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Preamble:  The Creator’s Diversity

The ones who hold the power tell the story.  The quote went something like that.  Make peace with that truth and let’s move on to how power can wreck a weak mind.  When the King eats from the same soil and drinks from the same pond how then did humankind conclude that denying these basic truths could unify us all?  How the realization of what power brings to those that possess it can influence human being that are weak of spirit.  When their spirit is enticed to commit acts of evil when those in power that are evil hearted require it of them.  The Creator gifted his diverse creation carefully.  The care he intended has been perverted by one race intent on maintaining their power instead of sharing it as we share the land, water and the air.  America is that experiment.  May I say it has never reached its full potential because she (Motherly pronoun) has never loved all her children.

Issue 1:  Feed My Flock?

Feed them with what you ask?  In the basic sense of things that are needful for the human body to survive and thrive the answer would be food and water.  This is where a conniving man allowed to don the attire of a pastor would target the mind of the simple.  Would you agree that the vast majority of church goers are simple minded deflectors?  By that I mean these so called believers would allow themselves to be cast under a spell of mischievous men into a kind of religion unauthorized by the living God.  That’s the only nice answer I can conclude because using other disciplines of reasoning I would conclude that the ‘flock’ is content to be led astray.

Take Jeremiah 23:2 “Therefore thus saith the Lord God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the Lord.”  The Authorized King James Holy Bible condemns all those so called pastors that have led astray all these so-called white evangelical Christians on a path straight to Hell!  Jews and Gentiles don’t have to kiss your asses!  I tell you what’s not going to ever happen again in this great country.  We’re not going to tell you it’s okay ever again to visit evil upon other races for ‘shits and giggles’ evangelical Christians.

Enough with the church lessons for a block of people who’ve been led astray for centuries.  Now to the good that is still alive and practiced in this world.  Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer I celebrate and applaud your love of your country.  It is not just that he wanted to maintain an ideological balance or presence on the highest court in the land.  Justice Breyer knew that diversity of thought and lived experiences were in jeopardy of being diminished.  This man embodies a special loyalty to humanity itself.  Justice Breyer is still a citizen of America and I’m sure he witnessed the theft of a Supreme Court appointment.  His commitment to America pressed him to act in order for America not to lose ground in the fight for equality.  Justice Breyer stepped down because he is the ultimate team player!  I can’t say the same about some of our other Federal officials.

Let me say this and I hope this time it reaches a lot of Americans.  Tragedy is a constant for our country.  Why?  Because some elected officials are unworthy of their station which leads to the constant flow of pain and suffering in our country.  Talking la la la just talking going round about and acting like the nut jobs in America are the only people that matter.  The shooting in Tennessee is a symptom of this cowboy mentality in policing.  The claims of operating a professional police force is never evident in the actions of their personnel.  It’s like a person claiming they’re a doctor without ever attending medical school, submitting to a licensing skills assessment process and passing it.  Police forces should have a credentialing board.  A federal law should be established that police forces must meet certain criteria to perform their duties lawfully.

I can’t share with you the situations I have encountered in my day to day duties as a mental health professional.  One thing I can share is that I face the same dangers as police officers to lesser degrees.  I am required to perform my duties professionally using my words and mental health techniques to gain compliance from ‘human beings’ in distress.  My job is not a job for those fearful of getting hurt or injured.  I come to work smiling knowing that I have a God in Heaven I must answer to when it’s all said and done.  I promise you when I face God there won’t be any hesitation in my voice when I answer that I acted humanely toward all his children.

In summary, we don’t apply the law through the fog of intense emotions and tragedy.  Just laws should be applied with clarity of thought and relevance.  Stop applying the defining criteria of raw emotions to official decisions.  If you can’t adjudicate the requirements of your office and I mean every official of government ethically and lawfully, then step away and do something else with your life.  Pain and suffering is not going anywhere.  That’s why professional jobs require ‘PROFESSIONALS’!  That’s why backsliding is something we are warned about which seems like as a nation we’re doing in many areas.  

God help the children being educated in this day and age.  They won’t have anything to fear until they start committing the atrocities they were prevented from knowing growing up.  Then their parents will be scared of them then will they not be?  I wonder how that society will look when it comes to past?  I guess attempting to prevent tragedies are something only Jews and Black people worry about.



