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Mental Health:  Equal Health

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley


First things first is we must wrestle this false superiority of knowing what is mental health away from the general conversation about it.  Five years of Mental and Behavioral Healthcare experience has allowed me to uncover many expert opinions about it, and all such opinions deriving from seemingly enlightened patients.  Granted some self-care explanations were on track, but being close to the answers cannot be the standard.

Therefore the philosophical nature of mass expertise is counterproductive and harmful to societies understandings about mental health in general.  What then can psychological professionals do to dampen such a kaleidoscope of untrained sufferers diagnosing complicated mental disorders?  My suggestion would be to produce a weekly periodical.  A digital application on a smart phone with current news in the field.  Produced along with a bevy of relatable leaders in the field cast on a short 30 minute weekly video.  These non-stoic professionals will raise mental healthcare to the same respectable level as physical healthcare.

Many changes have led mental health to being reconsidered as a crucial opposite to the same coin of physical healthcare.  More promotion is required if mental health is to achieve the position of equality it deserves for the benefit of humanity.

Issue 6:  Stress Testing:  Explained

Part One:

This is a post that may have as few or as many parts as necessary to one, relay the knowledge and understanding I have received from embracing all mental incoming whether it is overwhelming or benign.   Two, whether I can interpret the meaning or not.  Three, whether I can simplify it for my own consumption and those that trust me to help humanity in this field.

First I’ll define what it means to stress test a solid, liquid, or a gas.  Stress Testing any form of matter is to take it to the point of failure.  At the point where the matter meets the requirements for its intended use it can be said that the ‘matter’ in question can withstand maximum pressures set to bear against it.

Now to get straight to the first explanation related to humanity I will focus on what the human mind is capable of withstanding.  Example:  A Sudden Debt Crisis.  Most human beings want to pay their bills consistently on time as it is necessary to stabilize many aspects of their lives.  Unfortunately there are unforeseen complications in life that occur which makes this practice of paying debts on time spotty.  With all the calls from your creditors colliding with your responsibilities to self and family; it suddenly becomes overwhelming to manage debts against your sense that you are a responsible individual.

This is when stress occurs.  Can someone tell me what’s the initial reaction to this sort of common situation in life?  Okay.  The normal reaction of most is to ‘stack’ it onto an already large pile of requirements that must be addressed daily right?  Metaphorically speaking, you’ve just pierced the confidence of your ability to maintain your debts properly.  Stop.  Tell me in certain terms what this means to your mind?  That’s right!  You are no longer sure of yourself, nor of the accustomed standards of running your family at the level that everyone expects.

Now you’re uncertain that your mind can handle the added mental load because your mind is still set at the limits you started at when you formed your life.  This is the point where the majority of people misinterpret what’s happening to their mind.  Listen to me carefully now.  Your mind has begun the process of hardening itself for expansion.  What do I mean by hardening for expansion?

As your body does not stand still or remains the same as it was constituted yesterday.  Today added another day to your life, so from yesterday to today something was added to you.  Whether it was mentally or physically you are not the same person you were the day prior.  The mind behaves in the same manner.  Stress testing is an activated response to stressors in life!  Now, this too is important.  You have to accept the expansion if you want to retain the stronger mind you’re forming!

I have to end this post here.  If I go on then I will have to write a lengthier digital post and I’d just assume to break it into smaller more consumable pieces so everyone can follow me.  I will say this before I go.

New experiences in life that come with positive or helpful ‘substance’ that both nourishes and balances the new growth you’ve received means this.  The ‘new mind’ has withstood the pressures up to and beyond the breaking point.  Your mind is now rated higher than the recorded test you did when you started your journey.  The new standard didn’t break!  You took on the stressors and proved your mind came out of the process stronger.

The key?  Come to expect this process as normal, and your resiliency will be legendary!



Season One:

Episode Four:  The Other Side of Nothing


(The heartbeat.  It is the first time I can feel it beating for a purpose solely of my choosing.  The heart is what makes us strong Ahuudo.  ‘Share it with the ones you love’.  Mother Ja’Nee would be in his ear the moment he was born.  Ja’Nee would be held to her traditions.  Ja’Nee still feels a sense of thereness to all that came before her.  She understands why.  More than anything in the face of such a cruel land.  All the violations she suffered would not make her forget her homeland.  In Africa, she still hears the whispers of voices.  The energy of love connects her and she would not cut it off.  Traditions of togetherness. 

