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An Onslaught


I must get this off my chest first I’m sorry.  I will place the soft points of this post somewhere in the center of this writing.  “I don’t understand why an elected official can’t grasp the implied meanings in the oaths they undertake.”  When an official raises their right hand, and swears to defend the Constitution of the U.S., their state, city, town, borough, grain shed, or outhouse.  There is ‘peril’ implicitly woven into that short-sworn paragraph that’s repeated verbally. It’s not a job of personal safety or fidelity to yourself.  It is a fidelity to protecting your town, borough, state, federal government.  ‘At great personal danger’ should be added to all oaths of office.  That means standing up for what’s right even if you’re the only one standing!


This onslaught didn’t start the last century.  This onslaught started centuries ago when people could rule others with disdain for human decency.  Slavery, exploitation, thievery, corruption, murder was all employed with impunity because no one cared as long as they weren’t in the oppressed class subjected to daily atrocities.  Let me sneak this little bulletin in before I go further.  I’ve lived in Europe for a few years, but I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life there.  Americans, take a look at recorded history (all history isn’t in textbooks).  What are the catalysts that eventually destroy great societies?  The apathy of their leaders not acting on the fact that their country is always in peril.  Plus, their citizens going about their daily lives oblivious to the fact they’re responsible for their country’s destruction as well.


I remember wearing the uniform of my country and experiencing great memories.  One time I was on a supply convoy, in a seemingly forsaken land, and one of the locals we hired to haul a truck to a forward base broke down.  Shortening the story, we, all soldiers were out of our armored vehicles pulling security.  A shot (bullet) rang out.  The locals scattered.  All soldiers maintained their discipline.  None of us panicked, raised out weapons, chased ghosts or any foolish action.  It was a beauty to behold.  Contrast that with some police officers and their quick decisions to fire at the citizens they’re sworn to shield from peril.  How come or what oath are they taking?  A soldier knows that swearing an oath means that you may have to lay down your life for your country.  Why is it that police officers are not taught this virtue?


Let’s backtrack a minute.  Suppose you needed some plumbing work done in your home and deciding on who to do the work would send you to a local or online source.  After reviewing all the comments and ratings given on several contractors, you decide to go with the worst plumber in the business. The plumber shows up, doesn’t have the right tools.  His pants can’t remember the last time they met in the middle, and he starts to work under your sink.  He bursts the pipes, floods the kitchen and needs to run out to the truck to get the right tool.  You think this is great and vow to always call this man for future plumbing service. This is where America is right now. We seek the worst among us and put them in charge.  It’s like being better than someone is frowned upon now.


If you are afraid or scared at the twitching whiskers of a field mouse, you should not put on a uniform of the honored guardians of any people.  A uniform soldier, policeman, special agent supposed to be the example of composure in conflict or extreme stress.  If you feel (anybody wearing a uniform) you can’t perform your duties to protect and defend the citizenry of your sector, then remove your uniform and turn in your credentials.  You say then we wouldn’t have any policemen or policewomen.  Good, we know when they come, they will be the finest among the candidates.


Let’s look at the scenario that happened out in Sacramento, California.  A young man standing in his backyard at night on his phone minding his own business. Two police officers approach you hollering, screaming and then they yell gun and murder you.  Back up a minute.  The conditions at the time were dark, private property, voices yelling, black man, white police officers.  Couldn’t the police officers realize they would startle anybody on their property by doing that?  Couldn’t the police officers check to verify if the residence had weapons registered? Couldn’t the officers position themselves behind cover and calmly address the resident on his own property? Couldn’t the officers continue a dialogue behind cover until the resident knew who was calling out to him? I observed the posture of the police chief and it signaled to me that there is zero integrity in that police force.


Just an observation from an African American living and learning about religion in America.  I want to save the children for last because the destruction of humanity has reached our (supposedly) last best hope and we’re losing.  First, religion was used to land grab the country from the Native Americans.  Second, it was used to justify slavery and all its’ wanton cruelty and degradation. Thirdly, it was used to (degrade law enforcement) allow the police to become a tool for good (through privileged eyes) in defense of white people only.  I can’t understand why people of color don’t trust the police. (Sarcasm).


Fourthly, it is used to dismantle the U.S. Constitution. Here’s how.  When religious leaders (so-called) only teach selective doctrine that is distorted to suit a specific purpose, say, behavior can be forgiven without the perpetrator admitting fault is why the lost among us continue to embrace such an easy abdication of their own responsibility or check what’s taught them with that ‘book’ (The Bible I believe it’s called).  When they profess an absolute right to own guns to the detriment of houses of worship, shopping malls, theaters, places of business, military installations, post offices, concerts, nightclubs, and lastly schools.


Fifth, I read somewhere in that book, the Bible, that the children were to be protected and held as sacred.  Something that Jesus said about forbid them not to come unto him, or something about a millstone around a neck and cast into the ocean if you harm a child. Our legacy is being killed off and it takes a child to scream the loudest for us adults to awaken?  Our children must flee from a school when we want them to run toward a school to get an education?  Our children’s innocence is met with irrelevance and disdain as if their right to be free of such adult atrocities isn’t within their right to ask.  Keep it up America.  Historically, no society is immune to self-annihilation.


Black Lives Matter.  This fight is about facing down strongholds.  When you stroke the evil or hatred that surrounds all of us, metaphysically, evil doesn’t care if you only wanted to use it ‘for a minute’ and put it down afterwards.  Or that you only wanted to use it to get elected.  Evil doesn’t work that way people!  Once it’s on you, it’s hell trying to get it off.  How can you dip your hand in water and think it doesn’t get under the skin (ever hear of rashes)?  Same principle with evil.  Let evil into your mind and think it doesn’t get under the skin.  Yeah right.


What’d you think?  Evil doesn’t play fair.  Once you give evil an opening, the onslaught begins because it will push through as much craziness as it can until your stupidity realizes you’ve made a huge mistake. Guess what people.  It’s too late.  Let’s see what’s happened with our children in recent history, not only current history’, but go back a few decades.  Now we have children running from schools for their lives.  I’ll say again.  Children running from schools for their lives!  Am I missing something.  I thought children were encouraged to go toward schools.  Now we are scarring children for life because once you see the horrors that humanity perpetrates on humanity it’s forever.  The children now have a life sentence, but they didn’t commit a crime.


Summing it all up.  To all elected officials, your oaths are your legacy.  America should be your top concern because she is always in peril. Ask yourself why the military is constantly in motion.  Because the military is hyper aware of the fact that to protect a nation you must always believe she is in danger?  If an official (Attorney General, Public Defender, Prosecutor) charged with keeping law and order can’t treat all citizens equally because of a fear of the police reacting negatively.  Resign your post!  The police are not an occupying force immune to scrutiny and above the law.  Every life taken by the police should be reviewed and that goes for all levels of law enforcement activity in all levels of government including the military.  They are supposed to reduce the peril faced by their citizens, not increase it.