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Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time

Season 2:  Episode 12:  When Thoughts Are Altered What Happens Next?


(I wish the dialogue in this episode wouldn’t be necessary, but in order to counteract evil intentions and distorted mythological creations of the reality we all have been facing it must be done.  Forgive me as I must write this for the record.  Let me start with Heaven itself and the Almighty First Father’s Kingdom.  As no one on Earth has lived in Heaven and saw what lines its streets or the structures that populate his house; we can only assume that there aren’t any monuments to Satan staring back at God as he strolls his streets.  Accepting that truth then it is reasonable to conclude that when evil was defeated in Heaven it wasn’t allowed a place of glory.  Evil wasn’t allowed to erect monuments to make all the ‘HOST’ of Heaven behold what Satan tried to accomplish.  Losers are an afterthought never to be forethought again.  Hold that thought.

Reconciliation is not required to make evil part of the family again.  You see when you go against the good the majority is striving to achieve you don’t get to have a say about what comes after your ill intent.  As I had to caste out Terence Dohey from the ‘PLAYBOY’ development team run by Nicole it was meant to convey the serious nature of how an organization must be run.  There can’t be mistakes reasoned away like children being reared as their behaviors are expected as the world is unknown to them.  Once an adult becomes a full member that is trusted to keep the greater good top of mind mistakes are inexcusable.  

America was never a great country.  How can anyone start right out of the gate in greatness?  That pronouncement never made any sense.  What America’s promise is that one thing that all those White men surely didn’t realize they included in the Constitution.  They made the Constitution ‘AMENDABLE’.  That and only that has allowed ‘GOD’ to show mercy on America.  This isn’t a holy country.  How can a country be holy and commit acts so unspeakable against human beings that White men still pretend never happened?  That is this mythological fabrication of how life was thought of in America by White men that controlled all the levels of information.  That is why there aren’t ‘Honorable Mentions’ of ARC members who’ve betrayed the mission of this company.  Betrayers, Haters, Losers and their ilk aren’t celebrated at the ARC.).

Mother Sayer: (The ‘PLAYBOY’ has been an enormous success for the ARC’s bottom line.  Mother is currently making the rounds to the team that developed it 2 years ago.).  Nicole I’ve had many project leads in my years here, but you’ve shown an adept ability to keep the energy of your team surging.  How do you do it?

Nicole:  I must say the reason is a big dose of it goes to you believing in me.  Yes yes I know I came to the table with skills of my own, but I listened to you.  Respecting everyone’s contribution and hearing what they have to say did dawn on me like a spiritual awakening.  I’ve never had an experience like that ever and not just at a job but nowhere in my life.

Mother Sayer:  Okay okay Nicole I know I’ve helped you view people as people and not as a means to conclude a project.

Nicole:  Don’t do that.  I’m not going to let you do that.

Mother Sayer:  Do what?

Nicole:  I know this is what you do to your staff.  You downplay your role and see if they will completely erase or minimize what you do for them.  I’m not going to do that.  I see things in the world now differently.  Do you really think I’m not shaking with gratitude?  I wouldn’t go back to the way I thought before about things in life if you strapped me to a table and tortured me.

Mother Sayer:  (Mother chuckles and motions Nicole to relax.). I’m just doing a check on learning.  I should really try to develop a new approach so my staff can’t read me like a book.  In all seriousness I’ve also been the beneficiary of someone who didn’t stop at giving a dam about me, but he wanted me to actually know what it’s like to feel helpful to people.

Nicole:  (Nicole motions to Mother could we please sit down.).  Do you have some time to talk to me?  I just want to get a few things out in the open about what being a part of something life changing means to me.  Not just earning a paycheck that ties into a mundane life; I’m talking about something that puts a smile on my face even when I’m sleeping.

Mother Sayer:  I did my part Nicole.  A main part of my philosophy is to pick up those willing to reach up to me with a helping hand.

Nicole:  If you would’ve met me just 2 and a half years ago I would’ve slap your hand away with all the disdain for you assuming I can’t pick myself up off the ground.

