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Seer, Guide, Forther

The terms above are critical as are the descriptions that’ll follow after their definitions.  A ‘Seer’ is a being that perceives beyond lineal time.  A ‘Seer’ possesses the ability to pull the entire picture of any given situation from the ‘time stream’ and determine whether the matter is good or evil for humanity.  This gift allows the ‘Seer’ to determine quickly whether the matter needs to be stalled if evil or allowed to flourish if good.  A ‘Seer’ also lays out the past, present, and future.  A ‘Seer’ can mentally envision how a matter developed.  How it exists presently, to how the matter affects one or more individuals or a society.  Determining whether something is wrong and knowing the way to correct it is engrained in a ‘Seer’.  A ‘Seer’ is also able to identify other ‘Seers’ and enlist their aid for the good of all. Lastly, a ‘Seer’ doesn’t need, asks for, or encourage others to shower them with thanks.  A ‘Seer’ knows what duty means and asking for validation is insulting to the calling.

A ‘Guide’ is a being that has never fought the tutelage they’ve being mandated to bear.  A ‘Guide’ knows that instruction is present in every aspect of existence.  This allows the ‘Guide’ to grasp abstract concepts such as the ‘metaphorical puzzle pieces’ of life and place them not only where they fit but understanding where and why they fit exactly in place.  A ‘Guide’ knows that ‘prosperity and adversity’ are flip sides of the same coin.  Proceeding on the right course is the pedigree of a ‘Guide’.  Being a ‘Guide’ is knowing the waypoints along the path.  Precisely calculating the weight and type of provisions that are needed as the possibility of allies joining the journey is prudent planning.  Pace and speed is critical as you don’t want to pass by those wanting to climb onboard. The stopping distance after reaching the destination notifies the welcoming party that your arrival was expected. Therefore a ‘Guide’ is entrusted with the mantle of leadership and this bestowal announces that the ‘Guide’s’ record of achievement is proven by failure and success.  Lastly, a ‘Guide’ knows how to teach and pass along the knowledge they’ve wielded so adeptly under pressure.

A ‘Forther’ is an eccentric and uniquely positioned person who’s capable of bringing an idea from the timestream into existence. Dogged by the idea that’s been gifted and pursuing the development of it; a ‘Forther’ feels isolated but determined to fulfill this mandate.  When a ‘Forther’ accepts destiny, all that matters from that anchor point is how further along the timestream the work will take before it is materialized.  The ‘Forther’ is aware of all the ones who’ve come before.  It is the dedication to the lineage and history of the ‘Forther’ and all that exists as a result of their inventions that provides plenty of proof and testament of fact.  History is a matter of record and it only occurs after the fact.  This is the main admonishment to every ‘Forther’.  Alas, therein lies the official edict to the ‘Order of the Forther’.  “Never seek glory that is not your own.  Never seek to win a contest that is a contest not of your choosing.  Always seek to give honor to the team if the destiny required the help of others to achieve.  Lastly.  Never never do it for the money as glory doesn’t dangle a price tag or coin per se, to the framers of history.”  

……….Time in Madness………..

Don’t worry.  It is a little unusual to add a blog post to the end of a major portion of a universe I’m creating.  Clarity of these events will unfold over a period of time if you’ll stay with me as I bring it forward.  First, I must apply a few of these descriptions to the known reality of our times. Undoubtedly, there exists a sweeping band of confusion that looks like a band of locusts flying low and consuming a farmer’s prized crops.  This materialization of life or perversion thereof is of our own asking.  How so typically goes the inquiry?  Well, humanity for the most part believes in an eternal spiritual being that is more or less the source of all life or energy so to speak.

Would we all agree that we don’t choose our parents? In the beginning is a powerful release of energy!  Keeping this energy contained and flowing throughout the body as intended means a greater chance for good than we could ever know.  What if our beginning is undirected?   I’m talking about ‘expectations.’  It is required that my children make all ‘A’s and B’s’ from the close of Kindergarten thru 1stGrade to the conclusion of the 12th.  What do you think my children will give me?  Chances are they will meet my expectations right?  The same goes for if I required of them zero achievement. They would meet that expectation as well right?  The right upbringing within expected norms of a civilized society brings the greatest chance for success with that child.  The opposite approach to the upbringing of that child would fling said child into ‘madness’.

