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Mother Se’May Sayer: The ARC of Time Episode Fifteen: The Road to Damascus Part Three: ‘A Sayer Day of Reckoning’ The Conclusion


(It seems I’ve lived a life that is worthy of a kind-hearted God.  My daughter has been kidnapped and I qualified for help in his sight.  What act in my heart has granted me this favor?  Oh forget your ruminations about how this is possible and what part you’ve played.  General Sennfphoru has his reasons and the time will come when he will reveal them to me.

Alas, we’ve been flying South for a while now since we left Louisville in a military transport.  We switched transports when we landed in Ecuador.  It seems we’re going into this part of the world looking like everybody that lives in this part of the world.  Well, Tholodious didn’t say the road would be smooth and might I tell myself I’ve gotten soft over the years.

Let me join in conversation with my former commander.)

Mother Sayer: (After replaying all her interactions and her confrontations with her former commander, Mother has recalled to memory all she needs to know what to expect from him).  I think we have quite a distance to travel before we reach Colombia.  Can you tell me why you’re helping me?

General Sennfphoru: (The SUV is occupied by four people.  Mother, the General, Pharwalker, and the driver).  Major, have you thought about people that leave their country of origin?  What force or calling draws them away from their home?

Mother Sayer:  No I haven’t specifically, but I’ve studied the Diaspora of the peoples of Africa.  Before you say it, I’ve broadened my perspectives about cultures and I now know that many races migrated from the lands where they began.  Some by force.  Some by choice.

General Sennfphoru:  Many of my people, the Jewish people, carried something of value with them when they left.  Something of value to be used to better settle in a new land.  Something to trade or barter to smooth the transition to a  new home.  Many traits or customs that are distorted today began as preparations for a journey.  We’ve always insisted on paying our way and less so on the charity of others.

Mother Sayer:  Teaching a man to fish rather than giving him a fish.

General Sennfphoru:  Quite right.  Your philosophical background was well known in the task force.  I see we’re a little behind in updating your file.  

Mother Sayer:  Must not be much of a file.  My niche was medical.  I only dealt with patching up wounded soldiers coming back to the (Forward Operating Base) FOB from all the missions they went on.

General Sennfphoru:  I know.  That’s why I wanted to test a hunch of mine.  I’ve seen the American Army was top heavy in officer rank and I didn’t want to believe the report, so I wanted to get an idea about the officers under my command.

Mother Sayer:  You wanted confirmation to know where to place people in positions of leadership based on ability and not on who they knew or kissed up to.

General Sennfphoru:  For the most part my impressions were corroborated by the responsibilities I assigned these officers.

Mother Sayer:  I would’ve done nothing different.  My executive staff have my full confidence because I to placed critical tasks on their shoulders just to see if they could handle the pressure.

General Sennfphoru:  Then, I trust we’ll skip the outrage about my outsider status and ornery disposition to have everyone comply with my way of doing business.

Mother Sayer:  General, I grew up with a man that didn’t cut me any slack.

General Sennfphoru:  Yes, ah what was his name?  Ableman Sayer.  Am I correct?

Mother Sayer: (Okay, I shouldn’t be surprised this man knows about me and how I do things.  Don’t act like an amateur Sayer.  Stay on his level or above.  This man, like the women and men that deal in this world don’t have time for feigned outrage.  You are a player on the world stage now and in that arena the ‘outcomes are for keeps’).  That’s correct.  I learned quickly that this man saw a visceral awareness about me.  He married my mother just so he could teach me.  I didn’t disappoint him.

General Sennfphoru: (The General keeps his eyes trained forward and cuts them to the Major only when he perceives his words are painting the scenery he desires to engage on all her modes of perceptions).  Not many adults can interpret what exists outside their own skin and certainly even fewer can decipher the feedback from their senses.

Mother Sayer:  Body language.  I do agree that its interpretation can be misread by the unskilled, but intent is still a combination of the verbal and the nonverbal.

General Sennfphoru:  I’ll say this, the majority of the countless interactions I’ve had with people, barring categorizing them in terms of good and evil; I’ve learned to lean more on what motivates them.  Once I spear that, then I can humanize the intent and thus develop a plan of action to neutralize the threat or act in ways to seed the good in them.

Mother Sayer:  I agree with that analysis.  I should have picked up on the signs that Mr. Goone was playing me.  I, I just wanted to win.  Keep growing my company no matter the costs right?  That’s the idea I kept seeing in the world around me.

General Sennfphoru:  Precisely.  That’s the trap that’s laid in front of us all.  Seek your own success and not the success of others and you will be happy.  Well, intertwined within that philosophy lie the snares of treachery.  They’re hidden along the path they want you to follow, but they’re covered with notions of ‘self-made’, ‘visionary’, or the worst of them all ‘born leader’.  

Mother Sayer:  Yeah, I’ve walked over that ground especially the ‘visionary’ turf which lauded me with praise while I struggled to find my way.  Those are loaded phrases, ready to detonate by the slightest trigger in the mind to say the least.

General Sennfphoru:  Good.  Living up to them can be excruciating especially when you realize they’re just empty chants of accomplishment stickered to the wall of life with failing glue.  

Mother Sayer:  The ARC, my company, is built on verifiable achievements, not hyperbole.

General Sennfphoru:  Then what triggered the rush to expansion?  What prompted you to deal with such a man like Goone?

Mother Sayer:  ‘Trash’.  Well winning and trash.  I’ll explain.  I graduated from UofL.  There was this guy that seemed to know I was teetering on the edge “laden with failure”.  I was young and pretty and I was awash in the compliments of the young men on campus.  This guy though, he saw that for what it was.  The attempt to get me into bed.  Victor was his name.  He told me one day this phrase I’ve never forgotten. 

He said, “What do you think you’ll find sifting through the garbage”.  I said, “Trash”.  He smiled and walked away leaving me alone I guess to contemplate the truth of my quick answer.

General Sennfphoru:  He told you about your behavior in a metaphor?

Mother Sayer:  That’s right.  He possessed those traits you just talked about.  He could read everything about those young men and if I didn’t know better; he could tell me exactly where I would’ve ended up if I got snared in the trap.  Listen, nobody has held my hand crossing the street since I was a child.  His wisdom meant that I had to figure some things in life out quicker than others.

General Sennfphoru:  I’m guessing if you didn’t listen you probably wouldn’t find a glimpse of your future as a well-respected Major in the United States Army or a savvy business woman.

Mother Sayer: (Was that deliberate or just a slip of the tongue).  Probably.  Well General, you still haven’t explained to me why you’re helping me?

General Sennfphoru:  I’ll tell you why soon.  In the meantime, the people who travel far from their lands or their countries are more than just nomads.  They’re ‘Far walkers’.  Yes I see you looking at Pharwalker.  Her name means exactly that.  I still haven’t discovered the ancient meanings associated with leaving the place of your birth and building a home in a faraway land.

Mother Sayer:  I’m sure there is a deeper spiritual purpose to the practice.  Why are we discussing philosophical connections to variations in the Earth’s surface?

General Sennfphoru:  I’m just honing my metaphysical chops while this operation is nearly ready for implementation.  The team can execute the mission in roughly 2 hours, but we will not arrive for another 4.  Do you want to be present when the operation takes place or should I order my team to retrieve the asset immediately?

Mother Sayer: (This is part of being in command.  I can’t show selfishness as I know emotions are always a part of combat, but I decided on a change when my daughter was kidnapped).  No, send them in when they’re ready.  Do you have a woman there to care for my daughter until we arrive?

General Sennfphoru:  Very well.  (The General signals Pharwalker with eye contact in the rear view mirror).  Execute.  Major, we should be at the front soon enough.

Mother Sayer:  Ah, the ‘Front’. (Mother looks at Pharwalker a little closer.  The driver.  These operatives exude crackling energy.  Dynamic precursors to the General.  Recalling how the General conducted himself in Iraq explains the selection of these two impressive individuals).  ‘The face is the entrance to the body’.

General Sennfphoru:  Superficially?

Mother Sayer:  Empirically, because that which is true is seen, heard, tested, and verified as fact.  That which is false is based on data that is drawn, tested and compared to a stringent set of criteria accepted as a method to disprove any findings or results.

General Sennfphoru:  Good.  I’d hoped you’d remember a lot of those boring briefings I conducted in my year in the big chair.

Mother Sayer:  I personally don’t need a mirror to know who I am, and I certainly won’t straightway forget. (He’s telling me something I’ve already started.  I need to step up my game if I want to play on the biggest boards).

General Sennfphoru:  I had entertained the thought that you’ve lost a step.

Mother Sayer:  Since we’re being upfront with each other, what exactly is this outfit that you command?

General Sennfphoru:  I’ll answer your question in a moment.  Tell me first, if a leader places an inept subordinate out front, does it lay bare the fallacies of the leader?

Mother Sayer:  The ability of the leader in placing people in key positions is a “forward facing indictment”.  This evidence can either confirm the credentials of the leader or invalidate them.  Faith or trust in the leader has to be founded on the merits and supported by demonstrable facts.

General Sennfphoru:  3 Fold-C is a private outfit.  It is governed by a strict moral, spiritual and ethical code of honor.  The members are nationalities from all across the globe.  Two years of training in the philosophical, spiritual, and mental disciplines provide the gateway before all recruits are even interviewed for compatibilities to our code.

Mother Sayer:  So no one unsuited is ever out front.  Only those capable in mind, body and spirit displaying self-discipline are ever considered.   Skills and talents are transitory.  Withstanding the prosperity and adversity that life brings is easier said than say cultivated right?

General Sennfphoru:  Yes, there are members accepted into our organization after completing the application process.  Listen, I’ve veered off into another part of what makes us tick.  Most importantly, our organization seeks to protect and promote human life.  The ascendency of humanity demands manual effort.  Taking life is never factored into the equation of a mission.  Believe it or not, we set up a fair judicial hearing for all perpetrators of illegal acts on site and render verdicts according to international law.

Mother Sayer:  International law says the death penalty is illegal.

General Sennfphoru:  That’s right it is.  That’s why we offer an alternative at sentencing.  Ritual combat.

Mother Sayer:  You’d give a man the right to fight to the death?  That’s his only choice realistically right?

General Sennfphoru:  Yes that’s right.  If the convicted man doesn’t wish to accept exile, then he has the right to fight for his freedom if he so chooses.

Mother Sayer:  Because most men of criminal and evil tendencies will choose death over another man telling them they’re forbitten to do what they’ve done all their lives in hurting other people.

General Sennfphoru:  Providing an honorable path to win their freedom or die with dignity recalls both our ancestries.

Mother Sayer: (Mother knows she has to process a lot of what the General is saying internally and not give away any clue that she’s squeamish about his methods).  Alright General.  I won’t be a hypocrite and tell you the thought never crossed my mind of icing this guy.  Your way at least gives him a fighting chance to win his life out of the arena he has chosen.

—————- 1st Interlude —————

(Such a lush green jungle landscape.  Mother wishes she was on a leisurely ride through the countryside of this South American nation, but the purpose of her visit is rooted in much more serious objectives.  Mother’s daughter has to come out of this mentally and physically whole.  I need my daughter back to being a child wondering about what toys to play with.  Telling me boys are icky.  Why she can’t play dress up and go to school.  

Why her Mother is teaching her about how boys will treat her if she behaves in certain ways.  Why respecting herself is not negotiable.  Oh, so many things I need to teach her and all of them could be for naught. 

Mother scolds herself into letting her mind slip into pessimistic thoughts and dire outcomes.  “Failure is a mindset and only I can set my mind to failure”.  Remember that she repeatedly tells herself.  Everything will be okay.  We will succeed today.  We will succeed today.  We will succeed today).

General Sennfphoru: (At the moment Major Sayer agreed to allow the rescue of her daughter to begin, the General nonverbally signaled Pharwalker to tell ‘The Creator’ to execute the mission.)

—————- 2nd Interlude —————

(In the city of Pasto, Colombia where carnival is as much of the culture as it is also tradition.  Celebratory hearts are awash in everybody.  It is the kind of gathering that makes the people of Pasto share all their desires in helping it continue.  A model of working together.  The streets stay clean.  Acting out beyond what is expected during the carnival isn’t tolerated.

What a joy it must be to live in a city such as this.  ‘The Creator’ envisions his mission now.  He will brief his team at the staging house shortly.  The General’s intent is quite clear no matter the mission.  “Leave nothing behind to indicate a battle was fought here.”  Those words are embedded with a ‘ton’ of implied tasks and expectations.  This is ‘The Creator’s’ 23rd mission since he joined 3-Fold C and was chosen by the General as his teams’ ‘Creator’.

The Major’s daughter is being held in a small building right at the border of the city.  A tactical error on the part of the girl’s kidnapper.   ‘The Creator’ observes with all the lush vegetation throughout this country.  In any case, ‘The Creator’ takes nothing for granted or slights any perceived advantage of the adversary along the string of variables to his knot.  Battle points are secured like that.  In battle with careful planning that matches the skills of your team.  You must have a team capable of executing your plan, or you’re simply adept at moving pieces on a board game.

‘The Creator’ is the master at planning.  Simple plan executed at remarkable speed.  ‘SPEARS.’  You will see one today Major Sayer.  ‘The Creator’ thinks, maybe.).

Cha’renn A’owave:  Has the order been given Creator?

The Creator:  Yes Cha’renn, and I’ve already received a vision of how the rescue should be executed.  We will need to move quickly to change out the usual festival participants with our people in order to meet the timeline of the General’s arrival.

Cha’renn A’owave:  Proceed with dispatch Creator. (Captain Cha is a warrior.  How you define him is of great importance.  First, he’s not a man beholden to right and wrong strictly by the eyes or the ears.  He’s not a minister, but he can sit down with any Rabbi and discern the word of God with clarity and legitimacy.

The General pulled him from the Israeli Army after the Captain was having trouble following orders he didn’t believe were morally just.  After he was summoned to 3-Fold C, the General’s team welcomed him with the usual hospitality and began the work to qualify him for the 2-year entry program.  The Captain was observed 24 hours a day no matter what activity of daily living he performed.

Ego, arrogance, stupidity, anger, vengeance to include all negative human behaviors and emotions not mentioned were anathema to what was expected of every team member of the organization.  Performance, knowledge, good judgment, temperance, honor, devotion to a cause greater than yourself is the expectation.).

The Creator: (All members of this operation are present as the plan is laid out.  I will need 12 men and women in the costumes we’ve acquired.  I need a third of the team to secure the woods surrounding the house.  A third of the team dressed as the locals mixed in with the team in costumes.  The last third I want observing and identifying targets as they come into frame.  

The ‘Pneuma Team’ I want you in and out with the girl soon after you make the decision for retrieval.  (The Creator knows not to give precise instructions to the ‘Pneuma Team’ as situations on site can change instantly and he doesn’t need doubt creeping into their mission.).

Cha’renn A’owave:  All teams, you have 30 minutes to plan your part of the mission.  We will execute the mission in 45 minutes.

—————- 3rd Interlude —————

(The proper acquisition of the costumes for the carnival have been transferred over to the first 12 members of the team who will give cover to the ‘Pneuma Team’ to extract the asset.  The final team is in place in the woods surrounding the house to prevent any surprises from the woods or any residents of the house trying to flee that way.

The Creator has approved the planning and is observing the deployment from within the crowds at the carnival.  The Creator likes to stay close to the action because he knows to get better at this craft he needs to be present in its’ execution. The General knows this about the Creator and his methods and has approved them many missions ago.

There is movement in the house as some of the men holding the daughter of Mother Sayer decide to go out and join in the carnival.  The Creator sees this and is astonished at the lack of discipline or control this Mr. Goone has over his men.  No matter, the Creator knows the General’s team takes nothing for granted.  The Creator presses the send button on his radio as an electrical charge races across the airways.  He says one word.  Execute).

Cha’renn A’owave: (Falls forward at the front window as the crowd is pushing through the street and mulling at the town’s edge.  Cha’renn gets up in his costume and leans against the window just enough to block the view outside.  He hopes this will cause one of the men inside to come out and shove him aside.  His move proves to be correct as there’s rustling in the house and the front door opens.).  Oh sorry, just let me catch my breath for a minute.

Boarshet Rumner: (One of Goone’s men opens the door hard and it bangs roughly against the inner wall.  Unbeknown to Goone’s man three operatives are already inside subduing the men in the living room quietly.  Three more operatives swiftly enter the home to secure the bedrooms.  The final three operatives enter the home which includes Ca’knan, an assassin.  Ca’knan is Ninja.  She will retrieve the girl). Get off the window dumbass!  

Cha’renn A’owave:  Sorry man, too much fun. (Two operatives approach Boarshet and subdue him quietly.  The Captain knows the living room is clear as he removes his costume and sets it in front of the window.  He calmly strolls to the front door and enters.  Still with all senses on extreme detection he passes each room and sees all of Goone’s men pacified.  Only one room left to check).

The Creator:  Captain is the location secure?

Cha’renn A’owave:  Yes, Creator.  We have the asset.  

The Creator:  Good.  Bring her out quickly.  The General will be pleased.

—————- 4th Interlude —————

(The call is received by Pharwalker.  She blinks in the rearview mirror the code of success and life to the General.  The General takes note and continues to grill the Major because as he’s stated there is more at stake than just her daughter.  This one is personal and he knows the emotions are still running high in his former subordinate.

We will reveal both our motivations when we get to the rendezvous site with the Major’s daughter.  I have waited a few years for this chance at redemption the General thinks.  I now have a valid reason to ask this of her.  My time has finally come.).

General Sennfphoru:  We will arrive at the rendezvous point in one hour.  Your daughter has been rescued and she is safe and alive.

Mother Sayer:  What?  How?  When?

General Sennfphoru:  Ten minutes ago the operation concluded.  I just wanted to make sure there weren’t any secondary calls after the fact.  It would’ve been embarrassing to me if my team showed such ineptitude.

Mother Sayer:  Okay, I agree, but she is okay and alive?  She isn’t hurt?

General Sennfphoru:  She is fine.  Let’s talk about your plans going forward to protect your family.

Mother Sayer:  I’m already on top of that.

General Sennfphoru:  Okay how?

Mother Sayer:  I’ve hired a private detective agency to look into any potential business arrangement before I get involved.  I’ve hired two security guards at my home to protect my place of residence.

General Sennfphoru:  What about your travels to and from work?  Your children to and from school?  No bother.  I’ll set you up with the security company I employ to protect my vital assets.

Mother Sayer: (The Major knows not to argue with the General on this issue.  She simply nods her compliance and listens to him speak more on the changes that must come in her life and her family.).  Of course General, as you wish.

—————- 5th Interlude —————

(The trip seems like it has lasted an entire day.  Every inch, every yard, every mile brings me closer to may daughter the Major thinks.  She looks out the window trying to maintain her composure in the midst of these incredible operatives.  The Major thinks, “I can maintain it in this SUV, but when I see my daughter I will be out for blood.”

The General sits beside her seemingly content with the answers provided by the Major on this road trip.  He is certain now he’s picked the right woman to train his daughters in the ways of a woman he or his wife couldn’t.  The ability to function in a society like America calls for a certain kind of ruthlessness.  The General knows somebody who’s been taught and who’s teaching her own children in those ways of success and survival are rare.  He’s made the right choice.  Now, the only thing that’s left is to ask her permission.)

General Sennfphoru:  We’ve arrived.

Mother Sayer: (The Major exits the SUV in a controlled burst and asks for her daughter.).  Where’s Doyenne?

Sweejae Sennfphoru:  She’s playing with toys inside.  I’ll go get her.

Mother Sayer: (Mother stands poised and strong knowing that all the mission personnel are closely watching her every move.  Then she hears the call.  A call like all creatures of the earth calling for their Mother.).  Doy.  Come to Mother.

Doyenne:  Mother.  I knew you would come.  I’ve had so much fun with Momma Sweejae.  She told me her daughters are as pretty as I am.

Mother Sayer:  Good.  Are you okay?  Did that man hurt you?

Doyenne:  No Mother.  He just called you so many bad words.

Mother Sayer:  Oh, I see.  Well we gotta go home now.  We’re going to fly out of here soon.  You stay with these people.  Mother gotta go do something.  It won’t take long.

Mother Sayer: (Mother walks over to one of the General’s operatives and asked for her weapon.  The operative hands the M4 to Major Sayer and the Major goes through her training when she handles a loaded weapon.  The General sees the exchange and walks over to the Major.). Thank you.

General Sennfphoru:  Do you know the most terrible and shameful day of my life Major?

Mother Sayer:  Don’t, I’ve had enough of this guy.  It has to be done.

General Sennfphoru:  It was when I sent you on that convoy.  The one which you got shot.  I’ve relived that day over and over again since.  Do you know why it is a day of shame to me?

Mother Sayer:  General, what are you saying.  I don’t understand.

General Sennfphoru:  I wanted you to fail Major.  Then when the call came in that you were ambushed; my heart sank like it just fell into the Red Sea.  I wanted to dispatch a rescue team along with an apache flyover, but the situation didn’t call for it.  I waited on baited breath as I listened to you recover your strength and gather your team and get out of there.  I felt responsible for your injury and to this day I feel guilty over it.

Mother Sayer:  I, I don’t know what to say.  I do remember you were on edge a lot and the tempo was such that Iraq was about to explode because of political decisions.  I never thought you would send me to my death.  Why?

General Sennfphoru:  I know women are a part of the Israeli military and they’re well respected.  I didn’t hold the American women of your armed forces in the same regard.

Mother Sayer:  After my performance, your respect started to come a little my way.  I noticed you lightened up on me after I got back.  Oh, I see now.  Would I order my soldiers to return fire if we were under attack. You were wondering would I pull the trigger if I had to.  Well you sure didn’t need to worry for that.

General Sennfphoru:  I know.  What was that you said to gunner. ‘Spit in their face’. 

Mother Sayer:  Yeah, I asked if he remembered he was from Alabama.

General Sennfphoru:  There’s no need for you to involve yourself further.  That’s why I’m asking you to give me the weapon.

Mother Sayer:  You’re the second man I’ve completely respected that’s asked me to give up my weapon.  I can’t do it this time.

General Sennfphoru:  Major, this man will indeed claim victory over you if you go in there and kill him.  In your heart you know it isn’t ritual combat.  Besides as your father would say, “Somebody has to stand before the Father and Mother of Lights and not be a disappointment.”

Mother Sayer:  How? (Mother looks at the M4 and safeties it.).  General, thank you.  I will take my daughter and go home now.

General Sennfphoru:  Oh, I do have one more favor to ask of you.  My wife and I, who you’ve just met, we’re wanting to leave our two daughters with you.  We will provide support for all their needs and continued training in our ways.  We ask that you teach our girls to be as strong a woman as you are.

Mother Sayer:  It will be my honor.  You know General, a Black man was once King of your people, so our alliance isn’t as forgotten or unknown to the people that are descendants of our ancient ties.

General Sennfphoru:  True.  I will see you soon in Louisville, Kentucky.

Mother Sayer:  I’ll be waiting.  Goodbye my friend.

Mother Se’May Sayer: The ARC of Time Episode Thirteen: The Road to Damascus Part One: Those We Love

Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time

Episode Thirteen:  The Road to Damascus

Part One:  Those We Love


(This time period should be forever marked by the kidnapping of Mother’s daughter by an old foe.  The loss of control and the uncertainty that creeps into Mother’s life for the first time ever.  How did this happen you might ask?  It happened because Mother was rising fast in the business world and she wasn’t closely guarding the line of vendors, let’s say, or the character of the people she dealt with at the time.  One of these men she dealt with was her tormentor, the man that kidnapped her daughter, Mr. Goone.  Well no one is immune to the embarrassment of defeat as such a sting is more prominent when it is delivered by a woman.  The majority of men, if not the entirety of them, would not be gracious losers in that scenario.  Mr. Goone ran in mob circles.  He wasn’t the sort of man that liked hearing the word no, or most certainly he didn’t like being upstaged by a woman.

It is a distortion to be sure.  A man that isn’t used to a woman getting the best of him, and a woman who isn’t used to dealing with a man of low morals.  The dichotomy has now seeped into the fabric of both their ideals of life as it should be.  Which version of life would rule the day?  Which one of these two people will emerge victorious based on how each chooses to present that life to the world?  Who will be true to their convictions or their code?

Let’s back up a minute and revisit how this situation occurred.  This dynamic is the result of Mother Sayer’s father, Ableman Sayer, stepping in to help her with Mr. Goone, a small-time henchman for the city of Louisville, Kentucky’s crime boss, Don Se’Stone.  The Don and her father were old friends that ran together since they met during the Korean War.

This time her father would not be the one to deal with the Don.  If a savior would appear this time, it would be a man whom she highly respected as a skillful commander.  A man that supplied fresh motivations because she knew she needed someone that would task her without regard to her pedigree. The Colonel, her commanding officer of the Task Force she reported under.  This man didn’t know much about Major Sayer at the time nor did he care if she had a loving family.  This Colonel only cared about leading warriors as he was burdened with a humongous lineage in contrast as the Major’s good name was young and recent.

Despite this clash of personalities and demand for respect, something did happen that changed the Colonel’s mind and his heart which gave him new understanding.  An understanding that would lead the Colonel, after he got word of the Major’s dilemma, to offer his help as he knew what it would mean to him.  It meant the Colonel now had a chance at redemption.  He would not squander it.)

Mother Sayer: (Mother rarely deviated from her morning routine.  She rose around 6 am every morning.  Brushed her teeth and took a brisk shower.  Afterwards she would stir the children around 645 to get them going. Neither had to fight for a bathroom as there was one upstairs and one downstairs in addition to the one in her room. In any event, the children would be refreshed from their sleep soon and eating breakfast as Mother’s staff would have a hearty breakfast ready for consumption in the dining room.).  Ah, Ntare, how are you this morning?

Ntare Bolder:  I am well Mother Sayer.  I took the liberty as it is a Wednesday to prepare fresh fruit and light sandwiches in the event you and the little ones need an effective pick-me-up throughout the day.

Mother Sayer:  That is very thoughtful.  Good, I think today is going to be a great day if I may say so.  Children, come and eat.  I need to get to work a little early today.

Doyenne:  I’m here Mother.

Mother Sayer:  Where’s Justus?

Doyenne:  Oh, he’s coming.  Just what I wanted to get me going.  A spread of fruits and a plate of sandwiches which I’m sure has the type of meat I like. (Doy loves turkey, pastrami and cheese on white with a light coating of mayonnaise. Even better if the sandwiches are cut into squares, as they are, for quick packaging and consumption.).

Justus:  Yes, just what I need.  May I have some of everything Mother?

Mother Sayer: (The arrival of my son is always ‘may I have something to eat’ before he even knows what position or where his Mother is standing in the kitchen.). Yes, Justus, you can have whatever you desire as always as long as you do not waste it.

(The morning at home is now written in history. The drive to the kids’ school uneventful.  The arrival at work is the same.).

Mother Sayer:  Eloisa, you are looking as confident as ever.  How goes things?  Are you settled on where you wish to attend college?

Eloisa:  Almost Mother.  I just have to figure out which one would give me the best chance at attaining all the goals I have in mind.

Mother Sayer: (These conversations are more valuable than all the millions in revenue her company now generates every year. The progress, growth and ability of humanity.  The expansion of the mind and the people who support this critical, albeit downplayed and shunned practice for more things that tend to excite people’s emotions. Mother knows that instant gratification is destroying the minds of the young in America.  Everything worthwhile to a person’s life takes time and time is what Mother elevates in all things to all her people.).  Yes, Eloisa, that is right.  Project the story from the end.  If you see the choice you will make, then tether and bond it to the fabric of your life, then that college must possess all you require in accomplishing your goal.  Not the goals of the college, but the goals you have in mind to propel you forward in life.