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 16:  The Misapplication of Power

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City I laud your achievement and pray that you have all the success due.  Now that being said I’m wondering about two things you’ve done over the last week.  One is that you angrily lashed out at the ‘killers’ of those now two police officers.  What did you mean by ‘killers’?  The second thing you laid out a plan of putting more police officers on the street.  Returning the plain clothes unit to duty and strongly urging the courts in New York to prioritize gun crimes.  Forgive my bewilderment but isn’t that the same ole stale, unimaginative and as we said in the military ‘it’s the same shit with a new smell’.

Let me offer blessings for the families of those officers and that their memories be not besmirched by grand standing or calls for vengeance or retaliation against innocent human beings.  The fact of the matter is that their leadership failed those officers.  Here’s what I’m talking about.  How about awareness training when dealing with the citizens officers are sworn to protect that covers mental health issues all the way to include domestic situations.

Techniques such as 1:  When approaching the home ask for as much information available on that address to include how many people live there to if firearms are registered.  2:  When officers enter the home ascertain which resident is the calmest able to provide a clear assessment of the situations so the officers can deploy their training as appropriate.  3:  If the domestic is volatile ask the calm resident to ask everyone to come out into the open space showing their hands as an act of kindness because the officers are here to talk.  4:  If the situation is volatile then the officers take cover and advise the despondent resident to come out with hands visible.  5:  A mental health professional should be on call or on the scene ready to advise the officers if there is potential danger they aren’t cognizant of as a mental health professional would be.

His honor the Mayor lashing out like that is unprofessional.  It is obvious to me he doesn’t have strong advisors around him to let him know he’s not a cop anymore.  His honor is now the Mayor.  What his honor has shown to the public is an offer to return to times where emotions are heightened, and innocent people are harassed if anyone remembers ‘stop and frisk’.  May I add that it is salient that his staff are void of the philosophical disciplines.  There needs to be on staff people learned in ethics, logic, the metaphysical and so forth to offer different points of view and thus would serve to deescalate some of those powerful emotions like anger when tragedy occurs.  It is not a bad thing to have those kinds of people around to temper impulses that may lead to more tragedies.

Therein lies the misapplication of power when events occur that no one in leadership can stop from happening.  Those in power can seek out those that have answers and connect their chain of command to see it gets disseminated.  The ‘person’ that committed those crimes is the only person that should be held accountable.  Saying things like ‘killers’ gives rise to people’s prejudices and more importantly it ‘distracts’ and minimizes the acts of that lone individual.  If any of you are wondering yes I am an older Black man well pass middle age who unfortunately sees life keeps repeating itself.  

Listen to me cause I will be clear.  The majority in America has always been White.  People of color and those that are not White.  Please don’t co-sign to ‘a failure of imagination’.  If you have ideas on what should happen do not be afraid to try them.  What do you know?  They could work, or the faults in the misapplication of power will befall you as well.

The ARC of Conditioning

Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time

Season 2:  Episode 7:  The ARC of Conditioning


(Mother has tasted, savored and ingested the inner thoughts of her team.  What she realizes that in every dish some of the ingredients must remain unknown to lend a certain mystique to the chef.  Mother also knows that every side dish to compliment a truly succulent meal is dependent on the appetite of the diners.  She also knows that the wrong guest could make some items incompatible which means it could cause an upset stomach.  Alas, where food is an easier mix to manage, she knows finding the right people to contribute to a finished business creation is trickier than it seems.

It’s time for Mother to go before her ARC Council.  What was it that I discovered about the human body?  Oh, that it doesn’t care what is introduced to it because it hasn’t a say in what it can or cannot consume.  The last sentence applies to food items of course.  Once a substance is ingested via the mouth and enters the ‘void’ of the stomach then it will be processed and the results we know are either good or bad.  Why can’t human being apply understanding to the mind as well?  How did humans become so arrogant that we’ve mistaken the mind for wholeness even when we’ve nowhere near gathered what it needs?  

We’ve deluded ourselves into believing that the mind doesn’t need to be respected at all times.  In furtherance that the mind is doing things all the time like adding to our existence constantly, and we just expect it knows where to put current information.  Time has long since left the mind  to abide in the metaphorical ‘corner’ where it has confounded all who will never seek to respect its benefits or its punishments when misused knowingly or unknowingly.  Unlike the stomach being fast to help the body recover when the right nutrients are ingested; the mind would like to know if you can even comprehend the knowledge laid out for you.  Mother knows human beings are more likely to bungle the process of learning by the arrogance of intelligence or the arrogance of ignorance.  Yeah, both options are quite common in this world.).

