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Mother Se’May Sayer: The ARC of Time Episode Thirteen: The Road to Damascus Part One: Those We Love

Mother Se’May Sayer:  The ARC of Time

Episode Thirteen:  The Road to Damascus

Part One:  Those We Love


(This time period should be forever marked by the kidnapping of Mother’s daughter by an old foe.  The loss of control and the uncertainty that creeps into Mother’s life for the first time ever.  How did this happen you might ask?  It happened because Mother was rising fast in the business world and she wasn’t closely guarding the line of vendors, let’s say, or the character of the people she dealt with at the time.  One of these men she dealt with was her tormentor, the man that kidnapped her daughter, Mr. Goone.  Well no one is immune to the embarrassment of defeat as such a sting is more prominent when it is delivered by a woman.  The majority of men, if not the entirety of them, would not be gracious losers in that scenario.  Mr. Goone ran in mob circles.  He wasn’t the sort of man that liked hearing the word no, or most certainly he didn’t like being upstaged by a woman.

It is a distortion to be sure.  A man that isn’t used to a woman getting the best of him, and a woman who isn’t used to dealing with a man of low morals.  The dichotomy has now seeped into the fabric of both their ideals of life as it should be.  Which version of life would rule the day?  Which one of these two people will emerge victorious based on how each chooses to present that life to the world?  Who will be true to their convictions or their code?

Let’s back up a minute and revisit how this situation occurred.  This dynamic is the result of Mother Sayer’s father, Ableman Sayer, stepping in to help her with Mr. Goone, a small-time henchman for the city of Louisville, Kentucky’s crime boss, Don Se’Stone.  The Don and her father were old friends that ran together since they met during the Korean War.

This time her father would not be the one to deal with the Don.  If a savior would appear this time, it would be a man whom she highly respected as a skillful commander.  A man that supplied fresh motivations because she knew she needed someone that would task her without regard to her pedigree. The Colonel, her commanding officer of the Task Force she reported under.  This man didn’t know much about Major Sayer at the time nor did he care if she had a loving family.  This Colonel only cared about leading warriors as he was burdened with a humongous lineage in contrast as the Major’s good name was young and recent.

Despite this clash of personalities and demand for respect, something did happen that changed the Colonel’s mind and his heart which gave him new understanding.  An understanding that would lead the Colonel, after he got word of the Major’s dilemma, to offer his help as he knew what it would mean to him.  It meant the Colonel now had a chance at redemption.  He would not squander it.)

Mother Sayer: (Mother rarely deviated from her morning routine.  She rose around 6 am every morning.  Brushed her teeth and took a brisk shower.  Afterwards she would stir the children around 645 to get them going. Neither had to fight for a bathroom as there was one upstairs and one downstairs in addition to the one in her room. In any event, the children would be refreshed from their sleep soon and eating breakfast as Mother’s staff would have a hearty breakfast ready for consumption in the dining room.).  Ah, Ntare, how are you this morning?

Ntare Bolder:  I am well Mother Sayer.  I took the liberty as it is a Wednesday to prepare fresh fruit and light sandwiches in the event you and the little ones need an effective pick-me-up throughout the day.

Mother Sayer:  That is very thoughtful.  Good, I think today is going to be a great day if I may say so.  Children, come and eat.  I need to get to work a little early today.

Doyenne:  I’m here Mother.

Mother Sayer:  Where’s Justus?

Doyenne:  Oh, he’s coming.  Just what I wanted to get me going.  A spread of fruits and a plate of sandwiches which I’m sure has the type of meat I like. (Doy loves turkey, pastrami and cheese on white with a light coating of mayonnaise. Even better if the sandwiches are cut into squares, as they are, for quick packaging and consumption.).

Justus:  Yes, just what I need.  May I have some of everything Mother?

Mother Sayer: (The arrival of my son is always ‘may I have something to eat’ before he even knows what position or where his Mother is standing in the kitchen.). Yes, Justus, you can have whatever you desire as always as long as you do not waste it.

(The morning at home is now written in history. The drive to the kids’ school uneventful.  The arrival at work is the same.).

