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This digital periodical will question the ridiculous nature of those in power constantly trying to convince us they have our best interests at heart.  Thinking the worse about those you govern won’t endear them to you.  Being fawned over by those with paid access is not flattery Senators and Congress members.  Manipulating the haters and the willfully ignorant among the citizenry to trouble people who’ve done them no harm blots your soul.  I have witnessed God’s word in truth as he seeth that everybody’s day will come…

Article 5:  Revisiting the ‘STRONGMAN’ Argument

Wouldn’t a ‘real’ strongman visit his troops on the frontline?  Wouldn’t a ‘real’ strongman make sure the men fighting in his war have all the equipment they need to ‘vanquish’ his enemies?  Wouldn’t a ‘real’ strongman not need village idiots to convince him he is a ‘GOD’ because he would know this himself after all everybody is kissing his ass right?  Wouldn’t a ‘real’ strongman ride into battle as a ‘tank commander’?  A ‘real’ strongman wouldn’t need to ride a ’jackass’ into battle.  A ‘real’ strongman wouldn’t need a ‘fat orange haired buffoon from America’ or an old ‘fool’ from Belarus chiming in his ear about how they want to be just like ‘Vladimir Putin’ when they grow up.

Now let me get to a few observations or should I say ‘miscalculations’.  Sun Tzu in ‘The Art of War’ said the General that makes the most calculations wins.  Listen everybody, there will always be people to tell you what your ‘ignorant’ ass wants to hear.  The choice is an individual choice to suffer judgment and condemnation.  As I’ve always said and forever will that you can believe all the lies you want.  Knock yourself out with lies.  Be in a trance for them, but a faux Christian can pack all the lies and even carry them to judgment.  I promise you that you and your baggage will take the express service to ‘HELL’.  

Revelations 22:15…’For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie’.  Yes all of us have told a lie before in our lives.  That’s forgivable.  What’s unforgivable is those that tell a lie and not confess it is a lie.  Those that believe a lie when they know it is a lie are guilty. Those that follow my writings and stories know that I don’t have an ounce of solidarity with ‘EvanDevilcal Christians’ or faux Christians.  The hypocrisy of those people who truthfully are mainly Republicans have kept evil going in America for hundreds of years.  Why would Republican ‘EvanDevilcal Christians’ stop pushing ‘ignorant’ people to hate others for no good reason than to keep them in power?

Now we are informed that the wife of a United States Supreme Court Associate Justice was in favor of overturning a duly elected United States President?  We are, American citizens are to blame for our mistrust in the highest court in the land? Like I said I wrote a post way back when I started pursuing my passion of writing and bringing real stories about Black people to life.  How you can ‘degrade’ an organization, a business, a family, a legislative body, a court of law.  One way is just like that.  Have a spouse influence a judge to vote against something she favors.  

Watch my words.  In the days to come you will hear all about how professionally Justice Thomas approaches every case before him.  How the law itself is his ultimate counsel.  How passionately he holds his oath to be impartial.  It won’t work on anybody using their senses to ‘discern both good and evil’.  The dye is cast, and it has bonded with the paper (our hearts and minds).  That’s how you degrade a nation.  Justice Thomas was the lone dissenting vote on that one case. Don’t ask him to resign because he doesn’t have a minuscule of decency or honor in his bones.

In closing I think we have put to rest the insulting imagination of village idiots about what describes a strongman.  Yeah a strongman is genius and savvy when he lines up his toy soldiers on a game board and a smaller boy comes along and kicks the shit out of them all over the place.  Strongman indeed Republicans!



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 20:  How Many Times Republicans Need to Tell You They Don’t See You?

The CROWN ACT ‘Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural hair’ literally was done to protect the rights of Black, Brown and Colored People to express their individuality in styling their own hair.  Just getting the details out of the way first will allow us to tie all of it together in this issue.  Meditate on this while you read this.  How can another race tell a race they aren’t a member of how to conduct themselves?  Hold that thought.

