my daily routine.  I still have the ability which I never lost to replace my kitchen sink and return to my normal routine in a few days.  When will women and men wake up and understand that if you believe life is a joke ‘you’ll always receive the PUNCH-LINE’.

For Republicans this is just the beginning.  Citizens current and soon to be I can accept being inconvenienced by things created by human beings because I know some of them will break down.  The fact that appliances need replacement or repair is part of the deal.  I’m an older Black man born in Birmingham, Alabama taught everything about human rights and how one race of people, White people, made all the rules which still is a recipe for disaster.  Having rights denied or flagrantly squandering them are one in the same.  Can you say ‘VOTE’ now anyone?

Oh, this is a good saying.  Republicans make poor people work and keep them off of welfare.  Name the last 10 Federal tax cuts and then tell me who benefited the most from them the ‘Rich or the Poor’?  Oh, I see some lightbulbs going off behind a lot of eyes.  Abortion is just the beginning.  Interracial marriage will be outlawed.  Marriage equality will be struck down.  There are challenges to the 14th Amendment under way hint hint President Obama.  The very nature of who can be a called a citizen will be challenged.  Black people will again be 3/5 of a white man.  It will be reinstated in the Constitution.  I know this is radical, but I believe we’ll even have Republicans put up laws reclaiming lost income from purchased slaves that were suddenly freed.

So every voter in America can keep on ‘excusing by explaining’ the egregious nature of denying rights to women and men.  I will begin my campaign today.  Democrats are for the ‘FEAST’ and Republicans are for the ‘FAMINE’.  Takers are never satisfied I’m telling you.  I’ve come across a lot of them in my 55 years of life.  Republicans are good at it because they have voters that excuse them.  We have a saying in the Black community.  ‘You slow you blow’ meaning ‘you either pay attention or you lose out’.  Don’t whine and complain when every seat at the table is filled.

Looks like a lot of ‘whining and complaining’ going on in America right now.  Too bad huh?  You should’ve been paying more attention women.  Women, you know you did this to yourself right?  Keep voting for whomever you choose.  I’m voting Democrats.  I strongly suggest you do the same!

Oh, I’m sorry one more thing.  I just can’t let this go without my two-cents worth.  Now the United States Supreme Court denies rights because they weren’t written in the U.S. Constitution over 200 years ago?  To take from the phrase a lot in the media are saying about ‘trigger laws’ snapping back into place denying abortion in many states.  The United States then should ‘snap back’ to horses and buggies.  Wood teeth and 40 year life expectancy.  Here it is women I’m going to say it.  Women should be treated as property again with zero rights and no control over their own bodies.  

Oh sorry, Republicans already beat me to it.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley


Forgive me but I can’t finish without saying this.  Women, why somebody got to tell you something is coming and it’s going to be bad for you to believe it?  Women, why do you then get mad at the people (Democrats) that told you it was coming?  Women, why everything bad has to become reality before you take action?  Women, why do you think Republicans have your best interest at heart when they have shown time and time again they could give a rats’ ass less?

Why is why we’re where we are right now.  Honestly I don’t feel sorry for a single woman right now.  Again women have made this day happen, and I’m telling you this is only the beginning ladies.  Why somebody got to holler at you to get you to listen?  I’ve scolded women enough now I will offer solutions.

Figure out every candidate for office where they stand on women’s rights and spread the word through your circles.  Don’t listen to what they say in the street.  Look at their political party and how they’ve treated women as well.  I don’t care if every joker running for office goes to your church put him or her through the ‘wringer’.  Women I feel the ground giving way under your feet.  Keep saying ‘aww it’s just a heavy truck passing on the road’.  If you say so.



Ground Water Sky

Founding Statement:  There comes a precious moment in time that all life drops the ignorance of superiority.  When the ground realizes it needs the water to survive.  The tree realizes it needs the ground to hold it in place.  The air realizes it needs the tree to replenish the oxygen it desperately needs to create the weather patterns that climatizes the Earth. Responsibilities are intertwined because a living planet depends on every element to function according to its purpose.

Mammals pretend that they’re more sophisticated than any living breathing planet, and thus conclude that liberties can be taken with all three essential elements.  The ignorance of mammals I’m afraid is a contradiction of their celebrated intelligence.  Intelligence that informs mammals they aren’t required to be simple creatures that fulfill their purpose, but creatures that can take actions harmful to the elements that are dedicated to their stated purpose.  Mammals believe such devotion constrains their freedom to live as they please.

This revelation and the antagonistic approach mammals have decided upon against the elements will be simplified in this digital periodical.  All the talk of unity will be broken down into useful parts that will be easy to understand and implement.  Know this my fellow mammals, all forms of life owe it to each other to care for one another.  It’s just that mammals have enjoyed the echo chamber of approval from other mammals because the elements never raised their voice.  We now know for certain the elements do have a voice, and they have registered their collective disapproval of the selfish nature of mammals…

Issue 04:  Leadership Rites

The rite for this issue will be defined as the passing of consumable knowledge with the desired result being to help the mentor and the discerner to judge dispassionately its impact.  Let’s start by laying out a harsh truth.  The leader doesn’t have to take the advice of an advisor.  Also an advisor is a leader.  How so you ask?  Let’s talk about it.

An advisor first of all before even deciding to be a part of what’s right, I hope, must know for him or herself what must be elevated in this world.  A guiding star one could say.  An advisor must possess some principles that cannot be swayed by popular considerations.  Some of these are diluting firm right and wrong situations.  Excusing by explaining reasons for objectionable behavior.  Denying long held spiritual beliefs when supporting unconscionable acts because of a relationship with the offending party or person.  To quote Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry ‘A man has got to know his limitations’. 

An advisor also must know when to be humble.  When advice is given a leader can choose not to utilize it.  Holy Bible Authorized King James Version in Proverbs 27:17…’Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend’.  An advisor should not be so arrogant in his or her beliefs that the leader must take everything said to heart.  Slow your role and understand something.  Every hit of the hammer and every dunk in the water for to cool the iron for further refinement counts!

An advisor has to conclude that the leader must be elevated.  The only way this happens is to lead in the role of advisor.  An advisor is expected to have ideas on what should be happening and give those in counsel to the leader.  Remember the advisor is there to help shape the legacy of the leader.  Iron sharpens iron is shaping the leader’s composure.  Sharpening the leaders grasp by deepening the leaders understanding.  Presentation must align with dedication.  Looking the part and saying the right words only gets a leader so far.  Human beings know a fake when they see one.  Also something else is crucial and necessary.  Rebuke the leader for wrongs committed.

One more characteristic of an advisor worth his or her salt.  An advisor cannot be about frustration when signs of failure clouds the purpose.  Advisors stand in the breach.  My definition of a breach is beyond what Webster’s defines.  A breach in my definition of the word describes ‘a hole or opening that gives an opportunity for those forces aligned against the leader to bring forth a leader’s destruction’.  Who plugs that hole advisors?  Can you as an advisor hold off forces bent on destroying your leader?

Those who know my writings and my philosophy know what I’m about to say.  Yes that’s correct.  An advisor must always have contingencies upon contingencies.  It is irrelevant your leader is moral and upright.  Absolutely it is always a good thing to align yourself on the side of good rather than enjoying the pleasures of evil for a season.  In any case this must remain true.  An advisor must always prepare for the ‘BREACH!’

Alright advisor/leader it is okay to believe in what you think a leader should be.  An advisor must also be always about the truth.  Count the leaders’ loses and wins.  Did you hear me?  Everything is not cake and ice cream.  Iron can’t be sharpened if you remove the ‘smith’.  I read something somewhere about that the iron has to ‘be hammered’ to be forged. Oh well I could have that wrong.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley




Preamble:  The Creator’s Diversity

The ones who hold the power tell the story.  The quote went something like that.  Make peace with that truth and let’s move on to how power can wreck a weak mind.  When the King eats from the same soil and drinks from the same pond how then did humankind conclude that denying these basic truths could unify us all?  How the realization of what power brings to those that possess it can influence human beings that are weak of spirit.  When their spirit is enticed to commit acts of evil when those in power that are evil hearted require it of them.  The Creator gifted his diverse creation carefully. The care he intended has been perverted by one race intent on maintaining their power instead of sharing it as we share the land, water and the air.  America is that experiment.  May I say it has never reached its full potential because she (Motherly pronoun) has never loved all her children.

Issue 5:  Two Sovereigns. Which Has The Moral Law?

I’m not going to school anyone in this post about Sun Tzu, The Art of War.  If you don’t seek the knowledge yourself then understanding my words are of little importance to you.  I’ve been led to write this post because of the ‘arrogance of ignorance’ that permeates the hearts of many people professing to know about ‘war’ in America.  The one thing they seem to forget is the respect factor in conducting ‘war’.

Going right into how one assesses war and the chance in conducting it successfully.  The wise general knows that he or she must acknowledge the capabilities, skills, talents, deployable power and strength of arms an adversary can put in the field.  It is sound military doctrine throughout the eons of time.  It is of ‘vital’ importance that the general knows what he or she is facing if war is the inevitable choice.  The utter sorrow it will inflict on civilians and country.  The general knows the horrors of war, so the calculations are many.

This is why the stupidity I hear in America about why did our generals overestimate the ability of Russia to conduct a successful war.  Why?  These so-called military observers which is what they are possess little to no knowledge of why our generals give respect to each and every army in the world.  They’ll never understand why but I will give my answer anyway.  Our generals respect standing armies formed or loosely outfitted because it assures the strength of our army.

It is not by weakness American Commanders extend respect to an adversary.  It is an acknowledgment that giving proper credibility to a foe keeps our forces clear of arrogance.  Arrogance by the definition appropriate here is a false belief in a soldiers’ heart that an enemy would lay his arms down at the first sight of our coming.  That is a lie with defeat and death written all over it!  Respect keeps the American soldier alive!

That is why America has won the wars she should have won.  That is why Ukraine’s President will defeat the Russian President.  Ukraine’s President has the Moral Law in defense of his lands.  The Russian President can have his priests pray to every false god known and unknown day and night, but the truth to those that know how wars are conducted are assured of the outcome.  Russia cannot defeat a Moral nation.  Ukraine has the Moral Law.  President Zelensky will prevail in the end because he must.

I’ve come to learn something very important in my life about spirituality.  Fighting evil has never been a fair fight.  Those souls fighting for good have either fought alone against many or fought with very few allies against evil.  Therefore it is my conclusion that it takes a minimum of 7 souls to vanquish the evil of 1 soul.  Ecclesiastes 9:18…Wisdom is better than weapons of war: but one sinner destroyeth much good.   

Those of us who have served and fought for America know that the outcome of war is decided by a great deal more than who possess the most weapons.  A Moral Leader with Moral Commanders are imbued with the greatest chance of victory.  

Let me finish this post with a few more points.  It pains me to listen to the talking heads in the media be critical of our military giving proper respect to the Russian military.  It is tragic how these know-it-alls know everything but that fundamental point.  Respect keeps soldiers alive!  I must also cover the insult to the centuries of sound military doctrine as these talking heads speak of the respect America’s military gives as if it’s an indictment against our generals being beholden to the very wisdom that has kept American children safe.  Have they even looked at the pictures of children in Ukraine walking behind their mothers balling their eyes out?

America’s generals should abandon their study and fidelity to the Art of War to satisfy some talking heads that haven’t a clue about the complexities of war.  Wow.  Just because we still assigned proper lethality to Russia’s military doesn’t make us responsible for the fact President Putin hollowed it out by greed, the indulgence of human pleasures and sheer stupidity.

I’ll take the judgments of our military leaders and our Moral President Biden supporting Ukraine’s Moral President Zelensky every time.  That wicked man in Russia will fall one day.  It won’t be because another man said so.  God will say so at God’s appointed time.  

Now all of you doubters in America about our military.  Stop it!  I know my words are most difficult for a so-called Christian to understand as God’s word is rarely taught here in America.  Let me be clear.  That shit eating grin on Vladimir Putin’s face will be wiped off one day.  I hope every would be dictator gets to see it live!


Give Me That Ole Time What?

Declaration of Humanity 4.0…This founding statement is different.  This one is being written in clarification of an ongoing threat of fear that ‘evil’ seems to offer more rewards than ‘good’ ever will, and more overtly the verbal Christians are flocking more openly to evils promise of fortune.  While this trend is alarming I must counter with this fact.  Evil has never gone out of season in America.  Good is more than a match for evil, but the righteousness of good can only be activated from a straight line.  What is that straight line you ask?  It is the center of every human beings’ known universe.  If it is straight it is a ‘Heartline’.  A heartline from the heart to the soul because when our heart stops our deeds will be called into account.  The ‘JUDGE’ will know what you did and not what you meant to do…

ISSUE 2:  For It Is Written…

Tell me something I don’t know.  Should the United States Constitution erase or should it hold as precedent what it intended for all Americans Native and Foreign when it was first written?  Should we believe that the framers meant to classify ‘Colored People’ as 3/5 a White person?  For it was written.  Why was it necessary that the United States Constitution be amended to free slaves?  For it was written.  Slaves were the property of their owners and thus as property were not entitled to be thought of as actual human beings.  For it was written.  Being property the slave owners could do with their property what they pleased to include rape ‘property’ women.  Rape ‘property’ little girls and rape crippled old women.  Commit atrocities on ‘Colored’ men and boys to amuse themselves when there was no entertainment available to soothe their ‘Christian’ minds.

Now all of you that are wondering what’s the significance of writing it down.  Let me tell you.  Proverbs 3:3…Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart.  Who among you actually believes that once something is written down that it can be amended from its’ true intent?  When words of good or evil are written they stay on the heart (your mind for those ignorant of the distinction).  Why do you think that White men in the Year of our Lord 2022 threw accusations of being soft on pedophiles at a Black woman judge?  Take a wild guess with that question.  What history did I just point out to you?  It wasn’t ‘Colored’ men raping ‘Colored’ women and little girls for hundreds of years.  What makes you think that is not passed down through generation after generation of White men?  Some of these folks actually attend something they call a ‘church’ although I am on record disputing that claim.

Let’s talk about other things written into laws, policies, and workplace protocols.  Take the police for example.  For decades they have been granted every unjust wish when dealing with the public they claim to ‘serve’.  Now they actually have the gall to object to their ‘boys’ the Republicans fervid push to put guns in any and everybody’s hands background checks be damned.  Quoting a line from one of my favorite movies.  In Redemption when ‘Crazy Joey Jones’ was confronted by the Nun about just delivering drugs and not touching them.  She said, ‘Isabel touched the stuff.  Maybe stuff you delivered.  You don’t put those things together in your head!’

For it is written.  The 2nd Amendment gives Americans the right to bear arms.  What makes you think that what was written wouldn’t be taken to the extreme!  I do have one good wish for the police seeing that their buddies the Republicans have ‘flipped the script’ on them.  Okay I can’t resist.  That’s what the ‘Devil’ does.  That’s all he does!  You can’t dance with the Devil and actually believe he takes song requests.  Do you?  You’re cracking me.  For the record I’ll offer you a way out ‘Mr. Police Officer’.  How about joining with Democrats in securing some policy promises and actually treat everybody with dignity and respect.  

I’m sure though the ‘Police’ are taking note of the Republicans and how they’re spiraling out of all reason into madness. The Police have been forced like all groups at some point over the course of what they want and how they’re going to get it.  Now they finally see that a lopsided debate even one that silences the other team can never really stand as a true victory.  It would be funny if it wasn’t a dangerous time for all citizens now that these ‘gun free’ laws are on the books.

For it is written.  Matthew 4:4…every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God.  That’s not the complete verse of course, but the point of it is the spoken word is just as powerful as the written word.  All the hatred Republican politicians write into law to tease up ‘White folks’ shambolic piety laced with delusional authority will keep that road to Hell wide as a 30 lane interstate highway.  It must be easy to get so-called ‘Christians’ to hate people because the Republicans always give the people what they want.  Oh by the way Matthew 7:14 directs you to the alternative.

Every time human beings write something down whether it be good or bad it stays in time.  Time is not erased it passes.  That old time religion is good enough for me.  Why because it provides an escape for me today just as it did for the slaves.  For it is written…


Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time

Season 2:  Episode 9:  Rising Sayer


(It has been six months now since Mother gave the okay to her team leaders to request funding, decide where it must be spent, and produce professional results.  Today she will be present for the sixth time with her leaders and ‘results’ are all that’s on her mind.  Being mindful of how she is viewed as she absorbs every piece of why they feel they’ve created a good thing.  Mother remembers her mission statement which anybody that wants to share in the success of The ARC must know by now.  “The money is not the goal.  Content is the goal.  Content that drives the imagination.  Content that will be stated in moral terms.  Above everything else content that makes the person that consumes it to want more from where it came.”

Mother isn’t a fan of wasted time, but she knows her children must be allowed time to be children.  Mother doesn’t believe in overdoing anything, so she has inserted educational time in between fun and games when the children have breaks from school.  This retelling of the early days when the ARC was new and churning with energy is a warm memory of how success without the right leadership isn’t truly success at all.  Mother embarked on a mission to test her style of leadership.  This episode is a joy to share with everyone…).

Mother Sayer: (Justus and Doyenne are sleeping in and it’s well deserved.  Their grades are meeting my expectations, so I won’t disturb their chance to sleep in this morning.  I will wake them with a goodbye kiss and welcome to a new day of promise.).  Good morning N’Tare.  I’ll read a little while I eat this morning.  Can I have today’s editions?

Ntare Bolder:  Good morning Mother.  I’ll have them brought in with breakfast.  Nourishing the body, mind and soul does touch all the vessels of energy.

Mother Sayer:  Good Ntare, I was contemplating how would I consume the reports from my leadership teams today.  What I would hope to consistently convey to show them that their progress is what I value the most.

Ntare Bolder:  I would say do what you’ve done here in your home.  You’ve made me feel valued, respected and appreciated from the first day I’ve lived here.  My wife tells me all the time how she never feels negative energy here. 

Mother Sayer:  How’s Eyamuar (pronounced ‘Eye am u ah’)?

Ntare Bolder:  She is most grateful and thankful.  She gets to run her daycare center in the way she always dreamed.  She recruits mainly women a bit older that have seen the world but chose to care for and train up children.  The ‘ROOT MOTHER DAYCARE’ stays at full capacity, but she wishes she could do more to help more children in Louisville.

Mother Sayer: (Mother motions Ntare to sit and talk to her about his wife’s plan to make it happen.).  Give me some details on how she plans to make that happen.

Ntare Bolder:  She wants to expand what she can do for the children.  A full kitchen and dining area.  A nutritionist and dietician not only for the children but also for their parents.  She wants to start inviting the parents for lunch whatever day of the week is convenient.  A sleeping area that is secure and monitored at all times.  A location with plenty of parking that can be secured and well lit.

Mother Sayer:  I can have Blinner start canvassing suitable locations for her if you like.  If she needs legal help, insurance, and advertising help I got her.

Ntare Bolder:  She will pay you back every penny.

Mother Sayer:  I never said otherwise.  Ntare listen, what Eyamuar is doing is crucial work and necessary work.  A lot of our people, Black people, don’t get the backing or support that White people get when they express their dreams.  That being said.  I run a professional company and I interact with everyone that way.  Just cause it’s a daycare doesn’t change the calculus.

Ntare Bolder:  Already made that point clear to my wife.  She knows what kind of woman you are.  She has made it clear to me she wouldn’t dream of failing to meet your expectations.

——————1st Interlude——————

(Wonder is a lost feeling kinda like a strong wind blowing at your back believing it will sweep you off your feet.  Mother Sayer is suddenly awash in the potential of her people.  She doesn’t want to jink her joy, but it has come upon her like a wave and the happiness is intoxicating.  Mother allows herself to stay in this moment for as long as it will last.  Arriving at the office today will be glorious…).

Mother Sayer:  Sarah, good morning.  What’s on tap for today?

Sarah W. Certainty:  It is time for another check-in with the project leaders.  Other than that I have some raw data from new ideas drawn up by plans and development.  Which do you prefer to look at first?

Mother Sayer:  Give me the update on the three projects.  I’ll take a look at what plans and development have ideas about later.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Very well then. (Sarah gives Mother the updates from the projects and catches a smile on Mother’s face as she goes into her office.).

Mother Sayer:  (I’ve got to start with the ‘MODEL’ project first.  My expectations are that Oakli Sands has done some soul searching if that’s possible considering her background.  Her answers will determine how I proceed with her and this project.)… Tuaole Rilyzah how is everything?

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Oh she’s ready for you today.

Mother Sayer:  Really?

Tuaole Rilyzah:  As you know I observe everything, and I know she’s been smarting from the whipping you gave her weeks ago.  Something about Oakli has changed.  The sort of change that acknowledges an error has been made and causes a course correction like fast.

Mother Sayer:  What?  She no longer feels her daddy’s money shields her from her mistakes?

Tuaole Rilyzah:  I believe she has blown past that and now knows she has an elder in you.  She knows money teaches you squat.  I have a request though I would ask of you.  Can I listen in on the conversation?

Mother Sayer:  Of course you may.  Come on, let’s get started.

Tuaole Rilyzah: (Tuaole motions for Mother to wait a minute while she goes in to verify Oakli is ready to speak with her.).  Okay Mother she is ready.  

Mother Sayer:  Good.  (Mother is directed to a seat close to the inner workings of the project and Oakli starts talking.).

Oakli Sands:  I’ve relied heavily on my team for extensive outreach into the communities we’re looking to serve, and they’ve rewarded this project with some eagerly suitable candidates.  Twelve candidates of which 5 are Black, 4 are Hispanic and 3 are Asian.  Every candidate is in college studying for bachelor’s degrees.

Mother Sayer:  Are their class loads agreeable to the time requirements of the project?

Oakli Sands:  Yes Mother.  All are in their 4th year of college actively looking for available employment after graduation.

Mother Sayer:  Are they entrepreneurs?

Oakli Sands:  Each has ideas for products and services.  Some are writers and some are entertainers.  Some have durable products in mind.  They understand that if they are offered a contract that everything they create and development will be confidential.

Mother Sayer:  How does their energy feel to you?

Oakli Sands:  None of them come from old money if that’s what you mean.  The anticipation of what they can do and the possibilities they have envisioned I believe are palpable.  I can feel their excitement at the chance they have in front of them.

Mother Sayer:  That’s what I didn’t feel when I hired you.  Listen to me now.  You have energy.  We all have energy, but your energy felt to me like it was uncorralled.  It felt like you let it bleed away because you came from money.  

Oakli Sands:  My reason to be here wasn’t known to me yet.  There are a lot of stairs I still haven’t climbed yet.

Mother Sayer:  Uh huh.  What do you mean?

Oakli Sands:  What has my life meant to me.  An endless stroll from party to party looking at cheek wide faces hating their very existence because they want to stay plugged into the spicket of the Sands.  Mother I did not know.  I’m sorry for putting on airs.  I’m a pretender basking in the spill over of glory from somebody else’s’ achievement thinking I did it.

Mother Sayer:  Surprising to be honest to hear this from you.  Usually someone so deep into how money affects the behavior of those that have it is one thing but hearing someone speak of soul-searching and actually changing course is an anomaly.  Are you saying you are open to being taught now?

Oakli Sands:  My arrogance has probably lost me your respect forever, but I am ready to learn what you have to teach me.

Mother Sayer:  Listen my child, there is nothing you could do to make me reject you short of you turning your back on me.  There are mistakes and missteps in life which is a new realization for you.  There are also ways to acknowledge those errors and learn not to pass over them again.  There’s a saying we have in the Army when someone in command begins to think they are above the respect of their soldiers.

We say they believe ‘their shit don’t stank’.  Certainly the thought pattern is a ‘complex’ that fortunately is easily rendered null and void by someone that outranks them when a ‘dime’ is dropped on their behavior.  We report toxic leaders in the Army to higher headquarters.

Oakli Sands:  I said some high and mighty things to you.  How can you forget that?

Mother Sayer:  By living by a code of honor.  A code governs us.  Well people that have decided to live a certain way regardless how they are treated.  A code decides how you respond.  Look simply stated there are good and bad things we all do in this world.  Hopefully you learn from them and the people that live by a code of honor will only remember what is good about you.

Oakli Sands:  Because they have been there where I still need to go?

Mother Sayer:  Ah, you have discovered someone that will call you out on your B.S.  That’s a good start.  Remember it’s not the job of a true friend to monitor your behavior.  It is your job to begin to live that respectable life you want.  A life where you gain respect, admiration and confidence because of who you are and who you’re becoming.

Oakli Sands:  Understood.  I was told you would be the same person from the day we met and every day we interact. Shall I continue showing you our progress?

Mother Sayer:  Please. (Mother listens as Oakli lays out waypoints she intends to meet.  How she will monitor everything about them from their mental health to their private pursuits.).

Oakli Sands:  When we start producing tangible results I will let you know.  A thorough report will be generated from each program participant outlining their creation.  What, where, who and how to market it to the targeted audience.

Mother Sayer:  I have seen enough.  Proceed and keep me informed. (With that Mother moves on to the next project update.).

——————2nd Interlude—————–

(Mother can feel the energy building up behind the eyes and lips of Tuaole Rilyzah.  Mother never lets her gaze linger over anyone let alone her valued staff which would let them know she would stop and entertain what they just witnessed.  This time though Mother feels the need to pause and take the win while acknowledging some of the indicators Oakli threw out trying to relate to her.).

Mother Sayer:  Ask me your questions Tuaole Rilyzah?

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Oakli employed or used a lot of slang and code words I know you picked up on them.  My question is why didn’t you tell her to not do that?

Mother Sayer:  Discourage Oakli from her entry into growing and relating to somebody that don’t look like her?  Why didn’t I stop her?  Because Oakli must start somewhere if she wants to truly succeed in her role.  It’s not just the project that’s important it’s what she needs to learn about life.  Life as different people see it and live it.

Tuaole Rilyzah:  So it wasn’t important to shoot her down on the attempt to relate to you?

Mother Sayer:  Exactly.  I don’t need to score more points in that game.  I’ve won it already.  I seek improvement in my people.  Tuaole do you remember Oakli saying she has a lot of stairs to climb?

Tuaole Rilyzah:  I do.

Mother Sayer:  When she came to me she didn’t realize that fact yet.  Truthfully she is standing at the bottom of the stairs looking at the number of rungs in front of her.  I nor you or anybody can climb the stairs for her.  It is something she has to do.

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Like my mother told me.  Chica I don’t need to learn how to be a woman.  You do.  The sooner I realized that I began to handle myself differently in all parts of my life.

Mother Sayer: (Clearly pleased with Tuaole recalling some of her upbringing and who provided it.  Mother smiles and nods her approval.).  Observe not only with your eyes Tuaole, but with every sense you have for that’s how you will receive your best instruction.  Oakli no doubt has a long way to go before she fully understands how powerful she can become if she can inspire people from all walks of life to believe in her.

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Understood Mother.  I will escort you to O’Woh’s project now. (Tuaole, Mother and Sarah walk a short distance down the hall to his Business Acumen and Direction project.  After short greetings, seating, and materials are handed out O’Woh starts his update.).

O’Woh E. Line:  The clothing line will be the first product to come out of development.  Now the business side is being set up now.  Marketing and product placement is where we have stalled a little.

Mother Sayer:  Oh, what’s the snag?

O’Woh E. Line:  The disagreement is who we want to be seen wearing our clothing line.  I want young Black and Hispanic girls while other members of the project want to span the entire spectrum.

Mother Sayer:  Okay then so why do you disagree in marketing the clothing to all races, creeds, nationalities and so forth?

O’Woh E. Line:  I believe that’s too ambitious right out the gate.  It should be a phased approach to start, and then we can look at the sales numbers and gage the excitement about the clothing on social media before we fully commit to it.

Mother Sayer:  Okay then. (Mother turns to the entire team and takes a poll.).  BAD project, how many of you believe you should go for broke?  (Mother takes the count which seems to include everybody on the team.).  Alright.  How many of you want to take it slow?  (Mother counts O’Woh and two others.).

O’Woh E. Line:  I still disagree, and I say as the leader of this team that we take it slow.

Mother Sayer:  The objection is noted.  I believe your team believes they have something special on their hands.  If I were you I’d listen to their reasons for why they are sure about the clothing line.

O’Woh E. Line:  I’m not going over this ground again with you Mother.  I said it when you were here last time that it is my decision on how this project makes it’s moves.

Mother Sayer:  May I remind you O’Woh of our side agreement.  I made you special assistant to new team leader Joppa just so no discontinuity would cause the project to lose momentum and incur unnecessary costs.

O’Woh E. Line:  I still believe I’m the best chance this project has to succeed.

Mother Sayer:  I see then that the part of our talk to be humble was muted.  At least you’re right about one thing enough time has been spent on this.  Joppa is team leader, and his team wants to proceed full throttle.  It’s his call and he made it.  Get on the train because I believe it’s leaving the station or stay on the platform.  Up to you.

(Mother signals to Joppa that he is satisfied.  She pulls O’Woh to the side and asks for his decision.  A few hem and hawing from O’Woh and Mother tells him she still thinks he can contribute, but only as a team member.  Joppa is team leader, and he can work with him or return to ‘ACCOUNTS and ACQUISITIONS’.  O’Woh turns and walks out.  Mother moves on to her last stop.).

——————-3rd Interlude——————–

(The entertainment media project has Mother anticipating this update.  She has always required authenticity from herself and elicits it from all her people.  This isn’t the first time Mother has thought about why the entertainment she sees on television is not a reflection of her daily lived experiences.

Moreover why has the entertainment industry promoted stories about Black people, Asian people, Hispanic people and many other races not developed or written by those races?  How come Hollywood has been allowed to get away with it so long?  Well Mother says to herself.  Not for long.  There will be genuine stories developed and written by members of those cultures and not by White people telling her who her people are.  Also anybody else for that matter.).

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Mother, Hekima Beborne said she is ready when you walk through her door.

Mother Sayer:  Let’s do it. (With that Mother, Tuaole and Sarah enter the project space of Hekima Beborne.).

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Hello Hekima, everyone is present now.  You can begin at any time.

Hekima Beborne:  I won’t contain my excitement, so I’ll jump right into it.  Originality is the high prize that escapes most of what’s shown on several media platform.  Most of the content being geared toward the worst emotions and impulses in humanity.  The working name of the show surrounding Japanese culture is ‘Family and Purpose’.  We’ll stick with that title and fill in an appropriate one later on down the line.

Mother Sayer:  Something that captures the reason and meaning in as few words as possible?

Hekima Beborne:  Not to tie our hands, but that is under consideration as we further develop the show.  Now we think Japanese culture speaks volumes all its’ own.  Our approach is to show how the structure of family life faithfully orders Japanese culture and convictions.  We believe showing how respect and honor dutifully guides and propels Japan to the extraordinary success it has achieved for being such a small country.

Mother Sayer:  Do you have the necessary stock of background writers needed for such a portrayal?

Hekima Beborne:  We’re interviewing and recruiting the necessary talent.

Mother Sayer:  Make sure you achieve a good mix of young and old across the ages.

Hekima Beborne:  In order to allow it to come through on the small screen as authentic we sure are looking to bring on board the right people from the source.

Mother Sayer:  So you’re coordinating with our Sacramento office to reach out across the Pacific to Japan?

Hekima Beborne:  We’ve written 5 episodes as you’ve asked.  The transcripts of them all we’ve recorded for you to listen when you have the time.

Mother Sayer:  Excellent. (Mother knew she’d found a gem.  She believes Hekima is becoming that leader of her team as she expected she would.).

Hekima Beborne:  I need to interview some actors for a live taping.  Do I have your permission to go ahead?

Mother Sayer:  Yes yes.  Like I said you can consult with Blinner, and she’ll give you some pointers on how to pick a property or filming location.  Make sure you keep ‘MARKETING’ in the loop and ‘LEGAL’.  I don’t want somebody claiming we poached an idea from them.  Make sure to remind them every project and every detail about them are always company secrets.

Hekima Beborne:  Thank you Mother.  I will remind everyone of their obligations and commitments.

Mother Sayer:  All I ask from you is that you maintain your consistency.  Remember ‘Professionals keep climbing them stairs even when they think the top stair is within sight’.


(Mother, Sarah take seats at Tuaole’s center position on the 3rd floor and begin their discussion.  The conversation is an enlightening one just the way Mother likes them.).

Mother Sayer:  Was it worth your while to accompany us to each update Tuaole?

Tuaole Rilyzah:  I’d certainly say so.  I got what you did with Oakli, but I thought O’Woh checked out of the BAD project?

Mother Sayer:  He did but he gives me one human project to work on.  I’m not saying what I’m doing is akin to a woman thinking she could fix her boyfriend.  I’m giving somebody another chance at doing life the let’s say better way.  The moral way.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Okay Mother I know there’re many layers to a woman much like her clothing, but are you sure putting energy into O’Woh is a good use of your electrical cord?

Tuaole Rilyzah:  I must agree with Sarah.  Is he worth it?

Mother Sayer:  I will tell you both why I’m giving him time to come around.  The Army is responsible for a generous portion of how I view the world.  When recruits first enter the Army they’re tested by what’s called ‘Basic Training’.  This step is more crucial than it sounds because this is where recruits are put on a ‘tree’ metaphorically of course.

The Army has to know what its’ got and they will know that once they ‘shake the tree’.

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Can I break in?  Are you saying that to mean that the recruits have to be tested?

Mother Sayer:  That’s exactly what I’m saying.  Look, the military isn’t for everybody, and the Army knows that.  I model my business on some of the same principles.  I have to know the abilities of my people.  The Army has to ‘shake the tree’ in training when it’s not real so that in ‘War’ they have soldiers that can fight and fight professionally.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Being under stress will show you who has the ability or not right?  

Mother Sayer:  Sarah you are still on point.  Tuaole it is the crucible of transformation.  It’s like this.  Achieving something worthwhile changes a person.  Do you understand where I’m going with this?

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Say I’m following you so far.

Mother Sayer:  As we are given more responsibility would you believe that if you successfully complete those tasks that you are not the same person.  You begin to feel more confident in yourself.  You now have a record of achievement under your belt which in turn strengthens your resolve.  Doubting yourself starts to fade because you’ve been given a task and you completed it.

Tuaole Rilyzah:  And the recruits have to complete ‘Basic Training’ in order to stay in the Army?

Mother Sayer:  That’s right!  It has to be that way or the whole effort would be a waste.  Just like a medical student in residency has to finish it in order to have the honor of being a ‘DOCTOR’.

Tuaole Rilyzah:  A professional soldier is what the Army wants, and they have to ‘shake that tree’ to let the ones fall off that wouldn’t be able to handle the rigors a soldier has to face on a battlefield.

Mother Sayer:  Thankfully the Army holds to that standard just as I must hold to my own.  It doesn’t mean I can’t have a project that needs ‘reediting’.  O’Woh suffers from the same fault as most people that see success from their efforts.  Even if those efforts are from stealing or deceiving people they equate the results equally the same.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Well, I’m glad I’m allowed to be in your life.

Mother Sayer:  Why you say that?  Of course you are my daughter for all intent and purposes.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I know although I still think it’s means something to say it from time to time.

Mother Sayer:  It does, and I love you to.  

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Do you really care about your people?

Mother Sayer:  What do you think Tuaole?  Before you answer I want more than a yes or no.

Tuaole Rilyzah:  I believe you want your people to be successful because you will become richer from the creations and inventions you’ll sell.

Mother Sayer:  No wrong answer.  Sarah, why do I want my people to be successful?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Because you don’t look at people as expendable commodities bought and sold for a price.  Your approach is to give them the dignity of actual achievement and sharing in the success of THE ARC INCORPORATED.

Mother Sayer:  That’s why I’m in business Tuaole.  My approach is not the model of ‘buying or selling’ labor.  That’s the colonial approach.  I’m not a slave master.  Remember I said a large chunk of how I conduct myself is the fault of the Army.  The Army teaches us that when our people are successful we’re more successful.  That lesson speaking only for myself has burrowed its way into my brain and won’t release its claws.

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Ha Ha.  I understand now.  I’m sorry I said that.

Mother Sayer:  Don’t be.  I’d prefer you speak to me about anything that’s bothering you and not hold back.  Trust me I’m a professional and as I’ve said before ‘professionals should be able to have professional conversations’.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Mother we have to go.

Mother Sayer:  Appreciate the hospitality in how you’ve kept me on schedule Tuaole.  If you need to talk you know where to find me.  Good day now.



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 21:  The Word is Out

Jermaine Stewart’s song ‘the word is out’ was a big hit for him in the late 1980’s.  I recalled this song because it’s filled with deep bass, drums and various musical compilations that provides the heart and soul with an enjoyable experience.  It seems I have to touch on two points in this Issue of Colored People.  These White male clowns no sorry assclowns attempting to use Dr. Martin Luther King Juniors’ teaching to justify their White lived experience to speak credibly about what Colored People have suffered in America.  The second point is about an overqualified Black female Federal judge’s credentials to sit on the United States Supreme Court.

First of all I have to say this that I understand and accept the fact that White privileged men will continue their ignorant assertions about something they obviously know nothing about.  That assclown standing near the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma, Alabama is believable only to the idiots that he made that blasphemous statement to.  Let me try to explain to him although I know it’s futile that setting up a system of slavery and running it for more than 200 years doesn’t erase the legacy!  Words on a piece of paper doesn’t change someone’s mind.  Words on a piece of paper said Black folks were 3/5 a White person.  Laws throughout this country said Black folks were property.

Systems to keep Black people separated from their fellow White citizens were agreed upon openly and complicitly with object denial.  Do this White male assclown not know history?  How White men brought their wives out to lynchings.  How White males encouraged their children to stand there looking and sometimes participating in those mutilations of Black males.  Yes Black men and little Black boys were lynched.  Little Black girls and Black women raped by White male assclowns like those politicians.  Gosh I’m glad I got a privileged White male assclown telling me I need to stop trying to understand how it all got established and codified into America’s very heart!

Please tell me these White male assclowns are just ill informed?  Just me giving these idiots an honest way out.  There are people that have committed crimes being gullible to a leader’s true intentions.  Right!  Are you serious in stating that Critical Race Theory shouldn’t be taught because the truth makes White male assclowns look bad?  Some Black people may now ask how can these White male assclowns spew vile from their 200 plus year playbook of demonizing Colored people?  

What’s the old saying?  ‘People usually fall back on what they know’.  A show of hands who believes that 200 plus years of teaching White folks how to hate, deny, murder, mutilate, maim, destroy, demonize, steal wealth from Colored folks, attend fake CHURCHES and lie about all of that not being evil?  How the true ‘evil’ is the ‘victims’ seeking understanding and information about how it all persisted so long.  How White male and female assclowns all of a sudden are in uproar because Critical Race Theory seeks the truth?

When you answer to that block of questions make sure you have your facts straight.

Now about the United States Supreme Court and Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson ascension to that bench.  Senator Durbin made the right call in not defending Judge Jackson.  Both of us know that the first has to demonstrate the mental fortitude to withstand such ludicrous attacks.  Frankly I believe a 3rd grader could’ve imagined and lob more wickedly purposeful questions and bellicose accusations than those Senate Republican assclowns.  My conclusion is she actually got off easy would be my conclusion.  Remember the definition of a professional.  ‘A professional is a person that maintains control of situations by displaying a set of mastered skills that no one can shake or cause to crack the performance of under rigorous conditions.’

Yeah I’m sure Judge Jackson walked away saying to herself ‘is that all they got, I thought they were going to come at me with witty insight and studied queries about my record’.  Matter of fact she reminded me of Sally Yates.  The acting attorney general when President Trump took office in 2017.  Remember her how she steely stared down those Republican assclowns in that congressional briefing.  How not just her command of the law was on point but her silky smooth confidence in delivering it precisely was impressive. Ya’ll better ask somebody about who’s in front of you!  Well when you’re an assclown Republican thinking your intelligence and skills are on the same level as your opponent you might forget the warning about going up against a smarter opponent.  Just saying.

As Jermaine Stewart gave me a song I still love to this day.  The word is out that ignorance is bliss, and it’s probably why a lot of privileged White folks don’t want to know the answer to the most glorious question.  Why am I afraid of the truth?


Ground Water Sky

Founding Statement:  There comes a precious moment in time that all life drops the ignorance of superiority.  When the ground realizes it needs the water to survive.  The tree realizes it needs the ground to hold it in place.  The air realizes it needs the tree to replenish the oxygen it desperately needs to create the weather patterns that climatizes the Earth. Responsibilities are intertwined because a living planet depends on every element to function according to its purpose.

Mammals pretend that they’re more sophisticated than any living breathing planet, and thus conclude that liberties can be taken with all three essential elements.  The ignorance of mammals I’m afraid is a contradiction of their celebrated intelligence.  Intelligence that informs mammals they aren’t required to be simple creatures that fulfill their purpose, but creatures that can take actions harmful to the elements that are dedicated to their stated purpose.  Mammals believe such devotion constrains their freedom to live as they please.

This revelation and the antagonistic approach mammals have decided upon against the elements will be simplified in this digital periodical.  All the talk of unity will be broken down into useful parts that will be easy to understand and implement.  Know this my fellow mammals, all forms of life owe it to each other to care for one another.  It’s just that mammals have enjoyed the echo chamber of approval from other mammals because the elements never raised their voice.  We now know for certain the elements do have a voice, and they have registered their collective disapproval of the selfish nature of mammals…

Issue 03:  Is Truth Self Evident?

Truth should be to use a basketball term a layup.  Often the negative of it is pursued and practiced.  A lie is the vulture that swoops down eager to get fat feeding off the rotting carrion of foolish nations.  Take for instance this talk of what is a strongman in American Media.  A strongman as defined by the media is ‘a man that kills old women, young mothers and their babies.  A man that kills crippled old men that lean upon walking canes.  Old men confined to wheelchairs.  Old women put to flee as fire rains down upon them.’  This is how American media has defined strongmen for decades.  See how speaking and viewing things with one voice through one lens exacerbates the problem?

Okay now most of the cleverness of my statement will be hauled off or expunged out of the minds of religious followers who should know better.  Like all the delusional U.S. Senators and U.S. House of Representatives that believe the U.S. Constitution was written as a final document.  All the idiots these folks convince that it was not designed to be amended deserve whatever fate has in store for them.  People what’s on paper has to have rules applied to implement it.  Standards to govern how it is applied in an even handed manner that makes sense to a reasonable person plucked out of the citizenry.

Are you really telling me that the wife of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice doesn’t tell her husband about what she’s been doing?  How if he could vote a certain way and convince his colleagues to do the same?  How we as citizens should trust that they hold America’s interests’ first?  How as a husband and wife they are old enough to know better and we should trust that they do.  Well that would be fine if the evidence lined up with that belief.  Senator McConnell says the U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thomas and the entire Supreme Court should feel free to ignore this.  Really?  “Clumsy bullying” Senator McConnell said it which should sound familiar comrade.  I would posit the Senator’s dismissal is on par with President Vladimir Putin’s dismissal of his Generals and Intelligence advisors.  We all know how badly the war is going for Vladimir!  You have to say ‘Vladimir’ with gusto like you’re announcing the ‘King’s’ arrival.  Nobody with an ounce of sense in their head should believe or buy what those two men are selling, and I’ll tell you why.  Proverbs 24:24-25…He that saith unto the wicked, Thou art righteous; him shall the people curse, nations shall abhor him: But to them that rebuke him shall be delight, and a good blessing shall come upon them.

Follow me now.  The historical record reeks of plundered kingdoms not looted by invaders.  If you read history closely you’ll find that corrupt leaders destroyed their countries.  Read your Bible instead of thumping it you’ll find many truths there.  Read your history books deeper you’ll find the truth there.  When leaders stop telling the truth that’s where it starts.  Lulling their people with the boogeyman of ‘them’ ‘others’ ‘kooky religions’, and my personal favorite ‘those aren’t really human beings like you are’.  Kinda chokes me up how long that stupid shit worked.  All the while I drive through Kentucky and see trailer parks and upscale homes suffering from the same ignorance.

Celebrating wickedness and lauding praise upon ‘strongmen’ has been the go to ratings bonanza  for years with the ‘lily white media’.  Vladimir Putin is just following what America’s news media has been doing for years.  Now they’re piling on Tucker Carlson and Fox News for doing the same.  Talk about hypocrites!  I remember how the media only showed Black people in chains and behaving badly.  I want to stay on what the American news media would be doing if times were different.  

“Oh look at Vladimir Putin.  Man he got little children walking down the street crying their eyes out.  Wonderful!  That’s what I’m talking about.  That’s the very epitome the very image of a strongman.  He’s kicking the shit out of women and children.  God, I’m gushing all over him right now.  Look at all the misery he’s inflicting.  All the death and destruction.  Boy if I could kiss Vladimir right now I’d lick him all over.  Look at Vladimir upon that jackass with his shirt off.  Man, I think I’m about to faint.   He’s so beautiful to gaze upon I can’t take it anymore!”

I don’t wanna hear it.  The American news media has their day of reckoning coming.  My three top priorities are God, family, country.  I don’t have to worry about God because he’s at the top of the food chain.  My family has committed wrongs and are currently serving penance.  America is a country, and a country is governed by people.  Public service is perverted right now, but not loss as we have the responsibility to keep people in power that serve the people.  If America elects Republicans again with the Republicans showing they are anti-Bible, then America will get what it deserves.  Lies are wicked Bible thumping Christians!  It should be ‘self-evident’.



This digital periodical will question the ridiculous nature of those in power constantly trying to convince us they have our best interests at heart.  Thinking the worse about those you govern won’t endear them to you.  Being fawned over by those with paid access is not flattery Senators and Congress members.  Manipulating the haters and the willfully ignorant among the citizenry to trouble people who’ve done them no harm blots your soul.  I have witnessed God’s word in truth as he seeth that everybody’s day will come…

Article 5:  Revisiting the ‘STRONGMAN’ Argument

Wouldn’t a ‘real’ strongman visit his troops on the frontline?  Wouldn’t a ‘real’ strongman make sure the men fighting in his war have all the equipment they need to ‘vanquish’ his enemies?  Wouldn’t a ‘real’ strongman not need village idiots to convince him he is a ‘GOD’ because he would know this himself after all everybody is kissing his ass right?  Wouldn’t a ‘real’ strongman ride into battle as a ‘tank commander’?  A ‘real’ strongman wouldn’t need to ride a ’jackass’ into battle.  A ‘real’ strongman wouldn’t need a ‘fat orange haired buffoon from America’ or an old ‘fool’ from Belarus chiming in his ear about how they want to be just like ‘Vladimir Putin’ when they grow up.

Now let me get to a few observations or should I say ‘miscalculations’.  Sun Tzu in ‘The Art of War’ said the General that makes the most calculations wins.  Listen everybody, there will always be people to tell you what your ‘ignorant’ ass wants to hear.  The choice is an individual choice to suffer judgment and condemnation.  As I’ve always said and forever will that you can believe all the lies you want.  Knock yourself out with lies.  Be in a trance for them, but a faux Christian can pack all the lies and even carry them to judgment.  I promise you that you and your baggage will take the express service to ‘HELL’.  

Revelations 22:15…’For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie’.  Yes all of us have told a lie before in our lives.  That’s forgivable.  What’s unforgivable is those that tell a lie and not confess it is a lie.  Those that believe a lie when they know it is a lie are guilty. Those that follow my writings and stories know that I don’t have an ounce of solidarity with ‘EvanDevilcal Christians’ or faux Christians.  The hypocrisy of those people who truthfully are mainly Republicans have kept evil going in America for hundreds of years.  Why would Republican ‘EvanDevilcal Christians’ stop pushing ‘ignorant’ people to hate others for no good reason than to keep them in power?

Now we are informed that the wife of a United States Supreme Court Associate Justice was in favor of overturning a duly elected United States President?  We are, American citizens are to blame for our mistrust in the highest court in the land? Like I said I wrote a post way back when I started pursuing my passion of writing and bringing real stories about Black people to life.  How you can ‘degrade’ an organization, a business, a family, a legislative body, a court of law.  One way is just like that.  Have a spouse influence a judge to vote against something she favors.  

Watch my words.  In the days to come you will hear all about how professionally Justice Thomas approaches every case before him.  How the law itself is his ultimate counsel.  How passionately he holds his oath to be impartial.  It won’t work on anybody using their senses to ‘discern both good and evil’.  The dye is cast, and it has bonded with the paper (our hearts and minds).  That’s how you degrade a nation.  Justice Thomas was the lone dissenting vote on that one case. Don’t ask him to resign because he doesn’t have a minuscule of decency or honor in his bones.

In closing I think we have put to rest the insulting imagination of village idiots about what describes a strongman.  Yeah a strongman is genius and savvy when he lines up his toy soldiers on a game board and a smaller boy comes along and kicks the shit out of them all over the place.  Strongman indeed Republicans!



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 20:  How Many Times Republicans Need to Tell You They Don’t See You?

The CROWN ACT ‘Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural hair’ literally was done to protect the rights of Black, Brown and Colored People to express their individuality in styling their own hair.  Just getting the details out of the way first will allow us to tie all of it together in this issue.  Meditate on this while you read this.  How can another race tell a race they aren’t a member of how to conduct themselves?  Hold that thought.

Let me explain to White Men and Women why the hair of Colored people is scripture.  1 Corinthians 11:15 ‘But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering’.  ‘Hair is a glory’ Republicans.  I know all of you will never understand that given that all of you voted against the ‘bill’ in the U.S. House of Representatives.  It is typical for the God thumping Bible Party to profess with their mouths how holy they are when their hearts tell the truth.

————————-Stop reading right here as it’s about to get ugly————————–

White Republican men have wished and for the most part were successful in erasing everything about Black people.  Republicans have to be vigilant in their historical effort to erase all that Black people knew from Africa, and what they remembered still needed to be monitored and stamped out when it shows itself.  Hence 3/5 a White person.  White and Black water fountains everywhere keeps ‘those’ people in line.  No sitting at the lunch counter.  Go to the back of the bus and if no seats are available a Black person must give up theirs to a White person.  How many jellybeans in a jar to vote? Pay a poll tax to vote.  

Redline communities to keep Black people from buying or renting homes or apartments.  Seize lands for public works projects and pay Black owners a third less a White would get for the same land.  Discrimination in hiring practices for both public and private jobs.  Police neighborhoods in different ways when those needing help are Black or White.  Police fear Black people more than they fear White people and this is why that mentality is dangerous.  James 1:8 ‘A double minded man is unstable in all his ways’.  

Imagine that by what authority White people believe they have the right to tell Black people how to style their hair?  Are you still meditating?  Let’s continue then with our efforts to reveal the overt ways White people brood and conspire to use authority I believe from Satan to oppress Black people.  I mean they did and still go to their churches oblivious to all the atrocities committed in their names to keep White people in power.  Why stop now?  Republicans are good at oppression, so why stop what’s working?  

White people don’t like the way Black people dress.  White people don’t like the way Black people greet, mingle and interact with friends and family.  They say, ‘Black people get too loud when they gather together’.  Black people are gaining in wealth and that needs to be reined in before they taste more freedom than they should be allowed.  White people should harass Black people when they go shopping by calling the police on them because the police will automatically believe Whites over Blacks.  Black people renting houses need to have the police called on them because as a White person I get to say who looks suspicious or not.