Mother Sayer:  Eloisa, you are looking as confident as ever.  How goes things?  Are you settled on where you wish to attend college?

Eloisa:  Almost Mother.  I just have to figure out which one would give me the best chance at attaining all the goals I have in mind.

Mother Sayer: (These conversations are more valuable than all the millions in revenue her company now generates every year. The progress, growth and ability of humanity.  The expansion of the mind and the people who support this critical, albeit downplayed and shunned practice for more things that tend to excite people’s emotions. Mother knows that instant gratification is destroying the minds of the young in America.  Everything worthwhile to a person’s life takes time and time is what Mother elevates in all things to all her people.).  Yes, Eloisa, that is right.  Project the story from the end.  If you see the choice you will make, then tether and bond it to the fabric of your life, then that college must possess all you require in accomplishing your goal.  Not the goals of the college, but the goals you have in mind to propel you forward in life.

Eloisa:  So, the college I choose must meet my goals and not the other way around?

Mother Sayer:  That’s precisely right.  Another thing I must awaken your mind to that’s life giving in the contemplation of it.

Eloisa:  Mother, I must confess that I’m not good at philosophy.  A lot of things go right over my head.  I’m just giving you fair warning.

Mother Sayer: (Mother sees this reaction more often than she receives an objection vocally to her offers of caution to the young. Her council is still needed no matter the resistance to it which is why she compresses her admonitions into short one or two sentences for quick memory recall.).  I’ve noticed an engagement ring on your finger.  Is it serious?

Eloisa:  Yes, Mother I believe it is.

Mother Sayer:  I’m happy for you.  Remember this if you don’t remember anything else about life and how it should be lived with another adult.  “Sex and love, one doesn’t come with the other.”

Eloisa:  “Sex and love, one doesn’t come with the other.”  What does that mean?

Mother Sayer:  It is one of those saying in life that holds within it a truth.  That truth must be discovered by each individual that hears it.  Don’t ask me how I came by such a truth that at face value seems to be false.  Many believe that sex and love are the same thing. They have to go together right? The wisdom that lies within it must be a discovery that unfolds in your mind.

Eloisa:  I don’t know about that.  That is not what I’ve heard.

Mother Sayer:  Ah, so a woman has schooled you on how to please a man.  Okay, well what happens after a man is ‘pleased’ if I may word it that way?

Eloisa:  He should know where he can come to be treated like he should be treated.

Mother Sayer:  Oh, I see, so he knows where to go to get relief.  (Mother can see on Eloisa’s face that this comment has finally cracked her shield of confidence in what she was taught.  It’s not so pretty to be an ‘object of a man’s desire when that desire is simply a place to empty fluids and satisfy a craving.’

Eloisa:  I’m uncomfortable with the direction this conversation is taking.

Mother Sayer:  Very well Eloisa.  I will leave you with something that may clear up for you what love should mean for humanity in general.  Love is interdimensional.  Love is expansive.  Love is limitless because it is present across great distances.  Do you know why?  (Mother can see that Eloisa has grown weary of the conversation as many do when their long held given beliefs aren’t scrutinized at first, then sorted through for personal discovery).  Many things we believe are found lacking under intense scrutiny Eloisa.

Eloisa:  No. What?

Mother Sayer:  The conscience.  If you don’t reside in his heart, or as I call it the mind, the tether connecting the two of you is nonexistent.  The thing, that invisible arc of energy that binds both of you together.  That thing that denies all others and resides faithful and yes feeds off the reciprocal energy you both send back and forth to each other.

(Well I should leave it there and continue my daily routine as my business doesn’t run itself, but I must press on until she says no more.).

Eloisa:  I, I don’t know what to do with this information you’ve given me.

Mother Sayer:  Eloisa, think of what I’ve said to you today as a seed that must be planted. Let it grow within you.  Nourish it and it will produce the enlightening fruit of understanding.  Teach it by how you behave towards the ones you love and yes, bring your man along slowly or quickly depending on how you judge he’s absorbing what you show him. Okay.  Well talk later and have a good day.

