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Seeking Safe Leadership

Why does the United States Military hold the leader accountable for everything that happens under their command?  Think before you answer my question because there is only one right answer.  I’ll tell you why in a moment, but I want to populate the sky with the clouds that cover it first.  Why did God give his people a King after many years of them pinning for one?  God gave his creation a King because he couldn’t convince them that he was the only true loving and merciful King they could ever desire.  What his people got in their Kings were corruption and death.

Manasseh was 12 when he began his reign of 55 years in Jerusalem which he done all the evil he could and caused the people of Israel to commit abominations in the sight of the Lord.  Ahaz the King of Judah did all that was evil in his time of rule for 9 years.  Ahaziah the son of Ahab reigned for 2 years over Israel and did evil in the sight of the Lord God.  These passages were taken from both books of Kings in the Authorized King James Holy Bible.  Yeah, there are many more where they came from.

Have you noticed a pattern yet?  For some of you I don’t have to explain the resulting infection on the citizens under their authority.  I will anyway.  The people of Israel sinned and were punished because they were led astray ultimately by the leaders they chose to rule over them!  There is no such thing as an effective, spiritual, good priest that takes my confessions and makes me feel the forgiveness of God while he secretly molests young girls and boys.  There is no such thing as a murderer of elderly women who volunteers his time in the soup kitchen feeding the homeless still being a valued soul among us all.

There isn’t a politician that hates all people of color as evidence proves it by his practices in his business and personal and now political life.  He also cuts my taxes and is for making abortion illegal.  Oh, and he supports the state of Israel which confirms him as a good leader.  You Christians can reason all you want in saying the good things your leader does outweighs the bad things about him.  Oh, and one more thing about this comparison to the Israelite King David.  King David was remorseful and ashamed when God told him he saw what he did with sending Bathsheba’s husband to the hottest front of the battle to assure his death.  I’m afraid it’s true.  You can’t assign character and morals to someone because you think it’s all good the things you’re getting from him.  You will someday be judged by God for your obedience to the evil and safe leader.

Now do you understand what I mean about the United States Military holding fast to the code the leader is completely responsible for everything under his or her command.  That’s how God set it up you moron!  Your choice of leader locks you into all he or she does.  All of it!  If you think you’re good because you’re getting what you want out of the deal just wait because the milk will sour sooner or later.  There is hope.  That hope is change the leader because there is no such thing as I only support the good parts about him.  No.  You got all of him.  The entire package.  Period! 

Don’t try it again.  Your asinine, trifling kindergarten attempts at dumbing down what we know as true leadership.  Leadership is well defined and it is not safe.  Leadership is rough and weighs heavy on the soul because the leadership knows his or her actions have consequences for the nation, the soldiers, employees, citizens and every government official charged with a duty to be faithful to the country you swear an oath to love no matter what under God.

Produce Delivery

I don’t marvel at the words of Christian leaders anymore because I know they never spoke for God and they never will.  These Christians have somehow constructed their own Faustian model of a deity that deals in gifts of valuable items such as no abortions, conservative judges, no immigrants of color and oppression of the poor and homeless.  These Christians view this Faustian bargain as normal in the course of politics, but they choose to ignore the underlying cost requiring their soul to profess allegiance to their idol God.  I’m mistaken?  Well Proverbs Chapter 28 verse 4:  ‘They that forsake the law praise the wicked:  but such as keep the law contend with them.’

Another false belief of these ‘Evangelical Christians’ is that they have the right to judge everyone else’s sins and transgressions because their sins and transgressions are not as bad as those other heathen peoples’.  Oh and Proverbs Chapter 28 is a good one to spend a little time in meditation.  Moving on, I can see the benefit of a dissociative mind because God and his way of doing things can be quite frustrating if you want to have in place a structure that’s based on money.  I mean money is the fastest way to get someone who doesn’t have it to do your bidding right?  

Let’s review before we continue.  Only God can judge each and every one of us for the conduct of our lives.  We as American citizens can judge the conduct of our elected leaders.  Understand the difference?  I hope so.  Now say for instance that you drive your friend to the bank and he goes in and robs it.  You drive off and go by the grocery store.  Your friend the bank robber knows you have need of food and he gives you some of the money he stole to purchase it.  Are you complicit now in the theft at the bank?  Hint, we know you are because you drove him away from the bank after he robbed it.  Yeah, your friend didn’t earn the money honestly nor did you purchase the groceries honestly.

You can say all you want that Senator McConnell outsmarted President Obama after the death of that Supreme Court Justice by not allowing him to seat Justice Garland.  You know Senator McConnell broke all rules and protocols of decency by withholding that seat.  Yeah, let someone cut in line in front of you and see how you react.  There is no such thing as all is fair in love and war.  You can’t assign decency or honor to someone because they hold a position of authority!  Get it through your lying head!  Let’s go back to the Holy Bible for a moment and remember King Herod partaking of his brother’s wife Herodias.  John the Baptist said it was wrong and he literally lost his head for telling King Herod he was wrong right?  Careful casting your pearls before swine because the swine will come back and tear you apart.

Finishing my point that only in a cocooned world of Evangelical Christians can evil gifts be seen as beneficial and good for Christianity.  Now let’s define a couple of words such as honor and righteousness.  Honor as I would define it over the course of my life is a belief in a standard of behavior that cannot be questioned in its’ display of all that is good.  A respectful mastery of one’s own spirit that is wholly benevolent and protective to the weak and duly subordinate to a just Higher Power.  Righteousness is possessing of virtuous characteristics such as truth, humility, dignity and ethical conduct to name just a few which comprises a life that holds such traits as tenets to live by defines a person of honor.  So, to conclude this post, don’t try to tell another person that a politician, leader, parent, or any person in authority is good.  Let their behavior be displayed to the entire world as evidence in itself.  Isn’t that what your parents taught you?  Judge a person by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.  Didn’t Dr. Martin Luther King say that?  Oh, I see, now that you’ve made a little money and are enjoying the pleasures life has to offer, things aren’t so right and wrong anyone more huh?