Black people can’t tell me to follow the rules to leash my dog in public, so I’ll call the police and use the White woman damsel in distress with a ‘fear of a Black man’ enhancement to make them hurry.  Why do Black people vote Republican when all I’ve clearly written has happened and will continue to happen to Black people.  Republicans will always have the mentality that says everybody will conform, bend, cow tow, comply and obey my ideas of normality.  I’m the White Republican man and you’re going to obey me, or I will break your will.

Republicans say, I’m going to deny you the honor of God by denying you the right to worship God as you please thus bomb Black churches.  Sorry the times have changed.  Now I’m going to come in and shoot up your members and defile your churches.  Republicans say, I’m going to deny you the honor of God by denying you the right to be educated.  Bomb your Historic Black Colleges and Universities.  

That’s why I characterized White and Republican as the same because whether you knowingly or unknowingly White people benefit from the hatred the Republican Party has against Black people.  That’s why most White people and all Republicans will never understand that whatever mandates you decide Black people should follow will never be accepted by us!  What part of Black culture is acceptable to White people?  White people don’t get to tell Black and Colored people how to conduct their lives!

Look don’t get me wrong.  I’m not here to shatter hundreds of years of indoctrination why White people don’t understand why they’re in the wrong here.  I’m writing this so those Black people and Colored people know that Republicans think very little of you.  Republicans skin and grin facing you, but snarl and gnash their teeth at you behind your back.  Do you get it now Republicans and White people?  No matter how hard you try to you cannot erase what makes Black and Colored people unique.  I won’t say stop trying because that would make me sound naïve because you’re not going to stop coming after us.

I will say this.  Controlling the flow of information completely is no longer in your sole possession.  I am a Black man, and I will always call it as it is.  Watch me.




I thought this digital periodical should be the opposite of the ‘political theater’ version gracing my website.  The focus here will be what America can accomplish with a political system pushing her to do better on behalf of all her citizens.  In that spirit I will make this version an upbeat idea filled publication for the ages…

Issue 3:  Delusion and Waste

Today was enlightening.  Beholding someone in the throes of a delusion and not interrupting has always eluded me.  Not this time though as I stood intensely listening with as much of a nonjudgmental face as I could.  Truthfully it was as much of an expansion of my consciousness as I’ve read and heard about.  A lie isn’t an excuse to immunize anyone from their responsibility to know the truth.  Knowing all of this is nothing in and of itself, so what meaning does witnessing delusional behavior that I must conclude to keep my mind free of it? 

Understanding the word of God as much as possible informs me that constantly seeking and consuming unrighteousness condemns a person to being judged incompatible to the truth.  One, two, three or more instances of hearing, believing, and spreading lies isn’t enough.  A person has to actively seek them out to spoil good order and decency.  President Putin mistakenly believed that he could wield such a potent power as telling lies that the handling of lies carefully would somehow not touch his garments.  Nothing else could explain his total and complete lack of calculus in starting a war with Ukraine.

The next printing of Webster’s Dictionary should have a picture of President Putin by the words ‘miscalculated’, ‘incompetence’, ‘paper tiger’, and ‘delusional’.  What a foolish waste of lives, infrastructure and if he had a reputation a reputation in the eyes and minds of other authoritarians.  Loose meaning of the word authoritarian I’m going for here to somehow explain all these ‘guys’ lack of real loyalty in the cronies eyeballing them.  Really, let’s be real here.  It’s not a wanna be strong man they’re sucking up too it’s what they can get from feigning admiration when what they really want to do is put a shiv between their shoulder blades.

Now let me be clear about this because it’s important.  Do not attempt to pull someone out of their delusion.  Do you understand me?  I am with America no matter what and it’s not because I served in the Army.  I’m with America because I believe America is the only thing keeping the world from plunging into chaos.  Some of you I’m sure didn’t understand the above statement, so I’ll say it another way.  America is the world’s best shot bar none!  Yes as a Black man I say that as a child of God.  America’s strength is borne of a totality of her history which includes her atrocities, reconciliations and her triumphs.

Let your fellow Americans disparage her such as believing claims of biolabs in Ukraine creating toxins to kill us.  Believing Ukraine’s Jewish President is a Nazi.  Fox News allowing filth spued about President Biden but love and Godspeed for President Putin.  When you hear things that seem so outrageous about America ask for proof.  Where can I find that and what and where is it coming from.  Furthermore, I ask that all media outlets stop lying about Russian citizens being told lies as if they can’t discover the truth for themselves.  This isn’t the Era of the Pony Express. This is 2022!  Stop it!  Russians are capable of finding the truth if they seek it.  Russia isn’t North Korea or China and in both those countries you can still find the truth.

The truth is ordained of God.  Last time I checked the creature isn’t greater than the Creator!  The rest of you Americans that are free it’s time to pick a side.  America and her potential (hint she hasn’t fully reached it yet) doesn’t cheer on thugs that have to be bribed to secure their support.  Also remember that that type of chain of command is ‘shaky’ and not very trustworthy.  Look at that another variation of ‘truth’.  In closing I have one more thing.  Invading other countries when said country don’t like the leader that’s trying to do it kinda always fails.  Just a thought.



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 19:  If Only I Could Behold Competent Police Officers

The arresting officer behind Director Ryan Coogler that put him in handcuffs should be fired immediately.  The teller that Black woman should be training all of Bank of America tellers because her incompetence should spread throughout their organization.  That teller had the nerve to say ‘good job guys’ to the police officers?  Oh man I love it.  She should be employee of the century!  Why you ask?  Let me tell you how she contradicted her entire story to fit the stupidity of her actions.  She said the customer gave her his ‘id’.  She said it was a ‘California id’.  The customer kept stating to her to ‘look at the note’.  Why then did she say to the ‘security guards’ that showed up in Atlanta Police uniforms that ‘her stomach was turning’?

That ‘security guard’ sergeant in Atlanta Police garb must be part of the most unprofessional crop of supervisors I have ever seen masquerading as examples of leadership.  It would be an injustice and a disgrace to call these ‘police officers’ KLONDIKE KOPS because it would insult their moniker.  These ‘security guard’ Atlanta Police people failed in every way possible to show competence and a skill set that seems to be attributed to ‘law enforcement personnel’.  That’s why as a Black man I call it like I see it no matter the race, color or creed of this type of buffoonery.  

Stay with me because I work in mental health, and I can tell you it is not for the faint of heart.  I respond to patients in crisis all the time and I don’t go hands on immediately.  I practice a professional set of skills!  I arrive on scene and gather information with my eyes, ears, nose and brain.  Brain, boy that is something I don’t see being used a lot in police work.  Read the first paragraph and tell me when you would stop that teller to ask her this question.  He gave you his ID?

That teller isn’t even privy to the security protocols to enter that area of the bank where she works!  Mr. Coogler said as much “I had to use my card to get back there”.  He hands her the note and his ID.  He lays his phone on the counter.  His demeanor doesn’t flash a hint of nervousness.  He continues to speak in a clear and calm voice rising a little when that ‘security guard’ Atlanta police idiot pulled his gun out.  Side point, bank robbery is a ‘fast’ crime.  If Mr. Coogler was robbing the bank why would he bring in his phone?  Why was he ‘not’ wearing gloves?  The most damming point.  Why did he use his access card which leaves a world of information on the digital ‘grid’?

That ‘sergeant’ if I must use the term is demeaning to every professional that wears that well known mantle of leadership.  He told Mr. Coogler the ‘seriousness of the call’ mandated that Mr. Coogler could not be extended some fucking professionalism!  ‘No benefit of the doubt’ that buffoon told Mr. Coogler.  All those ‘cops’ and forgive me for describing them as such.  It should insult all the ‘cops’ doing their jobs with professionalism.  All of them arrived at the bank to no sounds of disturbance or indicators of danger.  No customers running out screaming.  No customers aware that another customers was being serviced by what it seemed like a ‘teller’ playing junior detective.

Oh, I haven’t forgotten the branch manager.  He should be fired immediately if he still works there.  That guy or gal has zero judgment and zero accountability.  When I held the rank of Sergeant in the United States Army I understood one thing.  I never failed to give the truth to my superiors!  I would accept nothing less flowing in my direction.  I spoke up against my First Sergeant having sex with the females in the Unit and he was married.  It cost me the chance to make Staff Sergeant.  I still maintained my professionalism and my honor.  That branch manager is responsible for that incompetent show of customer service and human decency to Mr. Coogler.

So to all the ‘Demon Christians’ always siding with the stupidity of this world because of title, position, race, creed, job or color.  Know this, you and I will see the maker one day.  Won’t be any praise of incompetence standing before the First Father.  I wish I could laugh at Bank of America, but I can’t.  A man could have lost his life just for providing his account information.  Think about that.  I don’t even work in a bank, and I would’ve read his note entirely and took the time to look at his ID to greet and acknowledge the customer with respect.  

I am thanked by patients all the time at my job for my professionalism.  Know how many times they’ve called me out my name.  Threatened me with physical violence.  Lied on me to my supervisors.  I learned this one thing in church.  When it is all said and done all you will have is your name.  I have never forgotten that, and I never will.  So all you folks out there happily basking in the organizations, companies, households and gathering shielding you from your wrongs.  Have at it. They can’t discharge you from the last and final judgement.



Preamble:  The Creator’s Diversity

The ones who hold the power tell the story.  The quote went something like that.  Make peace with that truth and let’s move on to how power can wreck a weak mind.  When the King eats from the same soil and drinks from the same pond how then did humankind conclude that denying these basic truths could unify us all?  How the realization of what power brings to those that possess it can influence human being that are weak of spirit.  When their spirit is enticed to commit acts of evil when those in power that are evil hearted require it of them.  The Creator gifted his diverse creation carefully. The care he intended has been perverted by one race intent on maintaining their power instead of sharing it as we share the land, water and the air.  America is that experiment.  May I say it has never reached its full potential because she (Motherly pronoun) has never loved all her children.

Issue 4:  The Sole Breadwinner?

Okay I think that picture has told a thousand words of truth.  No more should anyone in the world be told that a strong man running a failed state into the ashes of history must be admired.  Take history for example as it is as the scripture has saith “Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set” Proverbs 22 vs. 28 from the Authorized King James Holy Bible.  The symbols that were set were to remind the people of what life altering event happened in order to make a better world.  What evil had to be vanquished in order for good to regain its’ footing.  Where the Son of God ascended from the Earth to the ‘Most High’ on his Father’s righthand side.

Even before the world was made God was there.  Now this is where the lust for power corrupts the weak hearted.  If I was the sole leader of a failed state set at naught by every free country in the known world I still wouldn’t care what anyone thought of me.  I certainly wouldn’t craft a lie that a 4 and a half year old could conjure up to invade another country.  Why would I need to lie if everybody around me is telling me I’m a God?  I have an idiot ex-president trump of the United States telling me my moves are moves Sun Tzu couldn’t have crafted.  Why would I have military officers around my table as if I actually heed their advice, or better yet I actually allow them to run the war machine of my failed state.

Listen to me right now.  This is for all those demon worshipping Republicans that fill those demon White Churches every Sunday.  You are not innocent!  You may reward all those politicians telling you the lies you want to hear while you’re foaming at the mouth unable to consume them fast enough.  I vote Democrat and I don’t hesitate to tell my leaders when they’re wrong or they’re seeking to make decisions that stains their souls.  I certainly don’t ask them to be perfect, but I certainly wouldn’t support somebody that lies to me.  For instance, Republicans I talk to still believe that Black folks are on government assistance and the only way to stop them is to vote Republican.  You know the Republicans give government assistance to the ‘RICH’ every day right?  While you wallow in poverty watching your children be hungry and fail in school, but you still vote Republican because they keep the money away from the Blacks.

Is everything a joke in the Republican Party?  You’re not just supporting a political party.  Don’t try that shit with me!  One thing though about Republicans I do appreciate.  You’ve helped me prove the fact that there are a lot more evil people in the world than good.  Yeah, going to your White Church and ignoring the evil coming from your leaders doesn’t free you from being complicit in their sins.  All that part of the problem quote and not the solution.  Yeah, that too.

Finally, let me take a stab at it.  Vladimir Putin has been consumed by the darkness of debauchery for far too long.  That shit eating grin on his face he wears like he knows all of humankind seeks their own gratification void of caring about others as he sure does not.  All too often when anyone is surrounded by ass kissers they begin to believe that everyone would do the same if you give them gifts.  Everyone can be bought because that is the dictator’s experience.  Gosh, they will never know that is untrue before they go straight to Hell!

Now to all those gaining enormous wealth dealing in the commerce of evil good luck.  Praising Putin for sitting shirtless atop an ass says a lot about the person saying such things as well doesn’t it?  I work in mental health, and I say this all the time to my co-workers and patients.  I can do no more than live and die with humanity.  I speak up when someone is doing good, and I speak even louder when someone is doing wrong.  It cost me rank when I was in the Army.  I still have ‘my’ soul.  There is no such thing as I’ve said before of dealing in evil to obtain fortune or position and afterwards doing good.  That is simply a poorly crafted fantasy of a horribly written script.  “The problem with starting out in evil it’s like trying to locate a speck of poison in the blood scream.  Before you eliminate that speck from your blood it has already made its way throughout your body because your heart made sure of it.”  Something God said about praise with the mouth, but the heart is far from me.  Oh well, of course you can do it.  You’re the ‘soul breadwinner!’


Ground Water Sky

Founding Statement:  There comes a precious moment in time that all life drops the ignorance of superiority.  When the ground realizes it needs the water to survive.  The tree realizes it needs the ground to hold it in place.  The air realizes it needs the tree to replenish the oxygen it desperately needs to create the weather patterns that climatizes the Earth. Responsibilities are intertwined because a living planet depends on every element to function according to its purpose.

Mammals pretend that they’re more sophisticated than any living breathing planet, and thus conclude that liberties can be taken with all three essential elements.  The ignorance of mammals I’m afraid is a contradiction of their celebrated intelligence.  Intelligence that informs mammals they aren’t required to be simple creatures that fulfill their purpose, but creatures that can take actions harmful to the elements that are dedicated to their stated purpose.  Mammals believe such devotion constrains their freedom to live as they please.

This revelation and the antagonistic approach mammals have decided upon against the elements will be simplified in this digital periodical.  All the talk of unity will be broken down into useful parts that will be easy to understand and implement.  Know this my fellow mammals, all forms of life owe it to each other to care for one another.  It’s just that mammals have enjoyed the echo chamber of approval from other mammals because the elements never raised their voice.  We now know for certain the elements do have a voice, and they have registered their collective disapproval of the selfish nature of mammals…

Issue 02:  What Is the Problem with the Victors’ writing History?

‘The problem with kissing any wanna be Dictator’s ass?  Pretty soon they begin to think you like it!’

I was reading an article on ‘The Hill’ online and it was countering the points of why Vladimir Putin isn’t a ‘genius’ or ‘savvy’ under no interpretation of either meaning.  Appalling to read that they were even comparing him to Sun Tzu.  Really?  The arrogance of ignorance rears its’ head once again.  Sun Tzu clearly stated something like winning a war without even fighting it.  Is that Vladimir Putin?  Sun Tzu also said something about fighting in cities that it is the worst strategy of all.  Is that where Vladimir Putin the Great wishes to wage war?  One last thing before we move on.  Sun Tzu said the leader must have the Moral high ground.  Does Vladimir Putin possess the Moral high ground?

Who in the Hell is Vladimir Putin going to take war advice from?  Isn’t that the antithesis to listening to wise council?  Why would a dictator heed wise council?  Vladimir Putin is the President of Russia.  He has that position because he offers gifts to those capable of keeping him in power.  Again, ‘when you have everybody kissing your ass why would Putin think you don’t like it.’

Forgive my ignorance.  I should’ve explained my ideas about how we got to this point in America today if not the world.  How do you drive ignorance?  Keep it going.  Keep it alive.  Pump it up with unending foolishness?  Before the onset of telephones there was just the spoken and the written word.  Then came the ‘moving picture’ and sound was later added to it.  Art was incorporated into the lore as well.  What’s the saying?  “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Oh my goodness how the clever man could sway thoughts and even prompt weak minded individuals to do his evil bidding.

For instance, tell tales of unspeakable crimes which usually meant crimes committed by Black men against White women in particular.  Yell them from the altar in hooded white robes.  Tell the masses of their false God in their demon churches how that it’s okay to kill human beings bereft of proof as asserted.  Ignorance is swift and enticing because it doesn’t require the truth.  Stay away from the truth.  Why?  If the people know the truth it will set them free.  Avoid that at all costs.

Dawn the digital age and what it has meant for the ‘commerce of evil’.  Evil is a booming business!  Stoking ignorance is possible 24 hours a day 7 days a week now.  Throw in some grievances about obeying rules even though ‘everything should be done decently and in order.’  Oh sorry, don’t worry about that now?  Right moving on to how former President Trump praising this guy Vladimir Putin who is in truth a madman.  Somebody call 1989 and tell them Vladimir Putin wants the Soviet Union back.  Talk about trying to catch the one or numerous ones that got away.

Listen to me, just because some people praise idiots and attempt to assign them qualities not currently in their possession doesn’t make it so.  Genius?  Really?  Let me take a stab at defining it for any age as some people have bestowed it upon Putin.  Genius to me would be one man taking on the entire world and outsmarting them all.  Take 3 responses to Putin’s actions that would tell me he’s a genius.  One, sanctions levied on me I would already be producing what I’d be denied in country as far as food products.  Two, I’d cut off oil and gas supplies and know that Russia is the only country that has these resources.  Three, technology and every component to produce things capable of making other things I’d already produce them in house.

Question to intelligent readers only.  Does the Russian President have everything he needs in country to securely wall himself off from the rest of the world?  Right!  The answer is SHIT NO!  This is the man some people are calling a genius?  The world doesn’t work like that anymore and all those Republicans that want 1939 back must’ve skipped world history.  The United States didn’t win World War II on its’ own dumbasses!

Putin gamed out every scenario and outsmarted every nation on the planet?  The only people that believe that seem to be Republicans because their view has been browned out by all that ass kissing they do to the one term loser former President Donald Trump.  Let me say this as I close out this second issue of Ground Water Sky.  Republicans please stop stoking the ignorance in your voters to win elections.  Truth can’t be stopped, blocked or distorted.  To the Democrats I say this.  Keep advising President Biden as I can see you’re doing your best every day to get it right.  I believe the Holy Bible says, ‘in the multitude of counselors there is safety.’  Which means caring for those you have the charge over.  It doesn’t mean shy away from the tough decisions.  It means hear counsel and make decisions.

That’s why when history is written by the ‘Victors’ the retelling of the story is void if not entirely of accurate content.  The Moral high ground would deter anyone endued with respectable principles to govern according to those requirements.  Alas, evil has a lot more followers than the good among us.  Remember that much my loyal readers.


Ground Water Sky

Founding Statement:  There comes a precious moment in time that all life drops the ignorance of superiority.  When the ground realizes it needs the water to survive.  The tree realizes it needs the ground to hold it in place.  The air realizes it needs the tree to replenish the oxygen it desperately needs to create the weather patterns that climatizes the Earth. Responsibilities are intertwined because a living planet depends on every element to function according to its purpose.

Mammals pretend that they’re more  sophisticated than any living breathing planet, and thus conclude that liberties can be taken with all three essential elements.  The ignorance of mammals I’m afraid is a contradiction of their celebrated intelligence.  Intelligence that informs mammals they aren’t required to be simple creatures that fulfill their purpose, but creatures that can take actions harmful to the elements that are dedicated to their stated purpose.  Mammals believe such devotion constrains their freedom to live as they please.

This revelation and the antagonistic approach mammals have decided upon against the elements will be simplified in this digital periodical.  All the talk of unity will be broken down into useful parts that will be easy to understand and implement.  Know this my fellow mammals, all forms of life owe it to each other to care for one another.  It’s just that mammals have enjoyed the echo chamber of approval from other mammals because the elements never raised their voice.  We now know for certain the elements do have a voice, and they have registered their collective disapproval of the selfish nature of mammals…

Issue 01:  Inflation and the Countermeasures to defeat it

America let’s be clear.  I will bring all techniques to bear on inflation which includes selective purchases of goods and services.  Groceries, gas and high dollar items are all contained in this effort to combat it.  These techniques are for the consumer and the wage earners to retain more of their hard fought hourly and salary increases.  Don’t misunderstand me here.  I am not seeking to derail legitimate price increases year over year that cover the costs of manufacturing and labor.  What I’m combating here is price increases done to take advantage of the current situation in the world today.

Before I start I want to be clear that these techniques are in place in running my household as well.  If you can do without something don’t buy it.  For instance, I love this brand of sharp cheddar cheese from Wisconsin.  It has been out of stock at the commissary for months now.  Will I buy it when and if it’s back in stock?  Probably but not as often as before because I’ve found another sharp cheddar cheese of the same quality as a replacement.  I love T-bone steaks, but I’ve lowered my purchase volume and now portion one out to eat over three days.

If you must have something buy it, but if you can do without it don’t buy it.  Don’t buy juice that was $2.75 a month ago and is now $4.25.  The things that are unnecessary forgo them or wait to buy them on sale.  Return to a rainy day mentality.  Store money away for the essentials when things are tight.  Again listen to me.  Support the businesses that are paying higher wages so they can be locked in place.  Nothing is for certain right now, so we have to work together to keep the gains we’ve accomplished!

I’ve said this next technique in one of my other digital periodicals.  Stop paying more for cars than what they are worth!  I don’t care whether they are new or used.  Stop it right now!  I’m not going to call a person that does that an idiot anymore, but anyone that is still doing it is hurting everyone else.  Trust me, the car companies don’t need more of your money over what is a fair price for their products.

I’m going to keep this post short.  What I’m going to do for the first time in over a year is start placing ads back on this website.  I will leave my personal business email for anyone that has ideas or comments.  My accounting email for businesses that want to advertise as well.  They are:  

P. S.

This also begins this websites’ push for voting teams.  We want every State in this great country to organize teams of Democrats and Republicans that want to acknowledge and teach America’s true history and place truth seeking people in public office.  This is day one.  Keep updated cause I believe this is a heck of a glorious ride we’re about to embark upon.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world!




The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 18:  Police Viewpoints and Interpretation

First let me begin by thanking those two boys for renewing my faith in the brotherhood.  Two boys of different color fist fighting, and nobody got shot just totally warmed my heart.  I am a 55 year old Black man glad to see that type of disagreement if it had to be settled settled like it was in my day.  That being said it is not surprising to me the police reacted just as they did.  No inherent bias huh?  No institution racism huh?  No assumptions about who is guilty and who is innocent based on skin color huh?

The police just zeroed in on the young Black boy and totally comforted the young White boy.  No thought to first establishing some order without putting anyone in handcuffs.  Here’s what I mean.  I work in Behavioral Health and some disturbances in the hospital are between staff and patients.  I don’t know what’s going on when I enter the unit that called for assistance.  You know what I do?  I say to all parties involved this.  I need everybody to be calm so I can find out what happened.  I don’t pick sides or assign blame on nobody.  I need information from everybody and when they call me over I take the lead.  Nobody is at fault.  I am here to solve the issue.  Mental health is different yawl.

This is why consistency is critical when you are counted upon to judge situations righteously.  Authorized King James version Bible.  James Chapter 2:1-4…My brethren have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons. 2. For it there come unto your assembly a man with a gold ring, in goodly apparel, and there come in also a poor man in vile raiment; 3 And ye have respect to him that weareth the gay clothing, and say unto him, Sit thou here in a good place; and say to the poor, Stand thou there, or sit here under my footstool: 4 Are ye not then partial in yourselves, and are become judges of evil thoughts?

Yeah Critical Race Theory shouldn’t be taught.  Human beings don’t learn things and pass those things down to future generations.  It’s all in the imagination of Black people.  By the way talk about self-awareness.  Zero points to the Bridgewater Township Police Department in New Jersey on showing the world how your officers perform their duties with integrity and professionalism.  Yeah right!  Talk about being oblivious to the fact that cellphones have cameras and audio capabilities.  

I see two officers that either didn’t get training on breaking up a fistfight between two teenage boys, or those officers just willfully admitting they have zero skills to separate them and ask why they were fighting.  By law we’re not allowed to have handcuffs, restraints, tasers or anything offensive at my job.  I have something in my arsenal immensely more powerful though.  I have my mind and my voice to talk a volatile situation to a reasonable outcome.  It is outcomes that matter, and those police officers failed their profession and their department.

Evil is the outcome when partiality is displayed by anyone and everybody.  Being impartial is something learned.  How can human beings learn anything if when shown you’re in the wrong people deny the truth?  From their leaders to forward facing personnel.  Correction is a good thing if taken truthfully.  Yes, correction is a bad thing if not enforced.  Then what is the point if those people in whatever profession continue to behave without accountability are allowed to remain on the job.  

If you are in charge, all I have to say to you then is don’t get mad at people when you are the one responsible for degrading your organization.  I wrote about it long ago.  Just look it up on this site.  Again to those two boys, both of you will probably become best friends in the future.  That’s how the brotherhood worked in my day.


Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time

Season 2:  Episode 8:  The Miseducation of Leadership


(The days are long when correction is grievous.  How does that saying goes I wonder?  Mother is always recalling or creating what she believes are guiding lights when darkness and failure seems to celebrate their wins over a person’s hopes and dreams.  Ah this is it she says, ‘Hope closes in one or two steps to the goal but change flies like a spear covering more ground when it lands true’. 

Oh what I wouldn’t give to spend less time teaching and coming off the sternness just for a moment to catch my breath.  Modeling isn’t a strain as I don’t need a mirror to remind me of who I am every day.  Just that I want to get more things done but I know I can’t rush the growth of my people.  Mother contemplates these issues from time to time for brief moments, but she knows she can’t linger in the why of her people’s lagging learning curves.

Mother isn’t irritated with the speed or lack thereof in her plans getting done.  She uses these questions about why things progress the way they do to reaffirm her oaths to her discipline.  “Professionals have professional conversations another officer once told her”.  Don’t lessen the voices of your people because they don’t improve along the timeline you set for them.  It doesn’t mean you don’t push them to be better.  Just keep being hands on but not micromanaging and your people will see you have expectations they are required to meet.  If they fall short then it is still okay because now you’ll know their weakest point and work to help them strengthen it.  Alas, leading is a full time profession.).

——————1st Chapter——————

Mother Sayer:  Sarah where’s the reports for the three projects started last quarter?

Sarah W. Certainty:  I have them right here.  Sorting through the material to answer questions I know you always have for me took a minute.

Mother Sayer:  Go on.

Sarah W. Certainty:  It looks like all three teams are progressing, but the going isn’t matching the talent you have on those projects.

Mother Sayer:  How so?

Sarah W. Certainty:  I would’ve figured by now there would be solid production costs in place for the media project.  Actors hired all the way to where and when showing would start to at least 1 to 3 episodes in post-production.  The Business Project pardon me repeatedly saying the leader is causing heated disagreements and thus the project can be determined at this time to be at a standstill.  The Model Project is flowing to which I’m delighted to conclude.  The scoreboard now reads you’re going into the second quarter losing.  I believe a coach would now call a timeout to regroup and speechify the teams getting their heads more focused in the game right?

Mother Sayer: (Mother laments the constant necessity of leadership.  My hands gotta be on the shoulder of my students at all times it seems.  Alright!).  Goodness the work of leadership is tiring.  I’ve got to show them I believe in them and at the same time be gentle, stern and a driving force that I want this done and done right.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Don’t get out of character Mother.  What is needed now might just be a little encouragement.

Mother Sayer:  I should get a sense of what’s going on before I start barking orders is that it?

Sarah W. Certainty:  What do you want from your people?  I mean their development.  What sort of leaders are you trying to create?  Do you have it secure in your mind right now?  If not then let’s talk so I can help you steer clear of landmines.

Mother Sayer:  I need people Like Blinner.  She runs my Father’s gas station and trucking service location.  I asked her to look into some land for other offices once and she brought me two fine pieces of property to consider.  

Sarah W. Certainty:  So someone with energy and initiative right?

Mother Sayer:  In abundance but also a master of their soul.  Success can be liberating and also debilitating.

Sarah W. Certainty:  That is true.  My Father chose lieutenants that could handle themselves among dangerous men, but he also didn’t need the headache of men acting out of order.  My father made sure they understood that they were not to act without permission when it came to say managing the boss’s assets.

Mother Sayer:  Can’t crack heads without permission right?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Frankly that’s right.  That’s how my Father ran things which I must say is not unlike what you need to do.  Give your people authority to manage their projects but remind them that critical decisions need to be run by you.  Money, locations, new hires, contracts that you have to fulfill must be brought up to your attention.

Mother Sayer:  I see the same thing that I did with Blinner letting her scout new locations for expansion but keep me in the loop.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Yeah that’s it.  They need to be in the room though when you authorize expenditures.  

Mother Sayer:  Because I’m creating leaders and educating them right means exposing them to all the nuts and bolts that make the wheels turn on progress.

Sarah W. Certainty:  We’re getting somewhere now aren’t we so stay with me as I teach you a few more things.

Mother Sayer:  Oh, I see what you did there.  I’m listening.

Sarah W. Certainty: (Sarah eyes Mother through her peripheral vision as she continues to make her points.).  Alternate between intense questioning of why they think this approach would work and to what outcomes they expect from it.

Mother Sayer:  Show them I’m paying attention to every word they say.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes.  The third and last point I want to make is don’t override their decisions if you don’t have to.  Power wielded incorrectly is miseducation of what leadership is actually meant to provide.  Before you ask I will tell you.  Leadership is solemn but righteous in that punishment awaits those that through malice of thought undermine the potential awakening of leadership in a person.

Mother Sayer:  Come again?

Sarah W. Certainty:  My Father led his criminal organization.  The miseducation of leadership would have us believe that was a misguided offshoot of its’ righteous Father.  Leaders can be evil.  I’m saying be vigilant about what you teach to whom.  The consequences are well documented in the horrible history of humankind.

Mother Sayer:  So it is my responsibility to not educate someone not worthy of leading other human being?

Sarah W. Certainty:  That’s right!  I don’t believe in fantasies.  I know there is a need for men like my Father in this world.  Wishing for a world devoid of evil is the domain of priests.  If leadership in my opinion must be taught to those capable of wielding it then it needs to be rationed or a value placed upon it so high it can’t be achieved by no one unworthy of it.

Mother Sayer:  After years of being with me I never knew this about you.  You feel strongly about this about how people can be led by good and evil as a matter of necessity.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I have waited with these thoughts to speak with someone capable of understanding them as I draw them out.  Apologies are in order.  I deliberately tried to provoke you to anger.  I should have known you were long past consuming ‘milk’ instead of ‘meat’.  Meat is for those that are capable of discerning both good and evil.

Mother Sayer:  No apologies are required.  I am here for you always my child.  I would never lash out in anger towards you.  I  will take this time though to reaffirm with you that you can speak to me about anything.  I would never get mad at you.  How I started with you is how I will remain with you.  There’s no flipping the script with me.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I know.  Two Mothers are always better than one and I’m thankful for both of you.

Mother Sayer:  Now you believe I should stay within a certain set of principles, but also be mindful that the leader in front of me I’m responsible for if he or she goes and uses my teachings for malicious purposes?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes.  I know you can handle it though.  Although I must put a bug in your ear that you don’t have a lot of time to spend on the third floor.

————–2nd Chapter—————-

Mother Sayer:  Let’s pause a little longer Sarah.  There have been thoughts lingering in my mind about the men and women chosen by God and his son Jesus in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.  How were those people chosen?  What trait or skill did they possess that made them stand out to God and Jesus?

I mean these people led tribes, flocks and entire nations.  The text of the Holy Word did say some faltered.  Some were killed.  Some committed evil in spite of being chosen.  Yes some did repent and were forgiven.  Because you said I must be wary of bestowing authority and shoring up that authority as my choice could in the end be found unworthy.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I know you love your people and don’t want to think of the possibility that the wrong person is in the room.  A wolf has been let in the fold and is sniffing out the vulnerabilities of your people and your organization.  Please Mother I’m just saying be careful.  I would never tell you to hold back your energy.  I can feel it.  I know when you get here every day.  Just, don’t hold back but also be careful of power.  Only the good uses of it is projected and we both know that’s not the entire picture.

Mother Sayer:  Exactly my dear and I agree and accept your cautious admonition.  The Bible is a great and vastly complex yet simple story.  One part of that story I found fascinating was that of Moses.  Touching only the part after he at great cost rejected a life of luxury.  Moses accepted the greatest responsibility there is in this life.  Leader of an entire nation.  Most people only read, recite or preach about Moses’ obedience to God.  They don’t mention how God taught and counseled him every step of the way because that doesn’t fit a narrative Americans like to tell themselves.

Sarah W. Certainty:  A narrative of the ‘self-made man’ right?

Mother Sayer:  That’s right.  So many people in this country done struck themselves down with that complex.  Their mental health is flapping like laundry on a clothesline at the mercy of strong wind.  They’ve given their natural learning abilities over to cliches and poorly crafted old wives’ tales.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Certainly.  I’ve listened to my friends as they speak about what problems they have on their jobs and how their friends advise them to not ruffle the feathers or stand out.  It will get you fired they say.  Yet they still work at these jobs that drain every ounce of energy from them while tossing them cookie-cutter certificates of appreciation.

Mother Sayer:  I know and that’s why America is misled by captains of industry that couldn’t form an original thought in their minds if God put it there himself.  Innovation comes from where is a question I want you to answer.  Where does innovation and new ideas originate in a small or a large corporation?

Sarah W. Certainty:  It comes from the people below the man sitting at the top.

Mother Sayer:  More precisely a White man.  Take a look for a moment at two sectors of the American economy.  The industrial base and the entertainment industry.  When decisions are made in a small business more than likely input comes from everybody that works there.  When decisions are made in a large corporation they come from a few people.  Mainly old White men are advising old White men what to do.

Take microprocessors for example.  Who thought that it would be a good idea to give nearly the entire production capacity to factories in other countries?  Who decided that was the right thing to do?  Not one single old White guy looked beyond the money they were saving by not paying American workers what they deserve.  In America 2022 does that decision look like a forward thinking one?

Sarah W. Certainty:  No it’s not.  So the predicament or predicaments America finds itself from time to time aren’t caused by some random invisible force.  Like someone is turning a circular dial with preset clicks of hardships no matter where the needle lands?

Mother Sayer:  I’m sure the old white men that made those decisions would never accept blame for what’s happening to our lagging production capacity.  This is what’s astonishing.  Again without anyone present in the room schooled or learned in the philosophical disciplines there’s no one really running those decisions to ground.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Apologies.  I should’ve known you were a student of these things.  You had to be if you wanted to start a business and know where you wanted to take it.

Mother Sayer:  Just think about it for a minute.  The applications for microprocessors has expanded quicker than anybody anticipated.  Now they’re in practically every machine and device manufactured.  Glad to have White guys believing they’ve got all the answers huh?  How’s that working out for America?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Like I said my father knew he needed competent lieutenants, and he placed them in charge in key areas of his criminal enterprise.  Whether they were White guys or men from the old countries like Italy, Sicily or the United Kingdom.  Different outlooks can be corralled by a well-traveled and well-rounded leader.

Mother Sayer:  Yes!  I’ve got to have diversity in the ranks.  Will I make an erroneous choice?  Yes.  More than one time I dam sure will, but it is unavoidable.  This is why your friends are told not to ruffle feathers or rock boats.  Let me tell you something I guess I didn’t have to be taught by my father.  Speak up if you feel violated.  If something is about to go wrong say something and be firm about it.  Let it be known even if everyone else in that meeting agrees with the boss.  

Sarah W. Certainty:  I guess I possessed that skill just by having the good fortune of being born to a mobster.

Mother Sayer:  We can’t chose our parents, but we can certainly chose to pay attention and learn something in every moment of our lives.  By the way, I would second that motion that you are not a pushover which is why I thank my lucky stars for your professionalism and maturity.  My I could talk to you all day Sarah about things I’ve learned and the success I’ve enjoyed just being able to take criticism and correction.

Sarah W. Certainty:  My mother could make me do a lot of things.  One thing she couldn’t make me do is keep my mouth closed.  I had to learn the hard way one day popping off to my father about something I wanted to do after he said no.  My face was red and stung for two days, but I knew not to disrespect my father again.

Mother Sayer:  It takes an adjustment to know when to speak and when not to speak.  Maybe that small rebuke was all you needed to adjust mentally.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I know you got to go but finish what you were saying about two sectors of the American economy.

Mother Sayer:  The entertainment industry is much the same way in the stale nature of what in their minds are ‘acceptable’ programming for network television and the movies.  Now they’re falling behind because the streaming media companies paste their butts with shows that more reflect the lives people live.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I do have a few shows I watch on Netflix and Hulu that are way more interesting that 90% of the shows on Network television.

Mother Sayer:  Right.  Diversity in my opinion adds controls like a risk assessment I often used in the Army.  The dangers are listed and then controls are placed next to them line by line to lower the risks inherent in the many harmful well really lethal activities associated with armed forces.

Sarah W. Certainty:  If only certain groups of people are in the room there could be something they could be missing because they aren’t factoring in every possible outcome.  Their views and understandings are limited by not seeing the entire picture.  Different people like different things which vexes me about America.  How can a White man tell Black people or Hispanic people or any race of people he isn’t a member what is important for them?  

Mother Sayer:  Exactly!  Realistically it is better to have different ways of viewing and interpreting events in the world.  People that look like each other are inherently bound to draw the same conclusions.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Tomatoes and peppers do provide distinctly different flavors to the dish ordered from a restaurant menu.

Mother Sayer:  What oh, you’re providing a cooking analogy.  The differences in aroma, texture and variety of every ingredient makes a more enjoyable eating experience.  There is a renowned legacy known across the culinary world about Italian food.  It is justified.

Sarah W. Certainty:  My mother says if you put a plate of food in front of a man and he eats it with gusto, then a wife should take pleasure in the sight of her man devouring her cooking.  Food should be pleasurable just as much as love making.

Mother Sayer:  Love making?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Italian women are most passionate.  I can provide testimony to that.  Just from what I’ve seen how my parents are all over each other.  Little touches or kisses here and there.  Looks that linger to include grooming like brushing back hair from the face or straitening clothes or giving approval to what each other is wearing.

Mother Sayer:  I think this talk today has opened my preconceptions up for examination which in truth I’ve quickly assessed as they’ve cascaded across my mind.  Don’t worry I won’t teach or attempt to teach somebody something I know doesn’t have the capability of receiving it for what it is intended. 

Sarah W. Certainty:  We both know there are too many women and men in positions of power with the fate of their companies and to a large degree their countries economies in unskilled hands.  

Mother Sayer:  I’ve got to push the boundaries.  Helping my people succeed helps my company succeed.  Exclusion from a Black woman’s perspective has been devastating to our economy.  I will always make a decision when I need to because the Army has indoctrinated and conditioned me to act under pressure.  What I also have a responsibility to do is train up people that have the capability of leadership.  Will I train a person unworthy?  Of course, win or lose I still must do that.

—————–3rd Chapter——————–

(Mother makes her three stops at all three projects and receives her updates.  All of the assessments put together gives her encouragement which is what she was hoping.  She did approve more funding and production sites for all projects.  She left the leaders in place for now.  Mother knows changes at the top could roil the entire project, so she left well enough alone.  She did leave everybody with the impression that progress is expected at her next briefing.).

Mother Sayer: (Mother returns to her office to let Sarah know what took place so everybody knows where the projects stood on that day.).  Sarah the meetings weren’t too bad.  I see I’m not immune to assuming the worst is going to happen.  Something else I need to work on about me.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Don’t we all.  So what happened?

Mother Sayer:  The production project was actually in the hiring of actor’s stage.  I got the sense that their writers were finishing up on the first three stories and the entire purpose and plot of the show.  The BAD project leader Mr. O’Woh is actually doing good.  He isn’t as bad as I thought or the friction toward him seems to be at a minimum.  He really seems to be taking our last encounter to heart.

Sarah W. Certainty:  That’s like saying there’s cement still in the truck when you know you dumped it all over him.

Mother Sayer:  Oh I see, a reference to cement shoes gangster style.

Sarah W. Certainty:  A little humor.  I’m working on it.

Mother Sayer:  Try smaller sentences and catchy phrases.  They’re easier to remember because they land better on the mind.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Right.  Mr. O’Woh must’ve had soap ready to clean all that cement off.

Mother Sayer:  Better.  The Model Project is having recruiting problems.  It seems Ms. Oakli is having trouble relating to the target audience for her project.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Are you going to throw her a life vest I mean from what you said she is in over her head.

Mother Sayer:  Why?  For what?  She has only experienced a side of life where money opens doors for you.  I’m going to let her learn that on the less fortunate side of life relationships are all that matters.  She’s going to learn how to relate, or she’s done at the ARC.

Sarah W. Certainty:  You’re not going to how did you say it ‘Sesame Street that shit for her’.

Mother Sayer: (Mother chuckles and remembers she did share that line from one of her medical Sergeants).  Right.  No Sarah.  Ms. Oakli needs to learn, and I would do her a disservice by shielding her from acquiring skills critical to survive when you are out of your comfort zone.

Sarah W. Certainty:  The miseducation of leadership.

Mother Sayer:  When I got shot on that ‘clip’ in Iraq I didn’t have somebody there I could fall back on to take over or tell me what to do to get out of it.  I either called on what I learned or me and my soldiers would’ve died that day.  We also have a saying in the Army.  “If you don’t know your tactics it’s too late in a firefight.  What you’re going to have then is an oh shit moment and then that’s too late.”  

Sarah W. Certainty:  Better know what you’re doing before you step up right?

Mother Sayer:  Well that’s why the Army spends ungodly sums of time in training.  If you don’t know what to do when you’re in a real conflict then it’s your fault.

Sarah W. Certainty:  You’re going to let the project fail?

Mother Sayer:  Yes if that’s what it takes.  I brought her into the ARC.  She must be tested.  She took the job Sarah.  Hey there’s another saying.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I got it.  ‘Can’t stand the heat stay outta the kitchen.’

Mother Sayer:  Yeah.  Sarah I don’t need to know this stuff.  I already know this.  She’s acting all high and mighty then she’s calling for what she must face.  You wanna prevent her from falling on her face by all means help her.  Remember, you’re the one worried about spreading the gospel of leadership to everybody.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Ah you got me back.

Mother Sayer:  You’re a chip off the ole gangsta too I see.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Yeah we both have thick skins.

Mother Sayer:  My child I want more women like us.  We can only fight so far.  There has to be women bringing up the rear when we are called off the battlefield for good.


(Mother and Sarah share a few more laughs and smiles as they close the office for the day.  Mother thinks a few wins a week for a business is wonderful.  A few minds evolving every day on good ground brings that exponential change like that spear soaring through the air.  It will land farther and farther each time it is hurled aloft by well-rounded and well-adjusted leaders.  Everything can’t just be about the numbers Mother puts it.

What about the growth of your people?  What about their mental health?  Human beings require many things in life and one of the most important of them is knowing they are valued and needed.  Structure adds a sense of purpose as efforts are wasted if good order is missing.  There has to be discipline where goals are concerned.  Mother knows many things are needed by people, and as a mother of two children singleness of thought is misguided as she knows each child is different.

All her people need different things at the ARC.  She is adept at sensing them because she was never prey to single track thinking.  As a nurse you have to be able to multitask.  Don’t let up off your people she tells herself.  Too many people in their lives have already done that.  Know your people well and always steer them to what the ARC is in business to accomplish.  To make a profit not just in monetary terms, but in terms of her people and their growth.  The people bring to her the more powerful satisfaction and that’s the energy she wants to keep pumping up.)…..


Give Me That Ole Time What?

Declaration of Humanity 4.0…This founding statement is different.  This one is being written in clarification of an ongoing threat of fear that ‘evil’ seems to offer more rewards than ‘good’ ever will, and more overtly the verbal Christians are flocking more openly to evils promise of fortune.  While this trend is alarming I must counter with this fact.  Evil has never gone out of season in America.  Good is more than a match for evil, but the righteousness of good can only be activated from a straight line.  What is that straight line you ask?  It is the center of every human beings’ known universe.  If it is straight it is a ‘Heartline’.  A heartline from the heart to the soul because when our heart stops our deeds will be called into account.  The ‘JUDGE’ will know what you did and not what you meant to do…

ISSUE 1:  Good for the Paul and Silas

Give me that ole time religion, give me that ole time religion, give me that ole time religion it’s good enough for me.  Wow that sure brings back some memories of church going.  The pulsating vibrations of voices and instruments impacting your mind and body as it sweeps you away to a piece of time spent walled off from the hatred of your fellow man.  Maybe that is why I’m not condemning all Christians more specifically White Christians.  Some White Christians may just enjoy being naïve to the fact that inaction against evil is still judgeable. 

When ‘Pap Paw’ come in from working the slaves a few centuries ago and plays with his sons he taught them about Black folk.  How Black folks really weren’t human beings which allowed him to rape the female kind and break the wills of the male kind.  I mean he probably stated that even the U.S. Constitution said it.  ‘A Negro is 3/5 of a White person’ and therefore is not entirely a human being like we are son.  Boy you can do anything to them and nobody gonna say anything about it.  I can do whatever I want with my ‘property’.  Give me that ole time religion its’ good enough for me (sing the refrain as you jut out your bottom teeth in a southern twang).

Now why on God’s green Earth would White folks more specifically those that have looked the other way for centuries.  I mean the technique of ignoring horrors and blood curdling screams of human suffering is probably a truly refined cliffs note by now.  I trust I’m making sense to everyone that suffers from a ‘complex’ about hate groups and the exposed subtle nature of quiet agreement.  Let’s be honest Republicans.  The political party of Republicans have used evil in subtle forms throughout its’ founding.

The ole state of Alabama where I grew up is no longer trying to conceal their thirst for hatred to live on because fortune is in it for them.  I can’t believe how long this still needs to be said.  The Confederacy lost the Civil War!  Haters if you want to continue worshipping losers do it within the walls of your home.  Alabama is creating fines and crimes for their removal.  How about this citizens of Alabama and elsewhere?  Make those Republicans pay a fee for the State property those statues and idols to hatred stand on.  The land belongs to every citizen right?  Put it to a vote and let the people decide.  Let the conscience make the choice.

Make no mistake or interpret my digital periodicals erroneously.  The commerce of hatred is very well fed in America.  Don’t be discouraged those of us doing the right thing every day.  The battle is joined.  One voice has always been allowed to speak about all the other races in America.  The haters now know that monopoly is destroyed forever.  Everybody else whose voices have been muzzled are now speaking the true nature of who they are.  No more being defined by White men.

Give me that ole time religion kept so many people of color secure for a piece of time.  Now we are demanding to be secure outside the walls of a Church.  ‘It was good for the Paul and Silas, it was good for the Paul and Silas, it was good for the Paul and Silas, it’s good enough for me’.  No more longing for the ‘ole’ days haters as those days are finally being put out to die in the Sun on parched ground.  Nevertheless I know evil will always find a way to hate.  Maybe going after the LGBTQ and transgender community will get Republican voters hatred stirred up once again.

Give me that ole time what?  Oh by the way, ‘evil’s’ line is always crooked.  Didn’t want you to finish reading this and think I forgot to define what sort of line evil walks.  It’s crooked.



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 17:  A First for Black History Month Circa 2022

What events preceded the 1st of February 2022 in the long struggle of Black people in America.  This digital edition is a look back and a celebration of how events in U.S. History unfolded and propelled Black people to these days in time. Fittingly it started with slavery and the wholesale dehumanization of Black people.  It devolved from that fact to formalizing slaves as property and wholly subject to the rules of who owns them.  Which enviably leads to the mindset that they can’t learn, think, or reason as did White men.

Oh we’re just getting started.  Let’s fast forward to the 20th century and the struggle for inclusion into all parts of America.  Black men couldn’t be scientists as that would require higher learning or ingenuity to bring ideas to life.  The Black man that made peanuts into peanut butter.  Black men were thought of as incapable of flying warplanes.  I wonder what the judgment of that exclusion was.  Huh?  If Black men were believed to be lesser human beings then why experiment on us with Syphilis hoping that the results from the test subjects would be used to cure other human beings?  Yeah that’s a contradiction if ever there was one.

A Black man couldn’t learn medicine to the point where he masters it and performs the first open heart surgery.  Huh?  A Black woman couldn’t develop the covid 19 vaccine?  C’mon man, stop playing around.  You know Black people can’t possibly understand the material let alone finish over a decade of schooling.  A Black man sitting on the U.S. Supreme is ludicrous!  No way in Hell he could possess the intelligence to become a scholar of the law.  Impossible!  Black people elected to every government office in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  I’d say that was outrageous for anyone to even suggest a Black person has the capacity to craft laws and abide by them.

Oh my goodness a Black man will be elected President of the United States of America.  Clutch your pearls evangelicals because it happened.  Now I have another event to ask you to consider.  A Black woman as Vice President of the United States.  Get the ‘truck’ out of here!  I need to get confirmation on this next possible stronghold to be destroyed at its base so it may topple down upon the heads of the despicable sewer scum shouting it.  It is this notion that a Black woman couldn’t possibly comprehend what it means to be a Supreme Court Justice let alone know anything about the law.  Black women of all women are incapable of even passing the bar exam to become a lawyer.

Listen to me, I don’t care what the haters say.  Every lying conniving men stealing cradle robbing evangelical immoral scoffing politician have made known their thoughts about Black people for hundreds of years.  What is different now?  It’s the same ole stale regurgitated supremacy inferiority complex spued by a certain group of hateful and vile White people unable to hold Black people in check.  It never worked.  It stalled Black people for a while but like a thunderous wave coming ashore this Black woman nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court will knock down this new barrier just like Black people have been doing for centuries!

Haters keep talking and keep putting up your barriers.  We’ll keep knocking them down! 



Preamble:  The Creator’s Diversity

The ones who hold the power tell the story.  The quote went something like that.  Make peace with that truth and let’s move on to how power can wreck a weak mind.  When the King eats from the same soil and drinks from the same pond how then did humankind conclude that denying these basic truths could unify us all?  How the realization of what power brings to those that possess it can influence human being that are weak of spirit.  When their spirit is enticed to commit acts of evil when those in power that are evil hearted require it of them.  The Creator gifted his diverse creation carefully.  The care he intended has been perverted by one race intent on maintaining their power instead of sharing it as we share the land, water and the air.  America is that experiment.  May I say it has never reached its full potential because she (Motherly pronoun) has never loved all her children.

Issue 1:  Feed My Flock?

Feed them with what you ask?  In the basic sense of things that are needful for the human body to survive and thrive the answer would be food and water.  This is where a conniving man allowed to don the attire of a pastor would target the mind of the simple.  Would you agree that the vast majority of church goers are simple minded deflectors?  By that I mean these so called believers would allow themselves to be cast under a spell of mischievous men into a kind of religion unauthorized by the living God.  That’s the only nice answer I can conclude because using other disciplines of reasoning I would conclude that the ‘flock’ is content to be led astray.