Mother Sayer:  (Mother thinks to herself her instincts were right, but don’t get it twisted she still needed to be sure of Nicole.  That’s why she drops a full load on everybody she thinks highly of because she doesn’t have the time to waste on mental weakness.).  Was that the indignation I saw bristling over every inch of your skin?    

Nicole:  How right you are.  I was one of those workers, a woman working in a world run by men.  Some of them possessing less than a third of the drive in me to do something extraordinary, but where could I have an opportunity to actualize?  When you found me at that moment I had sprung a ‘leak’.  

Mother Sayer:  Ah a ‘leak’.

Nicole:  Don’t, let me tell it in my own way.  Like power lines that keep the power contained and flowing in the direction the source generator intended.  I felt my power my energy generator failing.  It wasn’t feeding my lofty purpose at levels I’ve strived to maintain and expected.  The ‘leak’ manifested itself in the form of ‘doubt’.  ‘Doubt’ began to siphon my energy.  It made me start to think I would never achieve what I knew I could achieve.

Mother Sayer:  Know thyself.

Nichole:  Yes Mother, I never felt despair before, and it scared me.  My expectations were born from my own beliefs.  My abilities I possessed.  My education journey didn’t have a lot of ‘benefit of the doubt’ or ‘she’s trying give her a break’.  I must’ve pulled the murders row of teachers that only awarded grades that you earned.  Those periods of time spent in school taught me this.  ‘Don’t ever go to the altar of life carrying a cup with holes.  When you fill the bag to cross the desert in the baking Sun don’t complain you lost half your water not even a third of the way into the journey’.

Mother Sayer:  I could have you stop there, and you would’ve made this month for me and next month, but I’m not going to stop you.  Go on.

Nicole:  When I connected with you my energy drain was plugged.  It was like my energy levels began to return back to a time where I knew what I had to offer the world.  Now I have an energy source that I could charge my power plant.  Our energy is compatible if I may say so Mother.

Mother Sayer:  You may.

Nicole:  Thank you for believing in me.  Thank you for creating something life giving and I’m not talking about a paycheck.  I’m talking about owning a part of what I helped to create.  That’s fantasy in America.

Mother Sayer:  I’ll tell you why that’s fantasy Nicole.  Capitalism is selectively defined to mean the owners of the company are the only ones that are worthy of its benefits.  Do you know what I’m saying?

Nicole:  I do.  Capitalism as defined in America means that although the owner wouldn’t be nothing without the workers to build the wealth.  Only the owners are celebrated for achieving the wealth and success of a company.

Mother Sayer:  That is correct.  When the workers want to unionize the workforce the owner balks.  Why is that?  Is it because the workers failed to produce any meaningful growth and prosperity for the company?  Shouldn’t the workers who are mainly responsible for the success of the company share in the wealth they produced?

Nicole:  Makes sense to me.  I’ve made more money here than I’ve made in the last ten years in one year.  Not to mention with part ownership of what my team has created I’ve set my family up for wealth for generations to come.

Mother Sayer:  That’s returning to the true meaning of capitalism.  Even if my staff didn’t fork over the seed money to get a product out of the ‘imagination’ realm to reality they still righteously deserve their cut.

Nicole:  Nobody does what you’re doing Mother.  I know only of a few industries that have creative agreements with their creators, but they obfuscate how everyone shares in the success of the products that they often have to go to court to make the capitalist honor the agreement.

Mother Sayer:  Let me say this without equivocation.  The pursuit of money is not a laudable endeavor.  Money has been made out to be a pursuable human quality when it is obtained it gives them honor and prestige.  The resulting truism is ‘the more money you make the more influence you have’.  Money when thought of in this way alters thoughts negatively because money can’t curtail or warn you when your pursuit of it is harmful.  That’s why human beings have redefined capitalism to allow more oppression in the wages of the people that actually create the wealth in this country.

Nicole:  If people are conflicted about money and I’ll add religion to that column as well, most people would be stuck in an endless loop of uncertainty as to what purpose money serves in their lives.

Mother Sayer:  That statement you just made is powerful.  I never seriously thought that someone could understand the subject of money in philosophical terms through its manifestations of why money holds such power over people.  I’ll throw this nugget into the discussion.  Money doesn’t notice and cannot ever notice the unnoticed among us.  The amount of money someone has obtained is not an indicator of their intelligence nor is it a reason for everyone with less money to defer to their opinions.

