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Confirmation Hearing


Let’s start with a well-known hazard that children disbelieve until the feedback proves prophetic.  A hot stove.  The brain doesn’t have to send signals to the hand, receive it back, and then send emergency instructions to the hand to jerk it away does it?  It’s an instantaneous reaction, isn’t it?  Alright, that was an easy one.  What about obedience?  That one can prove tricky for children because they are endowed with intelligence and misdirection (it seems to be done purposely to annoy parents) only to test the devotion of our parenting skills.


Children don’t drop your clothes on the floor.  Please chew your food with your mouth closed.  When you want something please open your mouth and ask politely.  I’ve taught you the proper way to wash your behind (meaning the entire body all over) and brush your teeth to be presentable at home and in public.  So far, these lessons have been heard by children and for the most part practiced with fidelity.  Can we confirm that children have been instructed in the way that they should go?  That’s not a trick question.  Okay parents, let’s come back to that one.


Now we progress to when human beings hit the 10-year mark.  It happens rather forcefully wouldn’t you say.  The age of ascension is what I call it.  When parents say “that child has a mind of his own.”  Although I reached awareness I’d say at age 13 (not precisely of course),  the new sensations of puberty and the discovery that I could be aware of my surrounding were cascading across the surface of my mind.  I tried desperately to open my understanding so I could capture this fresh input, but sadly I didn’t have the experience to know how to fully explain all this new input at the time.


Maybe it was a blessing to not know what I didn’t know, or maybe my approach was flawed.  In any case, I had to seek counsel from the adults (parents) in my life; and this posed a problem as some topics in the late 70’s and 80’s you still couldn’t approach your parents for answers.  Yeah yeah I know, but I had to try.  What I’d ended up doing was setting out to find the information for myself.  So, very quickly this is what I found out.  On the topic of sexual activity.  Sex is not free nor is it without peril.  I learned this from a woman whose timely advice prevented me from having out of wedlock children.  She said and I quote, “Do not finish in her, learn to pull out if you don’t want children.”  Could I confirm receipt of this order?  I’d say yes.  I didn’t have any children until I got married.


Returning now to the education and employment track I can assert that I heard and adhered to the advice from my teachers who spoke to me about employment viability attached to a diploma.  Good call I’d say, staying in school to complete that twelfth lap in my run to success in supporting myself.  Can I get confirmation in writing that I’ve completed 13 years of school to include kindergarten?  It is confirmed by a document called a high school diploma.  All the warnings and admonitions are relayed to all children.  Whether they heeded the possible consequences that could arise if they ignored the advice, along with the difficulty in finding suitable employment are evident in their standard of living.  Documentation that signifies completion of 12 years of general education is in my possession.  Confirmed?  Yes, it is confirmed.


Off on you own now and oh my gosh, what the heck does that mean?  Well let’s look at the possible lifestyles of those kids that didn’t listen because they knew everything.  I get to do everything my way now and I’m so confident of my success that it’s falling off me in abundance.  Wait.  Okay, well what do you mean “I’m not qualified for the position.”  Sir, we’re looking for a candidate that has a bachelor’s degree or 5 years of work experience in the field.  Next job wants somebody with 2 years experience.  This job is asking for an aptitude test and they’re going to pick from all the applicants with the best scores.  Whoa, this is not good.


I’m feeling an unusual sensation.  My anxiety levels are quickly bending into the intolerable range.  I’ve created a host of responsibilities.  This includes a pregnant girlfriend.  A rented apartment.  A small car note that if I include insurance runs about $500 a month.  In this day and age, I need internet service.  What about medical care and food to feed two and a half people?  A cell phone.  Power and water.  Gas to fill my car to keep searching for a job.


Consequences of not listening to sound wisdom and advice.  Confirmed.  Well, since the ‘Arc of Time’ is ever circling as one of the established foundations of the Universe itself; I have the power within me to correct my headstrong arrogance.  Do I not?  Yes, yes you do my children.  It is often the case that the strength of youth casts a beguiling spell that renders reason and a practical approach to life elusive.  Never fret, mistakes are solvable with a simple course correction.


Bring your mind into unison with your actions which means stop doing whatever pops into your mind if it is out of sync with your planning.  Oh, I hope you figured that part out yourself?  Write it down and start crossing it out as you fulfill each required duty.  Remember this, it is very important.  A plan isn’t meant to give false expectations that you will accomplish everything in a day, week, month or year.  Know this, some of your plans will not come to fruition quickly.  Some will require years of sacrifice to achieve.  Yes, you are right that a college degree requires four years of sacrifice.  Do you all understand me?  I hope so.


If you are asking about and how it came into being?  I’ve spent years developing the concept and taking counsel on how it should be done to reach the greatest number of people.  During this journey, I realized one fact I’ve just shared with you.  All plans and ideas are borne, but more importantly they need nurture which means feeding them until they mature.  When it blossoms, then it provides the insight needed to make its’ presence consumable.  Confirmed?


Listen, we all hear and not hear, but the cause of life is not to wait for us to confirm receipt of a spoken word at the right moment.  When we are caught up in the wonder of ourselves, the admiration that others give us, or even the faulty math of our own arrogance.  We still must build our own lives even if we believe others will do it for us.  Afterwards comes the help of others because seeing is then believing that you are trying to get somewhere good.


What is that old saying?  If you can’t help yourself, how can you help somebody else?  Confirmed?  My admonition is this to the young and the old.  If you are in school, stay there and complete your duty.  I am a year away from completing my Bachelor’s of Science in Philosophy.  I don’t care how I do it because I am a family man with a lot on my plate and yes, I have responsibilities that cannot be shelved until I complete that duty.  That degree will be achieved together with all my other duties.  Confirmed?


Lastly, I will leave you with this.  If you find yourself fighting and you are the only one in the room, there is your problem.  Resisting what must be done is still failure.  If you must acquire new skills to gain a higher standard of living, do it.  If you don’t need a television, go to the library and check out some books and read to your family.  Catch up on the news by the internet if you have that service.  Eliminate redundancies if you can’t afford them.  If you are the partner that is stronger, then take charge and bring your partner up to speed as one that cares.  It’s not a requirement for both of you to be dominant (in ways that are good to get things done), only one of you must be.  Confirmed?


Set your mind to what you want to accomplish and know that some of the things on that list will take years to come to fruition.  You have it within you to do it.  Whether you’re married, single, or in a relationship, it still must be done.  Confirmed?