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Ground Water Sky

Founding Statement:  There comes a precious moment in time that all life drops the ignorance of superiority.  When the ground realizes it needs the water to survive.  The tree realizes it needs the ground to hold it in place.  The air realizes it needs the tree to replenish the oxygen it desperately needs to create the weather patterns that climatizes the Earth. Responsibilities are intertwined because a living planet depends on every element to function according to its purpose.

Mammals pretend that they’re more sophisticated than any living breathing planet, and thus conclude that liberties can be taken with all three essential elements.  The ignorance of mammals I’m afraid is a contradiction of their celebrated intelligence.  Intelligence that informs mammals they aren’t required to be simple creatures that fulfill their purpose, but creatures that can take actions harmful to the elements that are dedicated to their stated purpose.  Mammals believe such devotion constrains their freedom to live as they please.

This revelation and the antagonistic approach mammals have decided upon against the elements will be simplified in this digital periodical.  All the talk of unity will be broken down into useful parts that will be easy to understand and implement.  Know this my fellow mammals, all forms of life owe it to each other to care for one another.  It’s just that mammals have enjoyed the echo chamber of approval from other mammals because the elements never raised their voice.  We now know for certain the elements do have a voice, and they have registered their collective disapproval of the selfish nature of mammals…

Issue 04:  Leadership Rites

The rite for this issue will be defined as the passing of consumable knowledge with the desired result being to help the mentor and the discerner to judge dispassionately its impact.  Let’s start by laying out a harsh truth.  The leader doesn’t have to take the advice of an advisor.  Also an advisor is a leader.  How so you ask?  Let’s talk about it.

An advisor first of all before even deciding to be a part of what’s right, I hope, must know for him or herself what must be elevated in this world.  A guiding star one could say.  An advisor must possess some principles that cannot be swayed by popular considerations.  Some of these are diluting firm right and wrong situations.  Excusing by explaining reasons for objectionable behavior.  Denying long held spiritual beliefs when supporting unconscionable acts because of a relationship with the offending party or person.  To quote Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry ‘A man has got to know his limitations’. 

An advisor also must know when to be humble.  When advice is given a leader can choose not to utilize it.  Holy Bible Authorized King James Version in Proverbs 27:17…’Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend’.  An advisor should not be so arrogant in his or her beliefs that the leader must take everything said to heart.  Slow your role and understand something.  Every hit of the hammer and every dunk in the water for to cool the iron for further refinement counts!

An advisor has to conclude that the leader must be elevated.  The only way this happens is to lead in the role of advisor.  An advisor is expected to have ideas on what should be happening and give those in counsel to the leader.  Remember the advisor is there to help shape the legacy of the leader.  Iron sharpens iron is shaping the leader’s composure.  Sharpening the leaders grasp by deepening the leaders understanding.  Presentation must align with dedication.  Looking the part and saying the right words only gets a leader so far.  Human beings know a fake when they see one.  Also something else is crucial and necessary.  Rebuke the leader for wrongs committed.

One more characteristic of an advisor worth his or her salt.  An advisor cannot be about frustration when signs of failure clouds the purpose.  Advisors stand in the breach.  My definition of a breach is beyond what Webster’s defines.  A breach in my definition of the word describes ‘a hole or opening that gives an opportunity for those forces aligned against the leader to bring forth a leader’s destruction’.  Who plugs that hole advisors?  Can you as an advisor hold off forces bent on destroying your leader?

Those who know my writings and my philosophy know what I’m about to say.  Yes that’s correct.  An advisor must always have contingencies upon contingencies.  It is irrelevant your leader is moral and upright.  Absolutely it is always a good thing to align yourself on the side of good rather than enjoying the pleasures of evil for a season.  In any case this must remain true.  An advisor must always prepare for the ‘BREACH!’

Alright advisor/leader it is okay to believe in what you think a leader should be.  An advisor must also be always about the truth.  Count the leaders’ loses and wins.  Did you hear me?  Everything is not cake and ice cream.  Iron can’t be sharpened if you remove the ‘smith’.  I read something somewhere about that the iron has to ‘be hammered’ to be forged. Oh well I could have that wrong.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley




Preamble:  The Creator’s Diversity

The ones who hold the power tell the story.  The quote went something like that.  Make peace with that truth and let’s move on to how power can wreck a weak mind.  When the King eats from the same soil and drinks from the same pond how then did humankind conclude that denying these basic truths could unify us all?  How the realization of what power brings to those that possess it can influence human beings that are weak of spirit.  When their spirit is enticed to commit acts of evil when those in power that are evil hearted require it of them.  The Creator gifted his diverse creation carefully. The care he intended has been perverted by one race intent on maintaining their power instead of sharing it as we share the land, water and the air.  America is that experiment.  May I say it has never reached its full potential because she (Motherly pronoun) has never loved all her children.

Issue 5:  Two Sovereigns. Which Has The Moral Law?

I’m not going to school anyone in this post about Sun Tzu, The Art of War.  If you don’t seek the knowledge yourself then understanding my words are of little importance to you.  I’ve been led to write this post because of the ‘arrogance of ignorance’ that permeates the hearts of many people professing to know about ‘war’ in America.  The one thing they seem to forget is the respect factor in conducting ‘war’.