Eloisa:  So, the college I choose must meet my goals and not the other way around?

Mother Sayer:  That’s precisely right.  Another thing I must awaken your mind to that’s life giving in the contemplation of it.

Eloisa:  Mother, I must confess that I’m not good at philosophy.  A lot of things go right over my head.  I’m just giving you fair warning.

Mother Sayer: (Mother sees this reaction more often than she receives an objection vocally to her offers of caution to the young. Her council is still needed no matter the resistance to it which is why she compresses her admonitions into short one or two sentences for quick memory recall.).  I’ve noticed an engagement ring on your finger.  Is it serious?

Eloisa:  Yes, Mother I believe it is.

Mother Sayer:  I’m happy for you.  Remember this if you don’t remember anything else about life and how it should be lived with another adult.  “Sex and love, one doesn’t come with the other.”

Eloisa:  “Sex and love, one doesn’t come with the other.”  What does that mean?

Mother Sayer:  It is one of those saying in life that holds within it a truth.  That truth must be discovered by each individual that hears it.  Don’t ask me how I came by such a truth that at face value seems to be false.  Many believe that sex and love are the same thing. They have to go together right? The wisdom that lies within it must be a discovery that unfolds in your mind.

Eloisa:  I don’t know about that.  That is not what I’ve heard.

Mother Sayer:  Ah, so a woman has schooled you on how to please a man.  Okay, well what happens after a man is ‘pleased’ if I may word it that way?

Eloisa:  He should know where he can come to be treated like he should be treated.

Mother Sayer:  Oh, I see, so he knows where to go to get relief.  (Mother can see on Eloisa’s face that this comment has finally cracked her shield of confidence in what she was taught.  It’s not so pretty to be an ‘object of a man’s desire when that desire is simply a place to empty fluids and satisfy a craving.’

Eloisa:  I’m uncomfortable with the direction this conversation is taking.

Mother Sayer:  Very well Eloisa.  I will leave you with something that may clear up for you what love should mean for humanity in general.  Love is interdimensional.  Love is expansive.  Love is limitless because it is present across great distances.  Do you know why?  (Mother can see that Eloisa has grown weary of the conversation as many do when their long held given beliefs aren’t scrutinized at first, then sorted through for personal discovery).  Many things we believe are found lacking under intense scrutiny Eloisa.

Eloisa:  No. What?

Mother Sayer:  The conscience.  If you don’t reside in his heart, or as I call it the mind, the tether connecting the two of you is nonexistent.  The thing, that invisible arc of energy that binds both of you together.  That thing that denies all others and resides faithful and yes feeds off the reciprocal energy you both send back and forth to each other.

(Well I should leave it there and continue my daily routine as my business doesn’t run itself, but I must press on until she says no more.).

Eloisa:  I, I don’t know what to do with this information you’ve given me.

Mother Sayer:  Eloisa, think of what I’ve said to you today as a seed that must be planted. Let it grow within you.  Nourish it and it will produce the enlightening fruit of understanding.  Teach it by how you behave towards the ones you love and yes, bring your man along slowly or quickly depending on how you judge he’s absorbing what you show him. Okay.  Well talk later and have a good day.

Eloisa: (I’ve only talked to Mother a few minutes, but it seems ‘I’ve unbraced and unstrapped a load of bricks and was about to round a curve before hearing her advice.’ Oh, God.  Look at me, she’s even got me contemplating like a monk.).  Ah, yes yes Mother, have a good day.

Mother Sayer:  Listen, everybody wants a good life or prosperity as if it’s a reward for simply being alive.  It seems to be a disease of some kind that plagues Americans.  “Don’t pick the fruit before you plant the tree.”

Eloisa:  I definitely don’t understand that.  Can you please tell me what you mean by that?

Mother Sayer:  What I mean is that there has to be some signs of growth that the seed you plant, or per se in your case the relationship you want at some point to be beneficial to you both has to be a two-way street.  If the roots aren’t grounded, meaning a mutual care for each other, then the roots, love in your case, will never withstand the possibility of being uprooted by the ‘events of life’ you both will face.

Eloisa:  By ‘events’ you mean the insertion of other people between the two of us.  The intertwining of two lives is a precarious operation without well-meaning friends putting in their two-cents worth. I never believed it would be easy, but I don’t want a hard life either.

Mother Sayer:  Well, I think you’ve come a long way for such a short interaction this morning Eloisa.  Remember this if you don’t remember anything else I’ve said.  “The pace of your learning may be quickened depending on what it devotes to your vitality, but understand you’ll be shaken a bit.  Flow through it as it washes over you and when it dries, know that physic learning as far as the mind is concerned only deals in permanent disclosures.”  Be well as I won’t detain you any longer.

Eloisa:  Good day Mother and thank you for taking the time to spend with me.

Mother Sayer:  You’re welcome sweetheart. (Mother feels Eloisa needs a hug as life sometimes requires physical touch to solidify a caring relationship.  She touches her face and sees her off to her station before she boards the elevator to her office.).

(The elevator opens on the 3rdfloor of the office building that houses the day-to-day operations of The ARC Inc. Sarah is standing by with the reports and fresh cut fruits and nuts prepared just the way Mother likes them.).

Mother Sayer:  Very good Sarah, the scent of fruits and nuts is a soothing welcome to start the day.  Anything unusual or unexpected that’s happened so far this morning that needs my attention?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Not a thing Mother.

Mother Sayer:  Are the numbers on my desk detailing the history of our household line of products?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes Mother.

Mother Sayer:  Good.  I want to review the current sales and our production quota to see if they line up with our sales goals.  Are the products that are in the development phase on my desk as well?

Sarah W. Certainty:  No they’re not Mother.

Mother Sayer:  Call down to ‘Seed and Root’ and get those for me please.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Right away Mother:  If you have time, can I run something by you.  It’ll take just a second.

Mother Sayer:  Sure Sarah, give me just a second to change the PH level of my taste buds and I’ll be right with you.

(Mother carries a cup of hot tea out to Sarah’s desk. She knows it’s fine because no one occupies the inner office but the two of them.).

Mother Sayer:  What’s on your mind Sarah?

Sarah W. Certainty:  First I want to say that I’ve enjoyed your guidance and nurturing these past two years I’ve been here.  The time you’ve taken to help me sort out my life now and the things I’ve witnessed growing up has strengthened me beyond anything I could’ve known I could be.  I’ve seen other people in passing and often wondered how they seem content with their lives.

Mother Sayer:  It has been my pleasure as well to have an advent listener.  Your presence has taught me many things as well Sarah.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Very well Mother.  I want to notably focus on what you’ve done with me as it concerns my parents.  I was conflicted about why I was born into such a dangerous life for the longest time.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my parents.  Well I should say; I’ve forced myself to believe my parents loved me. In the most stressful, neglectful, lack of nurturing times I knew was swirling around them and completely unsure of which situation would show for me.  It never was the comforting one of those possible traits I needed the most.

That set me on a path to look at my situation, but not be consumed by it.  No matter what was going on around me to always be thinking and learning.  Never did I wish I was somewhere else.  Don’t get me wrong.

Mother Sayer: (This young lady is more impressive that my initial assessment led me to believe.  Even in the two plus years she’s been my responsibility; I would’ve never imagined she knew of embracing her environment instead of attempting to flee it as the first option would be more advantageous for her. Incredible!).  Good Sarah, continue.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I knew my parents would come out on top of whatever the challenge that faced them.  They stuck together.  My mom knew her role and my father embraced his.  They never gave the other any trouble.  When my father needed someone who didn’t judge him, my mother was always there.  When my mother needed someone to tell her she was pretty and a good mother, my father did it with gusto.

My understanding was complete about the two of them when I witnessed their love for each other.  It wasn’t a love that lacked accountability.  It was a love that established what was valuable and preserved it as a jeweler would a precious stone. Then they decided to broaden my experience of life by giving me to you because my father knew your father for decades.

Mother Sayer:  Yes I know.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I wouldn’t change my life now for anything in the world.  I was shown favor by God because he gave me a strong mind and I didn’t disappoint the ‘Trinity’ God by showing it was too much for me to handle.

Mother Sayer:  Definitely Sarah.  That is correct.  You are a strong woman as evidenced by your ability to withstand all the ‘physic shocks’ to your mind at an early age before you were able to process them appropriately. However, you’ve shown a gift of mental strength that defies age itself.  It is good to show that you were ready no matter what your age.

Let me say this in your honor as well.  “Physic shocks are common to all of humanity.” They can foster new abilities or hasten mental uncertainty when they arrive too early, too late or not at all.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Exactly!  I picked up on that about you.  Mental strength is a major part of what you’re about and feeding that point has made your company very successful.  You’ve shown me it’s not a separate part of your life, but it’s a major component of your life that works with every other part of your life.

Mother Sayer:  Did you pick all that up just by watching me?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Let’s just say my list of questions have nearly all been answered now.

Mother Sayer:  Only a few left before the exam is complete?

Sarah W. Certainty:  A few left before the exam is complete.  I hope I don’t run out of time.

Mother Sayer:  Not a chance my dear.  Not a chance.

—————- 1stInterlude —————

(The afternoon turns into early evening and the day’s business is flowing well as The ARC is functioning as it should.).

Sarah W. Certainty:  Mother, it’s you Head of Staff at your house on line one, N’tare Bolder.

Mother Sayer:  Thank you Sarah.  N’tare how are you.  What’s up?

N’tare Bolder:  Doyenne wasn’t at school when your driver went to pick her up.  I don’t know where she is.  Did she say she would sleep over someone’s house tonight?

Mother Sayer:  I don’t think so, she didn’t ask my permission.  Let me call her to find out where she’s at.  Thanks for calling me.

N’tare Bolder:  Governess, I await your guidance.  Until then.  Good evening.

(There is a certain sense of unease.  An unease that Se’May only feels when the danger is real. The vibe in the air surrounds her and starts layering the truth on what she knows is wrong.  Doy is in trouble.)

Mother Sayer:  (Suddenly her phone rings and she knows it’s her daughter.  Her daughter doesn’t answer the phone.  That voice, she races through her memories like a speed reader mesmerizing an attentive audience.  It can’t be him, but she knows her upbringing is sure.  Her military training as was her leadership structure, was superior to all the commands her peers served under was sure.  Her learning curve and the organization she’s built to include her ARC Council, subjected her to continuous pressure to compress the time she needed to move with confidence in the rough and tumble arena of business.  The voice on the phone belongs to Laine Goone.).  If you harm my daughter, I will kill you.

Laine Goone:  Ha Ha.  Is that any way to speak to an old business partner.

Mother Sayer:  (Se’May is extremely disappointed in her opening statement, but she knows the disclosure is permanent and signifies how angry she is.  She quickly regains her bearing and demands why he has taken her daughter.).  Mr. Goone, may I ask what are doing with my daughter?  Why have you taken my child?

Laine Goone:  We’ll get to that soon enough.  Let’s talk about how you’re going to pay me back the money you owe me.

Mother Sayer:  Money I owe you?  I owe you money?  I remember you took money from me and didn’t exchange it for the raw supplies you promised. How am I to blame for what Don Se’Stone did to you?

Laine Goone:  You stupid bitch!  That’s not how it works.  I’m a criminal.  Are you saying you don’t understand that?  Fuck all this shit.  You want your daughter back, right?  You will pay me The $50,000 you owe me, plus $250,000 for the embarrassment you brought me in the face of my boss.

Mother Sayer:  I’ll pay you what?  I’m sorry you were disciplined by your boss, but that’s not my problem.

Laine Goone:  Oh, but I’ve made it your problem.  Yes or no?

Mother Sayer:  Yes or no what?  You want me to pay you $300,000 for an apparent offense you claim to have suffered?

Laine Goone:  Pay the money or you’ll never see your daughter again.

Mother Sayer:  Okay, now we’re getting somewhere.  If I don’t pay you the money you think I owe you, you’ll kill my daughter is that it?

Laine Goone:  And they say you people are dumb.

Mother Sayer:  (This would be comical if it didn’t involve my daughter.  Men.  I’ll keep him thinking he has the upper hand for now.  I’ve got to find a way to get my daughter back without paying this fool my money.).  I want my daughter back right now or I’ll call the police.

Laine Goone:  By the time the police get a whiff of my scent I won’t be in this country. Call them all you want.  You better start getting my money together. I won’t wait on you forever.

Mother Sayer:  Okay okay.  I’ll get the money together.  Just give me some idea when you want it?

Laine Goone:  I’ll let you know bitch.  (Click).

(Mother let’s her people know that her daughter’s been taken from her by an old enemy.  What she doesn’t know is that a former soldier of hers that works in her truck repair business has been in constant contact with a certain commander from her past.  Son Skyy has made the call and Mother will have to deal with the clash of personalities again.).


(In Tel Aviv, Israel, a vibrant, purposeful and driven city that’s alive with the joy of humanity.  Where there is more togetherness than division.  One company has burdened itself with the task of bringing home, in a manner, all the tribes and pockets of Jewish hereditary who’ve remained from their ancestors all over the world.

The Jews of China, Europe, and Africa.  Many other places of the world that nomadic Jews sought to build a life for themselves while maintaining centuries old traditions of love for family and prowess in battle.  The company is called:  3 FOLD-C. Its offices are staffed by personnel whose beliefs tend to bend toward the most valiant of behaviors.  All parts of an automobile serve to propel it to its destination.  The administration of justice is sacred and not to be ranked by order of precedence. That is the point.  The custody of humanity is everyone’s solemn responsibility. The conduct of it seems to be in the hands of people focused more on power and pleasure than justice and equitable treatment no matter the person before you.  Yeah, it seems as if its’ been left to impetuous children to manage.

Therefore, HAMSA, our code, must be without question and all who’re allowed membership must be vetted continuously throughout their association with the company.  The internal disciplinary apparatus must be as stringent as the rule shown to us by the Gods themselves in casting out the one betrayer amongst the first twelve apostles. ‘It is impossible to achieve justice by acting unjustly.  It is blasphemous to believe that honor can be obtained by acting dishonorably’.).


Son Skyy:  (Skyy is thinking as he sits at the desk staring at the phone in the truck stop office.  He knows what promise he gave to the Major’s superior officer before they both left the service to start a new life working together in Kentucky.  “If she needs anything, any trouble comes her way you call me.  Understood.”).  May I speak to Colonel Tholodious Badon Sennfphoru?

(At the company offices in Tel Aviv, Israel, the call comes into the switchboard and the handlers verify the caller’s codes (name and information provided by all executive staff of family and friends) and sends it to administration to prepare a report to present to the recipient of the call.  The General is at his desk now after being grilled by the ‘HAMSA JUDGES’ about the actions taken by his team on their last mission.

General Sennfphoru:  Good morning Mc’Butress, what do you have for me.

Mc’Butress:  Only one report matched to the file created after you returned home.  It’s a simple case involving the kidnapping of a woman’s daughter.

General Sennfphoru:  (After reading down the paper and seeing the name he stops.  The General closes his eyes.  When he opens them again, he slowly stands and looks out the window.).  Mc’, prepare my transport.  All protocols are in effect.  This mission is personal.

Mc’Butress:  (One of those precious requests granted only to the executive council.).  May I ask who this woman is to you?  What is her name?  Where are we going?

General Sennfphoru:  The association is tied to the American Army.  She is, an old subordinate I commanded when I led a Task Force in Iraq.  Her name, is Major Sayer.  We’re going to Louisville, Kentucky.

…to be continued

Episode Twelve: When The Shadows Disappear


Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time


Episode Twelve:  When The Shadows Disappear




(It seems as if the days and even the nights are a bit brighter.  Mother Sayer is wondering now about the many days of success and failure.  The solutions that seemingly appeared from nowhere. All the words that flowed out of her mouth in the right context and the right tone.  How, she wonders, did all these events appear like rungs on a ladder. Rungs that I suddenly could grasp for dear life to stop a fall.  Rungs she could take hold on to save herself?


It also seems as if I am not so crowded or buffeted about as I walk along on my journey throughout the path in life I’ve chosen. This feeling, this influx of information must be explained.  “I feel free of internal and external weights and measures as if the things that were lining up to make me stumble, change course, or cease my efforts have suddenly fell silent in defeat.”  A lot of those barriers, or constructs that have taken human form in my mind, prevailing over my desires many a day.  Hours upon hours did I wrestle with my adversaries to connect even the simplest pieces of my plans.


My Father, she thinks, taught me much about the way to handle adversaries and adversity in real life.  He also said, “I can’t teach you everything Se’May.  I am not God.  The rest of the way you will have to beat a path for yourself.  All you have to do is decide on a direction and go.” I wonder if he wrestled with internal foes as much as I did).


Mother Sayer: (Mother arrives at the office in downtown Louisville, Kentucky on a crisp and breezy August morning.  The traffic wasn’t so bad she thinks, but it’s relative to the activity that this city produces.  She knows the more traffic there is the more business, and with the traffic comes more opportunity for everyone in this city to find their niche).  Sarah?  Do you have the reports covering all the projects that have passed from planning to initial implementation on my desk?


Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes Mother, they are laid out from most promising to needs attention.


Mother Sayer:  Just the way I like them.  Thank you, Sarah.  As organized as you can be, as always.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Mother, may I speak to you about something?


Mother Sayer:  Sure Sarah, yes, yes of course.  Come in and sit, I’ll have us brought up some hot beverages as I’m looking to let things soak in for a while this morning.  It may last throughout the afternoon.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Good, Mother.  I may be a minute.  I’d like to sort through some things if you will be so kind as to indulge me for a while.


Mother Sayer: (As the hot cocoa and coffee arrives, Mother and Sarah immediately begin to decipher the meanings of these newly ‘recovered’ feelings of strength, will power, or just good ole plain ‘promises released’ into their lives to be achieved).  I’ve had this feeling of being revved up, like an engine getting an octane boost.


Sarah W. Certainty:  I’ve had the same feeling for quite a while.  Since I met you; I’ve had a chance to perform a review of the years I was being raised by my parents.  All the activities I was shielded from and told when I asked about them, not to ask to about them.  I still observed many things and sought to understand them with the tools in my possession as best I could.  The early years of my life when my mother would quickly shield the ‘aftermath’ of my father’s business dealings from my view.  The injuries my father received that my mother mended were the worse.


She would.  I’ll rephrase.  Anytime she knew my father was going to collect money for his boss, Don Stonehand, her plan to keep my innocence as a child intact as long as possible, and she did. I really didn’t start to grasp the enormity of my surroundings until I was twelve years old.  That’s when we moved to a bigger home, and my father started having bodyguards.  The benefit of ‘money up or status up’ in the underworld.


Mother Sayer:  Wait.  You didn’t see anything as a child?  No violence at all?


Sarah W. Certainty:  None.  My mother was ‘strategic’ and better yet she was ‘anticipatory’ about instances when it could occur in order to follow her plan for me precisely.  She had a vision of what she wanted for her daughter, and my father never interfered with her wishes.


Mother Sayer:  Until you turned twelve that is.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes Mother.  There was no way to keep my exposure to it at a minimum forever, so she established rules around the house, new rules I should say.  We still ate as a family.  I spent plenty of time with my father.  All of us did things together.  We saw live shows, movies, and I even had parts in my school plays.  Whose father shows up at school plays with bodyguards? (Sarah chuckles a little).


Mother Sayer:  All the while, you were gradually introduced to the life your father was leading.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes, I was.  My parents despised lying to each other.  Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.  I can’t answer the question of whether my father had mistresses like all the criminal heads.


Mother Sayer:  Then the matter is settled as it is not for you to worry about.  I’ve been apart from my husband for a few years. His job is somewhat like your father’s. He has to make decisions that that if he didn’t would blow his cover.  I’m not a hopeless romantic and I’m certainly not ‘momma’s girl’ who’s unaware of the world she lives in.


Sarah W. Certainty: (Sarah laughs as she eyes the evidence of Mother’s words on her appearance.  The acceptance of forging a path alone.  The turning of solitude into raising children alone.  The servitude to her business.  Being a leader that ‘crackles’ with the vision that everybody experiences daily through the energy and successful direction of her company’s activity.  Everyone that works here knows they better get a good grip and hold tight if you want to work here).  You are certainly not a ‘momma’s girl.  Being a part of the creative environment here is enough for anyone wishing to have a hand in the success of The ARC Incorporated.  Now the first folder on the stack is about the ‘PLAYBOY’.


Mother Sayer:  Ah yes, the ‘PLAYBOY’.  It looks like the U.S. Patents office has given us a patent pending stamp of approval. Hmm, it also seems that our sales team is doing a great job marketing the device to every airline in the world. Good.  I’ll just make a note here to have their teams to always connect the device to real world experiences at all times.  In other words, connect it to lives at all times.


Sarah W. Certainty:  If they see how it fits into the daily grind of air transportation and unfortunately, casualty notification, the ‘PLAYBOY’ will be accepted more and more.


Mother Sayer: (Mother just gives a nod as the ‘PLAYBOY’ is a momentous leap in not only the casualty recovery of passengers on a plane, but the tracking and immediate ability to launch search missions making a vital improvement forward).  Good, and let’s see what’s next.


The tracking software that targeted the Asian market is taking hold with law enforcement now.  It would seem that incident location feature on the app has taken off. The APP, make a note Sarah, we have to give it a name, has augmented law enforcement’s ability to arrive on scene precisely where the disturbance is.


Sarah W. Certainty:  How about ‘FOUND U?’


Mother Sayer:  I must stress to the team that when an incident occurs; the notification goes out to everyone in the vicinity in order to give them a chance to decide what decisions to make regarding their safety.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Of course Mother.  Even the men and women that wear the uniform of law enforcement are human.  They all do not possess the same high level of professionalism.  Loss of life is what this APP seeks to prevent.


Mother Sayer:  That is correct Sarah.  If I can save one family from having to feel the stinging, burning shock of an unjust and untimely death.  I will have completed my mission with the ‘FOUND U’ APP.  Understand me, I am not justifying the killing of any human being. Whether it is law enforcement, civilian or military.  An answer should be given and recorded about all loss of life.  No one should be excluded from answering for their actions.


Now, I want to share some notices, per se, I’ve received. It may be nothing.  I could just be wanting these feelings I’ve been having about my life to mean more than they ought to.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Not at all Mother, tell me.


Mother Sayer:  I get the sense that I’ve lost a lot of shadows.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Shadows?


Mother Sayer:  When I realized my good fortune early in my childhood.  My mother marrying the man, my stepfather, who became my blood father by the love he showed to me, was all ordained from what I could grasp at the time.  I can’t believe that my father, Mister Abelman Sayer, did not realize the weight of the decision he was making.


He was marrying a woman that had children from another man. Yeah, all the ‘how’s your wife and my kids’ jokes were captured by his ears.  All the forewarnings and all the well-meaning advise sought to deter him from his decision.  My father didn’t dismiss the counsel he received out of hand.  He merely contemplated it for over a year after he met my mother.  He proposed to her a year after they met.  The wedding date was set about six months later in the summer.  The day after Independence Day.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Wait Mother, tell me more about why its’ such a dreadful thing to marry a woman with children?


Mother Sayer:  It is dreadful because a woman rarely allows a man, a good man at that, my father, to exert authority over her children.  Don’t get me wrong when I say this, but some women lack the intellectual insight, the ‘intellectual application’ to know when the man they possess, the good man they married, must be allowed to teach ‘their’ children.  Some women still hold onto the fallacious belief that the man they married doesn’t have the right to lead her children.  She may submit to his leadership as his wife, but she won’t share her authority and allow the covering to shield her children as well.


I mean this for the children no matter what sex they are. Male or female, the mother has to allow the ‘good man’ the authority to help raise the children from a good man’s point of view.  The Father and the Mother must be unified in this task, or the children will succumb to dark influences to pit the parents against each other.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Friction.


Mother Sayer:  Yes Sarah, have you encountered some as you are out and about?


Sarah W. Certainty:  I don’t know, but I have from time to time seen some things that, with couples, that didn’t look like let’s say ‘family love.’


Mother Sayer:  Family love?  I’ve noticed Ulsani Tonelli and Jayce Collark passing by looking through the office glass. Since I know they’re not looking at me, I’ve wondered which one do you prefer?


Sarah W. Certainty: (Oh course, Mother misses nothing. The Italian or the Black guy is the question of the day.  I have to sense that it isn’t a coincidence that an eligible Italian man was hired by Mother, or an intelligent Black man with the right schooling and background was brought on board in the front office.  I’m sure my parents had something to do with the Italian. Anyway.).  I’ve went out separately with them bought, but I do prefer the Italian.


Mother Sayer:  I thought so.  I’m glad for you, but I will talk to you about widening your choices at a later time. I want to go back to you saying that you’ve observed the behavior of couples when you’re out and about.  Have you observed the dynamics of race in the myriad of human interactions you see every day?


Sarah W. Certainty:  Honestly, not so much.


Mother Sayer:  Could it be because you have the “Golden Ticket”?


Sarah W. Certainty:  The ‘Golden Ticket’?


Mother Sayer:  I’ll say this and then we’ll get back to the topic of ‘shadows’. It signifies a freedom and unfettered ability to move about in American Society absent the restraints ‘seen and unseen’ that people of other races can’t refuse to ignore.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Restraints?


Mother Sayer:  Hold that thought and from this point forward vow to observe things more closely in the future Sarah.  Allow your mind to receive the data that’s sent like ‘carrier waves’ from every human being ‘like the unseen wind, but is caught by your senses and analyzed by your brain.’


Sarah W. Certainty: (God, and I don’t say it often. God, I am glad my Mother gave me to this woman).  So, I should learn to see not just with my eyes, but with all my senses?


Mother Sayer:  Yes Sarah, learn to interpret the world around you.  Like you processed your place in your Father and Mother’s home. How you learned to gather information without it being expressed to you.  Remember how powerful it felt to know things about your surroundings that no one told you. Just as you’ve learned to anticipate my wants and needs as I have embraced you like my daughter.


Sarah W. Certainty:  You are right Mother.  I did discover a lot of things about my parents because I paid attention to their actions and interactions.  The gravity or weight in the room how it changed when things were serious or playful. I did feel a sense that finding things out for myself gave me more confidence than if things were just told me.


Mother Sayer: (She wants to quickly express two words, one compound and one singular, but she keeps her composure).  That’s right Sarah.  I’ve always suspected that you’ve kept a lot of say ‘incidents’ stored in your mind for later when you could find someone who could help you decipher or interpret them.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Is it that obvious?


Mother Sayer:  It is to someone who was raised correctly to utilize all her talents. No, not everyone picks up non-verbal clues.  Getting back to the point of ‘shadows’ I mentioned earlier.  I’ve gotten a lot accomplished in the 12 years I’ve started this company.  Although that’s a nice record, I can’t help wondering about what I’ve allowed to tag along with me on my journey.  Like an uninvited guest at a house party.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Like something along for the ride that didn’t buy a full price ticket.


Mother Sayer:  Correct.  I want to bounce some things off you.  Tell me what you think.  (Mother doesn’t have to say to Sarah tell me the truth.  Sarah already knows the ‘ROCK’ that Mother has built her life and her business is the ‘The Rock of Truth’).


Sarah W. Certainty:  I’m ready.


Mother Sayer:  I’ll start with the smaller shadows I’ve already gotten rid of.  The shadow of ‘raising the children alone’. For a few years, I’ve waited for Zar to come home more often from his work, but I gave up on it after the children turned 5 and 6.  It was like a new presence had formed while I was transfixed with the singularity of parenthood.  It got so bad that I found myself counting days like an inmate awaiting parole or release from prison.