Nicole:  You are so right.  How much money they have just tells everybody how good they are at withholding it from the workers that actually created it for them.  Point out to me one wealthy person with billions of dollars that cured any form of cancer.  A new surgical technique that stops bleeding.  A vaccine that cures aids, or here’s a good one how about a billionaire started a program that ended hunger decades ago.

Mother Sayer:  Money doesn’t talk someone down from a crisis.  Money can make it possible to hire mental health professionals that have the training to better address the needs of humanity.  Money has the media pursuing only the flamboyant among us cloaked in naked facades.  Every person that doesn’t critically think for themselves is under the spell of the money changers leaning back in chairs with their pot bellies escaping the confines of their clothes.

Nicole:  You are funny, but right as well.  I wouldn’t trade my good fortune for anything the world could offer.  My mind has been altered and reverting back to erase what I know now I would rebel viciously against anything attempting to do that to me.

Mother Sayer:  I know you never will.  I wouldn’t believe that was possible even if it were Nicole.

——————-1st Interlude———————–

(Mother suggests to Nicole that they get some lunch as their conversation is getting into the benignancy of her company as it shouldn’t be of note nor a rarity as a matter of practice.  Kindness shouldn’t be a character trait needing an awards ceremony for people to seek after it.  Enjoying the light that Nicole probably didn’t think was possible she could show to herself or the world.  Being able to do something that makes a difference Nicole knows is often found to be a world changing endeavor when it is put to the test.

Mother knows this is the way her Father must have felt seeing her light up when he was the source of ‘power’ and ‘energy’ that she could feed from until she became one herself.  This is what I wondered about.  This feeling of looking at another human being and knowing that person  knows they are doing something worthwhile.).

Mother Sayer:  How’s the chicken salad Nicole?  The aroma is powerful.  Those Italian breadsticks look extremely soft and tasty.  Are they?

Nicole:  I only eat meals that consist of easily and quickly digestible foods doing the height of the workday.  I don’t like to feel sluggish.  It distracts me and I can’t or better wording I despise the feeling of being out of focus when I’m working.

Mother Sayer:  Eating light and healthy with white meat protein certainly hits all the marks including replenishing your strength.  Along those lines of strength of mind is where I want to continue our discussion.  Why aren’t you jaded?  As many jobs as you’ve had I’m sure the possibility for upward mobility was lined with stiff competition.

Nicole:  Right there is why I’m not jaded.  Believe it or not Mother.  I’ve never had someone so clear and matter of fact with me.  Ever.  The way you talked to me scattered almost all demons in my mind.  I may be saying this wrong, but I also believe in unseen forces of energy from strong willed people only wanting the best for you.  All I did was whip out a string of my energy and once I connected I fed off of you as long as you’d let me.

Mother Sayer:  So you believed me when I said I can only set the conditions for you to succeed.  I can’t and won’t do it for you.  All I can offer is a chance.  Still I have to ask you.  Why did you believe in what I had to offer you?

Nicole:  A leap of faith.  I just felt your words land on me.  The first time in my life I actually believed what was being offered to me.  We are from different races, but I can tell you I’ve never felt in all the White bosses a twang of truth.  In you I observed how you talked to me.  You actually laid out to me what you wanted to do with the ARC.  That’s why my thoughts turned away so quickly from all the ‘dumbassidy’ I had to go through in the workforce.

Mother Sayer:  That is a big part of your story you just told me.  Do you know that?  Not many people can withstand somebody examining their lives.  I’ve always knew my worth from the time my Father took me everywhere with him.  Teaching, admonishing, recognizing, spotting  warning signs, developing every aspect of myself in order so that a whole person can ‘know what part my enemy sees as my weakness’.

Nicole:  My goodness.  That is it.  ‘If I’m to see clearly my vision has to turn inward first’.

Mother Sayer:  I hope you know I’m going to steal what you just said.

Nicole:  It is true then what I’ve heard from my co-workers.  It is only when you commune with like-minded people does growth occur. 

