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Ground Water Sky

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley


Founding Statement:  There comes a precious moment in time that all life drops the ignorance of superiority.  When the ground realizes it needs the water to survive.  The tree realizes it needs the ground to hold it in place.  The air realizes it needs the tree to replenish the oxygen it desperately needs to create the weather patterns that climatizes the Earth.  Responsibilities are intertwined because a living planet depends on every element to function according to its purpose.

Mammals pretend that they’re more sophisticated than any living breathing planet, and thus conclude that liberties can be taken with all three essential elements.  The ignorance of mammals I’m afraid is a contradiction of their celebrated intelligence.  Intelligence that informs mammals they aren’t required to be simple creatures that fulfill their purpose, but creatures that can take actions harmful to the elements that are dedicated to their stated purpose.  Mammals believe such devotion constrains their freedom to live as they please.

This revelation and the antagonistic approach mammals have decided upon against the elements will be simplified in this digital periodical.  All the talk of unity will be broken down into useful parts that will be easy to understand and implement.  Know this my fellow mammals, all forms of life owe it to each other to care for one another.  It’s just that mammals have enjoyed the echo chamber of approval from other mammals because the elements never raised their voice.  We now know for certain the elements do have a voice, and they have registered their collective disapproval of the selfish nature of mammals…

Issue 16:  I See the Shoreline!

That feeling you get.  I don’t know if many experience it in that moment when it first begins.  When the shoreline starts to appear between cracks in the midst of vapors just off the surface of the water.  As the darkness fights to keep the light at a distance, the outline of rocks are not to be mistaken.  The sense of smell catches the scent of green vegetation and inhales it deeply.  The combining of these two senses has now triggered you brain to release excitement.  Some may refer to the chemicals by another name, but I’ll stay with uncontainable joy now coursing through veins and arteries.

‘Where we were yesterday is not where we are today’.  That statement has been made throughout time itself in many different ways by many wayfaring people building better lives.  Lives of note not just for their own pleasure, but lives that bring dignity and hope for countless others who they will never know or meet.  That’s the mandate that is most often ignored in the ‘grab bag’ of leadership. 

I will continue to help President Joe Biden proclaim this fact until he finishes his ‘mandate’.  President Biden has yanked a ‘huge portion’ of prosperity from the ‘unseen’ world into the ‘seen’ world.  From the Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible…Proverbs 29:18…Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

Only a man of faith can do what President Joe Biden has done.  What does it say in that Bible that so many fake Christians like to thump?  “Faith without works is dead”.  Oh, don’t worry, I’m not the one that holds nobody to anything.  I will say this though.  Put Donald Trump to the same standard and see if he will do one thing to make life better for anybody not including himself.  Not talking about money?  Just point to one thing he has done to better the life of a single human being!

Please say he has made the lives of women better by taking away the right to reproductive healthcare.  I dare you!  Don’t get it twisted when it comes to releasing hardships or just creating more hardships to bare.  Tax cuts aren’t a sign of prosperity.  They never have been.  Judging an economy takes a special person with an ‘abundance’ heart. 

From the Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible…2 Corinthians 2:14… but by an equality, that now at this time your abundance may be a supply for their want, that their abundance also may be a supply for your want: that there may be equality.

Simply put, there is plenty to go around with more being pulled and added to this plain of energy.  No?  Are we riding horses from North America to Europe?  Do we not fly in airplanes instead of hot air blimps?  Can I have a conversation with anyone anywhere in the world through technology?

I will say again.  It is not President Joe Biden’s job to fulfill the individual wishes of over 330 million Americans.  That’s insane!  What President Biden has done has led us to be in sight of the shoreline.  Are we going to turn back now and let rough seas (metaphorically) constantly beat us while keeping us unsteady on our feet?

I say we will not turn again to Donald Trump to be lost in the chaos of the storm forever.  Let’s get to the other side and continue building a better future for all of us collectively.  Reelect Joe Biden as President of the United States of America.


Give Me That Ole Time Religion?

Declaration of Humanity 4.0…This founding statement is different.  This one is being written in clarification of an ongoing threat of fear that ‘evil’ seems to offer more rewards than ‘good’ ever will, and more overtly the verbal Christians are flocking more openly to evils’ promise of fortune.  While this trend is alarming I must counter with this fact.  Evil has never gone out of season in America. 

Good is more than a match for evil, but the righteousness of good can only be activated from a straight line.  What is that straight line you ask?  It is the center of every human beings’ known universe.  If it is straight it is a ‘Heartline’.  A heartline from the heart to the soul because when our heart stops our deeds will be called into account.  The ‘JUDGE’ will know what you did and not what you meant to do…

ISSUE 20:  Stop Digging!

