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The Tree of Life?

Ever watch a fruit tree as it pushes its’ way up through the topsoil and into the sky? How the tree you’ve been waiting for from one to five years has finally taken root. The strength it gains as it grows from day to day? When the tree eventually starts to bear fruit on the vine?


As a tree grows in its’ early years, the patience it must grudgingly concede and endure to wait for its’ branches to gather strength to hold the weight of its’ fruit. When the time has passed for the branches to now spurt out from the trunk, I can feel the confidence they must have to know they can support fruit along the entire length of a branch!


This instructive example of another form of life can teach us many things about how to be patience while learning and growing, so when we walk out into life on our own we can be prepared, as much as we can be, for whatever life throws at us.


Some apple, banana and orange trees have several large selections growing along the branch. Some of the branches have secondary branches that stretch from it with giant size fruit of their own. How can a fruit tree teach us anything about how human beings should cultivate their brains and develop their mind and body you ask?


Your brain, (your land, hence is the trunk of your body of which all the body is nourished and commanded. Should you not cultivate, educate and demonstrate to yourself and to the world the fruit that is on your vine? Those of you who like to find affirmation in the Bible should check out Ephesians 4 verse 16.


Tilling your land (brain, mind) carries the hope of your future in whatever endeavors in life you plan to pursue. Education is not a prison sentence nor is it a chore to churn through in anticipation of more entertaining fare. Education is your freedom and retaining it has the potential to make new fruit bloom along the vine of your family for generations in the future!


Listen to me now very carefully. I need all within the reach of my words to champion education. Cultivate new minds with truthful council and steady commitment. Make education of the brain one of your top priorities. Completely understand that just like the ground needs to be broken before it can be planted; human beings sometimes need their ground broken (metaphorically speaking) before planting can begin.