Let me explain to White Men and Women why the hair of Colored people is scripture.  1 Corinthians 11:15 ‘But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering’.  ‘Hair is a glory’ Republicans.  I know all of you will never understand that given that all of you voted against the ‘bill’ in the U.S. House of Representatives.  It is typical for the God thumping Bible Party to profess with their mouths how holy they are when their hearts tell the truth.

————————-Stop reading right here as it’s about to get ugly————————–

White Republican men have wished and for the most part were successful in erasing everything about Black people.  Republicans have to be vigilant in their historical effort to erase all that Black people knew from Africa, and what they remembered still needed to be monitored and stamped out when it shows itself.  Hence 3/5 a White person.  White and Black water fountains everywhere keeps ‘those’ people in line.  No sitting at the lunch counter.  Go to the back of the bus and if no seats are available a Black person must give up theirs to a White person.  How many jellybeans in a jar to vote? Pay a poll tax to vote.  

Redline communities to keep Black people from buying or renting homes or apartments.  Seize lands for public works projects and pay Black owners a third less a White would get for the same land.  Discrimination in hiring practices for both public and private jobs.  Police neighborhoods in different ways when those needing help are Black or White.  Police fear Black people more than they fear White people and this is why that mentality is dangerous.  James 1:8 ‘A double minded man is unstable in all his ways’.  

Imagine that by what authority White people believe they have the right to tell Black people how to style their hair?  Are you still meditating?  Let’s continue then with our efforts to reveal the overt ways White people brood and conspire to use authority I believe from Satan to oppress Black people.  I mean they did and still go to their churches oblivious to all the atrocities committed in their names to keep White people in power.  Why stop now?  Republicans are good at oppression, so why stop what’s working?  

White people don’t like the way Black people dress.  White people don’t like the way Black people greet, mingle and interact with friends and family.  They say, ‘Black people get too loud when they gather together’.  Black people are gaining in wealth and that needs to be reined in before they taste more freedom than they should be allowed.  White people should harass Black people when they go shopping by calling the police on them because the police will automatically believe Whites over Blacks.  Black people renting houses need to have the police called on them because as a White person I get to say who looks suspicious or not.

Black people can’t tell me to follow the rules to leash my dog in public, so I’ll call the police and use the White woman damsel in distress with a ‘fear of a Black man’ enhancement to make them hurry.  Why do Black people vote Republican when all I’ve clearly written has happened and will continue to happen to Black people.  Republicans will always have the mentality that says everybody will conform, bend, cow tow, comply and obey my ideas of normality.  I’m the White Republican man and you’re going to obey me, or I will break your will.

Republicans say, I’m going to deny you the honor of God by denying you the right to worship God as you please thus bomb Black churches.  Sorry the times have changed.  Now I’m going to come in and shoot up your members and defile your churches.  Republicans say, I’m going to deny you the honor of God by denying you the right to be educated.  Bomb your Historic Black Colleges and Universities.  

That’s why I characterized White and Republican as the same because whether you knowingly or unknowingly White people benefit from the hatred the Republican Party has against Black people.  That’s why most White people and all Republicans will never understand that whatever mandates you decide Black people should follow will never be accepted by us!  What part of Black culture is acceptable to White people?  White people don’t get to tell Black and Colored people how to conduct their lives!

Look don’t get me wrong.  I’m not here to shatter hundreds of years of indoctrination why White people don’t understand why they’re in the wrong here.  I’m writing this so those Black people and Colored people know that Republicans think very little of you.  Republicans skin and grin facing you, but snarl and gnash their teeth at you behind your back.  Do you get it now Republicans and White people?  No matter how hard you try to you cannot erase what makes Black and Colored people unique.  I won’t say stop trying because that would make me sound naïve because you’re not going to stop coming after us.

I will say this.  Controlling the flow of information completely is no longer in your sole possession.  I am a Black man, and I will always call it as it is.  Watch me.