Going right into how one assesses war and the chance in conducting it successfully.  The wise general knows that he or she must acknowledge the capabilities, skills, talents, deployable power and strength of arms an adversary can put in the field.  It is sound military doctrine throughout the eons of time.  It is of ‘vital’ importance that the general knows what he or she is facing if war is the inevitable choice.  The utter sorrow it will inflict on civilians and country.  The general knows the horrors of war, so the calculations are many.

This is why the stupidity I hear in America about why did our generals overestimate the ability of Russia to conduct a successful war.  Why?  These so-called military observers which is what they are possess little to no knowledge of why our generals give respect to each and every army in the world.  They’ll never understand why but I will give my answer anyway.  Our generals respect standing armies formed or loosely outfitted because it assures the strength of our army.

It is not by weakness American Commanders extend respect to an adversary.  It is an acknowledgment that giving proper credibility to a foe keeps our forces clear of arrogance.  Arrogance by the definition appropriate here is a false belief in a soldiers’ heart that an enemy would lay his arms down at the first sight of our coming.  That is a lie with defeat and death written all over it!  Respect keeps the American soldier alive!

That is why America has won the wars she should have won.  That is why Ukraine’s President will defeat the Russian President.  Ukraine’s President has the Moral Law in defense of his lands.  The Russian President can have his priests pray to every false god known and unknown day and night, but the truth to those that know how wars are conducted are assured of the outcome.  Russia cannot defeat a Moral nation.  Ukraine has the Moral Law.  President Zelensky will prevail in the end because he must.

I’ve come to learn something very important in my life about spirituality.  Fighting evil has never been a fair fight.  Those souls fighting for good have either fought alone against many or fought with very few allies against evil.  Therefore it is my conclusion that it takes a minimum of 7 souls to vanquish the evil of 1 soul.  Ecclesiastes 9:18…Wisdom is better than weapons of war: but one sinner destroyeth much good.   

Those of us who have served and fought for America know that the outcome of war is decided by a great deal more than who possess the most weapons.  A Moral Leader with Moral Commanders are imbued with the greatest chance of victory.  

Let me finish this post with a few more points.  It pains me to listen to the talking heads in the media be critical of our military giving proper respect to the Russian military.  It is tragic how these know-it-alls know everything but that fundamental point.  Respect keeps soldiers alive!  I must also cover the insult to the centuries of sound military doctrine as these talking heads speak of the respect America’s military gives as if it’s an indictment against our generals being beholden to the very wisdom that has kept American children safe.  Have they even looked at the pictures of children in Ukraine walking behind their mothers balling their eyes out?

America’s generals should abandon their study and fidelity to the Art of War to satisfy some talking heads that haven’t a clue about the complexities of war.  Wow.  Just because we still assigned proper lethality to Russia’s military doesn’t make us responsible for the fact President Putin hollowed it out by greed, the indulgence of human pleasures and sheer stupidity.

I’ll take the judgments of our military leaders and our Moral President Biden supporting Ukraine’s Moral President Zelensky every time.  That wicked man in Russia will fall one day.  It won’t be because another man said so.  God will say so at God’s appointed time.  

Now all of you doubters in America about our military.  Stop it!  I know my words are most difficult for a so-called Christian to understand as God’s word is rarely taught here in America.  Let me be clear.  That shit eating grin on Vladimir Putin’s face will be wiped off one day.  I hope every would be dictator gets to see it live!


Give Me That Ole Time What?

Declaration of Humanity 4.0…This founding statement is different.  This one is being written in clarification of an ongoing threat of fear that ‘evil’ seems to offer more rewards than ‘good’ ever will, and more overtly the verbal Christians are flocking more openly to evils promise of fortune.  While this trend is alarming I must counter with this fact.  Evil has never gone out of season in America.  Good is more than a match for evil, but the righteousness of good can only be activated from a straight line.  What is that straight line you ask?  It is the center of every human beings’ known universe.  If it is straight it is a ‘Heartline’.  A heartline from the heart to the soul because when our heart stops our deeds will be called into account.  The ‘JUDGE’ will know what you did and not what you meant to do…

ISSUE 2:  For It Is Written…

Tell me something I don’t know.  Should the United States Constitution erase or should it hold as precedent what it intended for all Americans Native and Foreign when it was first written?  Should we believe that the framers meant to classify ‘Colored People’ as 3/5 a White person?  For it was written.  Why was it necessary that the United States Constitution be amended to free slaves?  For it was written.  Slaves were the property of their owners and thus as property were not entitled to be thought of as actual human beings.  For it was written.  Being property the slave owners could do with their property what they pleased to include rape ‘property’ women.  Rape ‘property’ little girls and rape crippled old women.  Commit atrocities on ‘Colored’ men and boys to amuse themselves when there was no entertainment available to soothe their ‘Christian’ minds.

Now all of you that are wondering what’s the significance of writing it down.  Let me tell you.  Proverbs 3:3…Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart.  Who among you actually believes that once something is written down that it can be amended from its’ true intent?  When words of good or evil are written they stay on the heart (your mind for those ignorant of the distinction).  Why do you think that White men in the Year of our Lord 2022 threw accusations of being soft on pedophiles at a Black woman judge?  Take a wild guess with that question.  What history did I just point out to you?  It wasn’t ‘Colored’ men raping ‘Colored’ women and little girls for hundreds of years.  What makes you think that is not passed down through generation after generation of White men?  Some of these folks actually attend something they call a ‘church’ although I am on record disputing that claim.