————–1st Chapter—————

Mother Sayer: (Entering her building on this day has her focused on her primary task.  She has bled toughness by neglecting her council.  Her council can metaphorically kick her teeth in.  Mother is very familiar with the principle of ‘self-awareness’.  How else could she achieve success in her responsibilities if she didn’t know when she is vulnerable or when she is strong or when she is losing her ‘edge’.  She will correct that today.).  Hello, Sarah.  What’s on my morning schedule?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Nothing really requiring you spend a lot of time addressing.  Three calls to the project managers along with approving studio space to keep the tempo moving toward a presentable project for you to green light.

Mother Sayer:  Good, are refreshments in my office?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes.

Mother Sayer:  Thank you.  I will recharge and get this day going.  When I finish those tasks I will visit The ARC Council.  As usual take charge here and do what I know you know how.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Of course, Mother.  Hope they don’t knock you upside your head too much.

Mother Sayer:  Oh today I need a little roughness from them.  I sense my grasp of knowledge is off kilter.  Information isn’t falling in the right spots on my mind.  I need to get that corrected immediately.  Today I expect to be back at 100% when I come out of that room.

———–2nd Chapter———-

(The elevator ride down to the bottom floor seems like it’s taking forever.  Anxious moments like these lead to cluttered thoughts that flow out of it in unorganized patterns.  Mother begins her calming techniques she has taught herself over many years of life.  Her father is still alive, but she knows she can’t knock on his door every time a problem must be addressed.  She’s got the cognitive skills to get it done.

Trust in what Ableman Sayer has taught you, but also trust in what you have gleaned and woven into being that formidable woman.  This session won’t have me attending in a weakened state of mind.  This session is called to fortify what I am right now while at the same time understanding where I may be vulnerable.  D.D.O. might even speak this time although that’s just a fantasy of mine.  The ARC Angel may be in conflict which serves to sharpen my responses.  Frank Inquisitor is probably locked and loaded ready to send rapid fire in my direction.

This session is certain to be full of fireworks.).

Mother Sayer: (She exits the elevator and strides down the hall back in full confidence posture.).  Hello Council Assistant.  I am ready to attend the meeting.

Dreshe (pronounced Drey’she):  Notifies Mother that she now has a name to go with the position.

Mother Sayer:  Yes Dreshe, I will see the council now.

Dreshe:  Your presence is acknowledged.  Please have a seat as I inform them of your arrival.

Mother Sayer: (Good one Mother says to herself.  Make me wait which is what she would do.  No one should drop everything because I’ve made a house call.).  Thank you.

————3rd Chapter————-

(Mother is ushered to the door as usual by Dreshe and she locks it behind her.  The room is more furnished with different items she assumes represents different metaphysical and spiritual beliefs.  A globe that seems to mirror the Earth’s regions precisely.  An ancient mirror by the looks of it.  Several different flowerpots growing all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Lastly a door that leads to the outside has been redesigned to allow as much sunlight and natural weather conditions to fill the room as possible.  This is thought provoking is an understatement.)

The ARC Angel:  Ah Mother you did remember where we were in the building and here I was telling the other members you’ve lost a step.  We’ll get to that shortly.

Mother Sayer:  A one percent drop in my intellect still wouldn’t give you an advantage even if you had Martha Nussbaum coaching you.

Frank Inquisitor:  Oh, I see you’ve come to fight.  Question?  What is the rate at which learning proceeds and who is qualified to measure it?

Mother Sayer:  Knowledge is gained by a structured timetable lasting between 4 and 9 months.  Those qualified to measure it present to a licensing body which examines their ability to teach and measure academics.  Upon successfully completing such an exam they become licensed to justify who passes and who fails a block of instruction.

Furthermore once a professional status is obtained the holder of each discipline must submit to continuing education in order to remain proficient in their chosen field of study.

The ARC Angel:  Now that we’ve gotten book smarts out of the way.  The human body.  Is it a multifaceted creation capable of change, or is it something that once a set of instructions is loaded it cannot be altered?