Mother Sayer:  Let me properly praise you Nicole.  I know we’ve had a discussion that probably should occur more frequently.  What I want you to know without a doubt is that the qualities you possess were inside you all along.  I didn’t put those qualities of charity, hospitality, strength of will, humbleness and self-awareness there.  I can only draw upon what you already have.  No one can bestow upon anyone qualities that they do not possess.

Nicole:  I didn’t fold under pressure huh?

Mother Sayer:  That’s right.  You didn’t fold under pressure.  Listen to me now.  That’s the problem we have in America.  Pressure applied at the proper appointed times along the creative process serves to help people ‘realize’ their ‘personal’ talents within.

Nicole:  God knows I’ve seen enough people installed in leadership positions if they were an ant couldn’t lead an army of ants to a picnic table scattered with morsels of food purposefully left there for the taking.

Mother Sayer:  Right and that’s what they display as the example why companies can’t take chances on unproven commodities.  Leaders that are judged on their own success is the main reason why new talent is often swiped away by a competitor.

Nicole:  While America celebrates the ‘CEO’ everybody else is deemed untalented and expendable.

Mother Sayer:  My you’re going to be running your own company soon with thoughts like that.  Everybody lauding over the small successes when their companies have enormous possibilities in their ranks.  My philosophy is to share with my ‘creators’ what they’ve developed.  I know what side my ‘bread browns on’.  It means I know what part of the bread cooks first.  ‘The bottom part’.

Nicole:  It means you know what cooks the bread and where it makes contact with the pan.  You also got to have the ‘heat’ underneath the pan to cook it at the right temperature so it doesn’t get burned.

Mother Sayer:  Do you have some Black in you because I’m beginning to feel you’re a ringer.  How do you know so much about Black folks ‘lore’ and ‘old sayings’.

Nicole:  Well I’ve mixed and mingled with different races all my life.  It would be stupid for me to walk along the road and not notice when the ‘scenery’ changes.  

Mother Sayer:  Well said.  It is my good fortune to have you on my team.

——————2nd Interlude——————–

(Mother arrives home and Ntare greets her with warm pleasantries.  The children are grown now so it doesn’t seem so noisy anymore.  Maybe she should give serious thought to adopting children in need of a good home.  She would certainly need a male and a female nanny.  She would also look into establishing her purpose to raise them in the way she believes God has ordered her to do.

She would have to get that business off the ground quick.  She knows just the people she needs to touch base with and clear it with.  The elders that knew her Father.).

Mother Sayer:  Ntare, I want to one day adopt children.  What do you think of that?

Ntare Bolder:  Well you’d first have to establish your support structure, or should I say your network of adults that have the same suitable mindset as you do.  I’m sure the race of the children will not be an impediment.

Mother Sayer:  Not at all.  All children should be properly raised.  Giving them the opportunity to know their worth and discover their purpose.

Ntare Bolder:  I’m curious to know how then will you share your thoughts on America giving good and evil equal promotion.  Children aren’t valued in this country like they should be.  I’ve seen how their lives are devalued to fit whatever the situation at the moment is which in America usually means their death.

Mother Sayer:  I have felt this conversation was long overdue.  The fact that your wife will now have greater exposure to how Americans actually behave in this country.  How disagreements are handled when the rivals are of different races. (Please sit down Mother motions to Ntare).

Ntare Bolder:  The monuments to some of your history bothers me in spiritual ways.  I have long held that Jesus Christ is an immutable figure.  That the behavior of others when it does not affect another human being wrongfully should be left alone.  Why do so many White people think that Confederate monuments have legitimate historical purposes on public lands?

Mother Sayer:  Truth.  They don’t.  The Confederate States committed the most unforgiveable sin.  They decided to secede from the America experiment because they didn’t want to give up their right to keep human beings under ‘bondage’ for all time.

Ntare Bolder:  If that is true then why did the victors allow them to negotiate favorable terms for their defeat?

Mother Sayer:  Truth.  Because only White men could negotiate the peace which have us in the predicament America is in today.  If Black people or rather all peoples’ races and genders were at the table then that Confederate inbred swine wouldn’t have been allowed to erect ‘Golden Calves’ and worship their idol Gods.