Sarah W. Certainty:  It became a purpose that was feeding on you like a leech?


Mother Sayer:  Yes, yes it was.  When I finally accepted the fact that I had to do it alone, the energy that was being sapped returned to me like a jolt.  Like I shedded an overcoat in the middle of summer.  Another ‘shadow’ that seemed to plague me was taking money from my Father to start my enterprise.


Sarah W. Certainty:  What was wrong with taking money from your Father?  Don’t people go to banks or credit unions or frankly loan sharks to get money to start a business or whatever?  Why would taking money from your Father be shameful or less noble?  You took it from somebody that believed in you.  What could be better?


Mother Sayer: (Mother listened to all the points Sarah made and she determined that they are all valid).  Thank you, Sarah.  I came to the same conclusion and shook off that ‘shadow’ rather quickly.  Then there is the ‘shadow’ that a woman running a business is not to be taken seriously or the venture wouldn’t last long anyway. God forbid that race is a failing factor especially for women.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Oh, yeah.  I forgot that one.  We still live in the South.  Although I would certainly like to hear how it is done.  How do you do it as a Black woman in the South?


Mother Sayer:  First, let me say I’ve learned quite a lot about how my dad managed to do what he did in running a business so long.  I thank your father for the friendship they had for each other.  Now Sarah, I’ve never explained how I forged ahead in my own right, but my father prepared me in ways that I can only relate it to one part of our society.  The Olympics. My training was relentless and constant. Don’t forget now that this was in addition to my growing years and excelling in K thru 12.


Sarah W. Certainty:  He brought you along the way by increasing your capacity for growth which I assumed was targeted more mental than physical.


Mother Sayer:  Exactly!  (Easy easy, Mother says to herself mentally.  It is not unusual to speak with someone of high intelligence.  You do it all the time because that is a requirement to work at the ARC Incorporated.).  Everything you learn isn’t squeezed into a small intellect. Everything you learn is inserted which causes your intellect to expand in abilities which enables your capacity for growth to increase.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Well, you know I have to ask this as I’ve felt a little resentment towards my dad.  Did you rebel against him at any point?  This constant rate of teaching had to elicit a rebellious response at some point.


Mother Sayer:  Insight.  Analysis. Deductive reasoning.  Directed conclusion.  I must say Sarah, you are an asset to me.  Total rebellion at any point with my father?  No.  I of course had skirmishes, but they were mainly with my refusal to accept my life for what it was.  My father didn’t ease up on the things he thought I needed to know, so I finally resigned myself to that fact and got on with it.  I don’t think he cared whether I was female either.  It probably energized him more towards his goal of making me competent in my gifts and discerning in applying them to my life and thus create the world I desired.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Please tell me more.


Mother Sayer:  I want to preempt the nature of sour relationships with men for you first. Sometimes women and men don’t understand the full meaning of the saying, you learn and thus become more like who you’re with in a relationship.  For instance, if a woman is with a man and he is unable to keep a job.  If he is unable to keep a roof over their heads, and he is incapable of performing the tasks that are widely accepted for a man to perform eventually ends up affecting your beliefs of what a man’s role is in a relationship.


Sarah W. Certainty:  The more you forgive him something the more it becomes the norm he won’t strive to fulfill his responsibilities.


Mother Sayer:  Exactly.  Just because you show understanding doesn’t mean the things you forgive him for not doing make those requirements unnecessary to sustain a dignified life. Providing shelter, food, clothing and support is why two people agreeing to get things done is better than one.


Sarah W. Certainty:  It sounds like both people need to demand accountability and not relinquish it.


Mother Sayer:  Right.  Sarah, listen to me.  Love and Commitment are strongholds.  Weakening them by not demanding accountability doesn’t make either person stronger.  The effect is quite detrimental.  I’ve read somewhere that “confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a broken tooth and a foot out of joint.” (Proverbs 25:19)


Not only does releasing a partner from their duties to each other forebodes troubles, but it forms a shadow as well.  The ‘shadow of bestowing faith on the wrong person’.  I know the conclusion is harsh and isn’t meant to sever ties with a partner immediately, but he or she needs to be put on notice that you’re not holding up your end of the bargain.  Don’t drag it out either.  If a person can’t or won’t do right by you, they’re not going to do right.


Sarah W. Certainty:  So, life is transactional?


Mother Sayer:  Yes, to a certain degree it is.  Listen, I’ve seen people in my neighborhood truly believe that they can change people.  I know the look on your face.  “No human being changes unless they wish to change.”


Let me say this to you and it might be a little forward thinking, but it is something that needs to be said.  It is good that you are starting a relationship, but keep your head on straight about ‘human interaction’.  It can have a lasting effect on your outlook on life.


Sarah W. Certainty:  What do you mean ‘human interaction’ and my outlook on life?


Mother Sayer:  Most women and some men take on the traits of the people they’re intimate with to an extent that their view seemingly matches the view of their partner.  (Mother sees the look of bewilderment on Sarah’s face and she gestures with her hand to just follow what I’m saying for now).


I’ll lay out a scenario for you.  Say you’re with a man long enough to get a good read on his tendencies and motivations about how he lives his life.  Let’s say some parts of his structure and foundation suddenly has cracks or is leaking, metaphorically of course.  He’s late for work a lot lately.  His finances begin to show signs of straining to meet his obligations.  He’s short on conversation more now even after all the chores are done and the day winds to a close.


You chalk it up to he has a lot of responsibilities and he’s managing them as best he can.  Is he? What should you do as the love interest when this ‘trying time’ occurs?


Sarah W. Certainty:  Well, I would be supportive first.  Then I would want to know what’s going on and how I could help him get through what’s troubling him.


Mother Sayer:  Good Sarah, very good.  What if he doesn’t respond positively to your offer of assistance?  Then what do you do?


Sarah W. Certainty:  I’m not following clearly what you mean Mother.  Are you saying that I need to demand something from him? A show of good faith that he must understand that’s how a relationship works?


Mother Sayer: (Mother smiles and listens to Sarah and she observes the change in body language and muscle contortions on her face.).  That’s exactly right Sarah.  There’s an old saying that you only get one chance to make a good impression.  If a man or a woman doesn’t wish to discuss their troubles with you, which everyone that lives and strives for something in life will have; he or she won’t be supportive enough to help you when your troubles come.  Let me tell you, two people talking out their problems and brainstorming solutions is an invaluable practice.  That’s right, if you’re with a person incapable of discussing real problems with you, then ask yourself who’s going to help you figure out answers to your problems.


Sarah W. Certainty:  What if the person is shy?


Mother Sayer:  Ain’t that sweet.  I hope there’s a clinic nearby that offers group therapy sessions to open his or her outlook to the world.  Look, there is only so much time we all have on this Earth.  Do you want to be a therapist or psychiatrist to everybody that needs ‘relationship’ coaching?


Sarah W. Certainty:  No, but I want to be understanding and helpful, don’t I?


Mother Sayer:  If the man has promise, sure you can be supportive.  There’s also the fact of time.  You want someone to complement you, don’t you?  I don’t want you to be a ‘deflated ball’ either.


Sarah W. Certainty:  A ‘deflated ball’?


Mother Sayer:  Yes Sarah.  Right now, you’re a vibrant and most impressive talent.  Beautiful and intelligent.  The danger in life comes when you allow the rules you live by to be relaxed for another person.  If that partner doesn’t work out, then you start to snowball, per se, from partner to partner to partner when you should’ve stuck with your ‘code’ in the first place.


That’s when the ‘deflated ball’ metaphor describes your body and mind after being passed from partner to partner to partner.  A ball is quite firm when it is put into the game, but after its’ played with for a while that ball is ‘tossed’ and a new ball takes its’ place.


Sarah W. Certainty:  I do get it.  Nobody can really bounce up and down on a ‘flat ball’ huh?


Mother Sayer:  No they cannot.  That’s not the worst state of a person after wandering from partner to partner to partner. The worst thing about that person is not recognizing when they meet a good person.  Usually they initially interact quite pleasantly with a good person, but their record of being with uncomplimentary people drives how they behave with the good person.


Sarah W. Certainty:  They’re programmed with the foolishness of all the wrong people that it’s impossible to behave righteously with the good person.  They don’t know how to act?


Mother Sayer:  Right.  It is frustrating for the good person to have sympathy for you, but inevitably the good person isn’t going to waste time trying to deprogram you because you are now comfortable with the mentality of all the bad partners you had.  I’ve taught my children from the time I knew they could understand me.  ‘Protect your mind’ at all times.


Thus the ‘shadow of relationship turning’ is a strong one to make disappear when you’ve burdened yourself for years by not firmly adhering to your own rules.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Stick to my code I live by for without it, “I will look like a stuffed toy, played with for only so long until its forgotten somewhere dirty and sticky.”


Mother Sayer: (Interesting, Sarah is beginning to develop her own aphorisms.).  Very good, Sarah.  That’s a nice one.  Now I want to talk about the shadow of not bettering yourself.  It often happens when people say to you, ‘Oh you think you’re better than me because you’re a college graduate’ or however they end the sentence.


Sarah W. Certainty:  I know, like how women look at me and envy my good looks.


Mother Sayer:  Correct.  I usually say, “It’s not that I think I’m better than you, but I’ve spent a lot of money in school.  I’ve spent a lot of time honing my soft skills such as language, relationships in the workplace, conflict resolution and so on.  I’ve done it and it’s within your rights to do it as well.”


Sarah W. Certainty:  Right, but what if they become agitated and make a scene?


Mother Sayer:  You calmly say something like ‘excuse me’ and walk away.  That shadow is easy to make disappear, but it’s also easy to add to your burdens when you don’t develop yourself as a person.  The ‘shadow of believing education puts you in a bad light’ is a terrible shadow to have tagging along for the ride.


Sarah W. Certainty:  I’ve heard that since I’ve been here around more Black people.


Mother Sayer: (Mother laughs at Sarah.).  Heard what Sarah?


Sarah W. Certainty:  That Blacks kids are often scolded by their friends for being smart.


Mother Sayer:  Yeah, I’ve already given my children tools to counter that foolishness, but it’s a shadow that stills creeps about seeking whom it may cover. Another shadow that really strangles the hopes of many people is the ‘shadow of inconsistency’.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Okay, so following a routine everyday should eliminate that shadow.


Mother Sayer:  That’s precisely right.  The military is good at this.  Every soldier in the Army knows what time to be in formation every morning.  A routine relieves a lot of guesswork and keeps many people, who’ve never had structure where they came from, out of trouble.


Sarah W. Certainty:  It helped you?


Mother Sayer:  The Army delivered to me the items for which I joined, and I’m thankful for my service to my country.  I think we’ve covered a lot of ground today.  I’m going to have some lunch brought up for us.  Is that okay Sarah?


Sarah W. Certainty:  I’d like to talk about shadows again.  I think I’m dropping a lot of mine as we speak.


Mother Sayer:  Good Sarah.  Man, you are already pretty.  I don’t know if you’ll be too fly for my company.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Don’t worry Mother, unless you fire me, I’m not going anywhere.


Mother Sayer: (Mother smiles, it’s always good to make sure of your allies.  Even in the good times.).  That’s my girl.




(The lunch was good.  Roast beef with mashed potatoes, salad, dinner rolls, apple pie.  White wine to wash it down.  Mother thinks about her company, The ARC Incorporated. It’s a great place to work and support a family which is all good, but the ‘human interaction’ is the fuel that makes it fly.  She loves feeling the blood flow through her people because she knows there is more creativity and zest in people that in profit.  A business can have the best products, but does it have the best people? The people is what the ARC chooses to invest its’ resources.).

Episode Eleven: The Siphon Effect


Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time


Episode Eleven:  The Siphon Effect




(It is a quiet Wednesday morning as the last days of summer are fading quickly along the path of strong and cooler winds.  The wind seems to blow around her home and catch her as she strolls along her front yard.  Mother Sayer is not one to forsake traditions.  Her father, Ableman Sayer, instilled in her strict routines that at the passage of time, she knows have served her well beyond any measureable criteria.


“Se’May, do the same thing every morning you wake up.  Don’t be like many people that can’t seem to do even the simplest of tasks daily.  Place your car keys in the same place in the home.  The dishes, pots and pans.  Your clothes, separate the tops from the bottoms.  Place your furniture in ways that increases your efficiency and lessens your worry which would also make it easier for you to clean.”


A smile crosses Mother’s face as she knows adhering to her lessons has been a blessing to her.  If one thing she doesn’t need on her mind is wondering where things are while trying to continuously build, maintain and grow the sort of business that would make her a force for good initiatives that serve humanity.


Oh, and one more thing Father Sayer would often repeat to her.  “If there is anything I’ve told you that is worth meditating on repeatedly, it is this.  Don’t ever relieve pressure off anyone.”  Mother Sayer remembers that she would ask.  “Why?”  Father Sayer would respond.  “Because you would stun their growth.”  Mother would ask him.  “How do I avoid doing that?”


Father Sayer would say.  “It takes pressure to grow food, doesn’t it?  You think the seeds are comfortable laying in the ground with all that dirt encompassing their entirety.  Pressing upon them 360 degrees while simultaneously allowing water to be siphoned off to encircle the seed. Does the ground welcome the seed and allows it to take root?


You’re not discerning wisely when you decide about the food you eat, and how that seed blooms into an altogether different structural being, per se.  The seed may possess everything it needs, encoding, to become it’s intended form and purpose, but it would not be so if it were not placed in fertile ground.”


“The seed, if it did not have the dirt, water, nutrients in the soil, worms, animals and insects, depositing things we may not even know are critical for that seed to become the nourishment our bodies need.  Lastly, again the pressure.  All hopes, dreams, wishes, and good intentions are nothing without the pressure that human beings must accept and embrace to fulfill their purpose.”


“Se’May, don’t give in to the tendency to protect your children or even yourself from having to feel, endure, embrace, and spend that pressure into creating that nourishing person so sorely in need on this world.  Not many people successfully understand this principle.  I hope you will give it the proper time and allow it to become a part of you.  It will serve you well Father Sayer would say.  All those factors that come into play and are never recognized as crucial to growing, not growing, breaking open the casing of that seed, and then feeding it with what it needs to flourish.  I know I told you about the steps that are important to success.  Anyway, what everyone doesn’t know or don’t want to know is astonishing.”


Father Sayer would say.  “Try buying something that only trades in pressure.  Just try buying it for the chance to even get a glimpse of it without knowing the initial cost is tremendous.  Pressure is the only currency success takes.  You must spend that pressure to purchase the item of success you want.  The fear of failure.  The foreboding arura of uncertainty.  The hope that you have the mental fortitude to see your future, your dream to reality.  What, you feel that?  That is pressure.  You must ‘spend’ that pressure to dissipate it!”


Mother Sayer would say.  “How.”  Father Sayer would say.  “All the setbacks and slowdowns.  The ideas that fizzled out.  The fight to keep your mind on track and focused.  Listen to me, everybody’s account is full when they start out in life.  When a child starts school, there is pressure (every part and parcel leading to comprehending the material to move onto the next higher grade).  Acquiring skills, to include all of them from financial, cooking, cleaning, mannerisms, and on and on to support a life to the next step.”


“Yes Se’May, everybody’s account is full of that currency, pressure, must be spent down, as prudence requires it to reach a state of blooming, so to speak.  The outer shell must be penetrated.  Of course, (He sees it in Se’May’s eyes), we all need council and only the people who know they need the right kind seem to fulfill their dreams.”


That seed in the ground does not crack its’ shell alone.  That seed does not water itself.  That seed does not provide for itself the nutrient rich soil to send its’ roots deep.  What does this mean?  Nothing begins life sorely of its’ own will.  Nothing survives on its’ own without assistance.  There are no ‘self-made seeds.’  Vitality comes from what you’re fed.  (It would seem that growth springs forth underneath the weight of pressure).


Mother S. Sayer:  (Today is another day I am led to believe that it best be spent with my children, she thinks).  Justus.  Doyenne.  Come, breakfast is ready.  (It is about 8 am on a Monday morning.  Mother does not believe that summer is a time to release her children from ‘rule based achievement.’  She structures their weekdays to start no later than waking up at 7 am.  ‘The training up a child in the way they should go thing.’  I don’t want them hanging on my skirt no longer than necessary).


Mother S. Sayer:  Sit down and let’s give thanks.  (The meal is engaged.  Mother is not one to waste feedback.  She observes her son.  He eats 2 and a half helpings.  Good.  She observes Doy.  Doy is being the typical female.  Her appetite is not as ravenous as her brother’s, but Mother believes she needs to assist her with her understanding of food so she doesn’t expend unnecessary energy and time.


Mother S. Sayer:  Doy, are you not hungry this morning?


Doyenne:  I’m fine Mother.


Mother S. Sayer:  I didn’t ask how you were feeling.  I asked why do you eat so little this morning?


Doyenne:  Girls can’t pig out every time they sit at the table Mother.  I have to be conscious of the way I look, don’t I?


Mother S. Sayer:  Doy, your reasoning is flawed if you’ve concluded that food persuades or decides anything about your body.  Food doesn’t make decisions for you.  Food is simply a part of how you sustain your life.


Doyenne:  Food does make you fat, does it not Mother?


Mother S. Sayer:  (This is how it begins.  How human beings unwittingly siphon energy from areas that need it most, to areas that should be suppressed and incapacitated.  A complex about food is drawing vitality from other necessary learning).  Doy.  Listen to me now and pay close attention.  You are 14 and your brother is 15.  The age you are now holds great promise, but it also holds great despair.


Doyenne:  Despair Mother?


Mother S. Sayer:  (She is thinking in her mind how to say what she has to say in ways that her daughter can comprehend and retain.  Inevitably, she decides to be true and give her daughter the ‘sure wording of truth’ her father unflinchingly fed her at all times).  Doy, nothing is more dangerous than a person not knowing what’s good for them.


If you’re looking at food believing that starving yourself will somehow attain an appearance you desire, you’re wrong.  If you want to sculpt an image that satisfactory, then you should exercise on a scheduled basis and follow what fitness experts have already discovered.  Don’t throw the responsibility off onto food trying to make it the enemy of why you don’t look the way you want.


You know what?  That’s just trifling.  (She sees the look on Doys’ face and gives her the southern definition of trifling).  Trifling means being ignorant just for the hell of it, or being stupid because you can, and it irritates other people.


Doyenne:  Oh, so I need to stop being stupid when I know how to address any weight issue I may have with exercise and proper dieting?


Mother S. Sayer:  (Smiling, it always seems that holding people accountable moves the needle further to good results more than bad results).  Yes, that is correct.  Look, you will encounter a heck of a lot more pressure in life than worrying about things within your power to control.  At those moments, understand that ‘pressure is a currency that has to be spent.’  I’ll give you an example.  Let’s say you’ve ignored a lesson taught and you are at a party where the attendees are becoming increasingly unruly and belligerent.

What do you do?  Your girlfriend whom you rode with has hooked up with a dude she met there.  You don’t know where you are to include the street or the block where this house is located.  You don’t know anybody else there, but that’s not the worst thing.  The worse thing is you don’t have your own way of getting home.  What do you do Doy?


Doyenne:  I don’t know Mother?


Mother S. Sayer:  You want to ask you brother if he has any suggestions?


Doyenne:  Justus, what would you do?


Justus:  I would try calling somebody else I know to come pick me up.


Mother S. Sayer:  What do you think about that suggestion Doy?


Doyenne:  It sounds good, but what if the house doesn’t have a phone?


Mother S. Sayer:  (Now she is beginning to think and game out the scenario a little bit.  Let’s see if she can reason her way out of this hypothetical).  What other things you know about living in a city?  Name some ‘points of interests’ that populate a city.


Doyenne:  Well, there are gas stations.  There are restaurants.  Libraries.  There are stores that aren’t too far from neighborhoods.


Mother S. Sayer:  Good.  Now how would you employ these factors to assist you in getting home safely?


Doyenne:  Well.


Mother S. Sayer:  Wait.  There are about 2 or 3 guys eyeing every move you make.  Go ahead, finish what you were going to say.


Doyenne:  Sickness.  I would feign sickness.


Mother S. Sayer:  (Incredible!  The intuition that emerges when a mind feels threatened).  Doy.  I must say.  What you just did is the result of years of me talking to the both of you.  The admonishments are now paying dividends.  They aren’t for my sake, but for the survival of the promise you have for your lives.  I won’t be the one to feel the pain or the horror physically if you find yourself somewhere you shouldn’t be.


I will feel sorrow for you when I’m told about what happened to you, but you will be the one to suffer if you don’t learn anything.  If you don’t push that brain inside your head to strive for better constantly.  You came up with an idea that you now can game through in your mind for use in uncomfortable situations.  That is what happens when you expect pressure to be present in your life, and spend that currency.


Doy:  Currency?


Justus:  Currency?  I want to hear that myself?


Mother S. Sayer:  Let me ask you both.  This is a yes or no question.  When I was carrying you for 9 months inside me.  Was I under pressure?  Were you under pressure?


Doy:  Yes to both questions.


Justus:  Yes to both as well Mother.


Mother S. Sayer:  You’re both right.  Think of a seed.  Can a seed grow on top of the ground?


Doy:  No, I don’t think so.


Justus:  No it can’t.


Mother S. Sayer:  Setting aside any anomalies that may occur, you both are right again.  A seed has to be placed under the surface and in contact with fertile soil.  It is constantly being touched by water, dirt, possibly insects and other factors we aren’t aware exist in the process.  Pressing on that seed at all times to produce the food that is expected of it.  All those factors are laying expectations on that seed to take root and grow.  They have a vested interest in it maybe because the cycle of planting and harvesting leaves vital waste that nourishes the next growing season.


Doy:  So, the seed doesn’t feed or water itself?


Mother S. Sayer:  (She looks at her children for signs of an expanding consciousness that foretells a human being capable of discerning a great many things as they go through life.  She is encouraged by her perceptions).  That’s right.  A man and woman may wish to have a baby, but that’s just the beginning.  Even though the woman carries the child; the father has supportive and protective watch to see to it the child is born with as little complications as possible.


That’s the currency of pressure that has to be spent to dissipate it.  Having a baby is not an easy task nor is planting a field.  There is constant pressure and that pressure is taken off (spent) one task or responsibility at a time.  If you forget something.  When you remember it, do it.  If mother wants father at the ultrasound, the father has to take off work.  In reasoning that the baby will cost more when its’ born; start looking for another job or seek higher education.  Change careers if you have to.  There is always pressure and that ‘currency’ has to be spent!


My Father spoke with me on many occasions about many aspects of life, and the one thing about this topic, pressure, I noticed he didn’t speak of.  ‘He never said this currency can be saved, or the currency of pressure can earn interest.’  I don’t want to go too in-depth right now, but also pay close attention in life to what is not said.  Do you both understand?


Doyenne:  Yes Mother.


Justus:  Yes Mother.  So, if I want to have a family it is a no fail mission the responsibilities that are assigned to me in caring for my family?  Pressure is something that is going to be constant in life and I have to learn to work through it.  Spend it until it’s spent, so I can earn the real dividends when I successfully relieve that pressure.


Mother S. Sayer:  Very good Justus.  Doy, I want to stress to you that there are dangers that you must be aware to void that your brother probably will never face.


Doyenne:  Yes, I know Mother, you told me.  Some men are not taught how to govern their actions as you and father have taught my brother.  Always think about what you’re doing and observe the situation and process the feedback correctly.


Mother S. Sayer:  Good, I know right now you may think I am characterizing all men as predators with violent tendencies.  That is far from the case.  A woman must never relinquish her role in any situation.  If a man is getting out of hand, speak in a manner befitting the circumstances and let him know he is out of order.  You don’t have to escalate the anger or volatile nature of the situation, but you can lower the volume by being righteous enough to say something.


Justus:  So it’s all on the woman’s shoulders to calm a man down Mother?


Mother S. Sayer:  (Another appropriate and probing question for better understanding from Justus).  That’s not what I’m saying Justus.  I’m saying, when appropriate a woman or someone with the strength of will to see that a person is letting the circumstances get the best of him, to try and calm him down.  If that’s not possible, then remove yourself from the situation and let the person cool off.


By no means am I saying be the one that has to calm everybody down.  Some events have to play out between people.  What I would do is assess each event quickly and judge whether it is worth my time to intervene or walk away.  This I’m sad to tell you takes ‘the arc of time.’


Doyenne:  Okay Mother.


Justus:  Okay Mother.


Mother S. Sayer:  Now let’s continue with our discussion.  I want to talk more on being wary of things that may divert your energy.  By divert I mean to siphon off your efforts to complete a task by distracting you into doing something not connected to your stated or written goals.


Doyenne:  I know this one.  It’s like when you’re supposed to be taking a test in class and you’re sitting there daydreaming about what you have planned after school.


Mother S. Sayer:  That’s right Doy.  There are many facets to life.  In the words I’ve spoken lie a host of interconnected streams that branch out and around everyone’s life.  It doesn’t exist.


Justus:  Exist?  What doesn’t exist?

Mother S. Sayer:  (Her gaze has intensified toward her children.  She isn’t concerned that they will comprehend what she is transferring right now.  All that matters now are conveying her thoughts, intermingled with her Father’s wisdom, to the benefit of her children.  She knows that she must teach her children, carry them, to adulthood, but after that it is up to them to retain and abide by their upbringing, or not).  All you do effects all you do.


Doyenne:  I’m still not fully knowing what you’re talking about Mother.


Justus:  I think I’m getting there, but I want to hear more.  Please, Doy, let’s just listen to what Mother has to say.


Mother S. Sayer:  (It is respectful that Justus adheres to my desire to be addressed as Mother and not some variation of the traditional role I hold dear).  I’ll give you an example of what I mean and see if this can clear it up for you both.  Let’s say for instance, a young man has a desire to be a mechanic when he finishes high school.  He’s on track in all his classes.  Shop.  Mathematics are fine.  There’s just one thing though he’s doing that may throw everything on the table up in the air and crashing to the floor.  He’s having sex with his girlfriend.


Mind you, they are both nearly 18, so it’s not a question about do they know what they’re doing.  It’s the possibility of conceiving a child out of wedlock.  Now, before I go further.  Do either of you think this consequence has other consequences attached to it?


Doyenne:  Yes, they do Mother.  There is.


Mother S. Sayer:  Wait a minute Doy.  Hold that thought.  Justus, what do you think could be the consequences of a child introduced into that relationship?


Justus:  (She knows something about what I’ve been doing).  So, having a girlfriend could present challenges to achieving an envisioned future for this couple.


Mother S. Sayer:  In and of itself, there is nothing wrong with having somebody to talk to and spend time.  Even sharing some growing pains is a healthy thing.  As the years pass is when youth’s euphoric invincibility begins to ‘block the view of adulthood.’


(She again sees the rise of perplexity in the eyes of her children, but she continues in her dissemination of the known pillars of life she has encountered.  Some of them with unfortunate and unfulfilled dreams).  Sometimes life is brushed aside in lieu of not ruining the fun or good times occurring in front of us.  Mind you, it doesn’t mean that by ignoring all the possibilities that could happen from acting on impulses, doesn’t mean those impulses ‘completed’, will not result in enormous adjustments to a person’s life.


A child will cause an immediate realignment of the schedule of any parent.  So, unless you are rich and can provide a nanny, the ‘arc of time’ will not be favorable to the both of you.  Once time is spent it can’t be rewound.  That means that purposes are now going unsatisfied.  Time now feels unkind.  Suddenly it’s wrong that I’m being prevented from being a mechanic.  I can’t pay for school because my child needs what it needs.  Then resentment begins to set in.

