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There are women and men bestowed with the gift to answer the ultimate question. That question is ‘WHY’. They are charged with rendering an answer that can be understood by the most contrary element of our society. Those that foment, spread and traffic in hate. Our Brothers are in need of guidance and this journal will bring forth a multitude of remedies to address the male illness of unawareness. The answer to the ultimate unknowns of behavior and responsibility.

Those of us given this perception and understanding to interpret the unknown and apply the information to the known is the essence of our charge. Thereafter decode the messages for the people who oppose themselves. This decryption is then presented to the people as the explanation of events past, present and future so they may keep updated to the frenetic changes occurring today and those that will arrive soon. 

Brothers, this journal is a call to all of you to obtain the knowledge that you lack in every part of your lives. As sons. As brothers. As fathers. As grandfathers. As uncles. As cousins. Ignorance will no longer be tolerated, encouraged or celebrated. As the ‘First Father’ has said in his Holy Bible “let everything be done decently and in order”. Honor and truth will not be perverted anymore. Why? Because as a Black Man I will impart all I have learned and gathered for over 54 years of life in America and around the world to the young coming behind me and my elders above me. Why? Things that now appear as they do will begin to appear as they should be according to what is right? Help me see to it as this mandate has been divinely ordered.

Issue Three:

Tell It Like Is!

I will start with something that still seems to be confusing.  How any system is created, established and sustained.  Take slavery for example.  The foundation of slavery was the need for labor to build a stolen country America for sure.  To start off you don’t have money to pay for labor so you need to take it from somebody.  Fast forward to having it the labor that is.  Now that stolen labor is working just fine you now have to establish it.  That’s where the law comes in.  I mean you do have to protect your free labor system right?

Fast forward again to the sustainment period.  I mean America was working very well taking free labor that was sanctioned by law and blessed by the (so called) church.  Now let us pause and ‘check on learning’.  Did I hear a Black man no less a United States Senator from South Carolina say America is not a racist country?  Why would he say that?  I’m speaking only to the very few human beings blessed with the gift of understanding a three letter word ‘WHY’?  Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Do you really think a system of slavery is so easily erased mind you that it went unchallenged for hundreds of years no less?  You really think the fruit of that grounded system of slavery somehow aren’t being spewed out of our upbringing this very day?  I’ll put it simpler for those not blessed with ‘WHY’ understanding.  ‘You think you can eat the same meal that tasted that good for so long and not want that same meal forever’?  Why do you think it took so long to end slavery?  Better yet or more clearly I mean the physical parts of it, but the mental pillars of hatred linger in what we refer to as racism today.

Back to Senator Scott.  You know the old saying that people need to know where you stand if the shit hits the fan and all that.  In Revelation 3:16 where he says if you are lukewarm he will spue you out of his mouth.  The worst thing about some human beings of African descent is this.  It’s not that they don’t tell the truth.  It’s not that they don’t tell the truth to people of different races.  The worst thing about some of these people is that they don’t tell themselves the truth.  That my loyal readers means holding yourself accountable!  It means that some people of African descent don’t have a set of rules they govern themselves by no matter the situation in which they find themselves.

It further means that sort of person will do whatever or say whatever no matter if the truth immediately condemns them.  Which means a person should know where you stand just as God said you need to be hot or cold.  Lukewarm folks is not an option available to you okay.  Senator Scott has salted his name because he has shown he does not possess the reasoning to understand the historical record of America.  Let’s say you decide to paint a room in your home a different color.  Sure you can paint over the color that was there before, but the shade underneath is still present.

Furthermore, let me break it down another way.  If I order a car through my favorite automotive manufacturer I request the features I want included right?  The car is then built with the add on features within guidelines allowed under the law.  Do you really think that slavery and the remnants of that system of racism, redlining, white flight, Confederate revisionist, unequal justice in courts, hateful police, master race delusions, and weaponizing skin color because of the historical treatment of Black people.  You really think a system like that which worked extraordinarily can be dismantled and discarded so easily?  It worked great for the people who oversaw it.  Okay then what replaced the system of slavery?  I John 1:8 “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.”  Sounds like accountability doesn’t it?

Don’t worry ‘EvanDevilicals’ I haven’t forgotten you.  Your home.  Who would you invite into your home?  Would it be thieves?  Would it be greedy people?  Would it be liars?  Would it be adulterers?  Would it be people that know the truth and don’t say it when lives are at stake?  Malachi 3:5 “And I will come near to you to judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against false swearers, and against those that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow, and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger from his right, and fear not me, saith the Lord of hosts.”  