Let’s talk about other things written into laws, policies, and workplace protocols.  Take the police for example.  For decades they have been granted every unjust wish when dealing with the public they claim to ‘serve’.  Now they actually have the gall to object to their ‘boys’ the Republicans fervid push to put guns in any and everybody’s hands background checks be damned.  Quoting a line from one of my favorite movies.  In Redemption when ‘Crazy Joey Jones’ was confronted by the Nun about just delivering drugs and not touching them.  She said, ‘Isabel touched the stuff.  Maybe stuff you delivered.  You don’t put those things together in your head!’

For it is written.  The 2nd Amendment gives Americans the right to bear arms.  What makes you think that what was written wouldn’t be taken to the extreme!  I do have one good wish for the police seeing that their buddies the Republicans have ‘flipped the script’ on them.  Okay I can’t resist.  That’s what the ‘Devil’ does.  That’s all he does!  You can’t dance with the Devil and actually believe he takes song requests.  Do you?  You’re cracking me.  For the record I’ll offer you a way out ‘Mr. Police Officer’.  How about joining with Democrats in securing some policy promises and actually treat everybody with dignity and respect.  

I’m sure though the ‘Police’ are taking note of the Republicans and how they’re spiraling out of all reason into madness. The Police have been forced like all groups at some point over the course of what they want and how they’re going to get it.  Now they finally see that a lopsided debate even one that silences the other team can never really stand as a true victory.  It would be funny if it wasn’t a dangerous time for all citizens now that these ‘gun free’ laws are on the books.

For it is written.  Matthew 4:4…every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God.  That’s not the complete verse of course, but the point of it is the spoken word is just as powerful as the written word.  All the hatred Republican politicians write into law to tease up ‘White folks’ shambolic piety laced with delusional authority will keep that road to Hell wide as a 30 lane interstate highway.  It must be easy to get so-called ‘Christians’ to hate people because the Republicans always give the people what they want.  Oh by the way Matthew 7:14 directs you to the alternative.

Every time human beings write something down whether it be good or bad it stays in time.  Time is not erased it passes.  That old time religion is good enough for me.  Why because it provides an escape for me today just as it did for the slaves.  For it is written…


Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time

Season 2:  Episode 9:  Rising Sayer


(It has been six months now since Mother gave the okay to her team leaders to request funding, decide where it must be spent, and produce professional results.  Today she will be present for the sixth time with her leaders and ‘results’ are all that’s on her mind.  Being mindful of how she is viewed as she absorbs every piece of why they feel they’ve created a good thing.  Mother remembers her mission statement which anybody that wants to share in the success of The ARC must know by now.  “The money is not the goal.  Content is the goal.  Content that drives the imagination.  Content that will be stated in moral terms.  Above everything else content that makes the person that consumes it to want more from where it came.”

Mother isn’t a fan of wasted time, but she knows her children must be allowed time to be children.  Mother doesn’t believe in overdoing anything, so she has inserted educational time in between fun and games when the children have breaks from school.  This retelling of the early days when the ARC was new and churning with energy is a warm memory of how success without the right leadership isn’t truly success at all.  Mother embarked on a mission to test her style of leadership.  This episode is a joy to share with everyone…).

Mother Sayer: (Justus and Doyenne are sleeping in and it’s well deserved.  Their grades are meeting my expectations, so I won’t disturb their chance to sleep in this morning.  I will wake them with a goodbye kiss and welcome to a new day of promise.).  Good morning N’Tare.  I’ll read a little while I eat this morning.  Can I have today’s editions?

Ntare Bolder:  Good morning Mother.  I’ll have them brought in with breakfast.  Nourishing the body, mind and soul does touch all the vessels of energy.

Mother Sayer:  Good Ntare, I was contemplating how would I consume the reports from my leadership teams today.  What I would hope to consistently convey to show them that their progress is what I value the most.

Ntare Bolder:  I would say do what you’ve done here in your home.  You’ve made me feel valued, respected and appreciated from the first day I’ve lived here.  My wife tells me all the time how she never feels negative energy here. 

Mother Sayer:  How’s Eyamuar (pronounced ‘Eye am u ah’)?

Ntare Bolder:  She is most grateful and thankful.  She gets to run her daycare center in the way she always dreamed.  She recruits mainly women a bit older that have seen the world but chose to care for and train up children.  The ‘ROOT MOTHER DAYCARE’ stays at full capacity, but she wishes she could do more to help more children in Louisville.

Mother Sayer: (Mother motions Ntare to sit and talk to her about his wife’s plan to make it happen.).  Give me some details on how she plans to make that happen.

Ntare Bolder:  She wants to expand what she can do for the children.  A full kitchen and dining area.  A nutritionist and dietician not only for the children but also for their parents.  She wants to start inviting the parents for lunch whatever day of the week is convenient.  A sleeping area that is secure and monitored at all times.  A location with plenty of parking that can be secured and well lit.

Mother Sayer:  I can have Blinner start canvassing suitable locations for her if you like.  If she needs legal help, insurance, and advertising help I got her.

Ntare Bolder:  She will pay you back every penny.

Mother Sayer:  I never said otherwise.  Ntare listen, what Eyamuar is doing is crucial work and necessary work.  A lot of our people, Black people, don’t get the backing or support that White people get when they express their dreams.  That being said.  I run a professional company and I interact with everyone that way.  Just cause it’s a daycare doesn’t change the calculus.

Ntare Bolder:  Already made that point clear to my wife.  She knows what kind of woman you are.  She has made it clear to me she wouldn’t dream of failing to meet your expectations.

