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I don’t marvel at the words of Christian leaders anymore because I know they never spoke for God and they never will.  These Christians have somehow constructed their own Faustian model of a deity that deals in gifts of valuable items such as no abortions, conservative judges, no immigrants of color and oppression of the poor and homeless.  These Christians view this Faustian bargain as normal in the course of politics, but they choose to ignore the underlying cost requiring their soul to profess allegiance to their idol God.  I’m mistaken?  Well Proverbs Chapter 28 verse 4:  ‘They that forsake the law praise the wicked:  but such as keep the law contend with them.’

Another false belief of these ‘Evangelical Christians’ is that they have the right to judge everyone else’s sins and transgressions because their sins and transgressions are not as bad as those other heathen peoples’.  Oh and Proverbs Chapter 28 is a good one to spend a little time in meditation.  Moving on, I can see the benefit of a dissociative mind because God and his way of doing things can be quite frustrating if you want to have in place a structure that’s based on money.  I mean money is the fastest way to get someone who doesn’t have it to do your bidding right?  

Let’s review before we continue.  Only God can judge each and every one of us for the conduct of our lives.  We as American citizens can judge the conduct of our elected leaders.  Understand the difference?  I hope so.  Now say for instance that you drive your friend to the bank and he goes in and robs it.  You drive off and go by the grocery store.  Your friend the bank robber knows you have need of food and he gives you some of the money he stole to purchase it.  Are you complicit now in the theft at the bank?  Hint, we know you are because you drove him away from the bank after he robbed it.  Yeah, your friend didn’t earn the money honestly nor did you purchase the groceries honestly.

You can say all you want that Senator McConnell outsmarted President Obama after the death of that Supreme Court Justice by not allowing him to seat Justice Garland.  You know Senator McConnell broke all rules and protocols of decency by withholding that seat.  Yeah, let someone cut in line in front of you and see how you react.  There is no such thing as all is fair in love and war.  You can’t assign decency or honor to someone because they hold a position of authority!  Get it through your lying head!  Let’s go back to the Holy Bible for a moment and remember King Herod partaking of his brother’s wife Herodias.  John the Baptist said it was wrong and he literally lost his head for telling King Herod he was wrong right?  Careful casting your pearls before swine because the swine will come back and tear you apart.

Finishing my point that only in a cocooned world of Evangelical Christians can evil gifts be seen as beneficial and good for Christianity.  Now let’s define a couple of words such as honor and righteousness.  Honor as I would define it over the course of my life is a belief in a standard of behavior that cannot be questioned in its’ display of all that is good.  A respectful mastery of one’s own spirit that is wholly benevolent and protective to the weak and duly subordinate to a just Higher Power.  Righteousness is possessing of virtuous characteristics such as truth, humility, dignity and ethical conduct to name just a few which comprises a life that holds such traits as tenets to live by defines a person of honor.  So, to conclude this post, don’t try to tell another person that a politician, leader, parent, or any person in authority is good.  Let their behavior be displayed to the entire world as evidence in itself.  Isn’t that what your parents taught you?  Judge a person by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.  Didn’t Dr. Martin Luther King say that?  Oh, I see, now that you’ve made a little money and are enjoying the pleasures life has to offer, things aren’t so right and wrong anyone more huh?

Mother Se’May Sayer: The ARC of Time Episode Fifteen: The Road to Damascus Part Three: ‘A Sayer Day of Reckoning’ The Conclusion


(It seems I’ve lived a life that is worthy of a kind-hearted God.  My daughter has been kidnapped and I qualified for help in his sight.  What act in my heart has granted me this favor?  Oh forget your ruminations about how this is possible and what part you’ve played.  General Sennfphoru has his reasons and the time will come when he will reveal them to me.

Alas, we’ve been flying South for a while now since we left Louisville in a military transport.  We switched transports when we landed in Ecuador.  It seems we’re going into this part of the world looking like everybody that lives in this part of the world.  Well, Tholodious didn’t say the road would be smooth and might I tell myself I’ve gotten soft over the years.

Let me join in conversation with my former commander.)

Mother Sayer: (After replaying all her interactions and her confrontations with her former commander, Mother has recalled to memory all she needs to know what to expect from him).  I think we have quite a distance to travel before we reach Colombia.  Can you tell me why you’re helping me?

General Sennfphoru: (The SUV is occupied by four people.  Mother, the General, Pharwalker, and the driver).  Major, have you thought about people that leave their country of origin?  What force or calling draws them away from their home?

