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Decency and Order

That Decency and Order Thing.  What of It?

First I apologize for the delay in bringing my thoughts forward on a quicker periodic basis.  Nevertheless, this writing will be heavy on metaphors and spirituality laced with warnings of mental anguish if the points are disregarded.  Now, the moment the majority in this country heard out loud what is deep in the hearts of their people.  I know the first impulse that arose in their hearts was dismissal.  I will call the police on you and say a Black Man is harassing and threatening me in the park.  Flee, flee from the anguish that would cause me.  I don’t want to let it linger in my mind.  Well white people, it was already there because most of you weaponize it when your hatred brews inside your mind.  For those that don’t understand I’ll use a metaphor to describe what it feels like in your head when you ignore this truth.

The truth you know about what she said to that Black Man in that New York park was fact.  Trying to return your mind to where it was before you heard it will cause a mental ‘abscess’ in your mind.  That ‘pus’ will drain into your mind with its’ yellowish color and rotting smell and it will balloon in your brain.  Sooner or later it will burst and splash it’s infection to the remaining areas of your thoughts and then you’re screwed.  Yes, that’s what happens when you deny the truth and actually think it worked!

What good are you now?  Just another white person walking around thinking that decency and order is achieved by malice and cruelty.  I read somewhere that when ‘judgment and justice are perverted in a province to not marvel at it’ (Ecclesiastes 5:8 AKJ).  I still can’t believe that the US Supreme Court had to outlaw shooting people in the back.  Really?  Oh, it was okay to shoot fleeing citizens if it obtained decency and order.  I’m curious.  If the prosecutors work for the police?  Who works for the people?  The truth will set you free!

By the way a little on my background.  I served in the Army on active, national guard and reserve status and now I’m retired.  Just so you know, what happened to Mr. Floyd is called a blood choke and yes it is more deadlier than compressing the windpipe.  I’ll leave that there.  I’ve been confronted by the police and I too would never run from them.  You don’t run from evil.  When the shoe fits wear it is what I was raised on.  ‘If the spirit of the ruler rise up against thee, do not yield because it pacifieth great offences’ (Ecclesiastes 10:4 AKJ).  Meaning if you’ve done no wrong, don’t run from evil.

Tell me the meaning of the word ‘façade’. ‘A sour exterior meant to hide a sinister interior is my definition’.  I am an independent leaning Democrat.  In all my voting years I’ve seen Republican and Democratic U.S. Presidents that felt genuine mental distress when they were criticized over their lack of regard for the citizens of America.  You could see it in their faces.  It hurt them when things were said about them.  The one thing I saw the most that hurt them was it was said they didn’t care about people like me.  The elder President Bush, his son, President Clinton and President Obama. Does anyone think that the man in the White House now cares about anybody but himself?  Careful, you don’t want to form another mental abscess.

Listen to me now.  Everything is riding on this Presidential election in the year of our Lord 2020.  Vice President Joe Biden is prone to gaffes.  Ask yourself why?  Remember when family is upset with each other and the one family member trying to restore peace is doing it at a hectic pace.  Not caring what he says.  He just wants to stop the pain.  That family mediator is trying hard to restore order and love on both sides so that the family can come back together.  That’s what I see in Vice President Biden.  He knows he’s wading into the defining crisis of our Republic.  God help him succeed.  All of us (Jew, White, Brown & Black, Asian, Muslim, Protestant and all Religions) are depending on him?