A Pit of Vipers

The way I see it in exact terms.  Stay with me as I set the scenery and the landscape for all who intend to walk upon it.  The United States of America has reached the time of ‘Reformation’.  It will take the will of a great man or woman wise enough to know who must be their counsel and wise to heed that counsel.  This person must know their flaws aren’t a badge of honor, but a path leading to a continual march toward redemption.  America is always, I repeat always under attack! Dare I say there is not one person alive who can say he or she was present at the birth of this country. Therefore, it is required that an oath be sworn to never allow the Sun to set on America by the hand of an enemy ‘Foreign or Domestic’.

Now, what must that leader possess in order to withstand such an onslaught from the North, the South, the East and the West? Good you asked.  I suggest that Leader be capable of wielding one or perhaps all three of these attributes.  “One, you better be the biggest viper with the strongest venom and immune to the venom of every viper in the pit.  Two, your skin better be the toughest to penetrate, but your fangs better penetrate all the other vipers.  Three, you better be the one with the quickest reflexes that even a mongoose gives a wide berth and never follows you down a whole.”  So, when you find yourself in a pit of vipers always be ready to strike!

Lastly, I will express my dissatisfaction with the way the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General of Virginia have been treated.  I’ve seen too many Black citizens be grotesquely mistreated by even the whiff of an accusation. I still now believe as I’ve believed as a Black man all my life.  If you have something to accuse someone of doing, please bring it before a court of law.  I can’t and won’t give credence to shadowy cries of crimes.  Bring it before a system designed to adjudicate these matters and let the system of justice draw a conclusion.  

America, it pains me to say this but it must be stated. If a man or a woman has a conscience it will torment them until they redeem themselves.  The hateful acts of these men in Black face or those terrorizing people because they’re different while wearing garments identifying such will and should scorch our moral norms.  That being said, allow them to walk their “Road to Damascus” and they will show us if they truly repent of their crimes against humanity.  There aren’t any throw away people.  I’m speaking to all these ‘Christians, Evangelicals’ as they’re called.  I mean Saul was killing Christians left and right before God busted his head (figuratively speaking of a serious enough nature to get his attention) while laying out two choices to him from that corrective intervention.  Saul changed his name didn’t he?  Judge these men by what is true now and not by the apathy of our country’s citizens and the all too familiar history that allowed such behavior to go unchecked.

An Apostle? A Bishop? A President


An Apostle? A Bishop? A President?


I’ll get right to the point.  Tell me, is there a Book of the Bible called ‘The Gospel According to Judas Iscariot’?  Take your time now.  Go ahead. Flip back the cover of your Bible to the table of contents.  Go to each book and read who’s the author.  I’ll wait a few more minutes.  Okay.  Could you find one?  Don’t tell me it’s not there.  Look again and be sure with your search because the point I’m about to make depends on it.  No.  No good fortune in finding a book of the Bible called ‘The Gospel According to Judas Iscariot’.  Weird huh (Sarcasm).


I will continue combing through the Archives of history to highlight another valuable office.  Are there text, verses, or requirements to be sure that describe what a person must possess or be as a living representative in striving to obtain the office of a Bishop?  Here’s a part of the text taken from The King James Version.  1 Timothy, Chapter 3, verse 5…(For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?).  I suggest reading the rest of the chapter because there is more there there.


Now the big kahuna.  The Office of the President of the United States.  Why was the office created by the framers of the U.S. Constitution?  Did they believe the office would become greater than the men who occupied the position? Would they accept the degrading of the Presidency by men who display a sheer lack of respect for the office?  Could the framers envision the fact that millions of citizens would love the Presidency so much that they would truly believe the person occupying it can’t do it any harm?  Somehow believing it’s possible to detach the holder of said office from the office itself?


All three examples are proof that established positions of great respect and importance can’t be allowed to descend into debasement, atrophy and decay.  There was only one instance in recorded history about an Apostle defiling the office he held.  Judas Iscariot afterwards was wiped clean from the face of history, wasn’t he? None of us are God, but I sure wouldn’t want to hold an office of such enormous influence and power and spit it back in his face.  The thought of that punishment is too terrible to put into words.  The Bishop is highly spoken of as well.  Would it be forever tarnished if a holder of said office defiled it?  No, it would not.  The same is to be said of the President of the United States.  The office is the whole idea.


The office of the Presidency owes nothing to no man that occupies it!  Don’t confuse the pageantry and honor the office has earned for more than 2 centuries with the person that sits in the chair of the President.  If the times were changed, there would be people who would still be supportive of Judas Iscariot.  Yes, there would be people who would vote for Judas Iscariot to remain an Apostle even after he betrayed Jesus Christ!  Just get over it.  There are Christians, it’s questionable if these Christians even understand what they call themselves, who would vote for Satan because they have abdicated their responsibility to their fellow man to know whom they support.


Don’t run around the world thinking you’re not responsible for the people your vote helped to win office.  If the world is on fire, it’s not your fault, right?  There are people (to include voters) constantly releasing negative energy into the nexus.  What will you release?  Don’t disconnect the sacred and solemn duty in assuming an office from the office holder’s responsibility to not disgrace the office.  Do your job voters.  If you don’t, you will answer as all Christians, Jews, Muslims and whatever faith you follow.  Use your speaking spirit for something more than just “it’s not my fault whatever happens. All I did was vote.  I’m not responsible for what happens after that.” Sure.