Take Jeremiah 23:2 “Therefore thus saith the Lord God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the Lord.”  The Authorized King James Holy Bible condemns all those so called pastors that have led astray all these so-called white evangelical Christians on a path straight to Hell!  Jews and Gentiles don’t have to kiss your asses!  I tell you what’s not going to ever happen again in this great country.  We’re not going to tell you it’s okay ever again to visit evil upon other races for ‘shits and giggles’ evangelical Christians.

Enough with the church lessons for a block of people who’ve been led astray for centuries.  Now to the good that is still alive and practiced in this world.  Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer I celebrate and applaud your love of your country.  It is not just that he wanted to maintain an ideological balance or presence on the highest court in the land.  Justice Breyer knew that diversity of thought and lived experiences were in jeopardy of being diminished.  This man embodies a special loyalty to humanity itself.  Justice Breyer is still a citizen of America and I’m sure he witnessed the theft of a Supreme Court appointment.  His commitment to America pressed him to act in order for America not to lose ground in the fight for equality.  Justice Breyer stepped down because he is the ultimate team player!  I can’t say the same about some of our other Federal officials.

Let me say this and I hope this time it reaches a lot of Americans.  Tragedy is a constant for our country.  Why?  Because some elected officials are unworthy of their station which leads to the constant flow of pain and suffering in our country.  Talking la la la just talking going round about and acting like the nut jobs in America are the only people that matter.  The shooting in Tennessee is a symptom of this cowboy mentality in policing.  The claims of operating a professional police force is never evident in the actions of their personnel.  It’s like a person claiming they’re a doctor without ever attending medical school, submitting to a licensing skills assessment process and passing it.  Police forces should have a credentialing board.  A federal law should be established that police forces must meet certain criteria to perform their duties lawfully.

I can’t share with you the situations I have encountered in my day to day duties as a mental health professional.  One thing I can share is that I face the same dangers as police officers to lesser degrees.  I am required to perform my duties professionally using my words and mental health techniques to gain compliance from ‘human beings’ in distress.  My job is not a job for those fearful of getting hurt or injured.  I come to work smiling knowing that I have a God in Heaven I must answer to when it’s all said and done.  I promise you when I face God there won’t be any hesitation in my voice when I answer that I acted humanely toward all his children.

In summary, we don’t apply the law through the fog of intense emotions and tragedy.  Just laws should be applied with clarity of thought and relevance.  Stop applying the defining criteria of raw emotions to official decisions.  If you can’t adjudicate the requirements of your office and I mean every official of government ethically and lawfully, then step away and do something else with your life.  Pain and suffering is not going anywhere.  That’s why professional jobs require ‘PROFESSIONALS’!  That’s why backsliding is something we are warned about which seems like as a nation we’re doing in many areas.  

God help the children being educated in this day and age.  They won’t have anything to fear until they start committing the atrocities they were prevented from knowing growing up.  Then their parents will be scared of them then will they not be?  I wonder how that society will look when it comes to past?  I guess attempting to prevent tragedies are something only Jews and Black people worry about.



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 16:  The Misapplication of Power

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City I laud your achievement and pray that you have all the success due.  Now that being said I’m wondering about two things you’ve done over the last week.  One is that you angrily lashed out at the ‘killers’ of those now two police officers.  What did you mean by ‘killers’?  The second thing you laid out a plan of putting more police officers on the street.  Returning the plain clothes unit to duty and strongly urging the courts in New York to prioritize gun crimes.  Forgive my bewilderment but isn’t that the same ole stale, unimaginative and as we said in the military ‘it’s the same shit with a new smell’.

Let me offer blessings for the families of those officers and that their memories be not besmirched by grand standing or calls for vengeance or retaliation against innocent human beings.  The fact of the matter is that their leadership failed those officers.  Here’s what I’m talking about.  How about awareness training when dealing with the citizens officers are sworn to protect that covers mental health issues all the way to include domestic situations.

Techniques such as 1:  When approaching the home ask for as much information available on that address to include how many people live there to if firearms are registered.  2:  When officers enter the home ascertain which resident is the calmest able to provide a clear assessment of the situations so the officers can deploy their training as appropriate.  3:  If the domestic is volatile ask the calm resident to ask everyone to come out into the open space showing their hands as an act of kindness because the officers are here to talk.  4:  If the situation is volatile then the officers take cover and advise the despondent resident to come out with hands visible.  5:  A mental health professional should be on call or on the scene ready to advise the officers if there is potential danger they aren’t cognizant of as a mental health professional would be.

His honor the Mayor lashing out like that is unprofessional.  It is obvious to me he doesn’t have strong advisors around him to let him know he’s not a cop anymore.  His honor is now the Mayor.  What his honor has shown to the public is an offer to return to times where emotions are heightened, and innocent people are harassed if anyone remembers ‘stop and frisk’.  May I add that it is salient that his staff are void of the philosophical disciplines.  There needs to be on staff people learned in ethics, logic, the metaphysical and so forth to offer different points of view and thus would serve to deescalate some of those powerful emotions like anger when tragedy occurs.  It is not a bad thing to have those kinds of people around to temper impulses that may lead to more tragedies.

Therein lies the misapplication of power when events occur that no one in leadership can stop from happening.  Those in power can seek out those that have answers and connect their chain of command to see it gets disseminated.  The ‘person’ that committed those crimes is the only person that should be held accountable.  Saying things like ‘killers’ gives rise to people’s prejudices and more importantly it ‘distracts’ and minimizes the acts of that lone individual.  If any of you are wondering yes I am an older Black man well pass middle age who unfortunately sees life keeps repeating itself.  

Listen to me cause I will be clear.  The majority in America has always been White.  People of color and those that are not White.  Please don’t co-sign to ‘a failure of imagination’.  If you have ideas on what should happen do not be afraid to try them.  What do you know?  They could work, or the faults in the misapplication of power will befall you as well.

The ARC of Conditioning

Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time

Season 2:  Episode 7:  The ARC of Conditioning


(Mother has tasted, savored and ingested the inner thoughts of her team.  What she realizes that in every dish some of the ingredients must remain unknown to lend a certain mystique to the chef.  Mother also knows that every side dish to compliment a truly succulent meal is dependent on the appetite of the diners.  She also knows that the wrong guest could make some items incompatible which means it could cause an upset stomach.  Alas, where food is an easier mix to manage, she knows finding the right people to contribute to a finished business creation is trickier than it seems.

It’s time for Mother to go before her ARC Council.  What was it that I discovered about the human body?  Oh, that it doesn’t care what is introduced to it because it hasn’t a say in what it can or cannot consume.  The last sentence applies to food items of course.  Once a substance is ingested via the mouth and enters the ‘void’ of the stomach then it will be processed and the results we know are either good or bad.  Why can’t human being apply understanding to the mind as well?  How did humans become so arrogant that we’ve mistaken the mind for wholeness even when we’ve nowhere near gathered what it needs?  

We’ve deluded ourselves into believing that the mind doesn’t need to be respected at all times.  In furtherance that the mind is doing things all the time like adding to our existence constantly, and we just expect it knows where to put current information.  Time has long since left the mind  to abide in the metaphorical ‘corner’ where it has confounded all who will never seek to respect its benefits or its punishments when misused knowingly or unknowingly.  Unlike the stomach being fast to help the body recover when the right nutrients are ingested; the mind would like to know if you can even comprehend the knowledge laid out for you.  Mother knows human beings are more likely to bungle the process of learning by the arrogance of intelligence or the arrogance of ignorance.  Yeah, both options are quite common in this world.).

————–1st Chapter—————

Mother Sayer: (Entering her building on this day has her focused on her primary task.  She has bled toughness by neglecting her council.  Her council can metaphorically kick her teeth in.  Mother is very familiar with the principle of ‘self-awareness’.  How else could she achieve success in her responsibilities if she didn’t know when she is vulnerable or when she is strong or when she is losing her ‘edge’.  She will correct that today.).  Hello, Sarah.  What’s on my morning schedule?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Nothing really requiring you spend a lot of time addressing.  Three calls to the project managers along with approving studio space to keep the tempo moving toward a presentable project for you to green light.

Mother Sayer:  Good, are refreshments in my office?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes.

Mother Sayer:  Thank you.  I will recharge and get this day going.  When I finish those tasks I will visit The ARC Council.  As usual take charge here and do what I know you know how.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Of course, Mother.  Hope they don’t knock you upside your head too much.

Mother Sayer:  Oh today I need a little roughness from them.  I sense my grasp of knowledge is off kilter.  Information isn’t falling in the right spots on my mind.  I need to get that corrected immediately.  Today I expect to be back at 100% when I come out of that room.

———–2nd Chapter———-

(The elevator ride down to the bottom floor seems like it’s taking forever.  Anxious moments like these lead to cluttered thoughts that flow out of it in unorganized patterns.  Mother begins her calming techniques she has taught herself over many years of life.  Her father is still alive, but she knows she can’t knock on his door every time a problem must be addressed.  She’s got the cognitive skills to get it done.

Trust in what Ableman Sayer has taught you, but also trust in what you have gleaned and woven into being that formidable woman.  This session won’t have me attending in a weakened state of mind.  This session is called to fortify what I am right now while at the same time understanding where I may be vulnerable.  D.D.O. might even speak this time although that’s just a fantasy of mine.  The ARC Angel may be in conflict which serves to sharpen my responses.  Frank Inquisitor is probably locked and loaded ready to send rapid fire in my direction.

This session is certain to be full of fireworks.).

Mother Sayer: (She exits the elevator and strides down the hall back in full confidence posture.).  Hello Council Assistant.  I am ready to attend the meeting.

Dreshe (pronounced Drey’she):  Notifies Mother that she now has a name to go with the position.

Mother Sayer:  Yes Dreshe, I will see the council now.

Dreshe:  Your presence is acknowledged.  Please have a seat as I inform them of your arrival.

Mother Sayer: (Good one Mother says to herself.  Make me wait which is what she would do.  No one should drop everything because I’ve made a house call.).  Thank you.

————3rd Chapter————-

(Mother is ushered to the door as usual by Dreshe and she locks it behind her.  The room is more furnished with different items she assumes represents different metaphysical and spiritual beliefs.  A globe that seems to mirror the Earth’s regions precisely.  An ancient mirror by the looks of it.  Several different flowerpots growing all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Lastly a door that leads to the outside has been redesigned to allow as much sunlight and natural weather conditions to fill the room as possible.  This is thought provoking is an understatement.)

The ARC Angel:  Ah Mother you did remember where we were in the building and here I was telling the other members you’ve lost a step.  We’ll get to that shortly.

Mother Sayer:  A one percent drop in my intellect still wouldn’t give you an advantage even if you had Martha Nussbaum coaching you.

Frank Inquisitor:  Oh, I see you’ve come to fight.  Question?  What is the rate at which learning proceeds and who is qualified to measure it?

Mother Sayer:  Knowledge is gained by a structured timetable lasting between 4 and 9 months.  Those qualified to measure it present to a licensing body which examines their ability to teach and measure academics.  Upon successfully completing such an exam they become licensed to justify who passes and who fails a block of instruction.

Furthermore once a professional status is obtained the holder of each discipline must submit to continuing education in order to remain proficient in their chosen field of study.

The ARC Angel:  Now that we’ve gotten book smarts out of the way.  The human body.  Is it a multifaceted creation capable of change, or is it something that once a set of instructions is loaded it cannot be altered?

Mother Sayer:  An individual must decide what he or she will be known as.  From there a person seeks out what will strengthen and sustain the kind of person they wish to become.

D.D.O.:  Although he doesn’t speak he motions with sign language that to what would a person study to show approval?

Mother Sayer:  In sign language:  Mother replies:  No instruction could be mastered immediately because human emotions would often alter a beginner’s discipline.  The hardest part about charting a new course rest in the initial destination.  Most people are knocked off course by the slightest wind or smallest rumble under their feet

Frank Inquisitor:  Maybe the revelation of being sidetracked is a signal that the destination is in error.

Mother Sayer:  Maybe the revelation is a warning the person has a history of starting something and never following through with it.

The ARC Angel:  What if the person decided to be a doctor?  Could everyone that declares for a profession achieve it?

Mother Sayer: (Mother knows this one all too well).  Absolutely not.  That is a form of group think that emanated from a constructed dream of American achievement.  Simply put it is a repeated line from a celebration of a few people succeeding at the start of the industrial revolution.

D.D.O.:  In sign language:  So I couldn’t achieve my dream in America?  What if I wanted to be a teacher?  Could that be possible in America?

Mother Sayer:  You would have to rely on the ingenuity of others to make it possible.  For instance you would need preprinted materials and digital media to record your lectures for the entire semester.  Maybe an assistant or two that could answer questions from your students.  The degree of difficulty in performing the same functions as a non-deaf professor would have you at a markedly disadvantage.

The ARC Angel:  Although your answer is correct it was delivered with zero empathy.

Mother Sayer:  Oh, I didn’t know this was a pity party.  Should I perform with crocodile tears as well?

Frank Inquisitor:  Obviously your skill in answering challenges still passes the test, but what about your people.  How are they doing?  You are adding to your legend as the days past.  What about them?  Are they getting the attention and training they need to get stronger mentally?

Mother Sayer:  There is a mandatory 30 minute assessment and awareness time carved out in each and every associate’s schedule 3 times a week.  It is to be used for whatever purpose the associate decides.  The associates’ entire health is our priority at the ARC.

D.D.O.:  In sign language:  How nice of you not to squeeze every ounce of usefulness from your employees for profit and actually give a dam about them.  That is commendable.  Maybe we need to submit you to the Nobel Commission for the Peace Prize.

Mother Sayer:  So I gather it is unusual for an employer to actually give a dam is that what I’m hearing?  No need to answer that’s a rhetorical question.  We all know the answer.  My father provided quite a good model.  He taught me something to which I’ve added my own verse.  “The rich man consumes his food, and it is purged in the void just as the poor man”.  My verse.  “A living wage fills every empty stomach”. 

The ARC Angel:  Going and coming right I get it.  What about conflict?  I heard Mr. O’Woh and Ms. Oakli were uncooperative?  They didn’t kiss the ring?

Mother Sayer: (God I was waiting for one of them to say that.).  Amusing.  Let me share something else I’ve learned in this life.  There is a phenomenon I call the ‘arrogance of intelligence’ and the ‘arrogance of ignorance’.  

D.D.O.:  In sign language:  I hope you’ve thought this through because I’d like to hear what you have to say.  Please.

Mother Sayer:  Buying a field and not planting it with growing things that humans consume would be a waste of that field wouldn’t it?  The same can be said of harvesting that field to feed countless others and feeling those people would be hungry if it wasn’t for me.  Arrogance begins at the doorstep of success.

The ARC Angel:  Success is the driving force that motivates the human mind.

D.D.O.:  In sign language:  Shut up!  I may not be able to sign as fast as you can talk.  I still need some playing time on this field the same as you do.  Go ahead Mother.

Mother Sayer:  Conditioning begins when all of us decides who we will become mind you.  Of a truth, this revelation about arrogance in two of its’ forms needs more than a passing exposition.  Its effect are quite destructive for those with a false belief of its’ usefulness.  Therefore I will press forward with my explanation and conclusion.  

Just a reminder we’re talking about the ‘arrogance of intelligence’ in this block of instructions.  While intelligence is not the boogeyman the conclusion of its possessor is.  History is packed with notions of bringing ‘religion’ to third world countries.  

Frank Inquisitor:  Yes we know European history books fawn and swoon about the fact how Africa was civilized.  How without them the continent would still be inhabited by a bunch of jungle bunnies jumping up and down with their privates flapping in the wind.

Mother Sayer:  A crude description even as the accuracy is off.  Let me refine your look back at history.  Who decided the African continent needed European guidance?

Frank Inquisitor:  The Catholic Church would be my conclusion.

Mother Sayer:  True with additional players willing to bring their vision to fruition.  Any decision made in the history of this planet in Heaven and Earth has to be followed by willing foot soldiers capable of creating that reality.  This is what occurs daily as I conduct my affairs as the leader of the ARC Incorporated.  Selecting the right people based on relevant data from different sources to include a resume, but more importantly the insight comes in the face to face hiring interview.

Frank Inquisitor:  Wait.  The real assessment in whether the person in front of you fits part of a puzzle to eventually achieve the goals of your company.  That happens in that interview?

Mother Sayer:  I said the entire process is important not just the face to face interview.  My human resource manager has laid out some amazing questions that don’t just laud over academic transcripts.  Hardships and triumphs wrapped in tough choices like doing what is right or what is easy to earn a buck.  I’m not looking for sponge cakes.  I’m looking for grease burns and skinned knees.

D.D.O.:  In sign language:  People who’ve actually had to break through barriers just to be able to tell themselves they’re now eligible to seek out a life.

Mother Sayer:  Yeah, those people that probably came up in two parent, one parent, foster parent or group homes where the only person responsible for their protection was the person staring at them in the mirror.

The ARC Angel:  A fighter or somebody that knows how to take a blow and keep swinging is that right?

Mother Sayer:  That attempt at understanding who I’m searching for or my quest to build the kind of team that can work independently is important.  Spiritually I want people that can refresh the people around them.  I push energy to those people because they want to pull energy from a person capable of leading them to become something more.

The ARC Angel:  What would be the ‘more’ you seek for them?

Mother Sayer:  Let’s be clear.  Intelligence can be achieved by successfully completing a course of instruction by probably the majority of human beings.  What is more difficult is understanding that discovering your intelligence being celebrated by others is not a license to use it to judge others for not achieving the same level of education.

That opens bare the ‘arrogance of intelligence’.  How did education become the rod of oppression?  I believe that’s why in my early childhood I’ve heard such strange things like ‘you’re trying to be white’ because you’re taking seriously your education.  We’ll table that discussion for another ARC Council session.

Frank Inquisitor:  Education leads to intelligence which increases one’s chances of achieving a desired outcome in whatever field of study that may be.  Why would education be the enemy in anything?

Mother Sayer:  Everything that is good in this world can be tainted by mischievous people.  As I stated a short time ago in this session, why would European countries believe that the continent of Africa want their unsolicited interference?  The history books are glowing with how they taught them to read, write and worship a living God.  Who invited them to chart the development of their societies?

Just because Europeans and Africans spoke and lived in different cultures and societies, who gave Europeans the right to interfere with Africa’s destiny?  That’s the ‘arrogance of intelligence’ that is responsible for centuries of struggles of those same African countries to get back to what they were before the contamination of their societies by European interlopers.

D.D.O.:  In sign language:  That is not how history recorded Europe’s march into the African continent.

Mother Sayer:  History is written by the victors right?  Why would a more developed nation admit their country committed atrocities which probably destroyed discoveries, inventions and wonders the world could have been witnessed from these countries?

Frank Inquisitor:  We’ll never know would we?

Mother Sayer:  I’m not done yet.  I haven’t explained what I mean by the ‘arrogance of ignorance’.  This one’s a doozy.  Who invented the ‘polio vaccine’?

Frank Inquisitor:  Jonas Salk.

Mother Sayer:  Anyone else helped him say like people of different races?

Frank Inquisitor:  Where are you going with this?  Time’s a passing.

Mother Sayer:  Oh don’t worry about the clock.  I know the owner.  I hear she is quite feisty and direct.  Besides this is one of my most enlightening sessions.  I’ll speed it up in any case.  If the polio disease was a major threat to America’s population why didn’t the government or the private sector push to have the best minds on it with dispatch?

D.D.O.:  In sign language:  Because America was in the throes of its’ arrogance.  Hatred and exclusion ruled the day.  America was single minded in its’ belief that only white people were smart enough to solve its’ problems.  Oh, I see where you’re headed with this.  I want to hear this myself.

Mother Sayer:  Wouldn’t it have been better to pool the ‘intelligence’ of the entire population?  Yes but nooo, the country was deep in the throes of  ‘arrogant ignorance’.  Purity must be adhered to no matter the cost.  Polio was simply a cost of our ignorance which we’re willing to ring that register every time.  

That’s not even the worst of that deeply held belief by millions of Americans.  You wanna hear it?

Frank Inquisitor:  Hear what?

Mother Sayer:  Why America suffers from an ‘arrogance of ignorance’ problem?

Frank Inquisitor:  Why does America suffer from an ignorance problem?

Mother Sayer:  Part of staying ignorant is looking at how things was done in the past.  How using that look back feature using a tech term if I may.  It creates a reality that only certain people can discover and invent the things that enhances my life.  Millions of white people possess this ‘arrogance of ignorance’, and they probably couldn’t tell you why they would never accept or submit to something that wasn’t created by people that don’t look like they do.

Frank Inquisitor:  So you’re saying that if something more contagious or something more beneficial to support their health and well-being they would reject its’ existence or its’ advantages?

Mother Sayer:  If God forbid a widely reported communicable disease were to spread throughout the world and our brightest scientists came up with a treatment to combat it, millions of people would not vaccinate themselves against it.  The reason is they wouldn’t is right there in history.  Ignorance is a right and the destructive part about ignorance is that the bulk of them don’t know why they’re ignorant!

The ARC Angel:  C’mon, the answer is not that simple.  There’s no way that millions of people are following some conditioning and they don’t even know why.  It can’t be a real thing that millions of people would risk their lives because they believe others are inferior and couldn’t possibly think of proven therapies that would save their lives.

Mother Sayer:  Okay.  Tell me why elected officials at all levels of government hesitate to tell people the truth?

D.D.O.:  In sign language:  I got this question.  They suffer from an all too common human emotion.  They can’t withstand the negative blowback which as you say has altered their conditioning to not even bother with the truth.  If the citizenry is content to be ignorant then let them be ignorant.  I completely understand both your ‘arrogance of intelligence’ and your ‘arrogance of ignorance’ concepts.  

Mother Sayer has drawn some interesting conclusions that should have all of us contemplating the depth by which both of those concepts contribute to ones’ decision making process.  How could I’ve missed the connection is vexing me?

Mother Sayer:  Many analogies could apply to both concepts.  One that fits appropriately is if you throw an object into the sky even if you threw it straight up it will not land on its’ launching point.  The ARC of conditioning never begins and ends with the creators of such things whether it be good or evil.  The best thing to do if you don’t want the wrong conditioning to continue is when it comes back down to Earth is to drive it into the ground beneath your feet (metaphorically of course).


(Must I say that session was extremely rewarding.  I got to work out some slight doubt I felt creeping up on me from a direction of fire I couldn’t get an angle on to return fire.  Stay out of arrogant intelligence and ignorance.  The way she has done things is working.  Finding people that have suffered hardships is true lining.  Her company is solidifying itself in many industries and is now attracting people that want to be a part of a team, but also want the flexibility to chart a course to a fixed point formed in their heart long before walking through the doors of the ARC.   

The ARC’s energy strings are almost visible now.  I can feel them Mother likes to say although she may wish it was possible to see them.  Maybe that day will come when she will be granted that wish to gaze upon the energy she has thrown to all her people and glare in awe as it dances in front of her face.  Nobody should want people that believe their intelligence is beyond comprehension by those around them.  Mother knows that she may fall in that trap herself if she tries to exclude them from working for her.  A first impression is not everything.  Whoever said that has destroyed a lot of good companies because the puzzle piece they needed might’ve just being discarded.

Mother has realized something that has also been discouraged in this life.  ‘Elders’ is a term meant to impart wisdom on the young.  She has embraced that spiritual edict wholeheartedly and every beating stride she will pump all she has into those around her that welcome it.  It’s not enough to say you care.  Faith and works could be the only matchup of the mind and body that spurs the progress of us all.).



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 15:  On Notice

Hear ye Hear ye.  Notice is given to all police officers, police union officials, and wanna be soulja boys that your actions from henceforth will forever be scrutinized.  The go to crowd of White people that excuse your actions as ‘stressful’ and ‘impossible situations’ or the best of your worse is ‘split second’ decision are not to be ‘second guessed’ even when zero skill or professionalism was on display.  None of you are the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ or his Father the Almighty.  It is certain in the heart of this Black man that none of you are the Judge, the Jury or the Executioner!

Back up.  What happened in California where that little girl was murdered by that police officer is simple as far as I see it.  First, where is the supervisor or who’s in charge?  Second, if no supervisor is present who is capable of being accountable?  Third, why am I saying this is because if nobody is in charge then the ‘cowboy complex’ or the ‘hero complex’ takes over the mind.  Here I come to save the day right?  No, nobody gets to say, ‘it’s a tough situation’ and it excuses a human life being taken.  No a little girl, a ‘girl!’ was killed by a ‘hot shot’ police officer wanna be hero.  Period!

I wrote a post about ‘How To Degrade An Organization’ a few years back which was obviously missed by a lot of these so called ‘advocates’ for the police.  Let me see if I can apply it to the police specifically.  So it is impossible for a police officer to think in a stressful situation.  It is impossible for a police officer to visualize and realize the setting and account for all possible outcomes.  A police officer should be allowed to come on the scene and just blast away devoid of discretion and the sanctity of human life.  If this is the case then the only conclusion I can make is that every police officer is either a ‘Bubba Whiskey Still’ or ‘Soulja Boy’.  Bubba cop wearing filthy shorts and no shirt spitting chewing tobacco as he blasts away.  Soulja Boy with his pants down showing his ass with his gold grill and ball cap cocked to the side of his head shooting his gun sideways.

If it was me and I wanted police officers to be thought of as highly skilled with keen discretion that errs always on the side of saving lives, I would be completely disgusted by an advocate portraying ‘the job’ as impossible to perform.  That tells the general public which is everybody that every police officer wearing the uniform is a threat to every citizen.  I’m not going to ‘advocate’ running away as fast as you can when the police arrive at a crime scene yet, but I’m going to seriously advise everyone to leave the area or seek adequate cover.  All their ‘advocates’ will ask in the same breath for forgiveness and glory for the total inability to perform their duties by some or no reasonable standard of skill and professionalism.  Just praise the police simply for the choice they made to be a police officer.  Here’s a contrast.

One of my two tours in Afghanistan I was TC or Truck Commander.  We were delivering supplies to FOB’s or Forward Operating Bases.  We contracted with a local to haul one of our combat vehicles.  Long story short our vehicle was way too heavy, so we had to halt and pull security.  Well a civilian fired off a round and all the Afghans scattered.  Do you know what the rest of us did?  Every soldier acted professionally.  We scanned our sectors and saw that the incident was the actions of a lone person trying to get us to shoot widely into the crowds gathered around us.  Every soldier is trained extensively, and officers and sergeants give orders!  No soldier goes off halfcocked and starts killing people!  

My heart dropped when the Afghans scattered because I knew they were scared of being killed.  My heart did rise again immediately when no American soldier fired into the crowd!  Yes we were able with the help of a wrecker from the FOB to stabilize the vehicle so the contractor could pull his woefully inferior trailer out from under our property.  We completed our mission, and everybody returned to home base.  As a United States Army soldier I would be insulted if someone made a case that I couldn’t determine or account for all outcomes before firing my weapon at an enemy.  Yeah, that’s right, I’m talking about killing a fellow soldier while trying to kill the enemy.  You don’t git metals for displaying an utter lack of skill and failure! 

I’m going to coin a term or co-sign a term of ‘Police Privilege’.  Police privilege is the privilege of doing whatever in the name of the law void of skill, discretion and professionalism while not being subject to scrutiny or accountability.  This police wagon circling has even degraded the United States Supreme Court.  How?  Qualified Immunity is defined as securing the protection of highly educated U.S. Supreme Court justices by making them believe that unaccountability is required in the performance of police work and police work exclusively.  That haphazard and slipshod performance should be protected by the reputation, organization and prestige of the highest court in America.

My loyal readers this is me pulling punches.  If I keep hearing about how police work or any honorable work cannot be done unless someone is killed in the process I’m going to drop an aircraft carrier on that person’s words.  An inability to do a job shouldn’t be commendable.  That ain’t right.  Rest well little girl.  Your life meant everything to your parents and to those of us that value the rule of law righteously.  




There are women and men bestowed with the gift to answer the ultimate question. That question is ‘WHY’. They are charged with rendering an answer that can be understood by the most contrary element of our society. Those that foment, spread and traffic in hate. Our Brothers are in need of guidance and this journal will bring forth a multitude of remedies to address the male illness of unawareness. The answer to the ultimate unknowns of behavior and responsibility.

Those of us given this perception and understanding to interpret the unknown and apply the information to the known is the essence of our charge. Thereafter decode the messages for the people who oppose themselves. This decryption is then presented to the people as the explanation of events past, present and future so they may keep updated to the frenetic changes occurring today and those that will arrive soon. 

Brothers, this journal is a call to all of you to obtain the knowledge that you lack in every part of your lives. As sons. As brothers. As fathers. As grandfathers. As uncles. As cousins. Ignorance will no longer be tolerated, encouraged or celebrated. As the ‘First Father’ has said in his Holy Bible “let everything be done decently and in order”. Honor and truth will not be perverted anymore. Why? Because as a Black Man I will impart all I have learned and gathered for over 54 years of life in America and around the world to the young coming behind me and my elders above me. Why? Things that now appear as they do will begin to appear as they should be according to what is right? Help me see to it as this mandate has been divinely ordered.

Issue 6:  What Do You Think of Me?

Good question to which I will do my best to render a good answer.  First out the gate let me address the attacks on Vice President Kamala Harris.  When you’re the first anything the attacks will come in waves.  To everybody capable of reviewing the history of America honestly we resign ourselves to the fact that those kept out of power will get the ‘business’ (this is slang for trouble and hatred in case you’re not following) relentlessly once they get it.  The Black guy before this last buffoon that occupied the Presidency of the United States got it worse.  

Now there is a Black Woman occupying the office of Vice President.  Let me see a show of hands who thought those who’ve had power by virtue of their skin color would say it was bound to happen?  None?  Put your hand down!  There is such a phenomenon that perpetuated that myth.  It’s called White privilege.  The Vice President can handle all the fiery darts thrown at her.  She is the first woman in that seat and if you ask me I would tell her to be fair but firm.  I would run it like a woman should raise her kids.  I’d make decisions with full awareness that everyone will question them because they will.  ‘You gave him more potato chips than me’.  ‘Her dress is prettier than mine’.  ‘Why does he get to go to the store by himself and I can’t’.  Oh, you saw what I did there.  Vice President Harris should do what she knows how to do.  All the rest of that crap being said about her I’d say this learned growing up Black.  ‘Just let em talk.’

Now to the police departments in America faced with ridicule and scorn.  Didn’t you do it to yourselves?  What official report was presented in lieu of the truth about what that police officer did to George Floyd?  Of course.  What did the police do when they were called by that store clerk in reference to Elijah McClain?  Stop for second.  Let me tell you what I would’ve done if I were the police officer or dispatcher that received that call.  “Sir or ma’am let me get what crime or suspicious behavior correct that you’re calling us about.  Now this person perused the store and selected items for purchase?  Yes (clerk).  Did this person come to the counter there and pay with legal United States tender?  Yes (clerk).  So the reason you’re calling me is that he had a face covering when he paid for his items.  Yes (clerk).  Did this person say or display a weapon or make a move toward you in any manner considered threatening?  No (clerk).

Okay sir or ma’am, what you’ve just told me is not a reason to call the police.  My advice to you is your mischievous nature will be reaped by you one day.  Don’t call the police again for a normal daily transaction of your store business.  Goodbye (click).”  That’s what a professional police officer or dispatcher would do with such a malevolent person.  Not go find somebody that went about a normal transaction of goods and services that occurs millions if not billions of times a day in America and kill them!  We shouldn’t think of police as KLONDIKE KOPS?  So the citizenry should celebrate the unprofessional, inept, clownish, lack of good judgment and utter contempt the police has for the citizens of this country.  Yeah, I know we should just always give them respect and never hold them accountable.  Hasn’t that mentality been the problem all along?

I’m curious to the extent they will sully the 14-year old girl who was killed recently in California by that police force. I’m sure they will probably bring up her truancy record.  Probably report that she yelled at her mother.  Oh, this is a good one.  The police will probably say she got a ticket for jaywalking.  The police will try to bring up everything they can to excuse the totally unprofessional and complete lack of discretion and skill of that police officer that killed her.  I didn’t know it was okay for the police to fire their weapons blindly into a known establishment citizens frequent.  What am I saying?  I’m U.S. Army and in none of my training was I taught to fire my weapon before I had PID (Positive Identification).

Brothers I warn you not to try and justify that officer’s actions as according to policy or police training.  Save a little face because once you make such a claim of professionalism you will further erode the standing that department has.  If you thought people scorned the police before try and tell them that police officer was justified in killing that little girl.  A little advice for police departments everywhere.  Train your people to continuously think in stressful moments.  My tours in combat zones and my years in mental health can attest to what I’ve told you.  Got to keep thinking.  If you can’t do that then you don’t belong in a high stress job.

What I think of you is how you wish to be viewed.  I don’t call somebody that is lying to my face the champion of God.  I don’t give the benefit of the doubt to anyone spouting hatred from whatever medium.  Lastly, I certainly don’t give piety to a so-called preacher in a so-called church that can’t tell the truth because of political considerations.  Every day I get to either reinforce who I am or turn away from the virtues that guide me.  To be clear, that ‘face in the water is easily forgotten’.



This digital periodical will question the ridiculous nature of those in power constantly trying to convince us they have our best interests at heart.  Thinking the worse about those you govern won’t endear them to you.  Being fawned over by those with paid access is not flattery Senators and Congress members.  Manipulating the haters and the willfully ignorant among the citizenry to trouble people who’ve done them no harm blots your soul.  I have witnessed God’s word in truth as he seeth that everybody’s day will come…

Article 4:  Equality Is?

How should I address in writing all my thoughts on the subjects of Politics, Marxism, Critical Race Theory and God?  Let me give it some ‘Solomon’ wisdom and see if I can make enough sense of it if only for myself.  I’ll start with Marxism.  Marxism seems to be a dirty and somewhat loaded word Republicans like to throw around.  Marxism’s basic principle is that a society should be classless.  A classless society would then have rules in place where all the people would be equally cared for, and burdens would be shared.  This would result in few if any rich people.  Of course Marxism is a political philosophy developed by a man and like with all human beings having flaws the concept has flaws.

Secondly I’ll bring in God.  His word in 2 Corinthians 8: vs 13-15…’For I mean not that other men be eased, and ye burdened: But by an equality, that now at this time your abundance may be a supply for their want, that their abundance also may be a supply for your want: that there may be equality: As it is written, HE THAT HAD GATHERED MUCH HAD NOTHING OVER; AND HE THAT HAD GATHERED LITTLE HAD NO LACK.’  Now I know Republicans and so-called evangelicals don’t like hearing about ‘loving thy neighbor as thyself’.  They probably mean only white people because they have so much history helping out Black people who’ve been enslaved and oppressed in America.  Oh, I forgot this part.  Pretend hatred isn’t real because the guy that’s preaching the sermon in so-called church only removed his hood before he stepped into the pulpit.

Now to Critical Race Theory.  There’s those Republicans again trying to align the shameful guilt they have for what their ancestors did while ignoring the shameful things white people are doing in replacing those behaviors.  I said it before.  Hatred never dies if it brings coin!  Republicans have always wielded this dark weapon.  The only difference now is they are being exposed and it makes them mad being called on it.  I’m so sorry, wait, let me wipe my crocodile tears Republicans, that Black people are now telling the truth about what was done and still being done to us.  Studying how hatred is kept alive is fascinating.  By that I mean that some human beings still look the other way while others suffer horribly.  Do some people really believe no harm is done putting Black children in jail because they act out in school?  

Redlining neighborhoods to keep Black people from owning homes has effects on physical and mental health.  Not residing in the place of one’s affordable desires lessens joy, serenity and diminishes achievements.  Knowing that the police force allows men and women with hatred in their heart to police people of color is one thing but protecting them tells every true God fearing Christian that police department is unjust.  That truth telling is what has kept Black people sane and hopeful.  Black people just cock their heads sideways and watch how those people who don’t want to know what’s going on twist themselves in knots trying not to believe the truth.  Critical Race Theory is therapy for Black people because we want to know what went on and what’s going on, and my oh my how we call it like we see it.

Now to Politics.  I told you once and I’ll say it again.  Senator Joe Manchin is inside the chocolate factory, and he intends to keep the door closed behind him.  He lives a lavish lifestyle because of government service.  He didn’t make his money in the private sector.  He didn’t purchase that boat from business revenue.  It’s funny that he said he couldn’t take it home to the residents of West Virginia because they would not have supported his yes vote for Build Back Better.  I’ll let someone else call up the abject poverty in his state, but who cares as long as he is good which is all he see when he looks in the mirror.  It is still wrong to profit from people that believe their vote keeps government benefits away from ‘those’ people.  Just because they vote Republican doesn’t mean you let them suffer.  I suppose it’s the American way.  Supreme Court Associate Justice Gorsuch didn’t turn down a chance to be on the U.S. Supreme Court even if his seat was stolen from someone else.  I so dislike when I answer my own question.

Inflation?  Really?  Inflation is good when it holds and locks in higher wages.  Grow up people.  Now to all the people paying ‘inflated’ prices for used cars.  You’re all idiots!  Stop doing that right now!  Don’t let me come back here and say it again.  More urgent matters need my attention.  Look.  I’ve not been able to buy this brand of cheese I like.  I’ve cut back on T-bone and rib eyes.  I’ve gone back to combining errands.  I currently need a new dishwasher.  I will wait until I encounter the price I want.  Don’t stop buying the necessities like food, clothing and paying your bills.  Just support the economy smartly for your household and wait for those things like cars and whatnots that have been ‘jacked up’ to return to normal price points.

This is for all the so-called evangelicals that act in ways that don’t reflect what’s in the Holy Bible.  Some wisdom to help your Republican friends see the error of their ways.  Ecclesiastes 5:9…’Moreover the profit of the Earth is for all:  the king himself is served by the field.’  I guess that’s why God’s word didn’t align with the beliefs of these so-called churches in the south huh?  I’ll say it.  With Republican orthodoxy it can be said that God is Marxist.  Funny how people can craft their own religion when the teaching and life of Jesus Christ don’t align with their values.  Probably why these Republicans whip up hatred so quickly to distract their followers.  By the way their followers will have their day before God as well.  Wouldn’t want to stand before God and say somebody told me to destroy democracy.  Hope 30 pieces of silver was worth it.

Equality goes a long way and touches all of us the same.  It just faces many cruel objectors.



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 14:  Honesty is Refreshing!

Where I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama there were people, racist white supremacists that showed their true colors to you with open hostility.  There were white people that behaved as spectators as the hatred committed toward and on Black people piled up.  Then there were white people that used their imaginations to replace what was happening before their eyes into something they could reason away to soothe their guilt.  A guilt that these white so-called church going people could claim before their idol God that it wasn’t their place to say something or do something to help stop it.

‘INDOCTRINATION’ is the word of the day.  I’m not going to record Webster’s Dictionary in this digital post, but in general it means ‘to hear, see, or feel something being taught around you and internalize it’.  For example, there are many professionals in media that fume, huff and puff and mourn the loss of integrity and morality in America’s society.  I would beg to differ if there ever was any moral superiority.  America’s citizens have been conditioned to ignore atrocities committed against an entire race of human beings.  Human beings such as Native Americans and those of African descent.  Japanese Americans rounded up into internment camps out of nothing more than fear and hatred.  Chinese Americans and poor White Americans for the sake of milking every drop of blood to complete a railroad.

White people were and still possess the same conditioning that led them streaming from their so-called churches to ravenously participate in the mutilation of Black men.  Gleefully severing their penises and testicles as they then praised their divine idol God for giving them the blessing to hang a Black man from a tree by the neck until dead.  What makes anyone of sound mind living today void of the ability to sense the correlation in what White people are doing now?  Denying the right to vote?  The majority of these so-called evangelicals will claim blindness even if they have 4-eyes. The majority white state legislators writing laws granting the freedom to carry a gun to anyone no training or lawful purpose required.

Can most of you see where I’m going with this.  Yeah the denial of systemic racism when it still prevails today, and it gathers strength by new forms of it locking said racism in place forever.  Don’t you get it?  Wait a moment before I move on from this.  Every time somebody compares the Holocaust the Jewish people suffered at the hands of Nazi Germany to anything is blasphemous!  Their intent is to continue to chip away at the disgust and utter failure of humanity to stop itself in those undeniable moments.  If they can succeed in belittling these tragedies then these morally bankrupt people can then excuse the next atrocity saying no one spoke up to tell them they are wrong!

Why do you think local, state and federal legislators haven’t successfully stopped the slaughter of our children?  Think about that a minute.  Our children are being traumatized every day with the threat of gun violence in school.  School I’m talking about!  In school!  Their mental health faces this onslaught with seemingly no letup in sight.  All the while our legislators hum and haw about the right to bear arms being absolute, and furthermore they thumb their nose creating new laws that guarantee some of them won’t make it home from school one day.

America, do you feel indoctrinated now?  The news of children being killed nary furls an eyebrow anymore does it?  Just like Black people being mutilated meant nothing more to so-called Christians than picking food from their teeth.  Yes, to your thought.  I’m always ecstatic to inform so-called Christians that there are only two sides in this great war.  Good and evil.  Revelation 3:16, ‘So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth’.  I’m laughing at all those souls on their way to Hell for standing by while all the atrocities in the history of humankind were committed in their name.  

That’s the Nazi military’s doing.  It doesn’t matter that all the gold in those vaults came from the skulls of dead Jews.  What do I care I’m minding my own business right?  It doesn’t matter that White men were raping little Black girls to repopulate their stocks, or a better term would be ‘labor camps’.  It doesn’t matter I get to always be served first at the lunch counter, the bakery, the store, and I always will ride in the front of the bus.  It doesn’t matter I’m indifference toward the injustice Black people suffer constantly.  I still find peace when I venture outside my home.  I can lie on Black people anytime I want because I’m White and I’ll always be believed without question.

White people don’t have to call up their training anymore.  When indoctrination sets in that’s all she wrote.  I’ll reserve my ‘told you so’s’ about the United States Supreme Court until after they do what any sane person believes they will do about women’s rights next year.  I will say this though.  By what higher authority do they consult for their rulings?  I know it can’t be their so-called religious beliefs because I’ve discredited all of them.  The so-called churches in this country couldn’t advise rain on where the ground is located.  So, by ‘what’ will we respect the judgment of their rulings?

Indoctrination works both ways and both sides.  Good and evil.  Maybe humanity should choose a side.  Or not.  Oh, I get it.  Neutrality’s imaginary acceptance by ‘good minded peacemakers’ has a verifiable history of favorable outcomes.  Not! Imagine me wanting to hurl (digested food in this instance) right now.  Good vs. Evil is how all confusion is solved.  By ‘Good’ I mean choosing to be so regardless of how it lands on someone.  It also means you can’t hedge your bets and depending on blowback you’re willing to yield to evil and hatred for power.  If you yield, then as I said before go collect your 30 pieces of silver because your betrayal is no less than Judas Iscariot’s.  


Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time

Season Two:  Episode Six:  Project ‘MODEL’

Part Three:  Privilege and Ambition


(What is with me?  Is it my responsibility because I hold power?  Why has this fallen to me to teach others what they do not know?  I know the answer to my own questions, but I need to speak the questions out loud as a reminder to be humble in the trust God has bestowed upon me.  What is one of my responsibilities in this world he said?  Singular learning and the search for the unknown is one part of the trinity of retaining knowledge.  A more vital indicator of learning is do you have the ability to interpret what your eyes perceive.  Simply put.  Can you watch how others display their skills and abilities and to the best of what’s in you mimic how they do it.

Mr. Ableman Sayer showed me how it’s done just as much as he talked with me about how it’s done.  Now at some point I got to start putting things together in places of my life through utilizing the knowledge I’ve acquired.  Knowledge is useless unapplied.  It’s just like collecting all the ingredients to bake a cake, but you don’t know in what order to add them in the mix.  Also to stop believing or chasing some ideal representation of my life and live the life I’ve created for myself.  It is enough to be content in who I am and also to strive to be a better person each day.

That’s deep.  I need to incorporate that into my last review of Oakli’s project.  It will take finesse and tenacity to which I may not be able to accomplish either of those nouns in the context of what I’m seeking out of her.  Well, I’ll just have to press forward and hope she is capable of understanding what I’m doing and the standing I want the ARC to represent in business and every community.).

Oakli Sands:  I don’t need to fight for my standing in this country.

Mother Sayer:  You have never spoken a truer statement since your employment at the ARC.  Although we’re going to take a deeper dive into the meaning of what your privilege means for you and what you’ve actually gained by possessing it.

——————-1st Interlude——————-

(What transpired in Mother’s critique of Oakli’s presentation that made her rear her head and respond to Mother so forcefully?  Mother needs Oakli to understand the importance of what she possesses and what she lacks for this project to truly fulfill her requirements.  The Model Project is more than just mentoring young people and adults to locate their strengths and pursue what makes them stronger.  More important pieces of ‘Model’ is to create success not only for yourself in what you know, but also to encourage growth and expansion in those taught by this program.

How can I say this?  The Model Project seeks to establish a person’s credentials not just in the short term.  It is meant to establish a person as a source of expertise and wisdom.  It is not enough for one to know something.  It is more profitable to think of oneself as a tree with branches reaching for the sky.  Mother to her credit doesn’t like wasting time.  She went at Oakli no matter her pedigree.  Let’s continue with the dismantling of Oakli’s idea of ‘Model’ and Mother’s vision of the potential this project holds.).

Oakli Sands:  The Model Project has a specific target group.  Those that exhibit a certain aptitude for personal expression.  People that don’t look to follow the crowd.

Mother Sayer:  Yes yes I know the prevailing entrepreneurial happy talk.  Tell me how this project can be scaled up to meet the kind of numbers needed to be successful?

Oakli Sands:  Finding them will account for the bulk of the cost of this project, but the return on investment will more than cover those expenses.

Mother Sayer:  What psychological tools will you use to qualify the raw recruits?

Oakli Sands:  There are psychiatrists and therapists on staff to ‘point’ those that qualify in the right direction.

Mother Sayer:  Glad you have a plan to use them.  What about ambition?

Oakli Sands:  Ambition?

Mother Sayer:  Yes Oakli, ambition.  Quite frankly privilege is.  Well privilege is something the ones who came before you established in your name.  I want to know what else is available to you when your name fails to carry the day?

Oakli Sands:  I graduated from Columbia which is one of the best colleges in America.  My last name adorns the fifty million dollar sports rehabilitation complex.  Earning my way isn’t written anywhere on my resume.

Mother Sayer: (This white girl is unrefined good.  Let’s instruct her in what she’s missing from a master player.).  Oh so you think that the position you now hold was something of an expectation here at the ARC?

Oakli Sands:  Do I have an expectation of power and influence if that is what you mean.  Then that is correct.

Mother Sayer:  First we seem to be a little off track here and that is my fault.  I should have explained to you why you’re here in the first place.  My human resources department doesn’t operate by some standard mechanics of locating qualified candidates for open jobs.  My staff collaborates in unison by pouring over each potential hire by their strengths and weaknesses of all potential hires.

Thereby the recruiting process fills in the gaps of each hire and thus strengthens the ARC as a whole.  It can be said my company is constructed according to a blueprint of hiring sound people that will maintain the structure of the whole.  The ARC is made up of a diverse pool of highly qualified people.  People that want to fulfill the role laid out for them.  

Now leaders at the ARC will tell you if you ask them that a red carpet was never rolled out for them when they came on board here.  A resume is an introduction.  That’s all it is.  What talents you possess will come to the surface as they have.  Let me tell you what I see so far.

Oakli Sands:  What you’ve seen?  This is the first meeting with you about this project.  What could you possibly know about my talent or skills for that matter?

Mother Sayer:  Grooming is impeccable.  Clothing tends toward high end designers and obviously your salary here couldn’t begin to cover the costs.  Where the disconnect is the image and presence doesn’t match.

Oakli Sands:  I dress better than most because I have a name that demands it.  Most people wouldn’t understand that, and it looks like that includes you.

Mother Sayer:  An image is dull without the ‘presence’ for complete clarity.  Presence in this sense of the word means all parts of how you want to be seen should be fully developed.  Mind, thoughts, projection of certainty and outward image should be unified.  What I perceive from you is you are nowhere near a finished product.

Oakli Sands:  My name tells me I’m a finished product.

Mother Sayer:  Thus lies the corrosive nature of privilege. (Mother said this sentence slowly for full effect.).

Oakli Sands:  Are you here to punish me somehow for the pedigree I was born under?  Why are you coming after me like this?

Mother Sayer:  Like what?

Oakli Sands:  I was hired by you to do a job and I understood that to mean that my background had a lot to do with it.  My name very much got me in the door and my name has added to your bottom line.  I’ll give some credence to an unproven commodity being assigned a value just as a precious metal or a gem, but my last name is worth billions.  I don’t need someone barking at the top of their lungs in the hope that my qualifications go to the highest bidder.

Mother Sayer:  Now we’re getting somewhere.  Privilege got you an interview, but where you stand at the ARC is my call.  Granted we got off to a spirited start with your presentation, but I’m curious as to who would be your target for the purpose of this project?

Oakli Sands:  Well I think it can be marketed to all races of people.

Mother Sayer:  What would it look like for Blacks, Asians, and Mexicans?  How would you approach those demographics?  What materials would you use that would relate to the struggles in their communities and help them achieve success?

Oakli Sands:  Well the Asians don’t need assistance as they are a very smart race of people.

Mother Sayer:  Wrong.  Asians are scattered throughout the world.  They live in societies that are both restrictive and relatively free.  In America they are laden with stereotypes almost as worrisome as Black people are.  Violence has to be accounted for and it plagues their lives just as much or more as other people of color.  If you don’t know anything about them how and why would they answer your call with brochures graced with white faces?

Oakli Sands:  I wouldn’t have a one size fits all marketing strategy.  I would lean heavily on my team for insight and understanding as I created the materials to launch this project.

Mother Sayer:  Oh good let’s look at your team.  Mr. Poff is your residence Black guy and second in command.  Ms. Wizeria is your Asian staff member spearheading your marketing team.  Janella is your Black assistant.  Mazhaes is your Mexican coherence artist in charge of fitting all the moving parts together.  The rest of your staff consists of ambitious men and women of diverse backgrounds ready to help flesh out all ideas and make them work or discard them.

Oakli Sands:  My staff is known to you I see.  What don’t you know about this project?

Mother Sayer:  My knowledge over my entire operation is enough to set expectations.  My intent is to make everyone aware of the vision I have for the ARC.  After that my duty is to know what’s going on under my command at all times.  Not in the ways that people think.  I am here to place trust in the leadership layers and hold those direct leaders accountable.  Due diligence is part of my organizational principles.

Oakli Sands:  I know what I’m doing, and I don’t need anyone looking over my shoulder approving every decision I make.

Mother Sayer:  That’s amateur hour.  What you just said and the way you said it sounds like amateur hour.  Reason why privilege is corrosive and ultimately counterproductive.  You really think that I would overlay the skills, character traits and more importantly a diverse background from knowing people that don’t look like you.  What assistance can your people offer you?  I’m sorry, but my imagination is clearly lacking in how well you know your people.