Mother Sayer:  No I haven’t specifically, but I’ve studied the Diaspora of the peoples of Africa.  Before you say it, I’ve broadened my perspectives about cultures and I now know that many races migrated from the lands where they began.  Some by force.  Some by choice.

General Sennfphoru:  Many of my people, the Jewish people, carried something of value with them when they left.  Something of value to be used to better settle in a new land.  Something to trade or barter to smooth the transition to a  new home.  Many traits or customs that are distorted today began as preparations for a journey.  We’ve always insisted on paying our way and less so on the charity of others.

Mother Sayer:  Teaching a man to fish rather than giving him a fish.

General Sennfphoru:  Quite right.  Your philosophical background was well known in the task force.  I see we’re a little behind in updating your file.  

Mother Sayer:  Must not be much of a file.  My niche was medical.  I only dealt with patching up wounded soldiers coming back to the (Forward Operating Base) FOB from all the missions they went on.

General Sennfphoru:  I know.  That’s why I wanted to test a hunch of mine.  I’ve seen the American Army was top heavy in officer rank and I didn’t want to believe the report, so I wanted to get an idea about the officers under my command.

Mother Sayer:  You wanted confirmation to know where to place people in positions of leadership based on ability and not on who they knew or kissed up to.

General Sennfphoru:  For the most part my impressions were corroborated by the responsibilities I assigned these officers.

Mother Sayer:  I would’ve done nothing different.  My executive staff have my full confidence because I to placed critical tasks on their shoulders just to see if they could handle the pressure.

General Sennfphoru:  Then, I trust we’ll skip the outrage about my outsider status and ornery disposition to have everyone comply with my way of doing business.

Mother Sayer:  General, I grew up with a man that didn’t cut me any slack.

General Sennfphoru:  Yes, ah what was his name?  Ableman Sayer.  Am I correct?

Mother Sayer: (Okay, I shouldn’t be surprised this man knows about me and how I do things.  Don’t act like an amateur Sayer.  Stay on his level or above.  This man, like the women and men that deal in this world don’t have time for feigned outrage.  You are a player on the world stage now and in that arena the ‘outcomes are for keeps’).  That’s correct.  I learned quickly that this man saw a visceral awareness about me.  He married my mother just so he could teach me.  I didn’t disappoint him.

General Sennfphoru: (The General keeps his eyes trained forward and cuts them to the Major only when he perceives his words are painting the scenery he desires to engage on all her modes of perceptions).  Not many adults can interpret what exists outside their own skin and certainly even fewer can decipher the feedback from their senses.

Mother Sayer:  Body language.  I do agree that its interpretation can be misread by the unskilled, but intent is still a combination of the verbal and the nonverbal.

General Sennfphoru:  I’ll say this, the majority of the countless interactions I’ve had with people, barring categorizing them in terms of good and evil; I’ve learned to lean more on what motivates them.  Once I spear that, then I can humanize the intent and thus develop a plan of action to neutralize the threat or act in ways to seed the good in them.

Mother Sayer:  I agree with that analysis.  I should have picked up on the signs that Mr. Goone was playing me.  I, I just wanted to win.  Keep growing my company no matter the costs right?  That’s the idea I kept seeing in the world around me.

General Sennfphoru:  Precisely.  That’s the trap that’s laid in front of us all.  Seek your own success and not the success of others and you will be happy.  Well, intertwined within that philosophy lie the snares of treachery.  They’re hidden along the path they want you to follow, but they’re covered with notions of ‘self-made’, ‘visionary’, or the worst of them all ‘born leader’.  

Mother Sayer:  Yeah, I’ve walked over that ground especially the ‘visionary’ turf which lauded me with praise while I struggled to find my way.  Those are loaded phrases, ready to detonate by the slightest trigger in the mind to say the least.

General Sennfphoru:  Good.  Living up to them can be excruciating especially when you realize they’re just empty chants of accomplishment stickered to the wall of life with failing glue.  

Mother Sayer:  The ARC, my company, is built on verifiable achievements, not hyperbole.

General Sennfphoru:  Then what triggered the rush to expansion?  What prompted you to deal with such a man like Goone?

Mother Sayer:  ‘Trash’.  Well winning and trash.  I’ll explain.  I graduated from UofL.  There was this guy that seemed to know I was teetering on the edge “laden with failure”.  I was young and pretty and I was awash in the compliments of the young men on campus.  This guy though, he saw that for what it was.  The attempt to get me into bed.  Victor was his name.  He told me one day this phrase I’ve never forgotten. 