Eloisa: (I’ve only talked to Mother a few minutes, but it seems ‘I’ve unbraced and unstrapped a load of bricks and was about to round a curve before hearing her advice.’ Oh, God.  Look at me, she’s even got me contemplating like a monk.).  Ah, yes yes Mother, have a good day.

Mother Sayer:  Listen, everybody wants a good life or prosperity as if it’s a reward for simply being alive.  It seems to be a disease of some kind that plagues Americans.  “Don’t pick the fruit before you plant the tree.”

Eloisa:  I definitely don’t understand that.  Can you please tell me what you mean by that?

Mother Sayer:  What I mean is that there has to be some signs of growth that the seed you plant, or per se in your case the relationship you want at some point to be beneficial to you both has to be a two-way street.  If the roots aren’t grounded, meaning a mutual care for each other, then the roots, love in your case, will never withstand the possibility of being uprooted by the ‘events of life’ you both will face.

Eloisa:  By ‘events’ you mean the insertion of other people between the two of us.  The intertwining of two lives is a precarious operation without well-meaning friends putting in their two-cents worth. I never believed it would be easy, but I don’t want a hard life either.

Mother Sayer:  Well, I think you’ve come a long way for such a short interaction this morning Eloisa.  Remember this if you don’t remember anything else I’ve said.  “The pace of your learning may be quickened depending on what it devotes to your vitality, but understand you’ll be shaken a bit.  Flow through it as it washes over you and when it dries, know that physic learning as far as the mind is concerned only deals in permanent disclosures.”  Be well as I won’t detain you any longer.

Eloisa:  Good day Mother and thank you for taking the time to spend with me.

Mother Sayer:  You’re welcome sweetheart. (Mother feels Eloisa needs a hug as life sometimes requires physical touch to solidify a caring relationship.  She touches her face and sees her off to her station before she boards the elevator to her office.).

(The elevator opens on the 3rdfloor of the office building that houses the day-to-day operations of The ARC Inc. Sarah is standing by with the reports and fresh cut fruits and nuts prepared just the way Mother likes them.).

Mother Sayer:  Very good Sarah, the scent of fruits and nuts is a soothing welcome to start the day.  Anything unusual or unexpected that’s happened so far this morning that needs my attention?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Not a thing Mother.

Mother Sayer:  Are the numbers on my desk detailing the history of our household line of products?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Yes Mother.

Mother Sayer:  Good.  I want to review the current sales and our production quota to see if they line up with our sales goals.  Are the products that are in the development phase on my desk as well?

Sarah W. Certainty:  No they’re not Mother.

Mother Sayer:  Call down to ‘Seed and Root’ and get those for me please.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Right away Mother:  If you have time, can I run something by you.  It’ll take just a second.

Mother Sayer:  Sure Sarah, give me just a second to change the PH level of my taste buds and I’ll be right with you.

(Mother carries a cup of hot tea out to Sarah’s desk. She knows it’s fine because no one occupies the inner office but the two of them.).

Mother Sayer:  What’s on your mind Sarah?

Sarah W. Certainty:  First I want to say that I’ve enjoyed your guidance and nurturing these past two years I’ve been here.  The time you’ve taken to help me sort out my life now and the things I’ve witnessed growing up has strengthened me beyond anything I could’ve known I could be.  I’ve seen other people in passing and often wondered how they seem content with their lives.

Mother Sayer:  It has been my pleasure as well to have an advent listener.  Your presence has taught me many things as well Sarah.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Very well Mother.  I want to notably focus on what you’ve done with me as it concerns my parents.  I was conflicted about why I was born into such a dangerous life for the longest time.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my parents.  Well I should say; I’ve forced myself to believe my parents loved me. In the most stressful, neglectful, lack of nurturing times I knew was swirling around them and completely unsure of which situation would show for me.  It never was the comforting one of those possible traits I needed the most.

That set me on a path to look at my situation, but not be consumed by it.  No matter what was going on around me to always be thinking and learning.  Never did I wish I was somewhere else.  Don’t get me wrong.