I was man’s gift to women when I got my girlfriend pregnant.  Now I’m being held hostage to one woman and responsible for the life of this child.  “All I did was have sex,” is a common chorus the male usually expresses when it finally sinks in the enormity of his decision.


There is something else that has been happening to this couple all the while they’ve been believing life was so great to them.  It is a sneaky undertaking.  Sort of like not plugging a leak, but making it seem that the leak is plugged.  Like draining or emptying a cup of invigorating cold water down a parched throat.  A siphoning that has been going on in the background.  A siphoning that has been giggling at this couple as soon as they started engaging in intimacy.


Stay with me children because this is important.  Long ago, their minds were made up on what they wanted their future to be.  Now their future is put on hold, but it didn’t occur suddenly.  It occurred gradually.  It was siphoned off slowly.  Each time they were intimate a chunk of their future was knocked off the top.  They knew the danger signs, but they chose to ‘blow past the stop.’


Now, tell me how this couple is going to fulfill their dreams now.  Their money is tight.  Their time is allocated to caring for the baby.  They have to work at jobs that elevates their anger daily because they believe they are worth more than the pittance they are paid.  All of this resulted from viewing their future through ‘rose colored glasses.’


Doyenne:  I know Mother.  Why is it always on the woman to be the responsible party for the child.  Didn’t the man have a lot to do with it?


Mother S. Sayer:  Again the tradition is that the Mother will care for the child.  Another warning to you.  Don’t siphon off your energy complaining why this is so.  I gave that practice up a long time ago.  Yes, there are some things you can fight, but you have to know the difference and that takes engagement, practice and retention of what you learn or encounter.


Justus:  I see I am going to be watched closely.


Mother S. Sayer:  (Ah, it is good he knows my scrutiny will be perceived by him as harsher than with his sister).  Yes Justus, it is my job to help you reach the point in life where you can take care of yourself.  More importantly, that decisions you make may have years tied into them before they are resolved.  It is tricky.  The way life may come at you.  Just like the law, ‘ignorance of the rules of this house is no defense.’


Doyenne:  (Laughing).  It sure ain’t.  I know that’s right.


Mother S. Sayer:  Oh, all is well.  Just learn this and stay true to it.  Life is a life long journey.  Learning throughout this journey is what keeps your mind sharp and alert.  Add to that a good healthy lifestyle of exercise and proper diet and the ‘sky’s the limit’ as they say.  Do this.  Don’t worry about what is said as so much as you understand it.  It will come in time.


Justus:  Alright Mother.


Doyenne:  Okay Mother.


Mother S. Sayer:  Very well then.  You both may spend time now doing what you like until dinner.  Go on now, have fun.  Don’t leave the home.


Justus:  Thank you Mother.


Doyenne:  Thank you Mother.




(What a tiresome day.  It is a chore restating in detail the lessons learned from a parent for the continued benefit of the next generation.  It’s worth it I must say.  It is worth it.  Mother resumes her routines on the days she spends at home in her office.  She makes some calls to keep all her key people pursuing the tenets of her company vision.


She knows it takes ‘the arc of time’ for purposes to be fulfilled.  Her people should be given no less the benefit of that maxim.  At least now she doesn’t have that feeling of being ‘overwhelmed.’  Like she felt when her Father was spending what felt like ‘every waking minute of time’ drilling her on everything about life.  ‘I didn’t know there was so many facets; or so many interconnected ‘rivers’ that seem to join together downstream or upstream in life.’


Anyway, my Father did say I would create my own ‘catch phrases’ that would propel me to new heights of success.  The best he said thought are the ones I’ve developed that’ve helped my children and my associates.  He was right).

Episode Ten: The Seamstress


Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time


Episode Ten:  The Seamstress




(What am I missing?  It has served her well.  This practice of seeing the obvious in front of her and seizing the answer and acting upon it.  Mother Sayer knows she is creating a business that is thriving because she has been careful to oversee every aspect of it.  Every employee must offer a reason if he or she wants to become part of the ARC Incorporated.  Mother then takes their reasons and see if their efforts can be woven into the fabric or covering that all see when they encounter the ARC.


Every product for instance, should reflect appropriately back upon the creative aspect of the company.  If it doesn’t fit, it’s not legit.  The mission essentially is not to make money.  The mission is to change the way business is done.  Thus, as a result, business will be brought more in line with the needs of the employees.  When the needs of the employees are met, then the needs of the company will be rewarded.


How can all these various obligations that must be addressed, nurtured, and fed to sustain their growth; tie into the sustainability of a corporation that has so many lives dependent on it?  Well, come and see how Mother Sayer solved these problems and many more like them.)


The day begins:


Mother Sayer: (Days like this seem to occur more rapidly lately.  The business is twitchy right now.  I mean it feels ready to grow, but it somehow lacks the ability to carry the weight of all its’ parts.  It wants to grow, but it doesn’t want to be deformed.  Somehow all the ‘limbs’ are not getting the right amount of care and nourishment to grow as a part of the whole.).  What’s on tap for today Sarah?


Sarah W. Certainty:  Many things desire your attention Mother.  The one most particular that screams for notification is the two new mechanic shop locations.


Mother Sayer:  Did Blinner give you her latest update on where we stood in acquiring the land and zoning authority from the city of Louisville?


Sarah W. Certainty:  She stated that the land, both sites altogether would be $1.5 million.  The zoning is approved.  All that is needed now is the building permits and compliance with all city, state and Federal requirements at both sites.  You know, air, water and sanitation concerns.  The normal things when adding structures to any city’s skyline.


Mother Sayer:  I see.  Has she gotten with the lawyers and filed all the necessary papers?


Sarah W. Certainty:  Ms. Blinner seems to be acting in a way that shows she knows what she is doing.  My read on her is that she had prior permission to do the things she is doing.  Am I correct Mother?


Mother Sayer: (Perceptive.  Although Sarah certainly comes from let’s say a dangerous family, she is none the less adept at reading people in her own right.).  Yes Sarah, you would be correct.


Sarah, I’ve got a few ideas swirling around in my head.  My read on you.  No.  Let me say this.  I’ve taken you in as a favor to your Mother, Sparklett Stone.  The date I’m beginning to place in the annals of my life as one of my most fortunate days.


My success, I’ve truly believed when all is said and done, will be accredited to the people I chose around me.  I didn’t chose you directly, but I thank my lucky stars, per se, that you were given to me.


Sarah W. Certainty:  That is what I’ve been waiting to hear from you Mother.  I don’t mean to sound expectant or put on an air of inevitability, but I’ve always knew I could make a contribution.  Trust me, the bloodline I’m from; we’ve got to know our worth and where we stand because our life would literally depend on it.


I’ve never evaded the truth of my parents’ home.  Taking action in that direction would certainly have shorten my born and day-of-rest timeline.


Mother Sayer:  Sarah.  I am taken with you.  (It is about 1000 am and Mother decides to send all calls to her working group one floor beneath and spend the afternoon with Sarah).


Sarah W. Certainty:  Sorry, I know I don’t talk as much and people sometimes get the notion that I have gotten through life on my looks.


Mother Sayer: (Yes, Sarah is quite the looker.  I’ve known many instances in my life where men decided to analyze, categorize, and rate me according to their infinite rating schema which describes beauty in their minds). No no Sarah.  Assumptions only work after an interaction with your subject.  Besides, assumptions are insulting after you’ve gotten to know people.  I mean through all the body language, mannerisms, speech and coherence of thought.  These indicators project the aura of a person beyond the physical realm.  It truly is akin to a covering that leaves enough room for family to be warmed by as well.


Sarah W. Certainty:  I don’t know what to say.  I’ve never heard anyone speak to me that way.  I mean my mother always glowingly refers to me as her ‘beauty force’, but it is like energy is being transferred to me as you speak to me.  I must say I don’t know what to say.


Mother Sayer:  Easy Sarah, I know how you feel right now because I got the same reaction when my Dad spoke to me.  He was constantly bringing me with him.  Teaching me the things I needed in life because he saw something inside me or something I was giving off and he wanted to make sure I refined it to be under my control.


Sarah W. Certainty:  What?  What is it?  Tell me.


Mother Sayer:  Ableman Sayer, my father, called it ‘The Recruiter’s Gift’.  This force, it travels in ‘arcs’ around the Earth looking to drop its’ power on deserving souls.  It seems to give only a finite group of people deeper understanding about the world around them.  The life they are about to embark upon.  I know that my father once told me, ‘Your eyes see more than you can comprehend, and the acknowledgement of that gateway by the receiver of ‘the gift’ is a first step on whether the ‘The Recruiter’ allows you to take full possession of that ‘awareness’.


Seeing is not believing.  Seeing is your receipt of ‘the testing documents’ and whether you pass or fail is based solely on your understanding of the material (what you saw or thought you saw) that the test is based upon.


Sarah W. Certainty:  So, I should not believe what my eyes or for that matter my ears tell me?


Mother Sayer:  No, you should not take as truth your initial feedback of the world in front and around you.


Sarah W. Certainty:  I know this part.  Because the human mind acts on emotions and not reason in traumatic events.


Mother Sayer:  Precisely!  (Mother smiles internally again because she doesn’t want to short circuit this discussion and transferal of knowledge to Sarah by stroking her ego).


It is not the complete assessment I’m afraid to tell you.  It’s a start to know where the phrase came from ‘keeping your head while others around you are losing theirs’.  It is the ability to create what happened in an event in your mind before you even arrived on the scene.


This is partially what you see on a good detective drama where the investigators reconstruct the events from start to finish to determine how the incident started.


Sarah W. Certainty:  So I need to see the things that happened before I get there?


Mother Sayer:  Yes.


Sarah W. Certainty:  The wheels are turning in my head, but I want to hear more of what you’re saying.  Do you have time to still talk to me now?


Mother Sayer:  Yes dear, it’s only about 1030.  I will order lunch and we will talk all afternoon if necessary because I’m enjoying your company as well.


Sarah W. Certainty: (This makes Sarah smile and she is now hooked on the meaning of good company from this Black woman).  I’m glad you feel that way Mother.


Mother Sayer: (To hear Sarah call her Mother makes her enjoy her company even more).  Thank you for calling me Mother.  It is a tradition in the Black community that is disappearing.  When all the children in the village or neighborhood respected all Mothers, and called them with this name of great honor.


It held great sway and meaning that it wasn’t just the Mother in your home that deserved your respect.  All Mothers in the village were deserving of respect and honor.  This brought forth a transference of knowledge that stabilized the entire village.


‘Where one didn’t know, the others surely would know.’  In other words, don’t just care about the people inside the walls of your house.  Sometimes parents don’t distribute knowledge as freely as they should because of long held beliefs.  They are misguided in their thinking which made it critical that children could learn the things they needed to know righteously in their own ‘backyard’.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Oh.


Mother Sayer:  Let me tell you what I learned from a couple of classmates of mine at the University of Louisville and later at Howard University College of Medicine.


It’s about the right to vote.  The disconnect the voter feels his vote had in actual consequences directly resulting from his vote.  Lastly the politician receiving the vote is solely to blame after the vote is cast.


Victor was his name.  I met him my sophomore year and we hit it off.  He became a good friend.  A layman advisor whose knowledge about the hardships of life I clung to because honestly, I wasn’t hungry a day in my life.


Sarah W. Certainty:  He opened your eyes, per se, to what it felt like to be without?


Mother Sayer:  Yes, he did.  I remember one statement he made to me as if it was stuck in a constant loop in my mind.  He said, “Se’May, when I reached the age where I was aware of my surrounding and could process them to reach a conclusion.  I knew I was in trouble.”


I asked him, Victor, “How were you in trouble.  You had a home and both your parents were there.”


Victor said to me, “My father told us doing a critical time when resources were scarce that ‘He was the only one working, so he was the only one needed to eat.’


Sarah W. Certainty:  Wait, before you go on.  His father told him he didn’t give a crap if he ate or not.  In essence there were limited resources and as long as the father ate; he didn’t give a shit if the children ate?


Mother Sayer:  That’s right Sarah, Victor grew up in a home where his father was the biggest guy in the house and him and his brothers and sisters looked like they were from South Africa.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Okay, wow that is hard for me to believe.


Mother Sayer:  Yeah, it sort of lends a certain perspective to the phrase, ‘my kids come first’ huh?


Sarah W. Certainty:  So what happened, how did he manage to get to college?  How did he pay for it?


Mother Sayer:  Victor told me that that is when he laid into the books.  He dove so deep that he was able through his efforts to land scholarships that paid for all his education.  He worked of course at the college, but he told me that he knew he wasn’t going to get any help from his parents.


Sarah W. Certainty:  What did he study?  I mean what did he choose to study to find a job?


Mother Sayer:  He majored in nursing with a minor in philosophy.  Let me tell you, I’ve never met a more focused and determined man in my life after hearing what he came through to get to college.  Most young Black men focus below the waist and not above the neck, I’m afraid.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Okay, what did he tell you about voting?


Mother Sayer:  Well he always spoke in analogies and philosophical metaphors.  Anyway, this is what he told me.


Okay, so your vote is private and the impact of your vote doesn’t make any noise.  So, you subscribe to the philosophy that “Just because I threw the rock that broke the glass, it doesn’t mean it’s my fault for the glass breaking.  The glass was just too weak to handle the rock crashing against it.”  The two solid objects reacting together is meaningless.  My vote and the politician to which I rendered it; we both have no obligation to it not being a destructive combination.


In other words, the citizenry has been taught quite well to be desensitized to the consequences of voting.  ‘Voting has been attacked and is always under attack’ Victor would say.  Voting is permission I’m afraid.  Just because people don’t like the fact that their elected officials don’t do everything they said doesn’t relieve them of the responsibility for voting for that person.


‘Voting is force.’  When we vote, we are using force to push for the change we want to see in the world around us.  Casting your vote in the booth doesn’t absolve you of the ballot you’ve just cast.  It makes you responsible for it.


This is the kicker.  Victor would go ballistic on those people who would say that their vote is ‘private’.  He would respond to that statement with this.  “Your vote is private huh.  So how do you explain the reasoning that you only expected good things from your candidate when clearly your candidate promoted the opposite.”


He would get in their crap about these voters now trying to escape the consequences of their actions by now being ‘fed up’, ‘disgusted’.  Oh, this is a good one.  ‘Unaware’ that my candidate harbored those policies.  ‘I didn’t know he would push that agenda’.


Victor would say these were all ‘cop outs’.  Now that the force of your vote is disabling hard fought civil rights and human decency; it’s suddenly real.  ‘It’s no more funny when a child curses the second, third, or fourth time is it?’


Sarah W. Certainty:  I must admit I’ve never thought of voting as force.


Mother Sayer:  Well your reaction and understanding mirrors my limits in that time of my life.  I didn’t fully grasp what he was talking about either.


I fully understand what he means now.  It is human nature to stand or support something you believe in because you got a little snippet of information.  It is still your responsibility to fully understand the action you are about to take and the ramifications it holds in the lives of us all.


Voting is not a private matter.  If you are ashamed to tell us who you voted for, you shouldn’t be allowed to speak on behalf of anybody you feel has now been harmed by your candidate.  That’s like saying, ‘I bought a gun for protection at home, but I leave it lying around so if my kids find it and shoot themselves; it wouldn’t be my fault.’


Sarah W. Certainty:  That’s what I’ve heard many times.  ‘Voting is a private thing.’


Mother Sayer:  How can something be private if the combination of many ‘private’ things affect more than just yourself?  Private is something like whether or not you shave your ‘butt hairs’.


(Mother knew she would get a grin out of Sarah, but she presses on with her thought anyway).


Private is whether or not you and your partner engage in kinky sex.  Private is telling your partner a lie about the number of partners you’ve had in your life.


There’s no privacy in the public realm.  These decisions have reality attached and that is how ‘voting’ has been perverted into a simple act of marking a ballot, or pulling a level.  Then without involvement or association with the implication of who would use that vote.  Simply just walk out of the voting place detached from the act and go home.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes, I’ve seen a lot of poor people and even I’ve wondered how or what put them there.  It does make me now wonder why they stay there?


Mother Sayer:  Good question Sarah.  I believe the cause is suspended motion.  A definition I believe applies to the scourge of poverty.  ‘Association brings about assimilation.’


If you stay in the company of people who don’t want to change their station in life, you will certainty share their fate.  If you are the engine of change and the people in your life do not wish to follow your lead, I would advise separating yourself from them or share their fate.


Poverty also can falsely cause someone to believe that love makes a person choose what’s best for them.  This is a destructive lie!


Sarah W. Certainty:  I thought love holds it all together?


Mother Sayer:  Like a seamstress attaching two or more parts to make a cherished garment?


Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes, something like that.


Mother Sayer:  Many factors come into play when you try to put anything together.  Whether the materials and colors blend, for example, when you refer to a garment.  Whether a husband or wife can make it work if they are thinking of marriage.


One or both pieces must feel right or by reason be the only pieces that will fit.  It takes perspective as well to combine two separate lives.  I’ve often wondered what makes it possible?


Sarah W. Certainty:  So, you believe it is a presence or force that turns our minds to following a path together?


Mother Sayer:  Yes, I believe it takes a person able to see beyond his or her eyesight.  The eyes do not tell the whole story.  It takes the mind, the brain interpreting the feedback.


Sarah W. Certainty:  So, you want somebody capable of holding all your divisions, products or endeavors together.  Someone able to process changes, both new and old, and see how they would fit into the vision of The ARC?


Mother Sayer:  Exactly!  It is difficult to be the only one knowing what you want, or the only one knowing where you want to take your company.  I need more help.  Victor showed me the power of the philosophical disciplines.  I know their value.  I want their value working for me at The ARC.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Okay, where do we find them?  How many do you want?


Mother Sayer:  Through contacts and remember I’m a graduate of UofL.  I could use as many as I can get.


Sarah W. Certainty:  I don’t think the males would like to be called a seamstress.


Mother Sayer: (Laughing a little).  I know.  We’ll call the male candidates tailors.  So, these positions will be held by a Seamstress or a Tailor.


Sarah W. Certainty:  It makes sense.  Before you ask.  My answer is yes.  It makes sense when you’re looking at sustainability.  How are you going to pick from the many applicants you’re going to get?


Mother Sayer:  Good question.  I will put to paper my thoughts on what I believe The ARC should stand for.  Then I’ll put to paper the probing questions to ask all the fine applicants I’ll receive.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Oh, you’re not gonna stop now.  Tell me how you’re going to do this?


Mother Sayer:  Huh, first I need to select the men and women who can understand that memorizing and reciting a set of principles reveals to me you may not believe them.  ‘Principles and morals aren’t written on a note pad or flash card for quick reference.’


‘You can’t recall them in the heat of the moment from memory either.  The display of principles must be instantaneous and without shadow of turning’.  Something I learned from the U.S. Army.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Wow!  That’s deep Mother.


Mother Sayer:  I have to have people that believe in the cause and know which action to take when challenged with questionable situations.  I don’t need people that need time to think about it.  They either know what’s right and what’s wrong, or they don’t.


It’s as simple as that.


Sarah W. Certainty:  The food is here Mother; let’s eat.




(It is a cherished practice.  One I’ve learned from Mr. Ableman Sayer quite well.  ‘You also need someone you trust.  Someone capable of sticking with you mentally to bounce ideas and hash out your thoughts.’


He was right.  Also, Sarah came to me through a dumb act of mine, her Father, Don Se’Stone and her mother, Sparklett Stone, decided she could use a fresh viewpoint.  I’m glad they made that decision.


Sarah, growing up in that house, she had to see and hear things that probably would frighten the impressionable senses out of a child.  She came through that we an inner toughness I want in my many positions to held by a seamstress or a tailor.  The best I will take to serve as my own trinity.


My very own three-person ARC Council).

Episode Nine: Time Trials

Mother S. Sayer:  The ARC of Time

Episode Nine:  Time Trials



(‘It has been eventful’ she thinks this is what her father would say if he were here.  There have been some successes in the form of a new shower assist caddie (sac).  The line of ethnic oriented greeting cards is coming along slowly.  Many listeners appreciate my weekly radio broadcast (on A.M. Radio of course) that chronicles all the energy and time demands to raise a family while expanding a business.  Let’s see how Mother Sayer was able to get out of this all important and highly critical phase of making her ‘creation dreams’ a reality.)


(It has a been a long two weeks.  Deciding on office space, furniture, phone service to fit and bond with my plans were important.  The location relative to downtown Louisville would assist in keeping startup costs in check.  I need the exercise and besides, being able to drop in on the halls of civic leadership has its’ merits.  “Keep knocking those tasks off the ‘to do list’ one by one”, she says.  Be mindful of the fact that there are children watching my every move as well.  It is critical I get it right she thinks.)


Mother Sayer: (The children are registered in Barrett Traditional Middle School for the school year beginning in Fall 2010.  I will let them chill a little while longer, but when the calendar turns to August; I will require more of them than a brief report on each chapter of the book I assigned to them.)


Justus.  Doyenne.  Breakfast is ready.  Come and eat while it’s hot.  (The clock says 7 am, but more importantly it is not so late in the day that the children can get spoiled.)


Justus:  When does school start Mother?


Mother Sayer:  It starts on August 16.  That is when you all will get the chance to increase your abilities for survival in this country.


Doyenne:  Survival Mother?


Mother Sayer: (She scopes the puzzled look on her daughter.  She sees the same out of the corner of her right eye on Justus.  Good.)


Children, why is there a table here in the kitchen?


Justus:  So we can set our plates on it?  (His statement is formed as a question to shield himself if his answer is wrong.)


Mother Sayer:  And you Doyenne?  Why do you think there is a table here in the kitchen?


Doyenne:  I don’t know Mother.

Mother Sayer:  I need you to give me an answer Doyenne, now.


Doyenne:  To put our chairs up under it so we can reach our food?  (Also, formed as a question to shield her mind from being wrong.)


Mother Sayer: (This is what I expected from my children as I’ve established the lines of authority here, but I’ve not enabled my children to question their surroundings.  I relish the responsibility of this duty.  It was performed by my Father with the zeal of a lion feeding his pride.  I will do no less.)


Children, there is a table here to keep you from having to sit on the floor to eat.  It prevents you from having to set your plate on the ground.  Your cup, your spoon and silverware.  Now this is an evolution from the days when humankind ate and shared what they caught in groups on the ground.


This is not to say that the practice is wrong or beneath you to do.  I’ve eaten many times my food while sitting on the ground with my fellow soldiers in the Army.


(Mother pauses to look intensely in the eyes of her children for any sign this little talk is resonating.  Well, we have many more lessons to fill the vastness of time.)


Very good then, let’s eat because I must get to work and figure out a few more things to start off this week.  Okay.


Justus:  Yes Mother.


Doyenne:  I understand Mother.




(Mother needed very little swaying in the importance of raising her children properly as she pursues the massive breath of her dreams for her life and her business.  What was said to her made sense, and Mother is not one to need a whole lot of time to figure out if the words ring with truth.


“It is not required of you to make a choice between your children or how you must take care for them.  Working is a given.  What you cannot dismiss is this fact.  Only the foolish and unlearned when they are faced with demands on their time; choose to pick one (themselves) over the other (children) and not understand that everybody in the family must win.


Children need their fair share of ‘time’ which is crucial to their proper rearing.  It is these unwise people who refuse to parent that have caused each established ‘system’ to be overburdened with unassigned duties.  If you don’t know how to parent, ask somebody that is doing it right to teach you.


Mother knew when she looked at her children that she couldn’t let them ‘flap in the wind’ because she had a mission.  No.  That is why there were rules she had to follow in her father’s house, and it is because of those rules she is who she is today.  Her father brought her with him ‘in the way that she should go’ and she will not depart from it.  Ever!)


Mother Sayer: (The children caught the bus and waved to their Mother as they rode on their way to school.).  Okay, let’s get this day started.


(The drive to work seems a bit accelerated today.  Maybe the list of things I must do is becoming jumbled in my head causing these feelings of disconcertion.  I knew this was coming and I know the countermeasures I must employ to dissipate the tendency to let my efforts wander ‘off the road’ per se.  To put it simply I just need to follow the plan and keep stepping off.  I will stop by the Sayer Trucking Repair Station and see how things are going first though.)


Mother Sayer:  Calvin, Son Skyy, Blinner, how are things going?  (She says it in a folksy tone that is important and implying that they run the shop while I keep them out trouble.)


Calvin:  Mrs. Sayer, it is good to see you.  All is fine here.  What’s up?


Son Skyy:  The shop is running well.  How are you Major?


Blinner:  We are all okay.  How are you doing Mother?  There is something I want to run by you if you have time right now.


Mother Sayer:  Very good then, you are looking good Calvin.  Skyy, Blinner, the day agrees with you both.  (Calvin is a holdover from the days when her father ran the business.  A fine young black man in his late twenties now who’s benefited from the right tutorship.


Son Skyy I met in the Army.  My Humvee needed repairs and I went down to the motor pool to help my soldiers finish the work.  I saw the love of mechanical work in his eyes which flowed down through his body to make his hands do superior work.  This Korean could elevate a team of professionals beyond just a repair job.  I knew I had to have him work with me someday.


Blinner was from Louisville.  She grew up in PRP, Pleasure Ridge Park, the neighborhood where mixing of the races was a work in progress.  It had to work for her because she was the child of a Black woman and a Japanese man.)


Mother Sayer:  Blinner.  (She motions for her to walk with her and she tours the shop like she is ‘trooping’ the line).


Mother Sayer:  What’s up?  You need anything?  Any new license or zoning certifications for the shop?


Blinner:  No Mother, all that’s good.  I do want to update you on the locations of the other two shops and when you can meet with the landowners.


Mother Sayer:  Please, tell me.


Blinner:  The two sites that fit the specifications are Eastern Parkway/Bardstown Road and Cane Run Road/Algonquin Parkway.  The lots are both empty now with the surrounding land on each plenty for expansion.  The zoning and licenses will be hefty along with the construction and work it will take to secure environmental approval.


I trust you’re cultivating relationships now with City Hall?  You will need them.


Mother Sayer:  Good.  Please get with the ARC’s lawyers and draft an offer sheet for both properties.  Meet with the owners and present it to them.  If at any time a part of this process you feel you cannot handle, let me know and I’ll get someone else to do it.  Understand?


Blinner:  You want me to complete this process for you?


Mother Sayer: (Good she was listening.  An important trait to possess in this business.).  That sounds like someone thinking they were just a surveyor only there to hand their findings over to the contractor for final disposition to close and start building.  Are you just a surveyor?


Blinner:  No no Mother.  I thought you were just testing my ‘around the town ability’ to envision something for what it could be.  I…


Mother Sayer: (Mother waves her hand to stop Blinner from proceeding).  Blinner, I don’t have time, money or resources for repetitive orders to several people to eventually grow my company.


Can you do the job or not?


Blinner:  Yes yes Mother.  I can.


Mother Sayer:  Keep me in the loop. (As she says her goodbyes she rubs the right shoulder of Blinner with her left hand and squeezes as if to dissipate some of the shock).


(Mother arrives at her modest office in the middle of downtown Louisville.  She parks her car in her designated spot and immediately adds parking to her planning.)


Mother Sayer:  Good morning Sarah.  How’s the morning going for you.


Sarah W. Certainty:  It is brisk.  I have the revenue for the past three months and the figures you asked for regarding expansion of the mechanical shops.  Time to build which includes breaking ground and acquiring all zoning and legal documents are in the package.


