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An Apostle? A Bishop? A President


An Apostle? A Bishop? A President?


I’ll get right to the point.  Tell me, is there a Book of the Bible called ‘The Gospel According to Judas Iscariot’?  Take your time now.  Go ahead. Flip back the cover of your Bible to the table of contents.  Go to each book and read who’s the author.  I’ll wait a few more minutes.  Okay.  Could you find one?  Don’t tell me it’s not there.  Look again and be sure with your search because the point I’m about to make depends on it.  No.  No good fortune in finding a book of the Bible called ‘The Gospel According to Judas Iscariot’.  Weird huh (Sarcasm).


I will continue combing through the Archives of history to highlight another valuable office.  Are there text, verses, or requirements to be sure that describe what a person must possess or be as a living representative in striving to obtain the office of a Bishop?  Here’s a part of the text taken from The King James Version.  1 Timothy, Chapter 3, verse 5…(For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?).  I suggest reading the rest of the chapter because there is more there there.


Now the big kahuna.  The Office of the President of the United States.  Why was the office created by the framers of the U.S. Constitution?  Did they believe the office would become greater than the men who occupied the position? Would they accept the degrading of the Presidency by men who display a sheer lack of respect for the office?  Could the framers envision the fact that millions of citizens would love the Presidency so much that they would truly believe the person occupying it can’t do it any harm?  Somehow believing it’s possible to detach the holder of said office from the office itself?


All three examples are proof that established positions of great respect and importance can’t be allowed to descend into debasement, atrophy and decay.  There was only one instance in recorded history about an Apostle defiling the office he held.  Judas Iscariot afterwards was wiped clean from the face of history, wasn’t he? None of us are God, but I sure wouldn’t want to hold an office of such enormous influence and power and spit it back in his face.  The thought of that punishment is too terrible to put into words.  The Bishop is highly spoken of as well.  Would it be forever tarnished if a holder of said office defiled it?  No, it would not.  The same is to be said of the President of the United States.  The office is the whole idea.


The office of the Presidency owes nothing to no man that occupies it!  Don’t confuse the pageantry and honor the office has earned for more than 2 centuries with the person that sits in the chair of the President.  If the times were changed, there would be people who would still be supportive of Judas Iscariot.  Yes, there would be people who would vote for Judas Iscariot to remain an Apostle even after he betrayed Jesus Christ!  Just get over it.  There are Christians, it’s questionable if these Christians even understand what they call themselves, who would vote for Satan because they have abdicated their responsibility to their fellow man to know whom they support.


Don’t run around the world thinking you’re not responsible for the people your vote helped to win office.  If the world is on fire, it’s not your fault, right?  There are people (to include voters) constantly releasing negative energy into the nexus.  What will you release?  Don’t disconnect the sacred and solemn duty in assuming an office from the office holder’s responsibility to not disgrace the office.  Do your job voters.  If you don’t, you will answer as all Christians, Jews, Muslims and whatever faith you follow.  Use your speaking spirit for something more than just “it’s not my fault whatever happens. All I did was vote.  I’m not responsible for what happens after that.” Sure.


Oh, and by the way, let’s lament the forgotten and powerful titles and central offices of governmental power that ran countries and kingdoms into diminished standing through the ages.  Emperor.  The Khan’s. Can anyone point to a Caesar in 2018? Were these titles and designations discarded because they were no longer needed, or were they destroyed (along with the country) by the behavior of the person occupying the seat of power egged on by the apathy of the citizenry?  Another thing, don’t even try to say God picked the wrong Apostle.  Maybe God let it play out to teach us all the lesson that, “There aren’t any organizations, any, that are 100% perfect.  It includes governmental, Federal and State, to businesses and homes, families and tribes, churches of all faiths, that are immune to evil people hiding in their ranks.”  Humanity has got to get better, and the first step is to stop believing right comes out of supporting what’s wrong.

