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War Zones?

As a retired Army veteran I want to extend solemn camaraderie to the fallen Marines and soldiers of America in this time that precious life has been loss in defending Afghanistan’s people from tyranny and oppression.  No amount of memories will replace the countless hugs, kisses and joy of being in the presence of these service members to their families.  The possibilities of looking into their eyes and hearing them speak or hoping for their futures are all gone now.  No expression of understanding of what these brave service members meant to their families could be possible using words.  The sacrifice is everything.  Those who have never served could never understand that the words of Duty, Honor, and Country aren’t just vocalized upon command.  Read further.  This is what it means in scripture.

Proverbs Chapter 7 vs 1-3:  “My son, keep my words, and lay up my commandments with thee.  Keep my commandments, and live; and my law as the apple of thine eye.  Bind them upon thy fingers, write them upon the table of thine heart.”  Republican politicians are loathsome creatures.  Who would even attempt to use the death of brave service members whose deaths aren’t even known to their loved ones yet to try to spew despicable critiques of the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces?  Who does that?  This is why I wanted to wait until the mission was over in Afghanistan to verbalize my thoughts.  Afghanistan is a ‘WAR ZONE’!  The men and women who wear the uniform understand this and place it on their hearts.  Whisking people to safety unfortunately means getting face to face with them.  That cowardly act of that terrorist won’t stop one service member from the performance of their duties.

My second tour in Afghanistan as a 92F required me to transfer fuel from third country national tankers into the above ground tanks on my FOB.  Don’t you think I knew that if an explosive device eluded detection my life would be ended? Yes I did.  Nevertheless I got up on top of every tanker that came into my fuel point and unloaded every last one of them.  I vote Democratic and I was there under a Democratic President.  I would feel great shame if my parents blamed whatever President of either party for my death.  That is akin to what we say down south of spitting in somebody’s face!

What?  Is the President ending a war in Chicago?  I doubt that there would be attempts by mischievous persons to strap a bomb to their ass and kill themselves along with countless others.  Absolutely not!  The President is ending America’s involvement in a war in Afghanistan!  The President is not airlifting people out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He’s airlifting them out of Afghanistan!  Yeah, the President knows that with war there are casualties.  Let no politician of either party belittle what is inevitable about war.  This isn’t a matter to be reduced to political blasphemy!  

All Republican politicians in office today are unworthy to have their names uttered in the same sentences as duty, honor and country.  These are the people who morph into whatever a mob is feeling in the moment whether it is hatred of the other to excusing immoral and dishonorable behavior from their leaders in power.  Citizens, do you really think a Republican politician with an empty heart has limits to what he or she would do to achieve, hold, and wield that power?  Every one of you who votes to give these people power again deserve the cold splash of truth coming soon after you give it to them.  How does the saying go?  “An empty heart will receive your wishes, but its’ many valves will soon flush it out any available chamber.”

Can’t flush Duty, Honor and Country from a person wearing the uniform in service to America.  Why not you ask?  Because Duty, Honor and Country can’t be flushed when it is written on the heart of a warrior.  That’s why!

Political Theater?


First let me be clear this isn’t a final assessment of America’s interdiction in Afghanistan.  I will give my judgment at a later undetermined time in the future.  Okay.  All the people who aren’t active-duty military or Cabinet members in President Joe Biden’s Administration giving commentary about foreseeing an avoidable end to a military engagement are full of shit.  Certainly Federally elected Republican politicians who are suddenly endowed with integrity should join the circus because that’s where clowns belong.  Oh, and if I had to give advice to President Biden and his cabinet I would tell them to let the press have their party.  I don’t care if it’s a pity party over spilled milk.  I don’t care if they are trampling each other to say I told you so first.  I don’t even care if they are sincere in their concern for the plight of females of all ages in Afghanistan under the Taliban.  They aren’t running the show are they?  Mr. President just do your job and let history write itself.

Now about Republicans trying to cast President Biden’s ability to lead or critique how he handles himself as somehow less than what they expect of a leader.  Wow, that’s vexing to say it bluntly because their guy that sat in that office the last four years couldn’t contemplate on anything for an extended period to make good decisions.  President Trump couldn’t spell wisdom let alone possess any and Republicans are attempting to press that line of attack as if it will help them win elections?  Good luck!  Which brings me to remark on President Joe Biden’s ‘aura’.

I have concluded that President Biden is a ‘FREESTYLER’.  What do I mean by that?  Let me break it down for you.  The President’s conversational tone gives off an air of originality, honesty and openness.  He doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about topics he enjoys talking about like his family, his career, his devotion to keeping to his word.  Don’t even try to compare President Biden to President Trump.  President Biden may get some facts wrong in his eagerness to answer questions, but President Biden doesn’t blatantly lie like President Trump did when his lips are moving.  President Biden is old enough to have developed that part of himself that tells him to trust people when you give them a job to do.

In mental health if you do it long enough and become good at it there develops in you an understanding to give people the ability to make decisions that still produce good outcomes.  They don’t have to do it the way I can.  I give everyone I train the ability to make good decisions because I tell them I trust them.  Now if I need to offer correction I do that in private always with the goal of a full explanation of why and my unyielding support.  Of course if my grasshoppers aren’t agreeable to avoiding the pitfalls present throughout mental health, then I tell them the field may not be right for them.