He said, “What do you think you’ll find sifting through the garbage”.  I said, “Trash”.  He smiled and walked away leaving me alone I guess to contemplate the truth of my quick answer.

General Sennfphoru:  He told you about your behavior in a metaphor?

Mother Sayer:  That’s right.  He possessed those traits you just talked about.  He could read everything about those young men and if I didn’t know better; he could tell me exactly where I would’ve ended up if I got snared in the trap.  Listen, nobody has held my hand crossing the street since I was a child.  His wisdom meant that I had to figure some things in life out quicker than others.

General Sennfphoru:  I’m guessing if you didn’t listen you probably wouldn’t find a glimpse of your future as a well-respected Major in the United States Army or a savvy business woman.

Mother Sayer: (Was that deliberate or just a slip of the tongue).  Probably.  Well General, you still haven’t explained to me why you’re helping me?

General Sennfphoru:  I’ll tell you why soon.  In the meantime, the people who travel far from their lands or their countries are more than just nomads.  They’re ‘Far walkers’.  Yes I see you looking at Pharwalker.  Her name means exactly that.  I still haven’t discovered the ancient meanings associated with leaving the place of your birth and building a home in a faraway land.

Mother Sayer:  I’m sure there is a deeper spiritual purpose to the practice.  Why are we discussing philosophical connections to variations in the Earth’s surface?

General Sennfphoru:  I’m just honing my metaphysical chops while this operation is nearly ready for implementation.  The team can execute the mission in roughly 2 hours, but we will not arrive for another 4.  Do you want to be present when the operation takes place or should I order my team to retrieve the asset immediately?

Mother Sayer: (This is part of being in command.  I can’t show selfishness as I know emotions are always a part of combat, but I decided on a change when my daughter was kidnapped).  No, send them in when they’re ready.  Do you have a woman there to care for my daughter until we arrive?

General Sennfphoru:  Very well.  (The General signals Pharwalker with eye contact in the rear view mirror).  Execute.  Major, we should be at the front soon enough.

Mother Sayer:  Ah, the ‘Front’. (Mother looks at Pharwalker a little closer.  The driver.  These operatives exude crackling energy.  Dynamic precursors to the General.  Recalling how the General conducted himself in Iraq explains the selection of these two impressive individuals).  ‘The face is the entrance to the body’.

General Sennfphoru:  Superficially?

Mother Sayer:  Empirically, because that which is true is seen, heard, tested, and verified as fact.  That which is false is based on data that is drawn, tested and compared to a stringent set of criteria accepted as a method to disprove any findings or results.

General Sennfphoru:  Good.  I’d hoped you’d remember a lot of those boring briefings I conducted in my year in the big chair.

Mother Sayer:  I personally don’t need a mirror to know who I am, and I certainly won’t straightway forget. (He’s telling me something I’ve already started.  I need to step up my game if I want to play on the biggest boards).

General Sennfphoru:  I had entertained the thought that you’ve lost a step.

Mother Sayer:  Since we’re being upfront with each other, what exactly is this outfit that you command?

General Sennfphoru:  I’ll answer your question in a moment.  Tell me first, if a leader places an inept subordinate out front, does it lay bare the fallacies of the leader?

Mother Sayer:  The ability of the leader in placing people in key positions is a “forward facing indictment”.  This evidence can either confirm the credentials of the leader or invalidate them.  Faith or trust in the leader has to be founded on the merits and supported by demonstrable facts.

General Sennfphoru:  3 Fold-C is a private outfit.  It is governed by a strict moral, spiritual and ethical code of honor.  The members are nationalities from all across the globe.  Two years of training in the philosophical, spiritual, and mental disciplines provide the gateway before all recruits are even interviewed for compatibilities to our code.

Mother Sayer:  So no one unsuited is ever out front.  Only those capable in mind, body and spirit displaying self-discipline are ever considered.   Skills and talents are transitory.  Withstanding the prosperity and adversity that life brings is easier said than say cultivated right?

General Sennfphoru:  Yes, there are members accepted into our organization after completing the application process.  Listen, I’ve veered off into another part of what makes us tick.  Most importantly, our organization seeks to protect and promote human life.  The ascendency of humanity demands manual effort.  Taking life is never factored into the equation of a mission.  Believe it or not, we set up a fair judicial hearing for all perpetrators of illegal acts on site and render verdicts according to international law.

Mother Sayer:  International law says the death penalty is illegal.

General Sennfphoru:  That’s right it is.  That’s why we offer an alternative at sentencing.  Ritual combat.