I thought this digital periodical should be the opposite of the ‘political theater’ version gracing my website.  The focus here will be what America can accomplish with a political system pushing her to do better on behalf of all her citizens.  In that spirit I will make this version an upbeat idea filled publication for the ages…

Issue 3:  Delusion and Waste

Today was enlightening.  Beholding someone in the throes of a delusion and not interrupting has always eluded me.  Not this time though as I stood intensely listening with as much of a nonjudgmental face as I could.  Truthfully it was as much of an expansion of my consciousness as I’ve read and heard about.  A lie isn’t an excuse to immunize anyone from their responsibility to know the truth.  Knowing all of this is nothing in and of itself, so what meaning does witnessing delusional behavior that I must conclude to keep my mind free of it? 

Understanding the word of God as much as possible informs me that constantly seeking and consuming unrighteousness condemns a person to being judged incompatible to the truth.  One, two, three or more instances of hearing, believing, and spreading lies isn’t enough.  A person has to actively seek them out to spoil good order and decency.  President Putin mistakenly believed that he could wield such a potent power as telling lies that the handling of lies carefully would somehow not touch his garments.  Nothing else could explain his total and complete lack of calculus in starting a war with Ukraine.

The next printing of Webster’s Dictionary should have a picture of President Putin by the words ‘miscalculated’, ‘incompetence’, ‘paper tiger’, and ‘delusional’.  What a foolish waste of lives, infrastructure and if he had a reputation a reputation in the eyes and minds of other authoritarians.  Loose meaning of the word authoritarian I’m going for here to somehow explain all these ‘guys’ lack of real loyalty in the cronies eyeballing them.  Really, let’s be real here.  It’s not a wanna be strong man they’re sucking up too it’s what they can get from feigning admiration when what they really want to do is put a shiv between their shoulder blades.

Now let me be clear about this because it’s important.  Do not attempt to pull someone out of their delusion.  Do you understand me?  I am with America no matter what and it’s not because I served in the Army.  I’m with America because I believe America is the only thing keeping the world from plunging into chaos.  Some of you I’m sure didn’t understand the above statement, so I’ll say it another way.  America is the world’s best shot bar none!  Yes as a Black man I say that as a child of God.  America’s strength is borne of a totality of her history which includes her atrocities, reconciliations and her triumphs.

Let your fellow Americans disparage her such as believing claims of biolabs in Ukraine creating toxins to kill us.  Believing Ukraine’s Jewish President is a Nazi.  Fox News allowing filth spued about President Biden but love and Godspeed for President Putin.  When you hear things that seem so outrageous about America ask for proof.  Where can I find that and what and where is it coming from.  Furthermore, I ask that all media outlets stop lying about Russian citizens being told lies as if they can’t discover the truth for themselves.  This isn’t the Era of the Pony Express. This is 2022!  Stop it!  Russians are capable of finding the truth if they seek it.  Russia isn’t North Korea or China and in both those countries you can still find the truth.

The truth is ordained of God.  Last time I checked the creature isn’t greater than the Creator!  The rest of you Americans that are free it’s time to pick a side.  America and her potential (hint she hasn’t fully reached it yet) doesn’t cheer on thugs that have to be bribed to secure their support.  Also remember that that type of chain of command is ‘shaky’ and not very trustworthy.  Look at that another variation of ‘truth’.  In closing I have one more thing.  Invading other countries when said country don’t like the leader that’s trying to do it kinda always fails.  Just a thought.



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 19:  If Only I Could Behold Competent Police Officers

The arresting officer behind Director Ryan Coogler that put him in handcuffs should be fired immediately.  The teller that Black woman should be training all of Bank of America tellers because her incompetence should spread throughout their organization.  That teller had the nerve to say ‘good job guys’ to the police officers?  Oh man I love it.  She should be employee of the century!  Why you ask?  Let me tell you how she contradicted her entire story to fit the stupidity of her actions.  She said the customer gave her his ‘id’.  She said it was a ‘California id’.  The customer kept stating to her to ‘look at the note’.  Why then did she say to the ‘security guards’ that showed up in Atlanta Police uniforms that ‘her stomach was turning’?