Ahuudo has allowed his thoughts to keep him human.  He has seen it often.  The slave master has many White Devils to hold his ‘kingdom’ in place.  Ahuudo is aware of what he must do.  ‘I will give to the White Devil what he has given me when the time comes’.  Dashurai is building up his response to what he sees in these freed slaves.  Will it be enough to contain when he needs these men to follow the predictable outcomes that only planning provides.  ‘Hatred is reckless’, he says to himself.  Hatred will get us all killed.  I must convince my brothers to focus on what’s at stake.  The love that Ahuudo shares with his ‘woman’.

Dashurai says it over and over again.  What his plan must do in order for everyone to see another day dawn.  ‘Believe in it as I do’, he says.  I know and I can feel the ‘possible’ rising in you all.  That’s not what we should focus on.  Focus, ah focus, what is it?  Dashurai reminds the men that focus is like what you just did when you protected the wagon train.  Remember that ability to do something that had benefit in it for you.  This is about us now.

All will be alright as we trust in what we have already proven to each other.  We have already proven we can work together.  Now we work for us.).

Dashurai:  Ahuudo!  Call her out!  Now!  (This is the signal that begins the retrieval of his woman Syghi.  Let’s go back to the start and see how everything got to that point.).

————————————-The Establishment Cause————————————–

Cleavur:  Dashurai, gather everybody together.  We need to go over everybody’s role like our lives depend on it. (Cleavur sees the look on Dashurai’s face and tells him he’s not gonna make it too complicated.  Just making sure.).

Ahuudo:  I have to yell for Syghi to run to the shacks when all hell breaks loose.  I know when the other slaves women see her run, it will make them run or scatter, as you say, to throw off the overseers attention if only for a few moments.

Dashurai:  These moments will matter.  By scattering it will give us a chance to advance the ground to overtake the overseers.  The overseers will live or they will die according to their response to us.  Don’t hesitate to kill them if that is what it takes.

Ahuudo:  (Ahuudo, looks at Scatt, Brunde, Rackar, Ted, Maar, Jewan, Zunei, Methune and see the expression in each face that tells him these brothers are ready to do whatever needs to be done.).  We are all to drop down to the ground when we get the signal.  Undo our chains that won’t be really around our ankles, and engage in what you say, hand to hand, with the overseers?

Cleavur:  That is right.  It is important for you to yell for Syghi when we stop to fight.  This will put into the minds of the overseers that the slave women are getting away which they need to stop them from escaping.

Ahuudo:  So, when we’re all chained in a straight line.  Just look defeated?

Cleavur:  (Cleavur is learning just what he knew he needed to learn.  Sitting up in his father’s house without a worry, care or matter-of-fact a reason to jump out from bed every morning really was a bore.  This is thinking for myself.  This is risking life and limb.).  I’m just sure of it Ahuudo.  If you holler to Syghi to scream and run, let’s hope the other slave women will do the same.  We could use all the commotion we can get.

Ahuudo:  I can’t put her in danger, is it right?

Dashurai:  (Watching Cleavur interaction respectfully with Ahuudo and seeing all the brothers listen closely to Cleavur is good.  Dashurai is hoping it goes both ways as all of us will be required to get our hands dirty.).  Right now it can’t be helped Ahuudo.  We have a plan now.  Everybody needs to do their part.  Listen to me all of you. 

———————————-Getting closer to the other side of nothing—————————

(Cleavur and Dashurai ride into Stakeville to make contact with the plantation in Stakeville that holds Ahuudo’s woman.  They stop at the center of town and inquire about the local scene.  All the ‘yawls’ and ‘pardners’ and slapping backs for good measure are done well into the afternoon.  Finally they acquire the information they need.  Joseph Sceaturnds is the slave master for sure now.

Cleavur and Dashurai ride out to do a meet with the owner and just see what they are facing.  The plantation is owned by Sam Brownship.  Master Brownship invites Cleavur in to show him around the main house and hear him complement the fine furnishings.  Cleavur sees the usual bright skin colored females adorning the house in the attire of servants.  All in all, Cleavur kind of feels sorry about what he has to do, but it will not stop him from doing it though.

They have what they needed now.  The Highhorse plantation is the destination.  There are about 20 slave-drivers they’re called working to keep all the slaves in line.  Now it’s time to bed down for the night.  Dashurai and Cleavur will ride back out of town to where the 8 brothers are to get set for the next day.  They figured that the plantation is about 11 miles outside of town due south.  They figured they should start everybody walking around dawn.  They should be at the plantation by 4 o’clock that early evening.