Mother Sayer:  An individual must decide what he or she will be known as.  From there a person seeks out what will strengthen and sustain the kind of person they wish to become.

D.D.O.:  Although he doesn’t speak he motions with sign language that to what would a person study to show approval?

Mother Sayer:  In sign language:  Mother replies:  No instruction could be mastered immediately because human emotions would often alter a beginner’s discipline.  The hardest part about charting a new course rest in the initial destination.  Most people are knocked off course by the slightest wind or smallest rumble under their feet

Frank Inquisitor:  Maybe the revelation of being sidetracked is a signal that the destination is in error.

Mother Sayer:  Maybe the revelation is a warning the person has a history of starting something and never following through with it.

The ARC Angel:  What if the person decided to be a doctor?  Could everyone that declares for a profession achieve it?

Mother Sayer: (Mother knows this one all too well).  Absolutely not.  That is a form of group think that emanated from a constructed dream of American achievement.  Simply put it is a repeated line from a celebration of a few people succeeding at the start of the industrial revolution.

D.D.O.:  In sign language:  So I couldn’t achieve my dream in America?  What if I wanted to be a teacher?  Could that be possible in America?

Mother Sayer:  You would have to rely on the ingenuity of others to make it possible.  For instance you would need preprinted materials and digital media to record your lectures for the entire semester.  Maybe an assistant or two that could answer questions from your students.  The degree of difficulty in performing the same functions as a non-deaf professor would have you at a markedly disadvantage.

The ARC Angel:  Although your answer is correct it was delivered with zero empathy.

Mother Sayer:  Oh, I didn’t know this was a pity party.  Should I perform with crocodile tears as well?

Frank Inquisitor:  Obviously your skill in answering challenges still passes the test, but what about your people.  How are they doing?  You are adding to your legend as the days past.  What about them?  Are they getting the attention and training they need to get stronger mentally?

Mother Sayer:  There is a mandatory 30 minute assessment and awareness time carved out in each and every associate’s schedule 3 times a week.  It is to be used for whatever purpose the associate decides.  The associates’ entire health is our priority at the ARC.

D.D.O.:  In sign language:  How nice of you not to squeeze every ounce of usefulness from your employees for profit and actually give a dam about them.  That is commendable.  Maybe we need to submit you to the Nobel Commission for the Peace Prize.

Mother Sayer:  So I gather it is unusual for an employer to actually give a dam is that what I’m hearing?  No need to answer that’s a rhetorical question.  We all know the answer.  My father provided quite a good model.  He taught me something to which I’ve added my own verse.  “The rich man consumes his food, and it is purged in the void just as the poor man”.  My verse.  “A living wage fills every empty stomach”. 

The ARC Angel:  Going and coming right I get it.  What about conflict?  I heard Mr. O’Woh and Ms. Oakli were uncooperative?  They didn’t kiss the ring?

Mother Sayer: (God I was waiting for one of them to say that.).  Amusing.  Let me share something else I’ve learned in this life.  There is a phenomenon I call the ‘arrogance of intelligence’ and the ‘arrogance of ignorance’.  

D.D.O.:  In sign language:  I hope you’ve thought this through because I’d like to hear what you have to say.  Please.

Mother Sayer:  Buying a field and not planting it with growing things that humans consume would be a waste of that field wouldn’t it?  The same can be said of harvesting that field to feed countless others and feeling those people would be hungry if it wasn’t for me.  Arrogance begins at the doorstep of success.

The ARC Angel:  Success is the driving force that motivates the human mind.

D.D.O.:  In sign language:  Shut up!  I may not be able to sign as fast as you can talk.  I still need some playing time on this field the same as you do.  Go ahead Mother.

Mother Sayer:  Conditioning begins when all of us decides who we will become mind you.  Of a truth, this revelation about arrogance in two of its’ forms needs more than a passing exposition.  Its effect are quite destructive for those with a false belief of its’ usefulness.  Therefore I will press forward with my explanation and conclusion.  

Just a reminder we’re talking about the ‘arrogance of intelligence’ in this block of instructions.  While intelligence is not the boogeyman the conclusion of its possessor is.  History is packed with notions of bringing ‘religion’ to third world countries.  

Frank Inquisitor:  Yes we know European history books fawn and swoon about the fact how Africa was civilized.  How without them the continent would still be inhabited by a bunch of jungle bunnies jumping up and down with their privates flapping in the wind.

