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There are women and men bestowed with the gift to answer the ultimate question.  That question is ‘WHY’.  They are charged with rendering an answer that can be understood by the most contrary element of our society.  Those that foment, spread and traffic in hate.  Our Brothers are in need of guidance and this journal will bring forth a multitude of remedies to address the male illness of unawareness.  The answer to the ultimate unknowns of behavior and responsibility.

Those of us given this perception and understanding to interpret the unknown and apply the information to the known is the essence of our charge. Thereafter decode the messages for the people who oppose themselves.  This decryption is then presented to the people as the explanation of events past, present and future so they may keep updated to the frenetic changes occurring today and those that will arrive soon.

Brothers, this journal is a call to all of you to obtain the knowledge that you lack in every part of your lives. As sons. As brothers. As fathers. As grandfathers. As uncles. As cousins. Ignorance will no longer be tolerated, encouraged or celebrated.  As the ‘First Father’ has said in his Holy Bible “let everything be done decently and in order”.  Honor and truth will not be perverted anymore.  Why?  Because as a Black Man I will impart all I have learned and gathered for over 56 years of life in America and around the world to the young coming behind me and my elders above me.  Why?  Things that now appear as they do will begin to appear as they should be according to what is right?  Help me see to it as this mandate has been divinely ordered.

Issue 10:  Know How Ye Ought to Answer Everyone

No, I’ve long ago given up the possibility that every human being believes in the truth.  If I had my say, I’d recommend to everyone that cherishes their mental health to do the same.  Only you control what you believe.  Give that authority to someone else in fact does not free your account or your name for what you do with a lie.

3 things I will cover in this issue of I Found My Brother.  Racism, False Gods, Equal Treatment Under the Law.

We’ll start with false Gods.  Don’t get it twisted.  I don’t care about so-called Christians worshipping former President Donald Trump.  I do not wish they’d see the light and come to the knowledge of the truth.  From the Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible…St. John 3:20…For every one that doeth evil hateth the light,  neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. 

The legacy media will have you stark raving mad listening as they bemoan a chunk of the American population beholden to Donald Trump.  The legacy media helped create this buffoon!  All those folks following Donald Trump are doing so because that’s who they are.  People that have been told all their lives that their ‘shit’ don’t stank.

Racism is something so simple to identify in its’ various manifestations that it has broken off cohorts.  The cohorts are very effective in their jobs.  They are discrimination, bigotry, prejudice.  Those three serve their master well.  Why you ask? 

For instance, when a person of color or a racial group, that has been targeted for oppression in employment to include wages, where they live, if they could vote or who could speak on their behalf finally achieves some success a peculiar thing happens.  Their thoughts, suddenly turn to justification of all the systems the oppressors installed to hinder a perceived inferior race, or certain group of people from fully discovering what ability they have to capture success.

In other words, when a person from a marginalized group ‘gets out’, their beliefs becomes recalculated.  The person suddenly sees merit in the oppressors tactics.  I mean the Black or Brown person no longer feels racism or any of its’ determined cohorts because they deem themselves now a member of the oppressors society with ‘means’ to shield him or herself from the ills of the oppressors’ system!

That’s how you ought to answer everyone that asked you why you feel hindered in your ability to achieve success.  Many Black or Brown people turn their backs on everybody else once they’ve achieved some form of ‘financial’ success.  With Black and Brown members like that upholding oppressive tactics who needs the oppressors feeding the bigotry, discrimination and prejudice.  You got these ‘tokens’ doing it for them.

I got to give a ‘shout out’ to the United States Supreme Court.  Don’t get mad at me.  You know I give it to you straight.  The last bullet point today is Equal Treatment Under the Law.  A 7-2 decision in favor of the Indian Child Welfare Act is righteous.  As the scripture said, those idiots that stood before the U.S. Supreme Court arguing that White folks should still do whatever they want to with the ‘indigenous’ population is the ‘Art of the Deal’.