Mother Sayer:  You’d give a man the right to fight to the death?  That’s his only choice realistically right?

General Sennfphoru:  Yes that’s right.  If the convicted man doesn’t wish to accept exile, then he has the right to fight for his freedom if he so chooses.

Mother Sayer:  Because most men of criminal and evil tendencies will choose death over another man telling them they’re forbitten to do what they’ve done all their lives in hurting other people.

General Sennfphoru:  Providing an honorable path to win their freedom or die with dignity recalls both our ancestries.

Mother Sayer: (Mother knows she has to process a lot of what the General is saying internally and not give away any clue that she’s squeamish about his methods).  Alright General.  I won’t be a hypocrite and tell you the thought never crossed my mind of icing this guy.  Your way at least gives him a fighting chance to win his life out of the arena he has chosen.

—————- 1st Interlude —————

(Such a lush green jungle landscape.  Mother wishes she was on a leisurely ride through the countryside of this South American nation, but the purpose of her visit is rooted in much more serious objectives.  Mother’s daughter has to come out of this mentally and physically whole.  I need my daughter back to being a child wondering about what toys to play with.  Telling me boys are icky.  Why she can’t play dress up and go to school.  

Why her Mother is teaching her about how boys will treat her if she behaves in certain ways.  Why respecting herself is not negotiable.  Oh, so many things I need to teach her and all of them could be for naught. 

Mother scolds herself into letting her mind slip into pessimistic thoughts and dire outcomes.  “Failure is a mindset and only I can set my mind to failure”.  Remember that she repeatedly tells herself.  Everything will be okay.  We will succeed today.  We will succeed today.  We will succeed today).

General Sennfphoru: (At the moment Major Sayer agreed to allow the rescue of her daughter to begin, the General nonverbally signaled Pharwalker to tell ‘The Creator’ to execute the mission.)

—————- 2nd Interlude —————

(In the city of Pasto, Colombia where carnival is as much of the culture as it is also tradition.  Celebratory hearts are awash in everybody.  It is the kind of gathering that makes the people of Pasto share all their desires in helping it continue.  A model of working together.  The streets stay clean.  Acting out beyond what is expected during the carnival isn’t tolerated.

What a joy it must be to live in a city such as this.  ‘The Creator’ envisions his mission now.  He will brief his team at the staging house shortly.  The General’s intent is quite clear no matter the mission.  “Leave nothing behind to indicate a battle was fought here.”  Those words are embedded with a ‘ton’ of implied tasks and expectations.  This is ‘The Creator’s’ 23rd mission since he joined 3-Fold C and was chosen by the General as his teams’ ‘Creator’.

The Major’s daughter is being held in a small building right at the border of the city.  A tactical error on the part of the girl’s kidnapper.   ‘The Creator’ observes with all the lush vegetation throughout this country.  In any case, ‘The Creator’ takes nothing for granted or slights any perceived advantage of the adversary along the string of variables to his knot.  Battle points are secured like that.  In battle with careful planning that matches the skills of your team.  You must have a team capable of executing your plan, or you’re simply adept at moving pieces on a board game.

‘The Creator’ is the master at planning.  Simple plan executed at remarkable speed.  ‘SPEARS.’  You will see one today Major Sayer.  ‘The Creator’ thinks, maybe.).

Cha’renn A’owave:  Has the order been given Creator?

The Creator:  Yes Cha’renn, and I’ve already received a vision of how the rescue should be executed.  We will need to move quickly to change out the usual festival participants with our people in order to meet the timeline of the General’s arrival.

Cha’renn A’owave:  Proceed with dispatch Creator. (Captain Cha is a warrior.  How you define him is of great importance.  First, he’s not a man beholden to right and wrong strictly by the eyes or the ears.  He’s not a minister, but he can sit down with any Rabbi and discern the word of God with clarity and legitimacy.

The General pulled him from the Israeli Army after the Captain was having trouble following orders he didn’t believe were morally just.  After he was summoned to 3-Fold C, the General’s team welcomed him with the usual hospitality and began the work to qualify him for the 2-year entry program.  The Captain was observed 24 hours a day no matter what activity of daily living he performed.

Ego, arrogance, stupidity, anger, vengeance to include all negative human behaviors and emotions not mentioned were anathema to what was expected of every team member of the organization.  Performance, knowledge, good judgment, temperance, honor, devotion to a cause greater than yourself is the expectation.).

