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A Pit of Vipers

The way I see it in exact terms.  Stay with me as I set the scenery and the landscape for all who intend to walk upon it.  The United States of America has reached the time of ‘Reformation’.  It will take the will of a great man or woman wise enough to know who must be their counsel and wise to heed that counsel.  This person must know their flaws aren’t a badge of honor, but a path leading to a continual march toward redemption.  America is always, I repeat always under attack! Dare I say there is not one person alive who can say he or she was present at the birth of this country. Therefore, it is required that an oath be sworn to never allow the Sun to set on America by the hand of an enemy ‘Foreign or Domestic’.

Now, what must that leader possess in order to withstand such an onslaught from the North, the South, the East and the West? Good you asked.  I suggest that Leader be capable of wielding one or perhaps all three of these attributes.  “One, you better be the biggest viper with the strongest venom and immune to the venom of every viper in the pit.  Two, your skin better be the toughest to penetrate, but your fangs better penetrate all the other vipers.  Three, you better be the one with the quickest reflexes that even a mongoose gives a wide berth and never follows you down a whole.”  So, when you find yourself in a pit of vipers always be ready to strike!

Lastly, I will express my dissatisfaction with the way the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General of Virginia have been treated.  I’ve seen too many Black citizens be grotesquely mistreated by even the whiff of an accusation. I still now believe as I’ve believed as a Black man all my life.  If you have something to accuse someone of doing, please bring it before a court of law.  I can’t and won’t give credence to shadowy cries of crimes.  Bring it before a system designed to adjudicate these matters and let the system of justice draw a conclusion.  

America, it pains me to say this but it must be stated. If a man or a woman has a conscience it will torment them until they redeem themselves.  The hateful acts of these men in Black face or those terrorizing people because they’re different while wearing garments identifying such will and should scorch our moral norms.  That being said, allow them to walk their “Road to Damascus” and they will show us if they truly repent of their crimes against humanity.  There aren’t any throw away people.  I’m speaking to all these ‘Christians, Evangelicals’ as they’re called.  I mean Saul was killing Christians left and right before God busted his head (figuratively speaking of a serious enough nature to get his attention) while laying out two choices to him from that corrective intervention.  Saul changed his name didn’t he?  Judge these men by what is true now and not by the apathy of our country’s citizens and the all too familiar history that allowed such behavior to go unchecked.

That Should Put that to Rest?

There shouldn’t be a need for another coach to think and behave as if one mind will always defeat three or more huddled against it. For the life of me it can work in football when you have a quarterback that has refinements borne of fire, pressure and endurance.  Yes, I’m speaking of the Eagles and Patriots in SuperBowl 52.  You can’t as a coach going forward believe calling offensive plays and being the Head Coach is smart.  One job requires your full attention.  Does the other job demand the same?  Exactly, splitting your attention from one to the other is a disservice to your duty required of the position you hold.

Anyone that lives and breathes the game of football at any level should understand there are limits to what the mind can focus on. For example, Operation Overlord, Normandy, France executed on D-Day June 6, 1944.  The Supreme Allied Commander didn’t helm every ship, fly every plane, command every company, platoon or squad.  The authority and responsibility was delegated down to capable men and women from the fighters to the healers.  The mission was a success because the Supreme Commander could adjust and focus on battle support as the reports came to his attention.  Get off this kick about I’m the Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator.  Yeah, you’re the Offensive Coordinator alright because you just stunk up the place!

Oh, and by the way.  If the NFL teams, and I mean all of them, allow the Patriots to win one game this coming season, they all should wear bags over their heads and not helmets.  Ashamed shouldn’t be the word that describes the fear all teams in the NFL have of the Patriots.  The Rams, all NFL teams, need a person trained in the Philosophical and Psychological disciplines on staff.  I didn’t want to begin my worldwide push to elevate these disciplines and how they are critical to strengthening the mind of the players, but that game displayed how despair could set in when everyone’s not on the same page.  Having talent and skill physically pales in comparison to the talent and skill of the mind.  The mind is the key!