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley


I want to hit 3 topics tonight.  One, that women, you don’t need a master.  Two, inflation will never see 2% ever again; the new normal is 3%.  Three, American citizens, ‘get over yourselves’, this is what I mean instead of ‘get over it’ by what was said by Secretary Hillary Clinton.  A brilliant United States Secretary of State to be clear!

First, women.  All of you, collectively, have allowed men to bleed off their role as the main responsible part in the union of a family, but it is ‘not’ written that women need the protection of a man in order to fulfill ‘your’ role as ‘help meet’!  From the Authorized King James version of the Holy Bile…Genesis 2:18…And the Lord God said, it is not good that the man should be alone: I will make him a help meet for him.

Now women I’ve been given something good for you to consider thoughtfully.  Oh, it’s too good (I have two fingers on my mouth with a gleam in my eyes right now.).  In the same book of Genesis in the same chapter I want you to read verse 22 for yourselves.  Read it over and over again and tell me if I’m right.  The Lord God took the rib from Adam for sure.  That’s written.  Why did he leave from the presence of Adam and create the woman?  In private?  Ahhh?  I can see from the neurons firing in your brains.  Why was the woman, a creation of the Lord God, created in seclusion from the man?

Why did the Lord God, in his word ‘not’ tell us that he made ‘Eve’ from the ground?  Extrapolating from a known value, ‘Adam’, to an unknown method of what ‘Eve’ was made from around the ‘rib’ of ‘Adam’ should give away the whole ball game right there.  The Lord God, women, made you to fulfill your role without being in subjection to the ‘man’!  Women!  The Lord God never said you needed a ‘master’ to control your behavior! 

The Lord God created you around the ‘rib’ from Adam from what he felt you needed.  The Lord God never said or I dare say he made ‘woman’ from the ground!  Sure the ‘rib’ of Adam was from the ‘dust’ of the Earth in the creation of Adam, but he did not mention what the ‘rest’ of the ‘woman’ was made from did he?  Again, do you not understand women, that this ‘private’ method of the Lord God gives away the whole ball game right there?

My, how the mighty have fallen.  Establish your rightful place amongst the living creations of the Lord God’s Earth women.  Women, your authority is to lead, along with men, the caring of the Lord God’s creation.  Act from this position now!

Two, inflation.  I do not mind this topic.  I will hit it as many times as it takes to make it sink in.  American citizens, the price of goods and services is directly related to ‘yo’ wages!  Stop digging a hole for yourselves like you don’t understand that.  Now, that being said, governments from local to State and Federal have a duty to monitor price increases so price gougers don’t fuck up the economic system. 

Inflation should remain lower that real wage growth.  You’ve never read in my digital column or commentary where I’ve put my finger on the scale when it comes to the Federal Reserve.  ‘Let it play’ is what I say when I live in times of good governance as we have now under President Joe Biden.

The rest of my ‘musings’ on United States monetary policy you will find in my digital periodical of Mental Health: Equal Health.  Yeah, in those pages, the discussion will be about you panicking and ‘knocking’ things off your ‘table’, metaphorically representing your sense of stability because you’re not using techniques to calm your thoughts to be at peace when everything is fine.  Stop ‘panicking’ because someone tells you to? 

Do you not understand that the people, Republicans, doing this wants you to not thoughtfully consider reality before you knock ‘everything’ onto the floor of your ‘house’, your mind metaphorically?  I will say in conclusion again.  An economy is not based on the needs or desires of 330 millions people individually.  That’s insane!  An economic system is set up to order things in ways that gives everybody opportunity.  Get over it!

Three, American citizens, watch yourselves.  This game of Russian roulette you’re playing when it comes to our survival is not smart.  The two choices for President of the United States this year is a blessing.  The Lord God has done it again.  What do you mean ‘he’s done it again’ you say?  From the Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible…Matthew 27:20…But the chief priests and elders persuaded the multitude that they should ask Barabbas, and destroy Jesus.

I can see the ‘shit eat’n grin’ on Vladimir Putin’s face right now.  So called ‘evangelicals’ if you researched a little further in that book you so like to ‘thump’ you will find that Barabbas committed murder in an ‘insurrection’.  Just saying for context.

Donald J. Trump is the choice of those American citizens that wish to destroy what is ‘good’.  America is the embodiment of ‘Pontius Pilate’ of our times.  Will we wash our hands of America if we put Donald J. Trump back into office?  The lessons of history are clear.  That’s what Secretary Hillary Clinton was saying when she answered you all ‘roughly’.  The ‘spirit’ does speak expressly doesn’t ‘it’?