Let’s assume many of us know the scripture that admonishes us to not steer a child in the wrong direction.  Human beings are best when they are taught right things, but let’s also accept that we can spend time being taught things that destroy us. Behavior that is shunned such as stealing, lying, cheating, and any activity deemed immoral by a civilized society. Imagine spending even a year under the wrong tutelage.  That’s how it starts.  Shelter, food, clothing and access to education is difficult to maintain at times even for adults.  Imagine these requirements for survival and you’re a child.  Yeah, the degree of difficulty makes the vulnerable among us further slide into ‘madness’.  Granted, some children have the gift to sort and prioritize their condition to supersede their circumstances.  Unfortunately, even they still need many pieces in the events that follow to break their way.

Take failure for instance.  Now I’ll pose a question to all followers and occasional readers of ‘’.  Has God ever failed?  Take as much time as you like and then continue reading…

Luke Chapter 10 verse 18: “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”  Was this verse written in the Bible or did I somehow pull it from ‘Chaos’ World and falsely insert it into the ‘Holy Bible’?  Was this verse written in invisible ink to hide its’ factual relevance?  No!  America, listen to me clearly now.  We all made a mistake putting this man, Donald Trump, as President of the United States.  Yes, the analogy, if not of the same magnitude, it is of the same threat.

God made a mistake installing Lucifer, Satan, or whatever you want to call him in charge of teaching his creation, mankind, the methodology he intended for his worship.  Did God hide his failure?  Anyone? Anyone?  Anyone?  Okay. I’ll answer it.  No he didn’t.  How do you know God didn’t attempt to hide his failure?  He placed it prominently in the Bible for all to witness!  When God knew Satan refused to be subordinate, he caste him out.  Now I’ll speak on why I said subordinate.

Our American society began under horrific injustice, moral decadence, and every depraved thought committed in real time against human beings.  What you say, if we started in such darkness what brought us to the light?  I’ll tell you.  The kind of people, although the list is not all inclusive, I’ve listed above who possessed great moral will and unsoiled integrity.  It takes ‘beings’ of great conviction to hold a society responsible for her actions and keep her in check.  Yes.  We’ve spent a great many years in ‘madness’.  The Two Hundred and forty-two years America has existed didn’t occur by luck.  

Look, I’m really sorry for what I’m about to say next. Every Federally elected official, appointed Federal Judges, and all agencies of the Federal Government.  We need you.  It is your duty to ensure the survival of our way of life.  Did you not understand the oath of office you swore when you took your station?  As God didn’t allow Heaven to be split or torn asunder by someone he gave power and authority to, we cannot allow a man we elected President of the United States to destroy America.

More background in ‘madness’.  Let me ask you something.  Can a man who’s never tasted hunger in his life really care for anyone who’s hungry?  Can a man who’s never tasted failure of his own and had to figure an honest way to recover from it teach the moral concept of integrity?  Can a man who’s never defended his country by putting on a uniform (although military service isn’t required to hold the office) ever take responsibility for the awesome power he has to send men and women to their death? Has he shown acceptance (leadership in not passing the buck) for both the good and the bad of his decisions with our fighting men and women?

Chaos?  Really? Try running your household for a week in chaos.  Drop all planning and just pull every decision out of your ass.  No, there’s no vision in the midst of chaos.  I’m sorry if you thought that.  This is asinine!  We’re talking about running just a household on chaos for a week.  Imagine going back in history and initiating D-Day in World War II with no planning, just chaos.  Right.  The sheer massive undertaking of that operation would’ve warranted removal of anybody asserting such ‘crazy talk’.

Lastly, we’ve been in this ‘madness’ almost two years now. Even if this President survives if he is found to have betrayed America which in itself would be on the scale of Satan’s insurrection of God’s Heaven and Earth and God installing him as his right hand.  Ah, God’s not you.  God doesn’t meander with trifling ilk.  God certainly doesn’t care which political party your membership is paid up.  Stop looking at tall buildings or go to Greece and view the Pantheon.  Go to Italy and view the Coliseum.  If history fails to scare you then prepare a tour of all our monuments which befalls a former great society.  Stop marveling at your perfectly manicured lawns.  Stop chasing women (men) through the halls of Congress and do your job. If you don’t, I’m sure the media would start posing questions to all Americans worded something like ‘who would love to live under the rule of Vladimir Putin and Russian billionaires.’

By the way, since God did reveal his failure and quick action to correct it, why would God’s creation believe they have perfect organizations?  Justice is a moral belief we all believe is meted out with integrity of process.  America’s arc bends towards fidelity to a defined moral code.  Unfortunately, the evidence suggests we still have a long road to travel, but we must get back on course.