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Who Do You Go Unto?

I am writing this post in lieu of the many postings I’m behind on because I have to stop and explain the way massive change happens in the world.  Quickly now, look in your Bible, TAKJV, turning to Exodus Chapter 8 verse 1.  Who is the authority to which God send Moses? Continuing, it’s imperative to understand when change needs to happen there is a straight line to the person, place or thing to bring it about.  Would we all agree to that assessment?  In your Bible, the process of changing Pharaoh’s thinking began fiercely (Read: Mother S. Sayer: The Road to Damascus).  If you’re already there to where I’m going, just stay with me anyway.  Evil is not conquered by gathering in a circle chanting we shall overcome.  Nor is evil defeated outside in the hall when it exists in the chambers of power.  Yes, you face it.  You confront it.  You slam good up against evil.  Metaphorically speaking, that’s what takes place.

Now we wish to rewrite history because we’ve stopped the gushing of innocent blood to merely a steady spill.  Listen to me.  There will never be an end to the innocent loss of life.  It is possible to end, but for it to happen there must still be people willing to face evil in all its’ forms.  The oppression of the hireling in his wages.  The discrimination of anyone based on the shield of religion.  Christians bestowing piety onto an evil man or woman no matter the title he or she holds. Weaponizing the rule of law by allowing it to be unchecked in the hands of those who shouldn’t be practicing it. Judges, who are ill suited for the bench making rulings based on a political ideal.  Lawmakers from local to Federal, cloaked in what ails their mind, purposefully keeping us in harm’s way because no one is willing to challenge them on their prejudices. 

God didn’t tell Moses to tell Pharaoh what Moses would do if he didn’t comply.  God told Moses to tell Pharaoh what God would do when he didn’t comply!  I know, that’s gonna shatter millions of Christians glass minds.  Yeah, God made the threat.  Sorry to disappoint you.  That’s what I’m saying.  Many millions of Americans will still vote for Donald Trump for President for various reasons.  Some have achieved a modicum of success (the worst sort of people believing they are better or washed clean from the poverty or messiness of their past).  Some still believe they can prevent others from getting something for free (I’ve never been able to figure that one out in spite of the fact that everyone pays taxes in some form).  Vexing.  Some still believe their race is superior to another.  Some people believe their money inoculates them from all potential threats to their life.  Some people just want to see chaos because they know humanity is flawed and treacherous.

When Vice President Joe Biden speaks to whom he had to confront (his own apprehensions included) to push the right part of humanity forward, let us not attempt to rewrite history or untether the high cost of all races that joined the fight for equally.  Frankly, we needed white men to confront their own kind.  Period.  Period. Period.  Careful, let’s not qualify or quantify historical periods until sufficient time has passed.  We are in 2019.  Be very careful.  Change is happening at a rapid pace.  Don’t derail it by trying to score political points against others who’ve endured great cost to get us this far.  The tablets that Moses brought down from the mountain.  Don’t fret as Moses himself did not.  Those who wish or long for the past back in the bondage of Egypt will get what’s coming to them (Reference my Post:  Where Hatred Lies Leave it There).

There has to thoughtful assessments and wise council if we are to usher in a bright future after President Trump.  Adherence to this course of action must include sound wisdom and complete discretion.  Stick to the plan and do not deviate from it to the left or to the right. All will be well.