Ntare Bolder:  The people that lost got to write some of the best rules?

Mother Sayer:  Do you know what ‘Altars’ really are Ntare?  An altar is first a focal point.  They are simply a visible sign that churches use to call those needing salvation to approach and be content in its’ presence.  An altar can also be an evil sign.  As a map has locations marked on it so travelers can easily find the place they seek, altars can also be a conduit.

Ntare Bolder:  A conduit?  How is an altar a conduit?  In Africa we have places of worship, and the ‘altar’ is a significant part in the practice of our belief in a supreme spiritual being.

Mother Sayer:  Well Ntare in America the distortion of many things sacred has occurred for hundreds of years without any pushback.  Now a ‘conduit’ in the sense of these erected monuments to losers are that they serve a ‘dual’ purpose.  First these Confederate monuments show that ‘White Supremacy’ still has enormous power that’s given a wink and a nod by White people in general.  Second the Confederate monuments serve as ‘the’ conduit that every ‘hateful’ person whose heart is filled with evil can replenish their evil soul at the base of its ‘altar’.

Ntare Bolder:  In Africa when good people die the village mourns.  When evil people die the village celebrates.  There is now a chance for happiness to return if the spirit would allow it.  There is a chance the village will suffer, and if it does the people know they played a role in the destruction of the good that should have prevented the evil from rising in the first place.

Mother Sayer:  Accountability is important in every part of our lives.  A true statement which sometimes turns into more like an axiom when ‘the people’ are faced with that very choice of good or evil.  It’s like they are without that ability. ‘Like no one can tell whether anything is good or evil anymore’.

Ntare Bolder:  Why?  Aren’t human beings in this country capable of discerning what is ‘good or evil?’.

Mother Sayer:  Being cynical is not my ‘stick’, but I know for certain a political party in this country has long ago abandoned that contrast.  Republicans are all in for power no matter if that power has evil at the head.  Democrats remind me of the ‘crossroads’ those White men must’ve stood on looking down the right path, but instead chose the less adversarial path to keep the country whole in their minds.

Ntare Bolder:  Ah, their calculations were off by a few numbers weren’t they?

Mother Sayer:  Yeah, their equation didn’t solve the problem and quite frankly it made it unsolvable up until this day.

Ntare Bolder:  You have a solution?  You, have a solution to a problem of hatred that has fed the evil heart of White Supremacy for centuries?  Now you’re frightening me.

Mother Sayer:  You know the old sayings about ‘going to the well too much your opponent starts to figure you out?’  Well I suggest we sour the ‘well water’.  These White Supremacists want to keep their altars to their lost Gods on public lands supported with taxpayer funds.  The rest of us and I mean people of good conscience and good will should be allowed to erect our own ‘altar’ that explains what every monument to their ‘lost cause’ means for the ‘well water of hatred to stop being drawn out’.

Ntare Bolder:  You want to erect an information plaque next to these Confederate monuments to explain to the good people everywhere exactly what these ‘Golden Calves’ mean and why they are worshipped by the purveyors of hatred.

Mother Sayer:  Yes it’s that simple.  These White Supremacist wherever they hold their church in whatever City, State or Federal legislatures.  We have to make them fight to keep their ‘symbols’ of hatred pure in the eyes of their followers.

Ntare Bolder:  So that’s how you’re going to tell these White Supremacists to go to Hell?

Mother Sayer:  Ntare let me pose a scenario to you.  Spiritually now, do you believe there has been a second purge of angels that rebelled against God in Heaven?

Ntare Bolder:  I don’t believe there has been, but how could I know something like that?

Mother Sayer:  True.  If we believe the Holy Bible is the best possible record of God accounting for his dealings with mankind, then the record reflects a one-time purge of those angels that sided with Satan against God.

Ntare Bolder:  That is a statement I could attest to that the record is true as written.

Mother Sayer:  I said that to be as simple as possible.  What we have in America now with all the foolishness that still abounds here like ‘the heart of America resembles a cantankerous child’ shows what compromise with evil looks like.  First saying America was founded as a ‘Christian’ nation is blasphemous.  Second a ‘Christian’ nation doesn’t take two hundred and forty plus years and counting to figure out a grave affront against God was and still is being committed against his creation for shits and giggles.  The power mad still can’t accept this one fact that when you commit a wrong it is a ‘wrong’ period!