America is not without SIN!  I live and breathe America because I know a little about the ‘fall’ of kingdoms.  Great societies didn’t fall under the sword.  Great societies fell because they didn’t repent of their ‘wrongs’.  No, I’m not saying each and every citizens’ sins will destroy America.  That’s an interpretation concluded by a ‘low’ thinker.  An office holder is not a country!  I will never allow America to befall such a fate because of a totally unjust, evil, buffoonish, orange colored dimwit because a so-called Christian says so.

I will forever sound the alarm on this morally bankrupt example of a man in Donald Trump.  Therefore I will make the ‘argument’ for President Joe Biden on the truth and the facts!  Like Rachel Maddow says, ‘don’t just listen to what they say, look at what they do’.

America is judged by her governmental actions!  We still have those ‘cartoon character’ Republican presidential hopefuls pining about our glorious military correcting the record on the names of military installations.  My goodness, the Confederacy lost the Civil War.  A parallel would be every professional sports league giving equal billing to the losing team.  That’s insane now as it was then!

Equal Treatment under the law to vote.  Equal Treatment under the law for adults to marry who they love.  Equal Treatment under the law is innocent until proven guilty (yes, for Donald Trump too).  Equal Treatment under the law for Black and Brown people.  Oh, by the way, police departments, just cause you have it in your policy to justify killing unarmed or armed civilians that pose no threat still doesn’t make you God.

I will close with some definitions to further enlighten those new to the explanations of truth provided by this website.

Definitions:  Hinder – means to suffer an artificial barrier or cause misdirection to the progress of people for no other reason than hatred encircled by ignorance.

Token – is a technique by oppressors to give a few measures of success to susceptible Black and Brown people with the hope they will turn against their own by saying the ‘fault lies with Black and Brown people; the failures of Black and Brown people has nothing to do with the oppressors’ system established against them for hundreds of years’.

Legacy media – the 3 networks of ABC, NBC, and CBS to include various magazines like the one that ‘darkened’ the facial features of O. J. Simpson to resemble the Black male caricatures of southern states to feature him as more menacing and uneducated.

Thank you for your support.  My discoveries I hope have increased your desires to always ask ‘why’, and to discern good and evil for yourself.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley



Give Me That Ole Time What?

Declaration of Humanity 4.0…This founding statement is different.  This one is being written in clarification of an ongoing threat of fear that ‘evil’ seems to offer more rewards than ‘good’ ever will, and more overtly the verbal Christians are flocking more openly to evils’ promise of fortune.  While this trend is alarming I must counter with this fact.  Evil has never gone out of season in America. 

Good is more than a match for evil, but the righteousness of good can only be activated from a straight line.  What is that straight line you ask?  It is the center of every human beings’ known universe.  If it is straight it is a ‘Heartline’.  A heartline from the heart to the soul because when our heart stops our deeds will be called into account.  The ‘JUDGE’ will know what you did and not what you meant to do…

ISSUE 10:  Who Leads Their Kingdom?

I would leave this question up to ‘EVANDEVICALS’ to figure out for themselves, but I love America so I’m going to explain it to the ‘false’ Christians gracing their so-called churches that God never once stepped foot in.  Donald J. Trump is their Lucifer.  Donald J. Trump represents everything that Republicans, ‘EVANDEVICALS’, White folks seeking a fallen ‘angel’ (yes Lucifer was the praise arch angel of God), and so-called church goers foolishly believing they’re just worshiping who their leader places in front of them.  Let me be clear to all of you.  You will not destroy America!

Everyone that comes to this website knows that what I write will be hard hitting and on point.  Everybody that lives in America better realize something.  No matter that this has to be said a million times multiplied by a million times a day.  Nothing operates on its own.  The ‘GOOD’ has to be fed constantly just like the ‘EVIL’ is fed constantly.  Tell all those folks that’re saying Donald J. Trump should be left alone ask them, ‘why aren’t you committing the same crimes against women and against America?’  Whatever answer they give you if it’s not one embedded in the rule of law; then those people are ‘destroyers’.  They would sell out America for a stick of gum!

Lastly, this notion that the rule of law should be suspended if the person in the White House is from a different political party is amusing.  When somebody says that I would call them on their belief in God.  ‘By your reasoning, you being a Christian, then the Almighty was wrong to caste Satan and his followers from Heaven right?’  Well, wasn’t God in charge at the time Satan challenged God’s authority?