Remember brothers, Dashurai says, wait for the signal that Syghi is there.  You must be close to the slave-drivers.  Like right in their pants with them if need be.  You got to put them down because they’re not going to just let you collect whatever you want and throw money on the ground for them.  Be ready just like you were on that wagon train to shoot Indians that shoot at you. 

Alright then let’s get some rest.  Big job tomorrow.).

————————————-The Offer is Refused———————————————–

Cleavur:  Mr. Brownship, sorry to be calling on you so late and all.  We had to make sure the slaves made it all the way here by nightfall.  I was wondering if I could inquire about a trade.  You know, barter with you for some company with my slaves your slave women.

Sam Brownship:  What did you have in mind?

Cleavur:  Well my stock here is we equipped.  You know what I mean and I just like to you know, get them a little bit of a woman before they break their backs in service of your fields.  What do you say?

Sam Brownship:  For all of them?

Cleavur:  Well let’s take a look at them first.  You can have your slave drivers present while we just look them over.

Sam Brownship:  That will cost me more from this trade.  Will you knock something off the price of each slave say 8 bits?

Cleavur:  You want a dollar off each head.  That’s steep.  I mean that’s going to cut into my profit more than I expected.  I don’t want to drive a hard bargain with you seeing that you gave me a tour of your exquisite mansion the other day.  How about 4 bits off each head?

Sam Brownship:  Six, 6 bits and that’s as low as I can go.  Take it or leave here with your mangy stock of no good hides.

Cleavur:  (Now we’re getting somewhere.  For a moment I thought this was actually a nice place to be a slave and raise a family.).  No insult is needed.  If your bargain is 6 bits I can settle for 3 dollars a head as it is what minus 6 bits would be?  A price of 2 dollars and 2 bits a head.

Sam Brownship:  Two dollars and 1 bit, for my trouble to speak more than I had to, to purchase your mangy slaves.

Cleavur:  (Good, I hope I don’t have to hate another slave master because I really need to send your outhouse smelling ass to Hell.).  Alright sir, that’s enough.  I agree to your offer.  Now can I see the slave girls you have for my mangy stock to enjoy.

Sam Brownship:  Yeah ,wait on it.  I may let you look at maybe two, but I will take you up on your offer to have my ‘boys’ out here to watch these mangy niggers.

Cleavur:  Niggers?  (I will be knocking his outhouse ass out; he thinks to himself).  Very well then.  Dash, get the pack ready.  I want to get this over as quickly as possible.  Getting out of this town can’t come soon enough.  (Cleavur sees the slave drivers bring some of the slave women out, and he gives the signal to fight.).

Dashurai:  Chains!

Ahuudo:  (Ahuudo is in front and he has heard the signal to get ready.).  Yes, sir boss.  (Ahuudo responds to Dashurai’s key word).  Now men.  Fight!

—————————————–Nothing will not greet me at the end——————————

(Ahuudo, breaks right.  Brunde, breaks left.  Rack, breaks right.  Ted, breaks left.  Maar, breaks right.  Jewan, breaks left.  Zune, breaks right.  Methune, breaks left.  Scatt, breaks right.  Everybody is off the line now.  Ahuudo does his part and yells for Syghi to run.  Syghi screams for the other women to run away.  Somehow she knew she would behold the sight her eyes secretly expected to see.  The slave women join the fight and Syghi directs them to help the colored men encountering the most trouble.

All Hell has broken out on the Highhorse Plantation.  Some of the slave drivers were watching from a distance and began firing when Ahuudo and the others took down the slave drivers close to them.  The distraction is working just like Lissqui said it would.  Lissqui said, ‘You’ve got to get the women screaming and hollering like they’re being whipped for dropping eggs.  One thing men of all kind don’t like.  They don’t like screaming and hollering women.  Use it.’

Cleavur tries to manage the carnage and death going on, but he, either through fate or being in tune with Dashurai, sees Dash’s stern furious look admonish him to just go with the plan.  That little look from Dashurai meant more to him than he will ever seek to know if he ever sits down in a rocker someday.  Dash told him you will see things done to White men that White men did to Colored men except they thought killing us was no different than flicking boogers from their noses.