A Help Meet? A Guide? The Rib?



I can say honestly I’ve avoided this troublesome topic.  The subject matter is quite distressing.  In truth, I’ve found the discussion about the status of women vexing, as men have manipulated it throughout the ages to the point that women are now believing their standing to be ‘subservient’ to men.  Let me inform my followers of what response I’ve always given when I was in the Army to soldiers who said their company was a piece of crap (in substitution for the other word).  Quote, “I’m in this company too, I can’t agree with that statement because I would be saying I’m also a piece of crap, and I’m definitely not a piece of crap.” Let’s begin.


A Help Meet?  “Genesis, Chapter 2, verse 18…And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.”  Stop. Let’s define the word ‘help’. Help is defined as rendering assistance to, joining in completing a task or continuously aiding another to complete goals or objectives.  That was my own definition, but as you can see a helping hand, so to speak, is critical to accomplishing anything worthwhile.  Would you think of someone multiplying your efforts to reach a goal subservient? Therefore, a help meet is not a tool to help you turn a screw and put away on a shelf to retrieve again when needed is it? Moving on.


A Guide?  “1 Timothy, Chapter 5, verse 14…I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.”  A guide is defined as anything whether it’s a person, place or thing that leads, directs or serves as a roadmap from the place you are to the place you want to find.  “He needed a guide from Cyprus to Haiti, so he hired a ship and crew to speed him there.”  Now, don’t you think a guide is an important resource to possess when searching for something?  If you’re looking to hire a guide, shouldn’t that person know the way to the place you desire to be?  You don’t have to believe the words you’re reading.  Go board a plane destined from Cincinnati to Kuala Lumpur and ask the pilot if he or she knows the route to get there.  When the plane has left the ground, will it be pointed in the right direction.  The right altitude, speed and latest data about the corridor it will pass through to include weather updates.  Storms do arise unexpectedly huh?


The Rib?  “Genesis, Chapter 2, verse 22…And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.” What a surprise and here I was thinking from all the confusion that a woman was made from everything but a man. See, this is what happens when we begin to lower the status of women in relationship to men.  As I’ll stated earlier in this post, if I am part of a company, partner, or a branch on a tree, why on Earth would I downgrade my status as part of a whole?  Women you can stop the foolishness now!  God didn’t make you subservient to the man.  You are not relieved of your awesome responsibility whether you are single or married.  “Well, he’s the husband and all I have to do is stop at the bear children part and I’m home free.”  Alrighty then, to the men and women who didn’t like what you read up top; you should stop reading at this point because it gets ugly from here.


In conclusion.  Get your head out your ‘four points of contact’.  Any woman who’s bought into the thinking that all decisions in the house are to made by the man are as foolish as the man that believes it.  Why would anyone want to be thought of only for bearing children or sexual relief and scorned when the troublesome periods strike the home?  Who always gets the blame at this point?  The woman because she didn’t speak up right?  Here’s the popular refrain, “well you’re the man isn’t that what you said.”  Women, it must be nice to not feel any pressure (if this post applies to you) to insure the ‘guide’ portion of your job is not usurped by the man.  You’re still not off the hook because the success or the failure of your household is shared by the both of you.  Don’t misunderstand me, the head of the household rule is applied if the both of you can’t agree on something and a decision must be made. The man must then bear the brunt of the call, but the woman can do all she can to limit the damage, or better yet, highlight the fortunate turn of events.


Women, if you believe you are inferior to men; then you must also conclude that men are from inferior stock as well because women were grafted from the man and nothing else.  I can’t pluck an orange from the orange tree and turn around and say it tastes good because my hand grabbed it the right way. No.  I took it from the orange tree and it taste good because of the goodness of the orange tree.  Quit separating yourselves from the truth.  Women do you hear me?  Accept your lineage and operate (in a marital setting) as part of one flesh.  Didn’t think I would finish with that crucial point did you?

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