The Creator: (All members of this operation are present as the plan is laid out.  I will need 12 men and women in the costumes we’ve acquired.  I need a third of the team to secure the woods surrounding the house.  A third of the team dressed as the locals mixed in with the team in costumes.  The last third I want observing and identifying targets as they come into frame.  

The ‘Pneuma Team’ I want you in and out with the girl soon after you make the decision for retrieval.  (The Creator knows not to give precise instructions to the ‘Pneuma Team’ as situations on site can change instantly and he doesn’t need doubt creeping into their mission.).

Cha’renn A’owave:  All teams, you have 30 minutes to plan your part of the mission.  We will execute the mission in 45 minutes.

—————- 3rd Interlude —————

(The proper acquisition of the costumes for the carnival have been transferred over to the first 12 members of the team who will give cover to the ‘Pneuma Team’ to extract the asset.  The final team is in place in the woods surrounding the house to prevent any surprises from the woods or any residents of the house trying to flee that way.

The Creator has approved the planning and is observing the deployment from within the crowds at the carnival.  The Creator likes to stay close to the action because he knows to get better at this craft he needs to be present in its’ execution. The General knows this about the Creator and his methods and has approved them many missions ago.

There is movement in the house as some of the men holding the daughter of Mother Sayer decide to go out and join in the carnival.  The Creator sees this and is astonished at the lack of discipline or control this Mr. Goone has over his men.  No matter, the Creator knows the General’s team takes nothing for granted.  The Creator presses the send button on his radio as an electrical charge races across the airways.  He says one word.  Execute).

Cha’renn A’owave: (Falls forward at the front window as the crowd is pushing through the street and mulling at the town’s edge.  Cha’renn gets up in his costume and leans against the window just enough to block the view outside.  He hopes this will cause one of the men inside to come out and shove him aside.  His move proves to be correct as there’s rustling in the house and the front door opens.).  Oh sorry, just let me catch my breath for a minute.

Boarshet Rumner: (One of Goone’s men opens the door hard and it bangs roughly against the inner wall.  Unbeknown to Goone’s man three operatives are already inside subduing the men in the living room quietly.  Three more operatives swiftly enter the home to secure the bedrooms.  The final three operatives enter the home which includes Ca’knan, an assassin.  Ca’knan is Ninja.  She will retrieve the girl). Get off the window dumbass!  

Cha’renn A’owave:  Sorry man, too much fun. (Two operatives approach Boarshet and subdue him quietly.  The Captain knows the living room is clear as he removes his costume and sets it in front of the window.  He calmly strolls to the front door and enters.  Still with all senses on extreme detection he passes each room and sees all of Goone’s men pacified.  Only one room left to check).

The Creator:  Captain is the location secure?

Cha’renn A’owave:  Yes, Creator.  We have the asset.  

The Creator:  Good.  Bring her out quickly.  The General will be pleased.

—————- 4th Interlude —————

(The call is received by Pharwalker.  She blinks in the rearview mirror the code of success and life to the General.  The General takes note and continues to grill the Major because as he’s stated there is more at stake than just her daughter.  This one is personal and he knows the emotions are still running high in his former subordinate.

We will reveal both our motivations when we get to the rendezvous site with the Major’s daughter.  I have waited a few years for this chance at redemption the General thinks.  I now have a valid reason to ask this of her.  My time has finally come.).

General Sennfphoru:  We will arrive at the rendezvous point in one hour.  Your daughter has been rescued and she is safe and alive.

Mother Sayer:  What?  How?  When?

General Sennfphoru:  Ten minutes ago the operation concluded.  I just wanted to make sure there weren’t any secondary calls after the fact.  It would’ve been embarrassing to me if my team showed such ineptitude.

Mother Sayer:  Okay, I agree, but she is okay and alive?  She isn’t hurt?

General Sennfphoru:  She is fine.  Let’s talk about your plans going forward to protect your family.

Mother Sayer:  I’m already on top of that.

General Sennfphoru:  Okay how?

Mother Sayer:  I’ve hired a private detective agency to look into any potential business arrangement before I get involved.  I’ve hired two security guards at my home to protect my place of residence.

General Sennfphoru:  What about your travels to and from work?  Your children to and from school?  No bother.  I’ll set you up with the security company I employ to protect my vital assets.

Mother Sayer: (The Major knows not to argue with the General on this issue.  She simply nods her compliance and listens to him speak more on the changes that must come in her life and her family.).  Of course General, as you wish.