Oakli Sands:  I did graduate at the top of my class.

Mother Sayer:  I know.  (Mother motions her right hand to Sarah W. Certainty for the file on Oakli.  She opens it and skims the contents.).  Ninety-seven percent of your class was White.  A member of Delta Gamma it says here and I’m sure you organized the Greekwide Fashion Show.  Care to explain how you came to be put in charge of that your first year?  Don’t worry, I’m sure the sorority knew about your family name.

Oakli Sands:  How did you know about that?  I don’t like my history being perused.  

Mother Sayer:  The second mistake you’ve made in your back and forth with me.  Again, amateur hour which is becoming tiresome.  Let me speak about ‘ambition’ for a while as your entire team is present. When you don’t possess things that can make a life more enjoyable and stress free it tends to light a fire underneath your pants to get it.

My father taught me something very valuable amongst all his lessons.  There are people on this Earth that start with nothing and achieve greatness.  There are people on this Earth also that start with much and also achieve greatness.  Why I asked him?  My father said it is the responsibility of the person being taught to choose to achieve greatness.  There will be some that have no need of anything because they were fortunate to be born into it.  Their ambition usually dies as they look upon all they have.

The ones born into nothing it keys up their desire daily for the opportunity to achieve greatness because if they don’t do it chances are it will never happen.  Ambition is the fire that burns away all fear and doubt.  Why?  Because their ground is charred and barren.  Ambition makes that person renew that soil so it can be watered and seeded for the time when the harvest must come.  This belief drives a person to one day see their field burst through and grasp for the sky.

Oakli Sands:  That’s a good metaphorical and philosophical story Mother.  It was even laced with catchy emotional content.  How can ambition trump privilege.  In my world having is better than not having.

Mother Sayer:  Privilege is really like a leech.  Sure you had requirements to meet set by your parents in order to stay inside the chocolate factory, but those achievements were bestowed upon you and frankly easily obtainable.  Let me ask you something.  What was on your mind daily growing up knowing you didn’t have a want for nothing?

Oakli Sands:  I didn’t need to think about where or who I owed my good fortune if that’s what you’re getting at.

Mother Sayer:  Exactly!  Now you’re engaging with me on a cerebral level.  What happened to you when you became aware you were inside the gates of privilege is this.  Nothing you did would ever exclude or revoke your membership.  Worrying about how you would pay for college never crossed your mind nor a doubt about attending the college of your choice.

Oakli Sands:  Mostly true are all your observations, but my parents did require me to keep the family tradition of attending their alma Mater Columbia.

Mother Sayer:  Good.  Now compare the success of a hypothetical person that wasn’t fortunate to begin life under the conditions proven helpful let’s say for you.  There are a lot of challenges that person would have to overcome just to even have a shot at a good life.

Oakli Sands:  Oh please, don’t lay out a guilt trip scenario for me.  We give to charity.

Mother Sayer:  Who gives to charity?

Oakli Sands:  My family does.

Mother Sayer:  Right.  Now looking at this ‘person’ beginning a quest for success probably has parallels to some members of your team.  Have you gotten to know any of them outside of work?  Have you heard their stories?

Oakli Sands:  I have my own circle of friends, and as you’ve mentioned it before I don’t think their money is, how do you say it as ‘long’ as mine.

Mother Sayer:  Mr. Poff is a former government official from South Africa.  Ms. Wizeria is impressive.  I found her working in her family’s restaurant waiting tables and doing the books.  Janella comes from a fine family.  It was just her and her mother for the longest time.  She reminds me of that first time I ate her grandmothers’ cooking.  You have to have seconds and I made sure to bring her through my doors.

Mazhaes methodical mind is crucial for a project like this.  He knows how to combine all the parts to give your project purpose.  Something easily explainable, credible and achievable.  Why do I know more about them than you do you may be thinking?  Because I possess ambition.

Oakli Sands:  Can you make what you just said make sense to me?

Mother Sayer:  Gladly my dear.  Let’s lay our cards on the table.  I did use my father’s money to start the ARC.  That wasn’t the end though.  It could have been because I could legitimately say I made something of myself even if it was with a loan from my dad.  That’s the trap.  I was successfully living a dream.  My father taught me much, but the ambition I had to plant, water and grow.

Let me take a sidetrack a minute.  Indulge me if you will.  Maybe growing up in a two parent home where money was never an issue wasn’t beneficial for you.

Oakli Sands:  I never lived in a fairy tale if that is where you’re going with this.

Mother Sayer: (Mother guesses she means there was extramarital stress in the family which is common in people with money and nobody there that can say no they can’t have want they desire.).  How we start in life and the lessons we get or more in your case didn’t get in the home has bearing on personal behaviors.  How thoughts are gathered and where personal choices are directed.  Believe it or not.  Sometimes the best representation of a family is not the two parent home.

Oakli Sands:  So because I had a mother and a father in the home I’m somewhat skewed in my assessment of the reality around me.  I choose the people I’m comfortable around.  I work here and that’s it.

Mother Sayer:  I will repeat the words you’ve just expressed.  “I choose who I spend my time with.  I am comfortable with the sort of people I’ve known all my life.  This is where I work and that’s where I keep it.”  All that said.  What about you qualifies you to lead this team without knowing anything about them?  How do you know where to place them or assignments that coincide with their strengths and abilities?

Oakli Sands:  I’m not following what you’re doing here.  Am I not in charge of my team?  Yes or no?

Mother Sayer: (Before Mother answers she looks out the corner of her eye to see Sarah W. Certainty keenly focused and piling questions mentally ready to shoot her way when she finishes with Oakli.).  Oakli, let’s first get something straight.  I will say this as calmly as I can.  When you sign paychecks here then you can be completely in charge of your team. Truly, your last name can open doors for you, but once inside what do you have going for you?

Oakli Sands:   I don’t need to have a lot going for me.  As I said my name opens doors for me and they are shut once I enter the room.

Mother Sayer:  Sweetheart ‘your’ legacy is not the legacy of your last name.  You can’t take credit for what someone else did.  That’s not how life works at least where I come from.  

Oakli Sands:   It is enough where I come from.  It’s been that way since I can remember around my house.  There are people that would eat shit and kiss my parents asses to do business with my family.  

Mother Sayer:  I’d say that’s true, but at what cost to the business?  What if I told you that even with great fortunes lies the potential for all of it to end up on the pile of forgotten empires.  What about Kmart, Zayres, Woolworth, Sear & Roebuck and Blockbuster Video for that matter?  All names of great companies that lie under the rubble of their laurels.

Oakli Sands:  My family wouldn’t let that happen.

Mother Sayer:  Why because they are so great at ordering people around while letting their children and grandchildren grab as much of the goods as they can before it’s all gone.

Oakli Sands:  We don’t fight and steal from each other like some people do.

Mother Sayer:  Oh, a dog whistle.  Even if you believe the stories painted by the media for over a hundred years thankfully most if not all of their newspapers are on the pile of squandered empires.  They can’t write a good enough story about how water is wet anymore to get anybody to buy a paper.

Oakli Sands:  I believe they still have their money though.

Mother Sayer:  The money they did manage to hide in complicated trust funds.  Their businesses no longer bring clout to their names.  The doors they only allowed their inner circle through no longer grants them entry.

Oakli Sands:  What do you want from me?  How many times I’ve got to ask that.  Tell me why I’m here?

Mother Sayer:  Honestly?  I brought you on board to see if you could help yourself.  Your team is quite capable of creating a mentoring program that reaches all races and cultures.  The position you hold is simply a figurehead which represents how much respect and honor you’ve given it.  Leadership is something you should learn or not.

Oakli Sands:  Am I in charge?

Mother Sayer:  Goodness I never said you weren’t.  That’s another thing you have to work on.  Being sensitive about qualities you lack being pointed out doesn’t help you any.  Finally, I believe you have potential, but it isn’t the potential you claim you possess.  Have a story for me to review in 30 days targeting the Black, White and Hispanic communities.  We’ll increase our outreach once those branches are pointing toward the Sun.

Oakli Sands:  I’m supposed to get to work now?

Mother Sayer:  Absolutely.  Tuaole I’m finished with Ms. Sands.

——————-2nd  Interlude——————-

(Mother feels the intensity of Sarah’s massing energy that remains contained but ready to explode as soon as possible.  She needs to get it out now.  Mother quickly moves through the outer doors to the last offices on the floor and stops in the circular areas where Tuaole controls the flow of visitors and workers on the third floor.  Mother goes into the break room and allows Sarah to get what’s on her mind out into the open.).

Sarah W. Certainty:  You pulled your punches with Oakli.  Why?

Mother Sayer:  Why do you think that? (She briefly looks at Sarah expecting her to answer.  When she doesn’t Mother knows this is a special one.).  Very good.  I thought you had a fully refined sense of attentiveness.  That skill set can only be found in the most focused of people.  I have to guess you had to pay attention in a home provided for by the criminal underworld.

It is true.  I did pull my punches with Oakli.  Leadership should never have a tool in the bag that serves a destructive purpose.  It is counterproductive because everyone gives a contribution.  That should always be the place in a leaders’ heart that starts every eventual success.

Also I’ve learned something on my own which I’ve spent years weaving it in the very blood of my life.  “Pack properly for every journey”.  It is a variation of the Army’s soldier level readiness for deployment.  “Check your gear to protect your rear”.  My understanding isn’t confined to the issues of today.  I find myself contemplating how life would have been in America if she utilized all her resources from the get go.  

Sarah W. Certainty:  I trust your father laid the foundation of your understanding, but you are the one who had to put up the walls and the roof.

Mother Sayer:  Well said Sarah, I must assimilate that into my thought processes.  My father along with your father and mother were a great blessing we have realized now more so than when we were little.  We now realize if it’s even possible the magnitude of the ‘training up’ they gave us.  I know I haven’t mentioned my mother a lot when we talk, but she did teach me about woman stuff.  The bulk of who I am though did come from a man that doesn’t share my DNA.  Mr. Sayer and I share something more precious.  Blood.  Adoptive blood of which I believe is the strongest blood there is.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I have a good idea of what you mean by that.  It seems the men around my father barring an underworld title for them did relate to him like a father or big brother.  That I believe is what held his henchmen loyal.  I know it sounds like a warped sense of trust and love, but I’ve seen his men die for him and my father provide for the children and wives they left behind.

Mother Sayer:  That’s right Sarah.  Besides what would I gain from humiliating someone anyone?  It doesn’t make sense to me.  I’m already in charge.  My purpose is known to me.  I know what I want from my people.  How about me as the leader try to draw that out of them instead of bleeding off energy to emotional or fruitless zoom in on their unrefined and uncultivated skills.

I didn’t start my company with my father’s money to practice stupidity which serves in the end the creation of a vindictive leader.  Seeing with my own eyes the blowback from embarrassing your people led to the downfall of many in command. Besides believing you’re untouchable or indispensable is counterproductive.

Sarah W. Certainty:  So, always keep your emotions in check?

Mother Sayer:  Yes and to answer the question at the tip of your tongue I did come down harder on O’Woh.  O’Woh spent too much time in my assessment succeeding while in the wrong.  Can a person make money doing criminal acts?  Sure.  Does privilege have some of the same underlying qualities?  Dam right they do.  The lies and thievery of privilege demands you ignore discovering what skills, qualities, desires and purpose your life holds.

Resting on the laurels of something you didn’t create is like wearing blinders while obnoxiously rebuking all the things life is screaming you must possess. 

Sarah W. Certainty:  So you’re saying that Oakli isn’t grasping the magnitude of what she is lacking which eventually that lack of cultural competence will contribute to her undoing?  

Mother Sayer:  Right.  Here’s another life skill which I know for you must be tiring to hear so many of them.  Just because you’ve done something, said something, or believe in something doesn’t mean someone else has to understand why you believe it is right.  Some people and I was one of them until I pulled my head out of my ass believe that everybody understands the meaning of your words.

Because you said it doesn’t make it so!  Besides I bet if we took a long look at the history of humankind every time period and every act of tragedy and atrocity started with someone thinking they were better than someone else.  From that degrading of human beings or classification of human beings’ evil crept in through that opening.  “Hatred has hung out its’ shingle and he continues to get a constant flow of customers every day.”

Sarah W. Certainty:  Why let Oakli stay on then if you believe she looks down on her team?

Mother Sayer:  I know I could be treading on shaky ground trying to ‘enlighten’ her to what many perceive her as behaving like everyone is beneath her.  Actually I’m counting on her team to not let her treat them with anything less than total respect.

Sarah W. Certainty:  My mother would say if you’re cooking Ribollita I hope you sure treated your servants right.  It’s a dish from a time when slaves were servants and nothing off the table was thrown away.  

Mother Sayer:  I love the Italian culture.  Everything has meaning which is what I’m trying to reestablish for Black people with the stories my teams are developing.  I believe that the First Father meant for it to be this way.  Different cultures would come together and share stories about what makes their lives so rich.  These false substitutes of privilege, money and Christian tomfoolery has devalued all of us.

I’m going to bring this about Sarah.  Nothing is going to stop me.


(Mother feels like she planned for the worst and came out those three meetings more mentally determined to make her projects the standards across all those industries.  What most pleased her is that she held firm to her purpose.  Teaching and strengthening your people must be the standard.  Staying committed to her mission statement shows discipline and Mother feels even General Tholodious would be pleased with her command of her team.

Sarah is now like a daughter to me holding my skirt as I lead her to and from every lesson she must learn.  It is quite pleasing to have an adult female listening to another adult female and becoming better for it.  I will not besmirch her in any way Mother tells herself.  Everyone expects the same behavior from me every day and I will not act out of character.  I’ve chosen this way to be, and I will be that way until I die.

Show them better than you can tell them Mother thinks to herself.).



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 13:  How do you convince HATRED face to face across a table to sign a CEASE FIRE


Oh no no no no no no, I did not say surrender.  I may roll over the possible cessation of hostilities between good and evil, but that would require evil to halt all forms to include all forms and manifestations of it.  Racism, discrimination, prejudice and basically all forms of ignorance in a feeble attempt to show which race is superior in defiance of Almighty God.  Please stop this foolish talk about not seeing RACE.  We are God’s creation.  Are you saying he errored in diversity?  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves or distracted because we have a lot to cover so let’s get started.

Think about this a minute.  Every treaty, armistice or formal cease fire agreement to end conflict has specific duties and conditions each side must meet for the agreement to remain in force.  Why is it then in that conflict for hundreds of years in America the onus has always fallen on the people being oppressed to say, do and believe nice things about their oppressors?   Black people and all people of color should never point to all the evil committed against them in order to make white people feel good about their leaders never challenging the evil their people feed off of every day.  Why?

Please correct me if my eyes are lying to me because I see new groups of white militia forming seemingly every month if not every day.  I watched a show where a well known man said that Democrats should acknowledge that there has been progress on race relations.  Let me tell you where that image falls under the title of make believe.  It doesn’t work like that.  One side can’t declare good has come because I feel good about a Black President being elected.  The side, the side of White people, must corral their white power groups and put them in check.  There is no such thing as progress without the other side of the table working to maintain the wording of the cease fire!

Once again the English language has words when they are used must reflect accurately their definitions.  The oppressed feeling good about one step forward and ten steps back doesn’t meet criteria because the oppressors are never held accountable for not meeting their requirements to make the pact valid!  One part cannot say it is better while the other part gives a wink and a nod as their purveyors of evil simply create new names or change their old names and keep on trucking.

Therein lies the false presentation of improved race relations.  It is always the fault of the people oppressed when they don’t accept the littlest movement or rebuke of evil.  People of color know that’s not good enough.  We are always asked to give the oppressors time to change their ways.  Well they’ve been doing it for hundreds of years.  Let’s approach their so called churches and ask their religious leaders to tell them the truth that they can’t go out and lynch people for shits and giggles.  That’s a hard ask isn’t it Pastors!  Why did I say that?  I remember some of the same so called pastors laying hands on former President Trump as if they could bestow upon him the qualities he has never and never will possess in his life.

Talk about overlay of imagination.  I remember doing that to a few of my girlfriends and even an  ex-wife or two.  If your partner or spouse doesn’t have the qualities or good character traits you desire then just use your imagination and bestow or grant the person those qualities.  Life doesn’t work like that for a relationship or for your false God.  That’s why the so-called political party of God the Republicans are stoking lies, violence and HATRED.  It is the currency their people have always exchanged between all their strongholds.  It is the why their audience remains confident in the evil they do.

How are you going to get EVIL to the table to surrender when their prospects always remain profitable?  Evil has tons of Republicans willing to say and do whatever it takes to not let that fire burn out which is why the heat is always on in Hell.  The line starts around the corner for 30 pieces of silver.  Give up evil in all its’ forms when I can make money off it.  Not going to happen.



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 12:  Privilege.  In Truth Corrosive?

Out of all the meanings of the word privilege this is the one that sums up the destructive nature of the word for me.  Websters definition is ‘to be EXEMPT from all that others are held accountable for’.  Forgive me this digital periodical edition for I must present this Issue with a warning that it will condemn and torment the mind of the demons that sit in those so called pews of ‘EvanDevical’ churches.

It always amuses me to hear from those demon worshippers this phrase.  “If you just stop talking about all the atrocities committed against Black people for hundreds of years by white people, then white people will then start believing the truth of what happened to Black people at the hands of white people.”  What?  Huh? First instance of how privilege corrodes the normal thought process of a human being let alone a so-called Christian human being.  Maybe that’s it.  Hearing a flesh and blood man speak from a pulpit in a so-called church orate that it’s God’s will that Black people remain slaves.  Hey, it could convince me if I felt no personal responsibility wrapped in zero accountability.

Now let’s convict these ‘EvanDevicals’ with the Holy Bible.  A book rarely if ever used by the ‘EvanDevicals’.  From King James version, Acts 19:23-34.  I will paraphrase here, but you all are welcome to read the entire chapter on your own.  “The silversmith Demetrius was afraid that the people, Jews and Gentiles, would begin to believe in God in the trinity.  Demetrius called together everyone that worked in that occupation and the sellers of the image of Diana, an idol god, to rile them up against Paul.  Money was at stake.  Livelihoods would be lost.  Demetrius had successfully angered the people to shouting for two hours how great was the goddess Diana.”

I believe I read in the Holy Bible somewhere that the ‘love of money is the root of all evil.’  Slavery was the engine of the Southern Economy.  Stay there for a second.  Imagine the world today with vast buildings and airplanes, subs under the sea, technology that allows all the world to speak to one another.  Here we are still trying to ‘whitewash’ the utter stupidity of the white man!  Slaves picking cotton would have gave the ‘Massa’, a disgusting nasty and smelly plantation owner, the idea to create Google.  Shucking corns, peas, and tobacco would have given the ‘Massa’ the idea to develop transistors, the electrical grid, and lifesaving medicines.

Think about that a minute.  Keep up with me now.  Moving into the 1900’s where everything started to take off for humankind.  Mass production and the ability to acquire great wealth was roaring everywhere but in the south.  Why not?  Because the south still believed in the ‘EvanDevicals’ and all the foolishness they spouted from there platforms.  Oh, by the way, ‘media’ in all its’ forms, stop talking about the reach of evil is far greater today with electronics that in the past by word of mouth and print media.  Just stop.  Oh no?  Give a reporter a lie about a Black boy whistling at a white woman and see how fast they find him and mutilate him!

Oh, I haven’t forgotten about privilege.  If you don’t see it in the paragraphs above then you are truly hopeless.  Okay, I’ll make it simpler for you.  Whether you’re a wealthy person.  Whether you’re a professional paid athlete.  Whether you’re a politician male or female that finally has the ‘golden ticket’ (I’ll explain later).  Whether you’re a person born a certain color.  Privilege is a dangerous possession for you now.  It makes you believe that the theft of Native American heritage to include images is something Native Americans support.  How that makes sense is still beyond me.  That’s like saying well during slavery we always believed Black folks were less than white folks.  Just because it’s now 2021 doesn’t change my beliefs.  Ah Right!

Newsflash to white people.  Don’t turn your televisions on or read your favorite print mediums.  God forbid don’t remind yourselves of January 2021 at the United States Capital.  Please don’t get me wrong.  I wasn’t put on this Earth to convince anyone to turn away from the evil they do.  I raised my children in the manner God put forth in his word.  Teach right from wrong.  Encourage independence and strength of thought.  Always respond back with the truth no matter if it stings their conscience. 

Read the next few sentences as many times as you like.  “That’s why privilege bestowed without an explanation of its’ power is destructive.  It condemns the holder to the inability to assign value to what they now possess.  For example, a good spouse married to a spouse void of the concept of devotion exposes the faults in that union.  A professional athlete that’s unaware of his membership in a league laden with rules that govern his ‘golden ticket’ applies to his personal behavior as well.  Money is usually the privilege given as the reason for not adhering to the rules.  That’s why privilege is corrosive because the consequences can leave a person void of all its imagined protections.”  Simple.  Privilege is useless when given because the receiver doesn’t assign a value to it, or when it’s somehow earned privilege isn’t understood and thus results in a loss of achievable respect. 

That’s why so many people voted twice for a man like Donald Trump.  If you ask them they would say they simply voted Republican.  These people yearn, long, lament a life that will never return for them.  Make no mistake about what I’m saying.  Just like Jesus came to correct many errors, lies, and outright ‘EvanDevical’ heresy.  Power is going to be shared.  Get over yourselves white people.  Yeah, all those Black or ‘Colored’ (it says that on my birth certificate) folks borne of some beast described in ‘White Churches’ are right here.  I will state for the record.  “There are more ‘demons’ in white churches than will ever be out in the general public.”

The Southern Baptist Convention.  Ha!  Your very founding has Satan as its cornerstone!  I’ve always wondered why on Sunday white people in Alabama gave off this façade of piety and all I felt was foreboding evil.  Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t wrong to ask white churches for help.  He just didn’t know that in those churches God was never present.

Senators Manchin and Sinema now possess ‘golden tickets.  Senator Manchin on his boat surveying the residents of his state.  Senator Sinema reportedly taking contributions from the wealthy and powerful.  Both of these people are through the door and into the chocolate factory.  I remember a certain phrase growing up I’ve never forgotten.  “Remember where you came from”.  One has to be really careful when the scourge of hunger and lack are no longer nipping at your heels.  One has to be really careful of being lavished with praise for an achievement no greater than being elected to Congress.  I might add is the source of their ‘golden tickets’ to a life not seen before they stepped through those doors and heard the loud slam behind them.

The one constant that is still happening in this world is ‘CHANGE’.  When it is ordained by the ‘First Father’ there is no stopping it.  All the idiots littered throughout the history of this world speaking and acting from the privilege bestowed on them are the ones all too often that were left unchecked and unchallenged from which we have all the atrocities spotted throughout time.  

Yeah America, just wrap a bandage on a broken arm and worry about cleaning it later.  There are some of us in this country refusing to ignore the injuries.  We will clean out all our wounds and stop them from festering in the hope of saving the whole body.  Healing comes after locating where we’re injured and seeking the treatment needed so we finally can be on the mend.  I say ‘Bravo’ to the Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal for not forgetting where she came from.  May God keep the wind at your back.

It only takes a few of the actual God fearing to bring forth change.  If the others wish to turn from their wicked ways and join us let God purify them with the fiery darts of his truth.  ‘Lift every voice and sing till Earth and Heaven ring’.  



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 11:  Consciousness of Guilt

Perception is an alarming trait in humankind.  It allows those in possession of it a clearer picture of the good or the evil that approaches.  It can warn of dire consequences if the latter choice of evil is chosen and pursued.  Once a choice is made by man (this gender specific word is appropriate for what I will prove next) and imbedded in the psychology of a cause, foundation or church; then the effects cannot be easily dispelled by better men at a latter time in the future.

Take for instance the so called ‘Church of God’ in all its’ manifestations in America.  I’m reading this book now called WHITE TOO LONG by Robert P. Jones.  In it he states that the “Southern Baptist Convention separated from the membership they maintained in the governing convention of the church when they were told that slaveholders could not be messengers of God.”  I’m paraphrasing here, but in essence the ‘Church of Order’ at the time told them they were not welcomed.  Hence the new ‘Church’ was born and on the rock of man’s law any and everything man says is God’s law.

Before I go any further, I want to reminisce about growing up in Alabama and feeling the wind blow and the smell of old wood seeping into the air of all the churches I attended.  The effect of all the preaching of God’s word and the songs of joy and happiness combined to produce more than good feelings.  It produced a euphoric sense of hope, and I knew all was right in the world.  Of course as I aged I began to notice discrepancies in the way my family was treated by people that didn’t look like me.  White people that is.  Their looks, quick movements and dare I say distance they kept from us was hard to ignore.

Maybe that’s when that trait of perception began to draw growth from my internal energy.  Why did white people behave so differently around us?  My father drove by the most astonishing ‘grandiose’ churches I’ve ever laid eyes upon in my life.  I mean the cross in front of some of them probably weighed more than some of the Black one room churches I attended.  Enough of that though, the behavior of my White Christian neighbors didn’t seem right to me.  Something just felt off like the ‘polarity’ of a Black Church was in opposition to a White Church.  Yes it seemed like there were two ‘Gods’ where one set of people followed the Holy Bible, and one set of people followed their own ‘God’ set up to align with their beliefs and values.  If you’re confused I’ll help you out.  Black folks followed the Holy Bible.

Now before everyone that’s reading this get too upset; I’ll strengthen my argument with Scripture from the Authorized King James version.  Acts 18:12, And when Gallio was the deputy of Achaia, the Jews made ‘insurrection’ with one accord against Paul, and brought him to the judgment seat. 13, Saying, This fellow persuadeth men to worship God contrary to the ‘law’. Anyway to make a long story short.  Gallio told them if they were concerned with Paul following God’s law or their (man’s) law to ‘git the F__ out of my court and see to your own stupidity of contradiction’.

Which leads me to paraphrase more scripture.  When you build your church upon an idea like God built his upon a rock and Hell would never breach it.  The same goes for what the White man built his ‘Church’ upon.  In this instance was slavery, so the gates of Hell did prevail against it until this day and forever!  Why do you think that so many members of these ‘White Churches’ didn’t stand with God?  It’s over 150 years since the White Church was formed of evil.  What makes you think that foundation will ever crack?  These ‘Churches’ will never realize they have to disband and form a new ‘Church’ altogether if they ever wish to destroy that  DEMON they birthed over a century ago!

Everyone please don’t be surprised that White people don’t stand against the evil they clearly see in their churches, in their politicians, and their courts.  Maybe it wasn’t given to Martin Luther King Jr. to understand why the ‘White Church’ made the choice to stand with evil in contradiction of all that Jesus the son of God gave his life for.  Maybe my perception was fed to one day clearly see the turning away of Christian eyes from the wrongs committed against people of color.  The members of ‘White Churches’ believed it is okay to sic a dog on a little girl running away with a broken leg and fire hoses on people as ‘justified’ according to their own ‘Church’ doctrine.

Now this is for everyone else that still lacks the perception to see that the ‘Church’ as it is ordered today ‘Is Not Founded in God’!  Stop giving them the benefit of the doubt because they say they are when the record reflects a charter of lies and cruelty.  All those Republican politicians that hold Bibles upside down and spew this hatred against human beings just struggling for a taste of peace and freedom are not after God’s own heart.  Stop.  Just Stop.  They should be ushered out of court just like Gallio told those ignorant Jews coming in there trying to waste his time.  Yes, it is okay to call out anybody in the wrong.  That is not hating an entire race of people.  People of all color, race and walks of life from rich to poor can be wrong.  There is nothing wrong with calling them out when they are.

Let me finish by saying that the United States Supreme Court will not get a pass from me.  They say their deliberative process is comprised of the law with guidance of a higher power.  Well if they’re members of the ‘White Church’ I have zero faith they will judge anything faithfully accordingly as the word that sayeth, ‘There is only one that is good, the Father of Lights’.  More to come.



This digital periodical will question the ridiculous nature of those in power constantly trying to convince us they have our best interests at heart.  Thinking the worse about those you govern won’t endear them to you.  Until you’re beholden to everybody I will call your 3rd grade attempts to make us believe helping the rich isn’t welfare but helping the poor in any way is welfare or an entitlement state to be fought against at all costs.  Calling you on it will be my honor…

“I cannot accept our economy, or basically our society, moving towards an entitlement 

mentality.” Senator Joe Manchin.

Keep that quote in mind for me as I explain why that old trope is still in play that those with ‘eyes that cannot see afar off and ears that cannot hear’.  My story began in the projects of Tom Browne Village in the community of Avondale in Birmingham, Alabama.  I’ve heard those words spoken in various forms for many years about the aspirations, motivations and desires of the poor.  That the poor doesn’t possess or place those pocket rockets near their heart to use them to accomplish things in their lives.

When I understood that my father couldn’t give me the desires of mine heart; I nurtured an inferno in my heart to explode at the moment I was free to make my own way in this world.  Constant hunger, fatigue, malnutrition were not going to plague me much longer because now I am in control of my life.  This is what people who may have started out in life with modest means, but the acquisition of power and money has ‘sprung up’ around their humble beginnings and choked it out.  Must be nice to peer down at people from the top.  ‘Maybe he should get closer to the people for a better look?’

I know what it’s like to be ‘flapping wildly on a clothesline like a shirt with holes no longer possible to sew together on a windy day’.  Those holes, metaphorically speaking, can’t be mended anymore so a new shirt must be acquired.  There was no way I could make my way through life the same as my father, so I had to chart a different course than he chose.  Now back to the Senator’s trifling, asinine and presumptive assessment of making the way clearer of a few obstacles to success which he obviously has lost all faith in humanity with such an insulting conclusion.

Where I began in life is how I am perceived, and this is by the people we’ve elected to govern us?  My advice to President Biden if he would listen to a citizen that grew up in adject poverty is to stick to the numbers he already negotiated down. If 3.5 trillion is too much then I would ask the good Senators to come up with a way to propel this nation forward.  Ask them how the climate crisis will be solved?  Ask them how we’re going to educate the next generation of our citizens to replace those retirees?  Ask them how we’re going to maintain our food supply if every acre of ground is on fire?  Ask them where will all the cures for the afflicted will appear if we don’t invest in human infrastructure?  

Ask them why their lack of a vision demands the country follow them and perish?  President Biden should remain firm in the numbers he has already lowered (I say he should have stuck with 6 Trillion) and have those holdouts come to him with achievable solutions if they chose to remain intransigent.  ‘Entitlement’?  I’m glad Senator Manchin thinks highly of the citizens he confesses to represent.  Maybe he needs to sleep in the projects with roaches constantly jockeying for the crumbs falling from a hand me down table while sitting in a creaky chair?  

Forgotten where most everybody else came from have we?

P. S.  Oh, I haven’t forgotten the United States Supreme Court.  You’re not political?  How else would you want the country to interpret the Texas abortion ruling?  Before you say it the U. S. Constitution isn’t and never was a righteous document.  Never was it equal to the Holy Bible so get over yourselves.  I frankly don’t know what higher moral authority your ruling resemble, or more appropriate wording you’ll understand ‘bear semblance to’.



I thought this digital periodical should be the opposite of the ‘political theater’ version gracing my website.  The focus here will be what America can accomplish with a political system pushing her to do better on behalf of all her citizens.  In that spirit I will make this version an upbeat idea filled publication for the ages…

Now to the scolding which I try to keep at a minimum.  This is President Biden’s economic plan.  It is not Senators Joe Manchin’s or Kyrsten Sinema’s economic plan.  Here we go again with one or two people trying to decide what’s going to happen for the leader at the top.  Do us all a favor Senators.  When you’re the President of the United States and can sign legislation into law then you can decide what can or cannot happen.  Until then let us see what you two are holding up, or better yet what’s possible.

We have an interstate highway system.  How come we don’t have an Interstate Water 

System?  Face it with the droughts happening more frequently and existing water systems not even close to doing the job.  We need to think big.  I heard once that Israel desalinates most of their water supply.  Our crops and the food supply will not last without an adequate water supply.  Other nations are already suffering in our hemisphere.

I heard there are many ships waiting to be off loaded on each coast.  Why don’t we have the Commerce Department working closely with our businesses?  Why?  Because we believe a political ideology that says government should stay out of the business sector?  Small government seems to be flat footed, or I may be drawing the wrong conclusion.  Take gun.  Shoot self in foot (metaphorically please).

Transportation.  Why do we still have to wait for a call from our loved ones traveling across our country or around the world?  Why is there not a system that immediately tells us when an airplane, train, ship, bus, or ship arrives?  For that, why isn’t there a video recorder/feed inside these forms of transportation that allows family to keep tabs on their loved ones?  Instead of everybody piling on Facebook or Twitter about the foolishness that abounds on their platforms.  How about using these mediums like a ‘Face alert’ or a ‘Tweet alert’ about something good happening in the neighborhoods of their users.

Infrastructure.  Where do I start?  I can’t recall the number of times I’ve been stuck behind a pile up or a road under construction.  Navigation systems?  I have to grade them a D-.  What are we waiting on in the halls of Congress?  Am I the only one aware besides the Biden Administration and those members of Congress that see the need is urgent and the lead time to construct new roads, bridges, airports, railways takes years if not decades?  Stop acting like you’re the one at the top.  If your name is not President Biden, then get on board and propel this country forward.  Time’s a wasting!

Sorry about this, but I have to address ‘Critical Race Theory’ and the ignorant reactions to it.  First for all the white people that obviously received and ‘F’ in American History, or it was an elective, and they chose a course in ‘righteous indignation’ containing very little about righteousness.  Let’s see that ‘righteous’ document the U. S. Constitution contained language describing a Black human being as three fifths a white human being.  Black people being enslaved. Black people killed for no other reason than for ‘shits and giggles’.  

Oh, I got one.  Black peoples’ wages withheld for over two hundred years.  Boy, I would like to see that dollar figure!  A Civil War was fought to get past at least the slavery part of American history.  Black water fountain versus a white water fountain.  Black people sit at the back of the bus.  Poll taxes.  Guessing how many jellybeans in a jar.  Segregation, oh that one is making a comeback.  Redlining is the practice of restricting areas of a city to keep housing in that area  exclusively white.  Discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex.  Oh my gosh this is ridiculous.  

Can a ‘God’ fearing Christian truly say with a straight face that ‘training up a child in the way he should go and when he gets old he will not depart from it’.  Newsflash.  Bringing someone up in the shadow of evil doesn’t make that scripture a lie.  Good or Evil works both ways or to the unlearned both instances are true.  So white women, stop getting up in front of school board meetings and embarrassing yourselves.  Yeah, like it or not this time of racial reckoning in America is ordained.  It will not pass until the truth is fully laid out for all to see.  Wipe those crocodile tears off your face cause you look stupid.

We need business and governments at all levels to work to unleash America.  All this stupid gamesmanship about the debt or the debt ceiling when it’s not even the Republicans or the Democrats money they’re playing with.  It’s America’s money.  If the Republicans want to play games with America’s future send their butts home and stop electing them to Federal, State or any office!

Oh my God.  We could have a 50, 60 or 70 trillion gross domestic product if we bring to bear all elements of our country.  I mean all of it.  Every citizen or noncitizen being valued and supported by every good and precious means available to help America break through!  Oh, and the signs should read ‘STOP THE STUPIDITY’.


Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time

Season Two:  Episode Five:  This Stop is ‘BAD’

Part Two:  Engulfed


(Oftentimes I would wonder how to start a discussion.  What words I should use that would immediately take me to the desired road where at the end lies my destination.  How do I do this with the utmost dispatch as time is a fleeting commodity in an uncertain world?  Businesses don’t just spring to life with every necessity in toe.  Businesses start with an idea and that’s where the ‘creator’ must put a hook into it to secure it before drawing it out of the energy of conception.  The difference with this form of life is it won’t be enclosed in a womb.  Once this idea has erupted from the mind that spawned it, it must be continuously connected to its’ creator.  How you say?  It can only be fed; energy diverts by its’ creator. 

Business just like any worthwhile endeavor must be explored, pulled and pushed toward a visible object in reality.  From that birth it still needs nourishment.  Mother Sayer knows she is deep into the metaphysical aspects of why she must consistently feed her business like human beings need food and other necessities to survive and therefore thrive.  Neglect can be just as harmful to a business as it is devastating to a human being.  I can’t be slothful in my business.  Mother would ring those words through her mind as self-care is to her mental health, so it is to the health of her business.  

With that she knows her greatest treasure is her people.  She knows that her people bring new energy that continues to make her company prosper.  Mother knows the value of her people and she pays them accordingly.  Where money doesn’t motivate she uses other tools at her disposal to get the results she needs.  This episode tells the story of O’Woh E. Line pronounced (Oh Wo E. Line) and his climb up the ranks at The ARC Incorporated.).

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Are you ready to speak with O’Woh and his team now Mother?

Mother Sayer:  Give me 10 minutes to write some notes on my meeting with Hekima and her team.

Tuaole Rilyzah:  You still want Hekima Beborne and Oakli Sands in attendance as O’Woh E. Line presents his project?

Mother Sayer:  Yes. (Mother intends to have every project on this floor set in on each briefing to gain some understanding and insight as everybody works for the same team, but the games they’re all playing are completely different.  Mother hopes the leaders are enlightened.).

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Good.  Excuse me while I check in on O’Woh.

Mother Sayer:  Do what you have to do.

——————-1st Interlude——————-

(Tuaole ushers Hekima and Oakli into the office space where O’Woh is currently figuring out how to present what little progress he has made on the Business Acumen and Direction project to Mother Sayer.  Tuaole tries in vain to advise him that it doesn’t matter where you are in the development of your project.  What matters to Mother Sayer is buy in from all your team members.  Does your team believe in the idea and are their contributions welcomed?  That’s all that Mother wants to see at this stage of development.

Don’t try to ‘BS’ her though cause that’s not going to be good for you.  It’s been about 10 minutes and Mother keeps her schedule tight.  Let me go get her.  Remember, just present what you have so far and try not to embellish on it.).

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Mother, I will take you into the heart of O’Woh’s project.  Please follow me.

Mother Sayer: (This is the kind of consistency I like Mother says to herself.  I told her to give me 10 minutes and she was right on her game.  I love it when professionals act on what you tell them without hesitation or doubt.).  Of course.

Tuaole Rilyzah:  O’Woh.  Mother is here.  Please proceed with your presentation.  Excuse me. (Tuaole exits the room and allows the presentation to start.).

O’Woh E. Line:  Mother, my presentation, excuse me, my team’s presentation grew out of a necessity that is all too often missing from the essential ingredients needed to start a business and keep it going.  The reasons why and who’s the one person that believes in the idea no matter the doubt surrounding the venture.

That is the ground where BAD seeks to seed and water.  The nurturing comes from consistent support in philosophical coaching and honest feedback.  

Mother Sayer:  There will be no chance for neglect when a startup is chosen by your team?

O’Woh E. Line:  None.  The requirements for entry into this program will be quite stringent.

Mother Sayer:  How so?

O’Woh E. Line:  Money for one.  Are there enough funds on hand to start and sustain the venture?  Where will the venture draw from talent wise to give it the energy, legitimacy and belief to convince others to join its’ ranks?  Who will be the face of the business?  Are the leaders willing to put in ungodly hours to see to it that it succeeds?

Mother Sayer:  Are you convinced that the merits of this program will fill a vital need in this city?  Around the country?  Maybe even around the world? 

O’Woh E. Line:  Since you brought it up I remember what you pulled me out of.  A straight flush indicating the path my life had taken and it was about to be cut short.  You saw my bluff and called me on it.  If you hadn’t pulled me out of that life of deception and trickery I would be another black man walking the prison pipeline for whatever deed of mine that put me there.

Mother Sayer:  It was not just your potential that persuaded me to take a chance on you.  It was the intensity you gave to your criminal enterprise.  Energy works both ways.  It can be harnessed and applied for good purposes, or it can be harnessed and applied for evil purposes.

O’Woh E. Line:  You gave me this position because the moment I set my mind to something I’m like a dog gnawing on a bone.  I would scheme and plot a con until I find the perfect way to spring it on my mark.

Mother Sayer:  Now as you have had time on the right side of say legitimacy how does it set with your mind?  That’s what I’m asking.  Do you belong here?

O’Woh E. Line:  I don’t accept charity.  I make my own way.  I appreciate the opportunity you’ve provided, but the way I’ve done things always worked for me.

Mother Sayer:  Yes yes of course, but how do you explain taking a temporary position of materials and concept handler to now holding a Project Lead position?

O’Woh E. Line:  You know the status of all the employees of your company as well as you do mine?

Mother Sayer:  A member of your team will fill you in.  Now answer my question.  How did a person of your background move up the ranks so quickly?

O’Woh E. Line:  You made that possible.

Mother Sayer:  O’Woh I don’t run a mom and pop shop.  I run a multi-million dollar company that I will grow beyond the confines of these walls.  I need competent personnel that has life experience in the area I find prone to success.  Hardship.  Suffering.  Growth.  Imagination.  Strength of will.  These are just a few of the character traits I look for in the people I hire.  I then push them to their limits in every way.  I realize you don’t quite understand what that means yet, but you will soon.

O’Woh E. Line:  Results oriented leadership.  I accept the challenge and you know this.  You will not be disappointed.

Mother Sayer:  We shall see.

——————-2nd  Interlude——————-

(Mother continues to listen to O’Woh as he outlines his vision for a successful project.  How many startups the project can handle simultaneously and the personnel who will be devoted to helping each business get off the ground and running. There seems to be some team members hovering around the sidelines and not fully engaged in the presentation.

Mother decides to explore her observation).

Mother Sayer:  O’Woh introduce me to your team members.

O’Woh E. Line:  From the left this is Lumina, Craig, Sharon, Joppa, Miess, and Geesa.

Mother Sayer:  Joppa, is it?  What role do you have in this project and tell me how well you think it will be received in the press?  Is it groundbreaking stuff?

Joppa:  With a few tweaks I think it can make an immediate impact.

Mother Sayer:  How so?

Joppa:  Well I wanted to add a lighter version of the program for those people who have an idea about what business they want to start, but don’t have the certainty of what that business will look like.

Mother Sayer:  Go on.

Joppa:  Say for instance there’s a young woman looking to enter the clothing industry.  She has an idea for her logo.  She has some ideas on what clothes she thinks girls and women could wear to make them look and feel their best, but she is conflicted by moral and spiritual concerns that could make her clothing line look prudish.

Mother Sayer:  This hypothetical designer is concerned about her clothing line being viewed as too sexual?

Joppa:  Yes.  So I would propose a trial run of sorts that targets girls ages 14 to 20.  Produce a line that answers their need for individuality and their need for originality.  Do the test run in one market and gage the support for her brand from there.  If the initial rollout is successful, she could then move to hire women and men from different cultures and design clothes based on their ideas of what they want to look and feel their best wearing.

Mother Sayer:  Impressive.  When I saw you looking away as your leader was talking I thought you weren’t interested or sold on the presentation.  I’m curious thought did you share your thoughts with O’Woh?

Joppa:  I did, and he tabled them for another strategy session each time.

Mother Sayer:  O’Woh, Joppa’s idea sounds like it would add much needed alternative value to the heavy program.  What specific objections do you have about his add on approach? 

O’Woh E. Line:  I asked him to table it for a few weeks that’s all.  I didn’t say it wouldn’t be considered for full inclusion at a later time.

Mother Sayer:  Joppa’s input would be tabled for a few weeks?  Is that the best answer you can give me?

O’Woh E. Line:  He should fall in line with all my staff and follow my lead that’s what I told him.  I would consider his input if it was essential to the launch of this project that’s what I told him.

Mother Sayer: (One thing Mother Sayer does not tolerate is disdain or contempt in your voice against your own people).  Okay.  Here’s what’s happening from this moment forward.  O’Woh you are demoted from project lead.  You are reassigned to ‘ACCOUNTS and ACQUISITIONS’.  Joppa.  You are now project lead.  Please continue with the presentation.

Joppa: (Joppa is stunned). Ah, yes Mother.  Our approach for those people who have the wherewithal to start a business is to cover not the idea but the person as well.  That’s why we would have a Philosopher and a Therapist on staff.  We believe that a business creator must have the strength of will to see the business through every phase of development.  

O’Woh E. Line:  Ms. Sayer, may I say something.

Mother Sayer:  Absolutely, you can speak in defense of how your actions have led to my decision to remove you from this team.

O’Woh E. Line:  You knew I was a grifter when you hired me.  A con artist and a cheat, but also somebody that could introduce you to the ways that these types of people like myself would come at you and your company.

Didn’t you tell me that you got played once by a gangster slash con man and you had to be pulled out of the fire by your father.

Mother Sayer:  That’s true.  What I didn’t tell you as a footnote to that story is I embraced the horrible lesson, and therefor allowed myself to learn from the mistakes.  Meaning that seeing things through one set of lens still didn’t give me the insight I needed to recognize that buffoon of a businessman in that situation.

O’Woh E. Line: (He notices that his former team members are nodding in agreement to what Mother is trying to get him to understand.).  Yeah, I know the situation was bad, but the lesson was necessary.

Mother Sayer:  Right.

O’Woh E. Line:  With me out of the picture who will teach you about con artist now?

Mother Sayer:  Sarah, can you hand me the bag I brought with me?  

Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes Mother.

Mother Sayer: (She searches around in the bag for the right prop appropriate for this moment.  She finds it.  It is a flat three inch figure of a man having several pieces that can be placed back together when separated.).  Here O’Woh, take a look at this figure.  You see that it is whole.  Now I will break it apart.  Tell me in which state of existence is the figure whole?

O’Woh E. Line:  The one that was whole and unbroken.

Mother Sayer:  That is why I removed you from this team.  Both examples I showed you the figure was whole.  Why?  Whether a person is scattered in pieces or presents themselves as whole there are still lessons to be learned that in turn become new parts of their life.  I add to my knowledge and lived experiences by embracing the input and thoughts of intelligent people around me.  I multiply by addition.  In other words I gain knowledge by bringing in people that have in their possession what I need to strengthen myself and my business.

You failed to learn that lesson because you believe otherwise.  Everything you’ve acquired was through deceit and chicanery.  What lasting goodness has it added to who you are that others can admire?

O’Woh E. Line:  I don’t need admiration or approval.  I need people to know I have the goods and trust that by following my lead.

Mother Sayer:  So, it doesn’t matter that they don’t know what you’re doing or what direction you would take the project?  Just do what I say and know that I know how to get it done is that it?

O’Woh E. Line:  Precisely.

——————-3rd Interlude——————-

(Mother no longer feels remorse for removing O’Woh from project lead.  She now recounts a story once told to her by her friend from her college days at UofL.  She takes a few moments to fully line up her presentation for her own benefit because she doubts it will resonate the correct meaning to this man.).

Mother Sayer:  Mr. Victor was his name.  He took the time to relate life and the issues we face in various ways.  He used metaphors and the metaphysical.  One story he laid out for me I find myself reminiscing about quite often.  The lure of evil and let’s not be quaint about it because stealing is evil.  We listen to fairy tales of good hearted men stealing from the rich and giving to the poor as if it’s okay because we characterize the rich as not sharing and it makes it okay to steal from them.

All the while the script is being flipped and you don’t even know it.  Once you have a taste of evil, no matter how someone reasoned to you that stealing from certain people is right; you will begin to be covered by evil.  He said he dipped only his big toe in a pool of evil and before he even realized he was ‘engulfed’.  It was like he couldn’t breathe.  His way of thinking had altered.  No longer did he heed the warnings about doing bad things and how they begin to snowball on you.

He was completely underwater, and he kept saying he only remembered dipping his big toe in evil.  Evil only needs a crease or a slight crack in the surface with just a small chance to push through to infect the host.  Mr. Victor kept saying that he thought he was in a place where light no longer penetrated.  He couldn’t locate anymore which way to go that would lead him out or allow him to breach the surface to forcefully inhale good air.

That’s the way it felt to him.  He almost realized too late that old saying.  “Practicing evil all the while believing you’ll never submit to it is no different than a fool and his money parting ways except what you’ll part with is your very soul.”  By the way, breaching the surface after being under the spell of evil for so long doesn’t guarantee you’ll reach safe harbor to regain your footing, metaphorically of course.

O’Woh, you’ve been under the spell of false reasoning by equating the gain you’ve received under deceitful practices as justification to continue your thievery.  I have offered you safe harbor and it was up to you to breach the surface and seek the light.  That is all I can do.  Report to ACCOUNTS and ACQUISITIONS, or not.

Tuaole Rilyzah: (Tuaole speaks after Mother gives her the signal to usher everybody back to work.).  Okay, Joppa please proceed with the project and in one week I will report to Mother how your team is progressing.

Mother Sayer:  Thank you Tuaole.  Do we have one more presentation to attend today?

Tuaole Rilyzah:  One more.

Mother Sayer:  Yes indeed, one more.

——————-4th Interlude——————-

(Mother returns to the inner sanctum where Tuaole commands all visitors and company personnel before she directs them to their intended destinations.  She returns there because she knows after such a heavy spewing out of negative energy she has to reconcile it with all her aides and senior staff.).

Mother Sayer:  Sarah, you have questions?

Sarah W. Certainty:  That was intense.  What are your thoughts?  Which thought told you where to start first?  How did you remain calm to deliver that message to O’Woh?  How?

Mother Sayer: (Mother chuckles inside.  She recalls that glorious day when her father told her he was picking her up from school because it seemed in his tone of voice that this day would be different.  How he required her to be present without her knowing why when he confronted her uncle about him stealing from her father.  The cascade of answers that flowed and connected to everything that was being discussed across many interactions she had witnessed in her house.

She is excited for Sarah because her understanding shot forward like a catapult, and she is certain Sarah’s will also.).  Slow down Sarah.  I am still perfecting my technique as well, so don’t crown me with glory and honor yet.  Now about O’Woh.  There’s a passage of scripture I use from the Authorized King James version that fits this situation.  Romans 14:22 “Hast  thou faith? have it to thyself before God. Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth.”

Sarah W. Certainty:  I get that he is sure of his ability to scurry through the criminal underworld, but why would you try to enlighten somebody that clearly doesn’t consider the opinion or words of caution from anybody?

Mother Sayer:  Exactly!  Two things.  The first one was the scripture I repeated to you and the second is why would I?  I wanted to put on the record that he was told by somebody, so when he is judged by the First Father he won’t have an excuse.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I doubt if he gives a shit, but I’m still curious to hear about your first point.

Mother Sayer:  I listened to a man tell me something about torment.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Mr. Victor?

Mother Sayer:  Good, you’re remembering about the people that inhabit pivotal points in our lives which in this case was mine.  Mr. Victor was sure he could be sexually active and also watch other people have sex and it not affect his spiritual, mental and physical health.

Sarah W. Certainty:  He found out he was wrong.

Mother Sayer:  Yes, but many years had passed while he believed in this imaginary fanciful ability he didn’t possess.  Now to his credit he did many other things correctly.  He accepted fault for his mistakes.  He kept his word to remain faithful in his marriages.  He still helps his grown children financially from time to time.

The thing is though.  When life falls asleep for the last time, there is only one person answering for the name that is called forward.  It is reasonable to be cautious about what this fleshly life has to offer us because it does weight down the spirit which has to answer for it.