——————1st Interlude——————

(Wonder is a lost feeling kinda like a strong wind blowing at your back believing it will sweep you off your feet.  Mother Sayer is suddenly awash in the potential of her people.  She doesn’t want to jink her joy, but it has come upon her like a wave and the happiness is intoxicating.  Mother allows herself to stay in this moment for as long as it will last.  Arriving at the office today will be glorious…).

Mother Sayer:  Sarah, good morning.  What’s on tap for today?

Sarah W. Certainty:  It is time for another check-in with the project leaders.  Other than that I have some raw data from new ideas drawn up by plans and development.  Which do you prefer to look at first?

Mother Sayer:  Give me the update on the three projects.  I’ll take a look at what plans and development have ideas about later.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Very well then. (Sarah gives Mother the updates from the projects and catches a smile on Mother’s face as she goes into her office.).

Mother Sayer:  (I’ve got to start with the ‘MODEL’ project first.  My expectations are that Oakli Sands has done some soul searching if that’s possible considering her background.  Her answers will determine how I proceed with her and this project.)… Tuaole Rilyzah how is everything?

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Oh she’s ready for you today.

Mother Sayer:  Really?

Tuaole Rilyzah:  As you know I observe everything, and I know she’s been smarting from the whipping you gave her weeks ago.  Something about Oakli has changed.  The sort of change that acknowledges an error has been made and causes a course correction like fast.

Mother Sayer:  What?  She no longer feels her daddy’s money shields her from her mistakes?

Tuaole Rilyzah:  I believe she has blown past that and now knows she has an elder in you.  She knows money teaches you squat.  I have a request though I would ask of you.  Can I listen in on the conversation?

Mother Sayer:  Of course you may.  Come on, let’s get started.

Tuaole Rilyzah: (Tuaole motions for Mother to wait a minute while she goes in to verify Oakli is ready to speak with her.).  Okay Mother she is ready.  

Mother Sayer:  Good.  (Mother is directed to a seat close to the inner workings of the project and Oakli starts talking.).

Oakli Sands:  I’ve relied heavily on my team for extensive outreach into the communities we’re looking to serve, and they’ve rewarded this project with some eagerly suitable candidates.  Twelve candidates of which 5 are Black, 4 are Hispanic and 3 are Asian.  Every candidate is in college studying for bachelor’s degrees.

Mother Sayer:  Are their class loads agreeable to the time requirements of the project?

Oakli Sands:  Yes Mother.  All are in their 4th year of college actively looking for available employment after graduation.

Mother Sayer:  Are they entrepreneurs?

Oakli Sands:  Each has ideas for products and services.  Some are writers and some are entertainers.  Some have durable products in mind.  They understand that if they are offered a contract that everything they create and development will be confidential.

Mother Sayer:  How does their energy feel to you?

Oakli Sands:  None of them come from old money if that’s what you mean.  The anticipation of what they can do and the possibilities they have envisioned I believe are palpable.  I can feel their excitement at the chance they have in front of them.

Mother Sayer:  That’s what I didn’t feel when I hired you.  Listen to me now.  You have energy.  We all have energy, but your energy felt to me like it was uncorralled.  It felt like you let it bleed away because you came from money.  

Oakli Sands:  My reason to be here wasn’t known to me yet.  There are a lot of stairs I still haven’t climbed yet.

Mother Sayer:  Uh huh.  What do you mean?

Oakli Sands:  What has my life meant to me.  An endless stroll from party to party looking at cheek wide faces hating their very existence because they want to stay plugged into the spicket of the Sands.  Mother I did not know.  I’m sorry for putting on airs.  I’m a pretender basking in the spill over of glory from somebody else’s’ achievement thinking I did it.

Mother Sayer:  Surprising to be honest to hear this from you.  Usually someone so deep into how money affects the behavior of those that have it is one thing but hearing someone speak of soul-searching and actually changing course is an anomaly.  Are you saying you are open to being taught now?

Oakli Sands:  My arrogance has probably lost me your respect forever, but I am ready to learn what you have to teach me.

Mother Sayer:  Listen my child, there is nothing you could do to make me reject you short of you turning your back on me.  There are mistakes and missteps in life which is a new realization for you.  There are also ways to acknowledge those errors and learn not to pass over them again.  There’s a saying we have in the Army when someone in command begins to think they are above the respect of their soldiers.

We say they believe ‘their shit don’t stank’.  Certainly the thought pattern is a ‘complex’ that fortunately is easily rendered null and void by someone that outranks them when a ‘dime’ is dropped on their behavior.  We report toxic leaders in the Army to higher headquarters.

Oakli Sands:  I said some high and mighty things to you.  How can you forget that?

Mother Sayer:  By living by a code of honor.  A code governs us.  Well people that have decided to live a certain way regardless how they are treated.  A code decides how you respond.  Look simply stated there are good and bad things we all do in this world.  Hopefully you learn from them and the people that live by a code of honor will only remember what is good about you.

Oakli Sands:  Because they have been there where I still need to go?

Mother Sayer:  Ah, you have discovered someone that will call you out on your B.S.  That’s a good start.  Remember it’s not the job of a true friend to monitor your behavior.  It is your job to begin to live that respectable life you want.  A life where you gain respect, admiration and confidence because of who you are and who you’re becoming.

Oakli Sands:  Understood.  I was told you would be the same person from the day we met and every day we interact. Shall I continue showing you our progress?

