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Signal Jamming


Forgive my absence.  It was necessary to observe how others of my kind could advance the argument toward that ultimate aspiration.  Alas, returning to the task at hand.  I would ask all who would attempt to advance the great family of humankind to know this.  All families first hesitate to call out the wrongs of their relatives, but you know what happens when you cover a fault?  It relates to the third form of matter.  Gas.  You can’t contain the stench of an unjust act.  It smells and you know what, sooner or later the smell gets into everything.  I’ll let you figure out how to get the smell out.


Athletes, politicians, civil rights front liners, Leaders of Industry, and all who face jeopardy for the cause of what’s right.  I want to address specifically the ones who’ve been given the guardianship of Arena Combat.  Yes, I’m talking to the owners of the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, SOCCER and all organizations as such.  These games are not to be challenged, questioned, or diminished by no man or woman!  These games were ordained to give humankind relief, pleasure, exhilaration, in order to keep us from madness.  Do not attempt to mess with that for no man.  Yes, do not mess with forces you don’t understand if you are an owner wavering in your commitment to your duty to us all.


Now, back to the topic at hand.  Beware of message integrity and the way your enemy (hatred and evil in all its’ forms) seeks to distort its’ clarity.  Learn to prepare your message beforehand and be ready to give an answer devoid of all negative emotions.  Use metaphors and don’t shy away from them.  Practice them, shape them, bend them to your cause.  Being lucid helps your audience understand why this act is being undertaken.  Why you believe this protest will bring about the movement you desire to question all loss of life because we just can’t take your word that he or she “needed killin.”


Lastly, never believe your argument should be taken at face value and it should not be disputed.  Know what is signal jamming and know how to filter out the noise to return the sharpness to your transmission.  Yes, I said that.  You are in a battle and in battle communication is paramount.  You better know how to clear the signal and continue delivery of your message.  Don’t wait until the noise clears!  If you are serious about the cause, then you better find a way.  The signal jammers are not going to stop switching the frequency or turn down their counter-messaging mechanisms.


Look, don’t try to reinvent the wheel.  Look at the historical record.  How did a great man, a human man, MLK, move the “ARC of the Moral Universe” closer to the surface to affect humankind righteously?  Could you kneel, as the greatest man converted into flesh, blindfolded and buffeted, beaten, spat upon, and then crucified.  All this and he didn’t commit a crime!  Remember, we all will never attain to the revered position of “resisted until blood” to make humankind realize the error of their ways.