Ntare Bolder:  That is one of the biggest problems that nations struggle with.  The crimes of their history.  African nations haven’t fared any better.  I wonder will human beings ever just tell the truth and leave it at that.

Mother Sayer:  That’s the despair I’m talking about.  I’m going to expose you to the origins of it in America.  That crossroads I mentioned earlier is pointing in 2 different directions.  The way of redemption or the wide way of compromise soaked in evil.  Both directions aren’t the same.  The way to compromise soaked in evil has an immaculately paved multi-lane road going in multiple directions full of twists and turns.  The way of redemption has only one lane going in one direction.

Ntare Bolder:  You can’t be serious?  This is the same America that the Northern armies totally laid waste to the Confederate Army and frankly their ‘barrel chested’ cities.  On top of all that the North acted as if they had the weaker hand, so they should’ve just dictated the terms and told them where to sign.

Mother Sayer:  It was said that President Lincoln didn’t want to strip the South of all their ability to earn a living.  Of course if you ask me I’d say fuck them.  They wanted to enslave people for all time to build wealth for them.  White men wanted the right to rape little Black girls, Black women, and mutilate Black men.  The North didn’t make them comply with any meaningful terms of surrender.

Ntare Bolder:  Can you make a stronger statement than that?  I know your history and it’s horrific, but didn’t compromise give Black slaves the chance at freedom?

Mother Sayer:  Do you know what an ‘Indian giver’ is?

Ntare Bolder:  No.

Mother Sayer:  We use it a lot in the Black community.  More than just words defined in the dictionary.  The true meaning extends beyond a gift taken back.  To us it means that ‘you will never actually feel as if you have something and it’s truly yours when it’s given or promised to you’.  That’s the way I feel in America right now.  I don’t truly have rights or freedom because if somebody White kills me the ‘media’ in cahoots with the ‘police’ will instantly demonize me.

Ntare Bolder:  No.  Do you really feel that way?  I mean you’re wealthy and you own a company.  What about you would make somebody say you ‘didn’t have a right to go about your daily life while Black?’

Mother Sayer:  You’re funny.  I didn’t know you could use sarcasm so artfully.  Listen Ntare, when you travel any road that doesn’t make it clear to defeated enemies of America foreign or domestic what you’ll have is what we have in America now.  Taxpayer funded ‘graven images’ of defeated traitors in places of prominence across America.

Ntare Bolder:  I’ve been stopped by the police before.  I’ve felt the tension in the air during the interaction.  

Mother Sayer:  You know what is really funny about that and other examples of evil intent?  Our government and any representatives of order act as if they aren’t responsible for stopping the decay in their ranks.  Also the citizens that vote in America act as if they won’t be held accountable when their life is under review after death.  That’s why I’m starting this program to explain every defeated representation of the Confederacy in this country.

Ntare Bolder:  To what end?

Mother Sayer:  To let everybody know that avoiding evil gives it strength.  What’s that saying about the only thing for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing?  It goes for women, the transgender community and all categories of human life.  That last United States President was right.  This carnage will end…


(I can’t say how much it pains me to see a robust spirit slowly lose the energy to do the good that humankind needs done.  It’s not okay to have depictions of traitors lining the streets that Black folks once struggled walking down in chains.  I want to make clear something about contributing to the degradation of a country.  Just as I continue to hold organizations responsible for not policing their ranks; voters are on notice of their responsibility as well.  Republican voters in particular have a complex about party line voting.  Do you know what the Republican Party has set in motion in America?

America was never great.  What country starts right out of the gate in greatness?  That myth is dispelled right now.  America is on a journey to greatness.  America will reach that journey only if she believes in the principles the majority of her citizens chose to uphold.  Church goers let me tell you something.  Do you really believe Jesus Christ needs an AR15 to protect himself?  His Kingdom?  If you do there is no hope for you.

