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The Question Is?

Can They Both Be True? At The Same Time?

One nation under God with liberty and justice for all.  Well I say that Nation and God are a dichotomy.  Liberty and Justice for all are as well opposed to one another.  To think it took a pandemic to stop the entire world from going about their lives worrying about every care imaginable to witnessing a black man being murdered in front of their eyes to finally believe that ‘absolute power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’.  My council told me that this cruelty was presented in full color so that no one would be able to lie to themselves anymore without getting a blot.  

Can both these statements be true?  The police are empowered to administer the law equally to all citizens by the authority of the people.  The police are exempt from that same law authorized by the people for all the people.  Yes, these two statements can be true and are now true.  Can these two statements be true at the same time?  No!  That is the dichotomy that has existed in our system of justice in America.  Oh, we’ve winked and nodded when it only affected a certain segment of the population, but now just like Saul on the road to Damascus was struck blind.  Black people are finally being heard.  Saul too had a zealous nature about him as he went about persecuting Christians.  As Jesus said unto him “Saul Saul why persecutes thou me” in Acts 9:4.

I received the above wisdom from an older Black woman.  A very good friend of mine who’s helped me out of some trying times.  A council that doesn’t deal in BS and she would never tell me my ‘shat’ don’t stank.  It would be a giddy and joyous time if the stakes weren’t so high. Far too long have White people excused the police of their atrocities.  Did it somehow move America toward that more perfect union?  No it did not.  If there are Christians or Evangelicals still out there that believe that sin should be punished on the street, they should crack open that Bible their leader held up in front of that church.  Turn it to John 8:7 “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”.

Can those two things be true at the same?  I can see your hesitation so I’ll answer for you.  No they cannot both be true at the same time.  No, the police can’t administer the law and be the judge and executioner!  White people, get that out yo thick head!  No!  You can’t kill somebody because you, the police, pull any excuse for doing so from yo ass and white people accept it.  Okay!  Stop it!  I’m going to give you more scripture Evangelicals to read.  What you just read pertains to serving two masters.  Yeah.  That’s what you’re doing when you don’t stick to the law.  Matt 6:24 “Ye cannot serve God and mammon”.  Can I get an Evangelical to say amen?  I don’t think the Devil likes it much either when you can’t make a choice although I do think he gets a kick out of you twisting yourself in knots over not knowing what’s right and what’s wrong.

Lastly, I want to commend my retired military leaders for reminding the rank and file of the tradition, honor, glory and valor they currently hold in their hands.  Their duty is to uphold the Constitution of America.  The chance for America to make good on its promise of reaching that more perfect union.  I’ve never followed an illegal order in my life when I served in the Army on active duty.  I’ve told my command what couldn’t be done several times and I let them know that if they overrode me I wouldn’t lie to any investigator if something bad happened with their unlawful order.  Oh, let me answer your question because it’s a good one.  As far as I know there is no way to rewind a decision once it’s made.  Your integrity is akin to an ancient landmark.  Once it’s destroyed; the writing about it in history continues except the landmark, (pause) it is gone forever.

Black Lives Matter.  This one death in my opinion shocked the soul of America because our humanity was now in question.  Forget the looters and the opportunists that acted on their worst impulses.  Those people that did that will reap what they sow before they leave this Earth I promise you that.  No it won’t be somebody taking the law into their own hands to give them what they deserve.  Stay focused now.  A life was taken in front of our eyes.  Dismiss any life as meaningless means to dismiss all life and should we do that we do it at our peril America.