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Growing Fields

Speaking life (existence) to things, as they ought to be is the end of any worthwhile endeavor. What are some things a farmer must do in order to harvest a field of produce? Don’t everyone answer at once. I say, let’s answer these questions together then. He or she has to buy the seeds for the harvest this crop is anticipated to produce. Next, the planting season must be observed (don’t plant seeds in the winter please). The ground must be cultivated. Fertilizer obtained if needed, and a water supply (your energy and belief) must be abundant and readily available.

The ground (You, Me) must be sure of the reasons why you are setting out to do something amazing. The seeds (my purpose, goals) have to receive the support (the place where you intend to plant them) for a righteous cause? The last step is initiating (starting) to work your field of vision and effort. I mean from a place where you already see your vision in reality!

This is how it’s going to go. Once planted, those seeds must produce a consumable item that nourishes the mind and propels the spirit and body to grab it and pull it into reality. Speak of what you desire in private and work to make it viewable to everybody. Don’t misunderstand the need to have all materials necessary upfront to make your dream happen. Understand that you still have to get those pieces as you go because they are necessary for the finished product to last forever!

Let’s be clear. You don’t need to have all the building materials before starting to construct your dream. Just know, I repeat, know you will eventually need everything to make it withstand the waves (life happens) crashing against it. Skipping or rushing to the finish line so you can prove the doubters wrong doesn’t set your dream atop a solid foundation.

I want to finish by saying thank you to all. Every one of you who have joined my site has touched my heart greatly. This site is the result of many years of wondering why no one tells people critical advice, or gives sound council when it is most needed. I vow to everyone. I will write in the knowledge that I will always give good and timely council. It may span the spectrum from strong, to measured, to a good belly laugh!

In the end, I will always write and say it as if I need to hear it more than anyone.


Redemption? What Must I Do?

Realistically? Most of us miss the chance to do things when the moment is there for it to be done. History, records what transpired on such and such date and time. What is left is the overwhelming yearning to alter that decision that brought on the tremendous doubt and pain of “I should have done this and instead I am left with the result of that”.

Listen, redemption can require only a slight altering of your actions when a similar situation occurs in the future. Redemption can also ask that you expend more time and effort physically or financially to atone for your lapse in acting appropriately for that situation. Lastly, redemption can demand a price so heavy as to require major mental, physical and financial efforts be brought to bear to correct an error of judgment.

Don’t think that humans can grant you this absolution, this discharge, this deliverance or even vindication! Redemption is granted by the Gods and that court, that acquittal is not tainted with biases or spinal weakness! It is an achievement laced with the most precious gift of all. New life and unchallenged glory!

So when an NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL team or any woman, man or child wishes to be heard in the court of redemption. Know this. The Gods do not care for those whose hearts are not certain of what they seek. Come before this court with clarity and understanding of what may be asked of you when redemption must be the final verdict granted in your favor. Otherwise, learn to live with the pain of “what if”.

Engine Parts Need (______) to Operate

Check under the hood and tell me what you see in an engine compartment designed to power any function critical to human kind. On quick observation, it is clear that the engine has many parts and components that need to work in unison. What is critical to all those parts functioning as one? The answer is space!

The belt or belts that turn the wheel that cools the radiator needs the space (although it is millimeters in length) to do that job correctly as designed. The spark plugs inside the engine that fire to ignite the fuel and push down the pistons need space to move up and down. The bolts that hold the engine in place are supported or gain support from the frame of the vehicle. This design allows the engine to spin the transmission to power the vehicle forward, backward or in any direction the operator wishes to drive it.

Let’s not forget the fuel, oil and other fluids that are necessary to constantly assure the systems (the car) work to provide movement free of undue friction, which stymies motion.

Our human bodies are not very different in design from a machine with many moving parts. Internally our organs are not bunched up like sardines in a can. This allows us to freely bend and have full range of motion of our limbs. Are our lives not the same?

Education from the moment we enter the world as babies I’ve read we are processing the world around us. Our brains imbed the image of our caretakers for ready identification. Aspirations move us all in different directions to achieve many goals in life. Human lives have many moving parts and they are held in place by the energy and effort exerted to achieve them.

Always take care of the engine that drives the body, which is the brain. The brain tells us when our body is hungry. The brain tells us to study the unknown to successfully manipulate it. The brain tells us when we need to stop for repairs. The successful manipulate of knowledge is power!

Learn to control yourself and your emotions and that power harnessed can be unleashed to propel your efforts in life to more satisfying and lasting results.