Kill them all Dash yells!  Only he yells it knowingly as the tide of the fight is squarely with him and the colored men now.  Yeah, Mr. Brownship!  He screams at him as he attempts to ride away on a donkey.  Of all the beasts of burden he disdained, this man?  Dash thinks.  The donkey somehow knows this cruel man needs him now and by instinct he stops.  Even the donkey seems to know his masters’ day has come.).

Cleavur:  (Cleavur launches himself into the first huddle of ‘slave taskers’ or overseers or whatever and breaks their attention.  Then he whips out his ‘bowie knife’ and slashes widely at these White men.  The looks on their faces Cleavur thinks to himself he needs to remember.  That look like no man ever would come here and challenge our supremacy.  Cleavur thinks mockingly to himself, ‘You were wrong boys’.).  Ahuudo, move!  Fight hard men!  Now is your chance to free yourselves.  Fight for what you want!

Ahuudo:  Scatt, Methune look to your right!  More whipper snappers are coming at you!

Dashurai:  (This is their first time Ahuudo and the men are fighting for themselves Dashurai thinks.  They are moving like the end of the world is near.).  They will kill you if you show them mercy!  No mercy!  Kill them!

Ahuudo:  Jewan, Maar, hit and move!  (This is the outcome of rehearsing a fight.  Ahuudo now knows it works.  He will never doubt it again.).

Dashurai:  Syghi!  Are there any more women in the shacks?  Get them out.  We are setting them on fire now!

Ahuudo:  Syghi!  Move!  Just go!  This place can no more be.  (Syghi moves to get the other women out of the shacks without hesitation as her man said.).

Dashurai:  (Dashurai thinks again to himself in the midst of all the death and destruction going on around him.  Lissqui was right about Syghi.  Lissqui said that if Syghi is anything like Ahuudo said she is.  Shout to her instructions and she will do it.  The chance to end suffering boils a lot of the soul to the surface.  Use her and she will help increase your chances of success in getting everyone out of there.).  Cleavur.  I see you took care of Brownship.  Are you alright?

Cleavur:  Dashurai!  Yeah.  I think it’s over now.  We did it.

Dashurai:  Cleavur, get the men ready to move.  If anybody needs patching up let’s get it done quickly.  Tell them to take only money and whatever they can trade or barter.  Leave the rest of that tacky shit there.

Cleavur:  Right.  My heart is beating like a drum.  How are you so calm?

Dashurai:  Because I’ve done a little ‘stress testing’ on that dusty trail we took getting here.  I’ve gone over this event, this dustup constantly in my mind and it has made the difference.

Cleavur:  Well share it brother.  Do the Greek thing you do.

Dashurai:  Oh, yeah.  Kind of puzzled me there for a minute.  The blood pumping rapidly from your heart is because you didn’t expect the worst possible things to happen.  When you do that you can start to train you mind to react in the moment faster with all your intelligence working for you.  This pushes all the prepping to the front of your thoughts.  It helps greatly when you’re in a fight.

Cleavur:  That’s why you brought me back to the moment with you yelling, ‘work the plan!’

Dashurai:  Good.  Let’s pick this up later.  The nearest plantation is 10 miles away.  We don’t need to be here if they decide to send some good ole boys to help their shit kicking cousins.

Cleavur:  Right.  Ten minutes we be gone.

——————————————–Back Pay——————————————–

(Syghi and Ahuudo did get a little dusted up in the melee.  Something happened though with the colored men no one expected.  Maar, Jewan, Zune, Methune and Scatt overheard Syghi say something to Ahuudo that made their day.  Hope was alive!  Ahuudo was wanting to inflict some retribution on Syghi’ tormentor, but Syghi said to him, ‘What you want?  Bring him back to life?  Kill him again?’  ‘That fight is done.  Which one is our horse?  I’m going to get on that horse and get out of here.  You coming?’

The colored men saw Syghi and the ‘sassiness’ at Ahuudo and they knew they wanted that too.  You could hear the murmurings amongst them.  Asking if anymore back there was like her.  To this Syghi couldn’t stand hearing anymore and said.  ‘I was there you see.  You know me you know them.  We all got to get out of here.  Better do some fast courting and decide right away fellas cause everybody alive is coming’.

So, this is what the other side of nothing looks like.)

Ahuudo:  Dashurai, I must say this is a new feeling for me.  Being on a horse going somewhere I choose to go.  Going somewhere I can say the way things are gonna go.