Ms. Blinner called asking if you were in the office earlier.  I told her you hadn’t made it in yet.


Mother Sayer:  How did she sound?  Was she anxious?


Sarah W. Certainty:  She did sound a little annoyed.  Now whether her thoughts started to materialize through the phone line I would have to say yes.  She was anxious to talk to you and get things approved I would say.


Mother Sayer:  Good. (The tone I wanted to set is blooming.  Time is the key and as far as I’m concerned, I don’t have eternity to make things happen.)


Sarah W. Certainty:  I’m beginning to understand how things are getting done around here.  Although not with a degree of certainty that brings me comfort, but I’m sure I will get there.


2nd Interlude:  Se’May’s Trouble


(It was a time I felt invincible.  The business of fixing trucks was solid.  My father’s loan was long which opened a lot of doors and pressed a lot of flesh.  Maybe this should have turned on a ‘slow beep that would intensify as I got closer and closer to hitting a wall’.  Nevertheless, I charged forward to danger just like the military trained me.  All the while I knew to consider each aspect of the task ahead of me; I chose to ignore every warning if success would be the outcome.


That’s how it happened.  I made inroads in the business of products and had contracts set up to make them and I had shelf space in local stores.  This new supplier came highly recommended and he checked out.  I didn’t know he had connections to the local crime boss.  Don Se’Stone he called himself.  My supplier was Laine Goone.  Yeah, don’t give me crap for that.  I know now it chimes the tone of cowbells.


He seemed like an upstanding Italian businessman to me, but what do I know about dealings of the criminal underworld.  My father never took me below the surface and I never asked about anything else sordid after he told me his FBI       deal.  I know when this is over to spend the time to get up to speed on that part of life.


Mr. Goone said he could get me the raw material at a reduced cost.  I needed the savings to make the ‘surface buckle’ floor cleaning system cost effective for the consumer market.  Man, was I wrong.  After I gave him a third of the cost to acquire the raw materials, he immediately said he needed more money.  His explanation sounded suspicious and I told him no.  That refusal caused him to suspend my contract and I forfeited all the money I gave him up front.


I hit the roof.  I called Mr. Goone and threatened to sue him and he just laughed and hung up the phone in my face.  I paid a visit to him in his office with my lawyer.  He had his lawyer and what looked like a couple of ‘goons’ with him.  This tactic didn’t work either.  Unbeknownst to me my father was monitoring the whole situation.


Mr. Sayer, my father, had called Don Se’Stone and agreed to a meeting with Mr. Goone two days after I had my ‘I mean business’ meeting with Goone.  I didn’t know who would be showing up when I got the message from Mr. Goone’s office that he wanted to meet with me again.  I said yes.


I got the call on Tuesday.  The meeting was Thursday at noon.  I will now recollect the dialogue from the actual participants at that meeting.).


Mother Sayer:  Can you tell Mr. Goone I am here?


Secretary:  Sure, Mrs. Sayer, right?


Mother Sayer:  Yes, it is.


(The secretary leaves for a moment and when she returns she escorts Mrs. Sayer into Mr. Goone’s office.).


Mr. Goone:  Come in Mrs. Sayer, I didn’t expect to have this meeting with you, but when I heard that you wanted to give me the rest of the money I asked for I just felt I had to arrange the meeting.


Mrs. Sayer:  Money?  I didn’t come here to give you any more of my money.  There must be some mistake because I was told you would be returning the money I gave to you?


(Don Se’Stone and Father Ableman Sayer were watching when Mother Sayer entered the building.  They waited five minutes and walked into the building.).


Secretary:  Mr. Don, I didn’t know you were coming. (Her words spoken with pausing through every other word.).  Go right in.


(Suddenly the door clicks open.  Don Se’Stone and Mr. Sayer walks into Goone’s office.).


Mr. Goone:  Don Se’Stone, I didn’t know you were here.  My secretary didn’t tell me we were meeting today?


Don Se’Stone:  Shut up Goone.  I hear you let on to this young lady that you had contacts and contracts even I didn’t know you had.  Is that true?


Mr. Goone:  It’s nothing Don.  I mean its’ nothing because I don’t have anything, I mean.


Don Se’Stone:  So you don’t have contacts in South America that could export raw materials so this lady can manufacture her product?


Mr. Goone:  No Don, no I don’t.


Don Se’Stone:  So give her her money back.  What was it ma’am, $45,000 dollars?


Mother Sayer:  Yes it was.


Mr. Goone:  I don’t have it on me now.


Don Se’Stone:  You need to give it to her now. (He says it with the assurance of consequence if it is not done.).


Mr. Goone:  I promise I will give her money back to her.


Don Se’Stone:  Don’t bother, you’re sure you don’t have it in this shitty office do you?


Mr. Goone:  No I don’t have it.


Don Se’Stone:  Don’t worry, I have it right here.  Mrs. Sayer, here’s your money.  I hope you decide to never do business with this man again.


Mrs. Sayer:  Father?


Ableman Sayer:  We will talk later, take it and go.  Give it to me.


Mother Sayer:  Give you what Father?


Father Sayer:  Give it to me right now!


Mother Sayer: (Mother thinks, how did he know I had a gun on me?).  I’m sorry Father.


Father Sayer:  It’s okay Se’May.  Take your money, leave this office and never return.


Mother Sayer:  Father. (Se’May starts to cry.).


Father Sayer:  No no Se’May, we all will make mistakes in our life.  I know your choice to deal with this man was borne out of doing some good in this world.  (Ableman sees Se’May’s tears running down her cheeks and he says to her.).


“At least one of us should go before the Father & Mother of lights and not be a disappointment”


Mother Sayer:  Father.


Father Sayer:  Go on, I love you, we’ll receive the ‘blot’ for this one.


Don Se’Stone:  Mr. Goone, I now have the contract.  You’ve just borrowed $45,000 dollars from me at 50 percent a week.  Next Friday is your first payment.  Don’t be late.


End:  2nd Interlude


Mother Sayer:  Sarah, I was taken aback by the sudden and abrupt way we came to meet.  When I walked out of Goone’s office I saw your Mother wave to me.  I didn’t know who she was at the time, but I knew it must have something to do with what just happened in that office.


Sarah W. Certainty:  I remember.  I was there in the limo.  You came in and sat down.  My Mother offered you a Courvoisier and she made her pitch to you.


(This conversation took place right outside Mr. Goone’s office on that same day.).


Sparklett Stone:  Mrs. Sayer, how are you?  While we’re waiting for my husband to come back and take us shopping.  I wanted to talk to you and see if you could do me a favor.


Mother Sayer:  Mrs. Stone, I just met you.  I don’t know what I could do for you?


Sparklett Stone:  Oh, it’s about my daughter.  We feel she needs to be in the presence of a woman, like yourself.  Do you know how my husband and your father met?


Mother Sayer:  No.


Sparklett Stone:  They met during the Korean War.


Mother Sayer:  Oh.


Sparklett Stone:  Don’t allow the time period to formulate any impressions on who those two men are.  They were probably made by the Gods to drive the likes of everyone they would meet crazy.  I’ve never seen two men accept their realities and flourish beyond their given origins.


Trust me sister, Italians may not have had it as bad as Negroes, but we weren’t that far behind in discrimination and utter manmade evil put upon us.  That is why I believe they bonded so quickly and always sought each other out on whatever missions they had in the Army.


Mother Sayer: (Smiles at this information because her father didn’t speak much about his time in uniform or his tour in Korea.).  I understand Mrs. Stone.  What would you like me to do?


Sparklett Stone:  I want you to hire my daughter.  Sarah, this is Mrs. Sayer.


Mother Sayer:  Hello Sarah.


Sarah:  Hello Mrs. Sayer.


Sparklett Stone:  What time does she need to be there Monday?


Mother Sayer: (Sighs to herself.).  8:00 am would be fine.  Do you know where my company offices are? (Immediately when she said this she knows it was a stupid question.).


Sparklett Sayer:  It was nice to meet you Mrs. Sayer.


(That is how that conversation went.  It was not a bad meeting by any measurement, but it was payment for getting me out of a jam of my own making.).


Mother Sayer:  Yes, I remember your Mother.  A strikingly beautiful and intoxicatingly intelligent woman of formidable presence.


Sarah W. Certainty:  I know.  How would you like to grow up trying to be like her and failing at every recreation of her mannerisms?


Mother Sayer:  I will keep that in mind with my daughter and son.  Now in the year and a half you’ve been under my employment; I’ve seen your growth.  Assertiveness doesn’t appear naturally just because we speak it.  It has to be pulled by the limbs to make the roots come up far enough to entangle themselves around your flesh.


Sarah W. Certainty:  I didn’t mean I wasn’t happy she turned me over to you.  Mother, I was in conflict for most of my formative years having a Mother who was so extraordinary.  My processing of my environment was taxing to say it mildly, but I’m so glad that I got a few of her genes that kept my sanity intact long enough to fight through to some light.


I was starting to come into my own when she told me what she had planned.  I felt apprehensive about it at first because human beings have a healthy dislike of change, but I knew I was getting somewhere and I didn’t want to regress.


I agreed and put my best optimistic face on and went with my Father and Mother.


Mother Sayer: (Even more linkage to time.  These trials have an extreme association with time.  Can they not be untangled?  Is it part of the fabric of reality itself?  Of space itself that our time trials must occur?).  Have I been a good example for you to follow?


Sarah W. Certainty:  You have been a guidance that without it I could not have steadied my footing.  The encounter could not be more evident.  What I precisely needed at that nexus point in my war to be the woman I am today was to meet you.  More proof that my Mother could take the measure of everyone and know what is right for them.


Mother Sayer:  Yes Sarah, even I felt her aura as I sat briefly in that limo.  Your Mother’s love knew she needed to give you to another teacher that could change the dynamics of your training.  In other words, relieving the duality of thinking about pleasing your Mother and gaining the mental skills you needed to become who you wanted to be.


Good parenting can do that to their children.  Better parenting can see the struggle to emulate them in their children’s eyes and do something about it.  My reading of your Mother’s actions is helping me even though we spoke only about you while you were sitting there.  What an impressive woman!


Sarah W. Certainty:  Mother Sayer.  I can say with a certainty something very clearly.  My Mother was right to place me in your care.  She took me as far as she could.  I understood she had a lot to contend with being married to my Father.  She needed space to keep everything under control, and dealing with a grown daughter that needed to learn a few more things was diluting her strength.

Mother Sayer:  More gracious words have never landed on my ears.  I’ve come to love you Sarah, probably more than I will ever love my own daughter.  You bring respect and honor to your family name.


Sarah W. Certainty:  Well, I think I’ve taken up enough of your time this morning.  Ms. Blinner, you must have taken care of her before you arrived?


Mother Sayer:  You will be just fine Sarah.  Let me freshen up a bit and I’ll be back to start going over the planner for today.




(The day went as well as expected.  The late afternoon and evening with Doy and Justus was slanted heavily to conversation and expansion of thinking.  Doy was asking what she should do when she sees someone being picked on because they sit by themselves.  Justus was asking could he try out for the basketball team.


Doy’s question was answered with a question.  I asked her if she was stranded at the train station in a foreign country would she want some assistance.  She said Mother, of course, if I don’t speak the language I want someone to help me.


Justus question was a question of whether his education would suffer should he start playing sports.  I helped him analyze the time requirements and could he meet each obligation with the same zeal of purpose.  He of course said yes after some brief thought.  I, as his Mother said to him, if at any time your education is in doubt.  Do you understand?


Justus said yes.  These waypoints on the path to adulthood are familiar to me because my Father spared nothing in his rearing technique.  He paid attention to me and to all his children.  None of us could say he didn’t give us his love and his time, but he didn’t choose one over the other.  He thought that was trifling to even flirt with such foolishness.


Father Sayer would say, “If I didn’t need to work, God would not have written it as such.  If I didn’t want the responsibility of children, I understood I had to keep my pants zipped up and on.  I needed to work and I needed to teach, and I knew they were flip sides of the same coin.”


I didn’t see him complain about his ‘time trials’, so I’m definitely not going to complain about my own.

Episode Eight: In the Beginning



(Many things will trouble me in my lifetime. Mother Sayer thinks to herself that this statement is akin to telling yourself I need oxygen to breathe. A more important introspection would be to examine what are my defensive and offensive capabilities when I find myself faced with the inevitable ‘difficulties’ of life. She thinks, “It is more advantageous to embrace hardships because they will surely harden your skin.” Better yet, it is like stretching a cable to its snapping point and holding it until the ‘stress of the weight is absorbed’ and then held.


These analogies are indicative of the belief in ‘shields’ or a ‘coat of armor’. Protection is the theme and delivering on the promise of extending the life of the holder or wearer is of absolute importance. A shield or coat of armor then becomes more an offensive weapon because it allows the wearer then to concentrate on strategy that will enhance his or her keys to victory).


Mother Sayer: (Father, Mr. Sayer would need to sign with me to in order to get the start-up capital I need to begin my chapter of the family name. The telephone rings at her father’s house in Birmingham, Alabama). Hello Father?


Servant: No it is not. Who may I say is calling?


Mother Sayer: It is Se’May.


Servant: Ah, Se’May, I will summon your father immediately.


Mother Sayer: Thank you.


Father Sayer: This is Ableman.


Mother Sayer: Father, it’s Se’May calling. How are you? How are the children?


Father Sayer: Oh, Se’May. Your children are fine. What a joy to hear from you. Are you in town?


Mother Sayer: (Father is still father. I sure hope there is a lot of him in me because he knows I enjoy his council.). I will be soon father. I need to finish up my paperwork here on base and I will fly out on Friday done with my length of service in the Army.


Father Sayer: There is much to discuss about the last few years, not to mention your close call in Afghanistan.


Mother Sayer: I will be home soon Father, okay.


Father Sayer: See you Friday my beloved daughter. Goodbye.


Mother Sayer: Goodbye Father, see you soon. (Mother knew her father would need a better account of her time spent in the military. The military, she thought was an honorable way to serve the country that she knew would not return her loyalty evenly. It was never the less a time folding math problem that would solve her needs to learn many critical lessons about life (different cultures, leadership, conflict, etc.…) quickly. That is why she embraced every event, trial, difficulty and even the wear and tear on her shoes for clarity. Getting caught in a torrential downpour offered insight she thought. Now she would give the proper respect to her father, and she would ask him to believe in the future she would set in motion with a vengeance!).




(Mother’s plane lands in Birmingham on a bright sunny day and Mother thinks that life is constructed. Maybe it is constructed from the shards of past failures, or maybe life is forced into being by a determined will catapulted by movement that is voluntary or compelled. Whichever way it has to happen, my plan for my life will be realized. It is not enough to know you’ll be successful. I order it!).


It is a bright and sunny day in June 2008. Mother Sayer is glad she is wearing her sunglasses as she is making her way down to baggage claim with other passengers from her flight. She knows her father will pick her up, but she wonders if he will let Justus and Doy come to the airport. Oh well, I will see what’s what in a few anyway.


Mother Sayer: (She sees her father waving at her. Oh, he has them with him. Mother notices how inert her children are in the presence of her father. She can’t help but let out a chuckle and wave back at her father and the children). Father. It is good to see you again.


Father Ableman Sayer: It is most pleasing to see you Se’May. (He gives her a hug first before the children get a chance to corral her).


Mother Sayer: Children. My my my, I’m glad you’ve missed your Mother. Have you been behaving since I’ve been gone?


Doyenne: Yes Mother.


Justus: Yes Mother.


Mother Sayer:   (She is struck by the children taking turns to talk. Huh? What has been going on this last year? Well, I’ll add it to the things I’ll discuss with Father). Good. Now, shall we go home Father?


Mr. Sayer: Yes. (Ableman turns to his driver and assistant and motions them towards the bags as they start to walk towards the parking deck). So, how was your flight?


Mother Sayer: It was okay for a ticket paid for by the military. I’d prefer to ride in first class, but they weren’t going to spring for that. Anyway father, I want to talk to you about some ideas and plans before I settle into a home back in our old city of Louisville, Kentucky.


Father Sayer: Okay, what do you want to talk about?


Mother Sayer: The main thing is that I want to start my own business. It will have different lines and forge into different industries.


Father Sayer: (Father gestures with a wave of hand). Yes. Why don’t we talk about it later tonight after dinner? We will not be disturbed by the children and you would’ve had a chance to settle in a little bit by then and get your strength.


Mother Sayer: (Mother nods in agreement as she knows her father practices age appropriate conversation protocol at all times). Well, I can’t wait to see your new place here in Birmingham. It must be nice. I know it fits your need for function over fashion.


Father Sayer: (He chuckles and knows it is true). All too well. I’ve made it a point to have a big yard, so it’s not in the city limits of Birmingham. It’s in Trussville. Yeah, you can call it a farm.


Mother Sayer: Excellent. I need the fresh air without the pressure. It should settle my thoughts nicely to know that I’m finally back around family.


Father Sayer: You are my child Se’May.


—In Trussville: Mister Ableman Sayer’s Home—


(The home is in a word. Identical. It is the embodiment of Ableman Sayer. The front porch is laid out like the observation deck of an ocean liner. It goes halfway around the house from right to left. It is covered with a retractable shade over the exit doors of each guest bedroom on the bottom floor. Only the master bedroom upstairs has a deck. The interior is like I said, functional. The door to the house is huge, at least double the size of a normal door. The entry hall is ten feet with no access to the house until you reach the doors to enter the home itself. These two doors are slanted toward the front door.


Like a half-dome, these doors open and close off the rest of the house from view. Entering the atrium, it is filled with paintings of historical significance to the Negro Race. Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglas, W.E.B. Dubois, Harriet Tubman, Emmett Tills mother, slavery and the instruments of oppression. Replicas of leg irons, whips, model size shacks (homes of a sort) indicative of the ones used to house the slave labor that drove the engine of economics in the deep south.


Father believes in “keeping in sight the horizon while standing in remembrance of what his people had to overlook for a glimpse of that beauty.”


Well, dinner will be ready in two hours. I’ll clean up and put my things away in my room while it’s cooking. It is good to be in the presence of my father again. We have much to discuss so I better get ready.


Dinner: A nice spread of Steak, chicken, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and collar greens. Cornbread and buttered rolls. Dessert included peach cobbler, strawberry and lime Jell-O, sweet potato pie and pound cake. The beverages were soda, water, red wine, and various moscato brands from Italy).


Mother Sayer: (Father sits at the head of the table. I sit at his right hand as an unspoken expectation permeates the air. Justus and Doy sit across from me. We all hold hands and say grace and begin to partake of the meal before us). A wonderful spread it is father.


Father Sayer: You deserve it. What have I taught you about climbing each layer in the journey of your life?


Mother Sayer: Father. As you reach a layer of success in your life, stay there until you are ready to climb higher. Do not negotiate failure with yourself. Do not say that you will be satisfied with a stumble that makes you fall a level or two lower. “Obtain ability to maintain stability.”


Father Sayer: (Smiles as he intensely watches his daughter as she speaks. He has spent years bringing her up in the way that she should go. Time well spent without a shadow of turning. Let’s hear what she desires of me). The meal, was it enjoyable Se’May?


Mother Sayer: Yes father, very much so, along with the wine made it quite satisfying.


Father Sayer: Good. Now what did you wish to ask me?


Mother Sayer: Children, you may leave the table. You can have your dessert on the patio if that’s alright with you father?


Father Sayer: Yes it is.


Mother Sayer: Father, I wish to set up my company in the place you got started. Louisville.


Father Sayer: Go on.


Mother Sayer: I know you left the business in the hands of your manager and lawyer. I need your help. More precisely your signature on a small business loan to insure the government that I have solid backing. The loan will be in my name and I will be completely responsible for paying it back. (Mother stops talking here. She allows her father time to let it set in his thoughts as he contemplates his answer. She knows her father doesn’t need a lot of time to make decisions).


Father Sayer: I thought you would never ask. I thought I may have pushed you too hard. (His voice starts to crack as he is overcome with joy).


Father Sayer: Yes yes, of course I will give you all the help you need to get going. I do have a requirement that is non-negotiable though.


Father Sayer: A three-day communion with you and on the fourth day you must leave. It is a ritual born of old and I’ve updated it to be gender neutral. This passage will cover everything and things you may already know. No pen or paper is necessary as everything you will be taught has to be remembered. You may take notes at the completion of each day if you wish.


Don’t worry, you’ll develop new techniques for situations you may encounter in your life. Probably what you’ll develop will be more adaptive and creative than anything I could’ve ever imagined.


Mother Sayer: Very well father, when do we start?


Father Sayer: Tomorrow morning after breakfast. Get a good night’s sleep okay. I’ve always thanked God for my good fortune. It is a great honor to have reared such a proper child. It’s like a kid having his own cookie jar.


Mother Sayer: Thank you father. Good night, I will see you in the morning.


Day One:


The June Sun is not for those who find hydrating tedious. It is 93 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 percent humidity. It’s feels like wearing an electric blanket over all your clothes while cooking over a fire pit. In any case, breakfast is finished and the day has begun.


Father Sayer: (Father goes right into his discussion with his daughter). Se’May, what I want to cover first is the humanity of business. There are always different dynamics at play in any operation be it large or small. What you will get from your people depends on what you say and more importantly what you show them.


Pay them well of course, but pay them more with your heart and your time. More satisfying dividends comes from the second part of that sentence.


Mother Sayer: (She knows that already. Father was right. Keep listening).


Father Sayer: I want to hit on the topic of vulnerabilities now. (Father sees a look of puzzlement on his daughter’s face, but he continues his oration).


When you make the choice to bear additional burdens, ‘the weight from the top puts pressure down below.’ Let me explain. Your mind carries these changes or their formulations until they are realized. Saying this is what I want is brave of you. Preparing for the onslaught of doubt and uncertainty separates let’s say ‘the women from the girls’.


Understand as well this, a crack; an opening is produced in what you are. Your mind is vulnerable in these moments. Unfortunately it is a necessity to fulfill the rule of growth. Granted, it is a flaw, but it is a flaw you must know how to conquer. The attack on your mind (confidence versus uncertainty) in these moments are not a sign of failure on your part, but a challenge that adds another layer, so to speak, to your abilities.


I can only tell you that you must get through these moments intact. Do you understand?


Mother Sayer: I have a few ideas on how to keep myself in check and gather new strength.


Father Sayer: Good. (He turns away smiling so his daughter does not see him). In conclusion of this topic, you need to remember that your body is willing to help you. Don’t be indifferent to the pain you’re undergoing. Don’t neglect it. Keep it in shape for the rigors it’s about to endure.


Mother Sayer: How long will this upheaval last father?


Father Sayer: (Yes, she is paying attention!). It only lasts overnight. The doubt or resistance last until you accept the fact that this is what’s required to get it done. We both know all of us are vulnerable to foolishness in the night more than in the daylight. If this pain or your striving is going off the rails, it is your duty to stop and ascertain the situation and solve whatever problem is preventing your progress. This is critical Se’May. Do you understand?


Mother Sayer: Yes Father.


Father Sayer: Now we turn our attention to business. “Repetition breeds familiarity, familiarity breeds efficiency”. It is not so crucial you get out of the gate like a thoroughbred; more importantly, it matters how consistent you are.


Don’t strive for perfection when your business is young. Listen to me now. (Pause). Your venture may look like ‘a reed bending every time a strong wind comes through’, but I suggest you use an analogy in that moment. Think of a newborn baby. It takes a few years for that baby to stop crapping on itself right? Your business will take a dump on itself now and then.


What do you do in that moment Se’May?


Mother Sayer: (I know my father sees me chuckle a bit at his analogy). I need to hold my nose and clean up the mess as I stay focused on the mission. The goal, I mean father.


Father Sayer: You spent 4 and a half years in the Army Se’May. I expect you to think and speak in terms according to your training.


Continuing on. It took you less than 3 years to get your Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. You finished nursing school in 2 years. The Army put you through a Master’s program and you finished that in another 2 years. That’s quite impressive for a 17-year-old starting college.


Mother Sayer: I learned my lessons well father. Being a child in your household was a blessing beyond measure or should I say, my fortune arrived early in life.


Father Sayer: You were given to me by the ‘All Father-Mother’ and I wasn’t going to fail the parent of us all.


As you reach a new level in life, stay at that level. Again, I tell you, do not negotiate with failure. Success is a relentless and demanding demi-goddess. You know some though, she can be mastered as well. By governing your mind, spirit, and body through faith in a higher being. Additionally, by discipline and living a life done decently and in order.


How you run your home is how you will run your business. I know you noticed how docile your children were at the airport? You did the right thing leaving them in my care. I didn’t put them through as much instruction, per se, as I did with you. They are 9 & 10 and the quicker you bring them up right; the better they will thank you for it when the dark times come in their lives.


By the way, how is your husband? Corenth Z. Stableman is his name?


Mother Sayer: (I didn’t expect my father to ask about my husband. I know he worries his legacy will not be allowed to shine and burn off some of the flaws lingering in this country. I carry his hope and I accept the scepter of continuity he has laid on me. If I do anything in my life, I will not forget one of my unspoken duties. The tearing down of strongholds restricting what an African American woman is and what she can do). Zar is cool. He is in that field in the Army that I don’t like to discuss much because it scares me.


We both married young and knew the consequences and accepted what both of us wanted to do with our lives. He is serving his country in his own way, and I am carrying on with the children as agreed.


Father Sayer: He is full of confidence, and he is a studious man. I know he needed to be to grab and hold your attention. Very well then. A few more things and we’ll close out Day One.


Mother Sayer: I’m ready father.


Father Sayer: Addition by Subtraction. The research you did to know what you’d be facing in college and complete it early. The same method you used I call addition by subtraction. It took what 120 or 130 hours to complete a Bachelor’s Degree. Each semester you completed subtracted from the school’s tally and added to your tally. “Every time you knock down a requirement, task, permit or expansion to meet growth head on. You are taking from the top of success, and manifesting your vision by laying the foundation to build from the ground up.”


In other words, don’t look at the task as this huge structure you have to build. Every building ever put up started with its’ foundation. Whatever your business stands on had better be solid.


Mother Sayer: Of course father.


Father Sayer: Let’s close out with the dangers of being alone without your husband around to satisfy your needs. There is no immunity to sex. How will you combat this truth?


Mother Sayer: Sex? Well, I guess I better have my own toys. (Her relationship with her father is clear. She is honest with him for he saw to it that she acquired all those life skills that she needed to thrive all over the world).


Father Sayer: Well, that’s part of it, but how you defend against a potent force as sex. I’ll tell you how. You give precedence to what you wish to accomplish. If you want to realize your dream of being a major presence on the world stage, then you have to respect the fact that all human beings need sex. You are no exception.


Do you understand?


Mother Sayer: Yes father. Do not underestimate my need for sex.


Father Sayer: Good. I think we’ve covered enough for one day. I’ll see you in the morning. Goodnight Se’May. (Father Sayer knew he wanted to cover as much as he could the first day in order to not have to pack the 3rd day with so many sessions. Don’t need to hold her past say 3 pm on that day. She would need to pack and get the children ready to fly back with her. Note to self: Make sure you tell her not to deny to her children what she surely received).


Mother Sayer: Goodnight father. (Oh my God. I expected him to talk to me a little bit just to pass on some things he wanted me to know. Father is not playing with me. I’m glad I learned how to ‘flip that switch’ when I realize that somebody is serious.


Okay, let me review today’s discussions. I want more out of life than what I have now. A business is a heavy burden to take on. Therefore my life is going to undergo an ‘expansion’ of some sort. Huh, what do I know about things growing bigger?