Mother Sayer:  A crude description even as the accuracy is off.  Let me refine your look back at history.  Who decided the African continent needed European guidance?

Frank Inquisitor:  The Catholic Church would be my conclusion.

Mother Sayer:  True with additional players willing to bring their vision to fruition.  Any decision made in the history of this planet in Heaven and Earth has to be followed by willing foot soldiers capable of creating that reality.  This is what occurs daily as I conduct my affairs as the leader of the ARC Incorporated.  Selecting the right people based on relevant data from different sources to include a resume, but more importantly the insight comes in the face to face hiring interview.

Frank Inquisitor:  Wait.  The real assessment in whether the person in front of you fits part of a puzzle to eventually achieve the goals of your company.  That happens in that interview?

Mother Sayer:  I said the entire process is important not just the face to face interview.  My human resource manager has laid out some amazing questions that don’t just laud over academic transcripts.  Hardships and triumphs wrapped in tough choices like doing what is right or what is easy to earn a buck.  I’m not looking for sponge cakes.  I’m looking for grease burns and skinned knees.

D.D.O.:  In sign language:  People who’ve actually had to break through barriers just to be able to tell themselves they’re now eligible to seek out a life.

Mother Sayer:  Yeah, those people that probably came up in two parent, one parent, foster parent or group homes where the only person responsible for their protection was the person staring at them in the mirror.

The ARC Angel:  A fighter or somebody that knows how to take a blow and keep swinging is that right?

Mother Sayer:  That attempt at understanding who I’m searching for or my quest to build the kind of team that can work independently is important.  Spiritually I want people that can refresh the people around them.  I push energy to those people because they want to pull energy from a person capable of leading them to become something more.

The ARC Angel:  What would be the ‘more’ you seek for them?

Mother Sayer:  Let’s be clear.  Intelligence can be achieved by successfully completing a course of instruction by probably the majority of human beings.  What is more difficult is understanding that discovering your intelligence being celebrated by others is not a license to use it to judge others for not achieving the same level of education.

That opens bare the ‘arrogance of intelligence’.  How did education become the rod of oppression?  I believe that’s why in my early childhood I’ve heard such strange things like ‘you’re trying to be white’ because you’re taking seriously your education.  We’ll table that discussion for another ARC Council session.

Frank Inquisitor:  Education leads to intelligence which increases one’s chances of achieving a desired outcome in whatever field of study that may be.  Why would education be the enemy in anything?

Mother Sayer:  Everything that is good in this world can be tainted by mischievous people.  As I stated a short time ago in this session, why would European countries believe that the continent of Africa want their unsolicited interference?  The history books are glowing with how they taught them to read, write and worship a living God.  Who invited them to chart the development of their societies?

Just because Europeans and Africans spoke and lived in different cultures and societies, who gave Europeans the right to interfere with Africa’s destiny?  That’s the ‘arrogance of intelligence’ that is responsible for centuries of struggles of those same African countries to get back to what they were before the contamination of their societies by European interlopers.

D.D.O.:  In sign language:  That is not how history recorded Europe’s march into the African continent.

Mother Sayer:  History is written by the victors right?  Why would a more developed nation admit their country committed atrocities which probably destroyed discoveries, inventions and wonders the world could have been witnessed from these countries?

Frank Inquisitor:  We’ll never know would we?

Mother Sayer:  I’m not done yet.  I haven’t explained what I mean by the ‘arrogance of ignorance’.  This one’s a doozy.  Who invented the ‘polio vaccine’?

Frank Inquisitor:  Jonas Salk.

Mother Sayer:  Anyone else helped him say like people of different races?

Frank Inquisitor:  Where are you going with this?  Time’s a passing.

Mother Sayer:  Oh don’t worry about the clock.  I know the owner.  I hear she is quite feisty and direct.  Besides this is one of my most enlightening sessions.  I’ll speed it up in any case.  If the polio disease was a major threat to America’s population why didn’t the government or the private sector push to have the best minds on it with dispatch?

D.D.O.:  In sign language:  Because America was in the throes of its’ arrogance.  Hatred and exclusion ruled the day.  America was single minded in its’ belief that only white people were smart enough to solve its’ problems.  Oh, I see where you’re headed with this.  I want to hear this myself.

