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It’s Called: Self-Defeating Stagnation

Ever been asked to help out another section, team or project on the job while leaving your assigned tasks and duties to idle awaiting your return? I have and it never fails to be frustrating. Every part of my life has to make a little sense (doesn’t have to be 100%). When personnel are pulled from one task to another it still leaves work that needs to be done. There is no gain in doing that! I’ve fought many battles on jobs in my life standing up for this principle and now I seek to explain it.

Employers, please listen to me. Apathy rules the day when employees have to interrupt their work schedule to do a job they feel should be done by the person hired to perform those duties. Employees (human beings) think the company is trying to cheat or get over on them because most of the time employers expect the employees’ work to be completed on time as well.

The solution is simple. Employers (human resources) make assessments all the time about staffing which leads to work, productivity and output. Hire people! The work of America is not getting done. If I go to a store and the shelf is empty of say a brand of chocolate I love, I will ask a clerk in the store (if one is around) to get me some from back stock. The worst-case scenario for the store is that I get tired of it not being in the shelf and go to another store to buy it. Better yet, the next time I shop I go straight to the store that has my chocolate and buy it there because they seem to have enough associates to keep the shelves full!

Let’s take a detour a minute and turn our attention to South Korea. Remarkable country and its’ citizens are legendary in restoring glory to their land after so many conflicts from external powers. I believe they’ve squandered the energy and drive of their people with that success. Success can lead to the pacification of that same drive to succeed that created South Korea’s enormous success by honoring current leaders at the expense of developing new leaders of industry.

We’ve all done it or experienced a taste of success and immediately given into the urge to stop striving because it cost great effort and massive amounts of human energy to even get to a small amount of prosperity. In other words, South Korea, like many companies in places around the world are squandering years of human talent by overloading their day with impossible numbers to make. What happens when a truck that is rated to pull 10,000 pounds tries to pull 15,000 pounds? Yeah, eventually it will blow the engine and the transmission! Believe all you want there are people chomping at the bit to work for you and you will be in a state of constant stagnation with that mentality.

Anyway, this particular dollar store I like has a certain brand and flavor of butter popcorn (most likely it’s the chain store’s proprietary brand) that I could sit and eat the entire bag in minutes. They could never keep it in the shelf and the time (delay) it took for the store to have it again turned into months. Why? Industries are not synced anymore or weren’t in the first place.

That is how America ended up in this self-defeating stagnation economy where everyone seems to want to succeed by doing the minimum necessary. Banks need to come up off the money (it’s not theirs anyway) and hire skilled people to vet and speed up the funds to keep their part of the system going. When Federal, State and local Governments notice their economies start to clog and heat up through friction caused by less grease (financial and human lubrication) keeping all the parts moving; they need to call out who’s causing the problem and help unclog the system.

Employers need to hire at the level they know they need to bring operations back to meet the demand for the goods and services they offer. Listen to me; there has always been a role for governments at all levels to play. First our planet (climate change) is the only one we have and products can’t be sold to dead people.

Governments should be active in facilitating the best plans for our farmland, air and water supply. Predict the weather as accurately as possible and make sure it gets to the right people on a consistent basis. Every industry that depends on the weather should get reports and this list includes the airline industry, maritime shipping and land vehicles because humans love their vacations. Raw materials need a renewed focus or designation as precious treasure of our nation. Things can’t be built, or matter of fact, can be wasted if we don’t heighten the importance of our natural resources.

People that can fix things will be in high demand. Schools need to identify our children early and steer them to the training that’s in line with the industry and aptitude they’ve displayed. In other words, if they demonstrate talent to be an engineer, steer them there. Stop thinking it is the colleges that need to train them to be engineers. It seems to me companies are navigating through the business world without sound advice. A philosopher(s) can and should be within the multitude of counselors that keeps a company on the right track for growth and responsibility.

I can’t help but use an analogy for that sort of situation. A climber wants to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Question? Does he buy a plane ticket and simply fly there assuming he can purchase the gear he needs when he gets there? Does he believe he can train for the altitude and weather conditions as he traverses the mountain? These questions both have no as the answer. When you are not ready for the job, you are and will be exposed!

Since I discovered another truth, a principle that I’ve incorporated into my own code of how I live my life. It is better to be prepared for success when it comes than having to go back and cover ground, which should’ve been completed when it was revealed to you to get it done. Self-defeating stagnation covers all actions, which are knowingly ignored because humans like to get by doing the minimum. When you have $10 dollars and $2 dollars are needed to bring operations to normal, I suggest spending that $2 dollars would bring a return double of what you have available to spend. It is all a matter of doing what you know should’ve been done a long time ago. Grow your business (your mind needs tilling) and set conditions that may lead to even greater times by doing what is necessary now!

You’re still an Adult, Okay*

The star is for significance. Now, another issue of life has vexed my thoughts a few days now. Why many young adults wish to ride the Ferris wheel of childhood long past their ticket expiration? Does anyone have pets? Notice how dogs treat a newcomer to the pack. As a puppy, he or she is allowed to go on the older dogs food and even play with their toys. When the dog years go by, boy the tune changes quickly and the newcomer is introduced to the rank structure (you just got here, you are at the bottom of the pecking order) firmly.

Many parents I’ve noticed don’t prepare their children for adulthood very well. For instance, allow your child to go inside to a doctor’s or dentist appointment alone say starting at 14 years of age. Let the teenager complete store transactions (clothes, food, some durable goods) alone to start getting comfortable dealing with other people (not friends).

Which brings me to my observation. Young women and young men I need you to listen to me carefully. Life is not an extended recreational period! Building a life is serious, and the good news is there are tested principles that work to help you construct a solid existence.

Let me veer off course for a moment. Dressing up, wearing make-up, hair and nails done will do wonders for your outer appearance. What is going on underneath that facade? The control center is basically going understaffed or not staffed at all. Every time a call (life) come in it goes unanswered or dropped altogether. Your brain! Your land! It needs tilling. Read Proverbs 28:19. There you will find the inspiration for this website.

How are you going to handle what comes at you everyday if you are letting your incredible processor go unused. What are you going to do if you’re responsible for a wife? A child? You have to get to work ten miles from home and you can’t qualify for a car because you’ve ruined your credit. Being responsible for you is a daily no fail mission too!

You are still an adult once you reach the age of ascension, which is 18 in most cultures. For starters, get back into the books and stop listening to anyone that tells you that education is hard. Again, (I’m starting to get irritated) life is sufficiently difficult. It is not hard nor is it easy. It is filled with enough challenges to make you focus your energy and stop needlessly wasting effort.

Learn to manage money because contrary to what you may have seen or heard it is not to spend on things out of line with where you want to go in life. Please do me a favor, stop listening to people spouting every cockamamie theory about life and how you should live it if they don’t have nothing to show (assets or property earned honestly) for their lives!

Decide on a goal, just one goal at first like saving $25 dollars a month. Now learn about financial institutions and how they use your money. Who can give me the best return on my money? What do they charge and what do they pay me for using my money? Do the same thing with the car and renters’ insurance industry. Learn to ask questions properly to elicit the most detailed information in return.

I’ve given enough seeds that need to be planted for now. Till your land (your brain) and let a passion for learning and focused action grow as you put your back into it, metaphorically that is. Life is not linear. As we grow and age many things come to us all at different points along our path, intersecting that path is a map pointing out dead ends. Avoid them please.