Mother Sayer: (This young lady is more impressive that my initial assessment led me to believe.  Even in the two plus years she’s been my responsibility; I would’ve never imagined she knew of embracing her environment instead of attempting to flee it as the first option would be more advantageous for her. Incredible!).  Good Sarah, continue.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I knew my parents would come out on top of whatever the challenge that faced them.  They stuck together.  My mom knew her role and my father embraced his.  They never gave the other any trouble.  When my father needed someone who didn’t judge him, my mother was always there.  When my mother needed someone to tell her she was pretty and a good mother, my father did it with gusto.

My understanding was complete about the two of them when I witnessed their love for each other.  It wasn’t a love that lacked accountability.  It was a love that established what was valuable and preserved it as a jeweler would a precious stone. Then they decided to broaden my experience of life by giving me to you because my father knew your father for decades.

Mother Sayer:  Yes I know.

Sarah W. Certainty:  I wouldn’t change my life now for anything in the world.  I was shown favor by God because he gave me a strong mind and I didn’t disappoint the ‘Trinity’ God by showing it was too much for me to handle.

Mother Sayer:  Definitely Sarah.  That is correct.  You are a strong woman as evidenced by your ability to withstand all the ‘physic shocks’ to your mind at an early age before you were able to process them appropriately. However, you’ve shown a gift of mental strength that defies age itself.  It is good to show that you were ready no matter what your age.

Let me say this in your honor as well.  “Physic shocks are common to all of humanity.” They can foster new abilities or hasten mental uncertainty when they arrive too early, too late or not at all.

Sarah W. Certainty:  Exactly!  I picked up on that about you.  Mental strength is a major part of what you’re about and feeding that point has made your company very successful.  You’ve shown me it’s not a separate part of your life, but it’s a major component of your life that works with every other part of your life.

Mother Sayer:  Did you pick all that up just by watching me?

Sarah W. Certainty:  Let’s just say my list of questions have nearly all been answered now.

Mother Sayer:  Only a few left before the exam is complete?

Sarah W. Certainty:  A few left before the exam is complete.  I hope I don’t run out of time.

Mother Sayer:  Not a chance my dear.  Not a chance.

—————- 1stInterlude —————

(The afternoon turns into early evening and the day’s business is flowing well as The ARC is functioning as it should.).

Sarah W. Certainty:  Mother, it’s you Head of Staff at your house on line one, N’tare Bolder.

Mother Sayer:  Thank you Sarah.  N’tare how are you.  What’s up?

N’tare Bolder:  Doyenne wasn’t at school when your driver went to pick her up.  I don’t know where she is.  Did she say she would sleep over someone’s house tonight?

Mother Sayer:  I don’t think so, she didn’t ask my permission.  Let me call her to find out where she’s at.  Thanks for calling me.

N’tare Bolder:  Governess, I await your guidance.  Until then.  Good evening.

(There is a certain sense of unease.  An unease that Se’May only feels when the danger is real. The vibe in the air surrounds her and starts layering the truth on what she knows is wrong.  Doy is in trouble.)

Mother Sayer:  (Suddenly her phone rings and she knows it’s her daughter.  Her daughter doesn’t answer the phone.  That voice, she races through her memories like a speed reader mesmerizing an attentive audience.  It can’t be him, but she knows her upbringing is sure.  Her military training as was her leadership structure, was superior to all the commands her peers served under was sure.  Her learning curve and the organization she’s built to include her ARC Council, subjected her to continuous pressure to compress the time she needed to move with confidence in the rough and tumble arena of business.  The voice on the phone belongs to Laine Goone.).  If you harm my daughter, I will kill you.

Laine Goone:  Ha Ha.  Is that any way to speak to an old business partner.

Mother Sayer:  (Se’May is extremely disappointed in her opening statement, but she knows the disclosure is permanent and signifies how angry she is.  She quickly regains her bearing and demands why he has taken her daughter.).  Mr. Goone, may I ask what are doing with my daughter?  Why have you taken my child?

Laine Goone:  We’ll get to that soon enough.  Let’s talk about how you’re going to pay me back the money you owe me.

Mother Sayer:  Money I owe you?  I owe you money?  I remember you took money from me and didn’t exchange it for the raw supplies you promised. How am I to blame for what Don Se’Stone did to you?