Mother Sayer:  Please. (Mother listens as Oakli lays out waypoints she intends to meet.  How she will monitor everything about them from their mental health to their private pursuits.).

Oakli Sands:  When we start producing tangible results I will let you know.  A thorough report will be generated from each program participant outlining their creation.  What, where, who and how to market it to the targeted audience.

Mother Sayer:  I have seen enough.  Proceed and keep me informed. (With that Mother moves on to the next project update.).

——————2nd Interlude—————–

(Mother can feel the energy building up behind the eyes and lips of Tuaole Rilyzah.  Mother never lets her gaze linger over anyone let alone her valued staff which would let them know she would stop and entertain what they just witnessed.  This time though Mother feels the need to pause and take the win while acknowledging some of the indicators Oakli threw out trying to relate to her.).

Mother Sayer:  Ask me your questions Tuaole Rilyzah?

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Oakli employed or used a lot of slang and code words I know you picked up on them.  My question is why didn’t you tell her to not do that?

Mother Sayer:  Discourage Oakli from her entry into growing and relating to somebody that don’t look like her?  Why didn’t I stop her?  Because Oakli must start somewhere if she wants to truly succeed in her role.  It’s not just the project that’s important it’s what she needs to learn about life.  Life as different people see it and live it.

Tuaole Rilyzah:  So it wasn’t important to shoot her down on the attempt to relate to you?

Mother Sayer:  Exactly.  I don’t need to score more points in that game.  I’ve won it already.  I seek improvement in my people.  Tuaole do you remember Oakli saying she has a lot of stairs to climb?

Tuaole Rilyzah:  I do.

Mother Sayer:  When she came to me she didn’t realize that fact yet.  Truthfully she is standing at the bottom of the stairs looking at the number of rungs in front of her.  I nor you or anybody can climb the stairs for her.  It is something she has to do.

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Like my mother told me.  Chica I don’t need to learn how to be a woman.  You do.  The sooner I realized that I began to handle myself differently in all parts of my life.

Mother Sayer: (Clearly pleased with Tuaole recalling some of her upbringing and who provided it.  Mother smiles and nods her approval.).  Observe not only with your eyes Tuaole, but with every sense you have for that’s how you will receive your best instruction.  Oakli no doubt has a long way to go before she fully understands how powerful she can become if she can inspire people from all walks of life to believe in her.

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Understood Mother.  I will escort you to O’Woh’s project now. (Tuaole, Mother and Sarah walk a short distance down the hall to his Business Acumen and Direction project.  After short greetings, seating, and materials are handed out O’Woh starts his update.).

O’Woh E. Line:  The clothing line will be the first product to come out of development.  Now the business side is being set up now.  Marketing and product placement is where we have stalled a little.

Mother Sayer:  Oh, what’s the snag?

O’Woh E. Line:  The disagreement is who we want to be seen wearing our clothing line.  I want young Black and Hispanic girls while other members of the project want to span the entire spectrum.

Mother Sayer:  Okay then so why do you disagree in marketing the clothing to all races, creeds, nationalities and so forth?

O’Woh E. Line:  I believe that’s too ambitious right out the gate.  It should be a phased approach to start, and then we can look at the sales numbers and gage the excitement about the clothing on social media before we fully commit to it.

Mother Sayer:  Okay then. (Mother turns to the entire team and takes a poll.).  BAD project, how many of you believe you should go for broke?  (Mother takes the count which seems to include everybody on the team.).  Alright.  How many of you want to take it slow?  (Mother counts O’Woh and two others.).

O’Woh E. Line:  I still disagree, and I say as the leader of this team that we take it slow.

Mother Sayer:  The objection is noted.  I believe your team believes they have something special on their hands.  If I were you I’d listen to their reasons for why they are sure about the clothing line.

O’Woh E. Line:  I’m not going over this ground again with you Mother.  I said it when you were here last time that it is my decision on how this project makes it’s moves.

Mother Sayer:  May I remind you O’Woh of our side agreement.  I made you special assistant to new team leader Joppa just so no discontinuity would cause the project to lose momentum and incur unnecessary costs.

O’Woh E. Line:  I still believe I’m the best chance this project has to succeed.

Mother Sayer:  I see then that the part of our talk to be humble was muted.  At least you’re right about one thing enough time has been spent on this.  Joppa is team leader, and his team wants to proceed full throttle.  It’s his call and he made it.  Get on the train because I believe it’s leaving the station or stay on the platform.  Up to you.

(Mother signals to Joppa that he is satisfied.  She pulls O’Woh to the side and asks for his decision.  A few hem and hawing from O’Woh and Mother tells him she still thinks he can contribute, but only as a team member.  Joppa is team leader, and he can work with him or return to ‘ACCOUNTS and ACQUISITIONS’.  O’Woh turns and walks out.  Mother moves on to her last stop.).

——————-3rd Interlude——————–

(The entertainment media project has Mother anticipating this update.  She has always required authenticity from herself and elicits it from all her people.  This isn’t the first time Mother has thought about why the entertainment she sees on television is not a reflection of her daily lived experiences.

Moreover why has the entertainment industry promoted stories about Black people, Asian people, Hispanic people and many other races not developed or written by those races?  How come Hollywood has been allowed to get away with it so long?  Well Mother says to herself.  Not for long.  There will be genuine stories developed and written by members of those cultures and not by White people telling her who her people are.  Also anybody else for that matter.).