Syghi:  Uh-huh?  You know that huh?  That back there was like cutting the ‘birth cord’ of a hollering baby that’s mad he’s out of the tummy.  Ask me, I think a better way to see it is.  We got a whole lot of work to do.  That work can be hard on two people, or that work can be easier if we had more hands to make it work.

Ahuudo:  You think we need each other now don’t you?

Syghi:  I suggest you make that talk happen while we are on this long ride.  It is a long ride out of these outhouse smelling parts of these lands right?

Ahuudo:  I get the feeling it is already happening.  Look at everybody.  Shouldn’t be too hard to convince them we need to stay together for a while. 


(It seems some of the slave women have come from different plantations.  This isn’t unusual as the sadistic business of slavery knows no limit of cruelty.  Two of the women came from New Orleans where a peculiar form of medicine is practiced.  Voodoo medicine has some good things about it the colored men and women are finding out.  In a country where plants, fruit, vegetables and trees are abundant; it has enabled Wichibi and Messie to heal the wounds of the group.

Seems like things are forming like a village before we even find a place to settle thinks Syghi.  This is something now.  Syghi’ mind turns to herself and Ahuudo.  Ahuudo told her what he has been doing since he escaped the Highhorse Plantation.  Some name to give a plantation?  Ahuudo is now satisfied.  What was torture is now a dead memory along with the plantation he helped to destroy.  Out West we go now.  Now I truly have something.  Something that belongs to me free and clear now, Ahuudo thinks.

My life, and my woman.).

The Other Side of Nothing:  The End



Preamble:  The Creator’s Diversity

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley


The ones who hold the power tell the story.  The quote went something like that.  Make peace with that truth and let’s move on to how power can wreck a weak mind.  When the King eats from the same soil and drinks from the same pond how then did humankind conclude that denying these basic truths could unify us all?  How the realization of what power brings to those that possess it can influence human beings that are weak of spirit. 

When their spirit is enticed to commit acts of evil when those in power that are evil hearted require it of them.  The Creator gifted his diverse creation carefully.  The care he intended has been perverted by one race intent on maintaining their power instead of sharing it as we share the land, water and the air.  America is that experiment.  May I say it has never reached its full potential because she (Motherly pronoun) has never loved all her children.

Issue 20:  A Proclamation?

Some important things I’m going to announce in this digital edition of America: The ReRoute.  First I want to proclaim my disappointment in the Republican Party jumping on Senator Katie Britt of Alabama.  I kind of thought that was my job guys.  Nevertheless, ‘PAUSE’, (A nurse at Lincoln Trail taught me that), your thievery of my crackbacks hit close to the mark on her atrocious performance, but it didn’t quite land the dismissal of her ‘verbal septic tank of remarks’ from a seasoned professional as I am.

Senator Britt, it was like she was chosen to clean the dung from the elephant enclosure that was left to sit out in the hottest summer month.  All the while she was convinced of it being a promotion.  Either she’s naïve or she actually believes she’s a guide to the zoo’s most sought after attraction. 

What a pitiful sight to behold Senator Britt.  She doesn’t even realize she was given the task of shoveling shit.  She was just told where the shit was, and if she got lost just to follow her nose.  The stupid part she doesn’t realize is she got played!  Now if she knows she got played that’s a different story.  Then her ‘D’ list attempt at play acting won’t get her agent a lot of calls for her acting skills.

Listen to me really good now.  I’ve lived a few decades and am encouraged by the change happening in tough journalists.  Kudos to G. Stephanopoulos for driving home intelligent fierce questioning.  Again you know me.  I don’t allow my stomach to be turned in the presence of women that try to skate by on their looks.  ‘Equality starts behind the face!’  Let me hammer it deeper down.  ‘EQUALITY STARTS BEHIND YO FACE!’  Women.  Do you get me now?

Yes, I’m going back to Afghanistan.  When we were on ‘clips’ and my driver was female; she knew I do not cut slack.  I’m here to fight as a team, do my duties in excellence, take care of my soldiers and maintain their skills, and go home to my family.  Her ability to perform her job to standard is what I stressed to her and all females.  So, to see United States Representative Nancy Mace attempt to play victim was harmed all women.  As a man should do, George Stephanopoulos treated her like a ‘man’.  Nancy Mace wanted to run with the ‘big dogs’, so she can’t cower when she got ‘GROWLED’ at, fool!

Okay, back to these ‘EVANDEVICALS’.  From the Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible.  Saint John 16:1-3…These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended. 2. They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. 3. And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me…

Put simply, all those so-called Christian Nationalists, and their ilk were never servants of God.  I have always had deep doubts growing up as a child at my earliest stage of awareness.  I just knew something wasn’t right.  Whether my dad’s behavior along with the behavior of the people in the church we were forced to attend at every turn.  I knew the power cord didn’t fit the outlet of God, metaphorically that is.  It just never seemed to line up the things they said and the things they did.

That settles it.  Now all my readers know I’m not your pastor, spiritual advisor, priest or deacon.  I’m on a quest of knowledge.  A spiritual journey for the truth while identifying all the stumbling blocks of charlatans along the way.  Whether a politician claims priesthood or a priest claims political office.  Either one of them or all of them doing evil you judge them according to God’s word.  Not your word.  God’s word while you’re 100% correct yourself.  Not by what you say, but by an honest friend says it of you to your face!

Here’s the second and last thing for this post because I’m almost finished writing episode 4 of The Soul of Black Land and it’s good.

This is the job of a President of the United States.  A President has to set the stage for all of us.  Every citizen of America.  It is not the job of the President to correct the mistakes or bad decisions of each and every American.  If your life has turned out in ways that in your determination is failure, the fault lies with you!  The President of the United States of America is not ‘YO’ Daddy!

Now, as usual, I’d like to share some personal history to be examined by everyone.  I’ve been married 3 times and divorced 3 times.  I’ve had a car repossessed.  I’ve been kicked out of my 1st wife’s’ home as such been homeless for a week.  She came and took the car at my job as she was primary owner.  I had to borrow a friend of mine’s car to get home and run some errands.  I’ve been cash strapped (how Black folks describe broke).  All that said here’s the ‘reformation’ that came after that.

I rejoined the Alabama National Guard.  I was able to save $1000 to put down on a car in my name only.  I moved back in with my mom and paid her $150 a month rent.  The opportunity came around again for me to join the U.S. Army active again while called up by the second President Bush.  I stayed on active service and finished my 20 years on Army Reserve.  I’m 100% VA disabled.  I’m about to finish my Masters in Addiction Counseling.  I’m owning my own home.

I’m a Black man that appreciates a President that sets the table for everyone to succeed.  That’s all I’ve ever asked for.  That’s all I will agree to.  Others living on more unfortunate circumstances may need more help than me.  Any politician can go around hearing the sob story of every ‘hard leg’ (what we call men in the Army) and assign blame for their choices onto somebody else.  Whoever the politician is, Republican or Democrat, that says your choices are not your fault in this ‘time period’ doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you!

I mean there were times in America’s recent history a few decades back that ‘White Men’ actively sought to keep America’s promise solely for themselves.  Instances of that happening now should be scarce.  Should be, but are not.  America is racist but some are willing to change, as some will not (probably never will) which is why no one can succeed without removing unjust barriers of evil.  I said I hope she makes good, so don’t jump on me for being right where discrimination is true.

Look, let’s face it.  We all have about 40 good years of dynamic labor in all of us that are relatively free of physical restrictions.  (I know, only my loyal readers picked up on the ‘physical’ and not restrictions on the ‘mental’ part of humanity).  We, Americans, should be helping and teaching each other to shunt our most productive period to goal attainment.  Hey, that’s all I’m saying.  Now, this is important too.  Just as in therapy, in life a person has to be willing to know the difference of an offer of help and an offer of harm.  It is still an individual responsibility to as God put it, ‘discern both good and evil by exercise of your senses’.

As I’ve always said and will always say.  ‘When is it YO fault?’  I chose to ‘mine’(dig out the blessings bestowed upon me) the gifts of writing and storytelling.  I chose to stop resisting the philosophical leanings in my nature and acquire a Bachelors in Philosophy.  I chose to immerse myself in the science of mental disorders. 

Listen.  ‘REFORMATION’ is a process like assembling many ingredients to make a cake.  All those ingredients by themselves cannot be called a ‘cake’.  Once they are combined and the process of transformation is allowed to occur.  A ‘cake’ is the result in time.  Use your ‘time’ how you see fit, but don’t assign responsibility for your choices and their outcomes onto an elected official.  If you don’t know how to make a ‘cake’ then learn, or go and ask somebody that knows to teach you.

Arise, and think not just of yourself when you leave the door of your home.  Proclaim that and watch your life start to come into focus with ‘good’ energy.