Oh, and by the way, let’s lament the forgotten and powerful titles and central offices of governmental power that ran countries and kingdoms into diminished standing through the ages.  Emperor.  The Khan’s. Can anyone point to a Caesar in 2018? Were these titles and designations discarded because they were no longer needed, or were they destroyed (along with the country) by the behavior of the person occupying the seat of power egged on by the apathy of the citizenry?  Another thing, don’t even try to say God picked the wrong Apostle.  Maybe God let it play out to teach us all the lesson that, “There aren’t any organizations, any, that are 100% perfect.  It includes governmental, Federal and State, to businesses and homes, families and tribes, churches of all faiths, that are immune to evil people hiding in their ranks.”  Humanity has got to get better, and the first step is to stop believing right comes out of supporting what’s wrong.

Confirmation Hearing


Let’s start with a well-known hazard that children disbelieve until the feedback proves prophetic.  A hot stove.  The brain doesn’t have to send signals to the hand, receive it back, and then send emergency instructions to the hand to jerk it away does it?  It’s an instantaneous reaction, isn’t it?  Alright, that was an easy one.  What about obedience?  That one can prove tricky for children because they are endowed with intelligence and misdirection (it seems to be done purposely to annoy parents) only to test the devotion of our parenting skills.


Children don’t drop your clothes on the floor.  Please chew your food with your mouth closed.  When you want something please open your mouth and ask politely.  I’ve taught you the proper way to wash your behind (meaning the entire body all over) and brush your teeth to be presentable at home and in public.  So far, these lessons have been heard by children and for the most part practiced with fidelity.  Can we confirm that children have been instructed in the way that they should go?  That’s not a trick question.  Okay parents, let’s come back to that one.


Now we progress to when human beings hit the 10-year mark.  It happens rather forcefully wouldn’t you say.  The age of ascension is what I call it.  When parents say “that child has a mind of his own.”  Although I reached awareness I’d say at age 13 (not precisely of course),  the new sensations of puberty and the discovery that I could be aware of my surrounding were cascading across the surface of my mind.  I tried desperately to open my understanding so I could capture this fresh input, but sadly I didn’t have the experience to know how to fully explain all this new input at the time.


Maybe it was a blessing to not know what I didn’t know, or maybe my approach was flawed.  In any case, I had to seek counsel from the adults (parents) in my life; and this posed a problem as some topics in the late 70’s and 80’s you still couldn’t approach your parents for answers.  Yeah yeah I know, but I had to try.  What I’d ended up doing was setting out to find the information for myself.  So, very quickly this is what I found out.  On the topic of sexual activity.  Sex is not free nor is it without peril.  I learned this from a woman whose timely advice prevented me from having out of wedlock children.  She said and I quote, “Do not finish in her, learn to pull out if you don’t want children.”  Could I confirm receipt of this order?  I’d say yes.  I didn’t have any children until I got married.


Returning now to the education and employment track I can assert that I heard and adhered to the advice from my teachers who spoke to me about employment viability attached to a diploma.  Good call I’d say, staying in school to complete that twelfth lap in my run to success in supporting myself.  Can I get confirmation in writing that I’ve completed 13 years of school to include kindergarten?  It is confirmed by a document called a high school diploma.  All the warnings and admonitions are relayed to all children.  Whether they heeded the possible consequences that could arise if they ignored the advice, along with the difficulty in finding suitable employment are evident in their standard of living.  Documentation that signifies completion of 12 years of general education is in my possession.  Confirmed?  Yes, it is confirmed.


Off on you own now and oh my gosh, what the heck does that mean?  Well let’s look at the possible lifestyles of those kids that didn’t listen because they knew everything.  I get to do everything my way now and I’m so confident of my success that it’s falling off me in abundance.  Wait.  Okay, well what do you mean “I’m not qualified for the position.”  Sir, we’re looking for a candidate that has a bachelor’s degree or 5 years of work experience in the field.  Next job wants somebody with 2 years experience.  This job is asking for an aptitude test and they’re going to pick from all the applicants with the best scores.  Whoa, this is not good.


I’m feeling an unusual sensation.  My anxiety levels are quickly bending into the intolerable range.  I’ve created a host of responsibilities.  This includes a pregnant girlfriend.  A rented apartment.  A small car note that if I include insurance runs about $500 a month.  In this day and age, I need internet service.  What about medical care and food to feed two and a half people?  A cell phone.  Power and water.  Gas to fill my car to keep searching for a job.


Consequences of not listening to sound wisdom and advice.  Confirmed.  Well, since the ‘Arc of Time’ is ever circling as one of the established foundations of the Universe itself; I have the power within me to correct my headstrong arrogance.  Do I not?  Yes, yes you do my children.  It is often the case that the strength of youth casts a beguiling spell that renders reason and a practical approach to life elusive.  Never fret, mistakes are solvable with a simple course correction.


Bring your mind into unison with your actions which means stop doing whatever pops into your mind if it is out of sync with your planning.  Oh, I hope you figured that part out yourself?  Write it down and start crossing it out as you fulfill each required duty.  Remember this, it is very important.  A plan isn’t meant to give false expectations that you will accomplish everything in a day, week, month or year.  Know this, some of your plans will not come to fruition quickly.  Some will require years of sacrifice to achieve.  Yes, you are right that a college degree requires four years of sacrifice.  Do you all understand me?  I hope so.


If you are asking about and how it came into being?  I’ve spent years developing the concept and taking counsel on how it should be done to reach the greatest number of people.  During this journey, I realized one fact I’ve just shared with you.  All plans and ideas are borne, but more importantly they need nurture which means feeding them until they mature.  When it blossoms, then it provides the insight needed to make its’ presence consumable.  Confirmed?


Listen, we all hear and not hear, but the cause of life is not to wait for us to confirm receipt of a spoken word at the right moment.  When we are caught up in the wonder of ourselves, the admiration that others give us, or even the faulty math of our own arrogance.  We still must build our own lives even if we believe others will do it for us.  Afterwards comes the help of others because seeing is then believing that you are trying to get somewhere good.


