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The Furnace of Affliction

Does anyone recall the woman approaching Jesus from behind as he passed in the street with all the throngs of people pressing him?  Do you remember the woman believing ‘just a touch of his garment’ and she would be healed?  I’ve had a spiritual event occur in my life recently.  It would’ve been sooner had I been simply following the healing techniques for the mind that I’ve been espousing here on  It’s one you’ve already heard of.  Meditation.  Let’s look into its’ proper application and the undeniable results it brings when correctly performed.

Whether meditating on one word or a sentence the practices are similar.  First define the crucial words.  Write them down and read them aloud.  Order the words by their entry into your thoughts.  Knowing the meaning of the words focuses your understanding and leads to purpose.  Purpose tells us why we’re meditating on a word or a sentence or verse if you prefer.  My purpose for this meditation was a racing heart worrying about debt.  When I applied the blessing of meditation my issue of worry immediately stanched.  I will reveal the verse of scripture that stanched my issue of worry in a minute.

This is tragic.  Too often we bestow upon people the right to speak on the issues of the mind.  Mental health leadership can’t be given to someone because they’re wealthy.  Mental health leadership can’t be given to someone because they’re a minister.  Mental health leadership can’t be given to someone because an unlearned person said ‘He or she really helped me through my crisis’.  This sort of thinking does more harm to the professionals who’ve spent the time learning how to address and help the troubled solve their issues.  Some people received this gift by a calling and some through years of study.  Certainly the entertainment industry can’t bestow mental health leadership on anyone because they have the loudest platform that reaches the most people!

The Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible.  Isaiah Chapter 48 verse 10…Behold, I have refined thee, but not with silver; I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.  Let’s break it down.  Refined means to take something raw or coarse and polish or reshape it for better use or something of value.  Silver means a precious metal.  Chosen means a selection was made because of potential to succeed and ability to obey.  Furnace, listen to me, furnace means engulfed or completely engaged by intense heat and pressure.  Lastly affliction means to bear a malady or suffer a burden that is disturbing your entire existence.

Do you know why a lot of people fail when their moment of truth arrives?  They’ve fought the pain from their assigned affliction for an undetermined amount of time.  When you’re questioning why for too long you’re not what?  Learning. When you’re not learning then the message will sadly vanish, evaporate, or untether from you and you’ll never receive that understanding you’ll need when faced with an issue of life.  The point?  Quit complaining and start meditating while the answers are still hovering around your presence!  Believe in why you are chosen to bear this constant pain and you’ll stop feeling sorry for yourself.  If you don’t remember why I revealed an incident in my life as a 11 or 12 year old standing over a cliff, and a voice was telling me to jump and I responded why?  That would hurt.  A thought is not real until you, you, act on it!

Now I hope those of you who’re not babes in the ways of the mind are following and understanding.  Those of you that aren’t pay attention.  I have to admonish everyone.  If you’re suffering an illness that you alone aren’t able to bear, seek professional help immediately.  This post just like all the rest is a recounting of what I’ve used to address the same issues of life everyone experiences.  My issue of worry which manifested itself into a racing heartbeat was keeping me up at night when I wanted to be sleeping.  I was spiritually given the above verse and I broke it down just like I’m retelling the process here in meditation.  My issue of worry stanched immediately because I believe in the effectual healing of meditation.

Meditation is the ability to focus your thoughts on the ones you call upon and silence the ones you want quieted.  When done correctly the process happens simultaneously.  Let me add something else to this post.  I hope everyone reading this post understands that discipline plays a huge role in channeling your life.  Discipline is a source of human power that deters you from making bad decisions if cultivated and internalized.  Bad things happen to you because fate is tired of your trifling and asinine stupidity.  Without discipline and a few other morals and virtues we tend to go with whatever thoughts pop in our mind and expect the world to excuse the bad ones.

Listen, I get so frustrated to hear the media and entertainment industry tell everyone who’ve undergone a psychic tear or a ‘rupture of the mind’ to pretend it never happened.  How destructive is that!  So the wound should be ignored?  Oh, this one is better.  ‘The entertainment industry and the media tell people to pretend that all the bad things people do to other people should be ignored if you work in those fields.  Like police officers, emergency medical personnel, doctors, members of clergy or even lawmakers confronted with the loved ones of victims crying out for justice.  Bearing the burden of humanity’s atrocities comes with the job.  Don’t behave as if it’s not real.  It will harm you.  Restore the balance with compassion and love for the sanctity of life.’  Working to strengthen your mind is probably your best chance at a spiritual life.  I know what you’re thinking and I’m not talking about religion, but human beings do achieve more when they know a higher authority could be disappointed by certain behavior.

Meditation is meant to be practiced in order to be mastered.  Life implies that it is continuous, so incorporate the discipline of meditation into your life and reap its benefits.  Don’t worry about mastering it right away.  The key is to keep doing it and time will notify you of the results.  To be clear I’ll give you more of my secrets.  “Thoughts alter other thoughts just as if you’re reading drug interaction warnings.  Chemicals alter other chemicals.  More importantly, thoughts can destroy other thoughts.  Thoughts can conquer other thoughts.  Let the thoughts you want present to be present, or replace them.”  Take care and repair those ‘ruptures’.