That ‘security guard’ sergeant in Atlanta Police garb must be part of the most unprofessional crop of supervisors I have ever seen masquerading as examples of leadership.  It would be an injustice and a disgrace to call these ‘police officers’ KLONDIKE KOPS because it would insult their moniker.  These ‘security guard’ Atlanta Police people failed in every way possible to show competence and a skill set that seems to be attributed to ‘law enforcement personnel’.  That’s why as a Black man I call it like I see it no matter the race, color or creed of this type of buffoonery.  

Stay with me because I work in mental health, and I can tell you it is not for the faint of heart.  I respond to patients in crisis all the time and I don’t go hands on immediately.  I practice a professional set of skills!  I arrive on scene and gather information with my eyes, ears, nose and brain.  Brain, boy that is something I don’t see being used a lot in police work.  Read the first paragraph and tell me when you would stop that teller to ask her this question.  He gave you his ID?

That teller isn’t even privy to the security protocols to enter that area of the bank where she works!  Mr. Coogler said as much “I had to use my card to get back there”.  He hands her the note and his ID.  He lays his phone on the counter.  His demeanor doesn’t flash a hint of nervousness.  He continues to speak in a clear and calm voice rising a little when that ‘security guard’ Atlanta police idiot pulled his gun out.  Side point, bank robbery is a ‘fast’ crime.  If Mr. Coogler was robbing the bank why would he bring in his phone?  Why was he ‘not’ wearing gloves?  The most damming point.  Why did he use his access card which leaves a world of information on the digital ‘grid’?

That ‘sergeant’ if I must use the term is demeaning to every professional that wears that well known mantle of leadership.  He told Mr. Coogler the ‘seriousness of the call’ mandated that Mr. Coogler could not be extended some fucking professionalism!  ‘No benefit of the doubt’ that buffoon told Mr. Coogler.  All those ‘cops’ and forgive me for describing them as such.  It should insult all the ‘cops’ doing their jobs with professionalism.  All of them arrived at the bank to no sounds of disturbance or indicators of danger.  No customers running out screaming.  No customers aware that another customers was being serviced by what it seemed like a ‘teller’ playing junior detective.

Oh, I haven’t forgotten the branch manager.  He should be fired immediately if he still works there.  That guy or gal has zero judgment and zero accountability.  When I held the rank of Sergeant in the United States Army I understood one thing.  I never failed to give the truth to my superiors!  I would accept nothing less flowing in my direction.  I spoke up against my First Sergeant having sex with the females in the Unit and he was married.  It cost me the chance to make Staff Sergeant.  I still maintained my professionalism and my honor.  That branch manager is responsible for that incompetent show of customer service and human decency to Mr. Coogler.

So to all the ‘Demon Christians’ always siding with the stupidity of this world because of title, position, race, creed, job or color.  Know this, you and I will see the maker one day.  Won’t be any praise of incompetence standing before the First Father.  I wish I could laugh at Bank of America, but I can’t.  A man could have lost his life just for providing his account information.  Think about that.  I don’t even work in a bank, and I would’ve read his note entirely and took the time to look at his ID to greet and acknowledge the customer with respect.  

I am thanked by patients all the time at my job for my professionalism.  Know how many times they’ve called me out my name.  Threatened me with physical violence.  Lied on me to my supervisors.  I learned this one thing in church.  When it is all said and done all you will have is your name.  I have never forgotten that, and I never will.  So all you folks out there happily basking in the organizations, companies, households and gathering shielding you from your wrongs.  Have at it. They can’t discharge you from the last and final judgement.