What is that old saying?  If you can’t help yourself, how can you help somebody else?  Confirmed?  My admonition is this to the young and the old.  If you are in school, stay there and complete your duty.  I am a year away from completing my Bachelor’s of Science in Philosophy.  I don’t care how I do it because I am a family man with a lot on my plate and yes, I have responsibilities that cannot be shelved until I complete that duty.  That degree will be achieved together with all my other duties.  Confirmed?


Lastly, I will leave you with this.  If you find yourself fighting and you are the only one in the room, there is your problem.  Resisting what must be done is still failure.  If you must acquire new skills to gain a higher standard of living, do it.  If you don’t need a television, go to the library and check out some books and read to your family.  Catch up on the news by the internet if you have that service.  Eliminate redundancies if you can’t afford them.  If you are the partner that is stronger, then take charge and bring your partner up to speed as one that cares.  It’s not a requirement for both of you to be dominant (in ways that are good to get things done), only one of you must be.  Confirmed?


Set your mind to what you want to accomplish and know that some of the things on that list will take years to come to fruition.  You have it within you to do it.  Whether you’re married, single, or in a relationship, it still must be done.  Confirmed?

Cast your net in the right place


Most people are not going to take the time to find the proper activity to expend their human energy. They won’t seek out the sort of advice that leads to success. If they have to lift a load, it is only what they can comfortably carry alone. Sadly, most people will spend their lives wallowing in the mire with little direction or languishing in troubles self-inflicted until their life mercifully ends.


Take for instance the story of Jesus appearing to his disciples on the shore after they spent a night unsuccessfully fishing. In Saint John, Chapter 21 Jesus tells them to “cast the net on the right side of the ship”, they did (followed the advice of Jesus) and the results were immediately realized. A bounty of fishes so great that it took everything they had to finally get the fish onboard the ship.


Secretary Clinton has cast her net long and wide to draw everybody to her message of inclusion. Secretary Clinton has laid out her plan to not allow financial institutions the chance to wreck the economy again. In case you missed the revelation exposed by the financial shenanigans here it is. “When you put in jeopardy the family unit (whatever it may be), the foundation that holds up the walls of the economy (metaphorically speaking); the entire structure (system) is subject to collapse.”


Donald Trump has said, “He alone can fix everything”. He doesn’t even know what he doesn’t know because he doesn’t understand the concept of listening to the “knowers” (people that have spent their lives studying so you don’t have to spend the time learning what they already know).


I ask that you vote for Secretary Clinton for President of the United States of America. In addition, I ask that you vote her in a Democratic Congress so that she can enact an inclusive agenda that doesn’t put in jeopardy the American family structure again. Help her keep this country growing. Thank you.

The Fig Tree



Who is unfruitful? Who doesn’t understand the concept of helping those who need help the most? How can you do it when the strength and grace of your years have passed and there is still only enough for one’s self?


When the moment of truth is upon any of us the meaning is clear. Be ready with fruit (resources gained through effort and steady fulfillment of the ability to prosper with the time you’ve been given) in hand when you are asked to share.


When help is needed does it matter if you have the ability to help right at that moment? When someone is hungry does it matter if you have the ability to give to him or her what the body needs? When a word fitly spoken in due season is critical do you have the wisdom and maturity to reveal the answer desired?


The answer to all these questions must be yes! (Reference Mark 11, verses 12 – 14). The serious nature of being fruitful in due season doesn’t mean fairness or patience to wait upon any of us to blossom at the right time. If you believe the ‘one greater than all of us’ has given us the time, then the expectation is that all of us should be fruitful when the ‘one greater than us all’ needs us.


Even human beings can’t wait on other human beings to be prosperous or successful. Family can’t wait on the breadwinner (whether it be a man or a woman) to come up with the goods to feed the flock. If you knew you couldn’t come through, why did you have children in the first place? This applies to both the man and the woman! I know it sounds harsh, but we are given plenty of time to make our lives mean, hopefully goodness, to ourselves and to humanity as a whole.


Here are some suggestions. Acknowledge the truth of giving fuel to human weaknesses by lowering the safeguards to weapons that can instantly kill human beings. Silence is also a huge motivator to the mischievous among us. The wrong that goes unaddressed, unchallenged and unresolved is the wrong that spreads like a disease infecting the perpetrators and the victims.


There are people that suffer from a mental condition that reveals itself in an inflated sense of self worth. Being in possession of huge sums of money doesn’t make you a spiritual leader. While being a spiritual leader comes with the requirement that you don’t sell your birthright (for a morsel of meat as Esau) to the lowest bidder!


Let me end with this. A fig tree can blossom twice a year, which means that when Jesus came to the fig tree to eat of it and it was barren, the fig tree committed an offense and it was cursed! The fig tree should have been fruitful, but it was not.


Listen, I’ve been responsible for my life, to produce for it, for 32 years and the one thing I have figured out in that length of time is that it is easy to feed only one person. The problem I’ve seen is that most people don’t understand or calculate that the cost of life increases exponentially when you vow to take care of another human being. If you can’t honestly say that I am ready to have children or take care of a spouse, then do not attempt fate.


Life is not easy nor is it hard. Life is laced with sufficient difficulty that is uniform for all of us. Don’t blame your neighbor for your troubles if you choose to not learn the basic principles that are proven to make life better. Lastly, don’t add to your difficulties. We have plenty difficulties already assigned to us and we don’t want to be caught short when we are called upon to feed a hungry visitor.

The Tree of Life?

Ever watch a fruit tree as it pushes its’ way up through the topsoil and into the sky? How the tree you’ve been waiting for from one to five years has finally taken root. The strength it gains as it grows from day to day? When the tree eventually starts to bear fruit on the vine?


