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Let me see if I got this straight.  So the Food and Drug Administration approved this drug mifepristone that was researched, tested and proven effective for its intended use, but a Republican decided to challenge it being prescribed as intended on religious grounds.  Do I have that right?

Let’s look at the implications of a court ruling against a public corporation that has spent money, followed a legally approved process, after a period of years finally started to get some return on investment, but a so-called religious nutjob has the right to lay that all aside?  A company, a pharmaceutical company now has to pass a religious test, get approval from hypocrites to put their products on the market?

Let’s keep going.  Accounting for everyone that will lose out in that ‘legal process’ a Federal Court has deemed valid.  I’m sure all pharmaceutical companies are hiring lawyers right now to get approval from ‘EVANDEVICALS’ before researching cures or counter measures to human conditions before proceeding.  Let’s not forget that a company will be restricted from earnings off their research.  Shareholders will be denied a reasonable return on their investment dollars.  Management and employees wages will be cut.  Government at all levels tax revenue will be reduced.  Local businesses will see their revenues decline as customers have less to spend.

Oh, almost forgot.  Aren’t the courts funded by tax revenue?  I know fees and court costs are paid by everyone coming before a court of law, but aren’t the operating budgets paid for by tax dollars?  Don’t worry, I didn’t forget the crucial sector of the American economy that actually thrives on medical research and these approved drugs to save lives and give women choices.  Have you lost faith in me?  I got you. Keep reading.

I’m doing what I always do.  Game out all the repercussions that could and will result from an unwise and shortsighted society to its demise.  How do you think our enemies foreign and domestic come at America?  They come at America through the ignorant zealots living in voids of darkness so vast light cannot penetrate their thinking.  These so-called Republican zealots seek to unravel America because America is finally reaching for that great ideal.  ‘That all Men and Women are created equal’.

Are we seriously considering letting a bunch of lowlifes tell us what books we can read?  If the internet is free, by the way it was created by the Federal Government, or submit to revising a dark and brutal history of America?  Can’t talk about a system of slavery that lasted for hundreds of years?  Do you really believe such a system wouldn’t have remnants of it floating in the ether?  I heard today someone say that forgiveness comes after someone asks for forgiveness.  They were speaking about Ukraine’s people forgiving Russia for the atrocities they are committing in Ukraine.  Yeah, forgiveness also comes after a confession of the truth.

One of my wife’s female friends has the God given ability to put contraptions together.  She can see spatially how the structure should look in her mind and put it together exactly the way the instructions specify.  I am in awe of her skills I tell you.  My abilities lie in understanding a dilemma from every which way it will come.  America, beware of what’s coming at you. 

Our enemies seek to stymie and unravel America’s push for a just society in ways that everyone cannot conceive.  The things I mentioned above are just the beginning.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley



Open Expression

Often times I’ve wondered how life has transpired for so long the way it has in America.  Only certain groups of people were made to feel welcomed while others were demonized in order for the ‘privileged’ to feel comfortably looking the other way.  Thankfully there are vast resources and content providers that now offer a take from different points of view.

Take for instance the tragic case of Brandon Miller bringing his teammates gun to him.  Mr. Miller’s teammate is alleged to have used it to kill a woman.  If I were to stop right there many self-righteous ‘EVANDEVICALS’ would condemn Mr. Miller for bringing personal property to his teammate.  Question?  Did Brandon Miller know his teammate would use the gun and allegedly kill someone?  Is Brandon Miller responsible for what his teammate did with the gun after he delivered it to him?  Right.  Now you’re thinking for yourself and not drawing conclusions.

I work in Mental Health and I’ve heard I’m not responsible for my behavior dozens of times.  Is it true what we do is the fault of others?  No it is not true!  Using the same logic I could reasonably state that a parent is responsible for their children’s actions, and if the parents didn’t decide to have their child then such events would not have occurred.  Sounds stupid doesn’t it?

I have more so just keep reading.  President Vladimir Putin of Russia blames Ukraine and the West (America and European countries) for starting the war in Ukraine.  Now I spent a lot of my time watching how American media outlets swooned and fawned over President Putin as they fondly called him a strongman.  Just gushing.  Would a strongman duck and cover while tucking his tail between his legs, or would a so-called ‘strongman’ say ‘Yeah I started the war in Ukraine bitch!  Do something about it.’

I’ve read and seen ‘MOBSTER’ movies, television shows about crime bosses and their court trials with men telling their rivals they ordered their demise.

That should put to bed the myth of President Vladimir Putin thank goodness.  Now about the train wreck in East Palestine, Ohio.  What is it President Biden should do again?  Come visit the site?  I thought that train wreck was not caused by a natural disaster.  Am I mistaken?  So that clown show of a Mayor in that East Palestine city wants President Biden to visit a corporation’s train derailment?  Okay maybe the President should visit my house and comfort me for burning my toast.  I had an auto accident recently as well.  Is President Biden responsible for my car crash too?