The choice is clear.  Make no mistake about it.  Americans, you will be judged just as the citizens were when they were asked who (what) they wanted released upon them?  Good or evil?  If you don’t know the difference, then you need to ask somebody.  By the way, just in case, because there are people that act like they are stupid.  Barabbas was the evil one.

President Joe Biden is clearly the better man.  Bar none!  Re-elect him and let’s keep this thing going America.

Gosh.  Even my dog knows when he is in a hole to stop digging.


Mental Health:  Equal Health

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley


First things first is we must wrestle this false superiority of knowing what is mental health away from the general conversation about it.  Five years of Mental and Behavioral Healthcare experience has allowed me to uncover many expert opinions about it, and all such opinions deriving from seemingly enlightened patients.  Granted some self-care explanations were on track, but being close to the answers cannot be the standard.

Therefore the philosophical nature of mass expertise is counterproductive and harmful to societies understandings about mental health in general.  What then can psychological professionals do to dampen such a kaleidoscope of untrained sufferers diagnosing complicated mental disorders?  My suggestion would be to produce a weekly periodical.  A digital application on a smart phone with current news in the field.  Produced along with a bevy of relatable leaders in the field cast on a short 30 minute weekly video.  These non-stoic professionals will raise mental healthcare to the same respectable level as physical healthcare.

Many changes have led mental health to being reconsidered as a crucial opposite to the same coin of physical healthcare.  More promotion is required if mental health is to achieve the position of equality it deserves for the benefit of humanity.

Issue 7:  Stress Testing:  Completion Percentage?

Part Two:

No one can be happy all the time.  That is fantasy, and it is unhealthy.  Now sharing this with you for some, you already knew this by life or advice.  Here’s how the scripture puts it.  From the Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible…Ecclesiastes 11:8 but if a man live many years, and rejoice in them all; yet let him remember the days of darkness; for they shall be many. All that cometh is vanity.

This post is about completing tasks, requirements, responsibilities, expectations or helping righteous people be successful at their chosen duties because others desire to see the righteous fall.  It is a draining commitment I and many have freely taken on to ensure the continued existence of America for the good of all.  President Joe Biden has suffered defeats in his first term as President of the United States in legislation and policy.  This is the balance.  There is no such thing as ‘success’ eternally.

Now the task that has fallen to us again is the endurance of America.  Do not get it twisted!  I am a Black man that has been targeted by all forms of hatred in America.  Do I still believe America is the best opportunity to achieve that blessed sacredness of God’s love.  Yes I do.  Why?  Because even though the all exclusive ‘White Male Club’ that formed the governance of these lands, they left too many doors open for the good women and men to change America for the better in writing!  Understand that?  In writing!

So America is not a ‘great’ country yet.  It is getting there, but greatness is still an elusive conundrum.  Which brings me to completion.  Many tasks whether they are personal, professional or societal are rarely completed on a time schedule.  Why not?  Because many variables are unknown at the time the task is undertaken. 

Example:  Starting a semester of college.  I don’t care if you’re a genius or an average student.  No one can fully anticipate the course requirements of each class in totality.  Therefore the assumptions you may have had beginning your quest to start and complete a degree seeking regimen more than likely for 99 percent of us is shattered.  This is the moment when our mental ‘toughness’ is ‘tested’.  I mean ‘toughness’ in a sense that the course requirements are accepted afterwards, and you make a determination if this is what you want to have listed as completed.  Then you make mental adjustments to get it done.

Confidence is built over time.  Not ‘on time’.  Do you understand me?  Completing a ‘block’ of instruction is the ‘phraseology’ I heard a lot of when I was taught skills by US Army instructors.  Yeah, it may sound silly to you, but it worked.  It taught me and all soldiers I’d say to take learning ‘pieces’ at a time.  That way the entirety of learning job skills for US Army professions wasn’t overwhelming.  Completion was simplified.  (Psst, the US Army’s been doing it for over 200 years.  They’ve had some time to perfect their methods.  Just so you know.).

America is seeking out the righteous in her midst.  A grand order has been given to all her citizens that know what we’re striving to reach.  President Joe Biden should be re-elected President of the United States of America.  I don’t mean to add politics in this post, but I believe it is necessary to calm everyone down to break the work into pieces.  If you’ve been given a piece, then do it for the good of us all.  No one class of people or group of people should own the rights to America! 

Don’t look at the months ahead here in 2024 before the election as an obstacle keeping us from voting.  Complete all the tasks before the due date.  Remember.  The only way you can fail (in school get an ‘F’) is if you do not participate!

Keep calm and order you thoughts.  That’s how you increase your ‘completion percentage’.  Focus and begin work on one task, thought, requirement, obligation.  ‘One’ piece at a time. 

Your mind will thank you for it.