Sarah W. Certainty:  O’Woh found success wielding the weapons of deceit, thievery, lies and treachery.  Those behavioral and character traits have an underlying sinister motive that is hidden from the pervader.  Therefore the effects go unnoticed to the user unless that person is capable of self-examination?

Mother Sayer: (Mother smiles broadly inside.  Sarah has paid attention more intensely than I had figured.).  Your understanding is showing remarkable cohesion.  Putting it all together in the places it fits is also crucial.

(Mother looks at Sarah to gage belief in her training and acknowledgement of the distance her daughter must travel.).  Do you believe in a phrase that was paraded across television a number of years ago that went like this?  ‘You are what you eat’.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Vaguely.  You know my parents’ played member and caretaker in the criminal underworld?

Mother Sayer:  I know.  Do you understand what the underlying meaning behind the phrase as I have spoken it to you?

Sarah W. Certainty:  I get the gist of it.  My body can only be as healthy as the food I choose to consume.

Mother Sayer:   Yes, but on an elemental level the right food resupplies the body from the chemical makeup in the food itself.  At the same time the body is preprogrammed to wait in anticipation at an elemental level for the food that would supply its’ needs.  ‘You are what you eat’.

Sarah W. Certainty:  It is the same thing, but on a different existential scale when it pertains to good and evil?

Mother Sayer:  It’s as simple as that.  Mr. Victor, who is a philosopher, teaches from a standpoint of drawing my reasoning out which allows me to come to the knowledge of the truth.  He doesn’t think for anyone.  He only facilitates the environment where learning and growth can take place.

Sarah W. Certainty:  You do the same thing you know.  I can do the same thing.

Mother Sayer:  I’ve come to realize that and not to take your compliment too completely, but I hope to one day disseminate reason, cautions and truth as well as he does.  Now, O’Woh lies in a place where Mr. Victor was once submerged and beguiled.  Listen to my next statement because it’s important.

No one can perform evil deeds, act with malicious or foul intent, lie, cheat and steal because they believe that sometimes these acts are necessary to usher in the greater good.  That is total nonsense!

Sarah W. Certainty:  O’Woh wasn’t going to change anything about himself.  He still believes that what he has become is not harming him.  Why did you hire him then?

Mother Sayer:  I hired him because I believe everyone deserves a chance at goodness.  Mr. Victor often spoke about the joy he felt when he relieved himself of the torment he allowed.  He said, ‘Se’May, I even noticed how my sense of smell increased.  He could taste food in all its’ savory goodness again.  Sarah, he could perceive the world around him properly again.

So many people allow themselves by their own permission to be consumed by their own desire for ill gotten gain.  Giving someone their unexamined trust because it’s easier to blame that person for leading them astray.  All and all it is their life that is now distorted.  The only way to see clearly again is to examine your life through clear lens.  I recently felt that.  Being submerged and not knowing I was under and therefore not knowing I was drowning.  When my daughter was taken I was in the depths of despair.

I knew I neglected my children in the pursuit of building my empire.  If it was to please my father or put all those doubters to shame, I just pursued my business interests without consideration for the parts of my life that truly mattered.  My children.  One day I remembered that, and God knows I’m so happy that Son Skyy called General Tholodious to help me get my daughter back.

Sarah W. Certainty:  So, you are not immune to the wiles of some seemingly innocent evil either?

Mother Sayer:  I dam show am not and for what it’s worth I’m glad I was given the time to see the error of my ways and correct myself.

Sarah W. Certainty:  You keep saying that and yet you know you cannot fix O’Woh.  What was the point of hiring him?  I don’t understand it.  If he worked for my father and acted with that blatant disrespect, he would be feeding the worms right about now.

Mother Sayer:  I know I know.  Sometimes all we must do is help a person realize that the path they’re on doesn’t hold the truth.  It only returns distortion and eventually destruction.  I just wanted to pass along the information.  I never said I could change O’Woh.  I said I wanted to show him that what he believed and how it manifested itself in him.  In a world that celebrates liars, thieves, gangsters and con men that there isn’t a lot of room for people who think they really don’t keep company with them.  Even though they practice the dark art of deception they delude themselves about their own goodness.

Sarah W. Certainty:  That’s never going to change Mother.  Their sense of who they are is reinforced daily by the crap they watch glorifying all the behaviors that God says will not be allowed into Heaven.  Murder, stealing, lying you name it.  Those are the things that are shown the deference in American society.

Mother Sayer:  Yes, it is different when you’ve seen some of those things up close growing up.  Yet you didn’t glorify them.  Why not?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Because I’m not somebody that reasons like a lunatic.  There are always consequences to what a person does.  Now a family can have an existence and money based on the spoils of those terrible acts, but I never justified my father or anyone as pure or just doing those cruel things.

Mother Sayer:  I averted my disaster in the same way, and I’m grateful for a friend in Mr. Victor because he showed me how honesty can save me.  I certainly didn’t wish to be condemned to ignorance.  Ignorance that leads to destruction.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Condemning a person for a fault that can be reasonably corrected does sound like a harsh punishment.

Mother Sayer:  That’s right Sarah, but you know the solution does sound simple.  I am not God, nor do I wish to call his displeasure upon me.  All it takes to avoid the depths of despair and eventual destruction is simply to own up to your faults.  We ‘condemn’ ourselves by what we choose to believe, what we allow, and who we choose to follow.   

There’s no teetering on the edges with evil, with ‘THOUS SHALT NOTS’ and ignorant behavioral traits.  Listen, if you find yourself ‘engulfed’ and by the way you will know you are.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Wait a second.  ‘Thou Shalt Nots’?

Mother Sayer:  The Ten Commandments?  Don’t you remember them from Catholic School?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Right right.  No other God, not kill, not steal, not adultery, not false witness.

Mother Sayer:  It is not required of anyone to do the things a Supreme Being would have you do.  It is hypocritical to claim faithful practice of spiritual principles to amuse an audience of idiots.  Most people falter because they truly believe that faith in a person that looks like them is believing in something greater than themselves. Their leader, a person of flesh and blood as they are, is responsible for them.  I’d say to that ask all those ‘Israelites that fell in the wilderness and never made it to the promised land’.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Your responsibility was also to the team members underneath O’Woh.  Leaving them under his authority would’ve been unjust.  A condemnation they didn’t ask for.  You put him in place, and it was on you to caste him out.

Mother Sayer:  Correct.  It is on me because I sit at the top.  I seek to uplift, but I also must caste aside those whose ambitions would sully the reputation of ‘The ARC’.  His motivations were too imbedded within to be swayed by my mentoring.  Therefore, I must always fall on the side of doing what’s right.  

Sarah W. Certainly:  Wow.  That was intense.  Give me a moment before we hear our third presentation of the day.


(Mother and Sarah consume some cold beverages and comment on what bright and dynamic people she has working at The ARC.  Sarah is still reviewing the negative scene between O’Woh and Mother.  How O’Woh didn’t even attempt to humble himself.  He knew Mother had sole power to relieve him of his duties or retain his services.  Why did he ‘buck up’ like he had an ace in the hole to play that would win him the hand.

Mother allowed him more latitude than I would have, but he still kept pressing his position that every answer or creative juice were inside him and him alone.  Wait, did he think Mother revealing to him her despair and all the uncertainty surrounding the kidnapping of her daughter was a point of weakness he could exploit?  Did he think Mother to be vulnerable and thus able to be subverted?

Mother is sitting in silence.  She’s allowing Sarah to contemplate all that she has witnessed through the lens of her own perceptions.  Silence is how she handled the cascade of answers her father exposed her too with her uncle in the mechanic shop that day after school.  Mother knows all learning is not contained in a book.  The dynamic nature of human beings demands that the best of us learn how to be ready in intense moments when decisions are made under pressure and stress.

1 Peter 4:12, “fiery trial which is to try you”.  That’s where the old cliché of “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen”.  Yes, I believe in Sarah.  Sweating her little heart out in the kitchen with me.)…


War Zones?

As a retired Army veteran I want to extend solemn camaraderie to the fallen Marines and soldiers of America in this time that precious life has been loss in defending Afghanistan’s people from tyranny and oppression.  No amount of memories will replace the countless hugs, kisses and joy of being in the presence of these service members to their families.  The possibilities of looking into their eyes and hearing them speak or hoping for their futures are all gone now.  No expression of understanding of what these brave service members meant to their families could be possible using words.  The sacrifice is everything.  Those who have never served could never understand that the words of Duty, Honor, and Country aren’t just vocalized upon command.  Read further.  This is what it means in scripture.

Proverbs Chapter 7 vs 1-3:  “My son, keep my words, and lay up my commandments with thee.  Keep my commandments, and live; and my law as the apple of thine eye.  Bind them upon thy fingers, write them upon the table of thine heart.”  Republican politicians are loathsome creatures.  Who would even attempt to use the death of brave service members whose deaths aren’t even known to their loved ones yet to try to spew despicable critiques of the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces?  Who does that?  This is why I wanted to wait until the mission was over in Afghanistan to verbalize my thoughts.  Afghanistan is a ‘WAR ZONE’!  The men and women who wear the uniform understand this and place it on their hearts.  Whisking people to safety unfortunately means getting face to face with them.  That cowardly act of that terrorist won’t stop one service member from the performance of their duties.

My second tour in Afghanistan as a 92F required me to transfer fuel from third country national tankers into the above ground tanks on my FOB.  Don’t you think I knew that if an explosive device eluded detection my life would be ended? Yes I did.  Nevertheless I got up on top of every tanker that came into my fuel point and unloaded every last one of them.  I vote Democratic and I was there under a Democratic President.  I would feel great shame if my parents blamed whatever President of either party for my death.  That is akin to what we say down south of spitting in somebody’s face!

What?  Is the President ending a war in Chicago?  I doubt that there would be attempts by mischievous persons to strap a bomb to their ass and kill themselves along with countless others.  Absolutely not!  The President is ending America’s involvement in a war in Afghanistan!  The President is not airlifting people out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He’s airlifting them out of Afghanistan!  Yeah, the President knows that with war there are casualties.  Let no politician of either party belittle what is inevitable about war.  This isn’t a matter to be reduced to political blasphemy!  

All Republican politicians in office today are unworthy to have their names uttered in the same sentences as duty, honor and country.  These are the people who morph into whatever a mob is feeling in the moment whether it is hatred of the other to excusing immoral and dishonorable behavior from their leaders in power.  Citizens, do you really think a Republican politician with an empty heart has limits to what he or she would do to achieve, hold, and wield that power?  Every one of you who votes to give these people power again deserve the cold splash of truth coming soon after you give it to them.  How does the saying go?  “An empty heart will receive your wishes, but its’ many valves will soon flush it out any available chamber.”

Can’t flush Duty, Honor and Country from a person wearing the uniform in service to America.  Why not you ask?  Because Duty, Honor and Country can’t be flushed when it is written on the heart of a warrior.  That’s why!

Political Theater?


First let me be clear this isn’t a final assessment of America’s interdiction in Afghanistan.  I will give my judgment at a later undetermined time in the future.  Okay.  All the people who aren’t active-duty military or Cabinet members in President Joe Biden’s Administration giving commentary about foreseeing an avoidable end to a military engagement are full of shit.  Certainly Federally elected Republican politicians who are suddenly endowed with integrity should join the circus because that’s where clowns belong.  Oh, and if I had to give advice to President Biden and his cabinet I would tell them to let the press have their party.  I don’t care if it’s a pity party over spilled milk.  I don’t care if they are trampling each other to say I told you so first.  I don’t even care if they are sincere in their concern for the plight of females of all ages in Afghanistan under the Taliban.  They aren’t running the show are they?  Mr. President just do your job and let history write itself.

Now about Republicans trying to cast President Biden’s ability to lead or critique how he handles himself as somehow less than what they expect of a leader.  Wow, that’s vexing to say it bluntly because their guy that sat in that office the last four years couldn’t contemplate on anything for an extended period to make good decisions.  President Trump couldn’t spell wisdom let alone possess any and Republicans are attempting to press that line of attack as if it will help them win elections?  Good luck!  Which brings me to remark on President Joe Biden’s ‘aura’.

I have concluded that President Biden is a ‘FREESTYLER’.  What do I mean by that?  Let me break it down for you.  The President’s conversational tone gives off an air of originality, honesty and openness.  He doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about topics he enjoys talking about like his family, his career, his devotion to keeping to his word.  Don’t even try to compare President Biden to President Trump.  President Biden may get some facts wrong in his eagerness to answer questions, but President Biden doesn’t blatantly lie like President Trump did when his lips are moving.  President Biden is old enough to have developed that part of himself that tells him to trust people when you give them a job to do.

In mental health if you do it long enough and become good at it there develops in you an understanding to give people the ability to make decisions that still produce good outcomes.  They don’t have to do it the way I can.  I give everyone I train the ability to make good decisions because I tell them I trust them.  Now if I need to offer correction I do that in private always with the goal of a full explanation of why and my unyielding support.  Of course if my grasshoppers aren’t agreeable to avoiding the pitfalls present throughout mental health, then I tell them the field may not be right for them.

So, to everybody that are looking to jump on the bandwagon of turned over trash cans only to point them out as they walk by, I suggest keeping your opinions to yourself.  Most people aren’t looking to clean up the mess but are certainly willing to hoot and holler about how big of a mess it is!  Take a chill pill and let the professionals do their job.  If you gathered from this post that I must be military you are perceptive.  I am retired Army and I paid attention and learned from the best of the best as an NCO and tutored under many outstanding officers.  Sit back and watch.  You might learn something about performing in excellence under the worst conditions imaginable because that is part of the job description for entry into leadership in the Armed Forces of America.  President Biden knows what he’s doing.  Just let the man finish ending our involvement in Afghanistan and then everyone can pile on him until their hearts content.  I still say good luck with that.



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 10:  COLLAPSE!

Look, I wish I didn’t have to write so many of these posts that forewarn of catastrophe, but the simple man, woman and gender identity doesn’t seem to grasp the interconnected nature of every life on this planet.  Question.  What happens when one of the human beings I’ve described above suffers from the lost of income?  Do you believe that it only affects that one individual?  Answer honestly please.  Do you believe that it affects only that individual yes or no?  If your answer is yes then that is why I am compelled to continually write post that deal with impending doom.

Let’s look at current events over the past 6 months.  The sudden fall of that condominium in Florida.  The resurgence of the Covid Pandemic practically in every State of the Union.  The disbelief in our elected officials of what is occurring in government at all levels.  The ease to which the Republican Party quickly showed what they really are as they stand squarely in the shoes of wrongdoers.  The place where ‘TRUTH’ dies as it is under siege could be in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Lastly as it has become surreal for Americans to champion those who lie about their errors even when the Sun is shining hottest upon them.

Now pick any building that contains more than 6 floors.  What are the engineering requirements that building must maintain as long as it stands?  It must meet certain building codes set forth by sound Science and enforced by elected and appointed officials to keep every citizens that uses them safe.  It’s not just that that condominium deteriorated and became structurally unsound overnight.  It’s also the people we elect and appoint that failed to keep those souls safe from harm. What if we multiply that situation around the country?  What if we multiply a human being losing a job around the country?  Do the math.  What do you think would happen eventually to every person in those communities?

Consider America’s enemies.  I believe that a conventional war is highly unlikely from an enemy with the capabilities to launch such an onslaught.  What I do believe is possible is for a foreign or domestic adversary to seed ignorance and stupidity as weapons of mass destruction.  The Covid Pandemic.  If every other person eligible to be vaccinated doesn’t get the inoculation it allows the virus to linger on to infinity.  Hold you horses I’m building up to ‘COLLAPSE’.  Those of you who are smart enough to know where I’m headed please refrain from jumping to the end of this post until I get there.

What if enough people convince our elected officials at every level of government that their claims of harm are valid when reality says otherwise?  America is witnessing the beginning of endless competition.  No game will ever crown a champion.  A contest in whatever arena will never be over because now Republicans are writing laws where ‘sore losers’ now get to overturn the final score.  Forget that they got their asses busted on the playing field!  Just let these ‘crybabies’ go to their Republican elected officials and cry foul!

The Republicans are creating a new system where ‘sore losers’ are awarded the trophy.  That’s the kind of game America has always cheered for right?  No more cheering for the winners we now must cheer for the ‘sore losers’.  The collapse of competition has begun.  The collapse of communities has begun.  The collapse of health has begun.  The collapse of believing in our government has begun.  The collapse of families has been accelerated.  The collapse of standards has begun.  That’s right.  Chip away at the foundations which hold our belief structure in all that is righteous and true causes cracks in the entire complexity of all life as we know it.

Let me be clear.  I do not believe that all Americans must work together.  Show me in the history of this country where that occurred and I will give every paycheck from now until I die to every white supremacy group in America.  That’s only occurred once in the Bible where all humans spoke the same language and the tower of Babel was being built to reach God (Genesis 11: 1-9).  That is a construct of some people who don’t know any better.  Everything that has been achieved in the history of humankind has been attributed to a few women and men.  Stop this nonsense about us all needing to come together.  That’s not right!

The conclusion can only be this.  We all should think about our neighbor as ourselves.  When one suffers among us it doesn’t stay isolated to that one person.  Do you hear me?  Thinking about yourself only is appropriate sometimes, but it is also appropriate to think about how your decision affects the decisions I must also make for the life of my family.  America’s enemies don’t need to invade us as we are on track to destroy ourselves because our enemies are becoming smarter than we are.  They’re using Philosophy and influence to persuade Americans to prize selfishness and stupidity like they are cherished rights to protect at all costs.

As I’ve been informed of a few days ago on MSNBC that a man named Carl Sagan was preaching about the dumbing down of America decades ago.  I never knew he was sounding the alarm throughout his life.  Well I am disgusted with stupidity and ignorance just as he was.  Americans keep destroying yourselves because you’re taking a lot of us down with you.  That’s the ultimate way to COLLAPSE this great country!



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 9:  Careful What You Teach?

Back up a second and let’s look at exactly what was taught to those 26 other girls when the picture without the girl with Down Syndrome was chosen to be displayed.  The other girls were taught that the girl with Down Syndrome was less of a human being than they are.  The Down Syndrome girl wasn’t presentable enough to represent the school to the State of Utah and the world.  A seed was planted in the other 26 girls that it is okay to look ‘down’ on another human being because she doesn’t have the same qualities of ‘appearance’ as they do.  It is also okay to dismiss her feelings about the situation because the ‘adults’ (and I’m sure they are Christian Mormon adults) decided it was okay and executed their reasoning by excluding the Down Syndrome girl.

A mistake?  Don’t call it a mistake.  A mistake is an honest oversight that happens when you righteously live in a manner that respects and gives dignity to all in life and the environment.  Oh, before I forget to give my usual warning.  Please do not read any further if what comes next in this digital periodical offends your conscience.  So stop reading at this point.

This is what my people, Black people, have been saying for centuries.  When you design a system of slavery which by definition you don’t have to respect, give dignity, or extend basic consideration to another human being because you own them.  You don’t have to think about their feelings.  You don’t have to understand how oppression is weighing on their lives.  You don’t have to think about how ‘excluding’ people makes them feel denied by the very society they help build. Why should you hear their cries to have full membership in their country?  Why even acknowledge slaves exist except as property?  Why acknowledge the basic dignity of a ‘Down Syndrome’ girl wanting to be a full member of her cheerleading squad with all rights the same as the other 26 girls?

You don’t have to because you have a historical record of cruelty to other human beings you’re trying to keep from being taught.  Yes slavery has ended, but all the structures are still being passed down from generation to generation.  What am I saying?  The mental structures you idiots!  Critical Race Theory seeks to heal the visual record of slavery and the invisible (the more insidious and massive structure) monolith that remains of slavery.  I will be a licensed therapist soon and this is what I always tell the patients in the behavioral hospital where I’m honing my chops.  In therapy there can’t be any off limits subjects.  If it is too much for you to handle I can table it briefly, but I will return to the subject again.  Healing is only possible by traversing the ‘road of truth’.  

The 1619 Project brings a different perspective to how America was born.  Are you too squeamish to learn how cruelty became the business model used to build a nation?  Again then cover your eyes and put your hands over your ears because you are weak!  Just like these white men who’ve been in power in this country for hundreds of years perverting the meaning of strength and bestowing it on cowards and stooges.  A dictator is a strong man?  Only a person that didn’t have to consider the cries of the oppressed could conclude that.

A strong man?  An autocrat?  A despot?  Let me make an observation.  If I am the ruler of all I behold then why am I afraid of competition?  Both mindsets cannot be true.  Both mindsets cannot be held at one time.  If I am all powerful then why do I feel like I need to have eyes in the back of my head.  If you are stricken with a God complex then be a God is all I’m saying.  Why give money to ‘certain men’ of note that will do your bidding to keep you in power?  Why pay off lapdogs to bark at everyone seeking to approach your throne?  Oh, let me move on.  Strong man?  Yeah right.

Now to conclude this periodical issue with a review.  That’s right.  What those 26 other girls have been taught will spread out from them and give birth to even more injustice.  They now know what they were taught.  Cruelty, malice, and having a casual nature of dismissal of all that don’t measure up to what you believe is a whole human being is justifiable.  Just give your reasons because they won’t be examined or challenged for their validity.  How do you think racism and all the evil that comes with it persists! 

Look.  I’m a sinner and I do some things that I know God frowns upon, but I will pay for them and I certainly don’t try to worry or judge the sins of others because that is not my job.  What I don’t do is teach the young that treating others disrespectfully and viciously is how you achieve salvation.  I’ve been saying this consistently now.  When you have had power for so long you don’t have a need to truly see the suffering of others.  Why would you behold it?  Their sufferings don’t matter because it doesn’t touch your life in any way.  Let’s thank those Utah administrators for pumping more evil into the world by securing its’ legacy in the hearts of 26 more girls.




There are women and men bestowed with the gift to answer the ultimate question. That question is ‘WHY’. They are charged with rendering an answer that can be understood by the most contrary element of our society. Those that foment, spread and traffic in hate. Our Brothers are in need of guidance and this journal will bring forth a multitude of remedies to address the male illness of unawareness. The answer to the ultimate unknowns of behavior and responsibility.

Those of us given this perception and understanding to interpret the unknown and apply the information to the known is the essence of our charge. Thereafter decode the messages for the people who oppose themselves. This decryption is then presented to the people as the explanation of events past, present and future so they may keep updated to the frenetic changes occurring today and those that will arrive soon. 

Brothers, this journal is a call to all of you to obtain the knowledge that you lack in every part of your lives. As sons. As brothers. As fathers. As grandfathers. As uncles. As cousins. Ignorance will no longer be tolerated, encouraged or celebrated. As the ‘First Father’ has said in his Holy Bible “let everything be done decently and in order”. Honor and truth will not be perverted anymore. Why? Because as a Black Man I will impart all I have learned and gathered for over 54 years of life in America and around the world to the young coming behind me and my elders above me. Why? Things that now appear as they do will begin to appear as they should be according to what is right? Help me see to it as this mandate has been divinely ordered.

Issue 5:

Of Treasure and the Heart.

I’ll get right to it then.  It did not surprise me that the people that control the professional tennis tournaments would chose the money over the welfare of the players that bring notoriety to the game.  All too often the first impulse is the one that is true.  No, (pause) stop.  Don’t give me that crap about all of us are human beings and thus are subject to mistakes.  They (Tennis Controllers) showed what was most important to them when they didn’t even consider the suffering of a female tennis player before they swiftly rendered punishment.  Ms. Naomi Osaka is a young lady of few years below 25.  Let me say this first.

When a person of youth comes to me for discernment and clarity I always tell them to be certain of what you know and don’t know.  Be careful in drawing conclusion when you aren’t in possession of all the information you need to make that truth a part of you.  Okay, I’ll say it another way.  ‘Don’t accept a reality to which you are not a party to its’ creation.’  If you are made aware of something that is presented to you as fact, it is your duty to verify it for yourself with all diligence.  I admonish the young to take the time to verify something is true before you believe it is true.

Which brings me to scripture to tie off this edition of this internet periodical.  Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”  The ‘MONEY’ deserved their heart more than that young female tennis player.  Yes that’s right!  They thought about the money before they ever thought about the welfare of a valued member of the sport that I’m sure generates more money, press, admiration and goodwill for the game than any of the ‘Ruling Board’ that meted out her judgment.

I must make a comparison to contrast the difference in how other professional sports leagues present their interactions when it concerns their players.  The Phoenix Suns are in the NBA’s Western Conference Finals.  I watched the coaches, players and even some of the executive staff just laud praise and show love and devotion to each other.  Permission to remind those among us who do not know this.  If you show a human being you value their contribution and show genuine care and concern for them and their family.  That human being will move mountains for you.  I’ve seen it in my time in the U.S. Army how giving respect and dignity frees soldiers up to perform their duties beyond compare.  

Let me say this in all caps.  YOUR TREASURE SHOULD BE YOUR PEOPLE!  They wouldn’t have to guess anymore.  They now know where your heart is.

Mother S. Sayer: The ARC of TIME

Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time

Season Two:  Episode Four:  Extension of Thought 

Part One – GAP Integrity


(Broadening my thoughts continues to be a daily task. Whether it has brought me closer to my people is a perception of mine unfounded or documented by measurable research.  When I focus on Sarah for example I can feel her joy when I’m in her presence. Now I can’t say for certain it is because she is happy to see me, but I can feel my joy grow as I enter an area close to her. Maybe I’m just doing what I have always done when I sense something needs to be addressed and the mechanics of it in the end must continue their movement.  Hopefully in a positive direction.

I have a new ally now in General Tholodious. Some of my time was spent projecting negative feelings about him. When I assume it does make an ass out of you and me. His daughters and mine have gotten along well as all of them grew to adulthood. That is something I hope I had a firm influence on the outcome. Oh why don’t I just admit it. I love my inner circle of trusted confidantes. Se’May you know you must begin to include men in your circle. I know I must do that beyond the man I have on my ‘Council’. 

Okay so I need to continue to add to my name. By now all my people know what to expect when they see me coming because ‘word does get around’. Just show your people who you are by how you treat them. They will begin to understand that just going about their positions in the company will not be good enough. They must care as concern for the life of others creates a certain connection that is unmistakable in the remnants that attach symmetrically. What did my father teach me. ‘Show your people. Don’t just say it. Show them’. Nurturing. Watering to protect them from the Sun. Metaphorically of course. Moderating your expectations of your people as you witness their growth. Remember what the ‘Timer’ taught you. What you do to help your people succeed produces ‘energy’ in another ‘realm’.)

Mother Sayer: (The day starts just like it should with purpose and appreciation.).  N’tare how are you this morning?

N’tare:  Very well.  Just finishing some of the preparations for the morning meal.  How are you Mother?

Mother Sayer:  It is good.  My ability to keep an air of humbleness is still with me.  Guiding my steps as I begin the day.  Breakfast smells really good.  That makes the day even more promising. 

N’tare:  Where are the children?

Mother Sayer:  Oh, I’m sure they’re on their way down. I’ve got a lot to get to this day and some of it is has to do with the admonishment side of leadership.  No worry though I’ll do it my way and hope the team heads receive it the way it was intended.

N’tare:  Righteously as always.

——————-1st Interlude——————-

(This day must play out as N’tare said as righteously as possible. Mother Sayer broods. She still keeps reminding herself that growth and stress are components of leadership and shielding your people from these factors in more cases than not injures them. It is also true that these components can disable the mind if the person is not ready to handle the adversity. Choices choices. Why am I debating with myself over the necessity of what needs to happen? I’m a major and a nurse trained by the Army to care, treat and save lives. There was not a time I received passing grades if I did not master the material in Nursing School. I must love my people enough to know if they can or cannot handle the position and if they cannot then I must demote them and conduct more guidance and mentoring. Anything less would be a betrayal of what my father and the Army taught me.).

Mother Sayer:  (Mother looks over the many reports on her desk that Sarah placed at her request. She opens her office door and asks her to come in and review how her meetings or visits with her team heads will play out.). What I want to do as always is help my people reach the correct conclusions that acknowledges any shortcomings they may or may not have. Address any neglect of their team members skill sets.  Lastly show my support through modeling expectations and the necessity of mentorship or coaching.  I’ll play it by ear which philosophical bent I’ll follow to reach my objectives.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Also add more theatrics if you will through pausing between your statements. Props are also a good visual aid.  Tying everything together and how you do it is why I never miss one.

Mother Sayer:  One what?

Sarah W. Certainty:  One of the best influencers in business.  I always want, no I need to be in the audience.  My learning isn’t complete either you know.

Mother Sayer:  Oh, I’m glad I entertain you.

Sarah W. Certainty:  The value to me you will never be able to measure, but I suspect you already know what you’ve done for me.

Mother Sayer:  Righteously I do as also my father Mr. Sayer did for me when he exposed me to perception, knowledge, learning, and relevance.  What did he say to me?  Yes, watch those gaps as those with mischievous intent can insert a lot of foolishness there.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I can’t wait to see you in action.  Am I being too giddy with anticipation right now?  You can tell me you know.

Mother Sayer:  I wouldn’t have you any other way Sarah.

——————-2nd  Interlude——————-

(Mother decided on three projects to get an in person update from the team heads.  The media project.  The BAD project which stands for The Business Acumen and Direction project.  The Model project which looks to match a child with an adult in the industry the child has shown aptitude.  

The projects work spaces are also selected by direction of travel, by the sunrise and sunset. It is so as it should that human beings know what is first and what should be last. She remembers a saying that fits in this moment. “We’re all adults. Adults should be able to have professional conversations.”).

Mother Sayer: (All of the projects are in development on the 3rd floor. She decides to stop in on the media project first as it has the most moving parts.). How are you Tuaole (it is pronounced ‘Two oh lee)? (The first one that holds the keys to the entry way of the office environment. Her name is appropriate and her presence elicits pause when someone encounters her. She is Puerto Rican and stands about 5’10 and looks like she just won the WWE title at wrestle mania. Of course the security training Mother puts all her forward facing staff through isn’t a joke either.).

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Mother I am as I always said I would speak in response to you.  Covered by the grace of God as his gift of eternal life is precious.  Thankful to be trusted by a leader that treats her staff with dignity and respect not only in word but in deed.  Guilty that I was selected but giving 100% to this company as it gives me no less in return.

Mother Sayer:  You are too kind.  Everyone should have a chance to fulfill their full destiny as I know so many from our worlds are denied the opportunity.  Take us inside.  We have much to discuss about what is going on behind these doors.

Tuaole Rilyzah:  As you requested, I verified that all the project leaders are here and their team members.

Mother Sayer: (Mother smiles as she receives Tuaole’s report). Good. Announce my presence and tell all personnel I will be ready for an updated assessment on where the project stands in 10 minutes. (Mother turns to go to the breakroom with Sarah in tow).

Tuaole Rilyzah:  (Tuaole asks everyone to gather around her and she explains how this report is going to be absorbed by Mother Sayer. When you speak about the progress of the project make sure you aren’t hedging your ideas on something outside of your control. Speak about the depth of the various media ideas that you have already begun to visualize and where you stand on paper. Know for what purpose and part of life you wish to address your content. Lastly be specific and confident as Mother Sayer can’t be sure of something you don’t believe in.). Okay are you ready for your presentation?

O’Woh E. Line:  Yes I am ready for her.

Hekima Beborne:  Ready to report.

Oakli Sands:  I sure am ready.

Tuaole Rilyzah:  (Tuaole takes count and turns to go tell Mother that everyone is ready to brief her on where the project stands.). Mother, they are ready for you.

Mother Sayer:  Thank you Tuaole.  Sarah let’s go see what they got for us.

——————- 3rd Interlude——————-

(This project faces the sunrise. Mother knows that what a human beings sees on a consistent basis does more to influence their path than any book smarts could ever accomplish. The time for talk is done. Mother is going to inject some of her own ideas and media content into the world of entertainment. She thinks to herself I hope my morning is off to a good start.).

Mother Sayer:  Hekima, you may go first.

Hekima Beborne:  My project is twofold.  It starts with a television show called the ‘Family and Purpose’.  Exploring the reasons why Japanese culture works for Japanese people.  The movements are coordinated based on respect and familial authority.  It is a show of a family’s honor how their members retain and display their learning.  This discipline determines how profitable a family becomes when all the energy is directed as required to each part of the household.   A lasting edifice to the family and Japanese culture.  The Japanese way of life is depicted truthfully and honorably.

Mother Sayer:  How will this be received on television?  Can you sell advertisement slots?

Hekima Beborne:  As far as audience preferences go I believe an authentic show that reflects the wealth of Japanese culture as it truly is will open a viewers’ desire to know more.  As far as selling it to advertisers I believe good content flowing from excellent writing and acting will slowly draw them to this story.

Mother Sayer:  Huh?  Who will be writing the stories?  I already know you’re going to be the Executive Producer.

Hekima Beborne:  (This seems to knock Hekima for back a little.  She thought she was only responsible for development and not the actual accountability of the project.).  Ah, I am the Executive Producer?

Mother Sayer:  (This is what I’m talking about.  This is what my Father’s purpose was with me.  He knew an idea is only as good as someone’s ability to bring it forth from the ether.).  Hekima,

I don’t hire manufacturers.  I bring on people with the goods.  Dismiss any thought you have about laying out the blueprints of an idea.  Anyone can do that.  I hire people that understand that an idea is theirs from start to completion and beyond.

Can a farmer just plant his crops and allow the elements to provide the growth he desires?  Does the farmer know when the crops are ready to burst forth from the ground?  I’ll give you an easy one.  Does the farmer know when it’s time to harvest his crops?

Hekima Beborne:  So, you want someone that knows how to keep hands on and off an idea.  Someone who can nurture the growth of an idea with the things necessary for it to grow.  Someone capable of purchasing the exact needs of what makes an idea thrive.

Mother Sayer:  That’s exactly what I’m looking for.  Can you do it?

Hekima Beborne:  Yes Mother I can.

Mother Sayer:  Good.  Now listen carefully to my next question.  Can you do it all by yourself?  (Mother looks at Hekima and times her response.).

Hekima Beborne:  No I cannot do it all by myself.

Mother Sayer:  Excellent.  That is the right answer.  Your culture is alive and well in you.  Why did I say that?  Hekima, don’t buy into what those in this world try to sell you.  We all have our latent gifts, traits or inherent designs.  Embrace the richness of your culture.  Never deny or seek to disgrace your heritage.  I am who I am today because I draw to me the full blessings of the First Father’s creation.

How long before you have 5 episodes written for me to review?

Hekima Beborne:  I’ll have to hire writers, producers and show designers.

Mother Sayer:  (Mother waves her hands as if to signal why are you voicing something to me I already know.).  How long?

Hekima Beborne:  (Hekima turns to her team for a huddle.). Give me 45 days.

Mother Sayer:  Good.  Until then.  (Mother turns to leave with Sarah and Tuaole.  She catches Tuaole giving Hekima a short smile.).  Tuaole, give me a 15 minutes before you take me to the next project.  I will do an after action report with Sarah now.

Sarah W. Certainty:  You challenged her.

Mother Sayer:  That I did.  How do you think she will respond?  I think she is capable, but inexperienced.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I saw a window of desire open in her eyes.  A desire to finally show what she can do.  I think she trusts you to allow her to get it done, but all human beings are afraid of letting down someone showing trust in them.

Mother Sayer:  Should I pop in on her team from time to time to let her know she doesn’t have to worry about failing me?

Sarah W. Certainty:  I would do this.  In the 6 weeks you gave her call her once a week for an update on the project.  Call her at the same time every week so she can prepare for the consistency of the check in.  Encourage her but push her as well.  What did you tell me?  Ah yes, keep some pressure on your people so you can discover for yourself their strengths and weaknesses.  If you don’t know them then you’re putting the whole operation in jeopardy of failure.

Mother Sayer:  Yes.  Gap Integrity.  Make sure the instruction stays on the curriculum I’ve approved.  Don’t want my people influenced by education that bleeds away their success.

Sarah W. Certainty:  You’re making me giddy again.  Focusing the energy of your people has produced the results you have foreseen.  How do you do it?  Maintain such discipline and focus?

Mother Sayer:  Years of doing the same thing over and over Sarah.  I don’t know of anything else.

Sarah W. Certainty:  That’s how it is then.

Mother Sayer:  Yeah.  That’s how it is.



There are women and men bestowed with the gift to answer the ultimate question. That question is ‘WHY’. They are charged with rendering an answer that can be understood by the most contrary element of our society. Those that foment, spread and traffic in hate. Our Brothers are in need of guidance and this journal will bring forth a multitude of remedies to address the male illness of unawareness. The answer to the ultimate unknowns of behavior and responsibility.

Those of us given this perception and understanding to interpret the unknown and apply the information to the known is the essence of our charge. Thereafter decode the messages for the people who oppose themselves. This decryption is then presented to the people as the explanation of events past, present and future so they may keep updated to the frenetic changes occurring today and those that will arrive soon. 

Brothers, this journal is a call to all of you to obtain the knowledge that you lack in every part of your lives. As sons. As brothers. As fathers. As grandfathers. As uncles. As cousins. Ignorance will no longer be tolerated, encouraged or celebrated. As the ‘First Father’ has said in his Holy Bible “let everything be done decently and in order”. Honor and truth will not be perverted anymore. Why? Because as a Black Man I will impart all I have learned and gathered for over 54 years of life in America and around the world to the young coming behind me and my elders above me. Why? Things that now appear as they do will begin to appear as they should be according to what is right? Help me see to it as this mandate has been divinely ordered.

Issue 4:

Explain That to Me?

Now to review.  The Republican men have always held up to these so called Evangelicals (EvanDevilcals I call them) that they were pious and worthy of their support because they practiced the beliefs and commandments of the Almighty.  No no one at a time will this be done.  A lie.  That’s appropriate to start there.  Former President Trump said he won the 2020 Presidential Election.  Did he Republicans?  Republicans answer ‘yes’.  What does the Holy Bible say in response to these ‘EvanDevilcals’ that follow the Republicans about a lie.  1 John 2:4 “He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a ‘liar’, and the ‘truth’ is not in him.”

Okay so that discrepancy is solved right ‘EvanDevilcals’?  Moving on.  Let’s do certification covered with decency and order.  Your God speakers are already discredited for speaking lies to you ‘EvanDevilcals’ in the name of God, but what excuse do they have for not following their code of ethics in the performance of their duties?  They defaulted or disregarded their oaths of office these elected Republicans to agree with a lie, so in essence not affirming the results of a valid and legal election makes sense to me at least.  What does the scripture say?  1 Timothy 1:7 “desiring to be teachers of the law; understanding neither what they say, nor whereof they affirm”.

So the Republicans would disregard the whole experiment of America because they really could care less about what is right and what is wrong.  I believe the ‘EvanDevilcals’ knew who they were all along.  It just burst fully out in the open on January 6, 2021, for those that knew the lie was more comforting to their mind than the truth.  Well you know what they say about success?  Being a success requires patience along with following a strict moral, ethical, and righteous code.  The ARC of Time will bless you with a lasting success for conducting yourself and the energy of your actions in the right way.  In essence, fooling some people produces the results we saw on that cold day in January. 

Lastly let’s look at our interconnections.  As I wrote in ‘America:  The ReRoute’, I will not debate the ‘First Father’ nor his design ever!  What he created can no man put asunder.  A diverse slate of human beings presents a great challenge to us all.  Unfortunately the heart of man is like a runaway engine when it decides who it wants to be.  Evil has triumphed in that contest all too many times.  Think about that a minute.  What if humanity chose the opposite when looking out over a diverse field of human beings.  What if the voices of good triumphed in those days and times?  I have some thoughts I will share with you now.  

Humanity would flourish as in Genesis 11.  Even though he again poured out more diversity in tongue; he didn’t restrict us from working together for greatness.  Maybe building a tower to reach Heaven is still not a good thing though.  Anyway, ancient history has an example when it did happen.  We all worked together to achieve something great.  Do we need to all come together and agree as one?  No.  We elect our leaders to discern and enable cooperation, agreement and progress grounded in truthful debate.  That’s the mandate underlying the establishment of our governing system. 

One more thing before I close out this issue.  Family.  We are all part of the human race and should never portion out favor, gifts, punishments or partiality to any race, religion, gender, or wealth.  Love thy neighbor as thyself is not hard to understand.  Maybe it is?  If a member of my family behaved in ways that I did not instruct I would be admonishing that family member accordingly.  What am I referring to?  Ephesians 14-15: “For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named.”  

So ‘EvanDevilcals’ you know the truth now.  Continue to back your gang of Republican liars and you are teetering this great experiment of America on the edge of a cliff with jagged marble below.  Your false Gods of Republican charlatans are revealed to you.  Frankly, you deserve the ridicule you get ‘EvanDevilcals’ because what?  ‘It is a perception that has survived for generations.  Kiss the ass of the leader and ignore the smell.’  It still will never make you legit.  A fool and his vote will soon part.  I know it’s a take on a fool and his money, but it makes the same point.


The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 8:  Clarity in Self-Care

This is as important as any of the topics underlying the pain colored people have endured as much as the whip.  Mental Health and Self-Care are not just words in a news article.  These words elicit mandatory clarification because the way those words are applied are critical to understanding the stimuli bombarding the human heart and mind.  I will not debate the Almighty or his purpose in how his creation learns, but one of those ways may seem unfair as we are most likely to be hit with stimuli we don’t understand before we can understand it.  Do you get what I mean as even I am hard pressed to explain it any other way.

The young lady playing tennis stepping away from the court means that she is seeking clarity for the stimuli she is withstanding.  I read her statement and she clearly has great respect for her craft.  The mistake at first on those that see it as a business failed to consider that she isn’t a machine that can be walled off from her personal life and the journey of exploration to which she is underway in her life.  Listen to my next statement.  “Stimuli often comes before understanding and clarity is achieved.  Human beings often forget that our ‘Maker’ bore us into family, communal, tribal, matriarch or patriarchal systems that by definition means we must learn from those that came before us.  The teacher can be anyone who has obtained knowledge and wisdom and is able to bestow that knowledge on those younger that he or she.  The young lady tennis player may not have that elder there to help her process the stimuli she is experiencing.  She can obtain clarity, but she must talk to someone that knows more than her about Mental Health and Self-Care.”

Healing comes from reaching out or that good friend not just telling her she should go talk to somebody.  Be like Black people and snatch they friend up and tell them we’re going to see somebody and you’re going to get help right now.  If you’re not that member of the family system that can bring clarity to a family member that’s struggling then ask around, somebody needs to get help right away.  Stop being a family member in name only.  I know you can never do it for them, but you can be insistent and clear in telling them by showing them you love them.

I say lastly again.  Don’t just offer your love or send energy to her (N. Osaka).  I’m glad those that see her as more than just a money machine are giving a dam about her.  Don’t tell somebody you care show them you care.  Offer to be at their side when they make the call for help.  Yes, there are ways you can help your friend other than putting hands on them and making them do it.  Yes, being supportive with your energy right there side by side throwing your energy into their energy can and will produce results positively.

All life is precious and I can’t say otherwise because I am not the ‘First Father’.  No that tennis player is not a ‘brat’.  She is a woman in pain and she needs our help because she is a member of the human race.  Money cannot explain, comfort or bring clarity to the stimuli we all face and have faced in our lives.  It is not about how much money anybody makes.  It is about loving thy neighbor as thyself.  Can we at least agree to have compassion for that.


Preamble:  The Creator’s Diversity

The ones who hold the power tell the story.  The quote went something like that.  Make peace with that truth and let’s move on to how power can wreck a weak mind.  When the King eats from the same soil and drinks from the same pond how then did humankind conclude that denying these basic truths could unify us all?  How the realization of what power brings to those that possess it can influence human being that are weak of spirit.  When their spirit is enticed to commit acts of evil when those in power that are evil hearted require it of them.  The Creator gifted his diverse creation carefully.  The care he intended has been perverted by one race intent on maintaining their power instead of sharing it as we share the land, water and the air.  America is that experiment.  May I say it has never reached it’s full potential because she (Motherly pronoun) has never loved all her children.

Confession.  What does it mean?  I’m asking for the ancient meaning of the word and why God uses it to forcefully awaken us to our behavior both spiritually and physically.  You’ll have to wait because I want to get to the point of this periodical online newsletter.  Let’s take a hard look at America right now in this day and time in the year of our Lord 2021.  Suddenly majority rule is meaningless.  Playing by the rules is subject to a review by a Governor or a Judge with no evidence needed to prove standing in making such a claim.  The winner chosen from a diverse (there’s that word again) group of voters is questionable because they didn’t pick my candidate.

Let’s stop right there.  Why would an adult believe that other adults couldn’t vote for anyone but their guy?  Why would an elected official legitimize their warped thinking as somehow justifiable?  Does that elected official believe they are discharging the duties of their office faithfully to America?  America as a nation established our governing system after a final conclusion of voting.  When the certification is done that’s it.  If an elected official has doubts about the outcome he or she better produce evidence to back it up or face a charge of sedition.  This crap going on now because some people who voted for President Trump feel he was the greatest man since President Lincoln and couldn’t have loss fair and square need to have a bed reserved at a looney hospital. 

America must reroute now!  That Presidential election is over and we have work to do.  Look at history and you will see that we grow when the government spends the money to expand beyond the confines of our thoughts that limit our potential.  When I was growing up in Birmingham, Alabama I heard my Dad speak of limitations.  In my house there are possibilities that I know are ripe for expansion.  America must focus on her house and not the house of China or any other house that people in the media say will surpass us one day.  What’s the saying?  “Worry about your own house.”

President Biden should hit growth with everything in America’s arsenal.  I’m going to alter the saying about immersing yourself in the problem will shorten the length of that problem.  America should ‘Immerse itself in building the structure and foundation of a new industrial and technology age that when we set atop it, it will withstand twice its’ design limits.’ We could double our economy.  Go from 22 trillion to 44 trillion in 15 years!  Imagine putting the imagination of all our diversity to this shared goal.  We could show the world that America understands her flaws and she is willing to bring them out in the open to achieve her unity.

Now to the definition of ‘Confession’.  It is an eruption from within…Letting out of something that harms you like poison or disruptive thoughts…Spew out from the body that which troubles you…It is known that with the mouth confession is made…the tears of the eyes and the emotions of the heart and mind completes the trinity of healing.

America giving confession of her soul and what wrongs she has committed is necessary to heal her.  Keeping in the atrocities of her history only continues to weaken her.  A truthful telling of her ‘acts’ is how America can achieve her promise.  Remember embracing the problem fully tends to shorten the length of time we must make peace with it.  Ignoring the problems checkered throughout her history insults her potential legacy of finally achieving her greatness!  Truth sets free more than your mind.  It will set free a nation!





There are women and men bestowed with the gift to answer the ultimate question. That question is ‘WHY’. They are charged with rendering an answer that can be understood by the most contrary element of our society. Those that foment, spread and traffic in hate. Our Brothers are in need of guidance and this journal will bring forth a multitude of remedies to address the male illness of unawareness. The answer to the ultimate unknowns of behavior and responsibility.

Those of us given this perception and understanding to interpret the unknown and apply the information to the known is the essence of our charge. Thereafter decode the messages for the people who oppose themselves. This decryption is then presented to the people as the explanation of events past, present and future so they may keep updated to the frenetic changes occurring today and those that will arrive soon. 

Brothers, this journal is a call to all of you to obtain the knowledge that you lack in every part of your lives. As sons. As brothers. As fathers. As grandfathers. As uncles. As cousins. Ignorance will no longer be tolerated, encouraged or celebrated. As the ‘First Father’ has said in his Holy Bible “let everything be done decently and in order”. Honor and truth will not be perverted anymore. Why? Because as a Black Man I will impart all I have learned and gathered for over 54 years of life in America and around the world to the young coming behind me and my elders above me. Why? Things that now appear as they do will begin to appear as they should be according to what is right? Help me see to it as this mandate has been divinely ordered.

Issue Three:

Tell It Like Is!

I will start with something that still seems to be confusing.  How any system is created, established and sustained.  Take slavery for example.  The foundation of slavery was the need for labor to build a stolen country America for sure.  To start off you don’t have money to pay for labor so you need to take it from somebody.  Fast forward to having it the labor that is.  Now that stolen labor is working just fine you now have to establish it.  That’s where the law comes in.  I mean you do have to protect your free labor system right?

Fast forward again to the sustainment period.  I mean America was working very well taking free labor that was sanctioned by law and blessed by the (so called) church.  Now let us pause and ‘check on learning’.  Did I hear a Black man no less a United States Senator from South Carolina say America is not a racist country?  Why would he say that?  I’m speaking only to the very few human beings blessed with the gift of understanding a three letter word ‘WHY’?  Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Do you really think a system of slavery is so easily erased mind you that it went unchallenged for hundreds of years no less?  You really think the fruit of that grounded system of slavery somehow aren’t being spewed out of our upbringing this very day?  I’ll put it simpler for those not blessed with ‘WHY’ understanding.  ‘You think you can eat the same meal that tasted that good for so long and not want that same meal forever’?  Why do you think it took so long to end slavery?  Better yet or more clearly I mean the physical parts of it, but the mental pillars of hatred linger in what we refer to as racism today.

Back to Senator Scott.  You know the old saying that people need to know where you stand if the shit hits the fan and all that.  In Revelation 3:16 where he says if you are lukewarm he will spue you out of his mouth.  The worst thing about some human beings of African descent is this.  It’s not that they don’t tell the truth.  It’s not that they don’t tell the truth to people of different races.  The worst thing about some of these people is that they don’t tell themselves the truth.  That my loyal readers means holding yourself accountable!  It means that some people of African descent don’t have a set of rules they govern themselves by no matter the situation in which they find themselves.

It further means that sort of person will do whatever or say whatever no matter if the truth immediately condemns them.  Which means a person should know where you stand just as God said you need to be hot or cold.  Lukewarm folks is not an option available to you okay.  Senator Scott has salted his name because he has shown he does not possess the reasoning to understand the historical record of America.  Let’s say you decide to paint a room in your home a different color.  Sure you can paint over the color that was there before, but the shade underneath is still present.

Furthermore, let me break it down another way.  If I order a car through my favorite automotive manufacturer I request the features I want included right?  The car is then built with the add on features within guidelines allowed under the law.  Do you really think that slavery and the remnants of that system of racism, redlining, white flight, Confederate revisionist, unequal justice in courts, hateful police, master race delusions, and weaponizing skin color because of the historical treatment of Black people.  You really think a system like that which worked extraordinarily can be dismantled and discarded so easily?  It worked great for the people who oversaw it.  Okay then what replaced the system of slavery?  I John 1:8 “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.”  Sounds like accountability doesn’t it?

Don’t worry ‘EvanDevilicals’ I haven’t forgotten you.  Your home.  Who would you invite into your home?  Would it be thieves?  Would it be greedy people?  Would it be liars?  Would it be adulterers?  Would it be people that know the truth and don’t say it when lives are at stake?  Malachi 3:5 “And I will come near to you to judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against false swearers, and against those that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow, and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger from his right, and fear not me, saith the Lord of hosts.”  