Mother Sayer:  Wouldn’t it have been better to pool the ‘intelligence’ of the entire population?  Yes but nooo, the country was deep in the throes of  ‘arrogant ignorance’.  Purity must be adhered to no matter the cost.  Polio was simply a cost of our ignorance which we’re willing to ring that register every time.  

That’s not even the worst of that deeply held belief by millions of Americans.  You wanna hear it?

Frank Inquisitor:  Hear what?

Mother Sayer:  Why America suffers from an ‘arrogance of ignorance’ problem?

Frank Inquisitor:  Why does America suffer from an ignorance problem?

Mother Sayer:  Part of staying ignorant is looking at how things was done in the past.  How using that look back feature using a tech term if I may.  It creates a reality that only certain people can discover and invent the things that enhances my life.  Millions of white people possess this ‘arrogance of ignorance’, and they probably couldn’t tell you why they would never accept or submit to something that wasn’t created by people that don’t look like they do.

Frank Inquisitor:  So you’re saying that if something more contagious or something more beneficial to support their health and well-being they would reject its’ existence or its’ advantages?

Mother Sayer:  If God forbid a widely reported communicable disease were to spread throughout the world and our brightest scientists came up with a treatment to combat it, millions of people would not vaccinate themselves against it.  The reason is they wouldn’t is right there in history.  Ignorance is a right and the destructive part about ignorance is that the bulk of them don’t know why they’re ignorant!

The ARC Angel:  C’mon, the answer is not that simple.  There’s no way that millions of people are following some conditioning and they don’t even know why.  It can’t be a real thing that millions of people would risk their lives because they believe others are inferior and couldn’t possibly think of proven therapies that would save their lives.

Mother Sayer:  Okay.  Tell me why elected officials at all levels of government hesitate to tell people the truth?

D.D.O.:  In sign language:  I got this question.  They suffer from an all too common human emotion.  They can’t withstand the negative blowback which as you say has altered their conditioning to not even bother with the truth.  If the citizenry is content to be ignorant then let them be ignorant.  I completely understand both your ‘arrogance of intelligence’ and your ‘arrogance of ignorance’ concepts.  

Mother Sayer has drawn some interesting conclusions that should have all of us contemplating the depth by which both of those concepts contribute to ones’ decision making process.  How could I’ve missed the connection is vexing me?

Mother Sayer:  Many analogies could apply to both concepts.  One that fits appropriately is if you throw an object into the sky even if you threw it straight up it will not land on its’ launching point.  The ARC of conditioning never begins and ends with the creators of such things whether it be good or evil.  The best thing to do if you don’t want the wrong conditioning to continue is when it comes back down to Earth is to drive it into the ground beneath your feet (metaphorically of course).


(Must I say that session was extremely rewarding.  I got to work out some slight doubt I felt creeping up on me from a direction of fire I couldn’t get an angle on to return fire.  Stay out of arrogant intelligence and ignorance.  The way she has done things is working.  Finding people that have suffered hardships is true lining.  Her company is solidifying itself in many industries and is now attracting people that want to be a part of a team, but also want the flexibility to chart a course to a fixed point formed in their heart long before walking through the doors of the ARC.   

The ARC’s energy strings are almost visible now.  I can feel them Mother likes to say although she may wish it was possible to see them.  Maybe that day will come when she will be granted that wish to gaze upon the energy she has thrown to all her people and glare in awe as it dances in front of her face.  Nobody should want people that believe their intelligence is beyond comprehension by those around them.  Mother knows that she may fall in that trap herself if she tries to exclude them from working for her.  A first impression is not everything.  Whoever said that has destroyed a lot of good companies because the puzzle piece they needed might’ve just being discarded.

Mother has realized something that has also been discouraged in this life.  ‘Elders’ is a term meant to impart wisdom on the young.  She has embraced that spiritual edict wholeheartedly and every beating stride she will pump all she has into those around her that welcome it.  It’s not enough to say you care.  Faith and works could be the only matchup of the mind and body that spurs the progress of us all.).



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 15:  On Notice

Hear ye Hear ye.  Notice is given to all police officers, police union officials, and wanna be soulja boys that your actions from henceforth will forever be scrutinized.  The go to crowd of White people that excuse your actions as ‘stressful’ and ‘impossible situations’ or the best of your worse is ‘split second’ decision are not to be ‘second guessed’ even when zero skill or professionalism was on display.  None of you are the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ or his Father the Almighty.  It is certain in the heart of this Black man that none of you are the Judge, the Jury or the Executioner!