As a tree grows in its’ early years, the patience it must grudgingly concede and endure to wait for its’ branches to gather strength to hold the weight of its’ fruit. When the time has passed for the branches to now spurt out from the trunk, I can feel the confidence they must have to know they can support fruit along the entire length of a branch!


This instructive example of another form of life can teach us many things about how to be patience while learning and growing, so when we walk out into life on our own we can be prepared, as much as we can be, for whatever life throws at us.


Some apple, banana and orange trees have several large selections growing along the branch. Some of the branches have secondary branches that stretch from it with giant size fruit of their own. How can a fruit tree teach us anything about how human beings should cultivate their brains and develop their mind and body you ask?


Your brain, (your land, hence is the trunk of your body of which all the body is nourished and commanded. Should you not cultivate, educate and demonstrate to yourself and to the world the fruit that is on your vine? Those of you who like to find affirmation in the Bible should check out Ephesians 4 verse 16.


Tilling your land (brain, mind) carries the hope of your future in whatever endeavors in life you plan to pursue. Education is not a prison sentence nor is it a chore to churn through in anticipation of more entertaining fare. Education is your freedom and retaining it has the potential to make new fruit bloom along the vine of your family for generations in the future!


Listen to me now very carefully. I need all within the reach of my words to champion education. Cultivate new minds with truthful council and steady commitment. Make education of the brain one of your top priorities. Completely understand that just like the ground needs to be broken before it can be planted; human beings sometimes need their ground broken (metaphorically speaking) before planting can begin.

Rules are Energy Sockets!

Little children must watch the road by looking both ways before crossing the street at the crosswalk. Washing hands is required before setting down to eat a meal. Children must be quiet and follow the instructions of the teacher, as he or she is an extension of school policy.


Everyone that drives a motor vehicle or rides some form of device that propels humans through muscle movement, must follow all traffic laws governing the road. Be quiet in a theater while the movie is playing so all can get their monies worth. Obey the law, and if the law is unjust, petition the legislative branch to change it or make it right. Take it to court if you have to.


Rules also apply to patiently waiting for something especially if you cause the delay in having it initially. Peanut butter. The natural kind is marked by the separation of the oil from the peanut butter. I mistakenly mixed the peanut butter before I skimmed off most of the oil resulting in peanut butter too thin for my crackers. It was a mess.


Now I had two choices. Wait until the peanut butter separates, or continue to make the cracker sandwiches with thin peanut butter. I chose the former. This is where most people mess up. The manufacturer of the natural peanut butter I purchased didn’t make the mistake. It was my mistake! It took about 3 weeks to separate, but the wait was worth it.


Now I want to talk about something more serious. The rules that apply to adulthood and life long learning. How many would answer in the affirmative that knowledge is more lasting in your failures than in your successes?


Consider grapes growing on the vine. Are they all uniform in size? Some get more nourishment than others right? Using metaphors to decipher important messages hidden in plain sight are essential to making sense of the issues of life. Everyone comes into this world at different levels feeding and emerging off of energy directly from the vine. The question remains. If your portion was short, how do you get the rest after you are cut off from the vine?


Listen to me. What knowledge and education you didn’t get at the place you grew up (the vine) can be acquired through plugging into schools, colleges, apprenticeships, work-study programs, better people, etc.…


Rules aren’t a barrier to those who through self-restraint demonstrate a need for the protection rules offer. For instance, if you drop out of high school the chances are you will be imprisoned in tedious and mediocre jobs the rest of your life. If you qualify for programs of skill development in any of the different paths mentioned above, then the odds dictate that your levels of success in earnings will increase.


Rules don’t care if you follow them or not. Imagine with me for a moment. A figure shrouded in a hooded coat offering you entry into a room with opportunities from education, apprenticeships, and so forth as I mentioned above.


Do you think this mysterious figure cares if you plugged into any of the vast array of choices to help you better your life? No, I’m afraid not.


All this attendant is there to do is make sure these options are available to all while watching the clock spin on your life. Now to be indifferent this dark figure could be laughing at you because he knows the solution to your problem is there for the taking. It is your choice to make. If college or higher learning is too high a wall to overcome, then make another choice!


I think this dark figure is laughing because I was once trapped in the stupidity of my own inability to understanding the time I had was precious and I couldn’t recover it once it passed.


Yeah, it’s your life and you can do what you want to do. Even decisions you make of sound mind still fall into that category. Don’t let the figure shrouded in darkness watch the clock run out on your life. Follow the rules and if the rules are wrong fight to change them through sound judgment and wisdom. Get up and go get it!

Where is it lacking?

Look at this data on this website and follow along to what I’m about to hit really hard because this theory being pushed by the political right is all ‘smoke and mirrors’. The U.S. economy’s Gross Domestic Product year by year can be found at this website, The Bureau of Economic Analysis shows you in current-dollar estimates from 1929 to 2011.


In 1929 GDP was 103.6 billion. In 1954 GDP was 380.4 billion. In 1979 GDP was 2,562.2 trillion. In 1994 GDP was 7,085.2. In 2004 GDP was 11,853.3 trillion. In 2011 GDP was 15,075.7 trillion.


Where is the U.S. economy in its’ great assortment of industries lacking in “enough to go around”? When has this country ever had zero expansion in its’ history? Somebody needs to answer these questions for me right now!


Okay, so at no time did the United States of America stop growing its’ economy. Then tell me why do we have a political party on the right whipping up people to fight against each other for a perceived lack of economic opportunity?


The numbers do not lie! America has grown over 8 straight decades! Why am I so easily fooled into believing my fellow citizens, legal or not, are taking from me something that the entire country has kept going in spite of its’ exclusionary tactics alive and well today. Everybody has contributed to the vitality of this country!


Maybe some of you in the majority have relished your access card (doors opened with little or no effort or qualification but color of skin) too much, seeing that many minorities now possess access cards.