Preamble:  The Creator’s Diversity

The ones who hold the power tell the story.  The quote went something like that.  Make peace with that truth and let’s move on to how power can wreck a weak mind.  When the King eats from the same soil and drinks from the same pond how then did humankind conclude that denying these basic truths could unify us all?  How the realization of what power brings to those that possess it can influence human being that are weak of spirit.  When their spirit is enticed to commit acts of evil when those in power that are evil hearted require it of them.  The Creator gifted his diverse creation carefully. The care he intended has been perverted by one race intent on maintaining their power instead of sharing it as we share the land, water and the air.  America is that experiment.  May I say it has never reached its full potential because she (Motherly pronoun) has never loved all her children.

Issue 4:  The Sole Breadwinner?

Okay I think that picture has told a thousand words of truth.  No more should anyone in the world be told that a strong man running a failed state into the ashes of history must be admired.  Take history for example as it is as the scripture has saith “Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set” Proverbs 22 vs. 28 from the Authorized King James Holy Bible.  The symbols that were set were to remind the people of what life altering event happened in order to make a better world.  What evil had to be vanquished in order for good to regain its’ footing.  Where the Son of God ascended from the Earth to the ‘Most High’ on his Father’s righthand side.

Even before the world was made God was there.  Now this is where the lust for power corrupts the weak hearted.  If I was the sole leader of a failed state set at naught by every free country in the known world I still wouldn’t care what anyone thought of me.  I certainly wouldn’t craft a lie that a 4 and a half year old could conjure up to invade another country.  Why would I need to lie if everybody around me is telling me I’m a God?  I have an idiot ex-president trump of the United States telling me my moves are moves Sun Tzu couldn’t have crafted.  Why would I have military officers around my table as if I actually heed their advice, or better yet I actually allow them to run the war machine of my failed state.

Listen to me right now.  This is for all those demon worshipping Republicans that fill those demon White Churches every Sunday.  You are not innocent!  You may reward all those politicians telling you the lies you want to hear while you’re foaming at the mouth unable to consume them fast enough.  I vote Democrat and I don’t hesitate to tell my leaders when they’re wrong or they’re seeking to make decisions that stains their souls.  I certainly don’t ask them to be perfect, but I certainly wouldn’t support somebody that lies to me.  For instance, Republicans I talk to still believe that Black folks are on government assistance and the only way to stop them is to vote Republican.  You know the Republicans give government assistance to the ‘RICH’ every day right?  While you wallow in poverty watching your children be hungry and fail in school, but you still vote Republican because they keep the money away from the Blacks.

Is everything a joke in the Republican Party?  You’re not just supporting a political party.  Don’t try that shit with me!  One thing though about Republicans I do appreciate.  You’ve helped me prove the fact that there are a lot more evil people in the world than good.  Yeah, going to your White Church and ignoring the evil coming from your leaders doesn’t free you from being complicit in their sins.  All that part of the problem quote and not the solution.  Yeah, that too.

Finally, let me take a stab at it.  Vladimir Putin has been consumed by the darkness of debauchery for far too long.  That shit eating grin on his face he wears like he knows all of humankind seeks their own gratification void of caring about others as he sure does not.  All too often when anyone is surrounded by ass kissers they begin to believe that everyone would do the same if you give them gifts.  Everyone can be bought because that is the dictator’s experience.  Gosh, they will never know that is untrue before they go straight to Hell!

Now to all those gaining enormous wealth dealing in the commerce of evil good luck.  Praising Putin for sitting shirtless atop an ass says a lot about the person saying such things as well doesn’t it?  I work in mental health, and I say this all the time to my co-workers and patients.  I can do no more than live and die with humanity.  I speak up when someone is doing good, and I speak even louder when someone is doing wrong.  It cost me rank when I was in the Army.  I still have ‘my’ soul.  There is no such thing as I’ve said before of dealing in evil to obtain fortune or position and afterwards doing good.  That is simply a poorly crafted fantasy of a horribly written script.  “The problem with starting out in evil it’s like trying to locate a speck of poison in the blood scream.  Before you eliminate that speck from your blood it has already made its way throughout your body because your heart made sure of it.”  Something God said about praise with the mouth, but the heart is far from me.  Oh well, of course you can do it.  You’re the ‘soul breadwinner!’