Well it could be that when something expands ‘its’ outer shell becomes thinner’ until it settles into a larger size. So I must prepare for the stretching of my mind, which will result in me being vulnerable in that moment? Just believe it okay. Jeez.


Don’t have pity parties with myself. Set goals and keep knocking down requirements by addition by subtraction. I’m glad he put me through college, but what he doesn’t know I was scared to death of disappointing him.


That’s it! He want’s me to leave Thursday because he knows I probably would live my life by how he thinks I should live it. He wants me to live life the way I want. My father knows I must fully let go in order to achieve the goals I have for myself. Oooh, that man!


I got the other stuff pretty much as well, but there is no immunity to sex? I think I can reject a man better than any woman. Wait wait slow your roll girl. He said don’t think of yourself as something you’re not. Watch it now.


Take heed to all warnings just like you did when that idiot, I mean, that commanding officer of mine thought he could make me chicken out of my duty as an officer. I ran those convoys like the officer I was trained to be. I knew it could happen because I was told in Officer Candidate School to be ready for anything.


“Your survival and the survival of those under your command will depend entirely on you. Act like it is true at all times.”


Remember you got shot over there girl. Be diligent and focused in the matter of your goals. It is entirely up to you. That’s good for now. I need to sleep).


Day Two:




(Breakfast is served in the east room of the quaint yet mildly sprawling home of my father. The table is furnished with spicy sausage, hash browns, and orange juice spiced with a little Courvoisier to chase some of the grease off the stomach. Mother smiles a bit as she is surprised, but her surprise is an acknowledgment of love that her father keeps tabs on her.


The usual fruits and various tree nuts accent the morning meal as her children of course join them at the table. Afterwards, the children are excused and the two of them wander off to the porch to enjoy the breeze as the Sun is approaching 80 degrees before the clock strikes 10 o’clock a.m.).


Father Sayer: Well Se’May, let’s get going on Day Two.


Mother Sayer: Very good Father.


Father Sayer: I want to cover a bit more about sexuality and youth today. Then I want to turn to loyalty. Lastly I’ll talk extensively about enemies and how to out maneuver them. A topic of course with your exploits in Afghanistan you are quite familiar.


Mother Sayer: Please proceed father.


Father Sayer: First about your sexuality and being without your husband for prolonged periods of time. You must divert your energy allocated for that practice and channel it into your business. This will make you come off as stuck up or aloof. Your enemies, mostly males, will believe that when they see who they’re across the table from.


Mother Sayer: I need to play the card that is dealt me at all times if it is to my advantage of course.


Father Sayer: Yes that is right. If your gender is a weakness to your adversary, then use it against him. You are trying to collapse time and time is the key to everything. Time is also an adversary. I know, I see it in your face. Look Se’May, you are here because you are a proper child and whether you believe it or not; favor of the Gods are upon you so don’t contemplate it right now. Just take what I’m saying and remember it. It will hit you later.


Mother Sayer: Yes father.


Father Sayer: Oh, and one other thing about sex. One of the worst or troublesome stages of males and females is when they discover their sexuality.


It is a new phenomenon that occurs without a frame of reference. When the feedback occurs, the interpretation from the senses that this is pleasurable, it is often overwhelming to the majority of people that experience it.


Your children will not be immune to the various sensations either. That is why I believe there should be a righteous buckler of sorts. A person capable of calming and teaching a person about that part of their humanity. A parent or a righteous protective adult who has the child’s best interest at heart.


We know that left to their own discovery; a child or young adult can be manipulated by the exploitation of stimuli to their destruction. Now even if there is no one there to help a young adult who has passed puberty into maturity; it is critical that they learn to govern their body before having sex with somebody.


If not, then I know I’ve seen family and friends act like they were roaming dogs and cats every time something stimulated their sex organs. I’ll tell you now that that is a lost soul so foolishly lost that they actually believe that sex is the only element of love. Yeah Se’May, I’m sure you’ve have people think that everybody wants to sleep with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Pathetic I say. That’s a sad state of affairs for an adult to be in by not being able to live their lives above their waist.


Mother Sayer: I’ll certainly try to keep an eye out for that father. (She said that slowly).


Father Sayer: Okay loyalty. This is a powerful ally when it is cultivated carefully. Listen to me Se’May. Loyalty is not of the kind that you learned in the military where it is simply part of a code of behavior that leadership hope the ranks would adhere to it and practice it.


Loyalty in its’ purest state stands up families. It is a brace against turbulent forces. It is righteous and no betrayal is present because a leader requires of her people unquestionable character. Your people will give their all to you if you hold yourself accountable first to righteous deeds, and hold them accountable so that they present themselves in the same manner as do you.


What loyalty is not, and I have to explore the negative or the perverted side of it, is loyalty without truth. Don’t ever defend your people when they are wrong. Do you hear me?


Mother Sayer: Yes father.


Father Sayer: You can request of the other party in such a disagreement that the incident will be made right by you. The employee or associate of yours will be disciplined accordingly. All if the facts are clear your associate is in the wrong.


You will be surprised by the reaction of your associates when they know their leader will give a fair hearing and get both sides of the story before rendering any decision.


Father Sayer: When human beings know that they will be held to the highest standard, as close as humans can be with all their faults, they will try to reach for righteousness as best they can. Because pleasing someone who is fair to them will make them want to do better in their lives.


Mother Sayer: So I need to be their spiritual leader father?


Father Sayer: I’m glad you asked that question. Se’May hear me well on this aspect of life. Human beings may desire privacy and autonomy when they are a part of the masses, but when they are part of a group, a family, they will fight to keep that family secure. They will fight to keep that family safe and everlasting.


When they know that foolishness on their part will bring sorrow or harm to the family, to the leader, they will restrain themselves because they will not want to be shunned from such a family that is honorable, fair and loving to them. Structure is still necessary and may I say critical to achieve great success.


Mother Sayer: (Se’May’s understanding is growing now and her father notices the subtle awareness that is blooming in her eyes and body movements. She knows her training in the Army focused on team building and trust, but that was mandated by rank structure and obedience was required or there was consequences. This is beyond that she’s starting to contemplate it now).


Mother Sayer: You know I’ll be thinking about all this stuff you’re telling me for quite some time long after I leave on the fourth day father.


Father Sayer: Stop stop. I do not want you to halt your plans and only think about what we’re discussing here for even one day. I will say it again as I’ve told you when you first told me about your future.


This is not a class where there is a test at the end of the course. This is about life. I’m sorry to be doing this like a crash course as if I missed telling you something as you were growing up. Our talk here these three days is only a review of your upbringing Se’May.


You know what you know. I am only doing what I’m supposed to be doing as your father. You are a grown woman with a husband and children of your own. It is not possible for you to be a better person in my eyes.


My purpose here as I’ve said before is to make sure you remember what you were taught and go forth and make a name for yourself. Look, you will create your own maxims. Do you remember me telling you that?


Mother Sayer: Yes father I do.


Father Sayer: (Pauses and stares at Se’May and looks over her head to the sky. I wish I could shield her from all the trouble that lies in wait for her. I must be strong for her though. If I show weakness in my eyes, she may be doubtful about her abilities to accomplish what her dreams demand of her).


Father Sayer: (He pushes back against the doubt that has found a crease in his armor. No he speaks to himself. —- I have fought battles against the odds on a daily basis to get to where I am today. You did not defeat me then and you will not defeat my purpose with my daughter now. Away with your madness doubt!).


Father Sayer: Se’May, you may have to fight with your own doubts and fears. This is normal. Yes it is normal. Do not feel weird or eccentric doing it either. Your mind is part of the solution and you must fight to keep it free of injury.


Mother Sayer: Injury father?


Father Sayer: Failure, doubt or the naysayers can affect your mojo if you let these forces penetrate your defense perimeter. Don’t be discouraged if they get through from time to time. Do what I do at that moment. If you have to, stop and do battle with them when you get a chance.


Father Sayer: Don’t think that the words of other people don’t matter. You can’t afford to be arrogant and think you’re invulnerable or something to it. Inventory your weapons, mental ones that is, pick one or two or all of them if you like, and fight back hard like you’re trying to close a stubborn breach in a large dam holding back millions of gallons of water.


Father Sayer: Your mind can be injured. Please repair and heal all wounds, both physical and mental, as either kind can deteriorate or worsen the health of the whole body Se’May.


Mother Sayer: Of course father.


Father Sayer: That should cover enemies, mental health, loyalty, relationships, sexuality and fairness in general. Whoa look at the time. We are basically done for today.


Mother Sayer: Oh you are right about the time as it flies when a discussion is stimulating father.


Father Sayer: Se’May, I want to talk to you about making decisions tomorrow. Some of your decisions may compromise your integrity. I want to make you aware of something in my walk through life that I’m tormented by. (Father smiles and his expression is encased in pain behind his eyes. He sees Se’May read this and he turns away quickly).


Father Sayer: Goodnight Se’May, I’ll see you in the morning.


Mother Sayer: Goodnight father. (Did I just see what I saw in my father’s eyes. What could he possibly have done that would be that bad in his life. I mean if he can marry my mother and stay with that woman he couldn’t have done anything else to cause him such regret. Could he?).


Day Three:




(Breakfast today is packed with protein sources. Many different tree nuts. Peanuts and peanut butter. Skim milk and hot chocolate. There are many flavors of tea lining one of the trays. Oatmeal to help the blood flow more smoothly.


The choice in beverages are appealing as usual. There is orange juice, cranberry, apple and both flavors of grapefruit juice. The children are allowed to have waffles with only honey as it is made naturally in nature by bees).


Father Sayer: How’s breakfast on such a beautiful morning Se’May?


Mother Sayer: It is wonderful as usual father. Although I’m beginning to think that you’re trying to tell me something.


Father Sayer: What, that I want you to eat healthy or something? Sure I am. Mix it up from time to time even.


Mother Sayer: Oh it’s beginning to sink in father, trust me.


Father Sayer: (He laughs as he knows his daughter would never demand or even request a specific breakfast item. He knows she is raised properly to eat what is before her and be thankful for it). I’m glad. I try to change with the times and times I mean my age as I can’t eat all that greasy and heavy food anymore. Hell even eggs are a no go for me now.


Mother Sayer: Eggs aren’t that big of a lost for me either father.


Father Sayer: (Okay I know that means that she is not ready to give up sausage, grits and egg whites for a long time to come. She can eat what she wants when she goes home to her house). Let’s get started with this last day of walking down memory lane.


Mother Sayer: I don’t remember anything about you compromising yourself father.


Father Sayer: Ah, yes that thing. I have left instruction with my lawyer to provide you with the complete story upon my death Se’May. I will tell you now what I can.


Mother Sayer: Okay father. What is the big deal? You grew up in Alabama for goodness sake.

Father Sayer: Alabama holds many evils that will never be written in history Se’May. Remember I’m not a young man. I just look this way because I’ve taken care for myself and avoided a lot of confrontation and insults against my honor or better yet, humanity.


Mother Sayer: Father, what is it you want to tell me?


Father Sayer: Growing up in the South was not a walk among the sunflowers. There were obstacles to getting out of poverty left and right or whichever way you turned. I wanted what I wanted.


Mother Sayer: Father, did you kill someone?


Father Sayer: No, not by my hand if I could claim that truth when I am judged. I worked with the FBI during a period of time before the civil rights movement came to prominence.


Mother Sayer: Ohh!


Father Sayer: (He just saw disappointment in his daughter’s eyes towards him for the first time in his life). I just helped them craft an approach method to take down black men if they didn’t cooperate with the FBI. In essence, I helped them find the weakness in black men so they could exploit it and discredit them when they needed to.


I used the money they gave and the wheels they greased and got out of town. I started my mechanics shop in Louisville, Kentucky and I have been working to erase that stain from my ledger for decades now.


Mother Sayer: So that’s why you know so much about sex and how it can be used to destroy people’s lives. You used your gifts of insight and maturity when others were simply following their hormones. You took advantage of this fact and bartered with the FBI for seed money?


Father Sayer: Yes I did.


Mother Sayer: What what happened to the men that you reported on?


Father Sayer: I saw they were blackmailed into quitting the movement or strong armed out of helping people register to vote or provide rides and things like that.


Mother Sayer: I am now at a lost for words father. I don’t want to continue speculating on what happened to these men based on your actions.


Father Sayer: When I saw what the FBI was doing and how the program was destroying lives, I just ran. I told them I wanted out and I got out of town and I didn’t look back.


Father Sayer: I held them to the agreement and they seeded my business and cleared the way on licenses to open my shop. I’ve been busting my ass to make it right since that time in my life.


Mother Sayer: May I be excused?


Father Sayer: (This request is shocking to him). Ah ah yes Se’May.


Epilogue to Day Three:


(Se’May walked away not knowing how to handle this revelation from her father. She knew she can’t erase nearly three decades of instruction from the man who has spent the time to give her so much. This man has taught her that love means much more than affection.


She must come to an agreement on this information about her father before tomorrow. Then suddenly she thinks, maybe he told her this to make her feel the pain of betrayal. The impact of it landing with such force because she needs to know how it feels if it happens in her life again.


This guy she thinks, is everything about training and teaching? Couldn’t he just be a proud or loving father and not share these mental atomic bombs with me? What makes him think I want to know this stuff?


She yells loudly, ahhhhhhhh! Okay okay wait let me see something. If I’m going to have power, then it must be in the hands of a person of sound mind and body. This power must be entrusted to someone that is capable of not loosing control of it. A person who will not allow emotions, slights, insults or perceived indignities to cause its’ misuse.


Am I that woman Se’May? That is the question that must be closed with an answer. ‘Close the circle’. Cute. It is not complicated Se’May she says to herself. Answer the question or walk away. Are you up to the task? Yes or no? Yes I am!


This power will be held in good hands, my hands. (At this moment, let it be recorded in the annals of history that Se’May Sayer decided to step forward and meet her fate).


‘The Arc of Time has bent towards one more, a woman this day, has decided to seek out and claim her glory. Let all who seek to oppose her know this. She accepts your challenge and advises all to beware their fate.’).


Day Four:


This Ending is my Beginning:




(Departure mornings are often laced with anticipation of the trip home and the sadness of leaving family members that have shaped so much of your life. Se’May and her father have always said goodbye in words and mannerisms of body language that allowed each other to keep their purpose in life front and center.


This day however will call for more energy mentally to not break that tradition. Maybe after their greetings are made at breakfast they will experience some enlightenment to chart a way through. After her father’s household personnel finish placing the food out, Se’May and her father enter the room behind the children).


Father Sayer: How was your rest last night Se’May?


Mother Sayer: It was okay father. I thought about what you said and came to terms with it. Am I right in thinking that you want me to be secure in my thoughts and defiant against all naysayers if I want this right?


Father Sayer: Se’May, do you remember what I told you about the children coming to stay with me when you had to deploy to Afghanistan?


Mother Sayer: You said I will limit the time I will keep your children because they need to get to know their mother and their mother should always hold the preeminence in the home. I’m sorry both me and Zar, that’s his nickname.


Father Sayer: Women, Se’May are naturals at reading personalities. How can I say this you ask? First, why do you think the children of big families are such a close-knit group and seemingly the parents have complete awareness of where they are?


Mother Sayer: They give the children instructions before they leave the home?


Father Sayer: That’s a part of it, but what is the key to it? The key is that women can read the signs of personality and even shape them when they have to in their children. The mothers that know what their children are capable of and know when they’re lying are mothers that make their living on paying attention to detail.


Tell me Se’May, you know what I’m saying is true don’t you.


Mother Sayer: (He is right and I’ve picked up on how determined my daughter is and how Justus is a bit of a day dreamer that needs a firmer hand). You are correct father.


Father Sayer: Now do you know why the majority of women lose this talent or simply ignore it at home or worst in their professional life?


Mother Sayer: Why father?


Father Sayer: No give me an answer first and I will tell you if you are close to what I’m thinking.


Mother Sayer: Women think they can’t be too motherly in the workplace?


Father Sayer: (His eyes light up with joy as she said it another way, but it is what he was thinking). In a way Se’May you are correct. Women have been told that information about other people in the workplace is bad. Women have been told that reading the people in the room in order to know how to approach them is bad. Women have been tricked into forgetting that they are the creators of all those men in charge of them.


Women have been flimflammed into suppressing their abilities because it is bad to know the tendencies of all those personalities and use it to their advantage. Men can’t do it as well and it is wrong to be better at something than men are.


The worse chicanery that has been overwhelmingly successful against women has been to actually make them act like they are men to get respect in life. The author of confusion huh?


Mother Sayer: That is certainly a harsh guilty verdict you’ve just rendered against the defendant Mister Prosecutor. Albeit a just and truthful one. You are right on every count of the indictment father. ‘Hopefully I can commute that sentence from life to time served.’


Father Sayer: I trust everything I’ve told you these three days was relevant if I may attest.


Mother Sayer: It was relevant alright father. I want you to know that I appreciate who you are and I am thankful for my good fortune of being your daughter.


Father Sayer: And my confession?


Mother Sayer: I would never think any less of you father. We all make mistakes that we have to atone for at some point in our life. I declare that you have been a father that has made me understand that wanting something is different than needing something.


I do not need to start a business, but I want to help other people reach their full potential and I believe for me the only way is through a business. So I need to be my own boss or I will always be the one following someone else’s dream.


Father Sayer: Good. Let me know when you and the children are ready to travel.




(Father Sayer rides in his car as his ears ring from the many passenger planes that are taking off from Birmingham International Airport. He still can’t believe he is in a place so free of trouble that he can think back to the times when he betrayed his brothers and sisters to the police.


He hopes when he stands in judgment that God forgives his many indiscretions. Well Se’May will be a highly sought after product in a few years God willing. I hope I’m around to see it.


Se’May sits across from Doy and Justus as she is high above all her troubles for now. She has a few moments of reflection before the plane lands in Louisville. When it hits the ground and comes to a stop at the gate, she knows her life will speed up and she hopes she keeps her feet).


Micro Post


A Continuous Expense?


Let’s say I buy an SUV with all the bells and whistles and just can’t take my eyes off of it when it’s parked. It requires gas beyond the full tank the dealership provided? Why do I have to pay for gas when I bought the vehicle and it came with everything I need?


I should be able to drive into a gas station and get the gas for free right. You’d say that thinking is stupid wouldn’t you? Then what is the difference when I’m faced with maintaining the health of my body?


Oh well one person not having health insurance is no big deal right. How about a hundred or a thousand refusing to purchase health insurance. Let’s not talk about a million or fifty million taking the chance, which leads to a collapse in the system. Is a mandate under consideration now perhaps?


Just like a motorized vehicle needs continuous maintenance to function normally; a human body needs continuous care and attention so it can give years of life without the pitfalls of unknown or undiagnosed illnesses. Human beings may balk at paying their car insurance, but guess what they pay it if they want to keep their drivers license right.


Government exists to move people’s mindset along to accepting the fact that some things need to be mandated so the whole system doesn’t collapse in on itself from free riders. Legislators hold office to help the collective good, not help people continue their delusions of invincibility.

Episode Seven: Suffer Persecution




(Mother Sayer had long ago scheduled this trip to Sacramento, California to visit and commune with Doyenne and Justus; her daughter and son who’re growing in stature and notoriety in their own places and spaces. Maybe, just maybe the tenet of being ‘faithful’ and living a life directed by ‘decency and order’ pays off in real time for each member of the family. Alas, the time has come around to explain more of the ‘why’ I raised my children in the ways of ‘spirituality’ and ‘sound child rearing’ that certainly included reasonable discipline.)


Mother Sayer: Doyenne are you comfortable in your seat?


Daughter Doyenne: Yes Mother. You know I appreciate you springing for first class and all the amenities that come with it.


Mother Sayer: (A sigh of ‘Hmmm’ pierces her lips as she responds). Doy, I enjoy first class as well, but it is because we’ve earned it and it is reasonable to spend a few extra dollars to not be bothered with cramped seating or trouble focusing our thoughts as we try to grab more room from the person seated beside us.


Daughter Doyenne: Oh course Mother.


Mother Sayer: Your brother will be glad to see you. It’s been what 6 or 7 months since we’ve gotten together to renew our family tenets?


Daughter Doyenne: It’s been half a year since we’ve gotten together with Justus to talk face to face of a deeper scale about what’s been happening in our lives. I do look forward to seeing him again as it does bring me joy.


Mother Sayer: Good. Good. Okay then, we have a little over 4 hours of flying time before we land in California. What drink are you ordering?


Daughter Doyenne: I think I’ll have a glass of red wine to sooth the flight. How are you Mother? What are you having?


Mother Sayer: I’ll have a shot Courvoisier.


Daughter Doyenne: Right. Sorry, I forgot there a minute. You like to cure any possibility of catching a bug along the way.


Mother Sayer: Yes. You may say it as well, but in whispered tones.


Daughter Doyenne: I don’t know the hygiene habits of the people preparing my food or my drinks, but I sure would like to tip the scale a bit in my favor.

Mother Sayer: Precisely. It may be a superstition, but it has been a reliable one.


(Mother Sayer and Doyenne enjoy their choice of inflight meals and washes them down with their choice of beverage. A light conversation ensues, nothing proprietary of course about the ARC, and Mother chooses to catch a few zzzz’s before the flight lands.


The flight reaches SMF and lands without a hitch as the anticipation is now building because Justus is waiting in arrivals to greet his Mother and sister. The plane taxies up to the gate and the pilot soon after tells the passengers they’re authorized to unbuckle, retrieve their carry-on, and depart the aircraft.)


Mother Sayer: Doy, do you have everything?


Daughter Doyenne: Yes Mother. Do you have all you boarded the plane carrying?


Mother Sayer: (Thinks to herself, good she has retained that important lesson. If you’re walking, running, flying or going to the corner store with someone, the point is to look out for each other no matter the status or hierarchical position of the person with you.). Yes, Doy I do. Thanks for looking out for me, as we both should each other.


Daughter Doyenne: I came through my childhood with a few spanked bottoms, but when I achieved the age of ascension I knew I had to learn what’s good for me.


Mother Sayer: (Laughs). Okay Doy, and you did reach for the light after a few rough patches. Now let’s go get our checked bag and be on our way to see Justus.


Daughter Doyenne: (Our checked bag. Mother convinced me to leave my room (the guest room I routinely occupy at my bother’s house) furnished and outfitted with duplicates of the clothes I wear when I’m in my own ‘castle’.). That was one of the best suggestions you’ve ever made to me, as we will come to California often to conduct business and meet Justus for family time.


Mother Sayer: Yes it was and it remains the best option for travellers like us with the situation at airports. The inability of legislatures, federal and state, around the country to figure out the best way to insure the safety of the flying public without insulting our intelligence.


Daughter Doyenne: (I believe Mother has a few ideas she could pass on that includes patrols stationed at critical points along the path to entering the airport. Security at the entrance. Security on the way to the gate. Security pass the screening. Security in the baggage claim. A simple television monitor that shows passengers they are on tape). On the outlook Mother, maybe the right people will review and implement your suggestions. Let’s go.


Mother Sayer: You’re right. Let’s go. We’ve got the one bag each we checked on the plane. Let’s get on with it shall we?

Daughter Doyenne: Lead the way.


Mother Sayer: Right, okay. (Both Mother and daughter walk to the exit area of the airport and meet Justus as he waits by the side of the limousine.)


Justus I. Order: Mother, happy to see you’ve made it safely. Doyenne, how was the flight?


Mother Sayer: It was a little bumpy at times, but all was to my satisfaction. Are we ready to go?


Justus I. Order: Yes Mother. (As he signals the driver to help with the luggage and get the doors and assist with anything the passengers need). Sabella, secure the passengers and let’s get under way.


(Mother and company all climb in the limousine and begin their trip in Sacramento headed to her son’s house to relax and freshen up from the flight.)


Mother Sayer: I want to express to both of you while we are on the way home about how well you kids have grown to be good and respectable adults caring for yourselves in ways that have exceeded even my desires for your lives.


Daughter Doyenne: It is not lost on us how much you wanted us to live a life worthy of our upbringing.


Justus I. Order: I agree with Doy. I didn’t understand fully the rigid routine we were under at times, but I fully understand that the resulting impact on where your children are today proves your methods validity.


Mother Sayer: Good. I am glad because I do not have the time to ponder the what if scenarios of life. Let me be clear. That practice leads to a vein of questioning yourself on every decision you make. It’s like falling into a dual reality where your conscience must approve every decision you want to make. When in actuality all you need is knowledge on the situation, and trust your spirit, your intelligence and your understanding and just ‘make a decision’.


Justus I. Order: (Should I ask her to open my understanding on how she managed to stand firm in her beliefs when I was acting like a fool because I couldn’t play in the state championship game.) Mother, do you remember when you punished me and I didn’t play in any of my high school’s playoff games?


Mother Sayer: Yes at Trinity in Louisville. I remember accurately. Do you think you were being persecuted? In any case make your statement.


Justus I. Order: I didn’t get a chance to experience that feeling of actually competing for something with the team I shared great hardships. Why did you punish me so harshly?


Mother Sayer: Oh, you believe your punishment at the time was not in proportion to the offense you committed is that correct?


Justus I. Order: Yes that’s correct?


Mother Sayer: In order for me to pull up those memories from that time period in our lives. I need to hear from you what led up to my decision to correct your behavior?


Justus I. Order: (I fell right into it. She just led off the conversation tonight about not having time for stupidity basically. I better comply because she has zero tolerance for the practice.) It was right after Dad left for one of his secret missions in the Middle East and we haven’t heard from him since. I was experimenting with cigarettes. You allowed me to have a girlfriend of which I was having sex without protection.


My manners began to deteriorate. For instance, I wasn’t properly greeting you when you came home. I slacked in doing my chores. I began to waste food at dinner when I didn’t eat what I took that was placed out on the table.


Mother Sayer: Stop right there. All those instances you outlined of disorder and disobedience were addressed at the time and you persisted in doing them right?


Justus I. Order: Yes Mother.


Mother Sayer: A decision has ramifications son. Those ramifications can manifest good results in your life or the opposite. You chose to experience the opposite. A seventeen year old absolutely is clear minded and intelligent enough to know that actions by one in a family affects all in that family.


(A metaphor is called for to make my utterance memorable). What are the steps a parent would take to treat a child that is sick with a cold? The parent would seek out a remedy appropriate for the child and administer the dosage for the allotted period of time. The child would then be checked and the parent feeling reasonably certain the child is ‘over’ the cold pronounces the child ‘cured’.


Simple process is it not? Here’s what happens when a child has drifted from ‘decency and order’ established by the parents. The child would be assigned a punishment and length of time it is scheduled to last. The parents, whether male or female, would hear from the child how unfair the punishment is and or succumb to the child’s constant whining to release them from their ‘so-called persecution’.


Let’s analyze the situation for the moment. The child (patient) is sick or ill. The parents have decided on a remedy or cure. The medicine in the correct dosage is administered.


Here’s why the child is never cured of their illness. “The parent stops administering the medicine in the dosage for the prescribed length of time until the child (patient) is cured!” So the child is still ‘infected’ with the ‘bug’ (disorder and disobedience) that caused the illness that led to the prescription ‘punishment’ having to be ordered.


Justus I. Order: I understand now Mother. Through my haze of anger and resentment I should have focused the blame squarely where it lied in the first place. With me. One good thing I know it did for me. It certainly straightened me out but good. I understood from then on that my punishment would be costly for me.


Mother Sayer: Excellent, son. Don’t ever forget the part you play in all that happens in your life. I will suggest to you that you get control up to a healthy 85 or 90 percent. No one ever will be at 100% in control of their life because we will need each other.