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Mother, Hekima Beborne said she is ready when you walk through her door.

Mother Sayer:  Let’s do it. (With that Mother, Tuaole and Sarah enter the project space of Hekima Beborne.).

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Hello Hekima, everyone is present now.  You can begin at any time.

Hekima Beborne:  I won’t contain my excitement, so I’ll jump right into it.  Originality is the high prize that escapes most of what’s shown on several media platform.  Most of the content being geared toward the worst emotions and impulses in humanity.  The working name of the show surrounding Japanese culture is ‘Family and Purpose’.  We’ll stick with that title and fill in an appropriate one later on down the line.

Mother Sayer:  Something that captures the reason and meaning in as few words as possible?

Hekima Beborne:  Not to tie our hands, but that is under consideration as we further develop the show.  Now we think Japanese culture speaks volumes all its’ own.  Our approach is to show how the structure of family life faithfully orders Japanese culture and convictions.  We believe showing how respect and honor dutifully guides and propels Japan to the extraordinary success it has achieved for being such a small country.

Mother Sayer:  Do you have the necessary stock of background writers needed for such a portrayal?

Hekima Beborne:  We’re interviewing and recruiting the necessary talent.

Mother Sayer:  Make sure you achieve a good mix of young and old across the ages.

Hekima Beborne:  In order to allow it to come through on the small screen as authentic we sure are looking to bring on board the right people from the source.

Mother Sayer:  So you’re coordinating with our Sacramento office to reach out across the Pacific to Japan?

Hekima Beborne:  We’ve written 5 episodes as you’ve asked.  The transcripts of them all we’ve recorded for you to listen when you have the time.

Mother Sayer:  Excellent. (Mother knew she’d found a gem.  She believes Hekima is becoming that leader of her team as she expected she would.).

Hekima Beborne:  I need to interview some actors for a live taping.  Do I have your permission to go ahead?

Mother Sayer:  Yes yes.  Like I said you can consult with Blinner, and she’ll give you some pointers on how to pick a property or filming location.  Make sure you keep ‘MARKETING’ in the loop and ‘LEGAL’.  I don’t want somebody claiming we poached an idea from them.  Make sure to remind them every project and every detail about them are always company secrets.

Hekima Beborne:  Thank you Mother.  I will remind everyone of their obligations and commitments.

Mother Sayer:  All I ask from you is that you maintain your consistency.  Remember ‘Professionals keep climbing them stairs even when they think the top stair is within sight’.


(Mother, Sarah take seats at Tuaole’s center position on the 3rd floor and begin their discussion.  The conversation is an enlightening one just the way Mother likes them.).

Mother Sayer:  Was it worth your while to accompany us to each update Tuaole?

Tuaole Rilyzah:  I’d certainly say so.  I got what you did with Oakli, but I thought O’Woh checked out of the BAD project?

Mother Sayer:  He did but he gives me one human project to work on.  I’m not saying what I’m doing is akin to a woman thinking she could fix her boyfriend.  I’m giving somebody another chance at doing life the let’s say better way.  The moral way.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Okay Mother I know there’re many layers to a woman much like her clothing, but are you sure putting energy into O’Woh is a good use of your electrical cord?

Tuaole Rilyzah:  I must agree with Sarah.  Is he worth it?

Mother Sayer:  I will tell you both why I’m giving him time to come around.  The Army is responsible for a generous portion of how I view the world.  When recruits first enter the Army they’re tested by what’s called ‘Basic Training’.  This step is more crucial than it sounds because this is where recruits are put on a ‘tree’ metaphorically of course.

The Army has to know what its’ got and they will know that once they ‘shake the tree’.

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Can I break in?  Are you saying that to mean that the recruits have to be tested?

Mother Sayer:  That’s exactly what I’m saying.  Look, the military isn’t for everybody, and the Army knows that.  I model my business on some of the same principles.  I have to know the abilities of my people.  The Army has to ‘shake the tree’ in training when it’s not real so that in ‘War’ they have soldiers that can fight and fight professionally.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Being under stress will show you who has the ability or not right?  

Mother Sayer:  Sarah you are still on point.  Tuaole it is the crucible of transformation.  It’s like this.  Achieving something worthwhile changes a person.  Do you understand where I’m going with this?

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Say I’m following you so far.

Mother Sayer:  As we are given more responsibility would you believe that if you successfully complete those tasks that you are not the same person.  You begin to feel more confident in yourself.  You now have a record of achievement under your belt which in turn strengthens your resolve.  Doubting yourself starts to fade because you’ve been given a task and you completed it.

Tuaole Rilyzah:  And the recruits have to complete ‘Basic Training’ in order to stay in the Army?

Mother Sayer:  That’s right!  It has to be that way or the whole effort would be a waste.  Just like a medical student in residency has to finish it in order to have the honor of being a ‘DOCTOR’.

Tuaole Rilyzah:  A professional soldier is what the Army wants, and they have to ‘shake that tree’ to let the ones fall off that wouldn’t be able to handle the rigors a soldier has to face on a battlefield.

Mother Sayer:  Thankfully the Army holds to that standard just as I must hold to my own.  It doesn’t mean I can’t have a project that needs ‘reediting’.  O’Woh suffers from the same fault as most people that see success from their efforts.  Even if those efforts are from stealing or deceiving people they equate the results equally the same.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Well, I’m glad I’m allowed to be in your life.