Wow that verse covers a lot of the Republicans and ‘EvanDevilicals’ platform.  I hope those jurors in the Chauvin trial lived by the truth because any other verdict would’ve lined them up for Hell with Chauvin.  Yes, all the trials of all those police officers that killed Black folks and any folks for that matter voted to set them free did answer and will answer to God for their decision.  By the way I’ll defend Lebron James because he is right.  This is why.  How do you know who started a confrontation or started a fight when you just roll up to the scene?  Remember the father defending his son against a woman claiming he stole her cellphone?  Look at the staff of that hotel and how they reacted to the situation.  They fell on the side of the young woman.  ‘WHY’.  Did they have information that told them she was in the right?  Did they see the young Black kid steal her phone?  What evidence did they possess that left them without a shadow of doubt that her assertions were accurate?  The police officer in Idaho has some kind of superpower that tells him when he rolls up on a scene who started the confrontation?  All those people that cheered that officer in his faulty assertions I’m afraid of them.  I’ve come home and found my children arguing many times.  I ask questions of both of them in an attempt to ascertain the truth.  I don’t come in the house and immediately punish them both.  That’s just to use a southern word ‘trifling’. 

That officer rolling up to the scene got the story after the fact, but it’s too late then because a girl is now dead.  Again I have to go revisit my service in the U. S. Army.  I spent over 30 months in combat zones and not once did the Army teach me to shoot first and ask questions later.  I was taught professionalism and honor.  You must have positive identification and know the situation before you open fire on anybody!  Now do you want another excusable action added to the already full arsenal of police use of force?  Careful what you wish for.

Lastly I found it extremely offensive for Senator Scott to repeat or use God’s name in his response.  Don’t lie and then by impression think God is with you when you lie.  Everything his party members say when invoking the name of God they will answer for.  Remember it’s not that liars say they are changing the rules a little to make it better.  It is those little changes or obstacles that eventually become a system and when that system is based on a lie then it operates in darkness.  The darkness I refer to is not the night that follows the day, but the darkness that comes from the evil that so easily spue from the heart of humankind.  Once some of these people taste darkness it then becomes a delicacy they can’t do without.



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 7:  Time to Descend?

Writing this issue has been delayed on purpose until after the trial of that police officer that killed George Floyd.  Now to be sure and inform you that this issue will be written in strong language that may be unsuitable for sensitive eyes.  Be careful if you choose to continue absorbing this issue because I’m about to reveal some ugly truths about how we got to this position of illusory justice in America.

“This is what happens when you cover yourself (America) in darkness thinking you will not be engulfed by it, but you end up in a straitjacket void of buckles or ties unable to wiggle your way out of it”.

The US Supreme Court for decades willfully leaving it up to the police to define what they think is reasonable.  The US Supreme Court for decades abdicating their responsibility to clearly state or uphold the law.  The US Congress for decades has failed to legislate a set of just laws that created one standard for law enforcement nationwide.  Why do rational human beings think that giving anybody God like powers enables them to restrain their base impulses?  I would rather that police officer Chauvin exercised his right to testify.  Got on the stand and told the courtroom and the rest of the world that I killed (that nigger) George Floyd because I knew a jury of white people (Christian folk) would let me off with a wink and a nod.

The police say they are being characterized unfairly?  When a police union official states that killing a boy with his hands raised was perfect police conduct?  Right!  I have to contrast that statement with what I was trained to do in the US Army.  Warfare is not chaotic in reality.  It requires professional soldiers that identify the target (PID Positive Identification) before firing your weapon.  For those that do not know it simply means that the enemy must be clearly identified before discharging your weapon.  Yes, civilians could be innocently there in urban environments going about their daily lives and shouldn’t be killed because they were inadvertently close to your target.

Police want your respect and admiration even when they act with indifference to human life?  Say that again.  The police want your respect even when they are afraid and they shoot first and kill a citizen?  Maybe the police want a blank sheet (US Supreme Court) so they can write what happens to fit the lies they so easily tell.  Yeah ‘EvanDevilcals’ the police lie as easily as anyone else except they are the ones with the guns and the law backing up whatever bullshit they pull out they ass.

Now to the Lawyer for Officer Chauvin and don’t tell me the smirk on his face didn’t mirror the one on Chauvin’s the day he chose to kill that nigger.  Why I say it like that look no further than the ‘Devils’ that worship whatever God they do in their churches on Sundays.  Why does everything have to take an act of government to say that it is wrong?  Why can’t these so called ‘EvanDevilcals’ ever say lynching is wrong long ago.  Killing other human beings because of the color of their skin is wrong.  Why these juries like the one that could not convict that Officer for shooting Walter Scott?  It was on film was it not?  Maybe it was not really murder when an Officer shoots an unarmed human being in the back no less.  Kind of cowardly isn’t it?

Yet a Christian couldn’t see that it was wrong.  Tells you everything you need to know about what they are learning in their churches doesn’t it?  I will tell you what I would wish for if I had one wish.  I would wish that I could just be allowed by God to witness one of these evil men or women when God asks them did they do it and why.  Of course God knows already what was on their heart when they did it, but I would like to be present when he caste one of those evil folk to condemnation in Hell.  Yes juries of all white people past, present and future you’re going to have to answer for why you didn’t vote to meet out justice when the truth was clear as day to you.  I am not sorry for telling you this.  You will be standing right next to them in Hell so I hope being in power had its’ carnal benefits.  There will be a day everybody will have to answer why these killings have gone on this long.