Daughter Doyenne: I finally understand why I can sit and listen to you talk for hours Mother. What you have to say means something and the way you use maxims and metaphors allows your utterances to be easily remembered.


Mother Sayer: Thank you Doy. I will tell you what my father expressed to me many years ago. He said, “Se’May, I can’t teach you all you need to know about life. You will develop your own maxims and methods that will enhance and grow to someday soon blossom into that formidable woman the world will admire.”




(The day and night were memorable as it always is when Mother gets together with her children. She is watching her children in her own way, but they are probably unaware that she does it. Mother Se’May Sayer is spiritual and decisive in the actions she believes are ‘directives’ for her and her family.


Do not misunderstand her. Mother’s heart was breaking to see her son not enjoy something he worked hard in achieving. She remembers her vow of faith. “We all must require more of ourselves and being faithful to something higher than ourselves shows our commitment to that vow of faith.”


The End.






I will briefly explain faith and being faithful as I’m developing a post about it to publish in due time. “Faith or faithful is not just believing a spiritual being demands it of us. Being faithful by showing fidelity to a marriage is a good example, but it doesn’t even catch all that being faithful entails.”


“Being faithful means that I will be devoted to good decision making. If I decide to obtain higher education (your parents should be faithful to your education till your high school diploma), I must be devoted to fulfilling my vow to achieve it.”


“Being faithful means that I will maintain a solid and reliable work ethic so that my family or my employer’s dependence on me is not in vain.”


“Being faithful means that I will not be swayed by situations and circumstances because those conditions are always subject to change. My presentation to the world must remain the same. The good man I desire to be must be consistent through good periods and bad periods. A wife, children, parents or people I meet are subject to change. I must accept that and still maintain the man I’ve decided I will be. I must be the same good man everyday.”


Faithful and faith require a great deal of human power. Do not despair though. It becomes embedded in you as you practice it on a daily basis. Grow with it!

Episode Six: The ARC Council



Prologue: (Mother’s curiosity and exhilaration seems to always peek when she is about to face a ‘dressing down’. These assessments for the CEO of The ARC Incorporated were her brainchild. “Mother, she would often say to herself, you could be accused of distorted reasoning because this testing of yours can be seen as causing undue pain upon you psyche”.


I decide what is beneficial to my stated goals in life. It is not whether others understand the reasons I systematically fortify my embankments. The ‘senses’ receive the first notification of trouble or pleasure. ‘Prosperity and Adversity’ are flip sides of the same coin. Preparation for both must be done simultaneously and seamlessly. From the neck up is where I must place 90% of my energies toward combating the many issues I will face, have faced, and have solved in my business.   Fittingly this philosophy has afforded me a wonderful life.)


Sarah W. Certainty (1st of 3): (It is 1400 on a Wednesday afternoon and she knows what is next on Mother’s calendar. She has her session with ‘The Arc Council’ or as the associates like to call it ‘The Council’.)


Mother Sayer: I have read that look on your face for the last 5 years Sarah. Is it that time again?


Sarah W. Certainty: Yes Mother. ‘The Council’ awaits your arrival on the first floor.


Mother Sayer: Thank you Sarah. Prepare the office for my return.


Sarah W. Certainty: It will be ready for you as always. (Sarah has seen in her 5 years at the ARC the aftermath of Mother’s sessions with ‘The Council’ 32 times not counting today. She has provided Mother with refreshments ranging from stiff drinks to R & B music played on her Bose SoundTouch 30. Cold water. Hugs and kisses on both cheeks to just being there to listen as she sorted through the session to what she could use to enhance and strengthen her psyche. Sarah speaks softly to herself what she has spoken the last 5 years. “I will never fail this woman, ever!”


Council Session 43: (Mother rides the elevator to the bottom floor and exits to the right and enters an office through a single heavy door designed to be sound proof. The assistants to the 3 counselors secure the door behind Mother and draw the blinds on the inner windows.


The members of the Council are present for session 43. ‘D. D. O.’ the one who doesn’t speak. ‘The Arc Angel’ the duality representing both right and wrong. ‘Frank Inquisitor’ the one where aggression is foreplay, but no one gets off.


Frank Inquisitor: (Starts off as he usually does if the Arc Angel doesn’t speak first.) Would you like a chair Mother Sayer?

Mother Sayer: No Inquisitor, I will stand for this session, as I’m sure the floor will not shake or rattle in here.


Frank Inquisitor: Oh, you think we don’t have any good material to challenge that formidable mind of yours today?


Arc Angel: (Cuts in before Mother could answer.) We rarely hit our mark with this woman as she prepares a countermeasure to every thrust we make. Mother Sayer, I would like to start today by asking about this new product you’ve been developing. What’s it called, the ‘Playboy’ I presume?


Mother Sayer: Yes, that’s correct. (Mother cuts her answer short.)


Arc Angel: What’s it do? Don’t give me a short answer again or I will come over there and get in your grill.


Mother Sayer: (Good, I need this to be an offensive exercise because I’ve been getting mentally soft lately.) It is designed to be part of an airplane. It will take the place of the black box that is the industry standard now. Deploying in the event of a catastrophic incident to notify search and rescue teams of the exact location of a downed aircraft by GPS.


Arc Angel: I know you didn’t think of this idea did you?


Mother Sayer: (Ah, belittling and goading simultaneously. Good.) Yes I did.


Frank Inquisitor: The team led by; let’s see here, Nicole was on point right?


Mother Sayer: (Typical omission of the engineer who thought of the idea.) Nicole and her team handled the marketing strategy for the ‘Playboy’.


Frank Inquisitor: What about this product makes you believe it will be beneficial to the airline industry?


Mother Sayer: Before this allotted time, couldn’t you have read the reports submitted to you for study before this council session, or do you fashion yourself some Spanish Monarch with a trembling subject before you cowering for mercy?


Frank Inquisitor: (Sharply turns toward Mother as if to acknowledge the validity of her words, but also to signal a turn to a more aggressive line of questioning.) I will ask you again. How is it beneficial to the airline industry?


Mother Sayer: (An inner smile covers her face as she has taken command of this session by evening the odds.) The time to locate airline crashes or aviation mishaps will be virtually instantaneous. The ‘Playboy’ will deploy and activate a GPS marker at the precise location it went down. Second. In the event of a water crash, it will activate a buoy that will float on the surface and record continuously everything that has happened and still is occurring. Third. It will also activate a sonar feature that ships nearby can hone to help notify rescue teams. Fourth. In the event of a land crash. A solar powered marker will deploy from the tail section equipped with solar panels that will power all recording devices as long as is necessary for rescue to find the aircraft.


Mother Sayer: How’s that for value Mr. Columbus?


Arc Angel: No need for insults. Inquisitor was just asking a question that’s all.


Mother Sayer: It’s wasn’t lost on me that you remained silent as I popped off the details of the ‘Playboy’. Could it be you didn’t prepare for this session as well?


Arc Angel: Cute, Mother. I am always prepared. Wasn’t a member of Nicole’s team, Terence Dohey, lax in his fiduciary obligation to keep this matter a secret?


Mother Sayer: (This information was not put out to protect my associate’s mistake in judgment. How did she find out about it? This council is certainly becoming independent of even my oversight? Good.) My associate was reprimanded and ordered to report for retraining in company policies. I will not speak of another associate on the record again.


Frank Inquisitor: You will tell us whatever we wish to know.


Mother Sayer: (Excellent! Now I get to put it on the record again.) Listen to me carefully all three of you. If you have a matter to bring before this company, you bring it to me and me alone. My children are my concern, not yours. Now, if I have to tell you again you’re not gonna like it. Yes, I call them my children and as such I will decide if any punishment is necessary.


Perhaps I should explain myself more on this point.


May I explain my philosophy of ‘allegiance’? It is another example of the use of a powerful word which those who use it thinks that upon hearing it, people automatically understand it.


This is not so. First, let me cover the wrong way it has be used in society or even in a family. Allegiance in a family is understood to be that you hold fidelity to the family even if a family member is wrong. Thus the underlying problem, the offense is allowed to fester, growing with a fowl stench until it is so unbearable that it forces the family to address it.


Alliances are fickle. Then why do countries have allies if they are finicky you ask? Because at the first sign of danger an alliance can be broken if there is no underlying belief in the other’s moral authority to deal with a matter by what’s right or wrong about it.


That’s the problem when you decide who is an ally by taking ‘sides’!


I know it is frequently expected with family against non-family. Which is why many families aren’t morally strong. ‘They’re misguided by a false meaning of allegiance.’ Allegiance is cultivated with benevolence. Only what will help the one’s I love (human power) is what I desire for them.


Allegiance then becomes meaningful because regardless of who occupies my family or who is trusted I pledge loyalty (human power) because we live by what’s right and what’s wrong. Whether it is a ‘pact’ involving two or multiples of two, allegiance must have a foundation that isn’t subject to cracks.


Honor, fairness, benevolence are hallmarks that should naturally broadcast to anyone that happens upon your allegiance. That’s why I understood the meaning of pledging allegiance to the flag of the United States of America long ago in my childhood.


I understood that allegiance embodies those traits that are crucial to coalescing an impenetrable force of citizens. Women and men, girls and boys that know that an alliance is only as good as the people who keep it strong. Alliances can only be kept strong if wrongs are called out and corrected no matter the person who committed them, and what is right must be championed at all times.


  1. D. O.: (She is not allowed to talk. Observation is her calling in these sessions. Her restriction doesn’t include writing as she writes up her analysis with vigor as she takes in the back and forth between the others on the council and Mother Sayer.)


Arc Angel: (She silently looks at Mother Sayer and wonders how high this woman can go. Amazing. We have circled around her in sessions. We have ridiculed her. We have intentionally tried to make her buckle in her authority running the Arc Incorporated. She prepares well and not only that she thinks nimbly on her feet. Impressive!) I only have one last thing Mother. Are you the matriarch of this company or are you simply the CEO?


Mother Sayer: (Oh brother.) I am the Matriarch of ‘The ARC Incorporated’. The title if you are to understand the development of this word. Matriarch or Patriarch was meant to bestow power on the female or the male along the timelines of human history. The meaning simply states that someone has to be in charge.


Let me go a little further because I get the feeling that this word creates unease among women.


Somebody has to be in charge. Whether that is a man or a woman there are certain expectations that go with being in charge or being the leader. Being susceptible to every whim is not practical. A certain detachment will appear in your personality whether you want it or not.


Judgment will push its’ way to the front and the ability to discern good and evil will ask (demand) you put in the time learning and familiarizing yourself to know the difference.


Suddenly being the leader will require you act in the best interest of the family or the organization regardless of what you would like to do.


Then, if you have truly embraced your role; your thoughts will become elevated beyond flesh and blood impulses to matters involving greater importance. Like the lives of others and directing them appropriately to achieve their potential.


If you embrace this responsibility, then you will start to see your success is not dependent on having the ‘favor of the king’. It is dependent on doing the things that you know will create dividends in meaningful human lives.


So yes, I am the Matriarch.


Arc Angel: My session is complete. How about you Inquisitor?


Frank Inquisitor? I am satisfied.


  1. D. O.: (She gestures with a thumbs up it’s done.)


Mother Sayer: Good. I look forward to our next encounter. Good day.


Mother Sayer: (Mother leaves the room and the assistants to the council escorts her to the exit and she is free once again to review what just happened and enjoy the rest of her day. Funny. Why is Tina Turner’s ‘Steel Claw’ starting to play in my head?


Oh well, in any case, it is appropriate.).


















Episode Five: Cast Him Out!

Prologue: (Mother sometimes likes to roll down the back windows of her Cadillac XTS when autumn is at its’ peak in Louisville, Kentucky. The loss of hearing, the momentary loss of balance when your eardrums do not know what to make of the increase in pressure. The cool wind issuing a challenge to your lungs to heat the air quickly as it enters your nose. Now run through today’s schedule as you block out all exterior stimuli. Justus will give me a report on the “Playboy” at 0845. Nicole will give me a first review of her advertising plan for the “Playboy” at 1000. I have a council meeting at 1100 in the Brookes Slave Ship room. Lastly I have a working lunch from 1300 until done that is being catered.


Mother smiles at these little games she plays with herself. Inside she knows they are not games, but sound techniques to keep her mentality sharp at all times. Enough for now, roll the windows up and prepare for arrival.)


Mother Sayer: (Greets all her people with genuine fondness and joy as she is always happy to see them back to work on Monday morning). Good morning Sarah.


Sarah W. Certainty: Good morning, Mother.


Mother Sayer: How was your vacation?


Sarah W. Certainty: It was wonderful. Thaddeus and the kids had a blast as we all did. The National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C. was humbling and informative to our mind and our soul.


Mother Sayer: Good. I am glad you took my recommendation to take a few extra days on your way back from New York to visit the museum. Well in any case, let’s pause the retelling of your trip for later. (In her goodbye, Mother does to Sarah as she always does. Touches her cheek. Her love for her is special and only she and Mother know the backstory.) (Mother steps into the elevator and pushes the button for the 35th floor.)


Mother Sayer: (Mother walks the short distance to her office in the middle of the room.) Good morning Wilma. How are you doing this fine morning?


Wilma B.T.M. Will (2nd of 3): Good morning Mother. All is well. How are you this morning?


Mother Sayer: I am ready to go. Who do we have first?


Wilma B.T.M. Will (2nd of 3): Justus is up first. He will call in at 0845. Nicole will be here at 1000, and you have the council meeting at 1100 in the Brookes Ship Room.


Mother Sayer: (Mother smiles as she knew the lineup already, but wanted to hear her trusted assistant repeat it aloud for audio confirmation.) Good Wilma. I will be in my office.


Mother Sayer: (The call comes in and after she finishes the pleasantries with her son, Justus. The update begins on the “Playboy”.) Are we ready to begin sales of this product.


Justus I. Order: Yes Mother. After 1,000 computer simulations and 3 water drops simulating an in air explosion we have concluded that the data says we are on sound footing with this product.


Mother Sayer: Good, what does finance and accounting say about the price points we can get?


Justus I. Order: The price is $1,350,000. It includes data streaming that activates when a triggering event is detected. The signal is transmitted to our satellite network and we forward that information to the FAA and the NTSB.


Mother Sayer: (This is the progress my father spoke to me about that only comes when you put your mind to something. “Human energy applied to sound plans immersed in disciplined effort leads to expected results”). You’ve done well Justus. Tell your team I will come for a visit soon. Do keep ahold of yourself. You may come at any time and use my council chambers.


Justus I. Order: (I hope Mother didn’t pick up on my frightening reaction as I allowed her words to provoke a response physically.) Ah, thank you for the offer Mother. I need a few more years before I’m ready to go before your council.


Mother Sayer: My my Justus, you shouldn’t believe everything your sources tell you. Very well. Make sure you establish a direct connection with Nicole and her team from now until rollout. I will work my government contacts and the halls of the Federal Government.


Justus I. Order: Understood Mother. It will be done as you wish.


Mother Sayer: Before we sign off today. What other ideas and projects can I expect to bring me more excitement from your division?


Justus I. Order: We have a new software application that is promising. It helps merge available apprenticeships and trade programs with students that are gifted with their hands. Also an application that can be downloaded to cellphones that can help guide residents and newcomers to a city to all that’s available to them. Things like government services, employment that is matched to their skills, housing and so on.


Mother Sayer: Good good that’s enough. (Mother smiles as she now truly knows she made the right decision when she sent her son to make his own way in the world away from her.) I look forward to our next meeting. Goodbye for now my son.


Justus I. Order: Goodbye Mother. (As the video feed goes dark, he knows his Mother only calls him her son when he has pleased her. He knows she had to send him out into the world, but the truth is that she thoroughly prepared him. More importantly he knows that if he did not reach his full potential, she would remove him from his post. My Mother is fair he thinks. The one thing she hates more than anything is to see talent and training squandered.


What did she tell me (drill in me is more appropriate) every chance she got. Watch a professional football game and observe all those talented guys run all over the field. What do you see she would ask? I would answer I see a lot of those players faking the funk. They aren’t playing like the team actually pays them millions of dollars to be accountable when they walk out on the field.


She would emphatically agree and add that it is useless to believe that your physical body is your strongest asset! The mind is your strongest asset! Deploy your mind in unison with your body and it will bring you the success you deserve she would say.) It will be a good day as Mother has always taught me to just do what I know I need to do and all will be okay.


Mother Sayer: (In the meantime as she waits for Nicole to arrive for their 1000 meeting. She relishes in the moments she has had with Justus and the success he has generated at his division. She dismisses any doubt about her toughness on him and she knows it wasn’t in the form of a dictator. It was always done to bring out the man she knew was hiding inside that lovely boy she carried for 9 months.) Wilma?


Wilma B.T.M. Will (2nd of 3): Yes Mother.


Mother Sayer: Inform me of Nicole’s arrival and then have her wait 5 minutes precisely before you send her in.


Wilma B.T.M. Will (2nd of 3): Yes Mother, 5 minutes precisely as ordered.


Mother Sayer: (As ordered the last 5 minutes occurred. Mother greets Nicole and starts their face to face with sharp questions.) Are you finished with the advertising plan and the way you want it to be presented to the government? To the airline industry? To the public?


Nicole: (Wow Mother is not wasting time this morning.) The government and the public viewpoints are done. The airline industry is where my team is having the most difficulties.


Mother Sayer: Would the reason be that one of your team members decided to pillow talk with a flight attendant when he landed in D.C.? What was his name, Terence Dohey?


Nicole: Oh, I didn’t know you knew that. It was straightened out and he apologized for his error in judgment.


Mother Sayer: Did he now? Then why is there a sudden rumbling within the airlines about rumors of a new disaster system about to hit the market?


Nicole: (Suddenly Nicole realizes this is more serious that she thought. What admonishments did she warn me about would happen.) I I don’t I didn’t know the extent of his mistake. I’m so sorry Mother.


Mother Sayer: (Mother looks at Nicole with no expression to read and sighs heavily.) Nicole, do you know the old saying “loose lips sink ships”?


Nicole: Not that exact quote but I know where you’re going with this. The Arc Inc. survives and runs on corporate secrets just as any other company.


Mother Sayer: (Mother cuts her off.) Exactly and secrets take money and time to develop. In this instance, no other company can match our design and production schedule and we have a patent application already in the works at the Federal Patent Office. I can’t stand stupidity Nicole. I can’t understand why every employee under contract to the Arc not know how we operate.


Nicole: Do you want me to kick him off the team? (Nicole knows only Mother has the authority to fire any member of the Arc.)


Mother Sayer: Cast him out! Send him back to his job working in plans and management. I will deal with him further if he disappoints me again. Do you understand?


Nicole: Rest assured Mother, this will be contained. The responsibility for this offense is mine and mine alone. I understand if you want to replace me as lead on this project, but I with respect for my error ask you to graciously give me a chance to correct the mistake.


Mother Sayer: (This isn’t a time for change at the top, but I must be resolute in my displeasure of this incident with her). No Nicole. I will not remove you as head of this team. I am just disappointed. Do better, please.


Nicole: Thank you Mother. I will manage the entire team in the way that you have shown me to do it.


Mother Sayer: (I hope I heard her right, but let me make sure as there can be no more discrepancies in the implementation of my code at the ARC, Inc.) Do you mean that a more engaging air will prevail on this project?


Nicole: Yes Mother, that is exactly what I mean.


Mother Sayer: Good. Do not allow any negative emotions to invade your team or distract them from creating the best advertising program for the ‘PLAYBOY’. “All hardships are the burden of the leader”. Do you understand?


Nicole: (For the first time in her dealings with Mother Sayer, Nicole finally begins to understand how this woman governs her business, her company. It is not because she acts like a man. It is because she is diligent and her intolerance for anyone that works for her to have a slack hand when they are on her time. When you are working on a project for her, work on the project. Mother gives us plenty of time for breaks, lunch, time off for family and medical issues.) Yes Mother. This project will not experience another issue.


Mother Sayer: Very well, Nicole. We will meet again from this point on an indefinite schedule as the ‘PLAYBOY’ becomes fully operational. I will keep you in the loop, as will Justus, when the rollout is planned.


Nicole: Excellent. I will keep you informed. Good day, Mother.


Mother Sayer: Good day Nicole.


Mother Sayer: (Mother sits down in her chair and her thoughts wonder back to a time where her father, Mr. Sayer, took her with him everywhere he went. Mr. Sayer owned a diesel mechanic shop where his employees worked on 18-wheelers, farm tractors, Earthmovers and every form of huge motor invented by man. There was one employee I thought he cherished as an indispensible piece of priceless jewelry. My uncle from my mother’s side, Bartholomew Douglas, was not a ‘go-getter’ like my father.


Bartholomew Douglas had some misperceptions about how life should line up according to his wishes. He was a slacker in school living off the fortune of his good looks. He only obeyed his parents because both of them had to work and were often not home to look after him and his sister. He routinely pushed the limits of what he could get away with in every area of his life.


Bartholomew did come to his senses around 31 when my father made a generous offer to pay for him to learn to work on trucks. Bartholomew didn’t make the decision to accept my father’s offer because he knew it was the best chance to have something in life. He made it because he had a pregnant girlfriend to add to another child he fathered with another woman.


Regardless of these financial realities besetting his conscience, Bartholomew made the right choice to accept my father’s offer to become a mechanic. In spite of his mentality and ever present player tendencies, he excelled in bringing new business to the company by telling all the truckers if they liked the service they received to tell all their friends. With Bartholomew’s good looks and charisma, he was an instant hit in the shop.


Soon, my father had more business than he could handle. My father soon expanded to two locations across Louisville and put my Uncle in charge of one location near 31W close to Pleasure Ridge Park.


That’s when the trouble started. My father chose not to tell me he was having trouble with my uncle. Mr. Sayer didn’t operate that way. My father chose to do as I stated before. He took me with him everywhere after school. I did the rest of my homework in the shop that I couldn’t finish in school.


My father also made it a point to visit my uncle’s location more frequently than he did the ‘legacy’ location he had. I took notice of his every move. I was 16 at the time and eager to learn all I could from him. That is when a force I’ve never felt before began to rise and blanket the shop.


Sure, my father and mother had arguments, but they didn’t feel like the ones occurring fairly often during this period. My father, mother and all his children often ate dinner every Friday night with my Uncle and his family to give thanks to God and celebrate the family’s good fortune.


My father would often ask Bartholomew how things at the PRP location were going? Did we capture every new client on the books and add their totals to the corporate bottom line? Bartholomew would tell him he did and that all records are up to date. My father would sigh and smile acknowledging his answer and change the subject to the children. What they were going to be doing during summer break?


That is when it hit me. My father didn’t give a dam about leisure activities. He felt he had had all the fun a man was due in life. His focus was on leaving a legacy for his children, as death would eventually claim him at a time unbeknownst to him.


My father hated stupidity! My father was a fiercely loyal man. He could have cut loose my mother for all her actions that showed she was not devoted to him. Alas, my father didn’t leave my mother because he felt betrayal was worse than stealing. He could not betray his children. When my father makes a vow, he keeps it. The children still needed him and he would not let them down, period!


It was on a bright and breezy Monday morning in late October. My father was cooking bacon, egg whites, wheat toast with fresh apples and oranges cut up for breakfast. He told me he would be picking me up from school this afternoon. Until then, let’s have a good meal to start our day off right.


My mind was racing even as I smiled back to my father and complimented him on a nice spread he’d made. I waved to my father as I boarded the bus and began my day heading for school.


At 3:15 pm my father was waiting for me in the school parking lot and as I was approaching he got out of the car and hugged me. We exchanged pleasantries and off he told me we were headed to my Uncle’s mechanic and body shop location. I didn’t know what to expect so I talked to my dad about the teacher’s at school and how my friends were behaving.


My father smiled and told me to continue to tell him about my day at school. We soon arrived at the shop and my father told me to pay attention. I was surprised to see my Uncle’s wife there. It really surprised me to see my mother there too.


What’s going on father? He didn’t answer me as we walked into the office. Bartholomew was laughing with a co-worker as he came into the office. My father’s accountant, secretary and lawyer were present. My father asked everyone not invited to please excuse us for a minute.


My father first asked Bartholomew why the books at corporate showed a five hundred thousand dollar shortage? Bartholomew said, “Your records must be off brother-in-law”.


My father turned and asked Timothy to answer that. Timothy answered, “My records show that parts, labor, space and usage of this facility indicated that more work has been done here than has been recorded in the ledger for this location”.)


My father asked Bartholomew again. “Can you explain to me why the records do not match up”?


Bartholomew: I can explain Bro; these are just a few figures that we haven’t reconciled to the company figures yet, that’s all.


Mr. Sayer: Are you sure Bro? Because if it is only an unreported oversight, then what explains the rumors I hear about you gathering clients, my clients I might add, to open your own shop two blocks down from my shop?


(At that moment Shondra, my mother, jumps in asking.)


Shondra: What are you saying? Are you saying my brother has been going behind your back stealing clients and cooking the books here?


Mr. Sayer: That’s exactly what I am saying.


Shondra: (I am going to have it out with my husband when we get home, but for now I am going to set aside the fact why hasn’t he told me what was going on with Bartholomew.) Bartholomew? Is it true?


Bartholomew: (My Brother-In-Law is not as stupid as I have told myself that he is.) It is true. I thank Bro for giving me an opportunity, but I believe it is time for me to be in charge.


Shondra: Bartholomew! You.


Mr. Sayer: Stop Shondra. Bartholomew, by the words of you own mouth you have declared these actions to be your own. I’m not going to waste time expressing to you what a great betrayal this is. You wouldn’t understand anyway. I’ve made my decision and I’m ready to reveal it.


Mr. Sayer: Bartholomew. I cast you out of this company and from all relationships you’ve had or will have in the future! Security, escort this man off the premises.


Mr. Sayer: (Turns to the lawyer). Are we ready to change all the locks and all the access codes to every sensitive corporate secret to this company?


Lawyer: Yes we are Mr. Sayer. Just give the word and it is done.


Mr. Sayer: Do it.


Mother Sayer: (Being a witness to this matter left me with more answers than I had time to process right in that moment. The heartache my father must have endured before he came to the decision of what needed to be done. My mother’s brother was ‘cast out’ into utter darkness that day. Do I really need to say what I think you all should already know what happened with Bartholomew and his business venture?


That’s right Bartholomew fell on his face 3 months later. He couldn’t fund the purchase of parts for the work on the trucks he promised to fix. He couldn’t afford a record keeper, as his wife, being a nurse, certainly wouldn’t quit her job to help him run his experiment. The phone was shut off. The lights were turned off. His mechanic, singular, left because he couldn’t pay his bills not knowing whether his paycheck would bounce again.


All those clients he stole from my father came crawling back begging forgiveness and promising never to take their business to anyone else ever.


My mind, my growth was like Southeast Asian bamboo just by being exposed to an unpleasant part of life. I knew then the intricacies of human relationships were what I needed to master in order to adjudicate my life in those fierce moments of trial. I needed to be educated, period.


That is why I went to college to study nursing. It was partly from being around my auntie, but it also would provide background for me to enter the most diverse arena that would test my learning and abilities. The United States Army. I would be an officer.)


Mother Sayer: (Alright, alright enough for now. I must prepare for my session with ‘The Council’. There is not a day goes by that I do not practice my faith and also thank God for the Earthly father he bestowed to me.)




Mother S. Sayer: (My father drilled into my soul this message every so often. He told me no one is meant to teach ‘for every occurrence in everyday in every part of a life you haven’t lived yet’, you must and you will develop your own ‘maxims’ that will come to represent you quickly for any behavior or actions you will take upon in life.