Mother Sayer:  Why you say that?  Of course you are my daughter for all intent and purposes.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I know although I still think it’s means something to say it from time to time.

Mother Sayer:  It does, and I love you to.  

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Do you really care about your people?

Mother Sayer:  What do you think Tuaole?  Before you answer I want more than a yes or no.

Tuaole Rilyzah:  I believe you want your people to be successful because you will become richer from the creations and inventions you’ll sell.

Mother Sayer:  No wrong answer.  Sarah, why do I want my people to be successful?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Because you don’t look at people as expendable commodities bought and sold for a price.  Your approach is to give them the dignity of actual achievement and sharing in the success of THE ARC INCORPORATED.

Mother Sayer:  That’s why I’m in business Tuaole.  My approach is not the model of ‘buying or selling’ labor.  That’s the colonial approach.  I’m not a slave master.  Remember I said a large chunk of how I conduct myself is the fault of the Army.  The Army teaches us that when our people are successful we’re more successful.  That lesson speaking only for myself has burrowed its way into my brain and won’t release its claws.

Tuaole Rilyzah:  Ha Ha.  I understand now.  I’m sorry I said that.

Mother Sayer:  Don’t be.  I’d prefer you speak to me about anything that’s bothering you and not hold back.  Trust me I’m a professional and as I’ve said before ‘professionals should be able to have professional conversations’.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Mother we have to go.

Mother Sayer:  Appreciate the hospitality in how you’ve kept me on schedule Tuaole.  If you need to talk you know where to find me.  Good day now.



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 21:  The Word is Out

Jermaine Stewart’s song ‘the word is out’ was a big hit for him in the late 1980’s.  I recalled this song because it’s filled with deep bass, drums and various musical compilations that provides the heart and soul with an enjoyable experience.  It seems I have to touch on two points in this Issue of Colored People.  These White male clowns no sorry assclowns attempting to use Dr. Martin Luther King Juniors’ teaching to justify their White lived experience to speak credibly about what Colored People have suffered in America.  The second point is about an overqualified Black female Federal judge’s credentials to sit on the United States Supreme Court.

First of all I have to say this that I understand and accept the fact that White privileged men will continue their ignorant assertions about something they obviously know nothing about.  That assclown standing near the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma, Alabama is believable only to the idiots that he made that blasphemous statement to.  Let me try to explain to him although I know it’s futile that setting up a system of slavery and running it for more than 200 years doesn’t erase the legacy!  Words on a piece of paper doesn’t change someone’s mind.  Words on a piece of paper said Black folks were 3/5 a White person.  Laws throughout this country said Black folks were property.

Systems to keep Black people separated from their fellow White citizens were agreed upon openly and complicitly with object denial.  Do this White male assclown not know history?  How White men brought their wives out to lynchings.  How White males encouraged their children to stand there looking and sometimes participating in those mutilations of Black males.  Yes Black men and little Black boys were lynched.  Little Black girls and Black women raped by White male assclowns like those politicians.  Gosh I’m glad I got a privileged White male assclown telling me I need to stop trying to understand how it all got established and codified into America’s very heart!

Please tell me these White male assclowns are just ill informed?  Just me giving these idiots an honest way out.  There are people that have committed crimes being gullible to a leader’s true intentions.  Right!  Are you serious in stating that Critical Race Theory shouldn’t be taught because the truth makes White male assclowns look bad?  Some Black people may now ask how can these White male assclowns spew vile from their 200 plus year playbook of demonizing Colored people?  

What’s the old saying?  ‘People usually fall back on what they know’.  A show of hands who believes that 200 plus years of teaching White folks how to hate, deny, murder, mutilate, maim, destroy, demonize, steal wealth from Colored folks, attend fake CHURCHES and lie about all of that not being evil?  How the true ‘evil’ is the ‘victims’ seeking understanding and information about how it all persisted so long.  How White male and female assclowns all of a sudden are in uproar because Critical Race Theory seeks the truth?

When you answer to that block of questions make sure you have your facts straight.

Now about the United States Supreme Court and Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson ascension to that bench.  Senator Durbin made the right call in not defending Judge Jackson.  Both of us know that the first has to demonstrate the mental fortitude to withstand such ludicrous attacks.  Frankly I believe a 3rd grader could’ve imagined and lob more wickedly purposeful questions and bellicose accusations than those Senate Republican assclowns.  My conclusion is she actually got off easy would be my conclusion.  Remember the definition of a professional.  ‘A professional is a person that maintains control of situations by displaying a set of mastered skills that no one can shake or cause to crack the performance of under rigorous conditions.’

Yeah I’m sure Judge Jackson walked away saying to herself ‘is that all they got, I thought they were going to come at me with witty insight and studied queries about my record’.  Matter of fact she reminded me of Sally Yates.  The acting attorney general when President Trump took office in 2017.  Remember her how she steely stared down those Republican assclowns in that congressional briefing.  How not just her command of the law was on point but her silky smooth confidence in delivering it precisely was impressive. Ya’ll better ask somebody about who’s in front of you!  Well when you’re an assclown Republican thinking your intelligence and skills are on the same level as your opponent you might forget the warning about going up against a smarter opponent.  Just saying.

As Jermaine Stewart gave me a song I still love to this day.  The word is out that ignorance is bliss, and it’s probably why a lot of privileged White folks don’t want to know the answer to the most glorious question.  Why am I afraid of the truth?


