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Voters. Citizens. I’m Truly In Awe

First, before I continue this celebration of what all of you did on November 3rd of this glorious year of our Lord 2020.  I want to extend my gratitude to all of you who voted to eject President Donald Trump from our cherished White House office.  Honestly, I’m glad all of you understood that there isn’t another country that would take us in if we’d lost America; and I sure don’t want to move to another land where the citizens there would undoubtedly have looked upon us with sheer repugnance.  Here we would stand in the eyes of the world as failing to sustain, grow and then reflect that moral virtue of goodness we so ardently strive to achieve.  Pity it would be to lose that so foolishly.

This is one crisis we averted thanks to all of you!  Congratulations to President-elect and Vice President-elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  Everyone who so righteously visit my site know that I seek the truth and spread it when I find it.  Thank you from the center of my heart for reading my compositions.  Listen to me now.  This post isn’t to let you know that this achievement ends our struggle.  My life’s work is centered on Philosophy and Mental Health so what I’m telling you now is that the work you did on this election to save our country from an unsuited man like President Trump must be sustained.  I couldn’t release you from your responsibility as a citizen no more than I can release myself from my responsibility.  

All of us must realize that as voters the word entails engagement and understanding that our country and world needs our attention.  Weave this mindset into your environment and I do mean your piece of where you live and the greater families, communities, states and America.  Yes, I am confessing to you it is exhausting when you work so hard for other people to be born, survive and thrive in a land of their choosing without having to encounter men and women pedaling evil in the hopes of obtaining power.  If you hadn’t noticed in my State of Kentucky, Senator Mitch McConnel ran an ad praising Confederate monuments to play on the worst emotions of hate, fear, and ignorance in the human condition.  He took them down as I wrote common sense counter arguments against this kind of malicious hatred targeted at my White Brothers and Sisters sacred votes.

I no longer shake my head or laugh at the clear obvious nature of the message in those ads because shaking my head isn’t doing something to call it what it is.  It is pure HATRED BAITING plain and simple.  Please, all citizens if you notice what your elected leaders who by the way collect a handsome salary and retirement are doing to call them on it.  Voters, citizens what you let pass becomes law.  Yes, what you let pass and it is just like legislators passing laws is what will stand.

For many of you, those citizens and voters that live in Georgia, your duties are not over yet.  Send two Democratic candidates Mr. Warnock and Mr. Ossoff to the United States Senate to hold Senator McConnel accountable for his belief that voters are swayed by a message of hatred and ignorance.  That the way to a voter’s conscience and their support is through taping into his or her vilest nature.  If you are tired of this sort of message then show up to the polls or mail your ballot in Georgia and tell Senator Mitch McConnell that you’re not buying this degrading of humanity in an attempt to win your vote.  I’ll bet you one other thing that results from voters rejecting this.  You’ll see America swing fully back on the track of seeking that moral virtue of ‘treating thy neighbor as thyself’.

Thank you all once again for voting.  The work will never be done.  The work can never be finished.  The book on America is incomplete enough as it is with some of the chapters missing parts of the story that could explain why we so eagerly toy with our own destruction!  The history we can make now for ourselves has to be the one forged in righteousness.  That doesn’t require any of us to be religious.  It only requires us to know our actions or inactions have consequences.  Please let the energy you charge and send out be directly captured to power the good in this world.