Make sure you put some thought into them because that is what you will share with other people verbally and non-verbally.)

Episode Fourth Night: Nicole gets her chance


Prologue: (Mother Sayer always wondered why people practiced the art of self-pity? There was a time when she didn’t understand a lot of things, but it was at an age, 9, that everything began to happen for her.


Mr. Sayer married her mother, the former Shondra Mae Douglas, and he became her father in every meaningful and structural sense of the words father and daughter. While most men would not immerse themselves in the upbringing of children born of the blood of another man, Mother Sayer’s father was a detailed and business oriented man. Mr. Sayer was a man who lived life by a set of rules honed through many years of living in a flawed America.


He always said to her, “Pointing out the obstruction in front of you doesn’t make you a victim nor does it elicit sympathy from God or men. It simply tests whether you will use that brain on the top of your body to defeat the stop, or not.”


Mother Sayer began at that moment to understand what maybe her mother didn’t realize she had. Mr. Sayer was an enabler. He did not believe in despair because someone said he was born into a skin color he had no decision in choosing. He found it offensive to ever give place or standing to such a thought!


Mother Sayer matured rapidly from the age of 9 at the speed of learning as much as she could and as fast as she could from her father. She thinks this is what walled her mind into the impenetrable fortress it is to this day.)


Mother Sayer: Nicole, can you bring me the morning attendance roster, the weekly sales figures and order some fruit and nuts from the kitchen with tea and coffee.


Nicole: Yes Mother, would bananas, apple slices and green grapes be okay.


Mother Sayer: Excellent choices. Make sure the mixed nuts have real salt and not that fake seawater kind.


Nicole: (Laughs) Of course Mother. Will be in with the tray in 15 minutes.


Mother Sayer: (How long has Nicole been with me now? Has it been 5 years? Her evaluation luncheon is coming due soon and I hope she decides to stay on with me for many years to come.) Don’t bother knocking just come in when you have our order.


Nicole: I sure will Mother.


(The door opens and a staff member from the kitchen, Eric, helps Nicole place the food and beverages on the table and spread out all the cups, napkins and eating utensils.)


Mother Sayer: Ah, good. Let’s sit and talk for a while. How are your children doing? What are they 7 and 12 now?


Nicole: Yes Mother, Jeremy is 7 and Angie is 12. (How does she keep up with the ages of my children? Their father doesn’t even remember their birthdays let alone how old they are now.)


Mother Sayer: (Mother is never surprised anymore by the look on her people that resemble bewilderment over why she keeps up with the lives of her employees. This is the time when matters become serious. Nicole must be bombarded with responsibilities and critical projects. I need to know the limits of her abilities now. Mother sighs to herself. It must be done.) Nicole, I have a project I want you to manage for me.


Mother Sayer: It is run out of this office, with some travel required between here and South Korea. Are you interested?


Nicole: (I have been waiting for 5 years for Mother to offer me something I can expand my reach and prove my worth. I wonder what it is about. I have paid attention to the office gossip on how to handle this moment, so let me play the matter a little reserved until I know all the details.) I appreciate everything you’ve done for me Mother. I am honored that you think me capable of handling more responsibility. Tell me about the project and what I must do.


Mother Sayer: I need a point person on marketing the “Playboy”.


Nicole: The “Playboy”.


Mother Sayer: The “Plane Locator Mayday Beacon Deploy”.


Nicole: You want me to sell it to the airline industry and more important the Federal Aviation Administration.


Mother Sayer: That’s exactly what I want you to do. (Mother could make herself feel surprised, but it would be an insult to her talent at picking people. It would also be a slight against Nicole as she clearly has been waiting for the chance at something like this. Mother realizes she may have missed her chance if she waited any longer.)


Nicole: I want it!


Mother Sayer: (Mother employs her patented silent 60 second look as she scans Nicole for any semblance of uncertainty or doubt. Good.) Very well Nicole I know you will do a good job for us.


Mother Sayer: I need you to listen to me for a few more minutes. The particulars are such that you will have a staff of 9 associates. I am giving you Amy Johnson and Park, Sue-Hye. They are your advisors and you are their mentor. I mean I want them to learn from you. Do you understand?


Nicole: Yes Mother. You want me to teach them all I know and help them to become more valuable to the company.


Mother Sayer: Your evaluation depends entirely on it. Now you will coordinate with product development and engineering. I want you to create anticipation in the marketplace based on their timeline for the rollout of the “Playboy”.


Mother Sayer: Lastly, I want you to create an environment on this project with your team that they feel like only you can bring out the best creativity in them. In other words practice what you’ve learned whether you got it from your parents or you learned it on your own. Thus, be respectful and inviting at all times.


Mother Sayer: There is no way I can talk about every contingency that will come up for you in this project. Do you understand what I am saying?


Nicole: Yes Mother. All will not be easy, but all will not be difficult either. I must think not only of this project, but about the growth and learning curve of my people as well.


Mother Sayer: (Mother smiles to herself and looks at Nicole as if she is her precious daughter. She knows there are still human emotions and negative tendencies in all of us. Maybe, she thinks she should leave her with her enemies quote.) One more thing Nicole.


Nicole: Mother.


Mother Sayer: Beware of your enemies my dear.


Nicole: I don’t have any enemies Mother.


Mother Sayer: (Mother thinks to herself, yes you do.) Then humor me in my folly.


Nicole: (Nicole thinks to herself. That was a mistake. What a stupid thing to say. Just hear her out.) Alright Mother, I am listening.


Mother Sayer: This isn’t to discourage you by any means Nicole. When you start this project you will detect those on your team and those who must deal with your position and mandate to cooperate with you. It is better to be prepared for it than for you to display any frustration that can be mistaken as weakness by their resistance to your authority.


Nicole: Sorry Mother, I see your point now.


Mother Sayer: I want you to repeat after me and memorize this quote. “Welcome all your enemies to the table, for it is easier to see them in the light than to search for them in the dark.”


Nicole: “Welcome all your enemies to the table, for it is easier to see them in the light than to search for them in the dark.”


Mother Sayer: (Mother looks at the fruit and nuts on the table and thinks, my taste buds are going to be more happier than a whale eating a bounty of shrimp swirling in the ocean.) May all your desires for this project be realized beyond what you are thinking today. Best wishes, Nicole. Now let’s enjoy this delightful spread in front of us.

Episode Three: Call Upon Your Strength



(Mother S. Sayer always has things on her mind. Whether it is the issues her associates are struggling to address in the workplace, or the issues her people must address in their private lives. Mother Sayer never wishes she had less trouble; she wishes for more time to adequately determine who needs her help more. Mother Sayer wishes she could keep at bay anything that would drive her people asunder because she has created her business, ‘The ARC, INC’, not to be a place where people come to do some work and collect a paycheck.


Mother Sayer created her business to move humanity away from the pernicious tendencies present in us all. Mother knows that one pronouncement labeling homosexuality destructive to society, leads the less thoughtful among us to lash out foolishly against people who don’t behave like them.


Mother knows with means (money and influence) comes responsibility and she emphatically embraces her duty. Let’s enjoy a moment of her life when she had to make a choice over what was right and wrong.)


Mother Sayer: (The events of the day and past week have highlighted the fragility of humankind. Many tornadoes in the Midwest and a plane crash have claimed the lives of many people. Families are hurting now and the losses to these units of strength will be hard to restore.)


Mother Sayer: (She calls to the Chief of her staff, Ntare Bolder). Ntare, are the preparations ready for Wednesday’s gathering?


Ntare Bolder: Mother, the assortment of beverages is set, but the vendor has not set a date to deliver them as of our conversation. The menu and the seating arrangements are per your instructions, and the children’s dining area will be adequately staffed with chaperones.


Mother Sayer: Lock down that beverage delivery no later than 1500 on Monday. Everything else is fine as you always perform your duties in excellence Mr. Bolder.


(The phone rings and a beautiful teenager on her staff, Eloisa, directs the caller to hold as she tells Mother it is Justus waiting on the line.)


Mother Sayer: Justus, what a pleasure it is to hear from you on this fine Saturday afternoon.


Justus I. Order: It is good to hear your voice as well Mother. I am sorry to be short, but you wanted an immediate update concerning the project.


Mother Sayer: Is it feasible?


Justus I. Order: Yes Mother, it is surprisingly adaptable in scale to every plane flying the skies now.


Mother Sayer: (Mother smiles with giddiness that people falsely believes children are its’ sole possessors). Good when can we begin to field test a prototype? Oh, let me back up Justus. Did the computer models deploy upon the plane crashing?


Justus: It is okay Mother. I am giddy too. If we can’t prevent a plane from falling out of the sky, then we can certainly locate it quickly with this new technology.


Mother Sayer: Make sure our engineers understand that the chemical must be lighter than water if the plane crashes at sea.


Justus: Yes Mother. The sensors on the device are designed to detect a difference in pressure as it sinks. We’ve set it to deploy at 100 feet below the surface of the water.


Mother Sayer: The color?


Justus: We are still perfecting the color, as seawater tends to distort light along the ultraviolet spectrum. We will lock it down and match the volatile nature of the conditions to each situation over land or water.


Mother Sayer: Good good. Now what about a secondary system to enhance the effective nature of the primary device?


Justus: We’ve developed a beacon that activates upon crash with a GPS locator that in the event of water crash it floats in a sonar buoy type platform. The device upon deployment records its’ first position, and as it floats it records it’s trail so there is no doubt where it came from.


Mother Sayer: Like Hansel and Gretel leaving breadcrumbs to find their way back home.


Justus: Precisely Mother!


Mother Sayer: Are you grabbing the magnitude of this project to the aviation industry? We could provide immediate location for rescue operations to begin for fallen aircraft!


Justus: Yes Mother. It will bring swift attention and resources to an exact location instead of search and rescue assets being diluted across vast areas along an aircrafts’ last known path.


Mother Sayer: I have kept you long enough. Please proceed with the upmost expediency.


Justus: Thank you Mother. I will keep you updated.


(Mother Sayer takes a moment to relish the accomplishment. She presses the intercom and speaks into it.)


Mother Sayer: Ntare, please have the car brought around to the front.


(The car is waiting out front as Mother grabs her electronic devices. She will alert her daughter when she is on her way to office.)


Mother Sayer: Doyenne, are you close to completion?


Daughter Doyenne: Yes Mother, a few more calculations and the press release will be available and at your disposal to be released according to your timetable.


Mother Sayer: Good. I will be there shortly.


(Mother’s thoughts again fall back to a time when her daughter was obsessed with the approval of people that didn’t mean her any good. Mother remembers her approach to Doyenne as she was confounded and off course was to let her navigate her way back to the right path on her own.


Mother knew that Doyenne had to learn these lessons herself. Valuable insight comes from being in the situation and figuring things out in solitude. Mother knew she couldn’t come to the rescue because it would teach her daughter that her Mother would be there to solve all her problems.


Mother thinks back now and sees presently that her daughter came through those trials with a few scars. ‘Scars are good if the wearer knows how they got there’. Mother knows that people who ignore their trials will still have the scars, but they will never understand why they wear them.)


Mother Sayer: (mumbles under her voice). How did I come out on top? My tour in Afghanistan in 2007 was not without pitfalls or outright traps.


(Being a nurse in a warzone was not an easy tour of duty. Being a female assigned to convoy duty that last week of duty was the worse of my life.


The images of blood and carnage are still fresh as if it was happening right now. American soldiers along with Afghans were laying everywhere in the road. Mother knew the security situation was tense if not downright a free for all. Work quickly she thought in her head as the Americans and Afghans readied their soldiers for a hasty withdrawal.


Mother knew that care was not going to be ‘do no harm’ in that moment. The point was to get everybody inside his or her armored vehicles and get back to the FOB.


The FOB she thought. How did I come to yearn for a place so bad in the midst of all this death and sorrow?


Mother immediately corralled those thoughts and focused on the situation. She yelled orders to her team as her internal clock was ticking like crazy signaling danger is coming.


Mother was almost in her armored vehicle when a round pierced the tricep muscle of her right arm. She did everything in the world to muffle the pain, but her verbal skills failed as she let out a silent scream of shit while she slammed the door of her vehicle.


Mother yelled to the driver, go! It wasn’t bad the wound she thought. She was fortunate.)


Mother Sayer: Doyenne, meet me downstairs so we can discuss the press release as we head toward the office.


Daughter Doyenne: Yes Mother.


(Mother Sayer arrives and the greetings with her daughter are brisk but purposeful.)


Mother Sayer: Let me see the press release.


Daughter Doyenne: (Hands her Mother the paper and waits silently as she reads it.) Is it to your satisfaction Mother?


Mother Sayer: Yes, Daughter with a few more action words it will be. Let’s finish upstairs.


(As Mother Sayer talks with her daughter and some of her associates, she knows that her company is poised for a major breakthrough in an industry dominated by white men who don’t value diversity as much as they profess they do.


That’s a story to be told at a time when it matters to my associates she thinks.)


Mother Sayer: Doyenne, I appreciate everything you do here. Do you know that?


Daughter Doyenne: Yes, Mother I do.


Mother Sayer: Good. Go and enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will see you Monday.


Daughter Doyenne: I’m going to go to dinner with a couple of the ladies on my staff.


Mother Sayer: Very good. Don’t stay out too late.




(The day ended with promise as many projects were successfully rounded off to their enclosure. Mother is careful not to display many emotions in front of her children, staff or her associates. She prefers to allow her emotions space to roam like air filling up a room. ‘No one cares it’s there, but they all need it to stay alive.’


Mother thinks this new invention will bring that emotion back to the families who mourn the unfortunate lives claimed when tragedy strikes with little or no warning.)

Episode Two: Artistry in Battle

Episode Two: Artistry in Battle


(It has been a trying week. Rolling out new products across markets receptive to our products has been more problematic than expected. The office was awash in activity. Staff was communicating with districts across America and the world shoring up any breaches or cracks in our products being viewed anyway but positive to potential customers. Mother S. Sayer arrives around 10 am expecting an update, not excuses.)

Sarah W. Certainty (1st of 3): Mother Sayer, greetings on a day that holds promise much potential glory for us all.

Mother S. Sayer: Greetings Sarah. Indeed, this Friday holds the promise of many things in and out of our control. Report.

Sarah W. Certainty: Our Asian markets have given our software program that maps each building’s interior with easy to follow routes of escape in case of imminent danger a place of honor in the daily fabric of their lives.

Sarah W. Certainty: Also, the software ties into police and civil authority to make departing any city or area wrought with danger instantly known to all who has a cell phone and our APP.

Mother Sayer: Very well. What of our American rollout?

Sarah W. Certainty: Most of the State’s Governments have agreed to our cost sharing and revenue scale for use of their infrastructure. We are still filtering the rollout down to each and every city and local municipality. Once their officials realize the potential of such a system; then we will negotiate cost and usage rights accordingly.

Mother Sayer: Good Sarah. You are all I’ve foreseen you could be. I want to see you briefly around 3 pm with a final update. (Mother Sayer touches Sarah’s face lovingly and follows her staff into the elevator.)

(As the elevator opens on the 35th floor that houses the administrative wing at the end of the corridor. Mother smiles as she always does because this is the field that is growing before her eyes and that is why her office sits right in the mist of the life blood of her business. Her people are her life!)

Mother Sayer: Wilma. Is the feed up and running yet?

Wilma B. T. M. Will (2nd of 3): Your son is awaiting your call.

Mother Sayer: Good. Activate the feed in 5 minutes. Can you bring me some tea please? Thank you.
(The satellite feed is up and functioning. Mother and Justus are able to speak over a crystal clear HD feed of voice and video.)

Justus I. Order: Mother. It is always a pleasure to see and speak with you.

Mother Sayer: Justus. As I am always uplifted by your success and the success of your team. My faith in you was not misplaced and for that I am especially happy for you.

Justus I. Order: (Justus seems always slightly offended by this peculiar comment from his Mother. He thinks she somehow doubted he had the ability to succeed in life beyond the cover of her wings.) Yes Mother, my division is meeting the numbers you’ve assigned this team.

Mother Sayer: (Mother knew her son would react this way at her less than stellar support for his ability to fulfill his part of her business plan. She waits 10 seconds before she answers his exasperated outburst.) Do you feel I’ve been less than forthcoming in my praise of your efforts Justus?

Justus I. Order: I meant no disrespect Mother.

Mother Sayer: Maybe Justus, I don’t see the reason why I should be turning cartwheels across the floor of my office when I read the reports on your division.

Justus I. Order: What do you mean Mother?

Mother Sayer: Why am I getting reports of disorder in your division? How come people of different races, religions, sexual orientations, etcetera…. Seem to have trouble producing their best work in your division? Tell me why? Before you answer you may want to collect your thoughts?

Justus I. Order: (How does she know all about my division and the troubles going on here? I specifically ordered Caroline and Jacob to not allow this discourse to get back to my Mother. Why did I think that was a task they could keep in house anyway? My Mother has her people all over my division.) Mother, I have critical positions held by people of strong will and unrelenting positions in their thoughts on where the division should focus their efforts.

Mother Sayer: Go on, I want to hear every detail before I give you my opinion.

Justus I. Order: (He knows he can’t sugar-coat his read back of the events that have taken place, so he just lays it all out.) Caroline, Jacob, and Victoria comprise my command staff. Caroline and Victoria are lesbians. Jacob is Bisexual and the instigator of many of the conflicts in the office.

Justus I. Order: I told them to not be combative when it comes to whose ideas we run with to meet the overall goals of your conglomerate Mother. Lately Caroline and Victoria decided to work together on your software to map and coordinate civil service emergency data to the populations in cities all over the world. It was their breakthrough that made the software possible through an APP.

Justus I. Order: Jacob didn’t like the success they rightfully worked to achieve. He started to sow discord around the office that they were sleeping together and that’s why they stumbled across the answers they did to make the software marketable.

Justus I. Order: The moment I heard of the problems I called all three in my office and told Jacob that was not the way we do business here. He needs to apologize and cease these outrageous rumors immediately!

Mother Sayer: Did he?

Justus I. Order: He did for a while. Until I noticed he shunned the projects I assigned them together.

Mother Sayer: So, he was embarrassed at his behavior or what?

Justus I. Order: No. He just felt ashamed at loosing his composure about who gets the credit for the team’s contribution to the company.

Mother Sayer: (She understands the disappointment of Jacob and knows it is a character trait of the young. She doesn’t like it and wishes she didn’t have to waste time addressing the issue, but she knows it is the cost of doing business. The business is her people and she must stabilize and uplift their minds out of many disappointments.) I want Jacob on this call in 10 minutes. Do you understand? Bring him here now!

Justus I. Order: (Justus sends his friend Carl down the hall to escort Jacob to his office). Mother wishes to speak with you Jacob. (Justus sees Jacob’s brightness darken as he reactivates the audio and video of the conference call with Mother.)

Justus I. Order: I am back Mother. I have Jacob here with me as well.

Mother Sayer: Jacob, have a seat. Why are you letting your breakup with Tasha affect you work?

Jacob: (Jacob is stunned that Mother Sayer knows about his break up with Tasha. He tries to compose himself and answer her without trembling or anger.) Mother Sayer, my apologies. I am not distraught over my breakup with Tasha. It was a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere.

Mother Sayer: So you two were engaged in a sexual tryst?

Jacob: Yes Mother, that is all it was. I am completely sorry for causing problems here at work. I promise you it will not happen again.
Mother Sayer: (She stares at Jacob for 45 seconds to see if his body language gives off any clues to his future behavior. Mother knows that she cannot tolerate stupidity of any kind. All her life she has walked with Women and Men who possessed the power to destroy the world if they so desired.) I will not have this conversation with you again Jacob. Do you understand me?

Jacob: Yes Mother Sayer.

Mother Sayer: Jacob. When my son hired you. I knew your energy and ambition swayed him to not pass over you and I agreed. Your contribution to this organization has been invaluable. Don’t let your leisure activities transcend the barrier between the two constructs of your life.

Mother Sayer: Go back to work Jacob. I hope this send off portends great things coming when your name is spoken again.

Mother Sayer: Justus. Implement protocol 3 on his actions at work for 6 months.

Justus I. Order: Protocol 3 for 6 months. Understood Mother, it will be done immediately.

Mother Sayer: Justus. I want to share more of the code with you that has guided my life and enhanced my success.

Justus I. Order: I thank you and I am eager to hear your blessings upon me.

Mother Sayer: Very well. I’ve worked with people that don’t have time for stupidity or frivolous behavior that doesn’t have a connection to solving problems. Every effort must be toward a goal. Every action exerts energy full of purpose and direction. Nothing is done without a goal attached.

Mother Sayer: You know why I share my code with you and why a code is critical to life and success?

Justus I. Order: As much as I know, a code silences many calls to exert energy toward worthless endeavors.

Mother Sayer: (I am truly impressed with my son’s answer. He has certainly grown and added to his understanding of life as he has been away from his Mother.) Good Justus.

Mother Sayer: You know what a routine (code) does. It settles your thoughts. It allows you to focus your energy. It then serves as the transit point to direct your energy to produce a powerful blow when you are ready to release (act) your plans toward a worthy endeavor.

Mother Sayer: Even setting up your home in an order that makes it known to you, so when you come back to that home you know where your silverware, cups, towels, coffee, food, anything your need. You just go right to where it suppose to be.

Mother Sayer: A routine (code) says time and eliminates the tendency to descend into stupidity of behavior. The world where great decisions are made are not tolerant of stupidity.

Mother Sayer: Justus, my son, you are educated because you understood that your education didn’t help me it helped you! Powerful people of means and class are not engaged by ignorance because its’ curriculum is unaccepted when transferred to any institution (business) that matters.

Mother Sayer: (In other words.) Ignorance is not accredited and the people who keep piling up semester hours can never get in the door of higher institutions with them.

Justus I. Order: Understood Mother. You never fail to deliver with the written or spoken word as it always nourishes my life.

Mother Sayer: (Justus has truly grown since he has been assigned a division far away from his Mother.) I’m glad.

Mother Sayer: Give your team my best and thank Caroline and Victoria for me as well as I appreciate their contributions to helping you succeed. Oh and Jacob too.

Justus I. Order: I will Mother.

Mother Sayer: Goodbye Justus and fare thee well.

Justus I. Order: Goodbye Mother, I love you.


(The software rollout made it through the first week and it looks like the APP is a player on the world stage. THE ARC, INC. is well on its’ way to being a formidable company. Mother Sayer is pleased and excited that her children are monuments in their own fields. She takes a long sip of her tea. This tea is very good. I must buy more of it on the way home.)

Episode One: Empty Duality

Mother Sayer: (Spends her Monday morning going through the list of errands to complete before evening news). “Most of these errands I can assign to my staff, and the task where confidentiality is prized I will handle it personally.”

Mother Sayer: (Settles in her study to relax with a glass of red wine to pour over the business reports from her multiple ventures, she is interrupted by a call from her daughter asking to run a problem by her.)

Mother Sayer: “Oh what a pleasant escape from all this reading I must do. (Mother Sayer detects a bit of imbalance in the natural flow of words from her child). What is it Doyenne?

Daughter Doyenne: “Can I come over if it’s okay. I need to run a problem by you and it vexes me because I can’t see how it could penetrate my defenses so easily.”

Mother Sayer: “Sure you can, how long before I see you?”

Daughter Doyenne: “Give me 30 minutes.”

Mother Sayer: “I will see you soon then.”

Mother Sayer: (Summons her servants and commands them to prepare some finger food of tuna fish sandwiches and sparking water.) “My daughter will be her shortly, please prepare the food and bring it out to the patio.”

Daughter Doyenne: (She arrives and her mother’s staff shows her out to the patio.) “I cannot hide anything from you. There is a person at work that gets to me negatively too easy. I want to know why and more importantly, how do I counter the impact of the duress this person causes?”

Mother Sayer: “Tell me, what position do you hold in relation to his as it concerns who’s in authority.”

Daughter Doyenne: “I did not say it was a guy penetrating my defenses.” (Immediately Doyenne realizes she has put in use a tone her mother frowns upon. She attempts to recover her composure as her mother looks upon her sternly. This time, Doyenne thinks, this unsuitable tone is forgiven me. I will not get a second chance.)

Daughter Doyenne: “Apologies mother, I did not mean to address you in that tone.”

Mother Sayer: (Merely nods her clemency and with a touch on her daughter’s shoulder urges her to continue.)

Daughter Doyenne: “Mr. Johnson has a habit of yelling his disapproval when he feels his instructions are not followed precisely. I’ve spoken to him privately about the matter, but it seems he doesn’t feel the need to respect my request to change his way of addressing his staff.”

Daughter Doyenne: “Mr. Johnson is my supervisor’s immediate boss and he intervenes frequently in Mrs. Lewis, my supervisor’s department day to day assignments.”

Daughter Doyenne: “I am the only one that has stood up and asked him to stop, but he dismisses my objections to his behavior repeatedly.”

Mother Sayer: (Keenly observes her daughter’s composure, body language, and rising anger as she rehashes these incidents. She has heard enough to answer her daughter with advice relevant to solving her problem, but she waits patiently for her daughter to finish speaking her mind.)

Daughter Doyenne: “I know what you taught me about how to counteract people with destructive personalities, but I must have missed something along the way or didn’t really understand what you were teaching me.”

Mother Sayer: (Knows her daughter is in distress, but she will teach her adult child because Doyenne must still fight her own battles.) “I want you to relax and listen to me. What I’ve told you is theory until you put it into practice. Modifications are common in this world, as it must meet your specific needs. Apply the principle and shape it to your unique situation with this one supervisor.”

Mother Sayer: “What did I say about getting to know the players in each part of your life?”

Daughter Doyenne: “I need to know the players as I know myself. Their tendencies and agendas as it may affect my job and responsibilities. I must get to know their personalities and who is able to be trusted because wherever you are, potential allies must be accessed and judged worthy or unworthy.”

Mother Sayer: “Does it take time and effort to assess the job and all of its qualities good or bad.”

Daughter Doyenne: “Yes mother.” (She says this to her mother as exasperation fills the air. I know this and yet I thought I could function without it. What was I thinking to ignore my teachings so easily.)

Mother Sayer: (Never misses that moment when a wise individual realizes there is no shortcut to learning and evolving. She smiles slightly as she observes her daughter understanding she has some work to do.) “Don’t fret about it Doyenne. Everybody tries to shorten the timetables of life, but everybody, and I mean everybody, fails in that attempt.”

Daughter Doyenne: “You’re right mother. I got so caught up in letting him know he is disrespectful that I forgot to stay composed and analyze every situation to seek the right course of action.”

Mother Sayer: “If you learn that critical lesson, you will begin to grow your conscious. It will become attuned to every part of your life to serve you appropriately by not failing to catch you before you go astray.”

Mother Sayer: “Yes daughter, this man defeated you, but defeat happens to all champions. Learn from it and your losses will stay below your victories.”

Daughter Doyenne: “I understand mother. My reactions should represent my intelligence and never my emotions.”

Mother Sayer: “Remain in control at all times my child. Dismiss your anger as its’ sole purpose is to deplete your energy. Don’t succumb to the triggers that so easily befall strong women and men to act in ways that only destroy themselves to the amusement of agitators.”

Mother Sayer: “Tell me, what is my adage about us all being dirt.”

Daughter Doyenne: “We are all dirt taken and molded from a living planet. When I die, will the ground that I have walked over be left fertile or barren?”

Mother Sayer: (She smiles inside warmly as she knows her daughter will strive to do better. It certainly has been a pleasant visit with my daughter.)