So, to everybody that are looking to jump on the bandwagon of turned over trash cans only to point them out as they walk by, I suggest keeping your opinions to yourself.  Most people aren’t looking to clean up the mess but are certainly willing to hoot and holler about how big of a mess it is!  Take a chill pill and let the professionals do their job.  If you gathered from this post that I must be military you are perceptive.  I am retired Army and I paid attention and learned from the best of the best as an NCO and tutored under many outstanding officers.  Sit back and watch.  You might learn something about performing in excellence under the worst conditions imaginable because that is part of the job description for entry into leadership in the Armed Forces of America.  President Biden knows what he’s doing.  Just let the man finish ending our involvement in Afghanistan and then everyone can pile on him until their hearts content.  I still say good luck with that.



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 10:  COLLAPSE!

Look, I wish I didn’t have to write so many of these posts that forewarn of catastrophe, but the simple man, woman and gender identity doesn’t seem to grasp the interconnected nature of every life on this planet.  Question.  What happens when one of the human beings I’ve described above suffers from the lost of income?  Do you believe that it only affects that one individual?  Answer honestly please.  Do you believe that it affects only that individual yes or no?  If your answer is yes then that is why I am compelled to continually write post that deal with impending doom.

Let’s look at current events over the past 6 months.  The sudden fall of that condominium in Florida.  The resurgence of the Covid Pandemic practically in every State of the Union.  The disbelief in our elected officials of what is occurring in government at all levels.  The ease to which the Republican Party quickly showed what they really are as they stand squarely in the shoes of wrongdoers.  The place where ‘TRUTH’ dies as it is under siege could be in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Lastly as it has become surreal for Americans to champion those who lie about their errors even when the Sun is shining hottest upon them.

Now pick any building that contains more than 6 floors.  What are the engineering requirements that building must maintain as long as it stands?  It must meet certain building codes set forth by sound Science and enforced by elected and appointed officials to keep every citizens that uses them safe.  It’s not just that that condominium deteriorated and became structurally unsound overnight.  It’s also the people we elect and appoint that failed to keep those souls safe from harm. What if we multiply that situation around the country?  What if we multiply a human being losing a job around the country?  Do the math.  What do you think would happen eventually to every person in those communities?

Consider America’s enemies.  I believe that a conventional war is highly unlikely from an enemy with the capabilities to launch such an onslaught.  What I do believe is possible is for a foreign or domestic adversary to seed ignorance and stupidity as weapons of mass destruction.  The Covid Pandemic.  If every other person eligible to be vaccinated doesn’t get the inoculation it allows the virus to linger on to infinity.  Hold you horses I’m building up to ‘COLLAPSE’.  Those of you who are smart enough to know where I’m headed please refrain from jumping to the end of this post until I get there.

What if enough people convince our elected officials at every level of government that their claims of harm are valid when reality says otherwise?  America is witnessing the beginning of endless competition.  No game will ever crown a champion.  A contest in whatever arena will never be over because now Republicans are writing laws where ‘sore losers’ now get to overturn the final score.  Forget that they got their asses busted on the playing field!  Just let these ‘crybabies’ go to their Republican elected officials and cry foul!

The Republicans are creating a new system where ‘sore losers’ are awarded the trophy.  That’s the kind of game America has always cheered for right?  No more cheering for the winners we now must cheer for the ‘sore losers’.  The collapse of competition has begun.  The collapse of communities has begun.  The collapse of health has begun.  The collapse of believing in our government has begun.  The collapse of families has been accelerated.  The collapse of standards has begun.  That’s right.  Chip away at the foundations which hold our belief structure in all that is righteous and true causes cracks in the entire complexity of all life as we know it.

Let me be clear.  I do not believe that all Americans must work together.  Show me in the history of this country where that occurred and I will give every paycheck from now until I die to every white supremacy group in America.  That’s only occurred once in the Bible where all humans spoke the same language and the tower of Babel was being built to reach God (Genesis 11: 1-9).  That is a construct of some people who don’t know any better.  Everything that has been achieved in the history of humankind has been attributed to a few women and men.  Stop this nonsense about us all needing to come together.  That’s not right!

The conclusion can only be this.  We all should think about our neighbor as ourselves.  When one suffers among us it doesn’t stay isolated to that one person.  Do you hear me?  Thinking about yourself only is appropriate sometimes, but it is also appropriate to think about how your decision affects the decisions I must also make for the life of my family.  America’s enemies don’t need to invade us as we are on track to destroy ourselves because our enemies are becoming smarter than we are.  They’re using Philosophy and influence to persuade Americans to prize selfishness and stupidity like they are cherished rights to protect at all costs.

As I’ve been informed of a few days ago on MSNBC that a man named Carl Sagan was preaching about the dumbing down of America decades ago.  I never knew he was sounding the alarm throughout his life.  Well I am disgusted with stupidity and ignorance just as he was.  Americans keep destroying yourselves because you’re taking a lot of us down with you.  That’s the ultimate way to COLLAPSE this great country!