White folks, tell your Confederate loving loser buddies they lost the Civil War.  Tell them right now and close that delusional door forever.  Black folks aren’t going back into slavery nor Black women and little Black girls back to rape property birth machines.  There aren’t good people on both sides of this.  If you believe that then say it to God on the day of your judgement.  Don’t be a tough guy in the flesh and a wimp in the spirit.  Remember White Christian Nationalism is what Jesus Christ agrees with right?  My how much we have altered our thoughts that even what is sacred isn’t truly sacred anymore….).


Give Me That Ole Time What?

Declaration of Humanity 4.0…This founding statement is different.  This one is being written in clarification of an ongoing threat of fear that ‘evil’ seems to offer more rewards than ‘good’ ever will, and more overtly the verbal Christians are flocking more openly to evils promise of fortune.  While this trend is alarming I must counter with this fact.  Evil has never gone out of season in America.  Good is more than a match for evil, but the righteousness of good can only be activated from a straight line.  What is that straight line you ask?  It is the center of every human beings’ known universe.  If it is straight it is a ‘Heartline’.  A heartline from the heart to the soul because when our heart stops our deeds will be called into account.  The ‘JUDGE’ will know what you did and not what you meant to do…

ISSUE 5:  A False Heart for Safety

Not this time fellers.  I’m United States Army retired, and I know that even on the field of combat there is medical care for wounded prisoners of war.  So why do I continually have to hear about United States police officers desecrating dead human bodies because they fear for their safety?  Let me understand clearly so that I’m not calling out the policies of police departments falsely.  Is it the policy of police departments to not render aid or attempt to save life even after self-defense is claimed?  Secondly if no aid is required is it policy to handcuff a dead human body so the cowardly police officers can feel safe?

I just want to be clear here and not call police departments out for their stupidity and disdain for the humanity their duties call upon them.  Professionalism isn’t a requirement for police officers am I hearing that correctly?  Apologies, let me define ‘professionalism’ for those unsure of its meaning.  ‘Professionalism’ means to uphold standards of decency, respect for life, and promote just order in the face of uncertainty, loss, chaos, or tragedy.  A simple definition for the simple minded is being a professional isn’t contingent on me being treated professionally. 

In my duties and responsibilities as a mental health professional I can’t react disrespectfully if vitriol is coming at me none stop.  I’m the professional!  Let that sink in although for some I know it won’t find an opening in their skull.  So don’t excuse me when I call police policies what they are.  The desecration and utter disdain for human life alive or in death.  Let me ask all these so-called Christian Conservatives beating their boney chests about the rule of law.  How did Guantanamo Bay in Cuba fill those prison cells?  You say they were captured on the battlefield?  How were they captured?  Were they shot full of bullet holes and handcuffed before they were brought to Cuba?

Give me a break with all these cowards in police uniforms clacking their knees together peeing in their pants in fear of a dead body hurting them.  Really?  A little advice before your police commanders go on television again.  At least make the effort to lie and say you searched a dead man after rendering aid resulted in no hope of bringing him back to life.  Also say that my officers feared that he was demon possessed and the individual might do a Freddy Krueger on them.  All of those police officers from their commanders to the rank and file are cowards bereft of even a miniscule code of honor.  Pathetic.

It was good for the Paul and Silas, it was good for the Paul and the Silas, it was good for the Paul and the Silas, it’s good enough for me…


Ground Water Sky

Founding Statement:  There comes a precious moment in time that all life drops the ignorance of superiority.  When the ground realizes it needs the water to survive.  The tree realizes it needs the ground to hold it in place.  The air realizes it needs the tree to replenish the oxygen it desperately needs to create the weather patterns that climatizes the Earth. Responsibilities are intertwined because a living planet depends on every element to function according to its purpose.

Mammals pretend that they’re more sophisticated than any living breathing planet, and thus conclude that liberties can be taken with all three essential elements.  The ignorance of mammals I’m afraid is a contradiction of their celebrated intelligence.  Intelligence that informs mammals they aren’t required to be simple creatures that fulfill their purpose, but creatures that can take actions harmful to the elements that are dedicated to their stated purpose.  Mammals believe such devotion constrains their freedom to live as they please.

