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Preamble:  The Creator’s Diversity

The ones who hold the power tell the story.  The quote went something like that.  Make peace with that truth and let’s move on to how power can wreck a weak mind.  When the King eats from the same soil and drinks from the same pond how then did humankind conclude that denying these basic truths could unify us all?  How the realization of what power brings to those that possess it can influence human beings that are weak of spirit.  When their spirit is enticed to commit acts of evil when those in power that are evil hearted require it of them.  The Creator gifted his diverse creation carefully. The care he intended has been perverted by one race intent on maintaining their power instead of sharing it as we share the land, water and the air.  America is that experiment.  May I say it has never reached its full potential because she (Motherly pronoun) has never loved all her children.


Man, some wonderful things can happen if you just wait awhile and let life play out and run its’ course.  Republicans have shown you who they are as clear as FUCK.  Back the Blue?  Republicans don’t give a shit about police officers as you see and hear with both eyes and ears.  Don’t believe me ask the FBI.  Republicans don’t give a rats ass about the court system.  Don’t believe me ask any Federal and State judges.  Republicans don’t give a ‘DAM’ about women and their rights.  Ask Roe vs. Wade and the denial of rights will keep on coming!  Voting rights?  Republicans mean you as well and don’t look at your bank account.  It doesn’t have enough zeros behind the number you’re staring at you imbecile.

Republicans wouldn’t give two wooden nickels for the poor.  Ask them about their opposition to collecting fair taxes from the wealthy?  Republicans don’t give a dam about ‘gas’, food or the cost of anything.  Ask them why they don’t tell you that wages are connected to the cost of everything?  Republicans don’t give a dam about women’s health care.  Ask a woman how many hoops she will now jump through to fulfill her rights?  Republicans aren’t going to offer one solution to solve one problem everyone can agree on like money, medical leave after birth of children or child care for women and men choosing to return to the work force.

Every idiot (I hope you get mad at the right one cause that’s what you are) that votes Republican are just like those ‘EvanDevicals’ I call them.  Those Holy Bible thumpers that either can’t read or won’t open that book to fulfill even their ‘two-factor authentication’ like it says in the ‘good book’.  So-called Christians you’re not off the hook for doing evil.  Nobody is going to be by your side at your judgment when you say ‘I thought he was telling me the truth’.  Listen knuckleheads “you don’t get to bring an ‘empty plate’ to the table and say serve me whatever you want and I’ll eat it”.

The Holy Bible Authorized King James version Proverbs 4:19…’The way of the wicked is as darkness: they know not at what they stumble’.  Translation?  ‘It means when following the wrong people willingly their evil will never light your pathway’.

Now let’s talk again about the ‘Liberal Media’ clutching their pearls as if they had nothing to do with creating ‘Fox News’ or their clones.  Take for instance I saw again on television 21 August 2022 a survey question.  An ‘arrogance of ignorance’ survey question at that.  ‘Do you believe America’s best days are behind it’.  I thought how in the world can someone actually believe they know the future.  How in the world can someone ask such an asinine question when America has never fully embraced and deployed all her talents!  Hint every other race, nationality and creed while White people keep thinking only they’ve contributed to the small success America has produced so far.

Just like I told my doctor when he diagnosed me with prostate cancer giving me 3 options of treatment as removal (mutilation), radiation, and desecration (chemotherapy) to which I told him I’m not falling out of my chair impressed by those three choices.  I’ll continue saying this until the day I die.  If anyone has achieved all they have then turn the lights out and shut the fucking door!  Wrong track for the country?  How could anyone know that when every good thing is opposed?  

Republicans are the ‘BIG LIE’!  Who in the world tasked with addressing pressing problems like climate change with evidence all over the country doesn’t vote in the affirmative!  Republicans will save us when we give them power again?  Are you insane?  All of them didn’t vote for the CHIPS ACT.  I’m not going to tell you what the Chips Act addresses because I don’t want America’s enemies to sabotage it.  Think on this one point.  What if every critical system from commercial to defense is fried and we need to replace them quickly?  Yep, this is what Republicans voted against.

It shouldn’t take Democrats to scream loudly what they are doing in scrambling to shore up America before somebody tries us.  Secrets are soft targets people.  Do you think our enemies are itching to go head to head with our military might?  If you do you need to check into a mental hospital right now.  Soft targets have the highest probability of success and produce the most significant damage to our force capability.  I don’t care what you think about me, but I don’t care if we elected an orange man to be ‘GOD’ himself.  If that orange man could cost me the country itself I’ll put him in the darkest prison I can find for America to live on I promise you that.

America listen to me.  If you are eligible to vote I ask that you consider America itself and vote for the Democrats.  Democratic candidates are shoring up our country.  All the nonsense laced with lamebrained discombobulated word salad the Republicans are throwing at you is so you can clutch your pearls happily unaware of what’s at stake.  Democrats much to my frustration aren’t very good at explaining what they’re doing.  I understand them completely which is why I am talking to everyone else this way.

The Republicans are telling you what they’re doing, and showing you at the same time they are dead serious.  How much more proof do you need to wake up before they strip you of everything you believe is important?

Written by:  Victor E. Moseley