Back up.  What happened in California where that little girl was murdered by that police officer is simple as far as I see it.  First, where is the supervisor or who’s in charge?  Second, if no supervisor is present who is capable of being accountable?  Third, why am I saying this is because if nobody is in charge then the ‘cowboy complex’ or the ‘hero complex’ takes over the mind.  Here I come to save the day right?  No, nobody gets to say, ‘it’s a tough situation’ and it excuses a human life being taken.  No a little girl, a ‘girl!’ was killed by a ‘hot shot’ police officer wanna be hero.  Period!

I wrote a post about ‘How To Degrade An Organization’ a few years back which was obviously missed by a lot of these so called ‘advocates’ for the police.  Let me see if I can apply it to the police specifically.  So it is impossible for a police officer to think in a stressful situation.  It is impossible for a police officer to visualize and realize the setting and account for all possible outcomes.  A police officer should be allowed to come on the scene and just blast away devoid of discretion and the sanctity of human life.  If this is the case then the only conclusion I can make is that every police officer is either a ‘Bubba Whiskey Still’ or ‘Soulja Boy’.  Bubba cop wearing filthy shorts and no shirt spitting chewing tobacco as he blasts away.  Soulja Boy with his pants down showing his ass with his gold grill and ball cap cocked to the side of his head shooting his gun sideways.

If it was me and I wanted police officers to be thought of as highly skilled with keen discretion that errs always on the side of saving lives, I would be completely disgusted by an advocate portraying ‘the job’ as impossible to perform.  That tells the general public which is everybody that every police officer wearing the uniform is a threat to every citizen.  I’m not going to ‘advocate’ running away as fast as you can when the police arrive at a crime scene yet, but I’m going to seriously advise everyone to leave the area or seek adequate cover.  All their ‘advocates’ will ask in the same breath for forgiveness and glory for the total inability to perform their duties by some or no reasonable standard of skill and professionalism.  Just praise the police simply for the choice they made to be a police officer.  Here’s a contrast.

One of my two tours in Afghanistan I was TC or Truck Commander.  We were delivering supplies to FOB’s or Forward Operating Bases.  We contracted with a local to haul one of our combat vehicles.  Long story short our vehicle was way too heavy, so we had to halt and pull security.  Well a civilian fired off a round and all the Afghans scattered.  Do you know what the rest of us did?  Every soldier acted professionally.  We scanned our sectors and saw that the incident was the actions of a lone person trying to get us to shoot widely into the crowds gathered around us.  Every soldier is trained extensively, and officers and sergeants give orders!  No soldier goes off halfcocked and starts killing people!  

My heart dropped when the Afghans scattered because I knew they were scared of being killed.  My heart did rise again immediately when no American soldier fired into the crowd!  Yes we were able with the help of a wrecker from the FOB to stabilize the vehicle so the contractor could pull his woefully inferior trailer out from under our property.  We completed our mission, and everybody returned to home base.  As a United States Army soldier I would be insulted if someone made a case that I couldn’t determine or account for all outcomes before firing my weapon at an enemy.  Yeah, that’s right, I’m talking about killing a fellow soldier while trying to kill the enemy.  You don’t git metals for displaying an utter lack of skill and failure! 

I’m going to coin a term or co-sign a term of ‘Police Privilege’.  Police privilege is the privilege of doing whatever in the name of the law void of skill, discretion and professionalism while not being subject to scrutiny or accountability.  This police wagon circling has even degraded the United States Supreme Court.  How?  Qualified Immunity is defined as securing the protection of highly educated U.S. Supreme Court justices by making them believe that unaccountability is required in the performance of police work and police work exclusively.  That haphazard and slipshod performance should be protected by the reputation, organization and prestige of the highest court in America.

My loyal readers this is me pulling punches.  If I keep hearing about how police work or any honorable work cannot be done unless someone is killed in the process I’m going to drop an aircraft carrier on that person’s words.  An inability to do a job shouldn’t be commendable.  That ain’t right.  Rest well little girl.  Your life meant everything to your parents and to those of us that value the rule of law righteously.