—————- 5th Interlude —————

(The trip seems like it has lasted an entire day.  Every inch, every yard, every mile brings me closer to may daughter the Major thinks.  She looks out the window trying to maintain her composure in the midst of these incredible operatives.  The Major thinks, “I can maintain it in this SUV, but when I see my daughter I will be out for blood.”

The General sits beside her seemingly content with the answers provided by the Major on this road trip.  He is certain now he’s picked the right woman to train his daughters in the ways of a woman he or his wife couldn’t.  The ability to function in a society like America calls for a certain kind of ruthlessness.  The General knows somebody who’s been taught and who’s teaching her own children in those ways of success and survival are rare.  He’s made the right choice.  Now, the only thing that’s left is to ask her permission.)

General Sennfphoru:  We’ve arrived.

Mother Sayer: (The Major exits the SUV in a controlled burst and asks for her daughter.).  Where’s Doyenne?

Sweejae Sennfphoru:  She’s playing with toys inside.  I’ll go get her.

Mother Sayer: (Mother stands poised and strong knowing that all the mission personnel are closely watching her every move.  Then she hears the call.  A call like all creatures of the earth calling for their Mother.).  Doy.  Come to Mother.

Doyenne:  Mother.  I knew you would come.  I’ve had so much fun with Momma Sweejae.  She told me her daughters are as pretty as I am.

Mother Sayer:  Good.  Are you okay?  Did that man hurt you?

Doyenne:  No Mother.  He just called you so many bad words.

Mother Sayer:  Oh, I see.  Well we gotta go home now.  We’re going to fly out of here soon.  You stay with these people.  Mother gotta go do something.  It won’t take long.

Mother Sayer: (Mother walks over to one of the General’s operatives and asked for her weapon.  The operative hands the M4 to Major Sayer and the Major goes through her training when she handles a loaded weapon.  The General sees the exchange and walks over to the Major.). Thank you.

General Sennfphoru:  Do you know the most terrible and shameful day of my life Major?

Mother Sayer:  Don’t, I’ve had enough of this guy.  It has to be done.

General Sennfphoru:  It was when I sent you on that convoy.  The one which you got shot.  I’ve relived that day over and over again since.  Do you know why it is a day of shame to me?

Mother Sayer:  General, what are you saying.  I don’t understand.

General Sennfphoru:  I wanted you to fail Major.  Then when the call came in that you were ambushed; my heart sank like it just fell into the Red Sea.  I wanted to dispatch a rescue team along with an apache flyover, but the situation didn’t call for it.  I waited on baited breath as I listened to you recover your strength and gather your team and get out of there.  I felt responsible for your injury and to this day I feel guilty over it.

Mother Sayer:  I, I don’t know what to say.  I do remember you were on edge a lot and the tempo was such that Iraq was about to explode because of political decisions.  I never thought you would send me to my death.  Why?

General Sennfphoru:  I know women are a part of the Israeli military and they’re well respected.  I didn’t hold the American women of your armed forces in the same regard.

Mother Sayer:  After my performance, your respect started to come a little my way.  I noticed you lightened up on me after I got back.  Oh, I see now.  Would I order my soldiers to return fire if we were under attack. You were wondering would I pull the trigger if I had to.  Well you sure didn’t need to worry for that.

General Sennfphoru:  I know.  What was that you said to gunner. ‘Spit in their face’. 

Mother Sayer:  Yeah, I asked if he remembered he was from Alabama.

General Sennfphoru:  There’s no need for you to involve yourself further.  That’s why I’m asking you to give me the weapon.

Mother Sayer:  You’re the second man I’ve completely respected that’s asked me to give up my weapon.  I can’t do it this time.

General Sennfphoru:  Major, this man will indeed claim victory over you if you go in there and kill him.  In your heart you know it isn’t ritual combat.  Besides as your father would say, “Somebody has to stand before the Father and Mother of Lights and not be a disappointment.”

Mother Sayer:  How? (Mother looks at the M4 and safeties it.).  General, thank you.  I will take my daughter and go home now.

General Sennfphoru:  Oh, I do have one more favor to ask of you.  My wife and I, who you’ve just met, we’re wanting to leave our two daughters with you.  We will provide support for all their needs and continued training in our ways.  We ask that you teach our girls to be as strong a woman as you are.

Mother Sayer:  It will be my honor.  You know General, a Black man was once King of your people, so our alliance isn’t as forgotten or unknown to the people that are descendants of our ancient ties.

General Sennfphoru:  True.  I will see you soon in Louisville, Kentucky.

Mother Sayer:  I’ll be waiting.  Goodbye my friend.