Ground Water Sky

Founding Statement:  There comes a precious moment in time that all life drops the ignorance of superiority.  When the ground realizes it needs the water to survive.  The tree realizes it needs the ground to hold it in place.  The air realizes it needs the tree to replenish the oxygen it desperately needs to create the weather patterns that climatizes the Earth. Responsibilities are intertwined because a living planet depends on every element to function according to its purpose.

Mammals pretend that they’re more sophisticated than any living breathing planet, and thus conclude that liberties can be taken with all three essential elements.  The ignorance of mammals I’m afraid is a contradiction of their celebrated intelligence.  Intelligence that informs mammals they aren’t required to be simple creatures that fulfill their purpose, but creatures that can take actions harmful to the elements that are dedicated to their stated purpose.  Mammals believe such devotion constrains their freedom to live as they please.

This revelation and the antagonistic approach mammals have decided upon against the elements will be simplified in this digital periodical.  All the talk of unity will be broken down into useful parts that will be easy to understand and implement.  Know this my fellow mammals, all forms of life owe it to each other to care for one another.  It’s just that mammals have enjoyed the echo chamber of approval from other mammals because the elements never raised their voice.  We now know for certain the elements do have a voice, and they have registered their collective disapproval of the selfish nature of mammals…

Issue 03:  Is Truth Self Evident?

Truth should be to use a basketball term a layup.  Often the negative of it is pursued and practiced.  A lie is the vulture that swoops down eager to get fat feeding off the rotting carrion of foolish nations.  Take for instance this talk of what is a strongman in American Media.  A strongman as defined by the media is ‘a man that kills old women, young mothers and their babies.  A man that kills crippled old men that lean upon walking canes.  Old men confined to wheelchairs.  Old women put to flee as fire rains down upon them.’  This is how American media has defined strongmen for decades.  See how speaking and viewing things with one voice through one lens exacerbates the problem?

Okay now most of the cleverness of my statement will be hauled off or expunged out of the minds of religious followers who should know better.  Like all the delusional U.S. Senators and U.S. House of Representatives that believe the U.S. Constitution was written as a final document.  All the idiots these folks convince that it was not designed to be amended deserve whatever fate has in store for them.  People what’s on paper has to have rules applied to implement it.  Standards to govern how it is applied in an even handed manner that makes sense to a reasonable person plucked out of the citizenry.

Are you really telling me that the wife of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice doesn’t tell her husband about what she’s been doing?  How if he could vote a certain way and convince his colleagues to do the same?  How we as citizens should trust that they hold America’s interests’ first?  How as a husband and wife they are old enough to know better and we should trust that they do.  Well that would be fine if the evidence lined up with that belief.  Senator McConnell says the U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thomas and the entire Supreme Court should feel free to ignore this.  Really?  “Clumsy bullying” Senator McConnell said it which should sound familiar comrade.  I would posit the Senator’s dismissal is on par with President Vladimir Putin’s dismissal of his Generals and Intelligence advisors.  We all know how badly the war is going for Vladimir!  You have to say ‘Vladimir’ with gusto like you’re announcing the ‘King’s’ arrival.  Nobody with an ounce of sense in their head should believe or buy what those two men are selling, and I’ll tell you why.  Proverbs 24:24-25…He that saith unto the wicked, Thou art righteous; him shall the people curse, nations shall abhor him: But to them that rebuke him shall be delight, and a good blessing shall come upon them.

Follow me now.  The historical record reeks of plundered kingdoms not looted by invaders.  If you read history closely you’ll find that corrupt leaders destroyed their countries.  Read your Bible instead of thumping it you’ll find many truths there.  Read your history books deeper you’ll find the truth there.  When leaders stop telling the truth that’s where it starts.  Lulling their people with the boogeyman of ‘them’ ‘others’ ‘kooky religions’, and my personal favorite ‘those aren’t really human beings like you are’.  Kinda chokes me up how long that stupid shit worked.  All the while I drive through Kentucky and see trailer parks and upscale homes suffering from the same ignorance.

Celebrating wickedness and lauding praise upon ‘strongmen’ has been the go to ratings bonanza  for years with the ‘lily white media’.  Vladimir Putin is just following what America’s news media has been doing for years.  Now they’re piling on Tucker Carlson and Fox News for doing the same.  Talk about hypocrites!  I remember how the media only showed Black people in chains and behaving badly.  I want to stay on what the American news media would be doing if times were different.  

“Oh look at Vladimir Putin.  Man he got little children walking down the street crying their eyes out.  Wonderful!  That’s what I’m talking about.  That’s the very epitome the very image of a strongman.  He’s kicking the shit out of women and children.  God, I’m gushing all over him right now.  Look at all the misery he’s inflicting.  All the death and destruction.  Boy if I could kiss Vladimir right now I’d lick him all over.  Look at Vladimir upon that jackass with his shirt off.  Man, I think I’m about to faint.   He’s so beautiful to gaze upon I can’t take it anymore!”

I don’t wanna hear it.  The American news media has their day of reckoning coming.  My three top priorities are God, family, country.  I don’t have to worry about God because he’s at the top of the food chain.  My family has committed wrongs and are currently serving penance.  America is a country, and a country is governed by people.  Public service is perverted right now, but not loss as we have the responsibility to keep people in power that serve the people.  If America elects Republicans again with the Republicans showing they are anti-Bible, then America will get what it deserves.  Lies are wicked Bible thumping Christians!  It should be ‘self-evident’.