Now do you understand why America is stuck on a descending ride to darkness.  Guns absent just authority led to this.  You can’t hope human beings will do the right thing.  The US Supreme Court are supposed to be made up of smart people and even they don’t want to do their jobs!  I went to one of my favorite burger joints the other day and ordered a chicken sandwich meal.  When my order was ready the young lady put the sandwich in the bag and slightly threw it on the counter while saying my order number.  I come up to the counter and shake the bag and then point at it.  You know what the young lady said?  “What, I don’t know what that means.”  I said, “Read the ticket where are my fries.”  She said something else smartly and then I just couldn’t hold back.  I said, “Do you job, I shouldn’t have to tell you your job.  You work here.”

It seems that in every position of power at every level of government from State to Federal no one wants to take any ‘heat’ or criticism for God forbid doing what’s right!  Why are you in the position?  If you don’t want to do your job then resign and let somebody else make the tough decisions.  “You can’t dance in darkness all the time because sooner rather than later you won’t see your feet and who knows where you’re dancing off to.”

TIME TO DESCEND will last how much longer?  God help us if we continue to care so frivolously about life because we can’t create a just society if we allow the ‘voice of evil’ to guide our path out of the darkness.  Healing starts at home with the truth being told.  All those ‘EvanDevilcals’ that stated God sent us President Donald Trump need to repent openly their statements.  Or not.  Either way I am reminded of a verse of scripture.  “Be not overcome with evil but overcome evil with good.”



The STRIPES of Healing

Founding Statement:

This biweekly newsletter will seek to explain the pain and suffering mainly people of color endure through no fault of their own.  The dehumanizing excuses our people always seem to elicit from people in power that make our Christian Brothers and Sisters accept their reasoning as if it was uttered by the Almighty.  Lastly what I see with my own eyes begs the question from my conscience.  “Are we loving or can we really love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Issue 6:  Unending ‘REGISTRATION’ to Vote?

What does it mean ‘Register to Vote’?  I’m confused because I thought that once you are registered to vote that it was a one time deal.  A record of your information is permanently created Right?  Now of course if you move or change your voting location it only requires a simple update of your information.  Revelation 21:27 “And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life.”  Oh in case you don’t want to read the chapter it is about Jerusalem.

Now that we have that settled as to the fact that it is a redundant obstacle put in place by those who have achieved power with an unclean heart.  Yes, if a voter goes to an official state government office and provides identification which is verification then why does a voter have to show identification to a non-government volunteer in order to vote?  Right!  If they wish to put a system in place to harass or be skeptical of every voter then you better institute a facial recognition system and not put the onus on the voter to prove their identity when they already done it!  That is why there is an objection to voter ID because it gives unelected and unlegislated power to somebody who is just there as a volunteer to check my credentials.

Now back to Georgia’s new voting law.  I’m speaking loosely here mind you.  Well the scripture says that if you base your law on a lie what did God say about that?  Again, how many times I have to say this.  You can’t have it both ways!  That’s why I cringe when unlearned men and women speak about more layers of stinking obstacles ‘only’ on a voter as long as it sounds reasonable isn’t so bad.  That’s why ‘boycotts’ work because a right so precious as voting is a right that comes with ‘shared’ implications for a better society.  Next paragraph will help explain why.

The Israelites oppressed by bondage in Egypt.  Would it surprise you that Pharaoh knew by taking away straw that the Israelites used to make bricks would cause a backlash against Moses and Aaron?  If this is new to you then you need to take a closer look at your walk with ‘The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost’.  Yes it caused Moses to ask God for ‘clarification’ let’s say.  You know where I’m going with this right?  Listen to me now if you don’t get anything else out of this issue.  When the work is so important because it is for the benefit of all it means everybody must suffer to get it accomplished!  Read Exodus Chapter 6 and try to understand.

When the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott began everybody accepted the fact that it was a necessary tactic to gain dignity as human beings.  There was doubt and complaining why I got to suffer, or I don’t want to upset the ‘Pharaoh’ because he might become even more distraught with us.  I don’t care if humanity has a few more ‘toys’ that make us believe we are now above sacrificing for the greater good.  Is the sacrifice of one man not taught in Church anymore? Did Jesus die for us all?

Romans 14:7 “For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself.”  Only thinking about yourself huh?  How does that work when hatred and oppression are abounding more and more!  So yes, as a Black man I agree with any elected official, company, citizen, sports league acknowledging the truth that all these voter laws are a not so thinly disguised onslaught to elevate people of hatred over people wanting to uplift other people.  Reduce the amount of voters and you can elect all these so called ‘Christian Politicians’ who are the scum of the Earth just going to further enrich themselves.  Yeah right and right now they are called Republicans.  Wow, even when President Trump uses trickery to take his supporters money they still love him.  That’s as great a religion as I’ve ever seen or heard of.  (Sarcasm).