President Biden is not going to show up at every disaster caused by irresponsible companies and individuals.  President Biden doesn’t run Norfolk Southern.  Norfolk Southern’s CEO should say so if he had any honor in his bones.  The President of Norfolk Southern should say, ‘Don’t blame the President of the United States for the decisions I made as I run this company.  I could’ve implemented safety protocols but I didn’t.  Not President Biden.  Me.’ Yeah, everybody loves to divert blame when they are the ones responsible for their bad judgment.

I’ll tell you something about all these assclown politicians coming after President Biden for his age?  I guess only the intelligent people recognize a ‘tell’ when they see one.  Listen people the rivals for President Biden’s job can’t touch his record of success.  That’s why they come up with cockamamie adolescent attacks on his ability to lead and succeed I tell you.  I chuckle constantly at these so-called political rivals to President Biden straining their hardest (I’m sure their butt cheeks as well) to throw an alternate reality at the wall in the desperate hope it will stick.  Amusing.

Here’s what’s coming at yah.  President Biden still has his foot on the economic gas all the way to the floor!  President Biden’s cabinet are scanning every option to get the bills he passed out to the places that need it with all dispatch.  America’s regions, sectors of the economy, and areas of the country that are about to explode in employment are counting on it.  How to get skilled people, companies, educational institutions in synch to fully apply infrastructure funds.  The Chips and Science Act.  How to get the younger generation of workers to move up their decisions on where to find the right job opportunities.  What education to pursue in line with their passions of course.  Lastly for now as this isn’t a complete list of things to come.  Expansion is here right now baby!

Look and move smartly America.  President Biden has this economic boom breaking sound barriers all over the country and he will not rev America’s engine down.  Economic booms do not occur often as history has documented.  The one man we need to lead us to take advantage of every iota of these times is already President of the United States.  His age?  Yeah sure.  You wish you had the ability to hone and harness decades of experience in government like President Biden skillfully does.   Showing all his rivals and potential rivals how it’s done every day.

If I had to give some advice to President Biden I’d simply tell him to don’t feel sorry for his opponents as you run up the score.  Keep executing at his superior level and let the ‘fools’ talk about your age.  Obviously they know they won’t be able to stand next to you on stage behind a gigantic poster of your accomplishments compared to their empty store bought white poster board written with a sharpie. 

Show out Mr. President Biden!  Just show out.



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 27:  A Throne Unto Themselves

Let’s work together on this one.  I’ve been admonished to take into account the counsel of my wife along with the counsel of the few wise people I turn to when the storms in my life seem to linger.  So, let’s talk about the ‘THRONE’.  Many of us, as should be, are masters in our own home.  Unfortunately the zealous nature of ruling a single kingdom seems to be unrestricted when taken to task by the fiefdoms that surround it.  That’s where the problems arise.  When a human being believes their idea of what ‘law’ is overrules any infraction ruled in violation of widely accepted laws.

From the Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible Romans 2 verses 14-15…14 For when the Gentiles , which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves.  15 Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another.

‘A law unto themselves’ and ‘Accusing or else excusing one another’.  How many human beings throughout time have acted in the name of God?  How many of them when standing before God were justified by God?  I’d say probably the number wouldn’t equal the fingers on one human hand.  Oh, the criminal justice system are the worst offenders.  How many of these ‘arbiters of blind justice’ would fall under the heading ‘a law unto themselves’? 

Oh I’m getting to the so-called ‘Christian Nationalists’.  Listen this is the thing.  When you trust in yourself to love your neighbor as yourself you’re already lost.  Here’s what I was missing and the truth I discovered through communion with my wife.  The ‘Law of God’ is supreme in that he entrusted his son Jesus to judge everyone by his ‘LAW’.  Now an ordinary person would conclude that he or she is free from ‘confusion’ now if only he or she follows the ‘Law of God’ faithfully.

That’s not the case in the majority of people living in America.  Don’t believe me?  Why is it so easy to condemn to death by degradation?  Why do Republicans or should I say ‘EVANDEVICALS’ be so sure of their righteousness?  Everything they propose is cruel from restricting the rights of women to control their own health care.  Restricting the right to vote by stripping away ease of access to the ballot box.  So-called Christian Nationalists authorized their believers to hate everyone that don’t submit to their ‘A law unto themselves’ doctrine.

Here’s the thing.  If you read a Bible that’s watered down mealy-mouthed laced with uncertainty bound with nice sunshine and fields full of flowers words; you’ll believe all your pronouncements and conclusion are binding and not up for review as well.  That’s why throughout a real Bible one of the consistent themes sways us that safety rests in God.  Only if you set his law as supreme and follow him.  Now now don’t get your superiority in a twist.  You can still ‘accuse or excuse each other’.