This revelation and the antagonistic approach mammals have decided upon against the elements will be simplified in this digital periodical.  All the talk of unity will be broken down into useful parts that will be easy to understand and implement.  Know this my fellow mammals, all forms of life owe it to each other to care for one another.  It’s just that mammals have enjoyed the echo chamber of approval from other mammals because the elements never raised their voice.  We now know for certain the elements do have a voice, and they have registered their collective disapproval of the selfish nature of mammals…

Issue 05:  Infallible

Yes this issue of ‘Ground Water Sky’ will probably shatter the illusion many so-called Christians have of their so-called Church.  This belief persists in spite of the ‘First Father’ and the ‘Son Jesus’ scattering throughout the Holy Bible their mistakes.  A couple examples so we can get on with the purpose for this issue.  King David was a man after God’s own heart, but he was found at fault when he slept with the wife of one of his soldiers.  Jesus, the son of the ‘First Father’ chose an apostle that betrayed him.  Shall we move on?

How did humankind come to believe that any living human being today or say for the last thousand years walked the Earth without error?  The obvious apparent answer to the learned was for the attainment of preeminence.  Leaving the simple fact that the establishment of order never gave license to believe that the governed needs to be kept under silenced subjection.  Being governed is the way a society cares for itself.  Where did the change occur that the governed needed to believe that their representatives must be more than Gods? 

When the Apostles said that the church should be presented without spot or blemish it was meant to be an unobtainable goal.  Ephesians 5:27 is an ambition that should be undertaken until the time that all those that believe a supreme spiritual being returns to reclaim the Earth as his kingdom.  Now let me ask those that are wise enough to render me an answer.  Is the ‘church’ as it is presented today an organization that is infallible?  Focus your thoughts on the living ‘church’ of today and not on what may have existed in times past.  If any of you answered in the affirmative you’re sadly mistaken.

Take the United States Secret Service for instance.  Did they just recently make claims of events attributed to former President Donald Trump didn’t happen as claimed by a witness under oath in the very halls of our Federal Government?  That’s correct!  They actually gave proof that stupidity resides in all structures of human undertaking.  Does the United States Secret Service really think that a wise human being would believe that the men and women that stand their ranks are infallible?  They just proved they weren’t by trying to shore up a ridiculous notice of infallibility.  How pathetic that attempt was and golly gee whiz I wish they would swear under oath that nothing ignorant happens in their organization.  Ludicrous is too good a description for the Secret Service because it insults the word ‘ludicrous’ to attribute it to them.

See how my post from a time past about ‘How do you degrade an organization’ is still so relevant?  Read it here on my website.  How many of these ‘ass clowns’ who probably all look alike still bounce the same ‘bullshit’ off each other and truly believe that people that don’t look like them will fall for it?  Now I’m exasperated to still have to cover the same ground when it comes to inflation and higher wages.  I get it why the national media never correlates the two phenomena because they want the foolish in America to continuously believe nothing is connected.  One more time which I’m sure won’t be the last time I cover this.  Inflation and wages are connected.  

Marching orders to all those able and disabled looking for a job.  Don’t accept nothing less than $15 dollars an hour.  Of course some industries are governed by different rules like the restaurant industry, but there shouldn’t be anyone making less than $15 dollars an hour in America period!  Stop your ‘belly aching’ and keep cheering for all of us.  What was happened in the past was the narrative was always slanted by corporate America.  Yes I’m talking about the national media doing the bidding of corporate America.  Hey ‘you got to say it because they paid it’.  Now the scale is balancing itself instead of resting on the ground under some wide ass corporate buffoon!

As ground is to water and water is to sky let the record show that America’s labor force has awakened.  Now this next point is just as critical, so I’ll make it brief because it’s not hard to understand.  Elected officials at every level of government weren’t remotely considered by me to be perfect.  Ascertain whether the person is reasonable and normal.  If you’re a crackpot that thinks somehow a blowhard paper billionaire was a great U.S. President (Trump) then you will not be allowed to destroy this country.

I always chose candidates that show me who they are first, and then I determine whether they are good or evil and frankly I chose the good people.  Good people have the conscience that torments them when they commit errors because they know someday somewhere to someone they must give account of themselves.  Stop with this insanity believing there are ‘infallible’ human beings.  There aren’t any dumbass!