Laine Goone:  You stupid bitch!  That’s not how it works.  I’m a criminal.  Are you saying you don’t understand that?  Fuck all this shit.  You want your daughter back, right?  You will pay me The $50,000 you owe me, plus $250,000 for the embarrassment you brought me in the face of my boss.

Mother Sayer:  I’ll pay you what?  I’m sorry you were disciplined by your boss, but that’s not my problem.

Laine Goone:  Oh, but I’ve made it your problem.  Yes or no?

Mother Sayer:  Yes or no what?  You want me to pay you $300,000 for an apparent offense you claim to have suffered?

Laine Goone:  Pay the money or you’ll never see your daughter again.

Mother Sayer:  Okay, now we’re getting somewhere.  If I don’t pay you the money you think I owe you, you’ll kill my daughter is that it?

Laine Goone:  And they say you people are dumb.

Mother Sayer:  (This would be comical if it didn’t involve my daughter.  Men.  I’ll keep him thinking he has the upper hand for now.  I’ve got to find a way to get my daughter back without paying this fool my money.).  I want my daughter back right now or I’ll call the police.

Laine Goone:  By the time the police get a whiff of my scent I won’t be in this country. Call them all you want.  You better start getting my money together. I won’t wait on you forever.

Mother Sayer:  Okay okay.  I’ll get the money together.  Just give me some idea when you want it?

Laine Goone:  I’ll let you know bitch.  (Click).

(Mother let’s her people know that her daughter’s been taken from her by an old enemy.  What she doesn’t know is that a former soldier of hers that works in her truck repair business has been in constant contact with a certain commander from her past.  Son Skyy has made the call and Mother will have to deal with the clash of personalities again.).


(In Tel Aviv, Israel, a vibrant, purposeful and driven city that’s alive with the joy of humanity.  Where there is more togetherness than division.  One company has burdened itself with the task of bringing home, in a manner, all the tribes and pockets of Jewish hereditary who’ve remained from their ancestors all over the world.

The Jews of China, Europe, and Africa.  Many other places of the world that nomadic Jews sought to build a life for themselves while maintaining centuries old traditions of love for family and prowess in battle.  The company is called:  3 FOLD-C. Its offices are staffed by personnel whose beliefs tend to bend toward the most valiant of behaviors.  All parts of an automobile serve to propel it to its destination.  The administration of justice is sacred and not to be ranked by order of precedence. That is the point.  The custody of humanity is everyone’s solemn responsibility. The conduct of it seems to be in the hands of people focused more on power and pleasure than justice and equitable treatment no matter the person before you.  Yeah, it seems as if its’ been left to impetuous children to manage.

Therefore, HAMSA, our code, must be without question and all who’re allowed membership must be vetted continuously throughout their association with the company.  The internal disciplinary apparatus must be as stringent as the rule shown to us by the Gods themselves in casting out the one betrayer amongst the first twelve apostles. ‘It is impossible to achieve justice by acting unjustly.  It is blasphemous to believe that honor can be obtained by acting dishonorably’.).


Son Skyy:  (Skyy is thinking as he sits at the desk staring at the phone in the truck stop office.  He knows what promise he gave to the Major’s superior officer before they both left the service to start a new life working together in Kentucky.  “If she needs anything, any trouble comes her way you call me.  Understood.”).  May I speak to Colonel Tholodious Badon Sennfphoru?

(At the company offices in Tel Aviv, Israel, the call comes into the switchboard and the handlers verify the caller’s codes (name and information provided by all executive staff of family and friends) and sends it to administration to prepare a report to present to the recipient of the call.  The General is at his desk now after being grilled by the ‘HAMSA JUDGES’ about the actions taken by his team on their last mission.

General Sennfphoru:  Good morning Mc’Butress, what do you have for me.

Mc’Butress:  Only one report matched to the file created after you returned home.  It’s a simple case involving the kidnapping of a woman’s daughter.

General Sennfphoru:  (After reading down the paper and seeing the name he stops.  The General closes his eyes.  When he opens them again, he slowly stands and looks out the window.).  Mc’, prepare my transport.  All protocols are in effect.  This mission is personal.