It doesn’t matter if you seem to be a good person behaving and abiding by acceptable laws of your country.  If you don’t adhere by submission to the ‘law’ of a supreme authority you’re still not justifiable.  In other words, you’ll be good until some offense overtakes you and you commit a wrong and have it excused by those of your same ilk.  That’s why so many people that claim they ‘submit’ to a higher power are hilariously misguided. 

As if God really need some inbred snaggle toothed clown in a clown suit shouting from an altar in their so-called church that hatred is a good thing.  If God wanted that he would’ve allowed ‘Lucifer’ to stay as our ‘teacher’ in how to worship the Creator.  At least ‘Lucifer’ was gorgeous and well spoken although far too ambitious for his own good.  Yikes!  Wouldn’t want to be him.  That fall must’ve taken a long time to hit bottom.  Whoooh!

Listen false Christians and ‘master race lunatics’, you’re not in charge of the world.  Everything doesn’t go through you idiots anymore.  Your media lackies can’t darken the face of O. J. Simpson and nobody catches on to your evil.  Oh right, somebody did call you on that evil.  My bad.  Well, you can’t get away lying saying women are breaking toward Republicans in the 2022 midterm elections.  Oh, somebody did call you on that too?  My bad again.  I’d better stop while I’m behind.

I guess slaying innocent people and being rewarded for it is fast falling out of style.  Don’t worry though, somebody will come up with something to slay innocent humans again with all the so-called Christians surely backing the policy 100%.  They already did?  That’s right the police do still have qualified immunity.  Shocker!  I mean look how many fell for that ‘Crypto Currency Scam’.  Keep flooding the zone with stupidity.  Suckers are born every minute. 

Oh well.  Stay on your ‘THRONES’ people.  With that kind of support from ‘fake Christians’ there’s no better way to slay human beings and get away with it.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley



The Foolish Are Dangerous People

Does anyone know of a friend or acquaintance that wants to show off a fancy new purchase?  An expensive car or a home entertainment system?  An item they just want you to know all about it and how it works right?  Tell me something.  Why would we want somebody like that in charge of keeping our military and technological abilities secret?  I know most of you already know where I’m going with this, but I will continue painting this picture just for the sake of clarity.  Now when the United States shot down that Chinese Intelligence Device we gave them intelligence in return.  Oh, you didn’t know that?

Say that Chinese contraption was at 60 thousand feet when it was successfully downed by one of our most advanced aircraft.  Now the Chinese know that our next level technology can engage incoming at extreme altitudes.  It gets better.  The Chinese know that a certain political party, Republicans, will spew the same tired old rhetoric they always do in a feeble attempt to undermine the President of the United States.  Not done yet folks.  The Chinese or any of America’s adversaries can glean from this event they should develop new capabilities to defeat our capabilities.

Sun Zhu in the Art of War said something like ‘don’t reveal your strengths or weaknesses to your enemies for they will exploit them’.  We have a foolish political party in the Republicans gleefully giving our adversaries exactly what they want!  That is why women, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians and all people from all walks of life didn’t want them back in power. 

Furthermore, these so-called polling results showing that very few Democrats don’t want President Biden to run for reelection ‘smells’ to me like the same stench that the ‘media’ proclaimed that women were breaking for the Republicans in the 2022 midterm elections.  Yeah women everywhere want to go back to the time before ‘SUFFRAGE’.  Sounds like somebody is trying to turn the American public back to not voting for what’s right for them doesn’t it? 

Myself?  I’m like yeah.  I show hate President Biden is helping to set the conditions for a prosperous America.  I show wish he’d stop doing that.  He’s making me believe that I could achieve more than I ever thought possible now.  Whew, I’d wish I would believe the ‘MEDIA’ again when they tell me President Biden just sat in his office on his hands for 2 years doing nothing.

If it weren’t for sarcasm this world would be stuck in a rut.  Listen me carefully and clearly now.  I don’t care about old money or new money millionaires and billionaires wanting to ‘oppress the hireling in their wages’.  Get this through your thick skulls.  The 3 major networks had their chance to dominate the airways forever.  You know what they did instead?  They let their eyes, ears and heart glaze over with hush money.  The ‘truth’ is that the ‘MEDIA’ discredited themselves long ago.  Look in the record books if my words are causing ‘hot coals’ to sear your mind in agony.

President Biden has my full support because he is setting the conditions for all to succeed.  This includes the wealthy.  Believe in the foolish and never achieve anything, or believe your own eyes, ears and heart to make a good decision in your own best interest.  It has always been true this saying.  ‘Cast away your doubts and the doubts of others if you do not know the reason their doubt are your responsibility’.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley