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How To Degrade A Human Being

Instead of lamenting the fact that human beings are ‘quick’ to be defined and then judged as not a creation of the ‘First Father’ I choose to recall the long cracked unpaved road that got all of us here.  ‘They are criminals’.  ‘That’s an Indian’.  ‘That’s a SLAVE’.  ‘That’s a lesbian’.  ‘That’s a Nigger’.  ‘That’s White Trash’.  ‘That’s a Homosexual’.  ‘That’s a politician’.  I’m sure all these words are familiar to us more apparently so in the so-called ‘EVANDEVICALS SECT’ of the Christian faith.  I’ve labeled these false believers with their appropriate connotation because the history of humanity has shown they’ve failed all too often to deliver justice to the innocent.

Why can’t someone being suspected of doing something that is contrary to the good order and direction of a society be called and treated with respect like a human being?  Why do human beings need to be thought of as less than such?  Is it because as human beings we all want to let the ‘darkness’ that ‘walks’ around us in by excuse?  The Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible 1 Peter 5:8… Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.  In case you didn’t get my point, I don’t concede that the ‘darkness’ is inside us because that would mean the ‘First Father’ inserted the ‘Devil’ in the mix.  I’m not ever going there.

So then it stands to good reasoning that we let in the ‘darkness’ when we don’t want to stay in the light.  How come we can’t see everybody as a human being no matter what actions they take?  How come we have to ‘lower’ the life of the ‘other’ to soothe our conscious of the ‘evil’ we are about to commit on another human being?  Could it be our ‘righteous’ foolishness that has led us to sanction the ‘downgrading’ of another human being?

When did I authorize police officers to be judge, jury and executioner?  Every time I pose that question I cannot be referred to where in the text it is written in God’s law.  Here’s why.  Again from the Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible Deuteronomy 27:25…Cursed be he that taketh reward to slay an innocent person. And all the people shall say Amen.  All these Bible ‘thumpers’ that have been hyped up by the ‘media’ never did and will never speak to justice!  Justice ‘waves’ them off because Bible ‘thumpers’ White ‘EVANDEVICALS’ will never follow the word of God!

That’s how you degrade a human being.  One of my most admired post was titled ‘How Do You Degrade An Organization’.  I trust I will not have to write about the degradation of the last stronghold – PLANET EARTH.  Alas in our time we have seen many more ways to make those who have it in their heart to harm other human beings to have an easier go at it.  This is why Black people say the phrase often, ‘Calling him everything but a child of God’.  Here’s where we get an admonishment never to profane another person, and if a wrong is committed you still call them by their name.

The Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible Isaiah 51:15…But I am the Lord thy God, that divided the sea, whose waves roared: the Lord of hosts is his name.  Human beings that are not beholden to a ‘code of honor’ will always act out the evil they let consume them.  Remember the ‘Devil’ will devour you if you git up on his ‘table’.  The Devil won’t use a knife or a fork nor he will wipe his mouth when he finishes.  Then why are we so surprised that whatever race, creed, sex, nationality, color or religion so easily acts viciously against a fellow human being? 

Yes devour means you’re now within another life form.  Take note also of all those people who proclaim they are professionals offering justification for those ‘Killer Kops’.  I spelled ‘kop’ that way because I don’t want to stain the entire profession with my disgust.  Kicking a human being in the face when he is down.  ‘5’ Black men beating an innocent man crying out for his mother.  By the way, Mr. Nichols showed he was raised right in that he loved his mother greatly to know he could ‘run back to the stronghold’ of her house.

I didn’t forget ‘immigrants’.  Where does it end is easy to answer?  Never.  ‘EVANDEVICALS’ are happy to rejoice in the presence of their false god as their god doesn’t see any wrong in their actions.  So this is how it is.  Just call everybody everything but their name, and these so-called Christians will never find fault being that they lounge in the stomach of Satan.  Like the scripture said, they will always and have always rewarded the police for ‘killing innocent people’. Let the people say ‘AMEN’.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley





Season One:

Episode One:  Time to Make Our Way 


The Story is:  (John is his name.  He doesn’t even know if he has a middle or last name.  John is the son of his slave mother who got pregnant with another Black slave she loved before she was sold to another plantation.  John is nearly two times ten now and he has something planned.  The year is 1843.  A year that will not be like all the rest of his years.  You see John is fair skinned which has afforded him many advantages.  The master’s son and daughter liked him so much they began to see something they lacked under their father and subservient mother.  It was defiance.  A defiance that was laced with strength.  Cleavur (pronounced ‘Cleavor’) and Lissqui (pronounced ‘Lis qu’) Munornado.  Their father thought it would distinguish his family from all the run of the mill families slaughtering their slaves.

John, Cleavur and Lissqui played together.  They began to understand what it meant to need another person.  This led the master’s children to teach John how to read, write and add things up if he needed.  John would share some of the things he learned.  Things only a slave understood.  John showed Cleavur and Lissqui how to manipulate others.  Not that stupid technique of thinking you got something from somebody they were already going to give to you.  John taught them to read a person and think beyond what’s in front of you to see the outcome before you open your mouth.  This would serve all three of them well on their new adventure.

John didn’t have a choice.  He needed help from somebody if he was going to make it to the starting line of his quest to go West.  John wasn’t just a strong back and formidable presence to see to it that his master’s product was duly protected, cared and paid for.  John also listened as the slave owners discussed what news was going around town about areas of America that were being opened to anyone willing to settle the land there.  That’s where the idea was first born.  John has spent many days and every moment he could laying on grass and filthy rags about the new Western frontier.

John was going to one day bend to his knees.  Place both of his hands on the ground.  On land that belonged to him.).

——————————The Introduction——————————

(This introduction is vital to the understanding of what these three people from two different ‘stations’ must discover about the world beyond what they have consumed so far.  A pact must be entered into for their very survival depends on it.  In the darkest times they surely know are coming, it means life or death.  John cannot live with the ‘white mans name’ anymore.  His mother whispered stories to him about the lands their ancestors walked upon in kinship to life.  Lands that provided their food and housed their people.

His mother said they walked amongst lions without fear because they respected the contributions the lions must make to control other animals.  So John couldn’t keep that name even if it meant an easier passage through to a prosperous future.  John knew he had to do just honor to his ancestors to show his face to them upon giving up the ‘ghost’.  ‘Dashurai Havein Hunavaelor’ pronounced ‘Da’sure’i Hav’Vien Hun’a’valor’.  Yes his name means something now like it should or once did before his people were stolen.  He will no longer use the name ‘John’ unless it was served in bringing forth ‘a means to an end’.

Dashurai knew a little something about ‘name calling’.  It did make slaves angry and defensive which served the slave master only.  ‘Go figure it out’ he told himself constantly.  It served him well to include schooling him on how to build alliances.  Friends he thought offered next to nothing when unsavory decisions had to be made.  Alliances offered resources and rewards and Dashurai steadily made himself into the man he knew he must become.  Physical strength was a resource to be deployed beyond intimidation.  Intelligence was a resource that must be kept in the most sensitive manner possible.

Cleavur and Lissqui were his allies now.  Allies were essential if this ‘ancestral’ bargain had any chance of paying off for all the parties to it.  Dashurai, Cleavur, Lissqui.  Let’s see how they navigated the obstacles that were boldly laid out before them to stay alive and achieve their desires.).

Dashurai:  I don’t see any other way this is going to start for us.

Cleavur:  By buying passage on a wagon train from here in Dumbassity Central, Kentucky to where now?  Oh, to ‘Indian’ country full of land grabbing unwashed shit kickers.

Lissqui:  Don’t you just love my brother Dashurai?  I mean the names he comes up with ought to entertain us straight through to what area we heard it was again?  ‘Shoshone’ country I heard.

Dashurai:  I already hired on as a ‘wagon man’.  It gives me cover to stay with you two.  If there are other plans available I want to hear them?

Cleavur:  Okay.  I see it’s time to test out my skills.  Sister we’re definitely not riding out West looking across at country bumpkins in front of us.  Let’s ascertain which wagons the wealthy are riding shall we.

——————-The trail not so cleared——————-

(Well getting underway requires the expenditure of energy.  That energy didn’t just come from the horses.  It had to come from the men.  Clearing the brush that covered a worn path was a constant chore.  The wagon train traveled a few miles a day where it was possible.  The markings on paper, a crude map, that supposed to resemble the area they had to travel was barely readable.  The loosely followed rules used to apply to land boundaries and property markers were wholly useless for the journey that faced them.

Cleavur knew something about land and how to tell where ownership began and ended.  He presented himself as studied in how to claim it, mark it and keep it.  Cleavur plotted his importance to the wealthy amongst the travelers looking to capture a part of this new land for profit and longevity.  He now felt fortunate that he, his sister and Dashurai consumed knowledge just like they consumed the air.  Part of the pact they made was to share between each other everything they learned no matter if they thought what they learned was stupid.

‘Put it up’ knowledge, that’s the phrase they would say to each other.  Boy they sure didn’t know then the crucial nature of teamwork times three.  All three of them held each other to task.  Nobody would be discarded no matter how serious the times would get.  Three would succeed.  That’s all they said.  Three would succeed.  Little did they truly understand about the power of ‘not failing the other two’ meant until they started facing difficult task after difficult task.  That’s what cutting a trail through the obstacles meant.  Small units mean large power and their mental power tells their legend.  Here’s how it happened…..).

Cleavur:  Mr. & Mrs. Vaterborne, this is an eventful start shall I say to a time that hopefully holds good promise of fortune for you.  I signed onto this journey after hearing travelers such as yourselves were going out West.  Skills I possess as a land surveyor with knowledge about how to settle boundaries should be valuable.

Mr. Vaterborne:  My good man I trust you know things may not start so quickly.  Making a name for yourself is the easy part.  Making money is the tricky part and that may take longer than planned for if the proper components aren’t already in place.

Cleavur:  I wouldn’t dare assume they are.  Components I guess would be the ability to buy, sell or trade with others that have things of value available?

Mr. Vaterborne:  Precisely my good man.  You have a useful skill which means settlers will eventually seek out your services, but what are you going to do in the meantime?  Town offices probably aren’t there where we’re going yet.  Nobody to record land titles.  What else you got?

Cleavur:  Quite right.  I already have connections with traders in built up areas close to the lands our new country is looking to open up for settlements.  People are going to need things.  Things not readily available.  That’s the service I’m going to offer.  I already have security personnel hired on for the jobs.

Mr. Vaterborne:  Good.  What’s your last name sir?

Cleavur: (That’s how you do it.  Keep your cool though Cleavur, but that’s how you do it.  Respect through legitimate commerce by legitimate means to make it happen.).  Munornado.  Mr. Cleavur Munornado.

——————–Get Onboard that Wagon Train—————–

(The communication between the 3 has to be naturally occurring.  The words between Dashurai, Cleavur, and Lissqui must have combination properties that herald specific actions.  Short words like ‘settle’ means settle for the answer or progress made and prepare for the next encounter whatever that may be.  ‘Break’ means to table whatever is being worked on what’s being processed and hold fast where you left it.  ‘Slave’ means that an encounter with someone from a ‘dumbassity central’ Southern State is showing his ‘intelligence’.

More to follow.  As we go we learn is the name of this game.  Cleavur recalls him and his sister tag teaming their father about a life away from home long before the Sun broke the sky on this day.  How he spoke of being his own man and nurtured the thought through his father’s head.  Cleavur, he said to himself.  ‘Don’t forget in this day and age the father is the strongest and most respected man on the plantation’.  Speak glowingly of his stewardship of his business, but speak of the day when his son must leave home.

Lissqui took a different track with her father.  She told him she was a caregiver.  She believed that she was somebody born to shepherd young girls to be proper ladies.  Education she told her father is what she most desired from him.  She needed to learn things that she could help her husband should she choose to be married someday.  Fortunately Lissqui had a father that admired and fed his daughter’s inquisitive tenacity.

Dashurai had to learn most of what he would have to know on the fly.  Wherever he could listen in or around meetings the slave master had him there for protection.  He knew Cleavur and Lissqui could bring the book smarts to him, but that’s only part of what he needed.  To prepare for the life he had to create not just for himself, but for slaves coming behind him he had to be wise in the ways of survival.  He had to control himself.  Emotions like anger or weakness were mankillers.  He had to make his way somehow.  The funny thing about what he was about to do was that he was about to do it with two young white folk.  Go figure he would chuckle to himself.).

Lissqui:  Well is he an asset or an enemy?

Cleavur:  Vaterborne?  Lissqui, everybody starts out in the adversarial column.  Listen, we’re just branching out or making a way for ourselves.  Nothing can be set in stone right now.  Matter of fact, I’d say we have months and years of our own development not to mention making a name for ourselves.

Lissqui:  Got it.  Nobody is who they say they are until we render a judgment.  Are you ready to go and are we riding with Mr. Vaterborne?

Cleavur:  Yes we are and Dashurai is a hired hand.  He is on security which includes animal feeding and care. 

Lissqui:  Our money?

Cleavur:  It is being moved to the most secure bank in the territories right now.

Lissqui:  Okay so it stays with father then?

Cleavur:  They just had a panic in the banking system sister.  Please don’t start trusting in a system that frankly is as young and naïve as we were about the world peering out from under the dress of our mother.

Lissqui: (Laughing again at her brother’s analogy).  Keep it coming brother.  So we’ve got to depend on ourselves.  Nobody has a lock on how things should be done and thinking that way would only stall this trip into the wilderness.

Cleavur:  Now I’m not saying we’ll have to invent the wheel again, but we’ll probably have to invent the gears to keep it moving in any direction.  I’m not saying we’re starting out blind, but I’m not setting myself up to believe that there are people along this trip we’re about to take that has everything in place we need to be successful either.

Lissqui:  That’s what I wanted to know.  We’re not kids running to the man selling treats from town to town because we heard his horn.  This is serious business and all three of us better resign ourselves to that fact right now.

Cleavur:  This is what we’ll do with the money.  Most of it will stay with father.  You secure some and I’ll secure some.  We’ll let Dashurai hold a portion just for the unexpected that may happen and add to it as we barter and trade along the trail.

Lissqui:  Keep our wits about ourselves.  Right now let’s wait until we can discuss what we’ve learned when the time is right.  It may not be for several days at a time sometimes you know.

Cleavur:  I already realized that.  We’ll have to eat together at meal times and breaks along the way when the horses are made to rest.  Repairs are done if any.  Are you ready to shoot your rifle when we run into trouble?

Lissqui:  Boy, you’re so sure of a lot of hardships are going to meet us along the way.

Cleavur:  Just putting you in the right mind sister let’s not forget this is still a young country with the natives still pissed off at us.  Dashurai may be able to slip pass them day or night, but our pale faces better be able to see in the dark.

Lissqui:  I think a ‘strap’ would hold more things on my body under my dress.

Cleavur:  Well let’s get you strapped.  Probably something leather that could loop through some holes in your dress shash.

Lissqui:  Right.  See there you go.  Everything hasn’t been invented yet.  Things that would come in handy right now we must invent on the fly.  I’ll keep a written record for sure.  I’ll add to it what I think would make the going a little easier.

Cleavur:  Then if that’s all let’s grab our baggage and get onboard.

Lissqui:  The three of us.  My my we’re on our way.  All the steps we’ve taken to get to this day.  It seems too easy to leave our home.

Cleavur:  Lissqui, I told you before.  I love our father and mother, but that home belongs to them.  We were renting space there.  Remember your spirituality now.  We got to establish our own home physically in a difference place.  Doesn’t mean we can’t go back to our ‘childhood’ home, but keep it in the proper place of order.

Lissqui:  I know.  I learned so much there. (She sees her brother about to speak again and she cuts him off before he opens his mouth.).  I am keeping it proper.  I will always pay homage to where I came from and that is final.  What wagon are we in and is it in the middle or the rear end?

Cleavur:  Neither of those places sister.  We’re up front.  This I’ve got to see coming.

Lissqui:  So everything won’t be explained to us anymore.  Somebody else figuring it out first is no longer a given.  Everything about life we’ve ever learned was seen first by our elders and then passed to us.  No hollered calls sailing upon the air to come to the table to eat anymore. (She looks at Cleavur and waves him off.).  I’m just packing my mind for the journey.  Don’t want to forget anything I need for the road.

Cleavur:  Good because we all agreed to do this. 


(Time is the factor that finishes a purpose.  An idea.  A mandate.  Time is a necessity that is bemoaned as a requirement because it is essential for anything worthwhile to become reality.  Our three travelers are away from the only depiction of life they have ever known.  Now they will have to decide for themselves what kind of life they wish to create for in the years to come.  If they are told the only way they can live is a certain way, they will resist it with possessions that cannot be compared to weapons.  

Strength is not beholden to a restrictive caste system reserved for those with wealth and means.  Strength of mind builds your life before you ever walk into it.  Dashurai, Cleavur, and Lissqui will have to prove that ‘declarative’ true. 

Time is earned because it is not in abundance at the start of anything worth doing.  Once they earn more time will they wield it to their advantage for more of it?  The way is known.  Time makes or breaks success.  Respect time and it will give you more.  Everything they ever heard or ever believed they now will prove them true or false.  More importantly though, they now possess the power to make a life for themselves.  Good or bad.  Prosperous or lean.  The one thing that they have going for them. 

A three-fold cord is not quickly broken.).


America Must Suffer Her Penance

I’ve a different take on President Biden’s and President Trump’s document cases.  President Obama’s Administration was run like a fortress heading off and anticipating any mistakes involving sensitive topics like classification of acquired secrets.  Of course no administration is perfect, but President Biden’s classified documents seems all too convenient to be human error.  I believe President Biden is sullying a bit of his 60 plus years of dedicated service, and willfully allowing a chink in his reputation in order to restore the full dignity and might of the office of the Presidency of the United States.  This is why I say this.

I’m an old school guy.  As a Black man I’ve lived through injustices committed against my people.  I’ve been discriminated against and denied opportunities, but what I’ve known below the Heavens there was a chance things could change.  The office of the President of the United States has a history by no means perfect morally, but the Presidency has brought about great change in America to save America from itself!  Presidents have supported voting rights.  Presidents have integrated Americas’ armed forces.  Presidents have spoken to other nations to tear down walls.  Presidents have received cries for help from oppressed people of freedom loving nations and answered, ‘We will help you’.  That’s what I want restored to the Presidency!

America has erred.  America elected a most vile, morally bankrupt, racist misogynistic man in Donald Trump to hold that office.  The times are no more where the fastest you could get letter mail was 20 or more days.  Everything is done out in the open.  Technology is such all is known in an instant.  Americans looked at Donald Trump and accepted all his evil ways.  Did all of us really believe the Presidency would remain that powerful office with that revered history? 

I know there are millions of Americans longing for the nostalgia (including me) of the United States President.  How the President just by speaking would silence financial earthquakes.  America wants her President back to the prestige it held.  This document fiasco is a set up to make a lot of noise to cancel both President Trump’s and President Biden’s situations out.  I am going to say this very clearly.  President Trump was my President as well even though I never voted for him.  If I have to take ‘egg’ on my face to see President Trump go scott free then so be it. 

President Biden is giving America back her Presidency.  Now any fool out there can say all the dumbassity crap they want about President Biden’s vast achievements in just 2 years in the office.  Scream about his accomplishments as nothing until you lose your voice.  I respect the Hell out of President Biden for what he’s doing if my hypothesis is correct.  He can take the heat, but I got his back as we all should. 

America has to accept responsibility for putting a man like Donald Trump in the chair of the greatest seat of power ever known to civilized world.  The office of the President of the United States should never again allow carnival barkers, liars, buffoons and hateful idiots a chance at that power.  The Presidency in my opinion was created to tell the evil among us that they don’t have a voice.  There isn’t a level of evil that can be tolerated to have peace in the land.  Are you crazy?!  Read Revelation 12:9 when God caste out Satan.  There isn’t a middle ground agreement where good and evil can leave each other be.  One or the other has to go period!

A President cannot play footsie like that.  All the times when the United States compromised her unifying principles in the name of reconciliation was a gross mistake.  For example, losing the Civil War shouldn’t have put the South in a stronger position.  That’s crazy.  As I’ve said before in pronouncements on this site that only a complete lunatic would think enslaving people could go on forever.  We did this to ourselves.  Opened the airways to every person that is full of mischief to get airtime over every media outlet because they do it to stir up shit.  We know there are stupid people in America up to no good.  Just because they now have a focal point in former President Trump still doesn’t elevate any of them to any reputable status we should care about.

It’s not all on President Biden to try to restore the office of the Presidency of the United States to the glory it held.  The penance needs to be a blot on all our names at the last when we’re judged.  We are all responsible for the foolishness engulfing America now.  It’s time we understand that the leaders we choose bring to us the country we deserve.  Accept the penance America and get us back to doing everything in decency and in order.

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley



Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time

Season 2:  Episode 13:  The True Cost of Time?


(Who makes that determination?  What value is assigned to goods and services that are marketed to potential customers?  What is the actual price?  I submit that calculation isn’t the true cost of what we possess whether it is alive or inanimate.  There is a greater consideration that is to be made to a family, community, state or nation as a whole.  Does the cost of any item for sale promote the welfare of the family, the community, state or nation as a whole. 

We will now continue to explain the big picture for those that believed in the continued bondage of people in America.  That slavery could generate value for the welfare of the family, the community, the state or the nation as a whole.  That millions of slaves under the authority of their slave owners benefited the United States then and into the future.  The simple answer is no it didn’t benefit America then and would have been destructive on a massive scale if it had been allowed to continue.

How?  Well setting aside the intelligence level of a typical slave owner’s ability to see the big picture let’s focus on three areas that would be of concern to every human being.  Their health along with their education and their responsibility to be a contributing member of society.  Ask yourself, would you really want slave owners that couldn’t add 2 + 2 to come up with the right answer putting all of us at risk for terrible diseases?  Do you really think a city, state or nation could survive without revenue from every citizen’s workday?

Here in this episode we will explore mindsets and reach conclusions as to why a continued system of slavery would’ve shattered the very concept of what the word ‘society’ really meant.).

Mother Sayer:  (Mother is going over applications of many promising candidates on her various creative teams.  She is excited for all of them and what they may accomplish.).  We have some good candidates to bolster our teams.  I know a piece of paper isn’t a true picture of a person, but I’m excited nonetheless to do true honor to all of them walking through our doors.

Sarah W. Certainty:  We will certainly find out one way or another that’s for sure.  I’m especially buoyed by the fact there are more women than men in our ‘IGBO LANDING’ room.

Mother Sayer:  The room is named rightly for all the suffering and the redemption that humanity is capable of achieving.  It would be an injustice to singularly focus on financial success while ignoring the history of cruelty this country has eagerly inflicted on enslaved human beings.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes Mother it is that willingness to show respect for those Black people that have had their voices silenced.  I have always been an inquisitive girl quick to stop and hear the stories that seemed to me were purposefully omitted from the history books.  You know me, my mother and father are Italians.  Saying they lived a bland run of the mill ‘anything of a life’ would be close to blasphemous.

Mother Sayer:  How fortunate you were to have that.  Mr. Sayer, my Father raised me the same way.  He knew enough to expose me to the history of our people.  The kind of history that you have to do a little research to discover.  Things that give a clearer picture of what actually happened in the formative years of America.  Things that offer an understanding as to why the South couldn’t visualize that the institution of slavery was righteously unsustainable.

Sarah W. Certainty:  The cost in terms of how it began to lose its shiny new object status on the world stage?

Mother Sayer:  The cost to the beliefs of ‘soft’ Christians in Europe because many countries there had started to sour on the merits of slavery.

Sarah W. Certainty:  The fall of the house of slavery was inevitable?

Mother Sayer:  Yes, but there are always those that will seek to prolong evil in any of its manifestations in this country.  The South during the Civil War knew they were wrong to fight to keep the legacy of atrocities alive in the institution of slavery.  How do I know this?  I see it in the idiotic retooling of history about the Civil War by today’s supporters to call it a fight for States rights.

Sarah W. Certainty:  It is a State right to steal from a human being.  It is a State right to steal from a local community.  It is a State right to steal from a city council.  A parish.  It is a State right to deprive the Federal government of citizens to defend the United States of America.

Mother Sayer:  Are you trying to take my job from me Sarah?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Ha ha.  Not at all Mother.  I’m just being who you expect me to be.  A reasonable person would conclude that any society needs a tax base along with a good idea of who is alive or dead for purposes of maintaining a country secure from enemy threats.

Mother Sayer:  You are right about that.  The soldier in me would question any society not being allowed to know exactly how healthy it is in a variety of areas.  As you mentioned to defend a nation from attack if ever one comes.  The necessity of having citizens that contribute to a nations’ well-being is ‘self-evident’. 

——————1st Interlude——————-

(At that moment the door to her office suite opens and the Arc Angel strides over to Mother and holds out the challis.  The challis for the Council Session will begin.  The ritual Mother has created is a homage to the quilt makers of old.  It is more visual.  A quilt, although its’ intent is to keep those underneath it warm; the thickness of the fabric itself has several meanings.  Whether prosperity was abundant and spreading within the ARC.  It also is representative of the timeline that will tell different pieces of the historical record of the ARC Incorporated.).

Mother Sayer:  (Mother enters the door to the special chamber she long ago established for her counseling sessions.).  I have come in response to your summons.  (Mother gives the challis to D. D. O. per the ritual because she does not speak.  The challis will be sown into the quilt at the conclusion of this session.).

Frank Inquisitor:  What do we need to talk about?  Oh, I know.  Why do you think it is in your authority to rock the boat of American history?  Is it not enough that some of America’s history stays adrift in the eye of a storm?

Mother Sayer:  The love affair some descendants of the losers of the Civil War I’m sure is what you’re getting at right?

Frank Inquisitor:  Isn’t it enough that they are the subject of scorn and disgust?  Why give them the very air for their lungs at the same time America is trying to stop their breathing?

Mother Sayer:  Ignoring them is solution?  I don’t believe that.  As a matter of fact ignoring these ‘tares’ these Confederate losers is how they were able to spring up next to the ‘wheat’.

Arc Angel:  How do you know that?  What information do you possess that slavery was a flawed institution that should be abolished?

Mother Sayer:  Good you asked.  Let me try to put my explanation into as many small words as possible.  During the great World Wars there was much debate amongst White people if Blacks should be enlisted to grow the ranks of the able bodied to fight.  They were allowed to serve and performed magnificently everywhere they were assigned.

Arc Angel:  You lost me Mother.  How is serving America in a war relevant to the fact that slavery came to be scorned by half the country?

Mother Sayer:  Okay jumping to the end because you’re not intelligent enough to follow.  Eliminate every Black soldier from World Wars I and II and the outcome may or may not be a victory for the allies.  Wait.  Contemplate this.  What if America needed the efforts of all people of adult age able to fight?  What if America had to ask every hillbilly 2nd grade educated farmer for permission to use their slaves to save the country?  The world for that matter.  How would that work?

Frank Inquisitor:  America as a nation would enter into hundreds if not thousands of agreements for the use of those slaves.  Problem solved.

Mother Sayer:  What if there weren’t any birth, health or property records of how those slaves came to be in the possession of each slave owner?  What if none of the slaves the nation needed to be say 50 percent ready for the training they must endure?

Frank Inquisitor:  The nation would have to educate, medicate and train them to the standard they needed for the war effort.

Mother Sayer:  What if America didn’t have that kind of time to set aside to train thousands if not millions of illiterate people?  What solution could you draw up to solve that conundrum?

Arc Angel:  That’s not what happened Mother.

Mother Sayer:  You asked why was slavery put on the chopping block of ‘discardable’ portions.

Arc Angel:  I’m still waiting for the point.

Mother Sayer:  Here’s everything I know about why slavery had to go.  American law did not supersede property law.  If the nation had to take land per se it had to seize it through eminent domain while human beings were considered personal property the nation had no right to come into a home to take the homeowner’s possessions.

Arc Angel:  Right the government couldn’t take possessions from citizens without due process.

Mother Sayer:  Imagine now what the government couldn’t gain access to with human beings classified as personal property.  No tax revenues.  No right of the enslaved to be educated.  All the while city, state and Federal resources are being consumed.  No government could locate outbreaks of infectious diseases in time to stop their spread.

Arc Angel:  Got it.  It’s not like the enslaved population would grow beyond the confines of a plantation.

Mother Sayer:  Are you serious?  Do you know the danger inherent into cross breeding of relatives?  No matter if ‘Mass Sa’ is the father of 5 generations down the same slave blood line?

Arc Angel:  That’s disgusting. 

Mother Sayer:  Oh it gets more sickening.  Imagine if open heart surgery went undiscovered.  George Washington Carver many uses of the peanut.  The stop light wasn’t invented.  Do you really believe a country could reach her full potential if millions of her people went uneducated?

Arc Angel:  It would be difficult albeit the slave owners had plans to make all what you mentioned possible.  Maybe the slave owners just needed the government out of their business long enough for them to figure out how to do it.

Mother Sayer:  A slave master thinking about America and the big picture?  That’s laughable.

Frank Inquisitor:  Maybe it’s laughable to you, but the South in the Civil War didn’t need to think or act on the interest of a united country.  Maybe all they needed to do was mind their own business and fight like hell against anyone trying to make them see there were larger stakes at play.

Mother Sayer:  You’ve made my point for me Inquisitor.  I was wondering when you would stop and be critical of selfish motivations.

Frank Inquisitor:  So what America would exist as a society above many sub-societies.  Stupidity, diseases, plundering of resources, an unreachable tax base, no uniform identification of anybody.  No united effort to fend off or deter enemies from attacking the nation.  So what the South wanted to do their own ‘thang’.  All those issues could be the burden of the North while the South would enjoy ‘States rights’.

Mother Sayer:  Obviously the North wasn’t going to let that happen.  Maybe the North didn’t explain it in terms of ‘big picture’, but there had to be some of the leaders in the North that understood that the alternative was untenable long term.

Frank Inquisitor:  That’s why you stressed diversity within the ranks right from the outset?

Mother Sayer:  How in the hell can anyone operate in the dark successfully?  How do you make such a process work?  Don’t know anything about some of the people working at your company, but they suppose to help the company grow and prosper.  No clue to their skills and abilities and even if they are healthy enough to be around you.

Arc Angel:  Relax we thought we’d trip you up.  Make you begin to doubt your own philosophy.  Turn your certainty into hesitation.  Slavery and all the manifestations of it was never a long term economic strategy.

Mother Sayer:  Slavery was always a mortal masquerading as an immortal. 

Arc Angel:  By that I’m sure you meant ‘its’ legs would give out long before it seen the finish line through a collapsed visual spectrum in the distance’.

Frank Inquisitor:  Until our next session Mother.  We are in recess.

———————-2nd Interlude———————

(Mother feels it not just in her head and her heart.  She feels it like a coating of unknown fabric.  A fabric that brings the comfort and cooling sensation of increased awareness.  This fabric slowly spread upon her over time.  Mother thinks the closest analogy she could use to explain her new understanding is the skills of a big game hunter.  That cunningly adept hunter waits for the prey to enter the hunters’ trap.  The prey just strolling along down a familiar path.  The predator positioned opposite the direction the wind blows.  The predator, allowing the prey to believe that danger is nowhere to be found.  Death is not even close by.  The predator springing every part of the trap so the prey will be an easy kill.

Maybe a startle, a sudden rustle in the bushes, or a flicker of dust carried by the wind falling over the prey would get it moving in the direction of the kill.  This choreography must untwirl like a symphony orchestra that cues each instrument to join at a specific point along the audio waves.  Pushing the prey to act, but not so erratically that it avoids the predators trap.  Ah, Mother thinks she has qualified for the course, but achieving a grade of excellence is but a wish for now.

It is a key difference for those unlearned in the ways of life as to why some may say can you not teach it in a classroom environment.  Skills aren’t taught in classrooms.  For instance, say the subject is rifle marksmanship.  While the course material is identical for each student; who excels in it stamps that person with abilities written not on paper but in the mind.  That person has the ability to change the knowledge into something else.  Something unique beyond awareness and understanding.  This is the gift of enlightenment.  Many wise people call it such.

Everybody can’t contain, hold or cradle it in their bosom.  They may attempt to grab ‘it’ floating through the air because they see it with more than their eyes, but it is not enough to see it and know that it is there.  Another simple analogy for it is if a person eats something that doesn’t agree with their stomach, and it is spewed up out from the point it came in.  Mastering skills require more that a desire to acquire them.  It comes down to whether you are worthy enough for those skills to find you to be a suitable home.).

—————-Continuing this episode————–

Mother Sayer:  (Mother knows she must now temper her awareness that she has transcended a learning plateau.  A place where many reach a ‘most high’ summit, but fall from grace because they celebrate their success in ways that weaken the ground beneath them.).  Sarah, where were we before today’s counsel session?

Sarah W. Certainty:  I have some thoughts about what moves the Confederacy made against the North that weren’t taken into account when the Civil War started.  (Mother looks at Sarah with an eye to signify continue.).  A prey is aware of the presence of the predator, but the hierarchical nature of the predator makes it more likely than not the prey will yield the contest.

Mother Sayer:  Quite insightful Sarah tell me more.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I’ve watched your mannerisms as well as listening to your words and correct me if I’m wrong I noted a synergy of the two.  (Sarah waits for an answer and she gets a nonverbal one, so she continues).  Is it because time is also an asset that should be properly deployed to enhance the bottom line?