Could it be that access is given on merits and abilities and many minorities have honed those skills to high levels because that is what it took most of the time to get a job?


Maybe “the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice”, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


I have said it many times, “progress will take off and leave you standing in a dust cloud if you don’t have the skills necessary to take a seat and ride it to your destination”.


Just because you are coughing up all that dust and waiting for a clear view doesn’t mean we should pity you. If you have enjoyed a benefit (access card to the good America has to offer at the expense of others) that you didn’t earn, stop being mad at losing it and humble yourself to care about the troubles of your fellow citizens.


Everyone needs to have the same access you’ve enjoying erroneously to the American economy. There is no shortage of resources and certainly there is enough to go around for everybody in this country. Stop being angry with other people and be angry with yourself because you have contributed to the suffering of others when you enjoy a system rigged to oppress everyone that was unfortunately not in the majority in America.


There has always been an unbalance to America’s promise, but the arc of the universe seeks balance and it never loses.

It’s Called: Self-Defeating Stagnation

Ever been asked to help out another section, team or project on the job while leaving your assigned tasks and duties to idle awaiting your return? I have and it never fails to be frustrating. Every part of my life has to make a little sense (doesn’t have to be 100%). When personnel are pulled from one task to another it still leaves work that needs to be done. There is no gain in doing that! I’ve fought many battles on jobs in my life standing up for this principle and now I seek to explain it.

Employers, please listen to me. Apathy rules the day when employees have to interrupt their work schedule to do a job they feel should be done by the person hired to perform those duties. Employees (human beings) think the company is trying to cheat or get over on them because most of the time employers expect the employees’ work to be completed on time as well.

The solution is simple. Employers (human resources) make assessments all the time about staffing which leads to work, productivity and output. Hire people! The work of America is not getting done. If I go to a store and the shelf is empty of say a brand of chocolate I love, I will ask a clerk in the store (if one is around) to get me some from back stock. The worst-case scenario for the store is that I get tired of it not being in the shelf and go to another store to buy it. Better yet, the next time I shop I go straight to the store that has my chocolate and buy it there because they seem to have enough associates to keep the shelves full!

Let’s take a detour a minute and turn our attention to South Korea. Remarkable country and its’ citizens are legendary in restoring glory to their land after so many conflicts from external powers. I believe they’ve squandered the energy and drive of their people with that success. Success can lead to the pacification of that same drive to succeed that created South Korea’s enormous success by honoring current leaders at the expense of developing new leaders of industry.

We’ve all done it or experienced a taste of success and immediately given into the urge to stop striving because it cost great effort and massive amounts of human energy to even get to a small amount of prosperity. In other words, South Korea, like many companies in places around the world are squandering years of human talent by overloading their day with impossible numbers to make. What happens when a truck that is rated to pull 10,000 pounds tries to pull 15,000 pounds? Yeah, eventually it will blow the engine and the transmission! Believe all you want there are people chomping at the bit to work for you and you will be in a state of constant stagnation with that mentality.

Anyway, this particular dollar store I like has a certain brand and flavor of butter popcorn (most likely it’s the chain store’s proprietary brand) that I could sit and eat the entire bag in minutes. They could never keep it in the shelf and the time (delay) it took for the store to have it again turned into months. Why? Industries are not synced anymore or weren’t in the first place.

That is how America ended up in this self-defeating stagnation economy where everyone seems to want to succeed by doing the minimum necessary. Banks need to come up off the money (it’s not theirs anyway) and hire skilled people to vet and speed up the funds to keep their part of the system going. When Federal, State and local Governments notice their economies start to clog and heat up through friction caused by less grease (financial and human lubrication) keeping all the parts moving; they need to call out who’s causing the problem and help unclog the system.

Employers need to hire at the level they know they need to bring operations back to meet the demand for the goods and services they offer. Listen to me; there has always been a role for governments at all levels to play. First our planet (climate change) is the only one we have and products can’t be sold to dead people.

Governments should be active in facilitating the best plans for our farmland, air and water supply. Predict the weather as accurately as possible and make sure it gets to the right people on a consistent basis. Every industry that depends on the weather should get reports and this list includes the airline industry, maritime shipping and land vehicles because humans love their vacations. Raw materials need a renewed focus or designation as precious treasure of our nation. Things can’t be built, or matter of fact, can be wasted if we don’t heighten the importance of our natural resources.

People that can fix things will be in high demand. Schools need to identify our children early and steer them to the training that’s in line with the industry and aptitude they’ve displayed. In other words, if they demonstrate talent to be an engineer, steer them there. Stop thinking it is the colleges that need to train them to be engineers. It seems to me companies are navigating through the business world without sound advice. A philosopher(s) can and should be within the multitude of counselors that keeps a company on the right track for growth and responsibility.

I can’t help but use an analogy for that sort of situation. A climber wants to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Question? Does he buy a plane ticket and simply fly there assuming he can purchase the gear he needs when he gets there? Does he believe he can train for the altitude and weather conditions as he traverses the mountain? These questions both have no as the answer. When you are not ready for the job, you are and will be exposed!

Since I discovered another truth, a principle that I’ve incorporated into my own code of how I live my life. It is better to be prepared for success when it comes than having to go back and cover ground, which should’ve been completed when it was revealed to you to get it done. Self-defeating stagnation covers all actions, which are knowingly ignored because humans like to get by doing the minimum. When you have $10 dollars and $2 dollars are needed to bring operations to normal, I suggest spending that $2 dollars would bring a return double of what you have available to spend. It is all a matter of doing what you know should’ve been done a long time ago. Grow your business (your mind needs tilling) and set conditions that may lead to even greater times by doing what is necessary now!