Mc’Butress:  (One of those precious requests granted only to the executive council.).  May I ask who this woman is to you?  What is her name?  Where are we going?

General Sennfphoru:  The association is tied to the American Army.  She is, an old subordinate I commanded when I led a Task Force in Iraq.  Her name, is Major Sayer.  We’re going to Louisville, Kentucky.

…to be continued

An Apostle? A Bishop? A President


An Apostle? A Bishop? A President?


I’ll get right to the point.  Tell me, is there a Book of the Bible called ‘The Gospel According to Judas Iscariot’?  Take your time now.  Go ahead. Flip back the cover of your Bible to the table of contents.  Go to each book and read who’s the author.  I’ll wait a few more minutes.  Okay.  Could you find one?  Don’t tell me it’s not there.  Look again and be sure with your search because the point I’m about to make depends on it.  No.  No good fortune in finding a book of the Bible called ‘The Gospel According to Judas Iscariot’.  Weird huh (Sarcasm).


I will continue combing through the Archives of history to highlight another valuable office.  Are there text, verses, or requirements to be sure that describe what a person must possess or be as a living representative in striving to obtain the office of a Bishop?  Here’s a part of the text taken from The King James Version.  1 Timothy, Chapter 3, verse 5…(For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?).  I suggest reading the rest of the chapter because there is more there there.


Now the big kahuna.  The Office of the President of the United States.  Why was the office created by the framers of the U.S. Constitution?  Did they believe the office would become greater than the men who occupied the position? Would they accept the degrading of the Presidency by men who display a sheer lack of respect for the office?  Could the framers envision the fact that millions of citizens would love the Presidency so much that they would truly believe the person occupying it can’t do it any harm?  Somehow believing it’s possible to detach the holder of said office from the office itself?


All three examples are proof that established positions of great respect and importance can’t be allowed to descend into debasement, atrophy and decay.  There was only one instance in recorded history about an Apostle defiling the office he held.  Judas Iscariot afterwards was wiped clean from the face of history, wasn’t he? None of us are God, but I sure wouldn’t want to hold an office of such enormous influence and power and spit it back in his face.  The thought of that punishment is too terrible to put into words.  The Bishop is highly spoken of as well.  Would it be forever tarnished if a holder of said office defiled it?  No, it would not.  The same is to be said of the President of the United States.  The office is the whole idea.


The office of the Presidency owes nothing to no man that occupies it!  Don’t confuse the pageantry and honor the office has earned for more than 2 centuries with the person that sits in the chair of the President.  If the times were changed, there would be people who would still be supportive of Judas Iscariot.  Yes, there would be people who would vote for Judas Iscariot to remain an Apostle even after he betrayed Jesus Christ!  Just get over it.  There are Christians, it’s questionable if these Christians even understand what they call themselves, who would vote for Satan because they have abdicated their responsibility to their fellow man to know whom they support.


Don’t run around the world thinking you’re not responsible for the people your vote helped to win office.  If the world is on fire, it’s not your fault, right?  There are people (to include voters) constantly releasing negative energy into the nexus.  What will you release?  Don’t disconnect the sacred and solemn duty in assuming an office from the office holder’s responsibility to not disgrace the office.  Do your job voters.  If you don’t, you will answer as all Christians, Jews, Muslims and whatever faith you follow.  Use your speaking spirit for something more than just “it’s not my fault whatever happens. All I did was vote.  I’m not responsible for what happens after that.” Sure.


Oh, and by the way, let’s lament the forgotten and powerful titles and central offices of governmental power that ran countries and kingdoms into diminished standing through the ages.  Emperor.  The Khan’s. Can anyone point to a Caesar in 2018? Were these titles and designations discarded because they were no longer needed, or were they destroyed (along with the country) by the behavior of the person occupying the seat of power egged on by the apathy of the citizenry?  Another thing, don’t even try to say God picked the wrong Apostle.  Maybe God let it play out to teach us all the lesson that, “There aren’t any organizations, any, that are 100% perfect.  It includes governmental, Federal and State, to businesses and homes, families and tribes, churches of all faiths, that are immune to evil people hiding in their ranks.”  Humanity has got to get better, and the first step is to stop believing right comes out of supporting what’s wrong.