Mother Sayer:  Absolutely yes.  The Army teaches something called ‘implied task’ that is just as essential to combat tactics as making sure your equipment is ready for battle.  It’s like story telling.  A good story draws you into the area where it occurs without you realizing you’re a witness while it unfolds.  The cost of reading it means your imagination receives a benefit.  It grows.  That’s part of the price you pay for reading a book.  Now you’ve added value to your life that can’t be measured.

Sarah W. Certainty:  The North in its haste to reconcile the South into the Union once again capitulated too quickly.  The North wrongly agreed to the conditions the South demanded for reentry into the Union.  The predator in that instance reversed roles. 

Mother Sayer:  Yes.  The North became the prey by desiring so greatly to make the nation whole again it errored.  That’s why we have ‘confusion’ running so rampart in our society in some parts of America.  The Daughters of the Confederacy?  Really?  How about ‘The Daughters of the Third Reich’.  Doesn’t’ sound good at all right?

Sarah W. Certainty:  It would never have been allowed and will never be.  The true cost I’m beginning to see the United States is still paying for the Civil War.

Mother Sayer:  This life piles up so much wasted time.

Sarah W. Certainty:  How so?

Mother Sayer:  America is a patient with bipolar disorder.  It’s like any human being ignoring their problems day after day week after week and so on.  When the problems ‘the pile’ get so high and spreads too wide in their path they wonder why’s that pile in my way?  The ‘pile’ is the problems you’ve been ignoring fool!  Problems don’t go away if you ignore them.  They just ‘pile’ up.

Sarah W. Certainty: (Sarah laughs as she visualizes Mothers’ analogy.).  From Federal to State to Local Governments there are enough good people that know if positive control isn’t maintained this effort would go to shit.  Luckily there are good people covering just enough of the right areas that the country doesn’t display to the rest of the world that it’s manic.

Mother Sayer:  Yeah to the untrained or naïve amongst us they can see an elected official darting about from place to place spouting incoherent gibberish and say they’re doing a good job for their citizens.  We called it busy work in the Army.  Work that’s necessary but untimely they fail to consider more pressing matters need their attention.

Sarah W. Certainty:  The ARC stays afloat but listening to your expressed thoughts I sense that you’re frustrated that more aren’t being brought forward.

Mother Sayer:  You are right Sarah.  My sweet Sarah I couldn’t ask for more fortune.  Having a woman as wise as you by my side.  I just believe there are areas of the ARC that aren’t creative enough.  Restraint seems to be coursing through the halls here.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Okay.  Let’s take a look at Plans and Management.  Also let’s look at CREATOR ROTATE.  I understand you got that idea from General Tholodious.  He mentioned something about a creator on his team that thought things up on his feet to contend with any known or perceived unknown variable in any given situation.

Mother Sayer:  Tholodious was extraordinary.  I still have some getting used to calling him by his first name instead of his rank.  His women and men were impressive.  I want you to understand and put emphasis on the word ‘impressive’.  I revisit those memories from time to time just to glean more ways and means to handle adversity.

Sarah W. Certainty:  You told me he got an earful about Black people and Jewish people working together for thousands of years. 

Mother Sayer:  Yes.  I reminded him that King Solomon was Black or of mixed blood as King David was his father.  King Solomon ruled Israel.  The wisest man who ever lived according to the Holy Bible.

Sarah W. Certainty:  That part of the heritage of Black people is why you make sound judgments and decisions.

Mother Sayer:  More than that it is getting back to the ancient meanings of ‘meditation’.  Meditation in the purest form means to alter, to bring about the person that is capable of understanding.  It means to bring forth the state of a person he or she is intended to present to themselves and the world.

Sarah W. Certainty:  The concern you have is that there aren’t enough people striving for greater achievements at the ARC to bring those ‘trials’ that could bring about an altered humanity for the better.

Mother Sayer: (This child Mother has to give special recognition to.  Her Mother raised this girl with fiery wisdom.  Mother silently thanks God that she resisted those human impulses of resistance to assistance if she had not she would not be counseled by such a force of a woman.). I am frustrated I don’t have more people bringing their fire and tenacity to my halls daily.

—————-Continuing this episode————–

(Mother somehow senses that the ARC Council wants another go at it today.  She goes to the floor just to ascertain what if anything that wasn’t covered in the session today.  Then it happens albeit a little late in her estimation.).

Frank Inquisitor:  We do have something we want to run by you.

Mother Sayer:  Okay what is it?

Frank Inquisitor:  The problem with spam calls it takes away the users’ ability to have their service available on their terms. 

Arc Angel:  This problem shouldn’t be hard to solve.  We need just a quick once over only your skills can give and we’ll go from there.

Mother Sayer:  Okay I’ll have to give it some though.  A few days and I’ll have some ideas for you.

Arc Angel:  Not trying to rush you, but I just told you I need some answers right now as the project’s been held up long enough.

Mother Sayer:  Excuse me?  So you want some ideas off the top of my head?

Frank Inquisitor:  We’re asking for some ideas before you leave this room.  Can you give us something right now?

Mother Sayer:  The table where you daily grab your plate.  The plate you want me to fill belongs to me.  The plate I load with insight or good ‘food’ which by the way you’re still eating from with your fingers void of any traditional blessings by the way.  Stop for a moment and wonder why that’s the case?

Arc Angel:  Are you upset?  If you are we didn’t mean to make it sound like a demand.  We are trying to do the one thing which I’m sure you’re about to say to us.

Mother Sayer:  What’s that?

Arc Angel:  Start forging for your own food.  Isn’t that what you mean.  The disdain is in your voice.

