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Seeking Safe Leadership

Why does the United States Military hold the leader accountable for everything that happens under their command?  Think before you answer my question because there is only one right answer.  I’ll tell you why in a moment, but I want to populate the sky with the clouds that cover it first.  Why did God give his people a King after many years of them pinning for one?  God gave his creation a King because he couldn’t convince them that he was the only true loving and merciful King they could ever desire.  What his people got in their Kings were corruption and death.

Manasseh was 12 when he began his reign of 55 years in Jerusalem which he done all the evil he could and caused the people of Israel to commit abominations in the sight of the Lord.  Ahaz the King of Judah did all that was evil in his time of rule for 9 years.  Ahaziah the son of Ahab reigned for 2 years over Israel and did evil in the sight of the Lord God.  These passages were taken from both books of Kings in the Authorized King James Holy Bible.  Yeah, there are many more where they came from.

Have you noticed a pattern yet?  For some of you I don’t have to explain the resulting infection on the citizens under their authority.  I will anyway.  The people of Israel sinned and were punished because they were led astray ultimately by the leaders they chose to rule over them!  There is no such thing as an effective, spiritual, good priest that takes my confessions and makes me feel the forgiveness of God while he secretly molests young girls and boys.  There is no such thing as a murderer of elderly women who volunteers his time in the soup kitchen feeding the homeless still being a valued soul among us all.

There isn’t a politician that hates all people of color as evidence proves it by his practices in his business and personal and now political life.  He also cuts my taxes and is for making abortion illegal.  Oh, and he supports the state of Israel which confirms him as a good leader.  You Christians can reason all you want in saying the good things your leader does outweighs the bad things about him.  Oh, and one more thing about this comparison to the Israelite King David.  King David was remorseful and ashamed when God told him he saw what he did with sending Bathsheba’s husband to the hottest front of the battle to assure his death.  I’m afraid it’s true.  You can’t assign character and morals to someone because you think it’s all good the things you’re getting from him.  You will someday be judged by God for your obedience to the evil and safe leader.

Now do you understand what I mean about the United States Military holding fast to the code the leader is completely responsible for everything under his or her command.  That’s how God set it up you moron!  Your choice of leader locks you into all he or she does.  All of it!  If you think you’re good because you’re getting what you want out of the deal just wait because the milk will sour sooner or later.  There is hope.  That hope is change the leader because there is no such thing as I only support the good parts about him.  No.  You got all of him.  The entire package.  Period! 

Don’t try it again.  Your asinine, trifling kindergarten attempts at dumbing down what we know as true leadership.  Leadership is well defined and it is not safe.  Leadership is rough and weighs heavy on the soul because the leadership knows his or her actions have consequences for the nation, the soldiers, employees, citizens and every government official charged with a duty to be faithful to the country you swear an oath to love no matter what under God.