Wow that verse covers a lot of the Republicans and ‘EvanDevilicals’ platform.  I hope those jurors in the Chauvin trial lived by the truth because any other verdict would’ve lined them up for Hell with Chauvin.  Yes, all the trials of all those police officers that killed Black folks and any folks for that matter voted to set them free did answer and will answer to God for their decision.  By the way I’ll defend Lebron James because he is right.  This is why.  How do you know who started a confrontation or started a fight when you just roll up to the scene?  Remember the father defending his son against a woman claiming he stole her cellphone?  Look at the staff of that hotel and how they reacted to the situation.  They fell on the side of the young woman.  ‘WHY’.  Did they have information that told them she was in the right?  Did they see the young Black kid steal her phone?  What evidence did they possess that left them without a shadow of doubt that her assertions were accurate?  The police officer in Idaho has some kind of superpower that tells him when he rolls up on a scene who started the confrontation?  All those people that cheered that officer in his faulty assertions I’m afraid of them.  I’ve come home and found my children arguing many times.  I ask questions of both of them in an attempt to ascertain the truth.  I don’t come in the house and immediately punish them both.  That’s just to use a southern word ‘trifling’. 

That officer rolling up to the scene got the story after the fact, but it’s too late then because a girl is now dead.  Again I have to go revisit my service in the U. S. Army.  I spent over 30 months in combat zones and not once did the Army teach me to shoot first and ask questions later.  I was taught professionalism and honor.  You must have positive identification and know the situation before you open fire on anybody!  Now do you want another excusable action added to the already full arsenal of police use of force?  Careful what you wish for.

Lastly I found it extremely offensive for Senator Scott to repeat or use God’s name in his response.  Don’t lie and then by impression think God is with you when you lie.  Everything his party members say when invoking the name of God they will answer for.  Remember it’s not that liars say they are changing the rules a little to make it better.  It is those little changes or obstacles that eventually become a system and when that system is based on a lie then it operates in darkness.  The darkness I refer to is not the night that follows the day, but the darkness that comes from the evil that so easily spue from the heart of humankind.  Once some of these people taste darkness it then becomes a delicacy they can’t do without.



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 7:  Time to Descend?

Writing this issue has been delayed on purpose until after the trial of that police officer that killed George Floyd.  Now to be sure and inform you that this issue will be written in strong language that may be unsuitable for sensitive eyes.  Be careful if you choose to continue absorbing this issue because I’m about to reveal some ugly truths about how we got to this position of illusory justice in America.

“This is what happens when you cover yourself (America) in darkness thinking you will not be engulfed by it, but you end up in a straitjacket void of buckles or ties unable to wiggle your way out of it”.

The US Supreme Court for decades willfully leaving it up to the police to define what they think is reasonable.  The US Supreme Court for decades abdicating their responsibility to clearly state or uphold the law.  The US Congress for decades has failed to legislate a set of just laws that created one standard for law enforcement nationwide.  Why do rational human beings think that giving anybody God like powers enables them to restrain their base impulses?  I would rather that police officer Chauvin exercised his right to testify.  Got on the stand and told the courtroom and the rest of the world that I killed (that nigger) George Floyd because I knew a jury of white people (Christian folk) would let me off with a wink and a nod.

The police say they are being characterized unfairly?  When a police union official states that killing a boy with his hands raised was perfect police conduct?  Right!  I have to contrast that statement with what I was trained to do in the US Army.  Warfare is not chaotic in reality.  It requires professional soldiers that identify the target (PID Positive Identification) before firing your weapon.  For those that do not know it simply means that the enemy must be clearly identified before discharging your weapon.  Yes, civilians could be innocently there in urban environments going about their daily lives and shouldn’t be killed because they were inadvertently close to your target.

Police want your respect and admiration even when they act with indifference to human life?  Say that again.  The police want your respect even when they are afraid and they shoot first and kill a citizen?  Maybe the police want a blank sheet (US Supreme Court) so they can write what happens to fit the lies they so easily tell.  Yeah ‘EvanDevilcals’ the police lie as easily as anyone else except they are the ones with the guns and the law backing up whatever bullshit they pull out they ass.

Now to the Lawyer for Officer Chauvin and don’t tell me the smirk on his face didn’t mirror the one on Chauvin’s the day he chose to kill that nigger.  Why I say it like that look no further than the ‘Devils’ that worship whatever God they do in their churches on Sundays.  Why does everything have to take an act of government to say that it is wrong?  Why can’t these so called ‘EvanDevilcals’ ever say lynching is wrong long ago.  Killing other human beings because of the color of their skin is wrong.  Why these juries like the one that could not convict that Officer for shooting Walter Scott?  It was on film was it not?  Maybe it was not really murder when an Officer shoots an unarmed human being in the back no less.  Kind of cowardly isn’t it?

Yet a Christian couldn’t see that it was wrong.  Tells you everything you need to know about what they are learning in their churches doesn’t it?  I will tell you what I would wish for if I had one wish.  I would wish that I could just be allowed by God to witness one of these evil men or women when God asks them did they do it and why.  Of course God knows already what was on their heart when they did it, but I would like to be present when he caste one of those evil folk to condemnation in Hell.  Yes juries of all white people past, present and future you’re going to have to answer for why you didn’t vote to meet out justice when the truth was clear as day to you.  I am not sorry for telling you this.  You will be standing right next to them in Hell so I hope being in power had its’ carnal benefits.  There will be a day everybody will have to answer why these killings have gone on this long.

Now do you understand why America is stuck on a descending ride to darkness.  Guns absent just authority led to this.  You can’t hope human beings will do the right thing.  The US Supreme Court are supposed to be made up of smart people and even they don’t want to do their jobs!  I went to one of my favorite burger joints the other day and ordered a chicken sandwich meal.  When my order was ready the young lady put the sandwich in the bag and slightly threw it on the counter while saying my order number.  I come up to the counter and shake the bag and then point at it.  You know what the young lady said?  “What, I don’t know what that means.”  I said, “Read the ticket where are my fries.”  She said something else smartly and then I just couldn’t hold back.  I said, “Do you job, I shouldn’t have to tell you your job.  You work here.”

It seems that in every position of power at every level of government from State to Federal no one wants to take any ‘heat’ or criticism for God forbid doing what’s right!  Why are you in the position?  If you don’t want to do your job then resign and let somebody else make the tough decisions.  “You can’t dance in darkness all the time because sooner rather than later you won’t see your feet and who knows where you’re dancing off to.”

TIME TO DESCEND will last how much longer?  God help us if we continue to care so frivolously about life because we can’t create a just society if we allow the ‘voice of evil’ to guide our path out of the darkness.  Healing starts at home with the truth being told.  All those ‘EvanDevilcals’ that stated God sent us President Donald Trump need to repent openly their statements.  Or not.  Either way I am reminded of a verse of scripture.  “Be not overcome with evil but overcome evil with good.”



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 6:  Unending ‘REGISTRATION’ to Vote?

What does it mean ‘Register to Vote’?  I’m confused because I thought that once you are registered to vote that it was a one time deal.  A record of your information is permanently created Right?  Now of course if you move or change your voting location it only requires a simple update of your information.  Revelation 21:27 “And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life.”  Oh in case you don’t want to read the chapter it is about Jerusalem.

Now that we have that settled as to the fact that it is a redundant obstacle put in place by those who have achieved power with an unclean heart.  Yes, if a voter goes to an official state government office and provides identification which is verification then why does a voter have to show identification to a non-government volunteer in order to vote?  Right!  If they wish to put a system in place to harass or be skeptical of every voter then you better institute a facial recognition system and not put the onus on the voter to prove their identity when they already done it!  That is why there is an objection to voter ID because it gives unelected and unlegislated power to somebody who is just there as a volunteer to check my credentials.

Now back to Georgia’s new voting law.  I’m speaking loosely here mind you.  Well the scripture says that if you base your law on a lie what did God say about that?  Again, how many times I have to say this.  You can’t have it both ways!  That’s why I cringe when unlearned men and women speak about more layers of stinking obstacles ‘only’ on a voter as long as it sounds reasonable isn’t so bad.  That’s why ‘boycotts’ work because a right so precious as voting is a right that comes with ‘shared’ implications for a better society.  Next paragraph will help explain why.

The Israelites oppressed by bondage in Egypt.  Would it surprise you that Pharaoh knew by taking away straw that the Israelites used to make bricks would cause a backlash against Moses and Aaron?  If this is new to you then you need to take a closer look at your walk with ‘The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost’.  Yes it caused Moses to ask God for ‘clarification’ let’s say.  You know where I’m going with this right?  Listen to me now if you don’t get anything else out of this issue.  When the work is so important because it is for the benefit of all it means everybody must suffer to get it accomplished!  Read Exodus Chapter 6 and try to understand.

When the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott began everybody accepted the fact that it was a necessary tactic to gain dignity as human beings.  There was doubt and complaining why I got to suffer, or I don’t want to upset the ‘Pharaoh’ because he might become even more distraught with us.  I don’t care if humanity has a few more ‘toys’ that make us believe we are now above sacrificing for the greater good.  Is the sacrifice of one man not taught in Church anymore? Did Jesus die for us all?

Romans 14:7 “For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself.”  Only thinking about yourself huh?  How does that work when hatred and oppression are abounding more and more!  So yes, as a Black man I agree with any elected official, company, citizen, sports league acknowledging the truth that all these voter laws are a not so thinly disguised onslaught to elevate people of hatred over people wanting to uplift other people.  Reduce the amount of voters and you can elect all these so called ‘Christian Politicians’ who are the scum of the Earth just going to further enrich themselves.  Yeah right and right now they are called Republicans.  Wow, even when President Trump uses trickery to take his supporters money they still love him.  That’s as great a religion as I’ve ever seen or heard of.  (Sarcasm).

Colored People


The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.


I think I have said this a thousand times.  The ‘DEVIL’ will show you who he is by his actions toward others.  Let the ‘DEVIL’ be the ‘DEVIL’ please and in so doing all will be revealed unto you.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Let me speak about the new Georgia law and then we can all see how it lines up with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  It is a crime to give food and water to another human being standing in a voting line.  Romans 12: vs 20 – 21, “Therefore IF THINE ENEMY HUNGER, FEED HIM; IF HE THIRST, GIVE HIM DRINK:  FOR IN SO DOING THOU SHALT HEAP COALS OF FIRE ON HIS HEAD.  Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.”

Now to Idol Gods.  Republicans and evangelicals obviously aren’t following and certainly not living by the word of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Who say you then are they living by?  The only other choice is the ‘DEVIL’.  Let’s dissect and compare what God said and what these Republican evangelicals said.  First God said if you say I’m your enemy then at least provide me food and water.  Oh goodness, yes these Republicans evangelicals stated by the law they put into effect that Colored People are their enemy.  Yes they seek to overcome good with evil.  These evangelical Churches are not houses of worship to God, but houses of worship to the ‘DEVIL’.  I bet you every last one of those White Men to include the Governor of Georgia are Pastors or Deacons wherever they go to worship their ‘God’.

Of course this is where law enforcement needs to step up as well.  Those that wear the uniform and are of good will should be in their leaders faces telling these legislators your ‘unjust’ laws will not be enforced.  I wrote a blog post long ago about ‘How Do You Degrade An Organization’.  Dah!  In the military I learned that an unlawful order you are duty bound to not follow.  Oh, for those that don’t understand it means that you can’t hide behind a superior’s order and not be held to account.  You’re still going to jail!  You sit here and do something you know is unjust.  That’s how you lose the public’s trust dummy!

Georgians, your leaders are degrading your great state.  Stop looking at the skylines of your great cities because they’re getting dirty too, and sooner or later someone has to clean those windows too in order to see out of them clearly.  Oh, one other thing about the so called divisions among us.  Romans 16: vs 17-18, “Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.  For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.”  

We’re not children.  Politics are the systems used to govern a just society.  When some people start spewing this vile crap about politics can’t be discussed are calling you a ‘simpleton’.  I also understand that humanity is still a work in progress, but humanity and all related facets of it shouldn’t be shown indifference by the citizens within it.  Pay attention citizens of America to your governments.  If you don’t like it then go through the proper procedure to change it.  Let me be clear so everyone reading my journals know where I stand.  I choose my elected officials by knowing what they stand for.  I don’t support lunatics in clown attire with horns and bear spray injuring police while breaking windows and damaging the halls of government.

Now if everybody else want their ignorant relatives, friends and evangelical church members running the country, then by all means help them get elected.  I’ll take an ‘Atheist’ that is moral and full of integrity living by a code any day over a so called ‘Evangelical’.  Colored People I’m hoping will stop taking all these beatings and say enough is enough.  Start running for public office and whatever you live by do the right thing by those you seek to represent.



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 4:  There Are FOUR or More Witnesses to the Truth

I will explain the topic of this issue in a little bit of writing, but first I want to acknowledge to all that seek the truth that America is finally adding every voice to the chorus of her song. The verses are still being written line by line and will come forth when the singers from each race gather to harmonize and belt the tune for all to hear. Now to explain the topic of discussion for this issue.

What was it that one Republican official said, oh “We didn’t send him up there to vote his conscious. We didn’t send him up there to do the right thing”. Another Republican in Texas said what, oh “Only the strong will survive and the weak will ‘parish’ (perish actually)”. I’m not finished yet. What did another Republican do, oh “Orlando is awesome, it’s not as nice as Cancun”. The fourth Republican said, oh “Yes, that’s the plan with Federal assistance to help them pay their electricity bills. I have to give you a fifth Republican, oh “Governor Abbott of Texas, oh “This is the result of the Green New Deal of wind and solar power”. Number five Republican, a Senator from Missouri, oh “I objected to the electoral college certification”. Now what American greatness do you get out of these voices?

I get the feeling that these voices would like to take us back to whips and chains. How dare you pay your taxes and demand good governance! How dare you expect me to care about the people that voted me into office, or better said I only care for the people with ‘money’ that voted me into office. The rest of you are just a nuisance I can whip into a stupor to believe that somebody wants free money (Blacks and every poor White person) and by voting Republican I will make sure the money only goes to the rich. Your response Republican voters? Sure! There is nothing like the onset of a preventable hardship to clear the mind of some of the ignorant among us. Some people sadly will never believe the truth (to which they have the right and God given freedom to remain stupid) and no amount of facts in evidence as stated above will convince them.

Let us first understand why their cognitive abilities are dulled. Romans 10 verse 2-3  “For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.” That is why you saw all these false prophets last year sprouting foolishness that God wanted Donald Trump to remain the leader of this great nation. Now not only will they have to stand before God and answer for that blasphemous statement, but there will not be any idiots around giving a standing ovation when these false prophets answer God.

I have spoken of this widely known phenomenon about one race in power and the cognitive decay that comes with it. It leads to madness! In a diverse country such as America there is the sense of inevitable might by strength of force that one race will never hold onto power forever. It is insanity to think so. No I will not spend a great deal of time listing all the contributions from people who do not look like one another to the goal or great endeavor of this country. To prove that a land exists where governing by all the people is possible, desperately and unmistakably woven into the fabric of its creation. Anyone that stands before people and lies about that fact is doing it for their own profit. Let me describe it another way. That’s just like somebody standing on the dry floor of the Red Sea after all of God’s chosen has passed safely through and this person thinks that putting both hands on the wall of water will keep it from crashing down upon him. That is the meaning of that stupid phrase “Make America Great Again”. Great for who? Great in what time period? How great is a country that doesn’t empower all its citizens?

Do you know what the word ‘publican’ meant in Biblical times? A ‘publican’ describes a person that collected taxes. What you ask then are the ‘Republicans’? Ask them that question and then remember the answer for it will enlighten you as to whether they even know why they are members of their party and government was and is the major part of their historical record. Ask them why then they seek to distort the purpose of government which is to fund the needed operations of the ‘state’. Ask them was that not the way the Romans formed armies and dominated the world? Did they not erect buildings and help to create an elaborate and interconnected society? Maybe the Republicans are afraid of the truth getting out and the people turning on them. Oh well I guess it does pay to keep your supporters ignorant. For how long though?

Finally, to the truth being told to you more than one time and you still not believing it. Saint Matthew 18 verse 16 “But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the MOUTH OF TWO OR THREE WITNESSES EVERY WORD MAY BE ESTABISHED.” I still fight my impulses every day not to marvel at what I have witnessed. Let me get this straight. I wish to not be under government rule, but I want government to come to my aid when my chosen government looks upon me with contemptible disdain. Yeah, Texans I must commend you for letting your state government feel so strongly about you. I am sure they will help you fix your power, water, gas and winterize your infrastructure. Sarcasm seems an ineffective illustration to fit the situation in Texas. Republicans, I must use one of your Federal representatives word to describe the ‘wool they have pulled over your eyes’. It is awesome to be elected by people to whom you don’t owe nothing in return!

There you have it. Do I need to spell out how to heal from this self-inflicted disaster, or would Texans just like to whipped across the back until there is no skin or muscle left to rip from your bones? Wow! Self government. If that is the manifestation of it I’ll take my chances with ‘everything being done decently and in order’. Yeah I read that somewhere in the Bible too. 

I Found My Brother



There are women and men bestowed with the gift to answer the ultimate question. That question is ‘WHY’. They are charged with rendering an answer that can be understood by the most contrary element of our society. Those that foment, spread and traffic in hate. Our Brothers are in need of guidance and this journal will bring forth a multitude of remedies to address the male illness of unawareness. The answer to the ultimate unknowns of behavior and responsibility.

Those of us given this perception and understanding to interpret the unknown and apply the information to the known is the essence of our charge. Thereafter decode the messages for the people who oppose themselves. This decryption is then presented to the people as the explanation of events past, present and future so they may keep updated to the frenetic changes occurring today and those that will arrive soon. 

Brothers, this journal is a call to all of you to obtain the knowledge that you lack in every part of your lives. As sons. As brothers. As fathers. As grandfathers. As uncles. As cousins. Ignorance will no longer be tolerated, encouraged or celebrated. As the ‘First Father’ has said in his Holy Bible “let everything be done decently and in order”. Honor and truth will not be perverted anymore. Why? Because as a Black Man I will impart all I have learned and gathered for over 54 years of life in America and around the world to the young coming behind me and my elders above me. Why? Things that now appear as they do will begin to appear as they should be according to what is right? Help me see to it as this mandate has been divinely ordered.

Issue Two:

What Happens When the Bombardment Begins?

The bombardment I’m referring to in this journal issue is the bombardment of what goes with that choice. Every decision has applied tasks and implied tasks. If two human beings choose to get married in the traditional male and female union, there are some preparations that must be started for the joining to be successful. The needs each partner has which covers commitment, trust, love and financial security. Which of these structural necessities that order an agreeable union could be discarded when trials and tribulations strike a family? Commitment perhaps? Maybe trust or love? Financial security is a deal breaker because both partners must be able to survive and money is a necessity.

Why don’t we bombard a Black man with confusion when it comes to the requirements to forming a family? Blind his senses in ways that lead him to believe that just the act of marriage is all that is important and the other needs will be added in time. Love will keep us together. Love conquers all. Where there is love there is hope. Love is unconditional (this one I believe is the stupidest bumper sticker façade ever created). Oh, just forget the promises inserted throughout the marriage vows. Let me go one better just to please the ‘helium head romantics’. Even God has requirements on how to show your love for him does he not? 

Then the bombardment starts. The dwelling place is in jeopardy because the income that is supposed to provide for a decent living is no more adequate. Momma and baby are crying, in different ways for sure, that this situation is starting to not be the one they signed up for. Health care is a critical need from teeth to toes and right now a doctor is unaffordable. Now somebody need to come up with some solutions because this moment in time is now unsustainable. Then it happens. Like a fox sliding through a hole in a chicken fence and nothing but ‘air and opportunity’ between him and the hen house. Separation! All too often it is the endgame for many Black men to get out from under the pressure of a family.

All the foolish slogans of joy in every part of life vary slightly in wording throughout the history of Black America. There will be many more times I will state the truth even if it should be obvious. ‘Know what you are getting yourself into before you make that decision’. Once a marriage is sealed and children are born the valves are open and cannot be closed again. A new life has needs and requirements that are nonnegotiable. That is the destruction of the Black family. That is the confusion that has been cultivated from years of the vile cruelty of slavery. That is why some of our people still go around thinking they can be a ‘self-made man’. What nonsense! No, I will not waste space in this journal explaining why that concept is horse dung.


This may sound simple but the potency is beyond measure. Do not abandon your support system! The best way to back up this edition? The words of the First Father in the Authorized King James version Holy Bible. Ecclesiastes 4 verse 10: “For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up.” Maybe this one will reinforce itself. Ecclesiastes 4 verse 12: “And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” This is one of the cruelest facets of the legacy of slavery. White men did not just strip the Black man of all his dignity; they made sure to dismantle all that the Black man knew would keep him strong. His family! So no sir! We are still hammering away at the outer wall of that monolith and someday we are going to get inside and when we do we are going to set the ‘righteous charges of God on every pillar’ and bring down the whole super structure of hatred and oppression on itself.

I Found My Brother



There are women and men bestowed with the gift to answer the ultimate question. That question is ‘WHY’. They are charged with rendering an answer that can be understood by the most contrary element of our society. Those that foment, spread and traffic in hate. Our Brothers are in need of guidance and this journal will bring forth a multitude of remedies to address the male illness of unawareness. The answer to the ultimate unknowns of behavior and responsibility.

Those of us given this perception and understanding to interpret the unknown and apply the information to the known is the essence of our charge. Thereafter decode the messages for the people who oppose themselves. This decryption is then presented to the people as the explanation of events past, present and future so they may keep updated to the frenetic changes occurring today and those that will arrive soon. 

Brothers, this journal is a call to all of you to obtain the knowledge that you lack in every part of your lives. As sons. As brothers. As fathers. As grandfathers. As uncles. As cousins. Ignorance will no longer be tolerated, encouraged or celebrated. As the ‘First Father’ has said in his Holy Bible “let everything be done decently and in order”. Honor and truth will not be perverted anymore. Why? Because as a Black Man I will impart all I have learned and gathered for over 54 years of life in America and around the world to the young coming behind me and my elders above me. Why? Things that now appear as they do will begin to appear as they should be according to what is right? Help me see to it as this mandate has been divinely ordered.

Issue One:

In order to solve a problem there must be an admittance of what the problem is. The black male has been bombarded with very specific attacks throughout our existence in America. The first attack targeted what we believed we were. A family man enslaved in America. Take away his role as a father, husband and son while stripping him of his dignity. 

The second target was a systemic and constant attack to relieve the Black male of his responsibility to someone else. If the Black male believes that he does not need to help another human being then his efforts alone would end at his capture or death. Therefore strip the Black male of his love for his brother and he will be easily defeated.

The third attack is a doozy. Give a few Black males a morsel of success and then get them to say that it is possible for all Black males to have success if they had these factors at their disposal. A two parent home with a Black father that supported their needs. An enrollment in a proper school with educated teachers. This third factor must be included and it is keep them isolated from too many of their kind. Keep the Black male isolated and with his success intact and he will blame all Black males for their own failure.

These strongholds must be broken apart. The mind, soul and the heart are my targets. When I understood why Black males have been behaving as they do I needed to formulate a solution to the problem. I still believe there is a great spirit waiting to break through to display the Black male’s soul, but it has to be brought forth in ‘decency and in order’.

My first solution is this and I want every Black male to start from where they are now. I know that could be while skills are nowhere to be found. Trouble with the criminal justice system and indebted with unpaid obligations. Behaving badly because of the things you have learned and the response to your actions is giving you the same. Start changing from within. Your mind is the best place to start. Respect yourself and respect others is where you must start. We will go forth from there.

Georgia Sky

Georgia, Look at the Sky

Georgia, I have often marveled at your skyline after traversing across the state line from Alabama. What did I look upon you ask? Well the answer may take a little time of which I hope you give me freely. First I want to address the pandemic of the Coronavirus plaguing the world. The historical record is often in conflict. Humankind in this day and age looking to show superiority to the past in that one area that matters. What is that you ask? Who was first to decipher the clues and who was first to suggest the right counter measures that saved lives? Even when those that are learned among us and those that hold authority in service to us know the answers come after the fact. What, the body creates a defense to an illness prior to the onslaught? Yeah, right!

No one wants to answer this question? Why did we not see this coming? Disease, illness and injury is part of the human experience. Why do so many of our distinguished scholars, leaders, and clergy still believe they can tell from which way the wind originated? My point? Why waste time on things that are not in the realm of humankind to control? Now, back to the reason for this post. Georgia smells different as I cross over from Alabama. The odor or aroma seems to indicate a willingness to always error on the side of progress even after acknowledging the fact that there are those that wish to beckon Georgia back to a flawed and foolish time of racial hatred.

That is my point Georgia. While a disease always gets a head start in ravaging the body, it is walked down by the speed of the cures, vaccines and mitigation protocols that always triumph before humanity is destroyed. The opposite of that scenario should always be the norm when it comes to how humanity chooses progress. Georgia, you have chosen progress! Remember Georgia it can be whisked away from you when you take your eyes off the prize. What do I mean by that? Not taking a serious interest in your government. Capping the top on ideas because the rainbow is not representative of the people. Thinking voting one time solves all those wanting to deny everybody a future is enough. I believe I read somewhere that good and evil is locked in an eternal conflict.

So, looking at the Georgia sky line generates those good endorphins every time I am blessed to behold it. I can only imagine what it must feel like for Georgia’s citizens waking up every day as the mist clears and Georgia calls you to greatness. That is what the promise must have felt like as unselfish women and men of your state sought to embrace the good and shun the bad. If they failed, they would fail choosing to make life better for everyone. This is how Georgia exists in the mind of a Black Man wishing it was so in Alabama.

Colored People


The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 3:  State The Obvious

I want to pick up a little bit from the last issue where I said license was taken to commit whatever offense pops into the head in the name of God.  Would you agree with me that God placed in writing his mistakes (as any creature of the creator could fathom a conclusion) for all of us to read, recall, and rejig.  God revealing to us his greatest mistake when he turned over teaching his creation (mankind) about God to Satan.  How Satan turned on God and convinced many angels to follow suit (although those angels only followed Satan because Satan promised them judges) and oppose God in his own house.  Go figure huh.  Wow, so God when he found out his chosen one turned on him he didn’t look to shift the blame or ask for healing before correcting his mistake.  Boy, did he correct his mistake!  He told Michael to handle his light work.  Did he have to straighten up Heaven more than once?  Right.

See, when you have citizens, all citizens to include government officials at all levels and the police at all levels, not subject to every law then that’s when order is moot.  Refer back to the previous paragraph on whether every force of being in Heaven is accountable.  Evangelicals be careful because all of you have been told there’s a get out of jail free card available only to you. Evangelicals you’ve been told for hundreds of years your precepts of man over God is right.  Everyone who is not White is 3/5 a person.  They are not humans as only Evangelicals get to determine what is a human being, and God is what I say God is and he does what the church (which is whatever crazy uncle is available) tells him. 

As I stated in a previous issue, Evangelicals cannot speak for someone else especially someone in power.  Check with the Bible and get back to me on whether Saul on the road to Damascus took responsibility for his own actions.  I’m a Christian as well and I will never say God sent me a devil to lead me to Hell.  God did not send Donald Trump to lead America.  That statement by some of these so called pastors comes right up to the door of blasphemy.  Remember when the Sadducees and Pharisees said Jesus cast out devils by the power of the devil?  Reasoning that way would make since if these Evangelicals (Evan-devil-cals) knew what they were talking about and could back it up with scripture. 

Would it be reasonable to say that these Evangelicals are misleading their followers?  Maybe Satan and a third of the angels after being cast out of Heaven thought that God needed to extend to them an olive branch of reconciliation.  Maybe God made it clear when you make a mistake you are the one responsible of correcting it.  If correcting it means you caste out those that would seek to sow continued division in your house, so be it.  I would liken it to burning your bridges what Satan and his followers attempted to do to God.  When Satan and his angels tried to cross back over (if at all they realized they were wrong) by throwing a rope to other side it landed in a puddle of mud.  Pick a side please!

America, listen to me.  I’m not an elected official.  I’m just an African American man born with the description of ‘colored’ on my birth certificate in 1966.  I lived in poverty as a child.  I have been discriminated against many times as a man of color.  I have been to the heights of authority in many jobs and treated everyone with dignity and respect.  Now all that being said, what I am today is a product of my mother and the United States Military.  What I learned from my mother I had to read, recall, and rejig to finally understand what she meant to me over many years.  Honestly it took that much time to get through my hard head, or as she told me several times I had a smart mouth that would bring me trouble.  She was right.  My service to my country taught me that one valuable lesson in leadership I will expound on here.  ‘State the obvious”.

America just got rid of an engine that had recall written all over its’ maintenance record.  When we make a mistake as a country it counts!  One serious thing I’ve got to address right now.  Please stop disparaging the word ‘charismatic’.  The dictionary has ‘divinely’ in the meaning of the word ‘charisma’.  Because Donald Trump got a lot of foolish people to follow him doesn’t connect him to the divinity!  One other thing I keep saying Evangelicals.  You are not going to get a pass at your judgment in front of the Almighty by saying you were just simply voting Republican.  Good.  That’s said and done.  

Jiggery-pokery is a more fitting explanation of Donald Trump’s skill and appeal.  Frankly let us not forget that he just continued playing on what was already baked into the minds of White America.  The centuries of historical doctrination of White Supremacy in this young country.  What did you expect these people to do when the country they’ve been taught were theirs just by the color of their skin was slipping away from them?  What do you think brainwashed people will do when someone begins to tell them something different than what they’ve been hearing all their lives?  What do you think people will do when they have never had a reason to use ‘reasoning’ or engage in the arena of ideas to build a consensus for their way of life?  Right!  Their way of life has never been challenged or scrutinized as valid for anyone that doesn’t look like them!

Why do you think there is this perpetual violent pushback by a certain segment of irrational White America against people of color?  It hasn’t ended.  Why?  The answer is that there has never been an outreach program to that part of White America that still long for the times where ‘everybody stayed in their place’.  Where old Jim Billy Jethro Harry Bubba made all the sense because they were the leaders of this uneducated sect of White America.  The proof is right in your face!  All these conspiracy peddlers are successful because they know the history of this country!  They know enough never to give the truth to these low-educated people.  They feed them enough to get them going in the direction they desire.  I see it because I have studied and lived a life of Philosophy.  

Like I said to everyone reading this digital newsletter.  If you don’t want the truth there are several choices available to you elsewhere.  Stating the obvious is what I’m here to do.  Compromise with a band of marauders on a lonely road with no help in sight will more than likely hasten your demise.  What is right and what is wrong are the only truths that matter.  If it is right say it is right.  If it is wrong say it is wrong.  There is no need to consider someone’s feelings in the matter.  I have seen both instances and I am here to tell you that the more effective route to take is telling the truth and living with the consequences.  If you do that I promise you God will take care of you.  Only if you are righteous in his ‘Word’ and not an Evangelical telling you what is right.

Colored People


The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 2:  Evangelicals, Let’s Talk

I’ll begin with an easy one because us Christian folk should know this.  Out of the Authorized King James Bible.  Revelation 12: 7-9 “And there was war in Heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, 8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. 9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Now to help those evangelicals that are bench warmers and not reading the scripture as a check on learning (Pastor and congregant must line up the truth) which is a requirement by the way to be a Christian.  This is the irresponsible nature of fake Christianity throughout centuries.  Claim piety for evil acts because the preacher authorized it.  Listen to me.  If God sent us President Trump then God is immoral right?  If God teaches those in authority over us to lie through their teeth then God is immoral right?  If God teaches those in authority to never admit fault or their sins even when God tells them he knows what they did (hint David with Bathsheba) then God is immoral right?  Please evangelicals, you’ve been taught that whatever you do is right for so long that your delusions have become your reality.  Keep reading if you dare!

Of course in the mouth of two or three witnesses let the truth be established.  2 Peter 2:4 “For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment”.  Now the way these two scriptures read to me is that there isn’t an excuse built into those verses.  It clearly reads that those that choose a side receive the rewards and consequences for either selection.

Evangelicals.  This is what the scripture means and stop telling yourselves that I never liked or supported all the things about Donald Trump.  Some of you like saying, “I don’t agree with his behavior or everything he says, but I do support him being against abortion.”  Stop.  Now you’re acting or reasoning as a child would.  Married evangelicals.  Did you marry two-thirds of your spouse or one hundred percent of your spouse?  Come on.  There is no such thing as cherry picking our leaders decisions.  You know you get the entire package.  Come on now.  Stop acting like President Trump putting kids in cages you didn’t support by voting for him.  Remember there in God’s scripture that says anyone that harms children something about a millstone, neck, and cast in the sea.  Yeah, you’re complicit with President Trump and the God awful thing about it you knew the man is an immoral and unrepentant representative of humanity.  Yeah, stop kidding yourselves.  You can’t ask forgiveness for the things he does for him in his name.  President Trump has to do it himself.  No?  So I guess Saul after being blinded on the road to Damascus found religion because somebody else said Saul now believes that killing Christians is wrong.  Sound familiar?

Evangelicals, you know what’s one of the worst feeling in the world?  Believing in somebody you can’t count on.  Evangelicals, you’ve placed God in that category.  God is now a liar, cheat, inciter, seditionist, insurrectionist, immoral and thinks only of himself.  So to evangelicals it makes sense that God would send us President Donald Trump because that’s who God is to you.  I’m pretty sure that God said he is good.  God said no one in 1 Corinthians 6:9 “The unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God”.  Evangelicals, how do you line up your support of President Trump with the word of God?  Right, that’s why so many unbelievers don’t want anything to do with the ‘Church’.

Okay.  Evangelicals.  The next paragraphs are going to really be hard to read and may scare your minds, so I recommend you stop reading right now.  Let’s keep talking then for those that are willing to correct themselves before they wreck themselves.  Oh, this is good evangelicals.  You don’t get to claim innocence because you’re only voting along party lines.  Voting Republican doesn’t relieve you of your choice.  Newsflash.  Remember that little connection to Satan that those angels made.  Their allegiance to him and thus suffer the same fate as him?  Don’t say that.  Don’t say you only agreed with Satan because he said he would keep the streets of Heaven clean better than God.  Don’t say Satan told you that he was more powerful than the one who created it all?  Don’t say Satan promised me a cushy job if I would back him over God?  In human words, The United States Constitution is God and President Donald Trump is Satan and the people cast him and his angels out!

This next to last paragraph is for the rest of America.  There is no requirement or need to extend the hand of reconciliation to those who oppose America period!  That’s not the example we were taught by the Almighty.  You either check yourself or find another country to live in.  There are plenty in the world that will take lunatics.  I’m a Black American.  The Authorized King James Bible teaches me to “love they neighbor as myself”.  It also teaches me to welcome them back into the fold only after they (individual converts him or herself) remind themselves of what’s right and what’s wrong and keep fidelity with such.

Evangelicals, if you wish to support the Republican Party and I don’t care either way; then maybe you all should demand that your party stop pricking at the worst emotions in all of us and put forth a man or woman that is truly moral.  I said moral not perfect.  Somebody that can admit when a mistake is made and acknowledge it.  Evangelicals tell your Republican insurrectionists to stop falsely saying government is the problem.  Check out 2 Peter 2:10.  Again, healing starts with telling the truth.  As Christians, all of you should know better.  More citizens voted for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.  President Trump lost reelection.  God didn’t send us President Trump in the first place.  He just allowed us to suffer from our own decision.  Only God is good as his son Jesus Christ said.  Sorry evangelicals, you picked the wrong side.  Are you really willing to be cast into hell with Satan?

Remember Georgia

Remember Now Thy Creator

Georgians.  Remember some of you when the Civil Rights Era was nationalized and the people of Alabama and Georgia were faced with a huge choice.  The state governments were planning an international airport and were scouting locations between Birmingham and Atlanta.  The final decision was made to build it in Atlanta because certain men and women went to those in power and told them that it would make a greater Georgia for all her people.  The same choice is front of you now.

The United States of America must move forward.  Prosperity can only come from those who believe everybody deserves a share of it.  Republicans do not believe that and that is why Birmingham missed the chance at reconciliation that Georgia took advantage of.  Send the Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Rafael Warnock to the United States Senate.  There they will extend that great decision your men and women made to let the future come.  I write all of this testimony because I’m from Birmingham.  I still love the state of my birth, but I will forever be injured by the decisions Alabama made during those horrible times of oppression.

Atlas, I am a child of Alabama.  I also love my neighbor as myself and I know that there are people that do not love.  The selfish nature of hatred has consequences Georgia.  Fight for a Georgia that is better for all.

Victor E. Moseley

A Child of Birmingham, Alabama



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 1:  Address Your Wrongs

Let’s start at the police.  Our United States Supreme Court has issued God Power to the police to conduct themselves under the direction of evil’s edicts.  What do I mean by that?  The Supreme Court says that without the mandate of God’s spoken word tying their hands, the police should not be subject to that verse that says, “everything be done decently and in order.”  This was too high a doctrine to follow.  Turn the police loose on every citizen and particularly citizens of color and only good will ensue.  

‘Qualified Immunity’.  Explanation.  Qualified means to be skilled in the requirements of a specific task.  Immunity is to be protected from something.  Taken together these two words are now meaningless when it comes to the United States Supreme Court decision granting the police their God power.  What reasonable, mature and righteous person would say that the police must operate above the law?  Who would stand forward and say that the police are conducting a job with righteous discretion?  Where are the examples of accountability that informs every citizen that when the police while exercising this ‘Power’ acknowledges their errors?

Oh, I haven’t even gotten to the point that the police are human beings just like everybody else.  So what college educated white man (Really, you didn’t know they always made the rules) thought of this doctrine of ‘Qualified Immunity’.  Yeah, they created a class of citizens that are completely untouchable.  Oh, almost forgot, so qualified immunity also means that the police doesn’t have to know right from wrong in the performance of their duty.  That is left to ordinary citizens to prove this person has the moral capacity present within their conscience at the time they indiscriminately kill other human beings.

If you’re beginning to get the feeling that I would trust an atheist with judging a situation righteously you’re right.  I’ll give you one example of why I believe that allowing anybody in authority to be unchecked produces human tragedy.  The police encounter drug addicts regularly.  In mental health we know that we must self-care on a regular basis or the build-up within the profession of all the issues they must work with clients to solve could be detrimental to their overall health.  How a drug addict thinks that every time they use somehow doesn’t show a negative to their life’s balance sheet.  How every transaction involving drugs of any kind in which they’ve loss control of goes through and shows a deficit.

What do you think it does to a police officer that encounters the issues and troubles of the human beings they must interact with constantly?  Don’t say it.  I’ll say it.  I have dedicated my life to answering the one question.  Why?  It is easier for human beings to solve their problems by ignoring them.  Postponing them by whatever means available to them.  Projecting them onto others that point out our faults.  What makes you think (I’m talking to every human being) just because they hold a position of authority and power they are immune to the things that plague all of us?  Right, so our laws are written by people who don’t wish to deal with the human condition and this indifference has resulted in atrocities in the name of the law for centuries!

How do we stop the onslaught of degradation when so much of our history has celebrated it?  Yes I mean describing people of color in our judicial system as monsters.  I mean darkening their skin because so many people loved him playing football but not so much when he married a pretty white woman.  I mean judging children playing in parks with toy guns as threatening and rolling up on them shooting as just routine police work.  How do you heal when the wounds are constantly split open again and again with malice?

The healing starts when you have a more diverse group of people that not only say they have a higher moral code, but actually show it in the policies they put forward.  Let me say this and say it loudly.  Nobody speaks for God!  If all these folks that claim piety in their decision process when in authority, then answer me why they flip back and forth between good and evil by which way the wind blows.  Most people don’t want another human being speaking for them let alone someone they love.  Where did this novel idea arise that God needs one of his creation to speak for him?

So when a leader protects her charge from accountability which shows clearly they are in the wrong it degrades her authority just as it would for a man.  Stop!  What’s the old saying.  When you find yourself in a hole stop digging! Healing starts with telling the truth!  How hard is that to understand.  It’s vexing.  Vexing I say.  Lying harms your mental health.  How hard is that to understand?  The magnitude is enormous when our leaders lie to us and we think it’s funny.  If half of us believe they are losing power, so what.  The country is governed by majority rule period.  Get over yourself and move on.  We are not destroying America today, tomorrow or in the future.  America is moving to heal all her wrongs.  Let it play out.


Voters. Citizens. I’m Truly In Awe

First, before I continue this celebration of what all of you did on November 3rd of this glorious year of our Lord 2020.  I want to extend my gratitude to all of you who voted to eject President Donald Trump from our cherished White House office.  Honestly, I’m glad all of you understood that there isn’t another country that would take us in if we’d lost America; and I sure don’t want to move to another land where the citizens there would undoubtedly have looked upon us with sheer repugnance.  Here we would stand in the eyes of the world as failing to sustain, grow and then reflect that moral virtue of goodness we so ardently strive to achieve.  Pity it would be to lose that so foolishly.

This is one crisis we averted thanks to all of you!  Congratulations to President-elect and Vice President-elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  Everyone who so righteously visit my site know that I seek the truth and spread it when I find it.  Thank you from the center of my heart for reading my compositions.  Listen to me now.  This post isn’t to let you know that this achievement ends our struggle.  My life’s work is centered on Philosophy and Mental Health so what I’m telling you now is that the work you did on this election to save our country from an unsuited man like President Trump must be sustained.  I couldn’t release you from your responsibility as a citizen no more than I can release myself from my responsibility.  

All of us must realize that as voters the word entails engagement and understanding that our country and world needs our attention.  Weave this mindset into your environment and I do mean your piece of where you live and the greater families, communities, states and America.  Yes, I am confessing to you it is exhausting when you work so hard for other people to be born, survive and thrive in a land of their choosing without having to encounter men and women pedaling evil in the hopes of obtaining power.  If you hadn’t noticed in my State of Kentucky, Senator Mitch McConnel ran an ad praising Confederate monuments to play on the worst emotions of hate, fear, and ignorance in the human condition.  He took them down as I wrote common sense counter arguments against this kind of malicious hatred targeted at my White Brothers and Sisters sacred votes.

I no longer shake my head or laugh at the clear obvious nature of the message in those ads because shaking my head isn’t doing something to call it what it is.  It is pure HATRED BAITING plain and simple.  Please, all citizens if you notice what your elected leaders who by the way collect a handsome salary and retirement are doing to call them on it.  Voters, citizens what you let pass becomes law.  Yes, what you let pass and it is just like legislators passing laws is what will stand.

For many of you, those citizens and voters that live in Georgia, your duties are not over yet.  Send two Democratic candidates Mr. Warnock and Mr. Ossoff to the United States Senate to hold Senator McConnel accountable for his belief that voters are swayed by a message of hatred and ignorance.  That the way to a voter’s conscience and their support is through taping into his or her vilest nature.  If you are tired of this sort of message then show up to the polls or mail your ballot in Georgia and tell Senator Mitch McConnell that you’re not buying this degrading of humanity in an attempt to win your vote.  I’ll bet you one other thing that results from voters rejecting this.  You’ll see America swing fully back on the track of seeking that moral virtue of ‘treating thy neighbor as thyself’.

Thank you all once again for voting.  The work will never be done.  The work can never be finished.  The book on America is incomplete enough as it is with some of the chapters missing parts of the story that could explain why we so eagerly toy with our own destruction!  The history we can make now for ourselves has to be the one forged in righteousness.  That doesn’t require any of us to be religious.  It only requires us to know our actions or inactions have consequences.  Please let the energy you charge and send out be directly captured to power the good in this world.

Mother Se’May Sayer: The ARC of Time

Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time

Season Two:  Episode Three:  The Cost of Leadership:  The Salvation of a Nation


(Mother is still electrified and also mystified that the Timer granted her an audience.  Clearly hoping that the encounter would continue, she has resigned herself to accepting the possibility that it was a one time deal.  I still need information about how slavery lasted over 200 years from the early 1600s to the time Abraham Lincoln was elected President and issued his Emancipation Proclamation.  How did he persuade other white men of questionable character to pass the 13thAmendment through Congress and he sign it?  Slaves still wouldn’t be officially free until it was ratified by two-thirds of the states in existence then.

How did President Lincoln convince these men to even write such an amendment?  See, that is the problem with history written from a single point of view.  It provides little or no context at all to the thinking of the people creating the laws of the land in that monumental period in America.  Let me be clear on this as well, it wasn’t because they were members of a political party that moved their conscience to do the right thing.  I’ve read that President Lincoln relied on his faith to line up his beliefs with what he saw being done to his fellow man.  Black people were scattered and treated based on zip code.  If you lived in the seceded states of the Confederacy you were basically screwed.  They had their economic structure established and God help them if there was a better way of making money.  It was ludicrous to think they would from one day to the next give it all up, this economic system of exploitation for the good of the country.

God I pray that you send the Timer to me again.  I want to know more about slavery.  Why build a system that treated the slaves, Black people, differently?  Why the denials out of the mouths of anybody that has ancestors in America that these systems of racism don’t exist?  Can’t people understand that even the ground they walk over is stained with the blood of innocent people for no other reasons than making some people falsely wealthy?  I need to speak to him again.  I must know more.).

Mother Sayer:  (I asked for this.  I have questions that I’m going to get answers to.  Slavery didn’t just keep Black people excluded from full participation in the country they almost single handedly built.  These white men essentially committed subversion against America by eliminating or somehow making invisible the contribution of a large population of its’ residents.).  Let’s get this day started.  Children are you ready for school?

Justus I. Order:  I’m ready Mother.  Be right there.

Doyenne:  I’m coming, just finishing up my look.

Mother Sayer:  Alright.  Your driver is waiting for you.  (Mother knows when she says that the children will speed up their activity and hurry up because she doesn’t like children keeping grown folks waiting.).

——————-1st Interlude——————-

(The children are taken to school and Mother arrives at work on Monday ready to inform her team of the projects that she has approved.  The ‘SAFE ROAD’ project she believes can be ready in a few weeks.  It involves using existing systems set up to alert communities of lost children and like a public service announcement over the vehicles’ entertainment platform to warn drivers of police, ambulance or emergency traffic on specific roads.  Therefore the driver has options to avoid collisions and injury.  Also, there is a chance that the stop lights can be integrated with a pattern that means dangerous conditions exist and drivers should beware of activity in their vicinity.).

Sarah W. Certainty:  Good morning Mother.

Mother Sayer:  Good morning Sarah.  I’ve made my decisions on the files I took over the weekend.  Are you free for a few minutes to go over them with me?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Sure.  

Mother Sayer:  The ‘SAFE ROAD’ project I believe could be accomplished within a short time period of say a few weeks.  The entertainment project is a top priority as well.  The mentoring software program is good because I believe it can focus a lot of direction and much needed support in the right way to at risk children.  The ‘FIRST BORN’ software database is interesting.  I’m curious about it and having my own ideas about how a family structure is fulfilled.  That one I want to be included in its’ development at each stage. (Mother gives Sarah the last three she approved and closes her office door.).

Sarah W. Certainty:  I will tell them to come up right away and inform them on how you want these projects handled.

——————-2nd Interlude——————-

(The morning has turned into early afternoon and Mother is about to open her office door when she senses that her visitor is about to reveal himself again.  She tells herself to remain calm as no one has appeared yet.  Then her body feels heavier once again.  The Timer has returned.).

Mother Sayer:  Timer?  Do I have the name correct?

The Timer:  It is I Mother Sayer.

Mother Sayer:  (Okay, I’m taken aback that he is using my required name.  It could be that I’ve either earned his respect in some way or that he is respecting my title at work.).  I was hoping I would have an audience with you again.  Am I allowed to know more about slavery and the young country that used it to gain the prominence in the world it has today because of it?

The Timer:  Let’s talk about a President.

Mother Sayer:  A President?  Which President should we talk about?

The Timer:  President Abraham Lincoln.  How this man solely decided whether Black people would be free of the scourge of slavery.

Mother Sayer:  Okay I’m listening.  What acts did President Lincoln perform that freed my people?

The Timer:  I sense you are looking to pour indignation onto the architects of your country.  Please, if you will bear with me for a moment in time; I will show you the forces at play in maintaining the status quo.  Nothing can ever be done in the realm of humanity for good without a cost.

Mother Sayer:  Yes I know.  (Mother knows he is right.  In order to truly hear what he has to say she must control her emotions.  Don’t be a child that still needs her mother’s milk to survive.  Be a fully grown woman able to eat and digest meat.).

The Timer:  (She’s realized a truth.  Don’t assign her the mantel of one that asks ‘WHY’ yet.  Keep testing her.).  Let’s take a look at what was a new party at the time President Lincoln was in office.  The Republican Party.

Mother Sayer:  I’m aware of them in this day.

The Timer:  Did you know there were many in the Republican Party that wanted slavery abolished?

Mother Sayer:  Please continue.

The Timer:  President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation wasn’t worth the paper it was written on.  It served a crucial purpose none the less.  It put his party on notice that whatever America would become she had to be moral.  Lincoln’s faith and his judgment would rest on that.  President Lincoln knew he would take the blame for allowing slaves to be seen as human beings.

Mother Sayer:  Wait.  Wait.  Wait.  Are you saying President Lincoln gave cover to the members of his party by taking all the responsibility for ending slavery?

The Timer:  Yes.

Mother Sayer:  Please continue.

The Timer:  President Lincoln supported the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution that ended slavery in America.  Nothing happens unless somebody stacks all they own to accomplishing their task.  President Lincoln knew his life would be forfeited.

Mother Sayer:  Wait.  Are you saying President Lincoln knew by supporting the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States that he was giving away his life and liberty?

The Timer:  Does this surprise you?  (The Timer sharply observes Mother Sayer for any reaction deemed to be inappropriate to this revelation.).

Mother Sayer:  It wouldn’t change any minds outside of the capital.  Why do it?  I mean why put your life on the line for slaves.

The Timer:  Good question.  Leadership has many requirements wouldn’t you agree?

Mother Sayer:  Yes it does.  I know where you’re going with this and the understanding is that you consider all possibilities when you’re at the top and decide on what’s necessary and best in the moment and how your decision could impact your country going forward.  You not only represent the strong but the weak as well.

The Timer:  Ah, the military doctrine has influenced your response hasn’t it.  What would you say if I told you that there is a level in life where decisions must be righteous.  Only one answer is possible.  Would you believe such a place existed?

Mother Sayer:  (Mother ponders her answer and somehow she knows what the Timer has stated has always existed.).  I know it has always existed because human beings need the certainty of right and wrong to govern their decisions.

The Timer:  Quite right about the reality that a choice never had more than two options.  What I speak of is the reality, realm, and spiritual forces that can be released from such a phenomenal decision.  Life changes for good or evil in the hands of those chosen to wield it.  May I show you something?

Mother Sayer: (I asked for this.  Do not waver is what she thinks even if it slams against your senses.).  It is what I have asked of you.  Show me.

The Timer: (The Timer immediately cuts the room in front of her as if he is peeling back the covers from a cold bed.).  Do you see the streams of energy?  They dance like lightning strikes announcing a coming rain storm do they not?

