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Where Hatred Lies, Leave It There

Do you see it? Take a look over the edge. The crevice. My how the walls drop down as the sides close in ever so tightly to seemly join together at the bottom. Hatred lives in the bottom of that crevice along its’ spiked and smooth jagged wall face.


It closes in, the crevice, as you go further down into the darkness. The traversable space shrinks and squeezes around you. At this point, it leaves only those bent on finding hatred to continue on.


*Sidetrack here for a moment* (Hatred lies at the bottom of the heart when and if it is present. Only those who don’t mind how hatred leaves small cuts on the heart will continue to seek it out.)


(Let’s continue with this description and warning about hatred, as hatred is deceptively mischievous.)


Once those seeking hatred make it down to the bottom of that dark crevice; hatred is not so easily captured. As you reach to capture it, it squirms and shifts position, maybe as a warning to those who wish to release it. Hatred is a power that demands a willing host! Hatred does not allow someone to skirt blame or deny using it unknowingly.


Once allowed to reside in the heart of humanity, hatred is a shifty deceiver that won’t allow anyone to tame or direct it to any purpose but sorrow and destruction. Hatred desires to hurt, disrupt and destroy like a wall of water generated by a tsunami sweeping away all in its’ path.


Let me sum this post up for those who don’t follow my blog. Human beings are too ‘stupid’ to handle hatred. I read somewhere that you should ‘love even your enemies!’ I’ll tell you why. Because when hatred is allowed deep into the heart, then released to commit its’ mayhem, and afterwards no human alive knows how to imprison it again.


Maybe the Great Spirit, Allah, God in Trinity, however you refer to the one greater than yourself knew humanity needed natural behavioral boundaries and limits of conscience. Those who believe in a Supreme Being should understand that some things should remain bound in chains until all eternity. Those who seek to fool with such powers as hatred, seek to cause discord among people for personal or political gain.


My admonishment to all if hatred is being sold to you. The price is too high. Seek to solve problems in your life through a hard self-assessment. Seek to solve problems in your community by joining together with neighbors of like minds. Seek to solve problems on the job by using interpersonal skills. As a great chef would say, “ingredients must be mixed to create a great dish”. A diverse nation such as America has a strong advantage over the rest of the world. We just refuse to allow everyone to add to the pot.


In closing, hatred is not a human power from which you want to feed off its’ energy. Hatred will burn you out quicker than a gas fire at a drag race. My advice. Try the stronger human power of love; at least you can be renewed by love’s circular energy.


Rules are Energy Sockets!

Little children must watch the road by looking both ways before crossing the street at the crosswalk. Washing hands is required before setting down to eat a meal. Children must be quiet and follow the instructions of the teacher, as he or she is an extension of school policy.


Everyone that drives a motor vehicle or rides some form of device that propels humans through muscle movement, must follow all traffic laws governing the road. Be quiet in a theater while the movie is playing so all can get their monies worth. Obey the law, and if the law is unjust, petition the legislative branch to change it or make it right. Take it to court if you have to.


Rules also apply to patiently waiting for something especially if you cause the delay in having it initially. Peanut butter. The natural kind is marked by the separation of the oil from the peanut butter. I mistakenly mixed the peanut butter before I skimmed off most of the oil resulting in peanut butter too thin for my crackers. It was a mess.


Now I had two choices. Wait until the peanut butter separates, or continue to make the cracker sandwiches with thin peanut butter. I chose the former. This is where most people mess up. The manufacturer of the natural peanut butter I purchased didn’t make the mistake. It was my mistake! It took about 3 weeks to separate, but the wait was worth it.


Now I want to talk about something more serious. The rules that apply to adulthood and life long learning. How many would answer in the affirmative that knowledge is more lasting in your failures than in your successes?


Consider grapes growing on the vine. Are they all uniform in size? Some get more nourishment than others right? Using metaphors to decipher important messages hidden in plain sight are essential to making sense of the issues of life. Everyone comes into this world at different levels feeding and emerging off of energy directly from the vine. The question remains. If your portion was short, how do you get the rest after you are cut off from the vine?


Listen to me. What knowledge and education you didn’t get at the place you grew up (the vine) can be acquired through plugging into schools, colleges, apprenticeships, work-study programs, better people, etc.…


Rules aren’t a barrier to those who through self-restraint demonstrate a need for the protection rules offer. For instance, if you drop out of high school the chances are you will be imprisoned in tedious and mediocre jobs the rest of your life. If you qualify for programs of skill development in any of the different paths mentioned above, then the odds dictate that your levels of success in earnings will increase.


Rules don’t care if you follow them or not. Imagine with me for a moment. A figure shrouded in a hooded coat offering you entry into a room with opportunities from education, apprenticeships, and so forth as I mentioned above.


Do you think this mysterious figure cares if you plugged into any of the vast array of choices to help you better your life? No, I’m afraid not.


All this attendant is there to do is make sure these options are available to all while watching the clock spin on your life. Now to be indifferent this dark figure could be laughing at you because he knows the solution to your problem is there for the taking. It is your choice to make. If college or higher learning is too high a wall to overcome, then make another choice!


I think this dark figure is laughing because I was once trapped in the stupidity of my own inability to understanding the time I had was precious and I couldn’t recover it once it passed.


Yeah, it’s your life and you can do what you want to do. Even decisions you make of sound mind still fall into that category. Don’t let the figure shrouded in darkness watch the clock run out on your life. Follow the rules and if the rules are wrong fight to change them through sound judgment and wisdom. Get up and go get it!