A Help Meet? A Guide? The Rib?



I can say honestly I’ve avoided this troublesome topic.  The subject matter is quite distressing.  In truth, I’ve found the discussion about the status of women vexing, as men have manipulated it throughout the ages to the point that women are now believing their standing to be ‘subservient’ to men.  Let me inform my followers of what response I’ve always given when I was in the Army to soldiers who said their company was a piece of crap (in substitution for the other word).  Quote, “I’m in this company too, I can’t agree with that statement because I would be saying I’m also a piece of crap, and I’m definitely not a piece of crap.” Let’s begin.


A Help Meet?  “Genesis, Chapter 2, verse 18…And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.”  Stop. Let’s define the word ‘help’. Help is defined as rendering assistance to, joining in completing a task or continuously aiding another to complete goals or objectives.  That was my own definition, but as you can see a helping hand, so to speak, is critical to accomplishing anything worthwhile.  Would you think of someone multiplying your efforts to reach a goal subservient? Therefore, a help meet is not a tool to help you turn a screw and put away on a shelf to retrieve again when needed is it? Moving on.


A Guide?  “1 Timothy, Chapter 5, verse 14…I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.”  A guide is defined as anything whether it’s a person, place or thing that leads, directs or serves as a roadmap from the place you are to the place you want to find.  “He needed a guide from Cyprus to Haiti, so he hired a ship and crew to speed him there.”  Now, don’t you think a guide is an important resource to possess when searching for something?  If you’re looking to hire a guide, shouldn’t that person know the way to the place you desire to be?  You don’t have to believe the words you’re reading.  Go board a plane destined from Cincinnati to Kuala Lumpur and ask the pilot if he or she knows the route to get there.  When the plane has left the ground, will it be pointed in the right direction.  The right altitude, speed and latest data about the corridor it will pass through to include weather updates.  Storms do arise unexpectedly huh?


The Rib?  “Genesis, Chapter 2, verse 22…And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.” What a surprise and here I was thinking from all the confusion that a woman was made from everything but a man. See, this is what happens when we begin to lower the status of women in relationship to men.  As I’ll stated earlier in this post, if I am part of a company, partner, or a branch on a tree, why on Earth would I downgrade my status as part of a whole?  Women you can stop the foolishness now!  God didn’t make you subservient to the man.  You are not relieved of your awesome responsibility whether you are single or married.  “Well, he’s the husband and all I have to do is stop at the bear children part and I’m home free.”  Alrighty then, to the men and women who didn’t like what you read up top; you should stop reading at this point because it gets ugly from here.


In conclusion.  Get your head out your ‘four points of contact’.  Any woman who’s bought into the thinking that all decisions in the house are to made by the man are as foolish as the man that believes it.  Why would anyone want to be thought of only for bearing children or sexual relief and scorned when the troublesome periods strike the home?  Who always gets the blame at this point?  The woman because she didn’t speak up right?  Here’s the popular refrain, “well you’re the man isn’t that what you said.”  Women, it must be nice to not feel any pressure (if this post applies to you) to insure the ‘guide’ portion of your job is not usurped by the man.  You’re still not off the hook because the success or the failure of your household is shared by the both of you.  Don’t misunderstand me, the head of the household rule is applied if the both of you can’t agree on something and a decision must be made. The man must then bear the brunt of the call, but the woman can do all she can to limit the damage, or better yet, highlight the fortunate turn of events.


Women, if you believe you are inferior to men; then you must also conclude that men are from inferior stock as well because women were grafted from the man and nothing else.  I can’t pluck an orange from the orange tree and turn around and say it tastes good because my hand grabbed it the right way. No.  I took it from the orange tree and it taste good because of the goodness of the orange tree.  Quit separating yourselves from the truth.  Women do you hear me?  Accept your lineage and operate (in a marital setting) as part of one flesh.  Didn’t think I would finish with that crucial point did you?