Mother Sayer:  I am feeling the heat like a blanket.  It reminds me of standing outside in  Birmingham, Alabama at the height of summer.  At 12 midnight.  I also acknowledge the electrical charge going through my clothes.

The Timer:  The electrical power of this realm has granted you safe passage at my request.  This energy is fed by spiritual decisions.

Mother Sayer:  Wait, spiritual decisions meaning the actions we take after the choices we make good or evil feed this realm?

The Timer:  The Creator of all has made it so.  This is what the prayers of countless souls that are wronged produce in this realm.  

Mother Sayer:  This energy.  Is it what the Creator taps to know whether his creation is sincere?  Ah.  The Creator.  The Trinity.  The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost can tell whose prayer has fed this realm?

The Timer: (She is a zealous discerner of the truth.  Can she handle what she is about to discover?).  From such power you see are born of a directive in his words of ‘faith without works is dead.’

Mother Sayer:  A prayer without action wouldn’t produce even a spark is that what you’re saying?

The Timer: (Good.  She is figuring it out.).  Now, President Lincoln’s faith revealed the possible to him.  He had to make it happen in the world you live in.

Mother Sayer:  Stop.  Are you telling me he knew that the economy of the Southern States were wholly dependent on the exploitation of slaves?

The Timer:  You’re asking a question in which you already know the answer.  Please.  I thought you wanted to know why Black folks were never truly freed from the bondage of slavery.

Mother Sayer: (Mother, she tells herself, don’t do that again.  Can you handle it?  Don’t tell him to send you back before you pee your panties.  Otherwise, I’ll slap you myself if you stoop below your upbringing and lived experiences again.).  Forgive my ignorance.  It won’t happen again.  You were saying Black folks were never freed from slavery.  What do you mean by that?  The economic system deprived us of any meaningful chance of equaling the wealth gap.  Well we’ll never see the backpay, loss of savings and investment along with the honor of transferring our wealth to future generations; the freedom we now have to catch up this wealth gap is ludicrous.  

It’s like Black folks entered a race that started 200 years ago on foot while White folks were given a head start riding a horse.  Black folks weren’t given the rules or the course to follow and told to just start walking knowing they’re the ones that worked for the very money White folks used to buy the horse.

The Timer:  Now in order for that to change somebody had to be willing to pay the price.  A cost is always expected when evil must be abolished.  In the time of President Lincoln, he chose to sacrifice himself for the continuation of his country.  By no means should you take this act of his as a run of the mill decision made by a leader.

Mother Sayer:  Nothing good comes without sacrifice.  Nobody, no country, nothing good survives unless it is fought for with the only true currency you have.  Your life.

The Timer:  Your understanding has exceeded expectations.  I’m glad the 66 books of that Bible aren’t thumped and held up in the air by another village idiot.

Mother Sayer:  I know one of the powerful ways to human knowledge and understanding is to learn from examples shown to us.  Tell me more.  Was President Lincoln shown the potential destruction of America if slavery were allowed to continue?

The Timer:  Now, let’s learn about how such a system was created.  Slavery, just like any economic system needed support and enforcement to remain the law of the land wouldn’t it?

Mother Sayer:  So tell me how did it happen.  Who supported keeping slavery as the economic system of the South?  Was it baked in, wait, it had to have the weight of law.

The Timer:  Now you are truly beginning to understand.  Listen to me right now because I’m not going to entertain your righteous indignation again.  I’ve revealed some truths to you and excused your anger about the treatment of your people by your country.  Forgiveness will not come if you jump to conclusions again.  Understanding such a horrible record in all the history of mankind isn’t possible for 99 percent of your country.

Do you wish to know why?  I’m asking you first before I reveal the answer as I don’t know if you’re capable of processing the answer.

Mother Sayer:  I am able to understand and comprehend your answer.

The Timer: (No turning away this one.  She has made her choice.).  The majority of human beings that inhabit your country aren’t truth seekers.  What doesn’t harm them is of no consequence to them.  If a fellow human being is denied dignity and justice, they wouldn’t care because they feel the perpetrators of the crimes against humanity won’t come for them.

Mother Sayer:  Like the German citizens that stood by and watched a sadistic madman round-up and slaughter, butcher, and degrade Jews.  None of them cared because they didn’t come for them.

The Timer:  It starts with what you would call giving cover.

Mother Sayer:  No need to explain that one.  I got it.  Cover is believing that if you support something that fights for the causes you hold dear; it shields you from responsibility of the actions of that organization.  Like if I’m a member of a political party and although I vote for their candidate I can claim innocence for the evil that person commits because I only support the good things about that political party I believe in.  Just the leader of that party is evil has nothing to do with me.

The Timer:  Ah, quite right.  What would you say if during that period of time in America when slavery was the only viable option for economic security you had to do some evil things to keep it in place?

Mother Sayer:  What evil things?

Waking slaves up in the middle of the night after a long hard hot work day that began at dawn and ended at sunset.  Never giving the slaves a moment of peaceful rest.  How about putting a collar on them to maintain control of them like a dog.  Picking out a male slave in the middle of a cotton field and beating him just for shits and giggles.  

Violating and impregnating women and young girls to keep the stables full of labor.  Forcing Black men to watch as these violations occurred and killing any Black man that tried to intervene.  Oh, this next tactic is good.  How about terrorizing slaves randomly and without warning by any white person at any time.  This leads to slaves warning their children, friends, family about the violence that could be inflicted upon them at any time.

Mother Sayer:  Right.  Oh my God. We tell our sons and daughters to beware of interactions with the police because they could kill you for no other reason than they feared for their lives.  So, we are inflicting mental harm on our community without even knowing it.  This is a time honored method of keeping slaves under control.

The Timer:  Are you surprised by this revelation?

Mother Sayer:  Yes.  It is shameful.  I can’t recall an instance where a single person of a different race I call a friend tells their children to be cautious around the police.  We’ve done it with good intentions, but I know now that doing something you don’t know the origin of can be self-destructive.

The Timer:  Now that is the background I wanted you to fully grasp before you’re granted permission to receive the full truth of slavery.

Mother Sayer:  I understand what happened to slaves all too well.  I can use my imagination as I know how cruel and sadistic human beings can be and are still.

The Timer:  What President Lincoln accomplished required him to put his life on the line.  Nothing of value is ever accomplished unless he or she that starts it commits to its’ completion.  That is the essence of ‘SALVATION’. 

Mother Sayer:  He knew by putting his name on it that it would rest in history.  Ah!  He had advisors that reported back to him how these systems were created.  How they remained a viable business model.  How you kept your stock or slaves in check.  How the laws were created around it were unjust and couldn’t stand the gaze of a righteous God.

The Timer:  Yes.  You are correct.  Now by considering the massive scope of what slavery was and what benefits it held to the Southern States to keep that system in place can you understand the reciprocal and equal pushback to dismantling it.  

Mother Sayer:  I don’t care if America wishes to hide her filthy and depraved past.  I still want to know more detail about the systems of slavery.  The economic, oppression of wealth, the mental terror as well as the physical terror that never let up where slaves were concerned.

The Timer:  Exactly.  All will still be revealed no matter how long it takes.  An account of history will never be successfully suppressed.  May I continue?  Now to dismantle a system you must use like force to replace it.  A law that uproots and replaces a law is the only way.  President Lincoln knew he couldn’t write something that applied to only a portion of the country.  He had to make sure it applied nationwide did he not?

Mother Sayer:  We’re talking about the ‘SALVATION’ of a nation now aren’t we?

The Timer:  You have satisfied my requirements for this meeting.  I commend you for that.  Don’t come at me again wanting the conclusion before you hear all of what you must hear.

Mother Sayer:  I understand.  My apologies Timer.  This information.  I’m sorry.  I must know.

The Timer:  We will speak again.


(With that the Timer returned Mother to her realm.  She immediately prepares herself for her next encounter with the Timer.  One of the questions she will ask is why descendants of slave owners don’t understand that lineage is akin to history.  It’s not disjointed or misplaced.  As God created the Earth in Six days, what he created on the 1st day didn’t disappear but was added onto in the 2nd day.

That’s the essence of the argument for reparations for all the stolen wages of slavery.  Let’s see you work for 1 year and don’t get paid and see what it does to you physically and mentally not to mention the quality of life you’ll have.  Oh right, it’s okay to give a trillion dollars to the already wealthy while claiming money problems for the poor and needy.

One thing is for certain.  Looking at what your leader does is the only thing that matters.  President Trump wouldn’t come close to the faith of a President like Lincoln because he has never fought for anyone but himself.  If anyone believes otherwise they deserve what they get for lying to themselves.).

Mother Se’May Sayer: The ARC of Time

Season Two:  Episode Two:  May I Present, The Timer


(The days are longer now with everything I must maintain.  Doy and Justice righteously need my teachings and parenting.  There is also the home I provide for everyone needs to be kept up.  Fortunately I have dedicated staff that takes care that everything concerning a home is consistently handled.  The ARC is operating efficiently and turning a profit.  All key positions in the company are filled with competent and creative women and men.  I can’t shake the thoughts I’m having of late that deals with the origin of this country.  How did America become what it is today?

Why did it establish the systems then that’s left a legacy of unbalance in many parts of human existence.  Economics, the economics of slavery, laws, and a defacto male caste system that denied liberty to the powerless.  More clearly to the point is that power only resided with European men of Caucasian descent.  Okay I got that part, but how did they create these systems in the early formation of America that still today underpins how America values, views, and vilify Black people?

Maybe it’s Black peoples’ punishment for allowing ourselves to be enslaved for hundreds of years creating vast treasure troves of stolen wealth that still line the pockets of slave owners descendants.  Dreams invoke in me the need to interpret them.  I hope an expansion of knowledge is headed my way.).

Mother Sayer: (Mother is on her way home on a Friday.  It has been a stressful week.  Overseeing the software development of ‘SAFE ROAD’ which has created so many ideas and analysis of can it be effective not just on roads in America but roads in every country.).  I’ve got to look these files over this weekend and give the creative development teams my decisions on Monday.  Sarah, can you make sure I have the files I need ready for me before I leave?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes of course Mother.  I’ve just about finished with them.  The last proposal was just dropped off a few minutes ago and I’m entering the data into our network.

Mother Sayer:  Good.  Can you put the one about road safety on top?  That one I’m getting a good feeling about because so many drivers are unskilled, old, young, and inexperienced.  

Sarah W. Certainty:  The ‘SAFE ROAD’ file is on top along with the six files that need your approval also.  By the way, have you decided where you’ll volunteer your nursing services in order to stay skilled and current?

Mother Sayer:  I have three places in mind.  One is a drug treatment clinic.  One is a free medical clinic.  The last one is one I’ve yet to lock down because I will practice my nursing license in a impoverished neighborhood of color.

——————-1st Interlude——————-

(Mother arrives home safety and finds her children deep in study.  A snack was provided and dinner will be at 7:30 pm.  She places the files down in her office and turns to go upstairs to her room to change, shower and get dressed for dinner.  

As she goes about placing the memories of her day in proper context for recall later, she thinks again about her country.  How did America survive all the contradictions and still prosper into what historians would call one of the greatest nations to ever be formed upon it?  How could a system of slavery last hundreds of years and produce such stunning and consistent growth?  Did my people, Black people, make America what it is today?

How did they do it?  I mean how did it start.  There must be a record of how it was done somewhere.  There has to be.  How did a loose collection of indebted men and women set sail from Europe in search of a life where they could purge their old sins and create a fresh start.  What was the plan after they got here?  Ah, oh well, maybe it’s in some history book somewhere stuck in a corner of a library at an old church on the east coast.).

Mother Sayer:  N’tare, I’m going to my office to review some paperwork.  Call me if you need me to do anything.

N’tare Boulder:  Very well, Mother Sayer.  I’m straighten up the kitchen and the house with the staff members and prepare for breakfast tomorrow.

Mother Sayer:  Alright then, will see you then and goodnight.

N’tare Boulder:  Goodnight.

——————-2nd Interlude——————-

(Mother has completely her review of the files and knows where she will give her okay to move forward on Monday.  She is about to call it a night when she feels an authoritative presence come over the room.  This isn’t normal.  What is going on here.  If there is something I’m supposed to see then show it to me.  She utters the words speak to me or leave.).

Timer:  You want to know things that most people want to keep hidden.

Mother Sayer:  First things first.  Who are you and what are you here to tell me?

Timer:  My position in the Father’s House is to keep a record of what was done on Earth and where and when it happened.

Mother Sayer:  Your name is?

Timer:  My name is Timer.

Mother Sayer:  Yes Timer, I do have some curiosity as to how the early colonialists got a country up and running when they didn’t by all accounts have the money to do it.

Timer: (Without another word Mother Sayer feels as if she has just gained 3000 pounds and her joints would shatter if she moved.).  We’ll start here at the place whereas men would say today that I didn’t have anything to do with enslaving Black people.  I wasn’t there is the sentence often used to absolve themselves of the crimes of their ancestors. 

Mother Sayer:  I heard it spoken many times, but it often serves to squash the conversation because there’s no documentation on how the system of slavery really began.  You can’t answer the why until you know how.

Timer: (Could she be one?  Not now Timer.  Just test her.  Time will indeed tell.).  Follow along if you can.  

Mother Sayer: (She smells air so thick with greenery, shrubbery and crisp as a sparkling bubbly that she’s almost intoxicated as it overwhelms her sense of smell.  Her eyes seems to see in the distance more sharply than she thought possible.  Hold it together she murmurs to herself.).  This place can’t be done justice by simply speaking of its’ beauty.

Timer:  It is the time before man remakes the world in his image.

Mother Sayer:  Understood.  Please proceed.

Timer:  Beginning where the news broke of cheap labor on the east coast of America, for the record I’ll show you the period mid 16th Century.  Let’s round it up to 1650.  Many landowners were struggling to find labor for their fields.  Make an honest go it.  That sort of thing.  Never fear though.  There’s always strength in numbers.  I’ll come back around to that if we have time.

Now, let me ask you.  If you have 100 acres and no labor to clear it off, no horses to break the ground, and no way to keep hold of it from thieves.  Very little money to buy seeds and for that matter I really don’t know what would grow out here.  What would you do?

Mother Sayer:  I’d realize I’ve bitten off more than I can chew that’s what I’d conclude.

Timer:  Ah, women.  More concerned with decency and honor the lot of you.  I’ll ask the question in a different way.  What do you think a man would do when faced with those realities?

Mother Sayer:  I’d hope he would try to figure it out righteously seeing I’ve read they were quite the religious sort of the time in question.

Timer:  Alright, let’s follow man’s reasoning then.  Take a look and understanding we’re pressed for time I’ll forward the decision making process with that fact in mind.

——————-3rd Interlude——————-

(Mother witnesses one landowner contemplating his situation.  Rising to his feet as he stepped  and straddling his horse and heading into town to inquire at the local gathering place if what he’s heard is true.  He can go in with other landowners to finance a ship and men capable of capturing other men and women and spiriting them away for transport back to America as free labor. 

He takes little if no time to make his decision to join in this alliance. The Timer sees and ignores Mother Sayer’s petition to enquire about the conscience of the men she’s viewing.  The landowners have made their pact.  Now after a few ships have docked and everybody that has wagered and financed the cargo have received some of their return on investment; the landowners are now beginning to feel that this might just work out.

Mind you, there is still no intention to pay these newly acquired laborers.  As far as the landowners are concerned they are property entitled to be viewed and dealt with as such.  Mother Sayer presses the pause and forces the Timer to listen to her.).

Mother Sayer:  So that’s how it begins.  That’s how year after year and time after time right and wrong seems to be more of a guidance than a spiritual mandate than defines behavior.

Timer:  Meaning what exactly?

Mother Sayer:  We like to say our laws are written and blindly applicable to all equally.  Our system of appointed guardians to include the police, prosecutors, judges and elected officials are sworn to ensure a just society by holding everyone accountable to the same law as ordinary citizens.

Timer:  Before a country can truly achieve such a high bar to which America has never achieved.  Let me remind you that what comes out of a man’s heart is what defiles him.  I’ll give you one instance of that happening.  Picture a balance beam with 50 right points and 50 wrong points at each corner.  A man will show you by his behavior that he flaunts the law.  He writes into law that says a human being is worth 3/5 of another human being.  Which side do you think would gain the most points?

Mother Sayer:  The side of wrong.  It would probably gain close to all the points on the scale.

Timer: (Is she a truth seeker?  Could she be one of those?  One that asks WHY?).  That’s just the way things are with human beings.  Humans only relish in what they perceive as a just conclusion to a work in progress.  The embellishment takes place in the form of revising how you got there.

Mother Sayer:  Oh, the change of heart to end slavery wasn’t born out of righteousness?  It wasn’t decided that it was inherently wrong to enslave people for the enrichment of the owners or the noble cause of making America great.

Timer:  Now we’re getting somewhere.  Now let’s quickly review if you want to know more.  America was built by an extraordinary race of people from Africa.  They were enslaved.  The leaders and landowners at the time devised schemes to make it happen.  Money was loaned and the dye was cast.  These unholy alliances formed to make the founders rich and not the slaves.  It was a brilliant and bold idea that worked for hundreds of years because it was backed by the government.  

The fact that a landowner saw no other way to survive tells you everything you need to know about how slavery was solidified in America.  Can’t take something away from somebody that was taught down through the generations how things worked can you?  

Mother Sayer:  Either fail or caste your lot in with mine so we can make a home for ourselves here in America.  Dam these people.  Oh, right they aren’t people, they’re property.  I do understand more now, but I still need more information.  How did it last for hundreds of years?  You can’t tell me a gentleman’s agreement and a few shoddy country hick laws were enforceable that long.  Were they?

Timer:  We shall speak again. (With that, the Timer was gone and Mother was back in her home office.).


(Mother dismisses all thoughts of piety.  This is a chance for me to find out some things about how this country was formed and why it behaves the way it does.  Is it so embarrassing to admit the crimes against humanity?  Why the pious pompous façade that can only be thrown back in our faces by countries doing the same thing.  No wonder we choose to ignore the obvious indiscretions of people we suppose to hold to a higher standard.  

Do all these so called Christians not understand the meaning of repentance?  How can they follow a man like President Trump that shows disdain for our laws and the entire country.  That’s why I’ve got to know more about how the citizens that have ancestors in America can say with a straight face that stealing the wages of African Americans for over 400 years is irrelevant and old news.  There wouldn’t be an America today if African Americans labor and bodies weren’t exploited for wealth and social position.

Mother is shaking now as she knows there is now a chance she will have the answers she’s always sought.  The Timer she thinks.  What an appropriate designation.).


TUESDAYS TO GO:             Today is the Day!

Our delivery will be at hand.  Today, November 3, 2020 we as a nation will go to vote for President of the United States.  This post will focus on that office.  Right now the occupant of that scared office has deemed himself a Pharaoh.  Pharaoh Trump has demonstrated his hatred for the needs of these United States of America to pursue the goal of its’ founding.  To seek that nation of Native American brothers and sisters, white brothers and sisters, black and brown brothers and sisters to have justice and sanctity for life as free people.

As the Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart against letting his people go, the children of Israel; the Lord has hardened Pharaoh Trump’s heart to the suffering and pain of Americans peacefully protesting brutal injustice by the police and whoever enables them.  For those who still believe there is honor in remembering a break away nation, the Confederacy, that fought to keep human being in bondage as part of what America stands for you’re delusional.  I will remark that to this day there aren’t any Israelis celebrating or advocating that their people return to slavery in Egypt.

Now is the time for Americans to prepare for the day we will come out of our homes, places of residence, businesses and our closed minds.  Today, Tuesday November the 3rd, 2020 we will part the Red Sea by a strong east wind and vote at the polls and break the wheels of Pharaoh Trump’s chariots.  The Lord by strength of hand will bring you out.  The Lord has set the way and he has separated good and evil.  There isn’t a question of whether all is subject to God’s law.  Why is there a question of whether those we charge with responsibility of adjudicating the law believe they are above it.  That goes for Prosecutors, Police and Judges.

On November 3rd, 2020 vote out these Republicans sycophants from office and tell them you will not be subject to their race baiting disgraceful tactics anymore.  Vote as if you’re passing through the Red Sea on dry land.  Stop. Wait a minute.  Let’s go back.  Dry land on both sides and a massive wall of water on both sides.  Tons of water just pristinely standing on each side with massive whales, sharks and all manner of life not penetrating it at all.  Is that possible?  I’m getting goosebumps just imagining it if my fleshly mind could I mean.  Wow!  Frankly, I would probably be frozen unable to walk because I’d be just staring in disbelief until someone knocked me over the head with their hand and said keep moving.

All of Pharaoh’s hosts the Republicans need to be voted out.  These problems have been allowed to fester and boil under the very skin of our nation because we, voters, have allowed it.  No more.  Brutal injustice ends today November 3rd, 2020.  Chose Joe Biden as our next President.  Vote for Joe Biden.  Break the wheels of Pharaoh Trump’s Republican chariots and allow them to be washed away by the walls of that Red Sea coming down upon them.  “The honour shall be the Lord’s.”

TUESDAYS TO GO:             Today is the day!


What are we doing here?  Are we still talking about who won The American Civil War?  The Confederacy lost.  The Israelites were freed from bondage in Egypt by the Hand of God.  Is that fact in dispute as well?  Is Satan still roaming the pristine halls of Heaven.  I’m sure there is a statue of him with both middle fingers raised standing in front of the throne.  Right!  Ever heard of good vs. evil?  Why are we still celebrating the people who stood for bondage and got their asses kicked?  Let me answer this one last thing.  When you fight for a side of a conflict that means you agree with their cause. 

There were none and there are none that were good on the side of the Confederacy, and if your relatives fought for them they were not innocent of the reasons they sought to destroy our Union period.  By the way, ask the angels that were on the side of Satan against God.  Oh, you can’t ask them because they chose a side and lost with Satan.


Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time

Season Two:  Episode One:  The Wheat and the Tares


(“The question whether you can determine the good or the bad in others ignores a certain truth.  The actions of others after the fact is the only way that question can be answered.  No one knows whether a person is good or bad at the time they’re born.  No one knows the goodness in their heart when you’re present in their company.  How then can a person do business?  How can a person choose a mate?  How can a person protect their goodness when the true nature of a person is revealed to them?

Mother encountered these questions long ago.  She knows her record on the subject matter sits somewhere below .500.  Is she concerned this part of her character or as they say instinctual nature stands as a deficiency.  No she thinks to herself.  Never in a day will she process that truth in no way but this.  I’m below .500 in reading people prior to their acts, but I’m hovering in the high .850 range how I turn the discovery of who means me harm or good to my advantage.  Why is that the case you ask?  The old Bible story of the wheat and the tares she says.  Ah well, you require an explanation.  Okay.

The unknown factor is always present in every part of life.  Even when mischievous persons came under the cover of night and sowed weeds (tares) among the wheat in a farmer’s field; the farmer had to judge whether he could uproot the right sprouting’s based on his knowledge and experience.  The only choice left was to allow both the seeds he planted and the tares the mischievous ones laid beside them to grow to harvest.  Only then can one determine what is good and what is bad.  Time is the only variable that offers answers.  Some crops grow quicker than others while still others you can plant a second season if you’re adept enough at farming.  The key again here when choosing a crop is timing.  The same principle correlates well to human beings.  Human beings have to mature and produce the kind of feedback (crop) that is edible to the needs of other human beings.  Only when you receive them into your circle of needs will you learn if they are the wheat or the tares.”)

“Six months has passed since the General saved my daughter:”

Mother Sayer: (Today is the last day of school before the Christmas break begins.  Doyenne hasn’t shown any signs of her recent ordeal.  Perhaps I should let it be she thinks.).  N’tare, how’s the menu this morning?

N’tare Bolder:  Freshness all around Mother.  I took the liberty of bartering with a vegetable stand to keep us supplied for the distant future.  I’ve tasted the fruits and they are quite sweet.  I trust you will enjoy them as well.

Mother Sayer:  Hmm, thank you N’tare.  I can’t wait to try them.  Where are the children?

N’tare Bolder:  They should already be at the table.  I’ll send a servant up to fetch them straight away.

Mother Sayer:  No, I’ll do it.  I should do it anyway more often than I do.  (Mother goes upstairs to her son’s room and pokes her head in the door.  Justus, breakfast is ready.  Come down to eat before it gets cold.

Justus I. Order:  Coming.

Mother Sayer: (Mother turns and strolls to the end of the hall and knocks on her daughters’ door and says.).  Doy, breakfast is ready.  What are you doing in there?

Daughter Doyenne:  Nothing Mother, just thinking about being in my room and making sure I remember it if I’m taken from it again.

Mother Sayer: (So, I was right to wonder if what she presented to my face was a façade meant to mask the aftereffects of her ordeal.).  You are right Doy.  Being scared is a natural mental reaction to what you went through.  I can’t erase the ordeal you went through nor will I ever try.  All I can say is we both can learn from it.  Do you understand?

Daughter Doyenne:  Learn from it Mother?

Mother Sayer:  Yes Doy.  I often wondered myself why do people do things to other people when they know it will hurt them.  You know what I found out?

Daughter Doyenne:  No?

Mother Sayer:  It is that very pain they seek to cause in order to make a person turn fearful about living their life.

Daughter Doyenne:  Fearful?

Mother Sayer:  Fearful is like not playing sports because the other kids will laugh or talk bad about you if you do.  Fearful is believing the person who kidnapped you telling you your Mother doesn’t love you.

Daughter Doyenne:  He never told me you didn’t love me Momma.  I would never believe him if he did.

Mother Sayer: (Her daughter starts to cry and Mother knows she’s still parentally attached to her Mother, but she knows there is still work to do.).  I know baby.  Crying is a good thing.  You just know I would split a mountain in two if you were on the other side.  You are my child and know that I will always love you.

Daughter Doyenne:  Yes Mother.

Mother Sayer:  Now let’s go down to the table and eat.  Breakfast is getting cold alright.

(Breakfast is energizing and finalizing. Mother knows this experience of her family being violated cannot slip into virtual reality. It was real and my daughter just made a decision I’ve been contemplating all the more justified. I will prepare my children for life as I know it. All the danger. All the foolishness. Every pit of vipers out there I will make them aware of as best I can. I will not falter in my duty because of their ability or inability to consume the knowledge I will bestow upon them.

There will be no more hiding the world from my children. I will make them strong and alert. They will learn what I want them to learn whether they want to or not. If something like this happens again it won’t be because I failed to instruct my children on how to take care of themselves.).

Mother Sayer: (Arriving at the office the last couple of months seems to have some bit of normalcy returning to it. Mother smiles as she remembers all the tears of joy and looks of relief quite frankly on the faces of all her people. Business has returned and ideas are flowing once again. Moves are being made and people are reaching beyond their grasps. This is what its’ all about.).  Sarah, good morning.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Good morning Mother.  I trust enough time has passed so we can get back to the pace of activities we had before this interruption.

Mother Sayer:  (That’s what I’m talking about!  A value can’t be placed on this woman.  Hell I may as well say my oldest daughter that’s what she’s become.).  Right.  Let’s get her fired up again.  I do have some thoughts on where to venture our creativity.  How about Medicine and Media?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Keep going.  Carve me out a direction and I’ll drive a truck through it.

Mother Sayer:  Absolutely my child.  Pointing our fingers won’t get us nowhere but noticed.  Tearing things asunder will clear us a path.  I want to create a team to look at ways we can use electricity or a new category of it to sterilize operating rooms.  Find the bookworms, mathematicians, staff with medical training and put them together.  I want ground broken in two weeks.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Very well.  Now the Media idea.  What did you have in mind with that?

Mother Sayer:  Have you noticed that the entertainment that’s offered of late skims the surface of what life is really like for all humans.  I mean, take a look at comedies on television.  Do they really prize the spontaneity of comedy or is it just thrown in our faces and it’s up to us to figure out why it’s funny?

Sarah W. Certainty:  I don’t know really.  I suppose what they’re trying to do is bring some form of relief from the troubles people are facing.

Mother Sayer:  Yeah, the benefit of the doubt seems a bit of a stretch here.  I believe laughter springs from acceptance. Acceptance of what’s happened to you.  Acceptance of the mistakes you’ve made.  Acceptance that life or people will never live up to your expectations.  Only then can people feel the gift of a hardy belly laugh.  I mean a laugh that sprains the abdomen long after its’ over.

Sarah W. Certainty:  That’s sounds like it would take talent to achieve that’s for certain.  To make someone laugh that hard.

Mother Sayer:  That’s exactly my point.  I’m not in business just to make a dollar.  I want to leave everlasting monuments.  Create dialogue driven shows and reading materials that push the mind to new heights.  For this I must build in some conditioning, ‘a check on learning’ as the military would call it to keep myself in line and growing mentally as well.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Well, let the record reflect that you are submitting yourself to the crucible of accountability.

Mother Sayer:  That’s very good Sarah.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I told you I learned many things as a child that a lot of people would crawl into a hole to avoid having the memory linger in their mind.  My dad taught me through observation that when you take the job you better act like it at all times.  Wavering and uncertainty.  It will cost you your life.

Mother Sayer:  So, if I do this I have to submit to it 100 percent every time I’m called.  I want to call my crucible the ARC Council.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Appropriate as the name of your company is the ARC Incorporated.  Will this council be able to question you on anything they choose?

Mother Sayer:  I was thinking to give them unrestricted access yes.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Power.

Mother Sayer:  Power?

Sarah W. Certainty:  With power comes responsibility.  Every act in the name of it will forever be enshrined in the record. Meaning don’t water down your legend by unleashing things like you didn’t know what would happen if you set it loose.  I’m more in tune to your idea of this council now.

Mother Sayer:  Well I’m glad you are seeing that I’m the one who’ll be facing them.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Oh, a little fight every now and then keeps the reflexes sharp don’t they?

Mother Sayer:  That’s show right.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Good.  You’re covering all the bases and that’s what leadership does.  Preparing to keep yourself strong at all times foresees good tidings for your people and your company.  Just to let you know if I haven’t mentioned it before.  I do love my job and I don’t want to work for nobody else.

Mother Sayer: (Mother laughs.).  I’ll make sure to stay afloat or in the black.  Now what’s this I hear about some squabbles going on in the ranks?

Sarah W. Certainty:  You’ve got some scrappy fighters working for you.  A lot of let’s say talent without the silver spoon spewing garbled speech.

Mother Sayer:  Ah, just my type.  Nothing like hungry associates ready to throw it back in the faces of their ‘daddy will give me a job’ friends.

Sarah W. Certainty:  These are the kind of people you grew up with right Mother?

Mother Sayer:  They’re awaiting their assignments and more importantly where their time here will lead them.  Tell them when you pass down my department positions that growth here is baked into the system.  I’m sure you’ll pass on my expectations.  Growth personally and professionally.  Ability to show leadership and team build.  The last tenet will be known by the ‘who’s standing with you’ at the end.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Whether or not you accomplished the task with guidance or submission.

Mother Sayer:  You are kicking dirt on my heels.  Nice to see my expectations are being met.  You are the daughter of the Don and Sparklett Stone.  Now you have become your own woman.  They would know you have done them good by your maturity and the wisdom you’re manifesting.

Sarah W. Certainty:  That’s not something people say to me.

Mother Sayer:  Then I’m glad I’ve taught you something else.  In the Army we promote those soldiers with demonstrated ability and responsibility.  You’re coming along on the right paths.  Keep strengthening your mind and learning new things and you’ll be taking my place someday.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I would be a great stand in, but I’m not cut out for long term command.  I’m more of a solid right hand.

Mother Sayer: (Mother doesn’t argue with Sarah as she knows you need support staff and the right people in the right places to be successful.  It’s good she knows herself).  Quite right Sarah and I couldn’t hold it down without you.  Okay let’s get those assignments done and out to the departments.

Sarah W. Certainty:  By the way, how will you handle the inevitable conflicts and in-fighting that’s bound to happen.

Mother Sayer:  There is something I’ve been contemplating over the years.  When my father confronted his brother-in-law about stealing his customers it laid a scenario on my mind, but it didn’t produce all the information at that time.  Do you mind if I continue talking over lunch?


(Mother has set the table in her office as she’s had lunch brought up to her and Sarah.  She wants to teach her the way she’s going to proceed with the associates of her company and whether they will add value or deplete her bottom line.).

Mother Sayer:  Sarah.  There is a Bible reading that I’ve meditated on for many years of my life.  It’s found in Matthew Chapter 30.  Basically it says that a field was sown with wheat, but an enemy sowed tares (weeds) in the midst of the wheat.  I bet you’re wondering who among my associates aren’t what they seem.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Are you saying you’re not going to trust your people?

Mother Sayer:  On the contrary.  I’m going to trust everyone to do their assignments.  That’s why it’s complicated!

Sarah W. Certainty:  Oh, I jumped the gun didn’t I?

Mother Sayer:  Right.  You forgot that anything you plant must first grow before it can be harvested.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes.  Ah, once they reach some level of familiarity here at the ARC you’ll know if they mean you good or not.

Mother Sayer:  Yes my dear.  That is correct.  Precisely the point I wanted to make.  There’s no way you can look at somebody and tell who’s who.  Just like the look of wheat and weeds are the same when they’re buds.  Now do I expect there are people here looking to sabotage my efforts.  Maybe is all I can reasonably say.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Because you’d be a pessimist if you allowed yourself to be swayed any further than that.

Mother Sayer:  Right.  Only when my associates grow to harvest, or show they’ve fully bought into what the ARC is trying to do and support our efforts.  If not, then I will know who to gather up and purge from our roles.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I’m glad I’ve proven myself here.

Mother Sayer:  You and me both after what I’ve been through.  You’ve been there for me and besides, I’m been authorized to spank you if you disappoint me.

Sarah W. Certainty:  What!

Mother Sayer: (Laughs).  I’m kidding Sarah.  You should see your face.

Sarah W. Certainty:  That’s not funny.  I don’t know when the last time my Mother spanked me.  I hope I’ve shown you respect at all times.

Mother Sayer:  Of course you have Sarah.  So much so that you have two Mothers now.  I’m honored to have your trust and admiration.  I plan to honor your Mother and Father with that trust until the day I die.

Sarah W. Certainty: (Sarah walks over to Mother and embraces her.).  I love you too Mother.

Mother Sayer:  I love you Sarah.  Goodness, so you see why we have to allow our associates to grow until the harvest and then reveal themselves to us.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes Mother.

Mother Sayer:  Let’s work on a few more ideas and close early today.  What do you say to that?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Good.  

Mother Sayer:  Oh, by the way.  Is there someone you want me to meet?  I notice you keep your personal life compartmentalized.  Closed off to sight seeing.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Mother.  Ladies keep the heat under a pot of stew simmering.  Just a saying I learned.  I’ll explain it in memory of an old Italian saying concerning the courting ritual.  It’s a little rough so I’ll apologize before I begin.  

Mother Sayer:  Please.

Sarah W. Certainty:  “When a dog has a bone he’ll growl and stare another dog away while gnawing on it.  When that dog’s attention is distracted another dog will steal that bone and gnaw on it and may bury it for later.  A third dog may come dig it up and gnaw on that bone until it’s flavor is gone.  Do you think the dog that had that bone first wants it back?”

Mother Sayer:  No

Sarah W. Certainty:  My Mother always taught me to first, “never to be a bone, and if I’m going to be a treat make sure you’re the only one in the bag and it’s purchased by one buyer.”

Mother Sayer:  Goodness.  Do you mind if I steal that for my daughter?

Sarah W. Certainty:  You like it?

Mother Sayer:  I sure do.  It reminds me of my counselor on campus when I was studying to be a nurse.  He told me that when he was a boy he was so hungry that he vowed to himself that if he married; he would make sure to provide for his wife and children.  He said it was the first step he took in becoming a man.  Mind you, he had some trouble in his marriage meaning his wife didn’t understand that was a critical part of him because of the way he grew up.  Ultimately he gave up on the notion that she would understand how to stabilize a family unit.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Is he still with her?

Mother Sayer:  No.  He moved on.  I’ll tell you what I took from that encounter that day.  I knew I needed to look for the character trait of responsibility in a man because from him I understood he took it as a no failure clause of his marriage.  I’ll tell you that’s a quality in a man that’s invaluable when times are hard.  I know this. 

Sarah W. Certainty:  Did I say how glad I am to have another woman that gives a shit about me?

Mother Sayer:  Many times Sarah. (Mother laughs.).


(Mother believes there is a need that is going unmet in the health care industry.  Patients with memory loss and cognitive fractures need to know who they once were.  Providing some video history to them when they are feeling distressed could calm them.  Also physical therapy should be a directed activity and not something on a checklist.  How can she make that cost effective?  

Ideas are flowing and Mother is excited.  The main thing she feels is the growth and safety of her children.  She is their teacher and she has to keep the memory of their father alive in them as well.  It will be done she thinks.

Some of these folks that say to trust people because you see the evil side of them aren’t true observers of humanity.  They are the kinds of people who’s had their paths cleared for them so they don’t know how to tell who is a friend or foe.  Their readings of the situation is peripheral at best.  By skimming the edges of the outcomes that are possible with this person they only perceive little damage or little harm from an evil person.

What do you hear most from people in long term relationships?  Families that love each other forever.  Marriages that last a lifetime.  It is known that a snapshot (a moment in time) can be framed and placed in a setting of remembrance, but nobody lives through a memory.  Everybody grows, learns and changes over time.  The hope is that the good is padded more than the bad.  Therefore it stands to reason that if a person is presenting more bad than good; it means they’re more likely to defer to the evil in them than the good.

The Question Is?

Can They Both Be True? At The Same Time?

One nation under God with liberty and justice for all.  Well I say that Nation and God are a dichotomy.  Liberty and Justice for all are as well opposed to one another.  To think it took a pandemic to stop the entire world from going about their lives worrying about every care imaginable to witnessing a black man being murdered in front of their eyes to finally believe that ‘absolute power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’.  My council told me that this cruelty was presented in full color so that no one would be able to lie to themselves anymore without getting a blot.  

Can both these statements be true?  The police are empowered to administer the law equally to all citizens by the authority of the people.  The police are exempt from that same law authorized by the people for all the people.  Yes, these two statements can be true and are now true.  Can these two statements be true at the same time?  No!  That is the dichotomy that has existed in our system of justice in America.  Oh, we’ve winked and nodded when it only affected a certain segment of the population, but now just like Saul on the road to Damascus was struck blind.  Black people are finally being heard.  Saul too had a zealous nature about him as he went about persecuting Christians.  As Jesus said unto him “Saul Saul why persecutes thou me” in Acts 9:4.

I received the above wisdom from an older Black woman.  A very good friend of mine who’s helped me out of some trying times.  A council that doesn’t deal in BS and she would never tell me my ‘shat’ don’t stank.  It would be a giddy and joyous time if the stakes weren’t so high. Far too long have White people excused the police of their atrocities.  Did it somehow move America toward that more perfect union?  No it did not.  If there are Christians or Evangelicals still out there that believe that sin should be punished on the street, they should crack open that Bible their leader held up in front of that church.  Turn it to John 8:7 “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”.

Can those two things be true at the same?  I can see your hesitation so I’ll answer for you.  No they cannot both be true at the same time.  No, the police can’t administer the law and be the judge and executioner!  White people, get that out yo thick head!  No!  You can’t kill somebody because you, the police, pull any excuse for doing so from yo ass and white people accept it.  Okay!  Stop it!  I’m going to give you more scripture Evangelicals to read.  What you just read pertains to serving two masters.  Yeah.  That’s what you’re doing when you don’t stick to the law.  Matt 6:24 “Ye cannot serve God and mammon”.  Can I get an Evangelical to say amen?  I don’t think the Devil likes it much either when you can’t make a choice although I do think he gets a kick out of you twisting yourself in knots over not knowing what’s right and what’s wrong.

Lastly, I want to commend my retired military leaders for reminding the rank and file of the tradition, honor, glory and valor they currently hold in their hands.  Their duty is to uphold the Constitution of America.  The chance for America to make good on its promise of reaching that more perfect union.  I’ve never followed an illegal order in my life when I served in the Army on active duty.  I’ve told my command what couldn’t be done several times and I let them know that if they overrode me I wouldn’t lie to any investigator if something bad happened with their unlawful order.  Oh, let me answer your question because it’s a good one.  As far as I know there is no way to rewind a decision once it’s made.  Your integrity is akin to an ancient landmark.  Once it’s destroyed; the writing about it in history continues except the landmark, (pause) it is gone forever.

Black Lives Matter.  This one death in my opinion shocked the soul of America because our humanity was now in question.  Forget the looters and the opportunists that acted on their worst impulses.  Those people that did that will reap what they sow before they leave this Earth I promise you that.  No it won’t be somebody taking the law into their own hands to give them what they deserve.  Stay focused now.  A life was taken in front of our eyes.  Dismiss any life as meaningless means to dismiss all life and should we do that we do it at our peril America.

Decency and Order

That Decency and Order Thing.  What of It?

First I apologize for the delay in bringing my thoughts forward on a quicker periodic basis.  Nevertheless, this writing will be heavy on metaphors and spirituality laced with warnings of mental anguish if the points are disregarded.  Now, the moment the majority in this country heard out loud what is deep in the hearts of their people.  I know the first impulse that arose in their hearts was dismissal.  I will call the police on you and say a Black Man is harassing and threatening me in the park.  Flee, flee from the anguish that would cause me.  I don’t want to let it linger in my mind.  Well white people, it was already there because most of you weaponize it when your hatred brews inside your mind.  For those that don’t understand I’ll use a metaphor to describe what it feels like in your head when you ignore this truth.

The truth you know about what she said to that Black Man in that New York park was fact.  Trying to return your mind to where it was before you heard it will cause a mental ‘abscess’ in your mind.  That ‘pus’ will drain into your mind with its’ yellowish color and rotting smell and it will balloon in your brain.  Sooner or later it will burst and splash it’s infection to the remaining areas of your thoughts and then you’re screwed.  Yes, that’s what happens when you deny the truth and actually think it worked!

What good are you now?  Just another white person walking around thinking that decency and order is achieved by malice and cruelty.  I read somewhere that when ‘judgment and justice are perverted in a province to not marvel at it’ (Ecclesiastes 5:8 AKJ).  I still can’t believe that the US Supreme Court had to outlaw shooting people in the back.  Really?  Oh, it was okay to shoot fleeing citizens if it obtained decency and order.  I’m curious.  If the prosecutors work for the police?  Who works for the people?  The truth will set you free!

By the way a little on my background.  I served in the Army on active, national guard and reserve status and now I’m retired.  Just so you know, what happened to Mr. Floyd is called a blood choke and yes it is more deadlier than compressing the windpipe.  I’ll leave that there.  I’ve been confronted by the police and I too would never run from them.  You don’t run from evil.  When the shoe fits wear it is what I was raised on.  ‘If the spirit of the ruler rise up against thee, do not yield because it pacifieth great offences’ (Ecclesiastes 10:4 AKJ).  Meaning if you’ve done no wrong, don’t run from evil.

Tell me the meaning of the word ‘façade’. ‘A sour exterior meant to hide a sinister interior is my definition’.  I am an independent leaning Democrat.  In all my voting years I’ve seen Republican and Democratic U.S. Presidents that felt genuine mental distress when they were criticized over their lack of regard for the citizens of America.  You could see it in their faces.  It hurt them when things were said about them.  The one thing I saw the most that hurt them was it was said they didn’t care about people like me.  The elder President Bush, his son, President Clinton and President Obama. Does anyone think that the man in the White House now cares about anybody but himself?  Careful, you don’t want to form another mental abscess.

Listen to me now.  Everything is riding on this Presidential election in the year of our Lord 2020.  Vice President Joe Biden is prone to gaffes.  Ask yourself why?  Remember when family is upset with each other and the one family member trying to restore peace is doing it at a hectic pace.  Not caring what he says.  He just wants to stop the pain.  That family mediator is trying hard to restore order and love on both sides so that the family can come back together.  That’s what I see in Vice President Biden.  He knows he’s wading into the defining crisis of our Republic.  God help him succeed.  All of us (Jew, White, Brown & Black, Asian, Muslim, Protestant and all Religions) are depending on him?

Leadership is Under Attack

Leadership:  Gender Specific or Gender Neutral?

First and foremost before I begin let me put to rest the doubt and disbelief about leadership.  Leadership is a ‘Pillar’ of God.  A ‘Commandment’ that only God can establish and thus cannot be watered down by a political philosophy.  So, leadership is not something that can be parsed into smaller pieces to suit a person who is unable to carry out the massive requirements embedded in the foundation of the word’s meaning. Thus Jeremiah 32 verse 27 (key words) ‘all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?’  Malachi 3 verse 6 (key words) ‘For I am the Lord, I change not.’  1st John 4 verse 14 (key words) ‘the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world.’ (Holy Bible Authorized King James Version).

I trust those who’re in tuned to the truth have picked up on the theme above.  Of a truth, everyone cannot be a leader.  Let’s establish some facts about the selection process.  No one knows who is capable until they’re placed in the position.  It is similar to a statement about combat being that you never know who’s going to fight or flee until the bullets start flying.  Mary, Mother of God, was a disciplined leader as she kept her mandate and gave birth to Jesus.  If anyone is confused about what it takes to carry a child to full term go read a book on the matter.  Harriet Tubman’s actions doing a sadistic period in America and she still did it.  Rescuing slaves was dangerous business.  Eleanor Roosevelt and her fight for women’s rights before her husband FDR became President of the United States.

Coco Chanel founder of Chanel in France.  Sybill Storz of Karl Storz GmbH a medical device company in Germany.  Shari Arison is an American-Israeli businesswoman.  Oprah Winfrey is an African American businesswoman.  Jeanne Bice an American businesswoman.  Now I can list a few men here as well, but for the sake of making my point let’s say men have garnered more deferential treatment already say we.  I want a very smart person, female or male, to write an algorithm and crunch the numbers with this one purpose.  Which gender throughout our known history has shouldered more of the burden for equality and human rights?  Which gender has helmed a business of any kind and kept it solvent, recovered it from inept leadership, and garnered the highest returned for its’ investors?  Which gender has brought about justice and dignity in politics?  I want to run the numbers for the last two hundred and fifty (250) years.

When the data is compiled; I want to see the regions of the world that has progressed more toward those commandments that God has laid out for his creation.  I want to see within the places these leaders reside the synthesis if there is one where government, business and churches working together to meet the needs of the citizenry.  Lastly, I want to know which gender performs these high minded ideals better.  I have a belief that women perform just as good or better than men when given the chance.  Taking into the account the control that each example would be from the position of leadership, woman and man.

It intrigues me that most of the historical celebrations have placed men in the spotlight.  Let’s see if history would judge that to be the case when a controlled study is presented.  Albeit we should take into account the suppression and oppression of women by men in the study as well.  I wonder even with that error accounted for would men still be seen as the better leaders?  I acknowledge all the studies of known success stories and biographies of women, but let’s get the question answered once and for all.  Are men or are women the better leaders based on the outcomes they’ve produced when put in charge?  When you’re the leader you’re responsible for it all period!  Leadership is the monument established by God.  You and I means you can’t water it down because the one representing your party’s not up to the task.  The CEO is the leader of the company.  All aspects of the company period!  From the lowest paid employee to the most sensitive of product creation and distribution.

Lastly may I say.  Watch yourself.  You keep bouncing back and forth while tweaking the meaning of leadership to suit the moment.  Sooner or later you’re going to forget the fact that you were never authorized to change the meaning in the first place.  Know the truth because it will keep you free.

The Void

The Void 

A 2ndPost in the Vein of: 

A Tear = A Rupture of the Mind

Quote: “It is a peculiar orthodoxy of humankind to desire discipline, structure, love, intelligence and reasoning for a mind that holds no learning key or guide.  Morals, values, equivalencies, and virtues are essential to many who understand what they bring to a person’s name and reputation, but more importantly what they bring to the sanity and serenity of the mind is immeasurable.”  

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Who Do You Go Unto?

I am writing this post in lieu of the many postings I’m behind on because I have to stop and explain the way massive change happens in the world.  Quickly now, look in your Bible, TAKJV, turning to Exodus Chapter 8 verse 1.  Who is the authority to which God send Moses? Continuing, it’s imperative to understand when change needs to happen there is a straight line to the person, place or thing to bring it about.  Would we all agree to that assessment?  In your Bible, the process of changing Pharaoh’s thinking began fiercely (Read: Mother S. Sayer: The Road to Damascus).  If you’re already there to where I’m going, just stay with me anyway.  Evil is not conquered by gathering in a circle chanting we shall overcome.  Nor is evil defeated outside in the hall when it exists in the chambers of power.  Yes, you face it.  You confront it.  You slam good up against evil.  Metaphorically speaking, that’s what takes place.

Now we wish to rewrite history because we’ve stopped the gushing of innocent blood to merely a steady spill.  Listen to me.  There will never be an end to the innocent loss of life.  It is possible to end, but for it to happen there must still be people willing to face evil in all its’ forms.  The oppression of the hireling in his wages.  The discrimination of anyone based on the shield of religion.  Christians bestowing piety onto an evil man or woman no matter the title he or she holds. Weaponizing the rule of law by allowing it to be unchecked in the hands of those who shouldn’t be practicing it. Judges, who are ill suited for the bench making rulings based on a political ideal.  Lawmakers from local to Federal, cloaked in what ails their mind, purposefully keeping us in harm’s way because no one is willing to challenge them on their prejudices. 

God didn’t tell Moses to tell Pharaoh what Moses would do if he didn’t comply.  God told Moses to tell Pharaoh what God would do when he didn’t comply!  I know, that’s gonna shatter millions of Christians glass minds.  Yeah, God made the threat.  Sorry to disappoint you.  That’s what I’m saying.  Many millions of Americans will still vote for Donald Trump for President for various reasons.  Some have achieved a modicum of success (the worst sort of people believing they are better or washed clean from the poverty or messiness of their past).  Some still believe they can prevent others from getting something for free (I’ve never been able to figure that one out in spite of the fact that everyone pays taxes in some form).  Vexing.  Some still believe their race is superior to another.  Some people believe their money inoculates them from all potential threats to their life.  Some people just want to see chaos because they know humanity is flawed and treacherous.

When Vice President Joe Biden speaks to whom he had to confront (his own apprehensions included) to push the right part of humanity forward, let us not attempt to rewrite history or untether the high cost of all races that joined the fight for equally.  Frankly, we needed white men to confront their own kind.  Period.  Period. Period.  Careful, let’s not qualify or quantify historical periods until sufficient time has passed.  We are in 2019.  Be very careful.  Change is happening at a rapid pace.  Don’t derail it by trying to score political points against others who’ve endured great cost to get us this far.  The tablets that Moses brought down from the mountain.  Don’t fret as Moses himself did not.  Those who wish or long for the past back in the bondage of Egypt will get what’s coming to them (Reference my Post:  Where Hatred Lies Leave it There).

There has to thoughtful assessments and wise council if we are to usher in a bright future after President Trump.  Adherence to this course of action must include sound wisdom and complete discretion.  Stick to the plan and do not deviate from it to the left or to the right. All will be well.