You’re still an Adult, Okay*

The star is for significance. Now, another issue of life has vexed my thoughts a few days now. Why many young adults wish to ride the Ferris wheel of childhood long past their ticket expiration? Does anyone have pets? Notice how dogs treat a newcomer to the pack. As a puppy, he or she is allowed to go on the older dogs food and even play with their toys. When the dog years go by, boy the tune changes quickly and the newcomer is introduced to the rank structure (you just got here, you are at the bottom of the pecking order) firmly.

Many parents I’ve noticed don’t prepare their children for adulthood very well. For instance, allow your child to go inside to a doctor’s or dentist appointment alone say starting at 14 years of age. Let the teenager complete store transactions (clothes, food, some durable goods) alone to start getting comfortable dealing with other people (not friends).

Which brings me to my observation. Young women and young men I need you to listen to me carefully. Life is not an extended recreational period! Building a life is serious, and the good news is there are tested principles that work to help you construct a solid existence.

Let me veer off course for a moment. Dressing up, wearing make-up, hair and nails done will do wonders for your outer appearance. What is going on underneath that facade? The control center is basically going understaffed or not staffed at all. Every time a call (life) come in it goes unanswered or dropped altogether. Your brain! Your land! It needs tilling. Read Proverbs 28:19. There you will find the inspiration for this website.

How are you going to handle what comes at you everyday if you are letting your incredible processor go unused. What are you going to do if you’re responsible for a wife? A child? You have to get to work ten miles from home and you can’t qualify for a car because you’ve ruined your credit. Being responsible for you is a daily no fail mission too!

You are still an adult once you reach the age of ascension, which is 18 in most cultures. For starters, get back into the books and stop listening to anyone that tells you that education is hard. Again, (I’m starting to get irritated) life is sufficiently difficult. It is not hard nor is it easy. It is filled with enough challenges to make you focus your energy and stop needlessly wasting effort.

Learn to manage money because contrary to what you may have seen or heard it is not to spend on things out of line with where you want to go in life. Please do me a favor, stop listening to people spouting every cockamamie theory about life and how you should live it if they don’t have nothing to show (assets or property earned honestly) for their lives!

Decide on a goal, just one goal at first like saving $25 dollars a month. Now learn about financial institutions and how they use your money. Who can give me the best return on my money? What do they charge and what do they pay me for using my money? Do the same thing with the car and renters’ insurance industry. Learn to ask questions properly to elicit the most detailed information in return.

I’ve given enough seeds that need to be planted for now. Till your land (your brain) and let a passion for learning and focused action grow as you put your back into it, metaphorically that is. Life is not linear. As we grow and age many things come to us all at different points along our path, intersecting that path is a map pointing out dead ends. Avoid them please.

Growing Fields

Speaking life (existence) to things, as they ought to be is the end of any worthwhile endeavor. What are some things a farmer must do in order to harvest a field of produce? Don’t everyone answer at once. I say, let’s answer these questions together then. He or she has to buy the seeds for the harvest this crop is anticipated to produce. Next, the planting season must be observed (don’t plant seeds in the winter please). The ground must be cultivated. Fertilizer obtained if needed, and a water supply (your energy and belief) must be abundant and readily available.

The ground (You, Me) must be sure of the reasons why you are setting out to do something amazing. The seeds (my purpose, goals) have to receive the support (the place where you intend to plant them) for a righteous cause? The last step is initiating (starting) to work your field of vision and effort. I mean from a place where you already see your vision in reality!

This is how it’s going to go. Once planted, those seeds must produce a consumable item that nourishes the mind and propels the spirit and body to grab it and pull it into reality. Speak of what you desire in private and work to make it viewable to everybody. Don’t misunderstand the need to have all materials necessary upfront to make your dream happen. Understand that you still have to get those pieces as you go because they are necessary for the finished product to last forever!

Let’s be clear. You don’t need to have all the building materials before starting to construct your dream. Just know, I repeat, know you will eventually need everything to make it withstand the waves (life happens) crashing against it. Skipping or rushing to the finish line so you can prove the doubters wrong doesn’t set your dream atop a solid foundation.

I want to finish by saying thank you to all. Every one of you who have joined my site has touched my heart greatly. This site is the result of many years of wondering why no one tells people critical advice, or gives sound council when it is most needed. I vow to everyone. I will write in the knowledge that I will always give good and timely council. It may span the spectrum from strong, to measured, to a good belly laugh!

In the end, I will always write and say it as if I need to hear it more than anyone.


A Tear = A Rupture of the Mind

A cut on our body triggers an immediate response. We clean the wound. We apply disinfectant and a bandage to speed the damage to our flesh to heal as quickly as possible. Tell me, why do we allow tears in our mind to go without treatment? The surface and depth of our mind (and heart) is where the issues are raised and adjudicated. I will explain.

Say for instance that a child is having minor trouble grasping the concepts of math. There are two choices here to address the child’s issue and help his or her enlightenment of math. Yes, they are positive and negative. What goes unnoticed here is the tear forming in the child’s mind becoming adversarial toward math (learning). Now a parent can recognize this danger and close the breach before it widens with positive solutions and direct insight. On the other hand, a parent can tell the child I hate math (learning) too and all but rip a small breach into a rupture big enough to drive a truck of doubt through.

Imagine a crack in a vehicle’s windshield going unaddressed. Sooner or later that crack will form a break or a line expanding outward, and eventually produce a windshield that could shatter at any time. If you can get two fingers into any object you are trying to open, the same analogy applies to a mind when doubt short-circuits a worthwhile goal. Pull it apart. That is the idea when doubt inserts its’ fingers into the breach until both hands are widening the hole and exacerbating the tear.

Any disappointment can trigger a tear in your mind. The solution can be quite simple when faced with any minor setback. Let’s leave the large-scale psychological problems to the professionals. Choose a private place, a car, closet or location that offers solitude to think and repair the tear that just occurred. Talk, yes tell yourself the breach will be repaired and sealed. I will not let doubt fester like a sore that if left untreated can trigger more complications.