Mother Sayer:  Am I disappointed that the level of creativity has not risen at the ARC in the last few weeks and months?  Yes I am.  The blame game I never learned to play.  My father Mr. Ableman Sayer didn’t dumb down his daughter.  I thought every system every procedure every protocol I instilled signaled that independent thought was the most valuable skill needed to work here.

Frank Inquisitor:  We got that, but getting stuck does happen.  We wouldn’t have come to you if we knew we’d get the third degree.

Mother Sayer:  I should treat you with kid gloves is that it?  Maybe I should just feel some sort of superiority over you because you can’t do it without me is that it?  Are you machines that need to be loaded by external assistance?

Arc Angel:  Figure it out ourselves or wait until you give us an answer?  Is that it?

Mother Sayer:  That’s right!  Now we’re getting somewhere.  I’m going to talk now.  You just listen.  Self-discovery isn’t, it doesn’t just cover the human body.  Believe that the mind extends beyond your flesh.  That’s why my father put it on me growing up.  He honestly didn’t care if I could handle all the stimulus he kept pushing my way.  The awkwardness of scolding family even where business entanglements were present.

Speaking up when everyone around you knows there is a better way, but they keep silent in order to not anger the boss.  Solutions don’t necessarily run on a timetable so be prepared to sort them out.  Be ready with answers because you’ve studied.  Lean into your education your wisdom and your instincts when all else fails.

Frank Inquisitor:  Such glowing words.  Words of enlightenment which unfortunately do not apply to everyone.

Mother Sayer:  Are you sure about that or is that what you were taught to believe?

Arc Angel:  I don’t need to try to pass through this life unnoticed.  Unnoticed to the point where my progress and achievements are not impeded by stupid motherfuckers scared of the power of my intelligence.

Frank Inquisitor:  As a Black man underneath this shroud speaking truthfully.  It gives me a certain freedom that allows my inner strength to flow with awesome force manifesting the success I always knew I could achieve.  When I take it off I am engulfed, bombarded again in the conflict which target many forms of hatred towards me.  This hatred I didn’t trigger.  It was not of my own creation.  It was born out of slavery, and it is still practiced by many white people in this country.

Mother Sayer: (Suddenly Mother feels the upswell of a favorite gospel hymn.  ‘I’ll take you take’.  ‘I know a place ya’ll.  Ain’t nobody crying no no.  Ain’t nobody worried.  Ain’t no smillin faces.  Ly’in to the ray’ces.’).  My ARC Council.  This is a day I’ve longingly asked to come.  Spiritually I’ve always known I would be successful in business, but business achievement is nothing compared to human growth. 

Let me ask a question and any one of you may answer me.  Would you believe me when I say my father wasn’t concerned if I met my goal of creating a successful business on my own?

Arc Angel:  What?  Do you want us to sing your praises?  Yes, you’re an outstanding business leader.  The associates at your company enter and leave your halls with more smiles on their faces than anywhere I’ve ever been employed.  Big fucking congratulations!

Frank Inquisitor:  Arc Angel?  Lay off a minute.  Just absorb what Mother is confessing.  Your words should tell it all.  Where would you go and cuss out the boss and still have a job?  Where?

Mother Sayer:  Nowhere and thanks for pointing that out.  That’s not the point Frank.  I want people to thrive here and long for independence at their own shop.  Hardly anyone is taking advantage of the ‘SEED’ program I’ve installed for those that want to achieve what I’ve achieved.  PROCREATION!

Arc Angel:  A legacy?  C’mon Mother, just be selfish like all those other rich people.  That’s not what you want?  Being lauded by the ‘media outlets’ for your wealth isn’t your ‘Holy Grail’?

Mother Sayer:  I believe this day has been fruitful.  Until our next encounter.


(Asking for a seat at the table?  The table of what?  Mother picked up on her lessons quickly as her Father rolled them out with breathtaking speed so by their landing in cascade succession she could collapse time frames.  This served to strengthen her mental agility.  Petitioning for an invitation to a gathering where even the ones that now own the table don’t even know how it is furnished just sounds trifling to Mother.

Mother was drilled a long time ago long before the United States Army instilled in her that repetition brings about completion.  Her Father never locked her mind on a dream that a job is the best representation of all the power inside her.  That’s the best gratitude she can show to her maker that this is all she could achieve.  It starts with the training of the mind.  The Authorized King James version of the Holy Bible.  Proverbs 22:6…’Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it’.

What do you fear?  Being out of a job?  Being scolded for creativity?  Somebody give an ‘Amen’ or I’m going to say something I will regret.  I’m telling everybody it is time for the ‘EXPANSION’ to come. 

If you are viewing ‘OFF LIMITS SIGNS’ that nobody but you placed in from of you I need you to take them down.  Mother Sayer knows there are enough obstacles erected without you putting ones up yourself.  Mother also knows she won’t be able to do anything about the ‘news media’ celebrating billionaires, so she will establish an ‘underappreciated floor’ at The ARC.  This isn’t a place where her associates will go to get a ‘good job pat on the back’.

It will be known as the floor that makes everything else ‘POSSIBLE’.  The true cost of time is ‘lost time’.  Everything America needs to solve every problem imaginable is already in the ‘realm of ideas’.  Recycling shouldn’t have limitations.  Somebody else couldn’t be creative enough and decided for everybody else that’s all that was possible. 

I challenge all Americans.  If you have ideas inside you without limits please hold onto them.  Keep that hand of yours that mind of yours holding on to that idea for dear life.  We ‘all’ need you to.  Don’t look at what’s already here.  Look at what’s not here and ask can I go pull it into the realm of possible.  Mother Sayer is ready to help you.

Mother thinks that second session although short better be sown into the ARC quilt.  The record must be complete.).

This latest episode of Season II of Mother S. Sayer The ARC of Time is written by:  Victor E. Moseley

I trust it has been entertaining.  Season III is coming soon.