Mother Se’May Sayer: The ARC of Time Episode Fourteen: The Road to Damascus Part Two: The Acts of Sayer


(I need help.  Who will help me?  I don’t know anyone who can do the things that I need done to get my daughter back. Mother Sayer wrestles with many thoughts to include thoughts of death to her daughter and herself.  It is always best to contemplate serious matters with a serious train of thought.  I’m a woman, a business owner, a daughter, mother and an Army Major.  What is it about any of those qualities combined that gives me the capability to handle this situation?  I do need help, but where do I find it?  I can’t go to family because this matter has outgrown any help my father or siblings could offer.  God I wish Zar were here.

Keep it together Se’May, she tells herself. Alright.  Keep working and follow through on everything which means don’t fall apart or show signs of stress toward any of my staff at the ARC.  I’ve been trained by my father, the United States Army, and my own protocols to push me to the limits of my mental and physical abilities.  Abandoning these learned competencies right now would be as foolish as applying an emotional response to this affront to my family.  No, I must bring to bear all I’ve learned to find a solution for my dilemma.

I won’t abandon my daughter, myself or my company. I won’t bring disgrace to the Officer’s Corps of the United States Army.  I will emerge victorious as I’ve dealt with Mr. Goone honestly and fairly. That man’s offense this time will be his last against me.  I will outsmart this man and get him out of my life forever.  This means Se’May, oh just say it, you will have to incorporate some hard qualities that men use so thoughtlessly.  These qualities are called for right now.  Doy has to learn from her mother certain skills more quickly than she has up until now.  This situation can’t happen again and unfortunately I have to be a mother and a father now.).

Mother Sayer:  (After opening her eyes at 0600 as she always does every morning, Mother’s mind races through all facets of her dilemma.  She knows her thoughts must return to the days when she commanded a convoy or clip in Iraq.  The sharpness and the certainty of lacing together every step and act throughout her mission each time she went outside the wire.  She rises from bed returning her mind to its’ combat state of readiness.). Well, Mother, let’s go get her done.

Mother arrives at the office at 0800 after dropping off Justus at school.  She takes a moment to scan the area for any signs of trouble.  Someone out of place, something that wasn’t there the day prior. She can’t put her finger on what she’s feelings, but something is different about this morning.  

Sarah W. Certainty:  Good morning Mother, I hope all is going well.  Have you solved your problem with one of my father’s henchmen?

Mother Sayer:  No Sarah, I am contemplating many things, but honestly I’ll need help to execute a lot of them.  That’s where I am right now in deciding my next course of action regarding this matter.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Well, do you know anybody like that?  I mean anybody that’ll undertake such a serious matter like this. I sure hope you do because this Goone is sort of a thug with certain refinements.  He’s not just a looker loving all the ladies.  He can fight.  I’ve seen him fight and I’ve heard of some of his brutality.  He’s no joke.

Mother Sayer:  (That’s what I’m talking about.  Intel.  Now I’m getting somewhere.).  Does he have many friends that would back him in this kind of move.  Taking a child as hostage?  

Sarah W. Certainty:  Oh, yes he does.  Forget what you see in the movies or on television.  My father has men working for him who have no problem taking life or inflicting pain on anyone, men or women.  Don’t go up against them thinking these men have a code of decency of some kind that values women.  They don’t.

Mother Sayer:  How many men do you think he has?

Sarah W. Certainty:  I’d say at least 30.  Mr. Goone ran a part of my father’s territory here in Louisville.  You don’t get that responsibility by being a man who gets squeamish when you need to hurt somebody for not paying up.

Mother Sayer:  Wonderful.  Just what I wanted to hear.  A man with loyal henchmen.  Great.

Sarah W. Certainty:  If I may step out of bounds on this, how did you meet such a man?

Mother Sayer:  Out of greed.  (Brutal honestly is the only place I act from going forward Mother thinks to herself.). I was stringing together a pile of successful moves so fast that I didn’t think to consider the next move. It’s the next link or attachable thread that is the most dangerous when experiencing all the success from everything I touched.  “It’s like being in traffic and the car in front is stopping.  Instead of just stopping behind I change lanes without clearing it on the right.”  I just didn’t practice all I’ve learned and quite frankly I deserve to be stung by this nagging bee.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I can say one thing about you Mother.  You’re consistent.

Mother Sayer:  Consistent?  What do you mean I’m consistent?

Sarah W. Certainty:  I mean you still accept blame and the consequences that arose out of your decisions.  My Father would certainly have hired you if you were a man.  So, how are you going to solve this predicament is the question of the moment?

Mother Sayer:  To be honest Sarah, I, right now, I don’t know.

—————- 1stInterlude —————

(The flight through Europe was standard protocol as General Sennfphoru boards the last leg of the trip in Atlanta, Georgia.  Before he disembarks his flight from Europe to Atlanta, the General is told to check in at the airline ticket counter to verify the last leg of his flight.  At the ticket counter, the General is handed, along with his ticket, an update to where the target is in real time in South America.  Mr. Goone is being tracked with all possible destinations on alert for his arrival. ‘Watch for a black adolescent girl and report back immediately.’).

Mother Sayer:  Well Sarah, I’ll be in my office.  I need some time to think.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Okay, I am going to get lunch.  Do you need me to get you anything Mother?

Mother Sayer:  A tuna on wheat would be great, thanks Sarah.

Sarah W. Certainty:  (A call is made to the Truck Shop and Son Skyy gives Sarah the update on when Mother’s old commander is due to arrive in Louisville.).  Good, I’ll walk her down to the lobby at the end of the day with all the employees of the ARC present.

Mother Sayer:  That’s a good tuna fish sandwich Sarah.  I must remember to have it every so often now.

—————- 2ndInterlude —————

(The General has landed.  Son Skyy just knows it.  He somehow knows it.  As wind crackles with steadiness as it’s undeterred in whichever direction it chooses to travel, so does the General move unrebuked in a quest his mind is ordained to fulfill.  The air pressure seems to suddenly compress causing sound waves to buckle or die in flight before reaching a receiver.  This Commander was lauded for his precise adherence to plans and their execution. The men and women he commanded knew his expectations.  They were the most stringent and demanding they’ve ever faced in their Army service. If you were an operator under his command you had better know your tactics, techniques and procedures blindfolded. Those who couldn’t meet his standard were not commanding soldiers in his task force.  Not in Iraq or anywhere for that matter where lives depended on leaders knowing their jobs.).

General Sennfphoru:  (Tholodious walks off the plane with his carryon.  Baggage claim is avoided because that’s bad tradecraft, but it doesn’t mean he’s oblivious to the two men who seem out of place greeting passengers as they clear the arrivals gate as family and friends await their loved ones.  Tholodious signals to his team members at the Louisville Airport to stand down as he knows his entry in country wouldn’t go unnoticed.  It is about 1pm on a sunny day in April that begs for every living soul to get outdoors and enjoy the weather. He walks outside to the vehicle that will take him to his meeting with the Major.).  Pharwalker, report.

Pharwalker: ( Sumori Pharwalker’s presence is just like her name is envisioned.  A beautiful Korean operative trained in all tactics including those that require she blends into her surroundings.).  All is as planned General.  Our contact has seen to it that the Major will be at her office building until 4 pm. She is unaware of your presence. If the Major agrees to come with you, your transport is standing by to take you both to the staging area.

General Sennfphoru:  Where did this Goone finally set up shop?

Pharwalker:  He’s in Colombia.

General Sennfphoru:  Is the team there prepared?

Pharwalker:  All was in place before the target arrived with the girl.

General Sennfphoru:  Tell them to maintain surveillance according to Standard Plan 3. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing the locals would identify as unusual on a day to day basis.

Pharwalker:  Yes General, Standard Plan 3, operations in an austere climate.  Everything brought in slowly and out of sight.

General Sennfphoru:  Make sure they understand that there are more things at stake here than just returning this little girl to her mother.  I will ask something of the Major in return for doing this for her and I don’t want any detail missed or overlooked.  Is that clear?

Pharwalker:  Yes General, very clear.

—————- 3rdInterlude —————

(The General arrives a block away from The ARC Incorporated office building.  He decides to grab a bite to eat at one of the city’s famous restaurants.  After ordering, he notices a waiter standing in the back staring at him as if he’s holding his piss without a place to relieve himself.  The General excuses himself from the table and tells his team to stay put.  He walks to the restroom and there in the hallway is Twelve.  Twelveworks for some U.S. intelligence agency, but he could never get a straight answer from him which one.  Although he finds the moniker a bit obvious, he just shrugs it off as Americans trying to be applicable to the nationality of the contact. 

The General explains to Twelve that his stay isn’t part of anything Mossad or the intelligence agencies are unaware of and he’s just in town to enjoy one of America’s great cities.  Twelve tells him that Se’May Sayer’s daughter is on the radar, but she didn’t qualify for Federal assistance.  The General’s reply is something like good to see you and maybe when I have more time we’ll exchange war stories.).

—————-4thInterlude —————

(The ARC has had many days where uncertainty crept through the slightest of cracks and attempts to dictate actions and behaviors, but Mother Sayer has also learned in 34 years through her Father’s teachings how to blunt and dispel its’ impact.  Now, more than ever her training is being tested in the direr of situations.  A life hangs in the balance.  

This is when the realization hits her.  I can’t count on Zar to take over this situation as the husband should in these types of matters.  My husband is not here for me to lean on, so I have to do something I’ve been avoiding.  I’ve got to harden up.  I’ve got to suppress my tendencies to nurture my children and just tell them what to do. It is time to be more aloof and demanding.  God help me she thinks.  My children will resent me for it, but they will be alive and well.  I can live with that outcome.).

Mother Sayer: (It is getting on into the late afternoon.  She is finished reading about the ongoing projects and one in particular she has spent the bulk of the day familiarizing herself with. It is involving the Medical Division of the ARC Incorporated.  A study has shown some promising results.  It would seem the human mind concerning dementia and other related illnesses respond to historical probing.  Gathering a thorough account of a patient’s history and seeking to make meaningful dialogue around treatment goals could be a breakthrough.  The medical team is researching a theory they call ‘fractures’ which if successful and contact with the patient’s cognitive ability is established; it could signal the inroad long sought after that could revolutionize the field.  She gives the appropriate funding approval and takes a look at the time.

Around 3pm, Mother decides to call it a day, but she will make sure her projects are readily accessible in case she decides to make a move to go for her daughter.).  Sarah, can you assemble everyone in the lobby, I want to make an announcement before I leave for the day.

Sarah W. Certainty: (Did someone jump the gun and tell Mother what we were planning?  The thought races through Sarah’s mind slapping away all attempts at slowing it down.  Wait wait wait, she has finally restored normal traffic in the corridors of her mind. Just ask her when she wants everyone down there.).  Yes, Mother. When would you like your team assembled in the lobby?

Mother Sayer:  Oh, around 4pm would be ideal.  We’ll just play it by ear if something occurs to change that timeline.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Very good Mother.  I will spread the word.

Mother Sayer: (Mother picks up her office phone and dials her residence.  From this hour on this day forward, I’m finally going to play by America’s rules. ‘For Keeps’.).  N’tare.  How is everything?

N’tare:  All is well here Mother.  Is there something wrong?

Mother Sayer:  Yes, there is something wrong.  My daughter is in the hands of a crook.  A well trained and fighting crook I might add.

N’tare:  Is there something I can do?

Mother Sayer:  Yes there is N’tare.  Is Justus home and if he is I want this to start happening right away.  He is to stay at home until I tell him otherwise is that clear?  He goes to school and he stays at home afterwards.

N’tare:  Quite clear Mother.  

Mother Sayer:  Second, I want all of his friends and that school to undergo a thorough background check.  Tell me what you find.  Hire the best and most discrete private detection agency in the city.  Tell them that there will be more work for them in the future if they deliver the goods.

N’tare:  If I may ask Mother, to what end does this action you now undertake foresee of your future?

Mother Sayer: (Mother knows N’tare will do as she asks of him because he trusts her judgment, but she also understands human nature as changes this monumental means something.).  I am preparing fortifications because the war comes to my doorsteps again.  I apologize for asking you to do this over the phone.  This situation has exposed a weakness in my perimeter which allowed this man, Mr. Goone, to cruise right into striking distance.  I can’t allow that to happen again, ever.

N’tare:  I will begin my search of what the city has to offer and get back to you when I’ve completed this task.

Mother Sayer:  Thank you, N’tare.  Your friendship and council is worth more to me than you’ll ever know.

—————-5thInterlude —————

(It is now 3:40pm and all checks have been made on the To-Do-List.  Acts have been decided upon and taken.  One thing though Mother didn’t anticipate.  The ARC Council calling a session right in the middle of this crisis. ).

ARC Council:  Mother Sayer.  It is time for another chat.  Are you prepared to face us?

Mother Sayer: (There is a quick response that nearly broke through her lips.  It would’ve sounded something like, “Are you fucking crazy, do you know what’s happening now?”  Fortunately, Mother Sayer at this point in her development is learned enough to suppress the natural human tendencies present in us all.).  Oh, course.

ARC Council:  Are you having any problems we should know about?

Mother Sayer:  Problems that are inherent to a multi-million dollar company is all.  Can you be more specific about your inquiry? Do you want to know if the toilets are working?  Maybe the weekly menu in the kitchen needs sprucing up?  

ARC Council:  What about your daughter?  Is she in trouble?

Mother Sayer: (Somehow they always know things they shouldn’t.  I guess that’s what I get when I hire ‘Philosophers’.  Yeah, she’s so grounded when she gets home?

ARC Council:  What’s her infraction we might ask?

Mother Sayer:  Oh, she flew off to some faraway place without my permission.

ARC Council:  Where is she right now?

Mother Sayer: (Mother is steaming with indignation over this intrusion into her family’s crisis, but she knows she needs the practice.  This won’t be the first time she thinks to herself that an enemy has penetrated all the way into her life so intimately.  Keep thinking on your feet she recalls.  This is a variation of one of the Army’s tenets.  ‘Shoot, move, communicate.’).  Right now.  I do not know.

ARC Council:  Do you want some help?

Mother Sayer: (The realization hits her like a punch in the gut from George Forman.  I have skills long ago learned resting in the memory corridors of my brain! I have need of them once again. The logistical planning.  The ability to function with intelligent purpose and forethought that indicates focused intent to reach a desired conclusion. My father has taught me well.  The Army has taught me well.  I won’t fall apart now and bring disgrace to the time, care and trust they’ve shown in me to perform under pressure.  Recall the skills, traits, and keen determination that did mark your name for they are needed once again.  Additionally, I’m glad I didn’t fight against the relentless demands of me because if I did; I certainly wouldn’t possess those great skills that this situation calls for.).  What?

Mother Sayer:  I’m sorry, what did you say?

ARC Council: (The Council did take note of her retreat into her thoughts, but they decide to ask the question again.).  Do you need some help?

Mother Sayer:  No.  If you’ll excuse me, I have a meeting that was called ahead of your session.  

—————-6thInterlude —————

(Mother exits the ARC Council session and walks with Sarah to the elevator.  The encounter with the Council increased her awareness of the serious matter she faces even more profoundly.  Nonetheless, she still must bring to bear every resource at her disposal to solve the problem and bring back her daughter.  Alive.).

Mother Sayer:  Sorry about that Sarah.  I did set the parameters to include the right to call a session no matter what situation I was facing.

Sarah W. Certainty:  No need to apologize Mother.  We’ve seen the effects these sessions have had on the bottom line of this company. Working for you doesn’t just fatten our bank accounts.  Working for you stimulates our minds to grow beyond any job I’ve ever heard of or have been told about by my friends.  

Mother Sayer:  I think you mean I’m a weird employer.

Sarah W. Certainty:  No no no Mother.  I’ve grown and matured beyond what I’ve thought a woman could believe was possible, except for save my own Mother.  I’m indebted to you.  What you’ve taught me; I know you “can’t recall what you haven’t learned” and it tells me I should be grateful to the one who spent the time doing it, and of course myself for being ‘willing to be taught.’

Mother Sayer: (Contemplates for a moment while her thoughts coalesce.).  Sarah, I’ve been too slack in my total embracement of you, my staff, and everybody associated with the ARC.  When you have lived as many years as I have, or you may understand immediately what I’m about to say and know what burdens I must bear.

Sarah W. Certainty: (Thinking of her parents, especially her mother.).  As do we all Mother.

Mother Sayer:  “There are systems of parental teaching that’ve been done from grandmothers to mothers and grandfathers to fathers.  Neighbor to neighbor, principal to school teacher and all the systems of discipline that was woven like an attachment of tethers. These systems served as the conduit for which instruction flowed.  Now, I don’t know how they were destroyed and torn asunder, but they’ve been frayed extensively throughout many years.”

Sarah W. Certainty:  You are talking about ‘familial systems’. Systems of caring, discipline and instruction that make up or should make up any sound family life if there must be one.

Mother Sayer:  Yes Sarah.  These familial systems served communities very well.  How do you think Black people survived and even innovated in an America where they were denied the basics?  Education, freedom, safety from tyranny and the ability to start from nothing and still take care of each other. 

Sarah W. Certainty:  I’ve read a little of the history.  Please tell me more.

Mother Sayer:  Defiance was a rallying cry, but accountability I suspect was crucial to getting everyone on the same page to make it work.  People had to trust each other and dare I say, love each other.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Like you love your children?  Like you love us?

Mother Sayer:  Yes Sarah, like I love my children.  I also love my people and always think of us all when I make decisions keeping the doors of this company open.  Cherish your blessing Sarah because ‘you’re being taught in the midst of one of these systems that wasn’t allowed to be frayed or torn asunder.’

Sarah W. Certainty:  Right Mother, as you’ve taught me.  I can only run one or two choices for my life.  It is written somewhere that you gotta be hot or cold because the third option is vomited out.

Mother Sayer: (Mother chuckles.). That’s correct Sarah.  I’ll explain it metaphorically if I may.  When a person is pulled in more than one direction, the effect manifests itself like a shotgun blast.  As a shotgun blast projects out wider as it travels farther, it’s effect on the target is minimal if at all.  

When a person instead chooses a path in life, then their energy is focused and directed toward a definable goal. The blast hits the target. Another way of putting the cost of indecisiveness is like plugging every appliance in your house into one power strip. Each appliance is pulling juice or energy from that wall socket.  Think about it.  Sooner or later that socket would get burned out.  Why?  Because the demands would eventually be more than the outlet can take.

That is the purpose behind a familial system.  The entire community keeps everyone in check.  We used to didn’t complain when a neighbor admonished our children.  We didn’t complain when we got punished at school. Now America as a society wonders who is there to watch and guide our children when the parents aren’t around.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I’ve got to contemplate this knowledge like I do all of your deep sessions with me.

Mother Sayer:  Sessions?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Just like you keeping yourself strong with your council.  I keep myself strong staying put with you and learning all I can from you.

Mother Sayer:  I appreciate that Sarah.  I love you too.  I think though we should start down to the lobby as we’re already late.

—————-7thInterlude —————

(The door to the elevator opens when Mother and Sarah reach the lobby.  Stepping out into the spacious interior of the building always reminds Mother of a parade field.  She needs to address her troops and keep them informed as to what’s happening in her family. She begins.).

Mother Sayer:  Everyone, I have some important news that I need to tell everybody before I do what I have to do.  My daughter has been kidnapped by a man I once did business with.  He is demanding money.  I will be taking a leave of absence in order to straighten this out. In my absence, Sarah will coordinate all your projects.  Please continue your work as if I’m still here.  Thank you.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Mother, thank you for your trust in me.  Respectfully, we want to help you get through this.

Mother Sayer:  What are you talking about?  (In that moment she sees Son Skyy make his way to the front of the employees standing in the lobby.  She is curious he is here as the truck mechanic shop was exempted if customers trucks needed to be completed.).  Son Skyy, is the shop okay?

Son Skyy:  Mother, I.

Mother Sayer:  What is it Skyy?

Son Skyy:  Everybody gather around Mother.  We want to help you.  

Mother Sayer:  You have.  Now I have to go.

Son Skyy:  No Mother, we want to help you.

Mother Sayer:  Move out of my way.  All of you. Right now.

Son Skyy:  No Mother, we want to help you.

Mother Sayer: (The desire to get her daughter back becomes overwhelming and Mother lashes out.).  Move right now!  (Mother is blocked from leaving and she gets pissed).  Move!

Son Skyy:  We’re going to help you and that’s why I’m here.

Mother Sayer:  I told all of you I will handle this myself.  Now get out of my way and let me go get my daughter.

Son Skyy:  No Mother, you’re not going anywhere until you agree to let us help you.

Mother Sayer:  I knew it.  I knew it when I was doing it.  That was the worst mistake of my life.  Giving you women, you men my love.  Now I’ve put you all in danger as well.  (Mother then tries to move people out of her way and get to the door, but Son Skyy says something that makes her pause.).

Son Skyy:  I told everybody about what I had in mind and they agreed that I should do it. I’ve called somebody we both know to help you find your daughter.

Mother Sayer:  What?  Who did you call?  

(At that moment General Sennfphoru says two words).

General Sennfphoru:  Hello Major.

Mother Sayer: (At first Mother thinks she didn’t recognize the voice, but as she’s been taught she lets the voice, then the memory come to the forefront of her mind and she realizes who has just spoken to her.).  Well I’ll be, Colonel Sennfphoru.  How? What are you doing here?

General Sennfphoru:  I came as soon as I got word.  We need to agree quickly as we don’t have time to go down memory lane.  My transport is waiting right now.

Mother Sayer:  Already barking orders are you.  I’m not going anywhere with you until you tell me why you’re here in Louisville.

General Sennfphoru:  I can help you get your daughter back.

Mother Sayer:  Don’t make a claim you can’t fulfill!  I am not in the mood for any of your judgments or critiques right now.  I know I’m at the mercy of my daughter’s captor right now, and I’m a little bit on edge.  Sorry.  Forgive me that outburst.  That was rude of me.  

General Sennfphoru:  No apology is necessary.  I am well aware of your tendencies.  We need to speak and if you’ll agree; I can go get your daughter and bring her back unharmed.

Mother Sayer:  Not without me you’re not!  

General Sennfphoru:  Major, you don’t need to prove anything to me or anyone.  I know you love your daughter.  Please, allow me to do this for you.

Mother Sayer: (Mother pauses and then decides on accepting his help.).  I will go with you.  My daughter will know her Mother came for her.  Discussion over.  Is that clear General?

General Sennfphoru: (The General knows too well the Major’s tenacity for her soldiers, and he knows he can extend that same devotion to her daughter.).  Agreed. 

(The General throws up the universal sign for ‘saddle up and move out’ and Pharwalker immediately alerts all positions to be ready for movement.).


The goodbyes were extended, but not until business was conducted.  Mother Sayer left all department heads in charge of their operations.  She instructed that all ongoing projects that were approved can be picked up from Sarah in her office.  Sarah knows everything and it will continue to be conducted in that manner.  If you run into any issues, you are to bring them to Sarah for consultation and approval. Then, Mother turns to all her people and apologizes.  “I didn’t mean to say I made a mistake in loving all of you.  My father gave me love I didn’t believe existed.  His primordial sperm didn’t join with my Mother’s egg so I could part the matrix, but he gave me everything that mattered.  His love.  I restore my love to you now.

By the way, don’t have too much fun.  I will be back and I expect to see my company not only standing when I do but going gangbusters as well.

…………to be continued.

That Should Put that to Rest?

There shouldn’t be a need for another coach to think and behave as if one mind will always defeat three or more huddled against it. For the life of me it can work in football when you have a quarterback that has refinements borne of fire, pressure and endurance.  Yes, I’m speaking of the Eagles and Patriots in SuperBowl 52.  You can’t as a coach going forward believe calling offensive plays and being the Head Coach is smart.  One job requires your full attention.  Does the other job demand the same?  Exactly, splitting your attention from one to the other is a disservice to your duty required of the position you hold.

Anyone that lives and breathes the game of football at any level should understand there are limits to what the mind can focus on. For example, Operation Overlord, Normandy, France executed on D-Day June 6, 1944.  The Supreme Allied Commander didn’t helm every ship, fly every plane, command every company, platoon or squad.  The authority and responsibility was delegated down to capable men and women from the fighters to the healers.  The mission was a success because the Supreme Commander could adjust and focus on battle support as the reports came to his attention.  Get off this kick about I’m the Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator.  Yeah, you’re the Offensive Coordinator alright because you just stunk up the place!

Oh, and by the way.  If the NFL teams, and I mean all of them, allow the Patriots to win one game this coming season, they all should wear bags over their heads and not helmets.  Ashamed shouldn’t be the word that describes the fear all teams in the NFL have of the Patriots.  The Rams, all NFL teams, need a person trained in the Philosophical and Psychological disciplines on staff.  I didn’t want to begin my worldwide push to elevate these disciplines and how they are critical to strengthening the mind of the players, but that game displayed how despair could set in when everyone’s not on the same page.  Having talent and skill physically pales in comparison to the talent and skill of the mind.  The mind is the key!

A Help Meet? A Guide? The Rib?



I can say honestly I’ve avoided this troublesome topic.  The subject matter is quite distressing.  In truth, I’ve found the discussion about the status of women vexing, as men have manipulated it throughout the ages to the point that women are now believing their standing to be ‘subservient’ to men.  Let me inform my followers of what response I’ve always given when I was in the Army to soldiers who said their company was a piece of crap (in substitution for the other word).  Quote, “I’m in this company too, I can’t agree with that statement because I would be saying I’m also a piece of crap, and I’m definitely not a piece of crap.” Let’s begin.


A Help Meet?  “Genesis, Chapter 2, verse 18…And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.”  Stop. Let’s define the word ‘help’. Help is defined as rendering assistance to, joining in completing a task or continuously aiding another to complete goals or objectives.  That was my own definition, but as you can see a helping hand, so to speak, is critical to accomplishing anything worthwhile.  Would you think of someone multiplying your efforts to reach a goal subservient? Therefore, a help meet is not a tool to help you turn a screw and put away on a shelf to retrieve again when needed is it? Moving on.


A Guide?  “1 Timothy, Chapter 5, verse 14…I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.”  A guide is defined as anything whether it’s a person, place or thing that leads, directs or serves as a roadmap from the place you are to the place you want to find.  “He needed a guide from Cyprus to Haiti, so he hired a ship and crew to speed him there.”  Now, don’t you think a guide is an important resource to possess when searching for something?  If you’re looking to hire a guide, shouldn’t that person know the way to the place you desire to be?  You don’t have to believe the words you’re reading.  Go board a plane destined from Cincinnati to Kuala Lumpur and ask the pilot if he or she knows the route to get there.  When the plane has left the ground, will it be pointed in the right direction.  The right altitude, speed and latest data about the corridor it will pass through to include weather updates.  Storms do arise unexpectedly huh?


The Rib?  “Genesis, Chapter 2, verse 22…And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.” What a surprise and here I was thinking from all the confusion that a woman was made from everything but a man. See, this is what happens when we begin to lower the status of women in relationship to men.  As I’ll stated earlier in this post, if I am part of a company, partner, or a branch on a tree, why on Earth would I downgrade my status as part of a whole?  Women you can stop the foolishness now!  God didn’t make you subservient to the man.  You are not relieved of your awesome responsibility whether you are single or married.  “Well, he’s the husband and all I have to do is stop at the bear children part and I’m home free.”  Alrighty then, to the men and women who didn’t like what you read up top; you should stop reading at this point because it gets ugly from here.


In conclusion.  Get your head out your ‘four points of contact’.  Any woman who’s bought into the thinking that all decisions in the house are to made by the man are as foolish as the man that believes it.  Why would anyone want to be thought of only for bearing children or sexual relief and scorned when the troublesome periods strike the home?  Who always gets the blame at this point?  The woman because she didn’t speak up right?  Here’s the popular refrain, “well you’re the man isn’t that what you said.”  Women, it must be nice to not feel any pressure (if this post applies to you) to insure the ‘guide’ portion of your job is not usurped by the man.  You’re still not off the hook because the success or the failure of your household is shared by the both of you.  Don’t misunderstand me, the head of the household rule is applied if the both of you can’t agree on something and a decision must be made. The man must then bear the brunt of the call, but the woman can do all she can to limit the damage, or better yet, highlight the fortunate turn of events.


Women, if you believe you are inferior to men; then you must also conclude that men are from inferior stock as well because women were grafted from the man and nothing else.  I can’t pluck an orange from the orange tree and turn around and say it tastes good because my hand grabbed it the right way. No.  I took it from the orange tree and it taste good because of the goodness of the orange tree.  Quit separating yourselves from the truth.  Women do you hear me?  Accept your lineage and operate (in a marital setting) as part of one flesh.  Didn’t think I would finish with that crucial point did you?

An Irregular Heartbeat


An Irregular Heartbeat


I’ve waited long enough to speak about two things that’ve been weighting on my heart.  The descent of America into the ‘church of chaos’ and the propagation of Stand Your Ground Laws which seems to lure us away from reaching our eventual state of the ‘goodness’ of humankind.  How did we get here you ask?  Well let’s start with the easy ones.  When humans possess power that’s passed down through generations, they tend to believe that power will always be in the form they recognize.  As the arc of time publishes an impending list of changes, the majority race in power tends to foolishly stand underneath that arc as it races across the sky heading for a ground impact that will shake the entirety of all life.  Yes, believe it or not, some in the majority race will attempt to divert, delay, or blunt that landing.  I laugh about it too, so go ahead.  It’s funny. Change can’t be stopped.


How has change impacted humanity?  We no longer ride horses to work in mass quantities because we ride in motorized transports.  Our water comes out of the tap instead of a bucket drawn from a deep hole in the ground. We can communicate and pass knowledge across vast oceans with devices unimaginable before the invention of the computer.  New industries are pulled from under the forger’s anvil and shaped into life enhancing products on a regular basis.  Tell me then, why do people still believe (falsely) that they have the power to halt that gigantic arc of crackling, electrical change that has never failed to complete its course?


This current ‘church of chaos’ slithering its way across America, like a snake lying in the Sun, will crawl back in their holes soon enough.   Yes, you are right if you saw those Black preachers, one sat there and said this President is a friend to Black people or people that don’t look like him is the height of heresy.  His congregation deserve him if they didn’t scold his butt when he returned to church. News flash, members of the clergy, you don’t get to point to anybody and bestow remission of sins because it’s an individual’s responsibility to repent!  Does anybody remember reading Saul on the ‘Road to Damascus’?  Anybody?


The heart must pump at a normal rhythm or the body becomes distressed.  Listen, I embrace change.  Do you think I want to still be living in the projects at middle age?  I must know my efforts are going to improve my life and by extension the lives of all humanity.  After 400 plus years and 200 plus as a nation, the evidence all points in one direction.  America has set a course for the betterment of humanity.  Anyone that believes we can still go back to the dark days of our birth are delusional along with all those foolish enough to believe that crap.  Who in the hell takes children away from their mothers and calls it deterrence?  Who tells coal miners their jobs will be coming back knowing we need to take better care for the planet?  Who starts a trade war with sovereign countries under the false belief they would capitulate?  Listen to me now, either you take solace and safety in the principles that dictate sound governance of business and civility of discourse, or fall for the ‘snakes sunning themselves’ because sooner or later they are going to crawl back in their holes.


Stand your ground.  Boy, I’ve honestly racked my brain for years compiling all the instances where lives were taken and this law invoked as the reason behind these killings. Back up, first let’s figure out the pressing human need that justified the creation of these laws.  Were there innocent people being killed in significant numbers?  Was it because of a plague of human deterioration these laws needed to address? What did Stand Your Ground laws seek to remedy?  I can’t put my finger on it either.  I’m reluctantly forced to conclude that the catalyst for these laws must lie in the motivations or life experiences of the legislators that put them forward. Assuming these are more than likely males, I wonder, were they abused as children?  Were they bullied on the playground at school?  Could it be they suffer from inadequacies in areas of their lives as men?  Maybe they were always picked last for games that involved playing with balls!


When I was growing up, we settled disagreements with words and if necessary a fistfight.  Now we have authorization to settle disputes with weapons.  Tell me how that gets humanity to its higher form? Okay, let me lay out what most people want from other people in this world.  They want to see the good in people consistently displayed because everybody watches everybody and trust me they know who represents their values. So, figure out what you want to do and follow that path.  I hope it’s the right path as I will always live and die for humanity’s higher aspirations.


P.S.  Forgive my unkindness in that I didn’t track with my readers where this information was gleaned and expounded upon.


:The Holy Bible: King James Version: Proverbs Chapter 28 verse 4.  They that forsake the law praise the wicked: but such as keep the law contend with them. Galatians Chapter 4 verse 16. Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?


Remember these words carefully and your growth will not be stunted.  No one gets a pass because you’re only concerned with the needs of your household. Take a look at an historical map of the world during the time of ‘Roman’ Catholicism.  Know this, did the citizenry under Roman rule feel their leaders govern with integrity or a strict moral code?  Yeah, if they did the Roman empire would be ruling today, but the Caesars didn’t have any written rules to follow.  The Caesars governed by whatever popped into their minds and frankly what came out was decadence spawned power driven insanity laced with enough fools feeding and egging on their madness.


Also, America is not immune to the same fate as the Romans, Ancient Greece, The Persians, and many more great societies that we discuss from what was saved of the history of this world.  Who knows what else existed and how they destroyed themselves?  Just a thought.

Where Hatred Lies, Leave It There

Do you see it? Take a look over the edge. The crevice. My how the walls drop down as the sides close in ever so tightly to seemly join together at the bottom. Hatred lives in the bottom of that crevice along its’ spiked and smooth jagged wall face.


It closes in, the crevice, as you go further down into the darkness. The traversable space shrinks and squeezes around you. At this point, it leaves only those bent on finding hatred to continue on.


*Sidetrack here for a moment* (Hatred lies at the bottom of the heart when and if it is present. Only those who don’t mind how hatred leaves small cuts on the heart will continue to seek it out.)


(Let’s continue with this description and warning about hatred, as hatred is deceptively mischievous.)


Once those seeking hatred make it down to the bottom of that dark crevice; hatred is not so easily captured. As you reach to capture it, it squirms and shifts position, maybe as a warning to those who wish to release it. Hatred is a power that demands a willing host! Hatred does not allow someone to skirt blame or deny using it unknowingly.


Once allowed to reside in the heart of humanity, hatred is a shifty deceiver that won’t allow anyone to tame or direct it to any purpose but sorrow and destruction. Hatred desires to hurt, disrupt and destroy like a wall of water generated by a tsunami sweeping away all in its’ path.


Let me sum this post up for those who don’t follow my blog. Human beings are too ‘stupid’ to handle hatred. I read somewhere that you should ‘love even your enemies!’ I’ll tell you why. Because when hatred is allowed deep into the heart, then released to commit its’ mayhem, and afterwards no human alive knows how to imprison it again.


Maybe the Great Spirit, Allah, God in Trinity, however you refer to the one greater than yourself knew humanity needed natural behavioral boundaries and limits of conscience. Those who believe in a Supreme Being should understand that some things should remain bound in chains until all eternity. Those who seek to fool with such powers as hatred, seek to cause discord among people for personal or political gain.


My admonishment to all if hatred is being sold to you. The price is too high. Seek to solve problems in your life through a hard self-assessment. Seek to solve problems in your community by joining together with neighbors of like minds. Seek to solve problems on the job by using interpersonal skills. As a great chef would say, “ingredients must be mixed to create a great dish”. A diverse nation such as America has a strong advantage over the rest of the world. We just refuse to allow everyone to add to the pot.


In closing, hatred is not a human power from which you want to feed off its’ energy. Hatred will burn you out quicker than a gas fire at a drag race. My advice. Try the stronger human power of love; at least you can be renewed by love’s circular energy.


Redemption? What Must I Do?

Realistically? Most of us miss the chance to do things when the moment is there for it to be done. History, records what transpired on such and such date and time. What is left is the overwhelming yearning to alter that decision that brought on the tremendous doubt and pain of “I should have done this and instead I am left with the result of that”.

Listen, redemption can require only a slight altering of your actions when a similar situation occurs in the future. Redemption can also ask that you expend more time and effort physically or financially to atone for your lapse in acting appropriately for that situation. Lastly, redemption can demand a price so heavy as to require major mental, physical and financial efforts be brought to bear to correct an error of judgment.

Don’t think that humans can grant you this absolution, this discharge, this deliverance or even vindication! Redemption is granted by the Gods and that court, that acquittal is not tainted with biases or spinal weakness! It is an achievement laced with the most precious gift of all. New life and unchallenged glory!

So when an NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL team or any woman, man or child wishes to be heard in the court of redemption. Know this. The Gods do not care for those whose hearts are not certain of what they seek. Come before this court with clarity and understanding of what may be asked of you when redemption must be the final verdict granted in your favor. Otherwise, learn to live with the pain of “what if”.

The Increase

It is a tough dilemma. The facts are that a goal has universal truths attached. In order to obtain this item I must walk the path that leads to that goal. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree from a respected university requires twelve hours a semester to do it in four years. It is implied in that goal that my head will be in books an additional 12 to 20 hours a week studying. A new car is in my future. It is implied in that goal that I have to calculate insurance, gas, maintenance and the value that car will add to my life. If in all these goals a sacrifice is expected, then why not do without a want to augment a need. An increase in one area requires a decrease in other areas.

A very nice lady at work is a good sounding board for me as well as two other close advisors (I don’t have many because most people are not the advising type). We conclude that if you want nice things, then in other areas you must cut back in order to maintain financial balance. A gentleman told me it involves being thankful for small gifts. A good daughter shows her love for family by bringing her mother into her home and taking care of her. Remember all goals have humanity attached. Bring your family with you!

Abundance can be blinding. Take for instance a farmer looking at her field of corn. She can see the money before her eyes, or she can see the millions of families that corn will feed for years (canning is good!). Her perspective determines her success. Failure is intertwined with success and most people are not willing to untie the knots in order to straighten the line that leads to success. Most cooks are not going to whip the batter until all the lumps are out before they bake the cake.

It is not the time you spend in order to reach your goals. It is the learning process that makes you successful. The goal is just the capstone. Sufficient difficulty is attached to all worthwhile goals. No book or religious teachings I’ve ever read stated otherwise! Isn’t that the exciting part about life? When you reach waypoints along your journey, I would ask you to simply look out your window and watch the trees sway in the winds. You can’t see the wind, but you know it’s there.

Make solid, reasonable goals and plans and then diligently work to achieve them. Be patience and wait for the early and latter rain.

A Tear = A Rupture of the Mind

A cut on our body triggers an immediate response. We clean the wound. We apply disinfectant and a bandage to speed the damage to our flesh to heal as quickly as possible. Tell me, why do we allow tears in our mind to go without treatment? The surface and depth of our mind (and heart) is where the issues are raised and adjudicated. I will explain.

Say for instance that a child is having minor trouble grasping the concepts of math. There are two choices here to address the child’s issue and help his or her enlightenment of math. Yes, they are positive and negative. What goes unnoticed here is the tear forming in the child’s mind becoming adversarial toward math (learning). Now a parent can recognize this danger and close the breach before it widens with positive solutions and direct insight. On the other hand, a parent can tell the child I hate math (learning) too and all but rip a small breach into a rupture big enough to drive a truck of doubt through.

Imagine a crack in a vehicle’s windshield going unaddressed. Sooner or later that crack will form a break or a line expanding outward, and eventually produce a windshield that could shatter at any time. If you can get two fingers into any object you are trying to open, the same analogy applies to a mind when doubt short-circuits a worthwhile goal. Pull it apart. That is the idea when doubt inserts its’ fingers into the breach until both hands are widening the hole and exacerbating the tear.

Any disappointment can trigger a tear in your mind. The solution can be quite simple when faced with any minor setback. Let’s leave the large-scale psychological problems to the professionals. Choose a private place, a car, closet or location that offers solitude to think and repair the tear that just occurred. Talk, yes tell yourself the breach will be repaired and sealed. I will not let doubt fester like a sore that if left untreated can trigger more complications.

I did not get the job I applied for recently. The solution. I am still the best candidate available standing ready to help a company be more successful with their customers and their market. My love interest rejected my offer. The solution. I am thankful and secure in what I bring to any relationship that the best person for me is seeking a good and stable opposite.

I cannot express myself verbally in ways that mirror the deep insight of my thoughts. The solution. Read books aloud to yourself and speak a brief review of each chapter to check that you understood what you read. Nobody, not friends or family, comes to talk to me about troubling issues plaguing their lives. The solution. Take an extended look in the mirror and determine whether you are trustworthy. If your self-assessment says you are not, then endeavor to change by being respectful to the troubles of others. Correct your body language by not smirking and maintain eye contact at all times with the speaker. Lastly, don’t spread secrets given in confidence to the entire neighborhood unless asked to do so.

Realize how many people have friends (so called) that act as confidants, but these same friends give in their words little or no help to their lives! Like talking to a brick wall while waiting for that wall to give me the wisdom to solve my problem. A glass is empty until you put a beverage in it, and once the glass is filled you drink it. Stop letting people, who act as your advisor, give you back a glass of emptiness. That will not quench your thirst for answers! Find friends that offer nourishment and you give it back in kind.

This is an area that has been very profitable for me. After I realized that my mind could suffer the death of a thousand cuts, I began to address every issue that troubled me. Some problems I tackled on the spot and some I gathered background information. When I addressed the major problems, I was prepared for all resistance to recovery and I won every fight to repair the tears in my mind.

Basically, the mind is a terrible thing to waste. I am nearly fifty years old and I still must fight to keep my mind and body healthy against all potential threats seeking an opening. It is your duty to know your limitations and your responsibility to fight any attacks against your mind. Whether that is by you developing life skills or by going to see a professional in the field of mental health. Protecting your mind is an individual decision that holds consequences whether those consequences are good or bad.

Listen to me. Every problem doesn’t have a solution. Ignore some of them because they pose no threat to a healthy mind. Paraphrasing scripture here, ‘once you overcome a problem, don’t jump back in the mud because you may not be able to wash it all off next time’.

Repair those ruptures and seal those breaches as quickly as you can. Do not let a problem linger too long. You wouldn’t let a cut go untreated. Why would you let a tear to the mind go unaddressed? Heal it. Fix it. Get back your confidence and move on with life. You had a problem, but you diagnosed it correctly and the prescription healed the wound. Move on!

Follow the Light That’s On

Oh if it were as simply as the topic suggests. How many of us have followed other people knowing their light was no longer burning bright? Maybe the dimming effect has set in and we still hold on hoping it would brighten to full strength sometime soon. Our minds start contemplating the worse scenario. The light is out and it will not shine ever again.

How do these predicaments come about in our lives? It could be because of the old saying. “The grass is greener on the other side.” The silliest reasoning can break up a marriage. The man or woman could fret that something is missing and I don’t want my life to end knowing I lost out. They start looking away from what could be the best home they are entitled to receive. The view could be beautiful and spectacular from a distance, but a close-up could indicate ugliness and destruction.

Would this deter a common sense person reasoning justly when it concerns his or her home? Not all the time it would. Most of the time a person chooses (leaves their marriage and family) outer darkness as they are blinded by the brightness of the rising horizon. Other people shine brightly when they are drawing you away from a stable home. As the saying goes, ‘blinded by the light’.

Yes I realize it is not always another person enticing a spouse away from a home they know is good for him or her. Most of the time it is a friend (masquerading as an enemy) feeding false conclusions that supports unfounded anger in the spouse’s heart. Listen to me; don’t be married to three people! If a situation is breeding conflict in the home, I suggest speaking to a trusted friend that will not tell you what you want to hear.

The light is always on in the distance is a lie. It is an optical illusion set up to support bad reasoning and the poor judgment that occurs when we are angry, hurt and confused. View your marriage and your life in its totality. A good solid stable home is not created by accident.

Follow the light that is on means keep your home burning bright by treating each other right. Judge your home by what you have done for each other and not by outside individuals who caught you in a moment of weakness. Third parties that mean you no good will tell you to break up a stable home! Yes that is what they are telling you. If you are giving each other good for good, a snake in the grass will elevate your anger and cause you to destroy your home!

Everybody is not your friend. A spouse is your spouse first! You are not entitled to take out all your bad decisions in your life on your spouse. Your spouse is not your release for all your stupidity. This last sentence is a huge awakening for both genders. It takes two to tango and two to keep warm. Figure out what that means. Hint, don’t be cold or you just might be cold alone.

False Positive: A Good Time

Man, most people would say in the midst of making six decisions, which results in one favorable outcome; they had a good time and would do it over again if they could. I fondly (false happiness in this case) remember going out to dinner, seeing a movie, and buying a $100 dollar pair of Nikes in the course of a week and not being able to pay my power bill at the end of the month. Yes sir, in the throws of delusional good times; I was residing in a structure of my own making that was steadily crumbling all around me.

The focuses were not on the five other things I had to upkeep and manage to have a chance at a stable life. The focus was on one thing. Pleasure. Whether that meant going to dinner, a movie or pursuing women. Shopping with money I needed to pay bills, or loaning money to a friend instead of paying my own obligations. Yes people, there is pleasure in being thought of as always having money in times of need.

Sacrifices were not made to better my life, but to have fun in part because other people said I needed to enjoy my life. The better part of 10 years was wasted in pursuit of pleasure. Realize this now; you can be blinded to all the critical parts of your life that will bring you contentment because pleasure imprisons your mind. Till your land (your mind, your brain) means to figure out what sort of life will look like success when you train your mind and lay a path to a life worthy of applause.

Don’t believe me? Ignore that nagging voice telling you the car is about to cease functioning. Ignore the voice warning you that a dinner date costing $55 dollars for two meals could have paid for 12 at the grocery store. Ignore the voice telling you to save $50 dollars a month in case of an emergency. Ignore the voice telling you to not have a baby (male and female contributors) because you are barely able to feed and clothe yourselves now!

What have I learned? Laugh at myself often because it is a relief to know I broke free of the bondage of pleasure because I accepted one truth. Never did I win in the pursuit of pleasure! The score for me at the end of that game was: Victor 0, and Pleasure 100. The 5 important things that needed my attention were left to die on the vine because they weren’t getting any water from me. I came out of that life with nothing tangible to show for it! I lost every time while playing that game and I quit before it completely destroyed me.

Don’t do this either. Don’t look back on only the pleasure and ignore all the losses in the midst of your insanity. Don’t do it. If you choose to do it, tell yourself the truth and acknowledge what a life of despair you had. Don’t get washed and return to wallowing in the mire. Call it what it was and be thankful you got out in time.

If you want to have fun or pursue pleasurable activities, I recommend one rule. If you have the money or time to spend without it hurting, then have a good time and afterwards get back to work. If you are faking the funk to impress others or yourself, stop before you embarrass yourself.

Tilling your land will grow your seeds (education, specific skills, character, morality, etc.…) to make a time of harvest (your life) greater than the field that gave it growth.

Blown Past the Stop

2nd Installment


It is peculiar isn’t it how politicians seem to react to tragedy. It is like episodes of the Twilight Zone (which is one of my favorite shows) engulfed in the entire world of make believe you can stomach. These people (politicians) suspend reality so easily when an event so horrific deafens all senses. Why do I say this? Because some of them laughably in their gall, continue to reason out tragedy by choosing to invalidate the very cause of lives being taken. A weapon, a gun, an item designed solely to end a person’s life. It is like saying a Samurai carries a sword into battle to slice cheese and bread.

I watched a Republican on television say guns and a state symbol of hatred did not belong in the mouth of the President or candidates for that office. We are not here to wonder why hatred is allowed to endure are we? Why hatred rears its’ ugly head and a so called leader tells citizens to ignore its’ touch. These politicians act as if you can dodge a rainstorm by not believing you are truly wet.


Which brings me to Ecclesiastes, Chapter 5, and verse 8. It seems the practice has too long been to act as if something terrible is not happening or just marvel at it and shake you head. It will go away soon and the trouble that it brought as well.


African Americans are not asking to be recognized as human beings. The utterance of that sentence would be obvious insanity. We have spent centuries teaching our children ways to maintain their sanity in the midst of government-sanctioned violence against our people. Yes, when injustice happened to Black people; it was simply whitewashed.


America has ‘Blown Past the Stop’. As I stated before when the Malaysian Flight was lost and the government of Malaysia treated the families of the lost with clear contempt. I say to Americans of European decent. Stop shaking your heads and correct your family, friends and neighbors when they perpetuate hatred of anyone who has done them no harm.


When I was working as a stocker in a grocery store in Birmingham, Alabama, I was faced with just such an issue. The two guys with me on the crew didn’t like the fourth guy and wanted me to hate him too. I told them (we were all Black) this man has done me no wrong. I respect you don’t like him, but you will not determine for me who my friends are and that strife ended right there.

Just understand everything is scrutinized

Make up for mistakes?


Ever wonder why the people that you can relate to the most often are the ones who care to make right their mistakes? Secretary Clinton has admitted her mistakes and worked to make them right. I would fight back against lies and false inferences in a heartbeat as well. Wait, let me just say, you ever meet those people that only tell you their greatest hits? You never hear about a single failure in their life? Never heard about anything they’ve done wrong have you?


Maybe I’m wrong to support the imperfect person, but I know from personal experience a burning desire within to correct my faults. Deduce for yourself which candidate you wish to support for President of either party, but I tell you an image problem hovers around perfect candidates. The Republican candidates will never admit mistakes and will fight you tooth and nail trying to make you believe they didn’t say it! Catch a perfect candidate in a lie and he or she will show cracks in their campaign. They will dance like crazy trying to get you to believe you didn’t really hear what you heard!


There has never been a perfect candidate for any office in the land. Everybody has done things they would like to take back. The difference is the people that feel terrible about it (although an email server or a foundation messing up reporting requirements doesn’t reach the level of wrongdoing) give extraordinary effort to prove to you that your faith in them is not misplaced. They will make it right. Let’s not forget the country did pretty well with the last President Clinton.


The UnAddressed Problem!

I was treating the sinus/allergy and cold I had, but I was ignoring the ear infection thinking it didn’t affect the other two. It’s a common state of mind when medicine or doctor visits are not the highlight of one’s life. The issue just brewed and festered until I went to the doctor and was diagnosed and given a shot for my ear infection. Let me back up a little and describe my allergy problem. It literally was as bad as the worst allergy sufferer has experienced. I thought my body was rejecting the Allegra I was prescribed. Needless to say my reasoning was flawed and misguided.

Now back to the ear infection and the after effects it had on my three problems. The ear infection was actually blocking the effective treatment I was prescribed for my allergies and the cold I had. Once I solved the ear problem; my cold disappeared and the allergies are responding to the Allegra!

My body is returning to normal and equilibrium has been restored. Wow, effectively targeting the one problem that was negatively interfering with getting my allergies under control was the solution all along.

Sounds like the negative influence of certain people on our lives results in confusion. This confusion stymies and stops us from addressing what is the real cause of disruption in our lives. Once the source of the problem is found and the right medicine applied; then, the results are undeniable. Our lives seem to get back up on the road and out of the dirt and gravel of the shoulder.

Once again, targeting the problem with the right solution will right the ship (your life) no matter if the problem is a person, place or thing! Don’t be like me. Address the problem that is causing problems for your real problems. The longer you wait to address a situation (no matter what it may be) will determine the moment you want to be free of it!