I did not get the job I applied for recently. The solution. I am still the best candidate available standing ready to help a company be more successful with their customers and their market. My love interest rejected my offer. The solution. I am thankful and secure in what I bring to any relationship that the best person for me is seeking a good and stable opposite.

I cannot express myself verbally in ways that mirror the deep insight of my thoughts. The solution. Read books aloud to yourself and speak a brief review of each chapter to check that you understood what you read. Nobody, not friends or family, comes to talk to me about troubling issues plaguing their lives. The solution. Take an extended look in the mirror and determine whether you are trustworthy. If your self-assessment says you are not, then endeavor to change by being respectful to the troubles of others. Correct your body language by not smirking and maintain eye contact at all times with the speaker. Lastly, don’t spread secrets given in confidence to the entire neighborhood unless asked to do so.

Realize how many people have friends (so called) that act as confidants, but these same friends give in their words little or no help to their lives! Like talking to a brick wall while waiting for that wall to give me the wisdom to solve my problem. A glass is empty until you put a beverage in it, and once the glass is filled you drink it. Stop letting people, who act as your advisor, give you back a glass of emptiness. That will not quench your thirst for answers! Find friends that offer nourishment and you give it back in kind.

This is an area that has been very profitable for me. After I realized that my mind could suffer the death of a thousand cuts, I began to address every issue that troubled me. Some problems I tackled on the spot and some I gathered background information. When I addressed the major problems, I was prepared for all resistance to recovery and I won every fight to repair the tears in my mind.

Basically, the mind is a terrible thing to waste. I am nearly fifty years old and I still must fight to keep my mind and body healthy against all potential threats seeking an opening. It is your duty to know your limitations and your responsibility to fight any attacks against your mind. Whether that is by you developing life skills or by going to see a professional in the field of mental health. Protecting your mind is an individual decision that holds consequences whether those consequences are good or bad.

Listen to me. Every problem doesn’t have a solution. Ignore some of them because they pose no threat to a healthy mind. Paraphrasing scripture here, ‘once you overcome a problem, don’t jump back in the mud because you may not be able to wash it all off next time’.

Repair those ruptures and seal those breaches as quickly as you can. Do not let a problem linger too long. You wouldn’t let a cut go untreated. Why would you let a tear to the mind go unaddressed? Heal it. Fix it. Get back your confidence and move on with life. You had a problem, but you diagnosed it correctly and the prescription healed the wound. Move on!

Order and Effort

Give me a minute while I pile all the material, tools I need together in one place in order to build this passage. Often in times like these where opportunity, a way of life or even a country’s promise is misunderstood by people who cannot discern the truth from the background noise. Sustained success (flip the coin and adversity is present) means using your tools (mind and body) in an orderly fashion with proper levels of effort to reach prosperity. Success is not achieved by echoing known phrases like ‘the streets of America are lined with gold for all who simply live in America’. Naïve is misplaced here. The word should be snookered or bamboozled. America, like any industrialized country, offers a path to success, but it is the government that sets the conditions for that success!

Why don’t you take a look at China and see what happens when you let factories or processing plants burn chemicals and fossil fuels without restraint. I like to use an example from my home. I buy a great tasting bottle of orange juice and take a glass. My children pour a cup of refreshing orange juice and return it to the fridge. Later I decide on reheating leftover chicken and I notice the orange juice is ¾ empty. Surely I say to myself the children know I should have the last sip. Of course, you know the story all too well. I find the empty bottle in the trash because my children just take without a thought of Dad’s parched throat desperate for a taste of cold orange juice. Common sense tells me that human beings running a company will ravage all natural resources in pursuit of profit if not restrained by government.

The relentless pursuit of profit should and must be balanced by government to the greater good of all citizens. We need to elect leaders that are thoughtful and orderly. We don’t need to elect leaders who will throw the keys to a teenager (a 16 year old is just like a billionaire who wants what he wants and nobody can tell him driving is dangerous) and tell him to learn how to drive on his own. Yeah, you kind of need to supervise him!

What Is Returned Unto You? Decide.

It is a topic often discussed with like-minded people. Does it matter how you treat other people? Should I give back good to the good that is given me, or does it matter if I give back evil for the good that is given unto me? This subject is contemplated throughout many interactions with people whom we know harbor no good will to other people.   What should be our course of action then?


First, it matters how you return treatment of others in kind which could answer whether your life sees constant success or consistent failure. The notion that a human being can go around doing whatever they want whether good or bad, and the consequences resulting aren’t tied to behavior is ludicrous!


A boss ignores a solid employees’ work performance by choosing to give an open position, which the employee put in a fair application, could be thought of as disloyal to a loyal employee. I know you’re thinking the boss has the right to promote whom he or she wants. Does he really? A worker proven should be selected first. That is the good that will come back to you. An unknown commodity could work a day, week or a month and quit (or not show up at all!). That is the evil returned to you when you should have chosen the employee that applied for the job!


Families interacting daily in a close-knit tribal like setting. Good should be flowing back and forth and swirling around from floor to ceiling within that home. Try if you want introducing evil by not giving well for the good that is given you in your home and see what results. That new job you wanted is filled. The money you’ve been saving is eaten by an emergency. An illness befalls you and you miss a week of work.


Ask yourself, are you returning evil in your life for the good bestowed upon you by nice people? Let me be clear. You are not going to be successful long term by interchanging evil for the good that comes your way! Stop blaming the world for your faulty wiring and change your central processing unit! Something is not right in how your thinking leads you to believe you can do all the wrong in the world, and only right and good things will come back to you.


Quit behaving as if lying, rudeness or acting like everyone owes me and I don’t need to say thank you. A person will attract good if their heart tends to goodness. If your heart tends to mischief, then you will certainly receive mischief in-kind. Simple is it not, how life can be explained.