The ‘LAW’ is the law.  By that reasoning Donald J. Trump could run for the Presidency of the United States until he croaks.  That’s ludicrous!  Gaming the system then would apply to all accused of a crime then right?  This website is on record that now is the ‘TIME OF THE COURTS’.  A ‘Judge’ should be thinking and reasoning far beyond the machinations of defendants whether they’re truly innocent or truly guilty.

Who leads our kingdom now?  The answer should be men and women whose thoughts are higher than our thoughts!

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley





I thought this digital periodical should be the opposite of the ‘political theater’ version gracing my website.  The focus here will be what America can accomplish with a political system pushing her to do better on behalf of all her citizens.  In that spirit I will make this version an upbeat idea filled publication for the ages…

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley


Issue 6:  Got Change for a $100?

It is quite amusing to see jealous Republican politicians flailing in derision.  As an independent Democrat it is hilarious to behold.  First the Republicans beat their boney chests until their voices gurgle.  Then their version of reality is so obviously false their voices make sounds like pebbles clanging around the inside of a drum as the drum tumbles erratically down a hillside.

President Biden has laid out his first phase of legislative accomplishments that will start her innovation fires blazing hotter than the surface of the Sun?  Infrastructure that includes faster and widely available broadband internet.  New roads and bridges?  New airports and upgrades to existing ones?  Rehoming ‘our’ computer chip industry?  Really? 

In contrast, what are Republicans offering to change the worldwide competitive game of innovation and commerce?  Nothing?  Oh, they’re offering something America.  Go on, you can say it.  They want teachers who didn’t pass 3rd grade teaching America’s children.  What’s 2 plus 2?  Don’t be shocked when these uneducated educators tell you the answer is 25!

What else a Republican sells?  Hatred?  That’s what they do best.  Hate Black folks.  Hate immigrants.  Hate Mexicans.  Hate LGBTQ+.  Hate women.  I’m going to tell you a nugget of wisdom I heard from a friend.  I’m not going to give names.


Now I’m going to give it to you in scripture.  These verses I believe perfectly explain why these tin can Republicans are making a lot of noise as they roll down the side of a cliff.  From the Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible…Psalm 119:98-100…Thou through thy commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies: for they are ever with me. I have more understanding than all my teachers: for they testimonies are my meditation. I understand more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts.

You may continue to read on as you so please.  Let’s not discount the wisdom of time to the ages.  My own heart was conflicted because I thought the ‘strength of youth’ would bring me the admiration I so longed for.  Incorrect!  Oh how I was incorrect.  I would not trade my years of wisdom and experience for the strongest body on the face of the Earth!

Oh, by the way.  ‘MEM’ in Hebrew religious text it stands for ‘God Makom, the Place’.  Don’t let the hater political party Republicans ridicule President Joe Biden for studying his craft.  What?  Do you want stupid M’Fers running around the country whipping up more ignorant people while the rest of world, and the evil rulers that want us destroyed laugh at us putting morons in charge of us?  Again?  Are you serious?

I vote by the record.  The reality of what a man said he would get done and what he actually did.  I believe the saying goes, ‘why are you chasing people that don’t want you to have nothing (Those 10 cent Republicans) instead of the Democrats that want you to be making change from $100 dollar bills.

10 cents can’t buy you nothing these days.  Why do you still want to live like that today?  Don’t forget?  The Federal minimum wage is still $7.25 an hour.  Republican voters.  A Lilly White society is over.  I’m not sorry for you.  If you keep voting Republicans into office while the rest of the world continues to nip at America’s heels, don’t be surprised when America’s enemies gang up on her.

See if that stupid joker scratching his ass that dropped out of school in the 8th grade can save us then.  Yeah White folks, let all your clown buddies who you’ve rightfully put in their boneheaded place run your school boards.  You’ll be searching for a nickel in your pocket to make change cause that’s all your communities will be worth.

Vote Democrats in office and let’s keep preparing for the onslaught of innovation before our enemies beat us to the punch.  I don’t know about you, but I want to deliver the knockout blow.  The country standing, looking down at our enemies at the end of the fight!