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A Better Option?

Okay let’s be frank here. Everybody wants something better than what they have at some point along the course of their life. A new car or truck that operates better in all weather seasons of the year. The latest and greatest computer that responds to commands at the speed of light (I know you believed I would say of thought, but some people aren’t that bright) because we hate waiting for apps to load.

All the wonder of a new relationship that is going to fix all the mistakes of the past. Well let me turn the dial (the volume down) to the left on your fantasies. Maybe sir or ma’am, the best option is what you have right in front of you. Reality check. You are not the juiciest steak off the rib eye. You are not the chocolate chip cookie that rushes straight to the brain the moment you take a bite.

Practical exercise time. Take a sheet of paper and number it from 1 to 10 with all the qualities we would like to see in a mate. This exam is meant to be unisex. Starting: 1. Good provider. 2. Well groomed. 3. Consistent in actions. 4. A little overweight. 5. Doesn’t bring trouble to my door. 6. Committed to the family. 7. Can cook and clean in the house. 8. Spends too much on clothes. 9. Letting their appearance lapse a bit. 10. God fearing with a unique sense of spirituality.

Now most people would look at this list and immediately check off 2 or 3 things that would put the kybosh on the deal. What the heck is wrong with a person (mate) that has 7 out of 10 good qualities? Trust me, I ran this exercise on myself and got yanked back to reality. The qualities I possess are pretty solid, but I still can’t jump (not at my age) from mate to mate thinking I’m God’s gift to a stable home life. Sh_ _t don’t work like that homeboy!

Maybe the best option is the one you already have huh? Improve on your outlook about life and then maybe your mate will come along for the ride and make you both better partners at home. Option two could be the worst mistake of your life.

Hopefully you are a good person in a habitat with a person that relates to your desires and views about life. If not. Then maybe option two is the best choice for you after you clean up some things about yourself that made you choose a bad option in the first place.


The exclamation point is relevant to this topic. Let’s accept the fact that we become what our focused energy and efforts make us. If we push education entwined with directed usage requirements the chances this acquired knowledge will increase our life long fortunes rests at stable certainty. Human kind should be inclined to improve societies by addition through subtraction.

Explanation. Celebrating dignity, respect and kindness at all times makes these actions increase their reach beyond all lands and peoples. Help our media outlets understand that when the story is centered on the rudeness and bigotry of humanity this tends to be reinforced (maybe unknowingly) around the world. Add to our world by highlighting the good in us all and human beings will subtract those unsavory parts naturally.

I must begin with my own shortcomings and how I still must be vigilant with my thoughts. Trouble knocked on my door (at school and in the workplace) recently and I was surprised where my mind took me first. Yes, I thought violent solution first. This, needless to say, was highly disappointing for me because I’m not a young man and I’ve spent many years (vigilance I guess requires a lifetime commitment) resisting those instant impulses to solve my problems.

Eventually I chose to use techniques of professionalism and intellect to defuse and defeat my antagonists. Yeah, my first reactions made that life test a failure. That is why it is critical all of us demand improvement from each other. If someone is behaving badly, we need to have the strength to (pull them aside if possible) confront them openly and demand they change those offensive behaviors! Careful what you unleash into the world because the effects of that decision tends to linger long after you think that situation is over.